Older Holly

The Good Monsters


Achika is Colt's Vixen Pixie. (Pixie/Golem) She is calm and often one of the quiet members.. (except when someone mocks her or Colt.) Although she has a short fuse for others, she will keep her mouth closed at other times. She's very protective of her friends, especially Colt and Holly. Her past? Coltia didn't unlock her, but found her as a very small baby. Achika has no memory of her parents or past, and often wonders about them. Her and Suezo has been fighting since little babies. It all started when Suezo bit Coltia, and Achika got pissed. 'Nuff said. They don't really hate each other, though, they're just acting like brother and sister.


Gray Wolf:

After remembering Tiger of The Wind, his brother, he fought with him against Moo. After defeating Moo, they decided to stay with Holly and the others. (Hey, free food and lots of love! ^_^) Gray Wolf, like Tiger, is often violent and is usually quiet. He loves to nap and to start fights. One thing that never changed in Gray Wolf is that he loves to steal, which gives him a bad reputation.



Ghost appears in episode 1, but then leaves. Later, he is Puck's monster. Like Hare, he loves tricks and stealing. He often tries to posess Achika, Golem or any other monster or human so that he can play tricks and become more powerful. Like Puck, his eyes remain closed in an upright position. (^^) He has a habit of repeating "sasuga wa honshoku da!" (You are an expert!)--sarcastic like tone, note.. ^0^;;;


Tiger of the Wind:

Tiger is often the out-spoken one of the group. He often has a violent personality, but soft too. Tiger's a litte happier since he has his brother back, but is also mad at the Darkness Pair for ruining the peace. He's more powerful then ever, also, a little older too..



Suezo is still protecting Holly, and now her father too. He's still loud-mouthed and spoilt.. (thanks to Holly ^.^;) Suezo acts tough, but he really cares for Holly and the others. (seen in prolouge when Holly "dies") Him and Achika tease each other back and forth, like Tiger and Hare, but they do care for each other.



Hare's still the same, but smarter too. All his days of roaming with Genki and the others paid off. He became stronger and smarter. He still loves to play tricks and get gold, but he's a sweet little bunny too. ^_^



Mocchi has grown into an adult monster, but still acts some-what like a baby because Holly and the others have been spoiling him ever since Genki left to make him feel happier. He has a new move (i made this one up, so don't email me with snide remarks like "there's no such move.." blah-blah-blah..) Blossom Storm, a powerful attack that shoots out pretty pink pettles that are razor sharp. They swirl around the enemy like a tornado, every petal hitting them until they are out-cold or a Lost Disk.



Golem is still the good-hearted Golem who still doesn't believe in violence. But ever since Moo's defeat, whenever he needs to, he'll lend a good helping hand. He loves flowers and treats everyone like they are family.



Pixie, later on, decides to join the crew because, basically, she has nothing else to do. She is one of the most powerful monsters in the world and can easily take out a whole army of monsters without getting a scratch on her. Although she's very stubborn, she can be sweet and kind, especially to Genki. Like Achika, she has a short fuse...especially for humans.


Big Blue:

He still protects Pixie with his brute strength and cold heart. Even after all these years, he still doesn't like Genki and the others that much.

The Good Humans


Genki is still a little hyper, but not as much. Whenever there's a fight, he jumps right in, ready. He shows a deep love for Holly, but is too timid to break Mara's heart. After releasing the Phoenix from his body, Genki has left over energy from the Phoenix. His love life is hell. He has Coltia and Mara after him with a little jealous Holly who says nothing to him. Genki Muyo!!



Holly has a troubled life. First, she has a pair of Darkness Minions after her and her Magic Stone. Second, two crazy girls are after Genki, who she secretly admire and Third, her father has changed a lot since he left. Her new goal is to find her friends from her village that the darkness Pair have stolen for their own and to find the Blue Phoenix to defeat the Darkness Pair. She keeps most of her thoughts too herself and is still the sweet, but some-what jealous, Holly we all love. ^_^



Her and Holly were friends for a long time. They both has a similar way of raising their monsters by spoiling them. Coltia is happy-go-lucky and fun-loving. Like Golem, she hates to fight and wants to find the Blue Phoenix with Holly to restore the peace.


Holly's Father; Yosho:

He loves power and has plenty of it. Yosho is often distressed about Holly not trusting him with the stone because of what happend with Moo and why he was kicked out of the village. Although he fights with her sometimes, he's very sweet and fun-loving.



Puck is a mysterious traveler who has followed Holly around for years in secret. He has finally come out to help with the Darkness Pair. Almost every monster he comes across calls him a traitor, but he laughs with his upturned eyes (^^) turning evil-like, and kills the monster! What does he *really* want...?



Mara is Genki's stubborn girlfriend. She's totally dependent of her friends and counts on everyone else to do the work. When a monster starts to attack her, her eyes glow red and they back off. Could she enemy....?

The Badies

Lady Darkness:

The bride of Black Magic. Although no one ever sees her, rumor has it that she is more powerful then Moo was!


Black Magic:

The new body for Moo's mind. He is more powerful the 10 Moos all at once! With his black magic, he turns every monster he gets his paws on into bad monsters! The only thing that can destroy him and Moo's mind is the Blue Phoenix.


Warrior (1st of the Darkness Five):

Warrior is a Gali/Golem who thrives on energy. He's the first of the D.5 and will stop at nothing to get the rebels' heads on his wall.


Durhan (2nd of D5):

Durhan is as strong as the former Moo. But unlike Moo, he has a weakness that can kill him with one blow. Like Moo, he thrives on hate and pain, especially from the person he scratches. (you'll see...)With that scratch, their hate and pain is free to fall from their body..into his.


Hell Heart (3rd of D.5):

Hell Heart is a Joker/Pixie who hates everyone and everything. He can create illusions with his reaper..and can make old fears come alive. With this power, he could be the strongest of the 5.


Angel (4th of D.5):

Don't let her heavenly apperance fool you. She use to be a mother of three Pixies, until they were split up by a fire! Like Pixie, she joined the Darkness because she felt alone..and useless. She's the fastest of the D.5 and can easily out run a speeding Tiger.


Amenhotep (Last of D.5):

Amenhotep is physically the strongest of the Darkness 5 and the most feared. (Golem/Gali) He hates everyone and will kill anyone who even dares to lay a finger on him.


Pinnochio: (thanks to brad for his idea!)

Pinnochio is a new monster made from the energy of Warrior, Hell Heart and Durahan with a Mock's wood. He was given to Vanity by Puck (who wanted to test the rebels' power after all this time) and Vanity is planning to use him soon. Although this little guy acts evil, he thinks like a kid and has a special place for Genki in his heart.


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