"The Joke Is On Hare!"

Camping out, the rebels lied in a deep sleep in the middle of the forest, except for Ghost.

He peered at Hare, remembering how he made him throw up overboard on the ship. Quite an unpleasant experience indeed! "Well, Hare... I DID say you'll pay.."

Ghost closed his eyes and floated into Hare. Hare's beady black eyes opened, then flashed red, then back to his beady black eyes. They turned upwards as Ghost's voice laughed through Hare's mouth.

*cue music*

Puck: Oh my! Ghost is up to something!

Ghost: Haaaiiii!!! ^_^

Coltia: Ooohhh Mr.Ghost!! How could you be so happy about that?!

Ghost: But it's funny!

Coltia: But I don't find it funny or JUSTICE-LIKKKKEE!!

Ghost: Who said I liked justice? ^.^

Coltia *eyes waterfalling with tears* Miiiiisssttteeeeerrrrrrr Ggggghhhhhhhhooooosssssstttttttt...........

Tiger: "The Joke Is On Hare!" This will be the best episode! ^)__^

Hare: TIGER!!!

Tiger: *powering up a torpedo attack* Objections to my statement?

Hare: O.O;;;

Tiger: I thought so.


That morning, Holly and Coltia were the first ones to wake up. Yawning loudly, Coltia stretched her slender form in the air, then wiped a tear of early rise out of her eye.

"Good morning, Miss Holly!" Coltia cheered.

Holly rubbed her eyes and yawned lightly, covering her mouth. "Good morning."

"GOOODDDD MORNING!!!" Hare's voice exclaimed.

Holly and Coltia sweated and slowly turned to Hare with huge sweat drops. Hare cooked some pancakes over the small flame with a laugh, eyes upturned.

"Uuuhhh...are you....OK....Mr.....Hare....?" Coltia asked, eyebrow flinching in fear and confusion.

"HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!" the possessed Hare laughed loudly, waking the others up as he laughed louder, throwing his head back.

Holly and Coltia screamed and ran behind a far tree. Pixie, a vein on her head, eyes baggy and hair messed up, slowly got up, vein pumping in extreme anger.

"SHUT UP!!!" she screamed, voice cracking in tiredness. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING SO LOUD AT?!?!"

Coltia, shivering with Holly behind the tree, wailed, "I'M SCARED!"

Hare turned to Pixie, eyes still turned upwards, "It doesn't matter WHAT I'm laughing at...it just goes to show you're just a grumpy---"

"HEY! HEEEEYYY!" Genki wailed, holding back a struggling Pixie from killing Hare---literally.

Mara laughed, "OH-HO-HO-HO-HO-HO-HOOO!" She looked at Hare slyly. "My..you aren't yourself!"

Puck rubbed his chin, "Has anyone seen Ghost-kun?"

Hare's eyes quickly opened, so he wouldn't blow his cover, "He said he was going exploring and he was going to join with us later!"

Puck scratched his chin, holding his staff in his hands, "Ghost-kun....is not the one to explore..."

Hare sweated, getting frantic, "Uh...well, that's what he said!"

Puck scratched his head, "Hmmmm.."

Holly's hand rested on Hare's forehead, an act she use to do to Genki a lot as a kid, "You don't feel feverish.."

Hare sweated. "I feel fine! You think I'm possessed or something?!"

"Whatever, whatever!" Achika sighed loudly. "Leave the Hare alone if he wants to act weird! Let's just go!"

Holly agreed with a nod, concentrating on the Magic Stone. The Phoenix inside swirled into an arrow, pointing north. "Well, let's head north."

Genki, still holding the angry Pixie back from killing Hare, looked helplessly at Big Blue. Big Blue sweated and grabbed Pixie gently in his hand and followed the others north as she screamed, cursed and flapped her wings about.

Hare smiled slyly at Tiger who gave him a death look.

"I love you, Tiger," Hare said.

Tiger blushed and then his blush turned in anger, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"

"I LOVE you!" Hare said, cuddling to Tiger's side.

Ghost snickered and floated out of Hare's body, invisible to the others. Hare blinked and looked at the VERY pissed off Tiger.

"T_T_T_Tiger?" Hare asked, sweating.



"WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" Hare screamed, zapped by the large torpedo wave.

Ghost laughed and floated back into Hare's burnt body. "I still love you."

"SHUT UUUUPPPP!!!" Tiger screamed, a HUGE vein on his head.

The others walked far ahead happily.

"Tiger..? Why do you look so mad? What happened?"



They blinked as a huge flash of light filled the forest, followed by a faint scream of pain.

"What was that, Chi?" Mocchi asked.

Gray Wolf snickered, "It was probably just the wind."


Black Magic sat in his golden dragon throne, staring quietly out his large palace window into the arctic snow. [Lady Darkness, I fear you will have to show you're true form soon, before they get any stronger..]

[But why, my love?] Lady Darkness' voice replied. [The plan was for you to gather the dark energy from all the dead monsters they killed until you had the power to match a God's!]

[I fear they will kill you.]

[They cannot kill me.]

[I am ordering to show your true form soon!]


[Do you understand?]

[Yes... Do you still want the Magic Stone?]

[Yes. It can increase my power if I release its power into me.]

[What about the girl who possesses it?]

[Kill her. Do whatever you please with her, but just make sure she's gone!]

[Heh.. Yes, my love. It will be a pleasure.]


Puck eyed the burnt Hare as they came out of the forest. [Why do I sense Ghost nearby around Hare?]

Suddenly, as usual, a group of badies burst through the brush. They were a group of Crimson Eyes (Naga/Monol), screaming a battle cry. They were attacking with no introduction of small talk which other badies did.

"Aaah, I see! Short and sweet!" the possessed Hare chuckled. "LET'S SEE WHAT THIS BODY CAN DO!!"

Tiger sweated, "What the hell are you talking about, you dumb bunny!! You know what you can do!!"

Hare sweated, but continued to leap forward, arm swirling for a 1-2 Punch attack. [Oops! Almost blew my cover!] He kicked one Crimson Eye out of the way and headed straight for the captain. "1-2 PUNNCHH!!"

The leader gagged as he was thrown backwards with a mighty punch and crashed into a tree, turning into a Lost Disk as soon as he hit it. The Lost Disk wrapped around the tree as the other Crimson Eyes looked at it in shock.

"THE CAPTAIN WILL NOT DIE IN VEEEEIIINNN!! ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" one Crimson Eye screamed, a vein on his head.

"WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Coltia screamed, hiding behind Golem's leg.

Yosho laughed and threw his hands into the air, "BLACK DEATH!"

Nothing happened and he gasped as a Crimson Eye came at him, tail ready to whip him. Suddenly, Pixie flew over and pinned him to the ground to safety. She put out her hand and blasted the Crimson Eye into a Lost Disk.

"You owe, me, ya old fart!" Pixie hissed, but she smiled slightly, hinting that she really didn't mean it.

Yosho blinked, totally ignoring Pixie, "How..why couldn't I do it...?"

He remembered how the Magic Stone glowed brightly and he felt a surge of power run through his veins. The Magic Stone needed to give him power...Holly had to give him power...

Holly called out to the fighting group, warning them of approaching attacks. Suddenly, Yosho turned her roughly to his face, eyes hinting an extreme hunger for power. "Holly!! Give me power!! I want to have the POWER!!" He shook her collar as she grimaced, one eye closing in reaction.

"Father, what are you talking about?!" she gasped.

He growled, "Give me the damn stone! I need the power to fight!!"

Holly's face twisted in anger..extreme anger..as he shook her again. Her hand lifted up, coming up from her sides.


Genki and Mocchi turned with the others, slowly as their faces were shocked filled. Holly's hand remained in the air as Yosho reared back, a red spot on his cheek.

He touched his cheek, snapping out of it, "Holly-chan....."

Holly looked at her hand, eyes wavering. She backed away, looking at her shocked friends.

Achika stepped towards her,eyes full of sympathy, "Holly-chan.."

Holly shook her head and ran back into the forest.

"Ah--! Holly-sama!!" Puck called.

Hare sighed, "Oooohh myyy..." He scratched his chin as Tiger growled at him angrily. "Poor Holly doesn't know who she is anymore.."

"HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?!" Tiger screamed, baring his fangs viciously.

Tiger and Gray Wolf finished the last of the badies quickly with a huge Blizzard attack.

Mara smiled and chuckled to herself, then turned to Genki, pretending to look sympathetic, "I'll go after her!"

Genki nodded, "Hai." As she ran away, Genki and Tiger followed her. "Wait up!"

Mara turned and silently hissed a curse. She leaped into the air and disappeared as Tiger and Genki screeched to a halt.

"The hell?!" Pixie hissed. She blinked and remembered how her, Holly and (reluctantly) Angel were talking last night...


"Why the hell do you have to sit next to me?!" Pixie exclaimed at Angel who sat next to Pixie by the campfire.

"Because I am your mother," Angel said simply, further pissing off Pixie.

Holly sweated as Pixie shook with anger, veins exploding all over her head. She quickly sat in-between them. "I think I'll sit here!"

Pixie calmed down and stubbornly looked away from her mother's gaze. Holly picked up a stick and started to draw in the ground as Angel looked into the fire with a smile.

"What do you dream about?" Angel asked out of the blue to Holly.

Holly blinked, "Excuse me?"

Pixie gave her mother an odd look, eyebrows cocked. "What does Holly dream about? What kind of question is that?!"

Holly drew an outline of a huge bird in the ground, a Phoenix. "Why do you ask?"

"Your eyes," Angel said, looking into Holly's large, brown eyes. "Eyes tell a lot." She turned to Pixie. "Pixie-san's eyes are clouded with anger and sadness." Pixie looked away, eyes wavering slightly. "My eyes tell of my sadness too. Ami's eyes show how she's been lonely, sad and scared her whole life."

Ami, from a distance, lied under a tree, Golem by her side. Her eyes stared at the stars sadly as images of her old masters raced through her head.

"And you, Holly-chan," Angel said, glancing down at the outline of the Blue Phoenix Holly drew on the ground. Holly looked down, knowing what was coming. Angel smiled softly, lifting her face up to hers by her chin. "Your eyes are the most sad of all. They also hint anger and confusion, love and purity."

Holly blushed slightly as Pixie smiled to herself, looking up at the stars.

Angel explained softly, "Dreams are not just..well..dreams. They are images or flashbacks of what happened to you in the past. Dreams often tell you what can or will happen in the future if you don't do something. They are also what you fear will happen, or just what you fear. Things that you like or don't like. Your desires or what causes you stress often haunts you in your dreams. Dreams reflect your personality very well."

"So, what do you dream about, Holly-chan?" Pixie asked, a hint of happiness in her voice.

Angel and Holly smiled at Pixie who looked slightly embarrassed, but tried to hide it. Holly's smile turned into a slight frown as she sighed through her nose.

"I have dreams..where I die...alone...no one even cares.. Then, a woman in a futon walks up and finishes me off with a hideous laugh," Holly sighed, eyes wavering.

Pixie gave Holly a sympathetic look, "Holly-chan.."

Angel looked down, deep in thought. "A woman in a futon? With silver hair?" Holly nodded. "I see... That could only be one person..."

Ami, from a distance, spoke in her quiet voice, "Lady Darkness.."


Pixie's eyes snapped, "THAT'S IT!" She turned to Genki. "GENKI!"

Genki sweated at her angry expression, "H_hai?"


"EEEEEIIIII?!" everyone else but Ami exclaimed.

Ami looked at Pixie, "Then you were right. We have to save Holly-chan!"

Genki growled, "MARA...MARA USED ME!!"

Yosho was the first to run into the forest, "HOLLY-SAN!"

Suezo followed closely, "IF LADY DARKNESS EVEN LAYS A FINGER ON HER--!"

Hare sweated as he and the others ran after Suezo, "What? You'll bite her?"

Puck gasped, "Only ONE monster could say something like that in this kind of situation!"

He stopped and grabbed Hare by his mouth who sweated. Puck swung Hare around with upturned eyes and a huge grin.

"YYYAAAAA!!!" Puck laughed, pinning Hare to a tree.

Hare's eyes waterfalled as Puck grinned devilishly, eyes opening slyly.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Hare exclaimed, still trying not to blow his cover.

"Come out, come out, Ghost-kuuuunnn!!" Puck said in a sing-song voice.

Hare sweated, "What do you mean, I'm Hare!"

"If you don't come out, I'll make you!" Puck laughed, enjoying this.

Hare sweated more, "STOP!!"

Puck pried open Hare's mouth and reached inside. After a few seconds, he pulled out a sweating Ghost. Hare blinked and looked around.

Hare sweated as Puck reprimanded the crying Ghost, "Oooooh-kay. I missed something..."


Holly sat under a tree, looking at her hand sadly. She breathed a sigh and looked into the air, not knowing what to do.

[Mother... Grandparents... What have I become?] she thought.

Her eyes squinted as she began to cry into her knees.

"Aaww, what's the matter, Miss Holly?" a voice hissed.

Holly looked up to see Mara, looking down at her with shady eyes. Holly wiped her tears away and stood up.

"Mara-chan..," she greeted.

Mara laughed loudly, "AAHHH-HAHAHAHAAA! That's where you are wrong... My name is..LADY DARKNESS!"

Holly gasped, her face turning a light shade of blue in fear as Mara transformed into a woman with long, silver hair and red eyes. She wore a gray Japanese futon tied with a rope and feet in black sandals. Lady Darkness reached out and grabbed Holly by the throat as Holly gagged, gripping Lady Darkness' fingers desperately.

"HOLLLLY-CHAAANNN!!!!" a familiar voice exclaimed from above.

Holly and Lady Darkness looked up just in time to see Alan and Pinnochio leap at them. Alan drop kicked Lady darkness to the ground as Holly rolled away, gasping for air. He looked at Lady Darkness who hissed every curse under the sun as she slowly got up. Alan then rushed to Holly and lifted her up slightly as she coughed and gasped in air.

"Holly-chan, are you OK?!" he gasped.

Holly gasped through breaths, "She's...so..powerful..."

Suddenly, Pinnochio was thrown backwards into Alan and Holly by a black ray of energy. Lady Darkness slowly walked up to the three, eyes glowing blood red.

"That was some drop kick," she snorted at Alan. "Too bad I have to kill you all now."

Alan growled silently and covered Holly a little more as she blushed slightly.

"EYE BEAM!" another voice exclaimed.

Lady Darkness merely turned to the voice as the eye beam attack bounced off an invisible shield behind her. Sueki Suezo, Genolly, Worm and Monol stood in back of her, just staring at her. Suddenly, the rebels ran up next to them, gasping at the sight of Lady Darkness.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MARA?!" Hare exclaimed, trying to act brave.

Ghost took out his mallet from under his hat and knocked Hare down with a sweat. "Baka yo. I told you she IS Mara."

"Lady Darkness," Angel said calmly. "Please let Holly and the other two go. They did nothing."

Lady Darkness snorted, "Nothing? They're ruining Black Magic-sama's plans! Especially this Holly girl! You don't kow what she is."

"Ei?!" Pixie exclaimed, stepping forward.

Holly looked confused and looked at Alan, who looked deadly seriously. "Alan-chan...?"

Alan sighed through his nose and looked down. He slowly pulled out his sword and scooped up the spiraled eyed Pinnochio under his arm and lifted Holly up in his other arm. With a super jump, he leaped up and landed by Monol and the others. Holly gasped and fell to the floor on all fours as Lady Darkness hissed a curse.

"Lady Darkness, she does not know of her power," Puck spoke up. "I will protect her in any ways possible until she learns of her powers."

Coltia blinked and whispered to Puck, "Puck-chan, Holly knows her powers of the Magic Stone..what do you mean?"

Puck looked down, his green eyes opening to look at Coltia sadly, "She has a greater power, Coltia-chan. That's why she's so confused about herself now. Her power is amplifying because of mine and Black Magic's presence."

Coltia's eyes wavered as she looked at Holly who was helped up by Genki and Yosho. "Oooh... Miss Holly...."

Lady Darkness laughed as she held out her hand. Suddenly, a thick, black, mist wrapped around Holly as she yelped, the rope of mist wrapping around her body tightly. Lady Darkness drew back her hand and Holly floated over to her, struggling as hard as she could.

"HOLLLLY!!" Golem exclaimed.

"No!!" Achika exclaimed, rushing forward, glowing. "SONIC BEAM!!"

Her sonic beam merely bounced of Lady Darkness who laughed loudly. She squeezed her hand into a fist as the mist curled around Holly tighter as she screamed in pain.

"STOP! STOP IT NOW!!!" Sueki Suezo exclaimed.

Lady Darkness laughed louder as the mist gripped Holly's body tighter and tighter.

"STOP IIITTTT!!!!" Yosho screamed.

Puck growled, then put his hands forward, his ruby on the collar of his cape glowed bright red, "Hear me Gods, you who rule over the world! Give me your love, your light, your mercy!"

Lady Darkness chuckled as Holly dropped to the floor in a heap, struggling to breath. Yosho ran towards her, but Lady Darkness put her hand forward and blasted him back into Ami and Pixie with a burst of wind.

"Hear me, hear my plead! Please spare me your energy!" Puck continued. He opened his eyes and grinned devilishly. "ETERNAL LIGHT!"

A burst of yellow energy sprouted out of his hands at Lady Darkness who put one hand forward. "Black Darkness."

A sprout of black energy reflected Puck's attack back at him. Coltia wailed and pinned Puck to the floor, tears sprouting out of her eyes. His attack flew over their heads and blew up a huge land mass of trees behind them, leaving a burning crater behind.

"Coltia-chan..," Puck gasped, eyes wavering.

He sweated and face faulted when he saw the spiral eyed and tearing Colt, wailing quietly. Lady Darkness laughed harder as the black mist wrapped Holly up again as she gasped in pain, not bothering to struggle.

"HOLLY-CHAN!" Genki screamed.

"Leave this to me!" Pixie exclaimed, stepping forward.

"Leave this to US," Angel corrected as her and Ami stepped forward with Pixie.

Pixie sighed, but held her determined face. "All right."

Achika, feeling left out, stepped forward too. "Mind if I join in the fun?"

They put out their hands as Lady Darkness stood coolly infront of them, "Oh? A little family attack? AH-HAHAHAHAHA!!"

"SONIC.....BEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAMMMMMSSSSS!!!" the four Pixies exclaimed at once.

"The hell?!" Lady Darkness gasped as their sonic beams swirled into one, then shot out to Lady Darkness. She threw up her hand and Holly floated infront of her as a shield. "HAHAHAHAAA!"

"HOLLY-CHHHAAAAANNNN!!" Ami screamed, tears falling out of her eyes.


He leaped in front of Holly who opened an eye weakly, whispering his name before collapsing in pain again.

"GENKI! YOU STUPID IDIOT!!" Pixie screamed.

Genki held out his hands, "HEAT BEAM!"

A beam of heat knocked the sonic beam away into the air. The huge sonic beam exploded in midair with a huge burst of light. Hare shivered in fright, eyes wide with a huge amount of sweats on his temple.

Ghost leaped into his body again. The possessed Hare laughed like Ghost, eyes upturned. "HAHAHAAA! TIME TO PAY!"

Puck sweated, still on the ground with the tearing Coltia, "Oh my. Not again.."

"DRAGON KICK!!!!" the possessed Hare exclaimed, foot unfire, leaping at Lady Darkness.

Genki ducked as Hare flew over him. Lady Darkness flung Holly aside, still wrapped in the mist, and put up one finger calmly. A blue shield encased her as Hare's foot crushed against it. The possessed Hare teared as he slid off the shield, foot crushed with his eyes tearing.

"Owies...," he moaned, holding his foot.

Tiger sweated, "So that's why Hare was acting so funny! Ghost was inside of him!!"

Hare sweated and made a peace sign weakly, holding his foot with his other hand. "I still love you, Tiger.."



"*Cough* Just..a joke? Haha?" the burnt and possessed Hare asked weakly.

"We cannot get past that shield," Monol said to the rebels. "It is far too powerful...too evil."

Pinnochio looked at Monol, "There's nothing we can do?" He looked to see Holly trapped in the shield too, barely conscious. "We have to save Holly-chan!!"

Alan looked down, "Monol says there's nothing to do, then there isn't anything we can do."

"NOOOO!" Genki exclaimed.

He ran up to the shield, accidentally kicking Hare into the air.

"OOOOOHHHH MMMMMMMYyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" the possessed Hare wailed as he came crashing back towards the ground. "GOLEM-KUNNN!! HHHEELLLPpppp!!"

Golem blinked as Hare landed infront of him, half in the ground and half of himself sticking out of the ground, flinching in pain.

"Soorrrryyy," Golem sighed, looking down with a sweat.

Genki ran up to the shield, pounding desperately. "Damn you, Mara!! Damn you!! Give me back Holly!! Holly-chaaan!!"

Holly weakly looked up, eyes half way closed. "Gen...ki....."

Lady Darkness kicked her head angrily, causing Holly to fall into deep unconsciousness. Genki gasped, eyes wavering at Holly's out cold face. Golem screamed in rage, eyes glowing white. He ran up besides Genki and pounded on the shield too. Soon, everyone pounded at the shield, trying to rip it open as Lady Darkness laughed loudly. She put her hand forward and the shield zapped them with a burst of electricity, causing them to fly back.

"AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! AH HAHAHAHAAA!" Lady Darkness laughed. "Ask Monol and his parade if you want to find me...and get back Holly! IF I DON'T DECIDE TO KILL HER FIRST!! AH-HAHAHAHAHAAA!"

She disappeared with Holly in a swirl of black mist. Genki screamed in rage, trying to go after them, but the mist disappeared, and Genki was left in the spot, hugging the air like Holly was in his arms. His shoulders started to shake with sobs as the others watched him sadly.

"Mother...," Ami sobbed, looking at her mother with tears in her eyes. "What will we do?"

Angel looked down and sighed. Her eyes looked up at Monol who looked ahead, deep in thought. "Monol-san.."

Monol sighed in his deep voice. "We have to find her. Quickly. Before we lose her."

Ghost floated out of Hare's mouth as Hare lied on the ground, spirals replacing his eyes. Then, with a sigh, Ghost looked at Puck who growled angrily, fists clenched.

Coltia looked at Puck, eyes wavering, "Puck-chan... Mmm..."

Puck hissed a curse, then whispered, "Lady Darkness and Black Magic can't get their hands on her power!! Otherwise, this whole world is doomed.."

Pixie, eyes sad and wavering, looked at Puck, "DAMNIT, PUCK! What is her power?!"

Sueki Suezo looked into the sky, "That's my story."

Genki sobbed as Suezo screamed exactly what Genki was thinking.


MR 200X: "To Save Holly"

Genki looked up weakly, eyes tearing gently.

"Genki...chi....," Mocchi said sympathetically.

Genki got up, shoulders shaking slightly, but he wiped the tears away and looked at Alan, "Alan. Where is Lady Darkness' castle?!"

Alan looked at Monol who was silent. "Monol-san....?"

Monol was silent.

"Do you know?" Sueki Suezo asked.

Monol was silent.

"SAY SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Pixie exclaimed, voice cracking, hinting her sadness and anger.

"ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...," Monol snored, tipping over slightly, a snot bubble forming out of his "nose".

Everyone tripped to the ground with a moan.

"MONOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Suezo screamed, a huge, red vein on his head.

*cue music*

Hare: What happend while I was possessed?

Tiger: You don't wanna know..

Coltia: Miss Holly has been kidnapped by Lady Darkness!

Achika: We have to get her back!

Suezo: No, duh, Sherlock.

Achika: WHAT DID YOU---?!

Gray Wolf: Nevermind! We have to think of a plan....

Alan: "To Save Holly"!

Gray Wolf: Yeah!

Tiger *whispering*: That's the name of the episode, brother..

Gray Wolf: #O.O# I knew that....


Monol snapped out of it, snot bubbling popping. "OH! I'm sorry, old age."

Everyone else sweated.

"So Monol-san?" Alan asked. "Where is Lady Darkness?"

Monol sighed, "It's not Lady Darkness to invite us there.. It must be a trap."

"Do you think we care?!" Achika snapped angrily.

"Achika-chan is right! We have to save Miss Holly!" Coltia exclaimed.

Monol turned to Ami, Angel, Pixie and Big Blue. "You all don't have to get involved. All of you may not know Miss Holly so well so.."

"I know enough about her to want to save her!" Angel retorted.

Pixie snorted, "Don't know her?! Me and Big Blue met her as a teen with these other trouble makers and now we're back! Besides, I want to get back Mara for being a--!"

Big Blue sweated, interrupting Pixie by patting her head with his finger. "Not infront of a minor, Master Pixie.."

Pinocchio blinked confusedly. Everyone else chuckled as a question mark flashed over Pinocchio's head, followed by a sweat.

"So Monol-san?" Alan asked hopefully, grinning at his friend.

Monol sighed, "Okay, but..I cannot come."

"Me either," Sueki Suezo agreed. "Our story is our purposes."

Puck nodded, "Hai, hai. Then point us in the direction of the castle and you two can stay here!"

"Let's go, chi!" Mocchi laughed.

"Yeah!" Pinocchio agreed.

Alan's Worms screeched happily in agreement. Alan nodded at them and leaped onto their backs, on foot on each of their backs.

"Lady Darkness' castle is in that mountain, Mt.Fujio. It will take about a day's worth of walk from here. Probably more," Monol explained.

Genki strapped on his rollerblades and got up, face full of determination. "Thanks, Monol. Let's go!"

Mocchi leaped onto his back happily, "Mocchi, Mocchi!"

"HAI!" Golem and Big Blue exclaimed, raising their mighty fists in the air.

Gray Wolf grinned, "We can do this, piece of cake!"

"Ha! Just hope you all don't run into trouble," Sueki Suezo snorted.

Genki laughed, "We're the group that beat 4 of the Darkness Five and all their badies! We can do this...together!"

Pixie agreed, "Besides, she's just an ugly, silver haired human! How hard can it be?!"

Monol was silent for a few seconds as they ran, wheeled, flew and hopped away. ".....Very hard....."



A water drop fell onto her eyelid, causing it to flinch.


Another landed on her eyelid again, this time, her eye opened. Holly moaned hoarsely and sat up, lying on a cold, damp floor in a cell. She rubbed her head, memory foggy, but the last thing she knew she saw, was Genki's face with his hands pounding desperately against a shield..

"So you've awaken at last," Lady Darkness snorted from outside her cell.

Holly sat up, feeling a sharp pain in her head. "Lady Darkness--!"

Lady Darkness laughed, "AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Lady Darkness what?! YOU can't do anything!" She smiled and held out her hand, revealing Holly's Magic Stone.

"But that's MINE!" Holly screamed, getting up quickly, not caring about the pain in her head.

Lady Darkness grinned, mocking her by swinging infront of her own face. Holly rushed forward, reaching out to grab it through the cell's barred doors, but as her hand reached through it, the door filled with electricity, zapping Holly. She screamed and stumbled away, holding her hand painfully as Lady Darkness laughed.

"AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!" Lady Darkness laughed. "Just be lucky I decided not to kill you yet!"

She disappeared with the Magic Stone as Holly fell to her butt, looking at her slightly burnt hand.

"I recommend that you think over your life!" Lady Darkness' voice laughed. "Memories are worth treasuring!"

Her laugh faded away as Holly growled slightly, then sighed, lying back to look at her mucky ceiling. Sudden;y, her mind flashed the memory of what happend after the battle with Moo, 13 years ago..


Holly woke up slowly, a chill rolling up her spine. She saw Coltia's concerned face lean over her.

"Holly-chan?" Coltia's childish voice was unusually soft.

Holly tried to sit up, but she discovered she was too weak, so she just lied back, looking at her friend. "Genki..?"

Coltia looked down sadly, "He's gone."

"HE'S DEAD?!" Holly screamed, shooting up and surprising her friend.

"No..he's gone back to his world. Don't you feel happy for him?" Coltia asked, trying to cheer Holly up.

Holly laid back and lied, "Yes...I guess I do.."

Holly's eyes closed. For a little while, she was out cold, but something woke her up about two or three hours later. A hot tear dropped onto her forehead and she came to, hearing sobbing. Her eyes dragged up to see her father, crying over her, shoulders shaking.

"Father...?" Holly whispered.

Yosho looked at her, his deep brown eyes filled with tears. "Holly-chan.. I don't blame you if you don't love me anymore..."

"Father..," Holly whispered, trying to interrupt him, but her voice was too weak and soft.

He turned away, "I am the worst father in the world.. I will leave you for your own sake."

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!" Holly suddenly screamed desperately, leaping onto his back, sliding down to his ankles, tears running down her face as her shoulders shook with loud sobs.

Yosho instantly squatted down, hugging his crying daughter in his arms. "Holly...?"

Holly sobbed, then through more sobs, managed to wail, "Don't leave me again! Father, don't leave me again!!!"

Yosho shushed her and hugged her tighter, his own tears running freely onto his cheeks. "Sh... Sh...! I won't leave you, my poor daughter!"

He smiled, stroking her hair as her body heaved upwards with each sob. Yosho lifted her face to his, staring in shock at the enormous amounts of tears falling from her eyes.

"Holly-chan... You haven't cried in a long time, have you?" he asked concernly, trying to wipe her tears away, but they kept coming.

Holly looked down, eyes wavering. "Not..for..over a year....probably more..."

Yosho picked her up gently, "That's not very healthy.." Holly nodded, looking down again. Yosho smiled softly and placed her back on the bed, tucking her in like he use to do when she was a child. "You were very brave... I was very stupid.."

Holly smiled tiredly, "You think?"

Yosho laughed, "Are you suggesting I'm stupid?"

Holly blushed frantically, looking down while biting on her finger nail. "No..I..was..as..asking.."

Yosho laughed again, "I know, I'm just teasing you, calm down!"

Holly's eyes slowly closed as she smiled, "I love you, father."

Yosho smiled warmly, then nodded, "I love you too."

He sat by her as she slept and then, he too fell asleep on the floor.


Holly lied on the floor. "Father, I'm sorry..."

Tears ran down her cheeks as she closed her eyes, falling asleep again.


The remaining rebels rushed up the mountain bravely with Genki leading the way, Mocchi on his back. Their faces were planted in stone, determined and angry. Puck ran by Coltia's side, both very serious for once along with Hare and Ghost.

"If we keep up this pace, we'll be there by sunset!" Gray Wolf exclaimed.

"I doubt it," Alan sighed from ontop of his scrambling Worms. "This mountain gets steeper, so we'll probably get tired."

Genki, teeth clenched determinedly, exclaimed, "Well I'm not giving up!"

"Mocchi!" Mocchi agreed, equally brave.

Pixie smiled to herself slyly. [That's our Genki..]

She laughed softly in her throat and looked down with closed eyes.

"How far up is this castle on the mountain?" Ami asked Puck, flapping by Golem's head.

Alan sweated, "The very top.."

Ami sighed with a huge sweat along with Golem.

"Oh my," Puck agreed, scratching his chin. "Well, let's keep going until we get tired!"

"HA!" Coltia laughed. "Heroes of justice NEVER get too tired!!"

Four hours and 1/2 later...

"*huff* *huff* Heroes of..justice..*huff* NEEEVVERRR get too tired!" Suezo mimicked coldly as everyone literally crawled up the steep mountain hill.

"Oh...*huff*....be quiet...," Coltia wailed, tears waterfalling down her cheeks.

Angel, Pixie Ami and Achika's wings were crumpled up on their backs from tiredness. Tiger and Gray Wolf's tongues lolled out of their mouth, huffing tiredly. Genki dragged himself up the hill with a spiral eyed Mocchi on his back.

"I..*huff*...suggest...we....rest..a..bit...," Puck huffed, leaning on his staff as he walked.

Ghost laughed, "Oh come now! We can go up some more!"

Everyone glared at him with death looks, causing Ghost to sweat.

"EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!!! YOU CAN FLOAT!!!" Suezo screamed.

Ghost laughed, rubbing his neck. "OH MY! You're right! Lucky me! HAHAHAHAHAAA!"

"FIREBALL!" Pixie exclaimed, chucking a fireball at Ghost, roasting him to a black crisp.


Lady Darkness opened Holly's cage coldly and lifted Holly's head up. "How do you use the Magic Stone?"

Holly grinned slyly, "You have to have the power."

Lady Darkness growled, "Then GIVE me the power."

Holly blinked, then started to laugh. "I cannot give you the power!"

Lady Darkness hissed a curse and picked Holly up by her collar violently. She sighed again, knowing Holly was right, and chucked Holly into the far wall.

"Then your friends will have to die," Lady Darkness chuckled.

"NO!" Holly screamed, trying to push herself up.

Lady Darkness laughed and disappeared. Holly's eyes wavered before she passed out on the floor.


Achika created a fire with a small fireball in a pile of wood and looked around. "We cannot sleep for long. Each minute we sleep, may be the last minutes of Holly's life.."

Coltia clutched Holly's sleeping bag that Suezo carried in his familiar scarf-like bag. "Oh..Holly-chan..." She cried into it as Puck patted her back sympathetically.

"Holly-chan has a strong spirit to make up for her fragile body," Gray Wolf murmured. "It will never be too easy to kill her."

"Hai," Golem agreed.

Coltia looked up at Gray Wolf, "Gray Wolf-kun..."

Gray Wolf gave her a smile and nodded.

Tiger, head resting on his paws, looked at Gray Wolf, "Ototo..." ("brother..."--younger)

Suezo smiled with Puck as Genki only looked into the distance. He got up with a sigh and walked away to a faraway edge of the steep cliff they were climbing. Ami looked after him, blinking as the others settled back down, getting ready to rest. Genki sighed and sat on the edge, looking into the stars sadly. Softly, he heard a light flapping sound of wings.

"Genki-san," Ami's soft voice said sadly.

Genki blinked and looked at Ami, standing in back of him a foot away. She smiled softly, hands behind her back sheepishly.

"May..may I join you?" she asked, blushing lightly.

Genki nodded, "Hai, but I'm not much for small talk right now.."

Ami blinked and sat next to him quickly, "Oh? From what I've seen, you always have a lot on your mind. Always have something to say." She looked back at him and smiled softly. Genki couldn't help but to smile back. "Do you want to talk? Or shall I talk right now?"

Genki made a faint grunt, then said, "Please, you can talk."

Ami blinked, not expecting that answer. She blushed, blinking more, trying to figure out what to say. "Uh.. Oh.."

Genki looked at her oddly as a huge sweat rolled down Ami's head. Finally, Ami's eyes snapped, figuring out what to say to cheer him up.

"Pick a star," she said, pointing into the air.

Genki scratched his head, "Ei? Um...OK..." He looked around in the sky and pointed ahead. "That one. The one that makes the tip of the handle of the Big Dipper."

Ami squinted, then nodded, "Mm. Is it shining now?"

Genki nodded, "Hai."

Ami smiled, "Then Holly is still alive. When I was a child, Genki-san, my masters' father use to go out on explorations with Class A monsters. They said if the star goes out at night, or you cannot see it, it means the person you love is gone. I have a star for my masters, and it always shines, making me feel better."

Genki looked at Ami, "Ami-chan.."

Ami winked at him, "Just keep believing in Miss Holly. Otherwise, you might as well pray that she dies."

Genki looked down as Ami looked into the sky. He looked at her distant eyes, probably thinking of her masters. Genki looked up at his star which shone in the night sky.


Genki and Ami turned at Golem's loud footsteps.

"What..are you..doing?" he asked.

Ami blushed, "I'm just telling Genki about Love Stars."

"Love..Stars?" Golem asked, blinking.

Genki nodded, "I chose a star and if that star continues to shine, then Holly will be OK."

Golem looked into the sky, "Stars...pretty.." He looked at Genki. "Which one... did you choose?"

Genki pointed up to his star. "That one, the one on top of the handle of the Big Dipper."

Golem, Ami and Genki looked at it silently.

Meanwhile, by the fire, Angel pondered with Achika as Pixie growled, veins bursting onto her head.

"How about...Rei-Rei?" Achika suggested.

"SHUT UP!!" Pixie screamed, voice cracking in extreme anger.

Angel looked at her daughter, "Well, Achika-chan and Ami-chan have names, but you don't."

Big Blue sweated with Gray Wolf.

"Rei-Rei...?" Big Blue said to Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf snorted, "Hmph. That name sounds stupid.."

Angel snapped her fingers. "AH! We'll ask Big Blue!"

Pixie's head slowly turned to Big Blue, fang sticking out of her lips with a death look on at Big Blue. Big Blue sweated bigger and took a sip of tea.

"I do not want to get in to this. I like the name Master Pixie," Big Blue said.

Pixie smiled and turned back to Angel and Achika, sticking out her tongue.

"Although...the name Katie is a good one!" Ghost laughed.

Ghost, in a snap, found his lips being pulled apart violently by a P.Oed Pixie.

"*GRaaw!* Juss...a..jooke!" Ghost managed to say with tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

Angel sighed, "Fine. You're old enough to change your name yourself. Go ahead."

Pixie stood up from Ghost who rubbed his cheeks painfully. "My name is Pixie. That's that." She jumped into the air and flapped away past the rebels. "And you may call me Pixie-sama."

Everyone else sweated.


After sleeping about 4 hours, they got up quickly and packed up.

"OK! Let's go!" Suezo exclaimed.

"HAI!" the others agreed, then they ran up the mountain again.


Monol and Sueki Suezo wondered around in the same spot for a long time. Monol, as usual, was asleep as Sueki Suezo looked up into the now rising sun.

"If anyone can defeat Lady Darkness, it's them...right?" Sueki Suezo pondered.


Lady Darkness stood ontop of her castle, watching coldly as the rebels made their way up her mountain. "Fools."


Genki, once again in the lead, rolled up the mountain powerfully and quickly, face cold in determination. Only Angel and the two Tiger brothers could catch up with his speed while the others tried their best to.

"Wow! Genki-san sure is fast!" Coltia breathed.

Suezo grinned, "Well, he does have someone on his mind.."

Alan laughed, arms crossed proudly as he stood on top of his Worms. "Phoenixes are fast, I guess!"

"Love power, CHI!" Mocchi agreed.

Achika sweated, "Oooohhh-kay, Mocchi..."

Ami was silent, as usual, but she finally said, "I hope we aren't too late."

Golem nodded, "HAI."

Pixie snorted in agreement, grinning, "If we are, Lady Darkness will be sorry. Genki looks like he's in the mood to kill a certain Lady.."

Big Blue turned his head slightly to his 'master', "Master Pixie. I wonder if Genki will be too sad to fight if she is dead or dying."

"Believe me, Big Blue," Hare said seriously. "When Holly died 13 years ago from Moo, he was PISSED."

Yosho laughed, "Tell me about it!" He sweated. "Moo's mind kept repeating 'Oh crap'."

Coltia looked at Yosho, "Did it hurt being Moo?"

Yosho sighed, "Mentally, yes. Physically, no. But I was so power hungry." He remembered the well deserved slap Holly gave him just a day ago. "I was a fool. I am a fool."

Pixie rolled her eyes, uninterested, "OK, OK, you are a foolish old fart! No time to get all sentimental, we have to save Holly."

"Right!" Suezo agreed.

Alan's Worms screeched in agreement. Coltia and Puck raised their hands in the air and exclaimed "Hai!" together.

Genki looked ahead, just seeing a castle peek out, "There it is!" He skated faster as Tiger, Gray Wolf with Angel flapped and rushed off with him. [Don't stop. Don't stop.. Holly-chan, we're coming!]


Holly felt a sharp kick in her ribs through her darkness. She yelped and opened her eyes slowly, her ribs aching with the powerful kick.

"Get up, stupid human," Lady Darkness chuckled.

Holly looked up at her coldly. "What do you want? If you want to kill me, do it now."

Lady Darkness cocked an eyebrow, "Oh? Getting like that now? Just when you're friends arrived?"

Holly shot up, "Minna-san?!"

Lady Darkness nodded and walked out of the small cell, closing the door behind her. She tossed Holly's Magic Stone in with Holly. "Hold onto this, while I kill them all."

"NO!" Holly screamed. She struggled up, very wobbly, and rushed to the cell door, stopping just infront of it. "You..can't.."

"I can't?" Lady Darkness asked. "I can, very easily. Watch, I don't need you anymore." She shot her hand through the barred door and grabbed Holly's collar. "You can wait for them in the afterlife."

She pulled Holly violently at the door and the door filled with electricity. Holly screamed in pain as her body was electrocuted, but Lady Darkness watched coldly, still holding her to the door.


"OOohh!" Ami gasped, falling to the floor.

"Ami-chan!" Angel exclaimed.

Genki and the others stopped as Ami breathed hard on the floor, Pixie flapping down with Achika to her side.

"I..feel..death...close...by...," Ami managed to gasp. "It's getting closer!"

Pixie looked up in shock at the others. "Holly-chan!"

Genki growled and rushed to the castle door with Tiger, Gray Wolf, Golem, Hare, Ghost, Puck and Mocchi.

"You can feel death?" asked Coltia.

Ami nodded, getting up with the help of Angel and Achika. "Sometimes.. I was born with it.."

Pixie looked up at Big Blue, "Big Blue?"

Big Blue nodded, reading Pixie's mind. "HAI!"

She leaped onto his shoulder as they rushed to the large, wooden door with the others. Genki was pounding desperately on the door, screaming for Holly and Lady Darkness to open.

Tiger cringed as he heard a faint zapping sound. Then it was silent, too silent. "STAND BACK, GENKI!"

Genki did what he was told as Tiger powered up his horns with Gray Wolf. "TORPEDO ATTACK!" They exclaimed at once, then zapped the door down quickly.

Genki rushed in first, followed by the others. He ran around the huge, well designed interior. "HOLLY!!! HOLLY-CHAN!"

Tiger looked at Suezo, "Suezo! Do you have anything of Holly's?"

Suezo nodded, reaching his tongue back to his pack and pulled out Holly's brush. "Here."

Tiger sniffed it with Gray Wolf, then they sniffed the air.

"This way!" Tiger exclaimed, rushing off.

The others followed him downstairs into a jail room. Genki looked ahead, checking each cell quickly, he stopped dead when he saw the farthest cell spark with electricity with a limp hand peeking through the bars. "HOLLY-CHAN!!"

He rushed forward and the others started to follow when suddenly, their surroundings blurred and spun.

Pixie tried to run out of it, but her movements slowed, going nowhere, "The hell?!"

Coltia gripped onto Puck. "M_M_M_M_Mr. PUCK!!!!"

Puck looked around, deadly seriously, "We're being teleported!"

"Teleported?" Achika asked before they disappeared.

Meanwhile, Genki tried to open the cell, but it was locked. He took Holly's hand and checked for a pulse. Luckily, she had one, but very weak and fluttery. "Hold on, Holly-chan.."

He got up and touched the bars away from Holly's limp body. He gasped and let go as electricity filled his body. Genki clenched his teeth angrily, realizing that's what Lady Darkness did to Holly. He held the bars tight, ignoring the electricity and suddenly, the bars glowed red. The bars melted away along with the door into a puddle of hot metal on the floor. Genki ran to Holly, sitting down beside her and lifting her body into his lap.

"Holly-chan... Talk to me! Holly-chan...," he begged.

Holly coughed out a little blood and Genki tenderly wiped it away. Her body shook slightly and her hand gripped his shirt slightly. "G...G..eee..n...k...i........"

Genki sobbed and held her closer as she opened her dim, brown eyes half way in extreme pain. "Hold on..Holly-chan.."

Holly cuddled slightly into his chest. "Gen..ki....ah......."

Genki shushed her and hugged her for what seemed like forever, tears running down his face. "We'll get her.." He turned, expecting to see his friends, but he saw a star symbol on the ground. "They...were teleported away?!" He clenched his teeth. "Lady Darkness..."


"Lady Darkness...," Angel said coldly.

The rebels faced Lady Darkness in a huge, stone room, obviously made for fighting.

"Welcome, rebels..and traitors...," Lady Darkness hissed, eyeing Angel and Ami. ".....To your graveyard!"

She laughed madly as the rebels' eyes wavered in anger and fright.

Puck opened his eyes seriously, "I will not let the past repeat itself..."

Lady Darkness continued to laugh. Meanwhile, Genki held Holly tighter, body trembling in anger as he glowed an eerie red.

[Mara...if Holly dies in my arms...I swear...I will....]

He looked up to the ceiling, eyes closed in rage.


Lady Darkness Defeated!

Holly's grip loosened slowly as her breaths became weak, forced squeaks of breaths. Genki gave her mouth to mouth quickly as Holly's eyes stared at the ceiling, seeing her mother's face. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Genki tried to force some air out of her lungs.

*cue music*


Puck: Today we face Lady Darkness! Can we survive?!

Achika: We can! Just keep saying that! We can!

Pixie: I think I can...I think I can.... O.O;;; ......Wait!! NOW YOU'RE MAKING ME SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT!!!!

Ami: Meanwhile, Genki and Holly have a heart to heart.

Suezo: Holly-chan...

Coltia: Mmm.... I hope everything will be OK..

Puck: "Lady Darkness Defeated!"

Ghost: Isn't that giving away a little much...?


Lady Darkness paused from her loud, boastful laughter. "So? Who's ready to join Miss Holly in the afterlife?"

Pixie's eyes wavered deeply in anger and sadness, "You...YOU BITCH!!!!"

Lady Darkness cocked her eyebrow, "Oh? Is the famous Pixie of the X Big Bad Four, 'the monster who feels nothing', snapping?"

Pixie growled angrily, fangs bared dangerously. "Big Blue."

Big Blue nodded, "Hai. It's about time we get this fight beginning!"

Tiger looked at the others, "Is the all for one attack OK?"

Hare looked surprised, "YOU? Tiger?! Mr.Leave-me-alone-or-I'll-bite-your-head-off-Tiger FINALLY getting into team spirit?! Or is Genki just rubbing off of ya?"

Tiger looked down, trying to hide his blush. "Leave me alone or I'll bite your head off."

Gray Wolf sweated.



Genki poured some water from his canteen into Holly's mouth. She coughed after getting it down and leaned onto Genki's chest weakly. He hugged her a little tighter as she shivered in pain.

"Please hold on, Holly-chan. Everyone needs you..," he begged, rocking her gently.

Holly managed to say, "I..don't...think...I..have.....m..much time left...."

Genki hugged her tightly, "Nooo! Holly-chan, don't die on me now!!"

Holly sighed, "Genki...." She yelped in pain as an extra spark ran up her spine. "Ah...! It...hurts...so..much.."

Genki shushed her gently, "I know... I..I..understand now, Holly... If you're in pain, you shouldn't be forced to live if God is calling you.."

Holly was silent.


Genki looked down at her, running a hand through her hair. "Yes?"

"I....I...I love you.." she blushed instantly, expecting a rude reply.

Genki smiled and kissed her head, "I love you too."

Holly's eyes snapped in surprise and then she blushed. "Genki-san..."


"HHHEEE-YYYYYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Alan exclaimed, running forward with his sword ready.

Lady Darkness teleported away as Alan sliced the air where she once stood.

"DAMN IT!" he exclaimed, looking around.

Lady Darkness reappeared and laughed viciously, kicking him into the far wall. Genolly and Worm slithered up, releasing their dart attacks at Lady Darkness. She turned and merely looked at the darts before they stopped in midair, turned and shot at the two Worms. The two Worms leaped away, smacking their tails on the ground to jump. The darts stuck into the stone wall.

"Oh my," Puck whispered. "This is not going to be good."

Coltia looked at Puck desperately, "We have to beat Lady Darkness to see Holly!! Can't you do something, Puck-chan...?"

Puck looked at Coltia with a smile. "I can do lots. Everyone just hasn't asked yet!" He opened a green eye slyly at Coltia. "Don't worry. Phoenixes are eternal."

Coltia blinked as Puck rushed to help the others fight. "Puck-chan..... Who are you?"




Genki allowed Holly to rest in his arms. He made sure she was still breathing every moment and then stroked her hair. Suddenly, she wheezed loudly, coughing as Genki patted her back. Holly woke up, wheezing harder and Genki felt his heart race 100x faster.

"G_G_Genki...!" Holly exclaimed, gripping his shirt violently.

Genki patted her back. "It's OK, I'm here."

Holly continued to cough as her breathing became very forced. "I..I..I'm..dying...."

Genki's eyes snapped, "NO! HOLLY-CHAN! I haven't told you everything..what about Sueki Suezo's story he wants to tell you?!"

Holly lied her head on his chest, "Please... tell me....every....thing...now.."

Genki hugged her shaking body close, tears running down his face, "Oh God, Holly! I love you so much!! I'm sorry about anything that I've done to you--!"

Holly reached up and touched his cheek, "You...you've..done..nothing... Thank..you..Genki...for everything....."

Her eyes shut hard and Genki gripped her head to his body, "Holly..."

Holly suddenly spoke up, voice very clear but muffled from her head being dug into his body, "Genki-san. Don't be sad. It happens..you live and then you die. I remember, before Pink Eye died..she promised me and Suezo she would walk with us to the lake. Funny, she died that night fighting..." She coughed. "Genki-san, I will be sad to go to heaven if you cry over me and let Lady Darkness win. Please defeat her......please....take this."

Genki gasped as she placed the Magic Stone in the palm of his hand. "Holly-chan...?"

"Genki-san.....I'll........see....you.....someday.....," Holly breathed.

Genki sobbed as she gave his hand one more soft squeeze, then fell limp. He shook her, calling her name, but she remained still. Genki sobbed again and lifted her face to his, a smile on her face with some old tears on her face. He hugged her close again and shook with sobs.

"I knew it. Your kindness would kill you.. Holly-chan, at least you didn't die in vein...," he sobbed. He gritted his teeth, eyes glowing orange. "HOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY-CCCCCCHHHHHHAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!"


Above, Lady Darkness listened with a smile spread across her face as Genki's voice echoed the castle. "What a wonderful thing.. That brat is finally dead."

"DAAAMMMN YOU!" Yosho screamed.

Angel sobbed, tears already running down everyone's face, "YOU...YOU....BITCH!!!!!" She rushed forward and struck a surprised Lady Darkness across her face with her staff. "DIE!! DIE FOR ALL THOSE LIVES YOU KILLED!"

Pixie's eyes wavered, "Mother?"

The rebels looked at Pixie--shocked. Pixie blushed and covered her mouth.


"HAI!" the others exclaimed.

Lady Darkness got up, wiping some blood from her mouth. She levitated into the air and smiled smugly. "Try me."

Just as the rebels rushed forward at once, the ground shook violently. Everyone screamed as a burst of bright, yellow light ripped through the floor. Pixie shielded her eyes and clenched her teeth. Suddenly, the light cleared, revealing Genki standing in front of Lady Darkness, holding Holly's body in his arms. On his back, Phoenix wings curled up around Holly and his body.

"Lady Darkness," he said, his voice of the Phoenix's. "Like Angel-sama has said, you will die for your evil deeds."

Lady Darkness gulped to herself, then grinned, "The Phoenix boy has finally shown up. Heh."

Genki turned to Golem solemnly, holding out Holly's body quietly. Golem gulped hard and held out his huge hands, letting Genki place her body onto them. Ami sobbed and turned away with Suezo, who bit his lip, trying to keep from crying. Yosho ran up to Holly, patting her hand, trying to make her wake up. She didn't and Yosho slunk to his knees, crying.

"Genki-san," Puck said seriously. "I will help you in anyway."

Genki nodded, still glowing slightly, "It will be all right. Holly will be fine."

Coltia wiped her tears away quickly and exclaimed, a bit angry, "What do you mean it will be OK?! Holly-chan is dead!!"

Genki smirked and looked at Holly, "At least for a bit."

"What do you mean, chi?" Mocchi asked.

"GENKI-SAN!" Coltia screamed angrily.

Achika put out her hand infront of Coltia. Coltia looked into Achika's deep, violet eyes. "Genki is possessed by the Phoenix's spirit, do not get angry at him. I trust Genki will keep his words about Holly-chan, so let's just defeat Lady Darkness for now."

Coltia sniffled and nodded weakly. Suddenly, a hand rested on her shoulder, causing Coltia to look up. The hand belonged to Puck who opened his green eyes softly, wavering in a silent movement for Coltia to trust Genki. Coltia blushed and nodded, then spun around while striking justice poses.

"ALL RIGHT! THE HEROES OF JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL OVER EVIL!!" Coltia exclaimed. She put out her index finger, a small ^_^ face drawn in purple (**hint..Puck..hint.. ~.^) on the tip. "LET'S GO!!"

Genki spread out his wings and flew forward. "Heat Beam!"

Lady Darkness dodged it and hit Genki away.

"TORPEDO ATTACKS!" Gray Wolf and Tiger's voice exclaimed from behind her.

Lady Darkness clenched her teeth and looked behind her, reflecting the two torpedo attacks off her finger.

"LIGHTNING!" Achika and Pixie exclaimed from above.

Lady Darkness screamed as the two lightnings electrocuted her. She flopped to the ground, shoulders shaking slightly.

"Give it up. You're out numbered!" Pinocchio laughed proudly.

Lady Darkness got up, flipping her hair from over her shoulder coolly, a smile on her ruby lips. "Not really."

"Not really?" Ami asked.

Lady Darkness laughed and flew high into the air. "Behold, my true power!!!"

Suddenly, she glowed a bright orange, so bright, everyone had to shield their eyes. When the light cleared, Angel clenched her teeth and peeked at the new Lady Darkness. She was completely black with her long, silver hair flapping in her own energy. Her fuku was a now hard, black, almost like thick plastic. Her eyes glowed red as her fangs twisted in a smile as a pair of red, Pixie-like wings burst out from her back.

"AAAHH-HO-HO-HO-HO-HOOO!" she laughed.

Alan flinched, "What a laugh.."

Achika sweated, "Mara's laugh.."

Genki stepped forward, "Your evil power cannot match ours."

Lady Darkness laughed again, then added, "TRY ME!"

"I've had enough of you!" Ghost exclaimed. "Even my patience has run out!!"

Puck nodded, then rushed forward at Lady Darkness.

"PUCK-SAN!!" Coltia screamed.

"Oh, so now it's Puck-SAN?" Achika teased.

Coltia blushed. Puck leaped into the air at Lady Darkness and struck at her with his staff. She merely smirked as the staff's end snapped in two. Ghost sweated a pulled out his tiny mallet, floating forward to Puck.

"Uhh..want to borrow this?" Ghost asked.

Lady Darkness hit them away violently into the others. Genki leaped into the air with Pixie and Big Blue.

"FLARE!" Genki exclaimed, holding his hands out at Lady Darkness.

His flare attack hit Lady Darkness who cursed and floated backwards from the impact. Big Blue came at her with his Tornado attack, but she dodged that quickly. Suddenly, Pixie kicked her into the wall. Lady Darkness coughed as the rebels waited for her next move. Suddenly, Lady Darkness started to laugh crazily as she glowed blue. That's when Holly levitated out of Golem's arms as he gasped and tried to grab her. A blue shield formed around Holly and it shocked Golem into the far wall. Holly in the shield floated infront of Lady Darkness, as a protection.

"Damn! You coward, not again!!" Yosho hissed.

Ami's eyes wavered, "Maybe..maybe we can still hit Lady Darkness.."

"It's worth a try," Gray Wolf agreed.

Puck gulped silently. [I hope, but who knows..]

"OK, let's try this again!" Angel announced.

Lady Darkness laughed, looking up, "Try it."

"Gladly," Tiger growled. He rushed forward and powered up a torpedo attack, but Holly blocked his view from Lady Darkness. He stopped and gulped, trying to go around Holly, but she kept floating to block his path. "LADY DARRRKNESS!!!"

Lady Darkness laughed crazily, "AH HOHOHOHOHAAA! Weren't you just glad a second ago?"

Tiger hissed every curse under the sun as Puck touched his broken staff gently. Suddenly, the staff became whole again as he smiled to himself. He motioned the others to come around him and they obeyed.

"That shield can only go in one place at a time," he whispered to the others, his green eyes peeking open at them.

Pixie grinned devilishly, "So that means we go at her at once from different directions.."

"BINGO!" Puck laughed, shooting up. "My, my, Miss Pixie, you ARE smart!"

Pixie laughed proudly as Gray Wolf and Achika sweated.

Lady Darkness chuckled in her throat, "I hate secrets."

"Well, well! I love secrets!" Puck laughed, waving his pointer finger in the air. "And do you know why?"

Lady Darkness grinned, "Amuse me. Why?"

"Sore wa hitmitsu desu!" Puck laughed.

Lady Darkness frowned, "I've had enough of these child games! DIE NOW!"

She blasted out a black ray of energy at Puck, but he disappeared.

"LIGHTNING!" Angel exclaimed, swooping down purposely at Lady Darkness.

Lady Darkness' "shield" swooped up infront of Angel. Angel looked at the dead Holly for a long time before bowing her head.

"TORPEDO ATTACK!" Tiger's voice roared from Lady Darkness' left.

"SONIC BEAM!" Achika's voice exclaimed from her right.

"Flame!" Ami cried desperately from above.

Lady Darkness, confused, tried to get Holly to protect her, but she only reflected Achika's Sonic Beam, the other attacks slammed into her. She screamed as her "shield" broke. Golem gasped and rushed towards the falling Holly and caught her quickly.

"Oh SURE, you can catch Holly..," Suezo growled.

Golem sweated and looked down. "Ah..haha..."

Lady Darkness got up from where she landed on the floor, wiping some blood away from her mouth calmly. "I see. You're getting smarter." She laughed, biting her lip with a fang. "Hauh ha ha ha..." Suddenly, her voice became lower as her face grew longer until her jaw stretched out almost 12 inches longer, three rows of fangs grinning at them. "BUT CAN YOU WIN AGAINST THE ULTIMATE POWER OF DARKNESS?!"

Her body grew in height until she was 12 feet high, completely black with a demon-like body.

Gray Wolf sweated in fear and took a step back, whispering, "Holy....."

"Ya know, Phoenix Genki!!! This would be a good time to use an attack or a sword or something!!" Suezo wailed, hopping up and down in fear.

Genki sighed, "A sword would be nice.."

"But what about your attacks?" Ami pleaded. "A sword is a sword! A Phoenix is a Phoenix!"

Genki sweated, "True, Ami-chan, but with a sword, I can amplify it to cut into her.."

"Yo. Genki," Alan exclaimed.

Genki turned just in time to catch Alan's sword in his hands. He looked at Alan who gave him a wink and a laugh.

"Show Lady Darkness the power of light," Alan said.

Lady Darkness laughed deeply and evilly, fangs drooling with a thick, purple substance. "It is time for me to call this the Graveyard Room!! Black Magic-sama will be pleased that I killed his rebels!!"

Angel laughed, "I'm sure he'll be disappointed you had to use your 3rd form to beat a band of scruffy rebels!"

"Shut up, traitor!" Lady Darkness hissed. She stuck out her massive hand. "DIE!!"

A blast of black energy sprout out at the rebels as they gasped, Coltia wailing loudly. Suddenly, Puck appeared infront of the wave and calmly held out his staff, the red ruby shining. The attack reflected off the staff, the attack swirling around the rebels into the far wall. With an explosion, the whole far wall blew up.

"Missed us!" Puck exclaimed in a sing-song voice.

Everyone else moaned and tripped to the floor as Lady Darkness sweated.

"Fine, but not this time!" Lady Darkness exclaimed, putting both of her hands forward.

A burst of strong wind-like energy blew the rebels back a few feet. Then she blasted out a huge black ray at the distracted rebels.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Genki screamed suddenly, his voice back to his own.

Alan's sword grew longer and glowed red as Genki leaped forward at the ray, slicing it. The ray disappeared as Lady Darkness' red eyes snapped.

"The hell?!" she hissed.

"Genki-san...?" Coltia asked, looking up at Genki who landed on the ground, standing before Lady Darkness.


Black Magic got up from his throne, looking out his window. [Good-bye, Lady Darkness...]


Genki screamed and leaped into the air at Lady Darkness, sword ready to slice her down through the middle. Lady Darkness' head filled with an image of Mara floating in a clear, white space, looking up to see Genki flying at her with his sword ready. Her eyes looked happy for a moment, then she closed them. [I love you, Black Magic..]

Genki sliced Lady Darkness' head down the middle and gasped. One was the evil red eye, the other a soft brown eye. [Mara..]

"Imagine...the darkness seeing the light...," she whispered in Mara's voice.

Then, she screamed, a red light shooting out of her face. The rebels shielded themselves as Genki remained in the air, staring at Lady Darkness exploding. Big Blue shielded Pixie, Angel and Ami with his large body. Puck flung his cape around Coltia, Achika and Ghost, ducking his own head. Golem shielded Holly with his arms and the others with his body.

"Genki?" Pixie pondered, looking around. She peeked out from Big Blue's arms, seeing Genki floating infront of the exploding Lady Darkness. "GENKI!! YOU STUPID KID!!!"



Black Magic sighed deeply, closing his red eyes. "I told you Lady Darkness, I told you." He looked behind him at Amenhotep and his Black Dragon, both bowing. "I entrust you to kill at least some of those rebels."

"Yes Master Black Magic," the two said at once.


The dust was cleared, revealing half of Lady Darkness' castle destroyed, the other half ready to collapse. Dimly, Pixie's dusty face flinched, Big Blue lying by her with Angel and Ami, all equally dust filled. Pixie opened her violet eyes, blinking with her head thumping madly. It was very early in the morning, the sun just about to peek up.

"Hello, good morning!" Monol's voice teased.

Pixie shot up, looking around to see herself and her friends lying in front of Lady Darkness' destroyed castle. A loud crack followed by an equally loud crash was heard as the rest of the castle tumbled down.

"How the hell did we get HERE?!" Pixie exclaimed.

Sueki Suezo laughed, "I teleported you all here before the castle tumbled down!"

Monol nodded his body, "Good timing, hai?"

"IT COULD'VE BEEN BETTER!" Pixie screamed, turning super deformed and waving infront of the sweating Monol and Sueki Suezo. "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU TWO WHEN SHE EXPLODED???!!!"

Sueki Suezo and Monol took a step back, "G_gomen.."

Puck sat up, looking around. "Mighty my! We're actually alive!" He looked at Coltia, Ghost and Achika, eyes turned upward with a goofy smile on his face. "Hai?!"

He sweated and opened an eye in confusion as Coltia, Ghost and Achika moaned, mouths wide open with spirals whirling around, replacing their eyes.

"Oh my," he said while face faulting.

Golem growled as he sat up, Holly still in his arms, still not moving and not living. "GRRRAAWW! Woah..how'd we..get here?"

The others woke up as Coltia moaned, eyes waterfalling with tears.

"Sueki Suezo teleported us out here!" Ami laughed, clapping her hands. "He's so kind!"

Sueki Suezo blushed, "Aw, shucks, Miss Ami!"

Puck laughed, sweating and rubbing his neck, "OH MY! Why didn't I think of that??!!"

Coltia wailed, "OOOHHH PUCK-SAAAANNNN!!!! I can't BELIEVE YOU!!"

"Damn it, Puck!" Pixie hissed.

Tiger looked around, "Genki? GENKI?!"

Everyone looked around, equally frantic.

Coltia started to cry for real, eyes wavering, "Ooh.. Genki-san.. Who will help Miss Holly?"

Everyone looked at Holly sadly. Golem shook his head, equally sad as he placed her down, crossing her arms on her stomach in a dead position. Coltia ran into Achika's body, crying. Achika looked up, eyes wavering deeply as tears streamed down her cheeks. Yosho hissed a curse, tears streaming down his face.

Pixie fists clenched, eyes covered in a deep shadow, "Damn that stupid idiot...!"

"Stupid idiot, am I?" the Phoenix's voice laughed. "Pixie-chan?"

Everyone looked to see Genki walk from the collapsed castle, Alan's sword still in his hands, wings of the Phoenix still spread out from his back. He smiled softly, a trickle of blood ran down from his mouth, but nothing more.

"GENKI-SAN!" Coltia exclaimed happily with Angel and Mocchi.

Mocchi ran up and hopped into Genki's open arms. "Genki, chi!!"

The others laughed happily, some of his friends crying in happiness.

Pixie wiped her tears away quickly, then twisted her face until it looked serious. "Ah... Yeah! You are an idiot!!"

Hare laughed loudly, "Doooon't listen to her, Genki! She's happy too! But Pixie has always been so stubborn!"

Hare gagged as Pixie gripped his bandana around his neck, pulling Hare's face deadly close to her's. "Mind saying that to my face, you dumb bunny?!"

"See?" Yosho laughed.

Achika pushed the joke further, "Did I hear 'mother' in the battle too?"

Pixie blushed, dropping Hare instantly, a small vein on her head as everyone laughed. She looked up, eyes closed with a proud smile on her lips, still blushing. "That was a one shot deal!"

Everyone laughed more as Pixie blushed more.

"But...Miss Holly...," Ami sighed, looking at Holly.

Genki placed a confused Mocchi down and pulled out Holly's Magic Stone. It glowed brightly as Genki's wings disappeared along with the Phoenix's deep voice. He walked over to Holly and placed the Magic Stone around her neck and stepped back. Suddenly, the color returned into her skin and her eyelids flinched painfully.

"MMMIIISSSS HOLLLLY!" Coltia exclaimed happily, running forward to her, but Genki held her back with his arm. "Genki-san...?"

Genki smiled, "Let her sleep."

The others cheered and jumped about happily. Suezo hopped up and down on Golem's shoulder as Pixie flapped onto Big Blue's shoulder, giving him a smile. He smiled back proudly and looked down with Pixie to see Pinocchio who gave them a peace sign with his fingers. Pixie smiled with Big Blue and returned his peace sign calmly. Pinocchio grinned and laughed happily.

"Victory!" Coltia exclaimed, swinging a sweating and complaining Achika around with arm in arm. Coltia began to sing as Achika's sweat grew. "Blue Phoenix, warrior of the sun...!"

Puck sweated and looked at Sueki Suezo who flashed him a dirty look and hopped away.

Puck sweated, walking after him, "Oh come on! It was an accident!!"

"Killing me wasn't an accident!" Sueki Suezo growled.

"Well, it wasn't MY fault that you tried to be a hero!" Puck laughed, eyes opening slyly at the angry Suezo breed.


"Oh my! You're right! BUT, you AARRE alive now, right?"

"Shut up!! Do me a favor and drop dead!!"

As Puck and Sueki Suezo fought, Genki picked up Holly in his arms.

"Genki-san....," she whispered. "You did it....."

Genki shook his head, "No. WE did it. Thank you, Holly-chan. You knew the Magic Stone would release the Phoenix powers stronger, didn't you?"

Holly smiled through her closed eyes. "That....is another secret.."

Genki laughed and looked at his happy friends. He smiled proudly when he noticed Tiger giving him a proud smile with Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf nodded at Genki with Tiger and they walked away to join in on the celebration.


"Do you have to leave?" Genki asked the Wise Group soon.

Alan nodded, his sword in his hand, "Yeah. We have to do something in another town."

"Oh? Like what?" Angel asked.

Monol laughed, "We'll show you when we meet again."

They turned and started to walk away as Pinocchio waved good-bye to the rebels who waved back. Soon, the Wise Group teleported away.

"We defeated 4 of the Darkness Five... Destroyed Lady Darkness.... Met up with new friends..., " Tiger said. "Together."

"Together," Golem agreed with a nod, a sleeping Holly in his arms.

Genki smiled and exclaimed, like he was a kid again, "ALL RIGHT!! LET'S HEAD OFF AGAIN!!"

"HHHHAAAAAIIIII!!!" the others exclaimed.

They ran off into a new day, unknown of tomorrow...

And not caring.

**ending theme**

Coltia: "Finally! A preview to the next episode skit!"

Ghost: "HAI! This one's gonna be fun! ^_^ "

Tiger: "On the next episode, 'Ghost's Trick', we stop off in a town to relax."

Gray Wolf: "Unfortunately, this town is not the most relaxing place..."

Holly: "The town of Merba is divided into a girl only and boy only sections!"

Angel: "Oh! How weird! How do they have babies?"

Puck: "They don't! That's why the town is full of middle aged and old people!"

Pixie: "Like Yosho?"

Yosho: "WHY YOU--!"

Achika: "And Ghost starts brewing trouble when he starts possessing the girls and makes them go into the boys' section!"

Coltia: "MR. GHOST!"

Ghost: "Don't raise your voice...or you're first!"

Coltia: O.o;;;;;;;

Genki: "Of course, everything is thrown into chaos and to make things worst..."


Puck: "This will be most interesting.. Especially when we decide to help two royal kids to bring the town back together!"

Coltia: "I'M SCCCCAARRREDDDD!!!" ;___;

Stay Tuned!

Ghost's Trick!

The rebels continued down the path through a forest with Golem carrying Holly in his arms still.

"It must be uncomfortable, Miss Holly," Ami said gently, sitting on Golem's shoulder. "Maybe we should stop at a town."

Puck pulled out his map as Coltia peeked to see the map too, "Hm.... Well, Merba isn't too far away..."

"Merba?" Angel pondered. "I've heard that name before.."

Pixie snorted, "How come these town names get weirder and weirder?"

Puck laughed, scratching his chin with a sweat.

"Nevermind, let's just go," Golem said.

"Right!" Genki exclaimed. "Holly need to sleep in a bed!"

Yosho cracked his back, "Ack. So do I."

"You need to sleep in an Iron Lung, ya old fart!" Pixie laughed.

Yosho growled, pulling up his sleeves, "That's iiitttt!!!"

"Ooh, I'm so scared. What are you going to do, hit me with a cane?"

As they fought, with Hare, Mocchi and Suezo trying to hold Yosho back from Pixie, Coltia sweated with Achika.

"Ho boy. Even after all this, they still like to fight," Coltia sighed, face faulting.

Achika laughed, "Stubborn and even more stubborn!"

*cue music*

Ghost: HAAAIII! Another fun episode! ^__^


Ghost: That is a secret, for now! ^.^

Coltia: Mmmrrrrr.Ghoooooosssssttttt....... ;__;

Holly: Today, it's up to us to join a town back together. Girl Side and Boy Side!

Big Blue: How odd..

Hare: Yeah! You're telling me! How can boys live without girls?! HAHAHAAAA!!!

Tiger: Hare...... -)._ -;;;

Ami: "Ghost's Trick!"

Puck: Oh my! Chaos will fly!

Coltia: Chaos can fly....? O.O?

Everyone else: -.-;;;;;;;;;;;


The rebels gawked with sweats as they faced a huge town, Merba. The first half was painted blue while the other half was painted pink. In the back of the town, an island, surrounded by a huge lake, sat undisturbed.

"This...is weird," Suezo concluded.

Gray Wolf nodded, eyes 2x wider.

"Stupid designing, if you ask me," Angel said, crossing her arms and looking up at the town.

"Hai, hai," Achika agreed.

"I think..it was on purpose....," Holly's tired voice spoke up from Golem's arms.

Everyone turned to see a lazy eyed Holly look at the town.

"Holly-chan!" Genki laughed. "How do you feel?"

Holly smiled weakly, looking down at Genki, "Tired, but fine, thank you."

Pixie smiled slightly, then turned back at the town, rubbing her elbow. "I agree with Holly. Look!" She pointed to a huge wall, one side blue on the blue side, and the other side pink on the pink side. "It divides the town."

"Ooooh! Why would they do THAT?!" Coltia wailed.

Angel scratched her head, trying to remember something... "I could've SWORN there was something odd about this town.. Damn! Why can't I remember?"

Pixie saw a chance to make another 'old' crack, but she sighed, ignoring the strong urge. "Nevermind, let's find out by asking those guards at the gate."

They walked up to the guards who gave them a dirty look.

"Excuse me, but can you tell us why this town is divided like that?" Ami asked in her usual quiet and sweet voice.

The guards scowled deeply at her. One spoke up in a gruff voice, causing Ami to shiver in fear, "What are YOU GIRLS doing on the BOY side?!"

"EEEEIIIII???!!!!" everyone exclaimed at once, except for Holly who was sleeping.

Puck pounded a fist into his open palm, "Oh my! That's why the town is like this! Merba, about 20 years ago, decided they didn't like their opposite sex! SO, they divided the town between themselves, boys and girls!"

"B_b_b_but...how do they have babies?!" Coltia wailed.

Puck opened his eyes slyly at the middle aged guards, "They don't. BUT, once a year, they bring in a boy from another kingdom and a girl from another kingdom to be the heirs to the Girl Side Queen and the Boy Side King!"

Achika snorted, "Bakarashii!!" ((ridiculous))

"Maybe," Puck said. "But the boys can live freely, along with the girls!"

Yosho snorted too, "Life is boring without girls." He smiled, "Faia made my life happier everyday."

Yosho smiled at Holly gently, but the moment was torn apart when the guards grabbed the girls, except for Holly, who Golem held closer, eyes glowing.


Puck nodded, "Gomen, but we have to sleep, don't we? In the morning, we'll meet back here!"

Pixie's head filled with veins as more guards had to come out of the Boy Side to hold her, "LET GOOO! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF OF ME, HUMANS!!!"

"WWWAAAHHH! THAT HHUUUUURRRRTS!" Coltia wailed as two guards picked her up by the arms.

Ami yelped as a huge, muscular guard took her tightly into both of his hands. "OH MY!" She paused and looked at the guard, eyes replaced by giant, pink hearts. "Ooh, he's very strong.."

"AMI!!! THIS IS NO TIME TO BE IN LOVE!!!" Pixie fumed, still struggling against the ten guards' grip with veins all over her head.

Ami looked down and blushed as the guard sweated.

"HEY, HEY, HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE TOUCHING!!!" Achika screamed, covering her chest with her arms as the guards stepped back in confusion.

Angel managed to squirm out of the guards' grip and turned to Golem. "Golem-kun, I'll hold onto Holly-chan." Golem nodded and placed Holly in Angel's arms. Angel looked down at the sleeping Holly for a moment, then nodded to the guards. "OK. Let's go."

The guards lead (and dragged) the girls out of town and headed towards the Girls' Side Gate. The rebel boys sweated as Pixie's P.Oed voice was faintly heard, followed by a crack of lightning.

"Oh my! Well, let's go inside, shall we?!" Puck exclaimed happily, clapping his hands together.


The rebel girls were literally tossed into the town by the Boy Side Guards.

"Owies...," Coltia wailed, waterfalls of tears streaming down her spiraled eyes.

Angel was the only one who walked into the town calmly, Holly in her arms still. "Calm and cool is always best."

Pixie mimicked her coldly while standing up, brushing herself off. "NOW I'M STARTING TO HATE BOYS!!"

Angel, Ami and the others sweated.

"Uhh...yeah. Let's just find an Inn," Achika said, picking up the spiraled eyes and moaning Coltia.

They walked down the streets, filled with older women all happily shopping and talking. Meanwhile, on a roof top, Ghost appeared, chuckling in his throat.

"Mighty my... This may be fun!" he laughed, then disappeared.


Meanwhile, the boys stepped into Boy Side Merba, just in time for the Church bells to ring overhead.

"Noon," Golem said simply.

Yosho looked worried, "I wonder if Holly-chan will be OK with them..."

"With Master Pixie, Coltia, Angel, Achika and Ami?" Big Blue asked.

Everyone was silent.

Genki face faulted with the others, "She won't...."

Puck looked around, "Uh oh. Where's Ghost?"

"Oh GOD! We're in trouble if HE'S gone!" wailed Gray Wolf.


"Whhhhheeeeee!!!" Coltia laughed, bouncing up and down on her Inn bed.

"Shhhh! Coltia-chan!" Achika wailed. "If you wake up Pixie, she'll literally kill you!"

Pixie tossed over in her sleep on her own bed as Coltia and Achika held their breath.

"I'll kill....those bastards...zzzz..," Pixie murmured in her sleep.

Achika and Coltia sweated.


Meanwhile, Holly slept in a bed, rooming with Angel and Ami. Ami tucked Holly in gently and took out the ribbon in her head, placing besides her.

"I can't believe I would ever see her again," Angel sighed.

Ami nodded, turning to her mother. "We're lucky Genki-san is the Phoenix."

"ONE of the Phoenixes, at least," Angel corrected.

"Hai, hai," Ami said. "Well, shall we call it a day?"

Angel groaned, stretching out on her back, wings drooping over the bedsides. "How about a WEEK? I'm so tired, I don't think I'll ever wake up.." She rolled over, pulling the blankets over her. "Good night, my daughter."

Ami smiled and sat on her bed, "Good night." She copied Angel and then reached over the wave out the candle lantern.

The room was silent and dark for a few seconds, before a familiar Ghost appeared over Holly, smiling with upturned eyes. "Sorry to wake you up, Miss Holly. But I'm in the mood for some fun!"

He disappeared into Holly's body. Holly woke up, eyes totally brown for a second, before they closed and turned upright. She got up and snuck out of the room. As soon as she was gone, Ami shot up and watched after her.

"Ghost-kun...," she murmured angrily. "Why do you love to torture us so..?"


Genki sat in the Boy Side hotspring, totally alone. He looked around the empty hotspring, wondering where everyone was.


Genki yelped as Holly stood at the edge, smiling. He covered himself with his hands, blushing.

"H_Holly-chan... You're not allowed here...," Genki stuttered.

Holly gave him a cute look, "But Genki-san.. I want to be with you."

Genki sweated, "Are you OK...Holly?"

Holly sat by the edge as Genki sunk into the water in embarrassment. She drew her legs to her chin, resting her head onto her knees, eyes closed. "I'll wait for you to get out."

Genki sweated bigger. "W_w_w_WHAT?!"

Holly's large, exotic eyes opened seductively. "I'll wait. No need to rush, Genki-san."

"HOLLY-CHAN!" an angry voice exclaimed.

Genki blushed and screamed as Angel leaped down from the sky, closely followed by Ami. Angel grabbed Holly's mouth, prying it apart, stretching her lips apart violently as Holly's eyes teared.

"Whaz th proolem?" Holly managed to say with a sweat.

"You cannot fool us, come out!" Ami snarled.

Genki sweated, "E_excuse me....?"

Angel reached into Holly's mouth as Holly's eyes waterfalled. Genki's eyes became 2x bigger as he heard some male guards coming, trying to see what was going on.

"You guys better gooooo......," Genki wailed, waterfalls of tears rolling down his cheeks.

"AH HA!" Angel exclaimed, pulling out a crying Ghost. "BAKA YO!"

Ghost looked over at the hotspring entrance to see some guards rushing towards the commotion. "Oh my!! Time to disappear! TA-TTAAAAAAaaaa!" He disappeared as Angel's eyes turned 2x bigger.

"YOU COWARD!!!" Angel screamed, causing Ami, Genki and Holly to sweat.

Holly murmured, lips still pried apart, "Angel-chann... Cwould yooo et ooo?"

Angel sweated and did so. The guards surrounded the girls with their spears, causing all three of them to sweat.

"Hahaha... Nice day for a bath, hai?" Angel laughed weakly.


Angel followed by Ami and Holly found themselves crashing back into the Girl's Side of Merba, causing some women on the street to turn and give them curious looks. Holly blinked confusedly and looked to see a spiraled eye Ami and a grumpy Angel. Angel tapped her long fingernail on the ground, cheek in her hand grumpily.

"Uh...does anyone mind telling me what's with this town?" Holly asked, noticing the pink wall in their way to the other side of town.


Ghost wandered invisibly back into the Inn into Coltia, Achika and Pixie's room. "Hm... Who's next? Who's next?"

He looked at Pixie. [Pixie would kill me again if she found out...]

Ghost turned to Achika. [Achika-chan...I can't do any REAL fun with her..]

He looked at Coltia, punching lightly in her sleep. "Evil fiends taste the..fists of JUSTICE!"

Ghost grinned. "Oooh, this will be SO amusing.."


Puck lied back on his bed lazily, watching Yosho and Suezo do all the work in setting up the room.

"You know, it would be NICE if you ACTUALLY helped!!" Suezo exclaimed.

Puck sweated, "Uh.. No thanks."

Puck disappeared as Suezo and Yosho sweated, eyes wide in shock.

"That two timing son of a---!" Yosho exclaimed.


Puck reappeared on top of the wall, breathing a sigh of relief.


Puck looked behind just in time to see Coltia super jump into the air and land on top of him. They both flipped back into the Boys' Side.

"Puck-san! I was so lonely!" Coltia wailed. "Can I stay with you?"

Puck's eyes went wide, "C_C_Coltia-chan! You're gonna get in trrrouuuuuu-bbblllleee!"

Coltia's eyes turned huge and puppy-dog like, wavering as Puck sweated. "Oooh, but don't you LOVE me?"

Puck's sweat turned huge as a crowd of angry men crowded around, "Coltia-chan...."


Puck's eyes went wide again with Coltia's as Pixie's angry voice called from on top of the wall. Coltia screamed and dodged a lightning attack, leaving it to hit Puck. When the dust cleared, Puck sat on the ground, burned. He sighed out a cloud of black smoke, then his eyes turned upright again.

"You missed, Miss Pixie!" he laughed.

Pixie snorted, standing on the wall with the other girls, Holly looking nervous at the crowd of angry men. "Heh. Who said I did?"

Puck sweated as Coltia shot up, eyes waterfalling with tears. "OOOHHH! MISS PIXIE! WHHYYY DID YOU DO THAT?!"

"Give it up, Ghost!" Pixie snapped, charging up another lightning attack. "LIGHTNING!"

Coltia dodged attack after attack until finally, Ghost came out of her body, leaving her on the ground with spirals replacing her eyes. Suddenly, the Boys' Side Guards rushed towards the commotion and Puck looked uneasily back.

"Oh my, you've done a bad thing, Ghost-kun," Puck said with a sweat.

Pixie laughed, "So you've finally showed your scared little butt."

Ghost chuckled, tipping his hat forward with a beady eye opened, "I don't have a butt to show."

Pixie sweated, then exclaimed with a vein on her head, "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!"

Suddenly, Holly's turned big as she looked behind them. She tapped Angel on the shoulder frantically, "M_minna..."

Angel waved her off, "Don't worry, those guards won't lay a finger on us while we're up here."

Holly pointed in back of them, "Ahhh---"

Achika flapped back up, Coltia in her arms, still spiral eyed and moaning. Then, she saw what Holly was pointing to.

"Uh....," Achika said, tapping Pixie on the shoulder.

Pixie turned, "WHAT THE HELL IS----?!" She stopped dead when twelve spears shot up infront of their faces and backs.

Finally, the other girls turned and moaned to see a huge group of Girls' Side guards, all armed with spears. Puck sweated as ropes flung up and dragged the girls back down to their side. His eyes turned upright with a smile on his face, waving good-bye to the girls in a sing-song voice. "Bye-byyyeeee Miss Pixieee!"

"SHUT UP!!" Pixie's voice screamed from the other side. "DAMN YOU GHOST! I'LL GET YOU!"


"WAAHHH!!" Coltia yelped as she and the other girls were thrown into a cell.

Pixie got up on her knees, crawling on them to clutch the bars. "WAIT! THIS IS ALL A MISTAKE! A MISTAKE! THAT STUPID GHOST!!! YOU SHOULD ARREST HIM! HIM! HIM I TELL YOU!"

Achika's eyes waterfalled with tears, "My pride...my pride..."

Coltia rubbed her butt painfully, "My butt...my butt..."

Everyone else, including the guards, sweated at Coltia.

"The Queen and her daughter will be here to see you shortly," one guard spoke up.

"The Queen?" Holly asked as Coltia wailed, still rubbing her behind.

"HAUH-HAhahahaaa!" an arrogant woman's voice laughed.

Everyone looked up to see a gray haired, pampered looking queen dressed in a long, puffy, red dress. Her daughter, obviously one of the adopted children Puck was talking about, was a little girl in a long, green dress and short, blonde hair.

"So THESE are the trouble makers?" the Queen laughed, fanning her face with a flower patterned Japanese fan.


"So THESE are the heroes who kicked the trouble makers out of the Boys' Side?" a short, pudgy, King asked with gray hair and a beard.

The rebels boys sat at a table set up with a feast.

"Uhh...actually," Genki tried to explain, remembering his experience with a possessed Holly.

Tiger finished for him, "Actually, Ghost here possessed our friends to do those things."

Ghost sweated as Puck held onto him tightly. "H_hai..gomen..."

The King laughed, "Trouble makers are trouble makers!"

"BUT THEY WEREN'T!!" Suezo boomed.


Suddenly, a lone clapping applauded. Everyone looked to see another adopted child, the King's adopted kid. He was dressed in white tights with a puffy, green shirt and short brown, hair. He opened his green eyes while he clapped.

"Very good! You all are brave to talk down my so-called father," the boy said.

The King became angrier, "Yuko! Go back to your quarters!"

The boy only smiled slyly, "Hmph."


"WAIT! WAAAAIIT! I WASN'T DISRESPECTING YOU, YOUR HIGHNESS!" Pixie screamed, tugging at the bars.

The Queen snorted and walked away out of the room. Her daughter looked at the rebels and the frantic Pixie.

"Elika," The Queen called to her daughter.

Elika took a step back, then turned and walked out with the guards, closing the doors behind them, Pixie still screaming after them.

Ami looked down, eyes waterfalling with tears, "Oh, how embarrassing..."

Coltia rubbed her behind one more time, then zipped up to Holly, tugging her by her collar. "MISS HOLLY! MISS HOLLY! USE YOUR ENERGY YO!!! PLLLEEEAASSSEEE!!"

Pixie's head turned around angrily, "NO! I'll handle this!" She put her hands forward. "SONIC....!"

She gagged as she was tugged down by her legs. Ami clung to her ankles as the others sweated. "NO!! Please, don't make the situation worse, Pixie-chan!"


Angel calmly sat in a corner, a sly smile on her face, "Oh? Is giving someone the finger and calling them a snot-nosed old fart not disrespectful anymore?"

Pixie sweated with the others.

"They'll put us to death!!" Coltia wailed. "WE'LL DIE!"

Holly sighed, "Coltia-chan, they can't kill us."

Achika kicked a skull over by Holly and Coltia's side. They looked at it, wide eyed in horror for a minute...then..


The screams of two girls echoed through the palace.

Achika blinked, the only one not huddled together in a shivering group of fear. She sighed as her eyes waterfalled, "Oh, what a short life I had..."




The prison door opened slowly as the girls paused from the fear and slowly looked up. Coltia zipped forward as footsteps sounded.


Suddenly, a little girl's laugh calmed Coltia down as everyone looked to see..

"Elika?" Ami asked.

Elika smiled and nodded, keys in her hands. "Won't you join me for some tea?"

The girls blinked confusedly.


"I said, go back, Yuko!" the king growled.

Yuko looked at the boys, ignoring his 'father'. "Won't you all join me for some tea?"

The boys blinked confusedly, except for Puck who clapped his hands together, getting up.

"Hai! Tea sounds good to me!" Puck laughed.


A hot, brownish tea poured into a pink cup. The room was silent as Elika poured the tea into Ami's cup as the others, already with tea, watched.

"There you are!" Elika chirped, everyone jumping slightly at her voice.

"Arigatou," Ami said weakly, a small sweat on her temple.

Elika nodded and sat at her seat. Pixie looked around the pretty, pink room as they sat around a white table clothed table, obviously designed for tea parties. Elika sipped her tea as everyone looked at her confusedly. She sighed after drinking some down and smiled at the others.

"If we had some cookies, this would be perfect!" Elika said happily. "Oh my, aren't you all going to drink your tea? It's dark Asan tea!"

Pixie pounded her fist into the table, "OK! What do you want from us?!"

Ami gasped, "Pixie-chan! Your matters!" She picked up her tea and took a long sip. "Monsters need to show matters as well as humans--"

"It's OK," Elika said, interrupting a surprised Ami. "I do ask a favor."

Ami muttered sourly under her breath as her and Holly sweated. "Talk about matters.."

Holly giggled as Ami took another sip of her tea.

"So?" Achika asked impatiently as Elika sipped her tea. "What's your favor?"

Elika put down her tea, "My, what an impatient group! OK, it goes like this--"


"Legends have it that the two palaces of Merba guards magical devices," Yuko explained to the rebel boys in his blue room around a tea table. "One day, the devices were separated by the women because they feared the boys would use the power of the devices themselves."

Puck rested his head on his knuckles, smiling, "The battle of the sexes! How interesting!"

Everyone else sweated. Yosho "ahemed" and took a long sip of tea.


"....The boys, of course, were angry! So they separated the town into a Boys' Side and a Girls' Side while the Girls locked up one magical device and took the other before the girls could take that one too," Elika explained.

Pixie sipped her tea, then calmly placed it down, "I see."

Holly asked, "So, what do you want US to do?"

Elika looked up, sparkles in her eyes, leaping up onto the table, twirling around dreamily as the girls sweated and backed away. "Me..and my love...Yuko-kun..want to bring the devices TOGETHER....so the town, like legends say, will come back TOGETHER and me and...YUKO-KUN can be TOGETHER FOREVER......!"

The room went silent as Elika stared up day dreamily, little pink bubbles floating around her. The rebel girls sweated huge sweats as Ami quickly grabbed her tea and scooted quickly back near the others in her chair.

"Yuko-kun?" Coltia asked. She thought for a second, then laughed, eyes sparkling also. "AAAHHH!! YOUNG LOVE! HOW BEAUTIFUUULLLLL!"

The rebel girls backed away from Coltia with even bigger sweats.


"I see," Big Blue said. "It sounds like you really like this Elika."

Yuko sighed, "I told you, I just want the town to be together again."

"HAHAHA! SUUUUUURRRREEE kid!" Hare laughed.

"That's why I need you heroes to steal the Boys' Magic Device!" Yuko exclaimed.

Gray Wolf grinned, eyes narrowing slightly, "Steal? You chose the right Tiger..."

Yuko shook his head, "We need to do this together. There are traps everywhere."


"EEIII?! STEAL?!" Achika exclaimed.

Ami spit out her tea and coughed as Angel patted her back. Ami shot up, sending Angel to flip over. "I WILL NOT!"

Coltia zipped up to Ami, eyes huge and wavering, "OOOH! MISS AMI! WE HAVE TO BRING THESE TWO LOVERS TOGETHER!! IT'S OUT DUTY..." She struck some justice poses as she twirled around. "...AS HEROES OF JUSTICE, LOVE AND TRUTH!"

"Isn't truth, love and justice?" Achika asked to herself.

"YES! YES!" Elika agreed. "Please help me steal the Girls' Magic Device! You were the worst trouble makers after all! SO trouble makers are great thieves!"


Angel tried to calm Ami down desperately. "Ami-chan! Ami-chan!"

Holly sweated, kneeling to the little princess, "Um..princess...we aren't..thieves..you know.."

Elika ignored her and happily cheered, "Let's go, THIEVES!!"

Ami growled, veins appearing all over her head as Pixie laughed hard at the once-in-a-lifetime sight. Elika ran out of her room with Coltia who sang happily. "THIEVES! THIEVES! THHIIIEVESSSS YYYAAAAYY!!"

"WE...ARE...NOT....THIEVES!!" Ami screamed, fangs bearing insanely as Angel sweated, trying to hold her back.

The others followed with sweats as Holly weakly said, "We..aren't..thieves...you..know..."


Male guards stood infront of some pillars in front of the castle hallway. Suddenly, the rebel boys dashed behind them down the hallway. The guards didn't even blink as they remained in their spots.


The rebel girls snuck around the castle, hiding from the guards. Finally, they came to an empty hallway, long and silent with cement tiles.

Elika motioned them to stay back, "This whole floor is filled with traps."

Pixie laughed, hands on her hips, "We don't need to worry about that."

Angel scooped up Elika and flapped to the other side, followed by Achika, Ami and Pixie. Holly and Coltia super jumped to the other side, just making it.


Ami began to power up a sonic beam by the girl, but Angel held her back.

Holly sweated and patted the girl on the head, squatting in front of her. "We ARE...NOT thieves, you know, sweetie."

Elika ignored her and rushed forward, "Come on! The Magic Device is this way!"

Holly sweated with the others, "Uhh..does she hear ANYTHING we say?"

Achika's eyebrow flinched in annoyance, "Probably not.."


The rebel boys came face to face a deadly obstacle course stretching out, protecting a door. Knives were ready to fall on whoever tried to pass, axes were held by two statue knights, automatically swinging them every five seconds. Swords stuck out of the floor like a field before a rock sat infront of a huge, gold door.

"I..think I'll stay here to guard!" Suezo spoke up, sweating with Yosho.

"Me..me..too," Yosho agreed weakly.

Yuko laughed, "I'm afraid not, we need to do this together."


"AGGGHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" Pixie fumed.

Everyone, but Elika, sweated as chains wrapped around a safe.

"What IS this..?" Angel pondered.

Ami looked at the chains, then laughed, "I know!" She pulled out a string and tied the ends together, then started to do Cat's Cradle. "I'm an expert at Cat's Cradle..thanks to Rei! See?" She played around with the strings until she made a broom shape. "A broom!" She made a circular shape. "An onion!" Ami then made a comb-like shape. "A comb!"

The others blinked.

"Cat's Cradle...huh? So, how do we do THAT with CHAINS?!" Pixie fumed.


"Go...NOW!" Yuko and Hare instructed, already done with the obstacle course.

Suezo's eye waterfalled with tears as he and Yosho dashed across. "I HATE THISSSSS!!" He paused infront of the sword field trap. "I know! I'll teleport across!" He concentrated. "TELE...PORT!"

With a flash, his disappeared as Hare, Yosho and Yuko blinked in amasement. Puck appeared with Ghost by Yuko. "Oh my! Looks like Mr.Suezo finally did it!"

Suezo reappeared. "HO HOOOO! I DID IT!! I DID IT!! HA HAAAA!"

"Uh..Suezo?" Genki said from behind him, sweating with the others. "YOU'RE STANDING ON THE SWORDS!!"

Suezo blinked and looked down. Sure enough, he was standing on the swords, his foot red with blood. "YA-HHHHHOOOOOOIIIIEEEEE!!! OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suezo leaped into the air and landed on his head next to Yuko, Hare, Puck, Ghost and Yosho.

"Ow...Ow...Ow...Ow..Ow..," Suezo complained, a puddle of tears rolling out from under his head.

Puck scratched his chin, "Maybe I should just teleport the others across.."

"OH! NOW YOU THINK OF IT!!!" Suezo screamed, veins exploding on to his head.

Puck sweated, "S_sorry.."


A whistle blew sharply against red lips. Elika grinned and looked to her right at Ami. Ami, with a megaphone of paper by her mouth, and the whistle in her other hand, pointed to the left. "Miss Holly, move to your left! Pixie-chan!!! Really! I told you to stand there until Holly gets to you! Oh..nevermind..go to the right then.."

Pixie fumed, holding one of the huge chains, "WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO ALL THE WORK?!" She sweated and walked to the right as Holly passed her. "Gr...damn the person who made Cat's Crrraaadddlllleeee!"

Finally, piece by piece, the chains fell down off the safe.

"Yosho! We did it!" Ami clapped.

"What do you mean WE?!" Achika's voice fumed.

Ami and Elika looked down and sweated. The other girls were wrapped up in the chains on the floor.

"HEY! STOP STARING AND HELP US!!" Pixie fumed, struggling to get free.

Ami put a hand on her mouth and sweated, "Oh my!"


The boys opened the door after Big Blue and Golem smashed the rock blocking it.

"WAIT!" Yuko exclaimed, motioning them to stay back. "The whole floor is set with bombs! Except for the secret path that you can only take."

Tiger sighed, "Oh great. If it isn't falling daggers...it's bombs.."

Suezo looked up, "I wonder how the girls are doing.."




"My pride is totally destroyed. Gone I tell you! OUCH! Watch it!"

Ami sweated with Elika as they finally freed the others. Holly got up, holding her shoulder a little painfully.

"OK, let's get that Magic Device," Holly sighed.

"HAI!" Elika cheered.

Coltia, on the ground with spirals replacing her eyes, weakly put her fist up, "Hhhhaaaaaiiii...."


Yuko motioned to the next tile with a green flag in his hand. "OK! This one! Let's GO!"

Yosho hopped onto the tile a little shakily. "Why do I have to go first?!"

Suezo sweated, "Because no one else wants to get blown to pieces?"


Suezo answered weakly, "Sorry?"

Yosho sighed, a breath of cloud floating out of his mouth.

"This way!" Yuko instructed.


Pixie fumed, chucking a sonic beam at the safe. "DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! OPEN YOU PIECE OF---!"

Elika shook her head, "It's no use, it's locked tight."

Ami's eyes waterfalled with tears, "After all the work we did...?"


"Please calm down, Pixie," Holly said. She sighed and dug through her purse. "I had a feeling this would pop up one day.."

Everyone blinked as Holly pulled out a pair of headphone-like things.

"Miss Holly?" Achika asked.

Holly put on the headphone and crouched infront of the safe, putting a microphone-like thing by the safe's lock. She twirled around the lock for a little while, listening intensely for any sign of opening. After a little, a click sounded through her headphones as her pupils turned small in surprise. She grinned and opened the safe as the others gasped.

"Well I'll be damned!" Achika laughed. "Where did ya learn THAT from?"

Holly turned around, eyes turned upright, waving her index finger back and forth. She said in her best Puck impression. "Well... Sore wa hitmitsu desu!"




Yuko, Yosho and the others, except for Hare, standing on one foot, burned, sweated.

"You and your Hare intuition!" Tiger cackled, trying to keep from laughing.

Yuko shook his head with a sigh, "Just follow me. We only have one more to go until we get into the safety zone by the safe!"

They finally got into the safety zone and Yuko opened the safe with a key.

"That's it?" Genki asked in disgust.


"..It looks like a pink vase!" Holly said, voice also hinting disgust.

Elika nodded, "Thank you, everyone! You all are really great--!"

Angel rushed over and covered the little girl's mouth. "Really great people?! AH! Thank you! We know, sweetie!"

Everyone else, but Ami, sweated big sweats.


"It looks like a blue vase," Gray Wolf concluded.

Yuko nodded, "Thank you! NOW! Let's head to the lake where me and Elika will meet!"

"HAI! Let's GO!" Puck exclaimed, rushing across the floor.





Everyone else sweated against the bomb's lights as they exploded. Finally, all they heard from Puck was a weak..


"BAKA YO!" Yosho exclaimed.


Elika and the other girls rushed out of the palace as an alarm sounded. "Oh no! My mother knows already!"

"Then we just have to run faster!" Angel exclaimed.



The alarm from the palace sounded as the boys dashed from Boys' Side.

"Looks like they have already found out!" Yuko exclaimed as they ran.

Suezo looked back at the Girls' Side, seeing the alarm going nuts too. "Looks like the girls did it!"

"Yooosshh! Then let's go meet them at Kimito Lake!" Yuko exclaimed, leading the way to the lake.


They rushed to Kimito Lake and hopped onto the stones until they got to a small island like place.

"Guys!" Coltia laughed when they met.

"Girls!" Puck laughed.

Coltia leaped onto Puck and gave him one of her famous death grip hugs. Puck passed out, blue in the face with spirals replacing the others.

"Puck-san?! OH NO! I KILLED PUCK-SAN!!" Coltia wailed.

Everyone sweated--big sweats.

"Nevermind them. Did you guys get a vase?" Pixie asked.

Elika wailed, eyes tearing, "IT'S NOT A VAASSE!"

Pixie turned her head away stubbornly and angrily, "Well I think it is."

"It's a Magical Device that will bring Merba back together," Yuko said.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" Coltia exclaimed, leaping up with a spiral eyed Puck under her arm by his neck. "IT IS A MAGIC DEVICE OF LOVE! WE ARE THE THIEVES OF JUSTICE!!"

Ami's eyes snapped as Angel sweated and decided to back away with everyone else but Coltia, Puck, Elika and Golem. "T_T_THIEVES.........?"

Her arms wrapped around her waist as veins exploded onto her head.

"Uh...Ami-chan.....?" Genki asked weakly.

"WE......ARE....NOT....," Ami growled, glowing in rage. She threw her head in the air. "TTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEVVVVEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!"

Suddenly, a huge flare from the sky crashed down ontop of Ami, blowing everyone else back with the force. Holly looked up from Genki's protection, Magic Device clutched to her. Ami was totally charred, except for her huge, tearing eyes in shock. After a few seconds of silence, she toppled over in pain.

"The hell--?!" Pixie hissed, looking up.

"MWAH-HA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" a deep, bass voice laughed loudly from above.

Achika got up, holding a spiral eyed Coltia and Puck under each of her arms. Coltia by the waist and Puck, still spiral eyed, from his neck. "What's with you villains and that STUPID laugh?!"

"Hahahaa.. So sorry, but it's evil nature!" the voice laughed. "Looks like you all have some company in the back.."

Achika and the others looked back to see two huge fleets of pink and blue boats.

"Aw NO!" Yosho hissed. "The King's fleet!"

Angel sighed, trying to wake up Ami, "..And the Queen's. She's gonna put our asses in jail AGAIN..."

"Again?" Genki asked Holly.

Holly laughed, hand behind her head in embarrassment, "Ah haha.. Well.."

"IT WAS ALL MR. GHOST'S FAULT!!" Coltia exclaimed, snapping out of her state and leaping out from under Achika's arm.

Ghost sweated as the others glared at him angrily, "Can't a Ghost have a little fun? Ah ha ha...?"

"FIREBALL!" Pixie exclaimed, roasting Ghost again.

Ghost coughed out a black smoke breath and dropped to the ground.

"THERE THEY ARE!! THOSE THIEVES!!" the Queen exclaimed from her big, pink boat.

The King, on his boat, exclaimed angrily, "YUKO-CHAN!"

Yuko sweated on the island with the others, "Oh my."

Elika spun around dramatically with the Magic Device in her hands, "LET'S BRING MERBA BACK TOGETHER...WITH OUR POWER OF LOVE!!!"

Yuko sweated and glared at Elika, "OUR love?!"

Angel sweated as Ami's eyes waterfalled with tears. "Uh oh...."

Elika nodded happily, "YES!"

"NO!" Yuko exclaimed, blushing. "I only wanted to join the Magic Devices to being Merba back together...not to see you!"

Elika's eyes streamed with tears, "Does...Does.............?"

"Yes. This means I HATE you!!" Yuko exclaimed, causing Elika to shoot tears out of her eyes.

Yosho sweated a huge sweat with the others. "Oh no.."

"OOOHHHH!!! HOW COULD YOU BE SO MEAN, MR.YUKO??!!" Coltia wailed, eyes tearing.

Holly sweated as her and Pixie exchanged a glance. "B_but..how is Merba going to join together now...?"

Pixie sighed, slapping her forehead with a large sweat. "AGH! This is why love is SOOO stupid!!"

Puck got out of Achika's arm. "Hmm.. Maybe two other people can do it.."

Everyone looked at Genki and Holly. Holly looked at Genki, blushing as Genki grinned.

"What do we do?" Genki asked.

"YOU DIE!" the voice roared.

Angel looked up as Ami got up weakly, coughing up smog. "LOOK OUUTT!"

Everyone, but Ami, dodged a huge fire attack from the sky. When the smog and flames cleared, Ami stood once again, burnt with wide and teary eyes. She coughed up another cloud of smog and fell back to the floor, eyes streaming out a waterfall of tears. "Why....is it...always....me.......?"


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew back the rebels a few feet along with the boats. The Queen and King screamed as a huge wave washed over their fleets. The rebels looked up to see Amenhotep's Black Dragon land ontop of a large boulder. His eyes flashed red as he chuckled under his breath.

"My name is Shin, and all of you will die under my claws," he growled.

Coltia gulped loudly and slowly crawled under Puck's cape.

"Well, nice to meet you, Mr.Shin," Angel said sarcastically. "But I'm afraid we're too busy to fight right now."

Shin pretended to look hurt, "Oh? That's......TOO BAD!" He opened his mouth. "FLAME!"

A mighty flame spurt out at the rebels who dodged it quickly.

"TORPEDO ATTACKS!" Gray Wolf and Tiger exclaimed.

Shin smacked the torpedoes away, leaving his hand slightly burnt. He looked down at his burnt hand. "Hm.. You managed to burn me.. I don't think I should take you all lightly."

Gray Wolf grinned devilishly. "NOW you baddies are thinking!"

"LIGHTNING!" Pixie exclaimed, zapping Shin who reared back in pain with a roar. "Ha! This guy's bluffing!"

Shin laughed and swiped at Pixie who dodged it quickly. She grinned and rushed forward, almost a blur.

"Pretty fast," Shin chuckled.

Pixie paused in front of him and pointed a finger at his forehead, "SONIC BEAM!"

Shin's eyes glowed red and the Sonic Beam bounced back at Pixie, sending her crashing back near the rebels.

"MASTER PIXIE!" Big Blue exclaimed, running towards her.

Pixie weakly tried to get up, but collapsed back to the ground, blood running down her temple.

"He's getting serious," Genki murmured.


Angel's eyes were shadowed. "Amenhotep... The strongest of all of the Darkness Five, the most feared in human and monster hearts alike.."

Big Blue lifted Pixie in his huge hands and turned his back to Shin to further protect her. "It will be OK now. Master Pixie."

Pixie weakly opened an eye, "Thanks...Blue.." She fell unconscious.

Coltia wailed as Achika rushed forward, "Achika-chan!! He'll only reflect it!"

Achika did a lightning attack, and sure enough, it came right back at her. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground.

"ACHIK-CHHHAAAAAaaaaannn!!" Coltia screamed, near tears.

Shin laughed crazily as he spurt out another flame at the rebels who once again leaped away. Holly thought hard as the others tried to attack at once. [Father has the dagger.... That dagger...]


Holly, Yosho, Tiger, Gray Wolf, Coltia, Achika, Hare, Suezo, Mocchi and Golem, before they unlocked Genki again with Mara, walked through a forest.

"Can you believe this...?" Yosho growled as long, thick plants blocked their every move. He pulled out a dagger and cut the plants. "Argh! Stupid weeds!"

"Oh, Mr. Yosho! What a cool dagger!" Coltia gasped.

Yosho grinned, "I use to use this for making dolls and things for Holly." Holly blushed as the other cracked up. "But now, I use it for other things."

"Like fighting?" Gray Wolf asked.

Yosho sighed, looking at the dagger, "If I must."


That's when Holly got an idea.

"Father!" she called to her dad who stood to protect Coltia and Achika.

Yosho looked at Holly, blinking.

"May I borrow your dagger?" Holly asked.

Achika opened an eye weakly, "Are...you...crazy....? Ungh..you can't....beat him...with that..."

Holly's eyes were deadly serious. "I know. That's why I have an idea."

Yosho shrugged, "Your ideas do always seem to work.. OK! Here! Catch!"

Yosho tossed her the dagger in it's jeweled case to Holly who caught it quickly. "Thanks dad!"

"TORPEDO ATTACK!" Tiger exclaimed, zapping his attack at Shin.

Shin laughed as it reflected back at the Tiger, just missing his head. "FOOLS! NO ONE CAN BEAT ME! HAHAHAAA!"

Holly drew out the dagger shakily. [NO! You have to be strong this time! You owe everyone a lot!]

She held the dagger in the air, leaving the case to fall by her foot. Yosho rushed over and grabbed the case and rushed back by Coltia and Achika.

Holly took in a breath, then started to chant, "Ancient Gods, watching over the chaotic world.. Only you shed light to the seemingly hopeless race you tried to create for peace and harmony.." The dagger glowed blue, catching the attention of Shin and the others.

"Miss...Holly?" Coltia whispered.

"What the heck is she doing?" Yosho murmured.

Holly looked at Shin and rushed forward. Shin blinked as a sharp pain filled his stomach. His eyes turned small as he looked down at Holly, the dagger deeply in his stomach.

"No...I cannot...be defeated..by a mere...TOY!" Shin coughed.

Holly looked coldly into Shin's eyes. Shin gasped as blue flames filled her pupils. "You who think you are so powerful." Holly said coldly. "You amuse me with your arrogance."

Shin's eyes turned smaller, "The---?!"

Holly chuckled, digging the dagger deeper into him. "All evil will perish. That's why I was born into this world. You think you're some sort of God who is immortal? No one between heaven and hell is immortal."

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! WHO ARE YOU?!" Shin exclaimed, red veins exploding onto his head.

Holly grinned, "That is another story for another day." She glowed blue and pushed herself and Shin off the large boulder towards the ground. "How does it feel to die by the power you thought you had?"

Shin growled, lip flinching as they came closer to the ground. "You're...her... YOU'RE HER, AREN'T YOU?!"

"This race has both good and evil, like the race of Gods and demons.. Torn by an eternal light, I pledge myself to your light, swear by your light and breath by your light! Please spare my some of your energy, just this one time!" Holly continued, ignoring him. "Now you will feel the power..."

Shin screamed as a blue energy surrounded them. "DAMN YOU!!"

"Remember, Shin-kun..," Holly whispered into his ear. "Phoenixes are immortal."

Shin's eyes turned white as he screamed, "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!"


The other rebels gasped as a huge explosion filled the area behind the boulder. They tried to keep their balance as a gust of wind blew at them from the explosion. Suddenly, a chaotic wave of water engulfed them quickly.


[Where am I.....?]

Something cool surrounded her.

[What happened...?]

She coughed up a liquid from her mouth. Finally, her eyes opened to see herself lying in water, head resting on a piece of wood.

"HOLLY-CHAN!" a voice screamed in the distance.

It was so unfamiliar. Who was she? Holly...? Holly. She shot up, ignoring the sharp pain in her back. "Genki-san! Over here.."

Genki swam at her full speed and gently lifted her onto his back. "What happened, Holly-chan?"

Holly rubbed her head as Genki swam back to a small piece of land, "I..I..really don't remember after me chanting the spell.."

Genki frowned, but smiled at Holly after a moment, "It's OK. You were great!"

Holly blushed lightly and smiled.

"OOOH! MISS HOLLY! MISS HHHHHHOOOLLLLYY!" Coltia wailed when Genki placed Holly onto her feet where the others were.

Coltia leaped onto Holly and gave her a death grip hug. The others sweated as Holly collapsed to the ground, passed out with spiral eyes and a blue shade on her face.


Achika's sweat turned bigger, "Anywayz! Now we have to bring this town back together. Where's Elika and that boy Yuko?"

They looked around, only seeing the two Magic Devices on the ground. Big Blue held his unconscious master a little closer and looked into the overflooding lake.

"Better yet, what happend to all those ships?" Big Blue pondered.



The rebels sweated and looked into the water to see Elika on a piece of driftwood and Yuko on another piece, both baring animal-like teeth and waving their fists around.

Angel sweated and scratched her chin, "Oooh..well... There goes our plan to reunite Merba."

"I think Merba is destined to stay this way, wouldn't you agree?!" Puck chimed happily.

Ami blinked, "Why do you say that, Puck?"

Puck motioned towards the Magic Devices, "They're chipped, see?!" The others turned completely white with their mouths hung open. Puck smiled and rubbed his neck. "My, my! If they're chipped, they won't work! NOW! Who wants to go to another place?!"

At this point, Pixie woke up in an angry flash, "EI?! ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING?! ALL THAT HELL?! PAIN?! ANGER?!"


Puck shrugged, "I suppose so! What do you have to say about that, Mr.Yosho? Miss Pixie?"

Yosho and Pixie, for once, agreed on one thing......



"Master Amenhotep! Master Amenhotep!"

The large, gold plated Golem looked coldly at a panting Rover. Two figures from behind him stood in the shadows.

"What?" Amenhotep asked in his bass and creepy voice.

The Rover gulped hard, "The rebels have...have...."

"Have WHAT? Where's Shin?" Amenhotep asked impatiently.

A figure behind him spoke up in a girl's voice, "They have killed Shin."

Amenhotep's eyes snapped, "WHAT?!"

Rover stepped back in fear.

Amenhotep smashed his fist into the wall of his castle, causing a huge hole to be left behind. He paused for a second before growling. "I feel a need to kill. If you three weren't bait for that....Holly....girl, you all would've been Lost Disks."

Rover backed away by the two others.

A Pink Eye.

A Blue Fur.

From Toriyama....


A Warrior's Death?

[A week has passed defeating Shin. My senses are going nuts with smells of danger. Everywhere we step now, I hold my breath and listen closely. Why are they going berserk on me now?] Tiger thought as the rebels walked out of another forest.

"According to this map, we're getting close to another town," Puck announced.

"YAY!" everyone else exclaimed.

"But it's been abandoned for quite a long time now."

Everyone else moaned and toppled over with sweats.


Puck sweated, "Gomen.."

*cue music*

Big Blue: Death, in some people's beliefs, is only the beginning. Some believe we die, then come back to life. Others do not believe in life after death. But we all believe in one thing--evil. Evil is a plague that has always crossed this world, and it seems it would take God himself to banish all of it. That is, if you believe in a God.

Pixie: "A Warrior's Death?"


"I can't stand it anymore," Tiger spoke up.

Everyone stopped and looked at him in confusion.

"We killed Amenhotep's closest partner in crime, and he's not doing a thing?! Something is suspicious about that," Tiger murmured.

Coltia laughed, "Ah! Tiger-kun thinks too much!"

Hare laughed too and agreed with Coltia, "He thinks too much sense wise--but not smart wise!"

"I DON'T WHAT THAT MEANS...BUT I DON'T LIKE IT!!" Tiger growled, pushing his nose against Hare's nose.

"WELL LIVE WITH IT! IT'S TRUE!" Hare snapped back.

Mocchi pushed the two away before they literally killed each other, "No fighting, chi!"

Tiger paced around, "OK, OK, let's just get going."

"Tiger..?" Genki asked.

Tiger growled softly, "I said, let's go before I go nuts."

Everyone else looked at each other, then quickly began to walk again.


A lone wind blew over the town as the rebels entered. The place was in ruins, sand covering almost every inch of barren land.

"This place..," Pixie said, looking around. "It's totally annihilated!"

Puck nodded, "And it looks like this town dated back a little after the Ancient Wars..."

Coltia put her fists by her face and whimpered, "Were the Ancient Wars this bad..?"

"Most of them," Puck replied. "So many lost their lives...because of the past."

"Monol told us they didn't even know what or who they were fighting for. It was just in their blood..," Holly whispered.

Coltia whimpered and ducked under Puck's cape. "Miss Holly! You made me saaaaddd...."

Holly sweated, "Sorry.."


Ontop of a ruin, a Daina (Pixie/Dragon) watched the rebels with a scowl on her face. "Poor fools have no idea what lurks in this place."

"You mean....WHO."

Daina turned to see her best friends, a Kasumi (Pixie/???) and a Ruby Night [Durahan / ???]. Daina scowled and looked back down at the rebels.

"Do you think we should inform them about Amenhotep's castle?" Kasumi asked in a soft and seductive voice.

Daina scowled and spread her wings apart, "I'll think about it." She quickly took off into the sky.

Ruby Knight sighed, shrugging his shoulders, "She'll never change."

Kasumi looked at Ruby Knight, "So? Will you come with me to Amenhotep's castle with the rebels?"

"How do you know they'll come?" asked Ruby Knight.

Kasumi laughed softly, placing her hand on her cheek, "They will."


Tiger paced back and forth wildly, growling almost insanely as the rebels took a break under a shady ruin. Gray Wolf's head was covered in sweat, eyes flinching. [Whatever Tiger senses...I'm starting to sense it too...]

Holly blinked, looking at the two brothers, "I wonder what's wrong with them...?"

Coltia shrugged, "Heat stroke?"

Holly sweated, "Heat stroke doesn't make you insane-like, Coltia-chan. Thank goodness." She wiped some sweat off of her forehead and looked at Genki who lied by Mocchi. [I wonder what Genki-san is thinking about..]

Coltia got up and moaned, "Oh, Puck-san... Can't you do something magical to make us cool?"

Puck snapped his fingers dumbly and hundreds of ancient fans surrounded them, blowing on them.

"AAAHHHH!" Coltia sighed loudly, stretching out onto the sand lazily.


Puck opened an eye slyly, "You never asked.."

Pixie raged and grabbed the wide eyed sorcerer by his throat and lifted him into the air. After a minute of chocking and Coltia wailing at Pixie, Big Blue finally sighed and took charge. He grabbed his master in his large fist and shook Puck out of her hands, leaving the sorcerer to fall the ground, X's replacing both his eyes. Coltia sobbed and picked up his head as the others sweated and watched Big Blue try to reprimand Pixie who still struggled to finish Puck off.

"Puck-san..... *Sob* MISS PIXIE KILLED PUCK-SAN!!" Coltia wailed.

Holly sweated and scratched her chin as Achika calmly explained what a dead person looked like, because her master was always wailing about someone being "dead".

"Ha ha ha ha...," a soft and mysterious laughter echoed in the air.

Tiger spun around violently, "WHO'S THERE?!"

Two figures leaped down from off a rock a little aways. Everyone shot up, except for Puck and Coltia, ready to battle.

"That really isn't necessary," a deep voice chuckled.

A Ruby Knight and Kasumi stepped forward, brushing aside some of the fans curiously. Kasumi lifted one up and held it to her face, blowing off the sweat on her face. She looked seductively at Genki then at the others. A huge heart replaced Suezo's eye. Ruby Knight scowled at the Suezo and drew out his sword, holding it high into the air.

"We are some monsters who were left here to watch over this place," Ruby Knight explained calmly. "I..am Ruby Knight!"

"My name is Kasumi," Kasumi said softly with a wink at them.

Coltia dropped Puck's head while digging into her purses strapped to her sides and pulled out her Monster Book. Achika looked over her shoulder as Coltia read. "Umm.. Kasumi! Her breasts get more attention than her battles.."

Everyone but Kasumi and Suezo sweated huge sweats.

Kasumi fluttered her eyelashes and said sarcastically, crossing her arms so she pushed her large breasts up some more, "Oh my! I wonder why they wrote THAT?"

Suezo zipped over, staring at her large "talents", "I wonder! Ha HA!!"


Suezo lied on the ground, spiral whirling in his eye as Pixie stood over him, fist still bawled from punching him down, "Stop that, you perv!!"

Ami sweated with Angel as she murmured to her mother, "I think that Kasumi LIKES the attention.."

"What was your first clue?" Angel whispered back sarcastically.

Coltia read on, "Ruby Knight. A fighter until the end." She closed the book loudly as usual and chirped. "I AM COLTIA! We are the rebels of JUSTICE!"

"We know," another woman's voice snorted from above.

Everyone watched Daina touched down in the middle of the groups, infront of Kasumi who quickly uncrossed her arms and pretended to look innocent. "Hello Daina.. I thought you were uninterested in helping us defeat Amenhotep."

"I see," Achika said. "You want us to get Amenhotep?"

"No. He's too strong for YOU weaklings!" Daina snorted arrogantly.

Yosho grinned devilishly at Pixie, "Gee, I think she reminds me of someone!"

"WHAT DID YOU---?!" Pixie fumed, sick of being teased and standing against the odd ball friends.

Mocchi rubbed his head, "Mmmrr... Not going anywhere, chi."

Genki nodded, "Hai, hai..."

Holly blinked and noticed the tan scarf Daina wore tightly around her neck and upper chest area, covering the top part of her body. She passed off the thought of Daina hiding something and figured it was for protecting her against the sun.

Daina scowled as the fans blew all around her. Finally, she struck out and whapped all the fans around her away in one, smooth stroke. The others sweated as Ghost watched a fan crash into pieces on the ground. He opened a beady eye and looked at Daina suspiciously.

"Oh.... WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! YOU'RE SO MEAN!!" Coltia wailed.

Daina snorted, "I had a thought about roasting you, but you're not worth it, little girl."

At this point, Puck was up and both his eyes were opened slyly. "My, my, Miss Daina, you have quite a temper.."

"Boo hoo," Daina said, then took off again.

Holly blinked and looked at Ami who played nervously with her bushy, Tiger-like tail. "What do you suppose what THAT was all about?"

Ami shrugged timidly, sinking her head between her shoulder a little, eyes darting down at her tail nervously. "I don't know. But she is quite mean..meanier than Pixie will EVER be.."

"RRRRRRAAAARR!!" Pixie fumed, then punched the stone 'wall'. She paused as the wall cracked a little. Suddenly, her eyes teared huge tears and she held her fist painfully. "OW!!!!"

Everyone sweated as Pixie shook the pain out of her hand and sighed a breath of relief.

"Um...sorry. I was just teasing...," Ami squeaked.

Pixie "hmph"ed and waved her off. "Nevermind! Just stop teasing me! You guys are pissing me off... Now, what were you saying?"

Ami looked at Kasumi and Ruby Knight, both equally confused, "She seems...well..different from any goodie I've seen. How do you two put up with her?"

Kasumi frowned and looked down. "Well...she's been that way since a man with two Worms teleported here. He said he was from the 'Wise Group'."

Angel looked up, "Alan?"

Ruby Knight nodded, "That was his name. We've heard about the Wise Group, they know the secrets of the Ancient Times, right?"

Kasumi nodded, "Yes. Anyway, He told us you all were coming to defeat Amenhotep."

Genki nodded, putting an arm around Holly who blushed lightly, "That's right! Holly defeated Shin!"

"SHIN?!" Ruby Knight wailed. "YOU?! DEFEATED SHIN?!?!"

Holly blinked, "Yes sir."

Ruby Knight wailed, holding his helmet head as he felt his body being thrown into a pit of despair. Everyone sweated as he fell to his knees, raining over him.

"Ha ha ha.. Poor Ruby Knight couldn't defeat him wth his army," Kasumi laughed softly.

"DAMN THAT SHIN!! I HOPE HE WENT TO HELL!!" Ruby Knight wailed.

Tiger frowned, "So what are you three anyway? Some sort of protectors?"

"Sort of," Kasumi said. "You see, a few moths ago, when the Darkness Five were summoned to this Earth with Black Magic and Lady Darkness, we, as an army, protected these ruins. Then, one day....he came..."


"...We were merciless against his powers!"

Amenhotep charged in front, riding on Shin with his army of monsters charging up the rear, all roaring with battle cries. On the other side, Ruby Knight lead the way as he, Kasumi, Daina and their army of monsters charged at Amenhotep's army.

"...He quickly defeated most of us and we were chased backwards, only allowed to stay in a tiny part of this desert. Which is this part we are in now."

Daina scowled, the remaining army behind her, including Kasumi and Ruby Knight, all facing Amenhotep's giant castle.

"...Daina was our leader."

Kasumi took Daina's shoulder as everyone but Kasumi marched silently into the castle. "But Daina-san!!"

Daina gently took off Kasumi's hands, "Listen, Kasumi-chan. You MUST stay here just in case we need help, OK?"

Kasumi nodded weakly after a moment.

"....I waited and waited. Listening to the battle inside. Finally, everything was silent."

Ruby Knight crawled out of the castle towards Kasumi. She gasped and ran to his side as he collapsed.

"...That's when she came out."

Diana held her bloody shoulder and coughed out some blood. "He..got them all...damnit.." She screamed. "HE KILLED EVERYONE ELSE!!"


Ruby Knight's eyes narrowed at the memory, "We've been waiting to strike Amenhotep, but three of us cannot beat his strength. After the battle, I lost my memory of what happened inside... It's still lost to this day."

Everyone was silent.

"So that's what I sense. Amenhotep's castle," Tiger growled.

Gray Wolf was silent for a little, then spoke up. "I see now. Revenge is a dish served cold, huh?"

Ruby Knight snorted, "Yeah, I guess."

Gray Wolf grinned. "You guess?"

"Enough already!" Pixie spoke up. "I'm getting sick... Now, when do you want us to kick Amenhotep's ass?"

Ruby Knight and Kasumi grinned.


"Waahhh... I'm TIRED of walking!!" Coltia wailed. "Puck-san, can't you just teleport us there?!"

Puck frowned, "I can't just teleport us there! I haven't been there yet, so I don't know how to get there."

"Oohh... I thought you were magical...," Coltia wailed.

Everyone else sweated.

"Col--!" Puck tried to explain with a huge sweat.

Achika sighed, "Don't even bother...." She brushed some green hair from her face and frowned. "Hey! Are we almost there?"

"Almost there," Ruby Knight said calmly for the hundredth time.

Mocchi looked up at him, "Are you sure, chi?"

Ruby Knight sighed as he held back his anger, "Y_yes...Mocchi...."

"Are you sure you're sure, chi?"

"YES!!!!" Suezo boomed, growing huge over Mocchi who wailed and waved around super deformed. "HE SAID IT ONE THOUSAND TIMES!!!"

Suddenly, two hands slapped Suezo's mouth shut as the rebels ducked behind a boulder. Holly and Kasumi let go of Suezo's mouth a moment of silence, waiting.

"We're lucky no one heard us," Hare sighed in relief.

Suezo blinked, "Huh?"

Holly pointed over the boulder to a huge, stone castle. Suezo gasped, eye small in fear. "T_t_that's Amenhotep's castle?!?!"

"Minna!" Tiger's low voice called.

Everyone snuck over to Tiger who sniffed at some Lost Disks in front of the castle. Everyone gasped and looked ahead, seeing hundreds more.

"Are those left over from the battle?" Ami asked Kasumi.

"No...those are new ones...," Kasumi gasped.

Yosho frowned, eyes narrowing, "He killed his army!"

"WHAT?!" the others wailed.

Yosho smirked, looking down, "I did that to my scouters before I faced you kids when I was Moo. I wanted to kill you all alone, at least, Moo's mind told me that."

Holly was silence, eyes wavering deeply, scowling at the amusement in her father's voice. Angel frowned at Yosho, then looked at Holly sympathetically. "Holly-chan..."

Holly looked into Angel's green eyes, "I won't allow Amenhotep to do such horrible things!"

"I agree! That's our Holly!" Gray Wolf exclaimed with a grin.

Genki hugged Holly, "I'll protect you. Just ignore your father's words right now. 'Kay?" He gave her a wink.

Holly smiled, eyes wavering, "Genki-san..."

"Yeah, yeah! La la, kiss, kiss! LET'S GO!!" Suezo exclaimed, hopping up and down anxiously. "When we defeat him, we get closer to defeating Black Magic!"

"HAI!" Golem exclaimed.

Kasumi laughed softly, hugging Suezo, pushing her "talents" against his eye, now replaced with a huge heart. "Oh Suezo-kun! You're so brave!"

Suezo'a whole body turned red, "Well...heh heh...."

Ruby Knight sweated, "Oh brother."

They rushed towards the door happily, except for Big Blue who stood dumbly behind, staring off into space. Pixie turned her head and stopped, the others rushing past her. "Big Blue?"

Big Blue walked towards her, silent. Pixie blinked in confusion he stopped right infront of his master. "Master Pixie. In case something happens..."

"What are you saying?!" Pixie laughed, waving him off. "Nothing will happen! Now, let's go, Big Blue!"

She took off after the others in the air, Big Blue dumbly standing behind. "Hai..."


Amenhotep chuckled, sitting on his throne calmly, some Lost Disks standing around him. "You know the reason I spared you."

A figure in the shadows nodded. "They're here."

Amenhotep nodded and got up, towering just a little under his massive ceiling, "I understand. Remember the plan."

"Hai, sir."


"HE-LLOOoooo?!" called Puck playfully. "You've got some rebels in here, Amenhotep....!"

Coltia sweated, "P_P_P_Puck-san!"

Puck grinned, eyes turned upward happily, "Relax! There's no guards in here!"

Kasumi looked around the dark, gloomy castle. It was decorated with silk ruggings and expensive looking furniture. Angel sighed, picking up a silk rub between her fingers.

"Well, Amenhotep always did like expensive things," Angel sighed, smiling to herself.

Mocchi blinked, "You were friends, chi?"

Angel laughed softly, looking at the ceiling, "Sort of... Of course, the Darkness Five had to stick together, whether we liked it or not. Me and Amenhotep got along pretty good. Like Pixie and Big Blue...or Ami and Golem.."

She glanced playfully at Golem who blushed and looked over, expecting to see Ami bright red all over. Instead, Ami dug through a shelf of expensive looking vases and objects, her Tiger tail waving back and forth happily. "Oh my! Look at all these beautiful things! I remember them!"

Angel sweated with the others, "Uh...Ami-chan....?"

Ami shot up, holding a pretty, pink, jeweled tea cup, "OH MY!! Look at it!! Kawaii.......!"

Holly blinked, a huge sweat on her head, "Um... Ami-chan? Are you thinking of...?"

Ami turned back to the objects, gathering a load full in her arms. "Well! Since we're going to defeat Amenhotep, why not borrow some?! I mean, everytime we beat a Darkness Five, we end up blowing up the castle! So why let these beautiful things go to waste?"

Hare inspected a jeweled vase, then his eyes turned into gold coins, "Hey! We can sell these for a bundle! HA HA HA!"

Ami and Hare piled some expensive items into Suezo's 'backpack'. Suezo sweated as he tipped over from the weight in his pack. "HEY!!! HEY!!!! I'M NOT A WEIGHT LIFTER, YA KNOW!!!"

Holly laughed with the others as Ami and Hare stopped. Suezo tried to hop forward, but he started to fall backwards. Golem lifted him up by his head and took off the pack, holding it easily in his huge hand. Suezo hopped back down and sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry, Suezo, I just got carried away," Ami apologized with a bow.

Genki's eyebrows crunched down in seriousness, "All right. Let's find Amenhotep."

The others agreed with a quick nod. Big Blue looked down, sighing through his nose.


The rebels rushed up the huge stairs, big enough so a Golem could stomp onto them and nothing would happen.

"The bad guy is always at the top of the tower!" Coltia breathed heavily.

Achika flew past Coltia at full speed, catching up to Pixie ahead with Ghost, "Hey. What's the matter with Blue?"

Pixie looked back, seeing Big Blue far behind the group, "I dunno, he's been acting weird."

Ghost was silent. [Could he possibly be sensing death?] He frowned and tipped his top hat more forward.

"I think we're almost there!" Ruby Knight exclaimed.

Holly looked up at Ruby Knight, "Are you getting your memory back from the battle?"

Ruby Knight shook his head, "No.. I just have this feeling.."

They reached the end of the stairs and found themselves standing in a huge room with a throne at the very end. The room was completely empty, echoing the rebels' heavy breathing.

Coltia held her knees as Holly breathed, "There's...no one here!"

"There's GOT to be!" Kasumi exclaimed angrily.

Pixie smirked evilly, "Hmph."

Everyone else blinked and looked as the Pixie strode up to a row of expensive and beautiful vases.

"Um... Pixie-chan....?" asked Angel, sweating as her daughter's smirk turned into a huge, toothy, evil grin.

"Ha ha ha.... I bet he REALLY loves THESE vases!" Pixie laughed. "Hmph.... Oh my!"

She purposely tipped over the beginning vase, acting dumb about it. The vases, much like dominoes, tipped over onto each other, breaking and smashing. At the last crash, the rebels huddled in fear, looking around. Pixie looked around, cheek puffed out in annoyance.

"Aw crap. Looks like I did that for nothing!" Pixie snorted. "Oh well. It felt good though. Heh."

Everyone else sweated and unhuddled. Ami and Hare crawled over to the smashed vases. "Noooo...."

Hare fell onto his face, eyes waterfalling with tears, "What a waste...."

Angel blinked and looked at the rubble of vases on the ground. She brushed aside some shards and picked up a necklace with a crystal rose dangling off it.

"That was for you."

Everyone jumped at the low voice filling the room.

"...Our friendship was deeper than you thought."

Out of the shadows, Amenhotep stepped out, eyes glaring angrily at Pixie who grinned.

"Deeper?" Angel asked, clutching the necklace close to her heart.

Amenhotep sighed, shaking his head, "Too bad you turned against Black Magic and joined...THEM."

"Hey, my mom has better taste than Black Magic!" Achika said with a crazy grin. "She knew that when Black Magic gets what he wants, he'd destroy her and everyone else!"

Angel stepped forward, "That's true. Please join us, Amenhotep-san.."

Amenhotep's eyes remained cold, "I'm sorry. I cannot do that."

Genki asked angrily, "Why not?! Angel did!!"

Ami agreed, "It's not as hard as you think!"

Coltia spun around, striking many justice poses dramatically, "THAT'S RIGHT! AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ANGEL-CHAN, YOU CAN PURIFY YOUR HEART AND BECOME GOOD!"

"I cannot do that," Amenhotep repeated.

Puck scratched his head and thought. "You cannot do that..? Oh! I see! Black Magic has given you some of his evil energy to make sure you stayed on his side!"

Amenhotep was silent at that. Everyone watched as he lifted his hand in the air and snapped his large fingers. Suddenly, Daina swooped down from the ceiling at the rebels, ready to attack. "LIGHTNING!!"

Everyone dodged it quickly as it blew up where they once stood, leaving a large dent in the hard stone floor.

"Daina-san?!" Kasumi gasped.

Daina smirked and ripped off her scarf, revealing a Darkness symbol.

"DAMN!" Ruby Knight cursed. Suddenly, his eyes snapped. "I remember now..."


Ruby Knight and Daina tried to strike at Amenhotep, but he dodged and smacked away every attack they had.

"MILLION STABS!" Ruby Knight cried.

Amenhotep grabbed the sword before it could reach his stone chest and chucked Ruby Knight into a wall. Ruby Knight slid to the ground, too weak to move.

"SONIC BEAM!" Daina cried.

Amenhotep tried to block it, but it was too big. The attack engulfed him, then threw him into a far wall, cracking through it into another room. Daina kept coming, powering up a lightning attack in her hand. Amenhotep reached out and grabbed the hybrid Pixie in his massive hand. She screamed in pain as her shoulder snapped. After a long pause, blood ran through Amenhotep's hand. He squinted his eyes at Daina as a black aurora surrounded her. She screamed in pain, then was silent, a Darkness symbol slowly appearing onto her clothes.


Daina chuckled softly, "That's right. I am part of the Darkness now!"

Ruby Knight growled as Kasumi's eyes wavered deeply. "Daina-san.... No....."

Daina rushed at Kasumi, "DIE!!"

As she rushed forward, everything seemed to go in slow motion for Kasumi. Daina had a look of sorrow in her eyes as tears fell out of her eyes, streaming into the air as she rushed forward. Kasumi held out her hand in a slow reaction.


Daina gagged as blood fell from her mouth, stopping her. Kasumi's eyes went small, hands covering her mouth in shock. Ruby Knight's red eyes closed slowly, hands held forward with his sword in his hands. Everyone stared in shock as Ruby Knight's sword stuck through Daina's stomach, blood dripping out of both ends. Ruby Knight pulled his sword out, but Daina did not scream or moan in pain, instead, she smiled, blood curling out of her lips.

"T_this...is..it...," she breathed, eyes looking up happily. "I..can...finally...die....."

She dropped to the floor.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Kasumi screamed, her shriek echoing out and in the castle.

She tried to pick up Daina, but Daina glowed and shriveled into a Lost Disk. Kasumi sat on her knees for a second, then shook with sobs as her hands slapped over her eyes.

"Hm," Amenhotep's said, breaking the silence. "How very sad. She wanted to die."

"SHUT UP, YOU BASTARD!" Ruby Knight screamed.

Amenhotep's stone brow raised in interest, "Oh? Are you ready to fight now?"

Holly whispered to Puck, "I don't get it. He sounds animated."

Puck nodded, "If Black Magic gave him some of his evil energy, he's basically Black Magic's puppet."

Holly scowled, "I will not allow Black magic to get away with this! Never!"

Puck smiled, opening his eyes at the determined young adult. "So? What shall we do now?"

"Amenhotep! You're just a puppet! Listen to your heart. What do you wish to do?! What does your will tell you?!" Holly exclaimed desperately.

"Holly-chan...," Angel gasped.

Amenhotep chuckled, shaking his head. "Fools. All this blather and no action. That will be your biggest mistake!"

Holly was taken aback, eyes wavering. Puck shrugged, giving up with the talk.

"Mighty, my.... Looks like you're serious!" He opened his eyes evilly. "Fine by me."

Kasumi stood up, eyes still streaming tears, "You will NOT get away with this!! I WON'T LET YOU!!"

Amenhotep laughed loudly, "At last! LET ME SEE YOUR TRUE POWER!!!"

Genki slapped on his rollerblades and shot up. "OK! LET'S GO!"

Tiger turned to Holly and Golem. "Golem! You protect the girls, Yosho and the stuff Hare and Ami took! Holly, just in case we need an energy yo, get ready!"

"Yes!" Holly agreed with a nod.

"HAI!" Golem agreed proudly.

Amenhotep slammed his fists into the ground, preparing to fight. Genki rushed forward with the others who were fighting.

"BOOST BOMB!" Puck exclaimed.

Amenhotep dodged the sorcerer's attack quickly, leaving it to explode through the wall. He swiped at Puck, but the tricky sorcerer disappeared into thin air in a flash.

"TORPEDO ATTACKS!" Gray Wolf and Tiger exclaimed, electrocuting the ground.

Their attacks ripped through the ground at Amenhotep. Amenhotep put his fist on the ground, waiting for the attacks to come closer. Once they came close enough, he flicked them back with a brow hit. Tiger and Gray Wolf leaped away as their attacks slammed into a wall far behind.

"FLARE!" Genki exclaimed.

Amenhotep gasped, "What?!"

The flare engulfed him before he can do anything else. Everyone held their breath as fire rose where Amenhotep once stood. When their flames cleared, he was gone, but with no Lost Disk or anything.

"Did you get him?" Pixie asked, looking around suspiciously.

Genki shrugged, "I dunno."

Holly's voice suddenly screamed, "ABOVE YOU!!"

Everyone looked up to see Amenhotep about to land right ontop of them. They rushed out of the way as Amenhotep landed where they once were, rubble flying up around his landing. He rushed at Genki again, some of his stone skin burnt and smoking. Genki skated away as fast as he could as Amenhotep chased after him.

Mocchi leaped into the air, "MOCCHI CANNON CHHHHHIII!!"

Mocchi blasted his cannon at Amenhotep. He went flying into a far wall with a loud grunt. His body hung limp for a little as Mocchi dropped to the ground, breathing hard.

"Mocchi!" Genki laughed.

Mocchi grinned weakly, spirals in his eyes, "Chhhhhiiiiiii....."

"YOU THINK THAT WORKED?!?" Amenhotep screamed, rushing forward, eyes glowing bright white.

Pixie looked at Big Blue, "Do you feel like doing a hand to hand?!"

Big Blue nodded, "Hai."

He rushed forward a little glumly. As he passed Pixie, she gasped, noticing tears falling out of his eyes in a silent stream. Pixie flinched as a large clashing sound filled the air of Amenhotep and Big Blue squeezing fists, trying to push each other forward.

Amenhotep grinned, eyes squinting in concentration, "Do..you..think...THAT IS ENOUGH?!?!"

Big Blue's eyes snapped as Amenhotep's grip got violently tighter. He screamed in pain as he looked into Amenhotep's cold eyes.

"BIG BLUE!!" Pixie screamed.

Amenhotep pushed Big Blue away and started to punch him over and over. Kasumi leaped infront of Amenhotep and blasted him with a lightning, but Amenhotep smacked her away like a fly. She rolled infront of Ruby Knight's feet. He lifted her head up, mouth bleeding. "Kasumi-chan!"

She smiled, eyes wavering, "I'm OK... Please...help..our..friend..."

Ruby Knight nodded seriously. Kasumi smiled and fell into unconsciousness. "AMENHOTEP! YOU BASTARD!"

Ruby Knight drew out his sword again and stuck it out infront of him, "THUNDERBOLT!"

Amenhotep smacked it away and threw a final punch at Big Blue who flew back into the farthest wall, not getting up.

"BIG BLUE!!" Pixie screamed again and rushed to her fallen companion. She looked into his eyes as they squinted closed. "Big Blue-san..."

He touched Pixie's cheek with a huge finger, smiling a bit, "I..tried...to.......tell....you...I..loved...you..."

Pixie's eyes snapped, wavering deeply as Big Blue began to die. "Big Blue....!"

His eyes wavered with hers. Finally, Pixie smiled, tears streaming down her face. "You'll be OK? Won't ya, Blue? You'll be...OK....?"

Big Blue frowned, eyes wavering deeper, "Do...you..love..me...? Master...Pixie...?"

Pixie sobbed and shook her head. Big Blue smiled and wiped away her tears. "Thank you......"

His body crumpled and shrunk until a blinding light came over Pixie. When she blinked, she looked down to see a Lost Disk.

"Big..Blue...?" Coltia asked, eyes tearing. "BIG BLUE!!!"

Pixie was too shocked to move as Amenhotep's laughter filled the room. A shadow casted over her eyes as she looked down, streams of tears rolling out of her eyes. Angel looked at Pixie, crying herself, then turned angrily to Amenhotep. "AMenhotep!!! I DON'T CARE IF YOU LOVE ME! I WON'T ALLOW YOU-----I won't allow-----I...won't allow you......I JUST WON'T ALLOW YOU TO GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!!"

Everyone else growled and stepped forward angrily. Amenhotep's eyes wavered at Angel. "Angel-chan..."

"That was my daughter's happiness...," Angel growled.

Amenhotep's eyes turned stone cold again, "Fine. Then we will have to fight until the finish."

"Not 'we'...," Pixie's cracking voice spoke up. She stood up, eyes colder than ever. Pixie glowed a strange red aurora. "You and I alone!"

Amenhotep snorted, "You really think YOU can beat me? You stupid Pixie?"

Pixie laughed, eyes hinting insanity, "Yes! And if I can't, then my friends will! Even if this battle means death...I'll kill you for killing Big Blue!!"

"Fine. Bring it on!" Amenhotep challenged.

"When you die, I hope you choke on those words!!" Pixie snapped, then spread out her wings as far as they could go.

Angel stepped forward, "Pixie-chan! Are you nuts?! Let us help you!!"

Pixie said, "Do not get in my way." She smirked as her eyes narrowed at Amenhotep. "SONIC BEAM!!"

Amenhotep separated as Pixie charged her sonic beam to maximum power. "TORNADO ATTACK!"

Pixie gasped lightly as he whirled at her, sucking some objects from around the room. The others screamed as the vacuum-like wind sucked them forward. Pixie's life flooded before her eyes..


"Mommy! Mommy!" a young, baby Pixie cried as the village burned behind her.

She gasped lightly as a tall, evil looking woman with a whip stepped up to her. "Well, well, well. At least I get something out of this fire! Hauh ha ha ha ha..."


Pixie shook the memory of her old trainer from North Town away as best as she could. As Amenhotep came closer, her sonic beam suddenly glowed bright blue. Her eyes wavered as she saw Big Blue in her ball of energy. She smiled, closed her eyes and looked down. "Thank you."

"PIXIE-CHAN!!!" Ami screamed.

Pixie's eyes snapped as she looked up, then put her hands forward, "SONIC BEAM!!!!!!!"

Amenhotep screamed as the blue beam engulfed him.

It wasn't enough.

He fell to his knees, burnt and weak. "D_damn you.."

Gray Wolf and Tiger stepped forward as Genki caught Pixie in his arms, totally out of energy.

"TORPEDO ATTACKS!!" they exclaimed, electrocuting Amenhotep.

Amenhotep screamed and soon, he shriveled into a Lost Disk. Everyone was silent for a moment, looking at Big Blue's Lost Disk.

"It's over," Genki said calmly. He placed Pixie with Holly and Coltia, then walked over to the blue Lost Disk. "Resurrection."

Suddenly, the Lost Disk glowed brightly and Big Blue appeared in the same position he was in before he died. The others' mouths dropped open in amazement.

Puck chuckled, "So! Mr.Genki, you've figured out the Phoenix's true powers."

Genki nodded as Big Blue opened his eyes. "Hai. But I can only bring someone back once--and I can only do it to goodies."

Kasumi stepped forward weakly, helped up by Ruby Knight, "Please try it on Daina-san..."

Genki nodded solemnly, walking past Holly and Coltia who held Pixie. Suddenly, Pixie blinked and groaned. "Uh...Big Blue?"

Holly looked into Pixie's sad, violet eyes, then smiled, nodding. With that, Pixie shot up, knocking over Coltia who wailed on the ground, "Waaaahhh.. You're so mean, Pixie-chaaannn....!"

Pixie stumbled to Big Blue, her wings limp, dragging at her feet. "Big Blue...?"

He got up and smiled warmly. She smiled, eyes wavering deeply and passes out, caught by his huge hand.

"NO!" Genki's frustrated voice screamed.

Everyone turned to see Genki by Daina's Lost Disk, trying to ressurect her over and over, tears falling out of his eyes.

"Genki...," Tiger sighed, looking away with closed eyes.

Genki pounded the floor, "Why?! She was GOOD! GOOD!!"

Kasumi looked down, eyes welling with tears. Ruby Knight stroked her hair, looking down at her, red eyes soft.

Holly walked up to Genki and hugged him gently, "Genki-san..."

Everyone watched Genki cry into Holly softly.


"So, what will you two do now?" Ghost asked Ruby Knight and Kasumi outside the now silent castle.

Kasumi held onto Ruby Knight, "We now can move away. Go on with our lives, ya know?"

"Yeah, we know," Big Blue agreed as Pixie sat on his shoulder.

Hare grinned, "WE have to find a town to sell all this stuff in! HA HA HA!"

Golem held up the bag, "Hai!"

Ami held her new tea cup closely, "And to get some tea for my new tea cup!"

Everyone sweated as she hugged the tea cup, tail wagging happily.

Gray Wolf face faulted, "Ho boy..."

Achika grinned and shook her head, "Whatever! Hey! Good luck to you two."

Kasumi's eyes wavered, "I wish you all good luck on defeating Black Magic."

Suezo hopped up and down, "Bye Kasumi!"

Holly bowed, "Thank you both!"

Kasumi went over to Suezo and kissed him. Suezo grinned, froze, then tipped over slowly. Everyone laughed, feeling much better, except for Angel. Ami turned to see Angel walk away to the back of a castle where a small lake lied. She looked at her reflection for a long time, then pulled out the necklace.

"Good-bye, Amenhotep," Angel sighed.

Ami peeked from behind the castle to see Angel throw the necklace high into the air. Then, it splashed down into the water. She turned and walked back to the others, Ami sneaking after her.

The rose necklace hit the bottom softly. After a few moments, it sunk into wet sands below.

It sunk like the heart of Amenhotep, who loved Angel so.