"Lead Us To The Dark Castle!"

**Note: special thanks to Crabbymatt for the idea of Durahan’s ship…. ^_^ Oh, for all those Canadians, Durahan was a general of Moo who temporary took over while Moo was wounded from the sunlight in his super body. He tried to kill Moo with his Lilim, but Lilim betrayed him and Durahan was defeated. (Both he and Lilim died in their burning iron bird ship after a fight with the rebels and a mad dash for the Magic Stone)


Continuing on, the rebels look forward to a new day traveling towards another region of the island.

"Wow!! It’s a little cooler, although we just passed a dessert!" Coltia chirped to Puck.

Puck nodded, "This Island is known for it's odd temperature differences."

Yosho was getting impatient with ending their journey, "So?"

"So what?" Golem asked as they looked at Yosho.

Yosho smirked and laughed softly. "Am I the only one getting sick of this journey?"

Ami looked offended, “What are you saying!? If you don’t like it, go!”

Yosho remained silent after that.

Ami sighed, “Poor Genki-san probably wants to go back home instead of hearing you complain everyday! Right, Genki-san?"

Genki gasped to himself. Home. He never wanted to go back, especially after he finally was with Holly. Holly looked at Genki, hurt all over her face. Angel glanced at Genki, then Holly, worried about the Ami's statement.

"Um--- Why don't we leave that for another day?" Angel suggested. "Anywayz, which way, Holly-chan?"

Holly concentrated, and the Magic Stone floated out of her shirt. After a momentary glowing, the Magic Stone pointed north. Everyone sighed, except for Puck who grinned happily.

"Well! At least we won't get turned around!" Puck laughed, leading the way.

Pixie held out her hand at him, "Fiiiirrrreee---"

Big Blue's hand covered her upper body and head with a huge sweat. Everyone else sweated as Pixie's legs kicked about, her angry voice muffled by the stone giant's hand.

*Cue music*

Coltia: "WAAAAHHHH! It's almost OVER!!"

Gray Wolf: "That's what you think!"

Coltia: O.O??

Achika: "Anywayz! Today, Holly and Suezo FINALLY find Toriyama's monsters!"

Suezo: "Yeah! But they're BADIES!!"

Holly: "I will not let Black Magic get away with this!!!"

Genki: "We also meet some old friends!"

Baby Kato: "HI!!"

Pixie: ".............Do we know you.....?"

Baby Kato: "I'm from the earlier episode!"

Pixie and Big Blue: ..............?

Baby Kato: "Waaaahhhh!! You all are so mean!!" ;______;'''

Tiger: "Lead Us To The Dark Castle!"

Baby Kato: "REMEMBER????!!!!"


Falcon was a very busy dragon.

"Are we there yet?!?!"

A small vein appeared on the old Dragon's head, "Almost..."

A large group of Katos sat on Falcon and his troops' backs. The smallest one hopped up and down impatiently on Falcon's back. "Well, hurry up! We gotta find them!"

A younger Dragon flapped besides Falcon and murmured, "Why are we doing so many favors for these people anyway?"

Falcon through back his head and laughed, "It was a long time ago! Besides, we aren't doing them any favors...just their friends."


Ami played with her tea cup happily, suddenly, her wings dropped, "We haven't bought anymore supplies...."

Everyone stopped, eyes wide in a shocked. Coltia's stomach roared loudly, causing everyone to sweat and Coltia to blush.

"I guess there HAS to be a town somewhere..." Puck sighed, opening his map. "Yes! There's a couple of more!"

"YAAAY!" Coltia cheered. "Let's go, Puck-san!"

Puck opened a green eye at Holly, "Holly-sama?"

Holly shrugged, "It's not up to me..."

"OK! Then we'll go!" Puck laughed, rushing ahead with the others.

Holly sweated, left in the dust, then shrugged, running after them.


Black Magic sat in his throne, rubbing his black chin thoughtfully. [No one is left...except.]

A group of eyes glowed in the darkness followed by a voice, "So, Master Black Magic?"

Black Magic waved them off, and then the eyes disappeared in a flash. "Soon, I will face the rebels. And that Puck..." He laughed insanely and loudly.


The rebels rushed into the town an hour later, running into a near restaurant. Holly walked after them calmly, sighing with a smug smile.


"We want food! We want food! We want food!" Suezo and Coltia sang, pounding their utensils on the table in the beat of their singing.

Holly sweated with Tiger who growled, "If anyone asks, we don't know them."

Achika finally stopped Suezo by knocking him over the head with her fist and clamping Coltia's mouth shut. Hare was eager to sell his items, calculating the amount of money they would get happily. Ami sipped tea out of her new cup happily, the jewels sparking slightly. Angel stared at the teacup almost dumbly with her left cheek in her hand.

"What's wrong, Angel-san?" Holly asked concernly.

Angel snapped out of her long distant state, "Oh--! Urm, nothing...nothing really.."

Holly blinked and looked at Genki who also looked confused. The waiter gave them their food, bowed and walked away. Suezo attacked his food like an animal as the others sweated. Ami looked around at the wide eyes staring at them from the staff and customers.

"This is so embarrassing," Ami moaned, lowering her head between her shoulders, blushing timidly.


A furry paw stepped in front of the threshold of the town. A Rover, Pink Eye and Blue Fur with a troop of Totos stared into the town.

"Black Magic says they're here," Pink Eye said.

Blue Fur and Rover nodded, then Rover barked, "Let's GO!"

They all ran into the town at once.



Pixie's head snapped up to the sounds of lightning attacks and screaming villagers outside.

"Oh my!" Ami gasped as the restaurant became frantic with screaming people.

"Damn it!" Pixie hissed. "Some of Black Magic's people must've found us!"

"Then let's go kick 'em out!" Coltia exclaimed.

"HAI!" the others agreed rushing out the door.

Holly suddenly shivered. Genki blinked and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Are you OK?”

Holly nodded weakly, “I guess I may be catching something…”

“HOLLY!” a voice barked outside.

Holly’s eyes snapped, “NO!” She pushed past Genki and the others just outside to see her Rover friend, Pink Eye and Blue Fur lined up with their troop.

“Give up the Magic Stone and we won’t hurt anyone!” Pink Eye exclaimed.

“PINK EYE-SAN!” Suezo yelled. “Don’t you remember us?!”

Pink Eye snorted, “What are you talking about, you fool?! ATTACK THEM!”

The troop of Totos rushed forward with a howl. Holly was frozen in shock with Suezo as the troop closed in.

“Let’s get them! Don’t hit the Pink Eye, Rover or Blue Fur!” Achika ordered.

“HAI!” the others agreed and rushed forward to counter attack.

Pixie formed a lightning ball in her hands, “LIGHTNING!!”

The attack smacked back one Toto with a sharp yelp. The others started to attack the rebels furiously.

“JUSTICE PUNCH!” Coltia exclaimed, punching a Toto across the face.

Achika sweated at her happy master and then turned back to the fight, “Riiiiiight…”

Holly stared at nothing in shock. [Pink Eye… Rover… Blue Fur… Why? Why? WHY?!]

She gripped her head and fell to her knees, “NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

The battle abruptly stopped as a blue light filled the air.

“What the HELL?!” Pixie hissed.

Holly sobbed and lifted her head with a scream. The Toto troop howled in pain as the light grew stronger and stronger.

“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” Gray Wolf screamed over Holly’s scream.

“MISS HOLLY!” Coltia wailed.

The blue light flashed and then, Pink Eye, Rover and Blue Fur watched their troop turn into Mystery Disks.

“M_Mystery Disks?” Pink Eye gagged. “Why aren’t they turning into Lost Disks?”

The rest of them faded into darkness.


Pink Eye had heard about the young Holly. Her father was running for mayor, but he was kicked out of Toriyama because of his incredible desire for power. The young girl was whispered about sympathetically with the townspeople. The mayor had taken the parentless girl under his wing for her own comfort. Pink Eye sighed and continued her way up the grassy hill over looking Toriyama when she heard a light sobbing. The monster blinked and hopped over closer to see a little girl huddled into a fetal position, crying softly.

“Excuse me, little girl?” Pink Eye asked.

The girl looked up, her dark, brown eyes filled with tears. Pink Eye instantly recognized her as Faia’s daughter, Holly.

“Why are you so sad?” Pink Eye asked, although she knew the answer.

Holly sat up, wiping away her tears quickly, “Um, I’m sorry…”

Pink Eye blinked, “Why? Because you were crying?” Holly nodded sadly. “Aw… You don’t have to apologize for crying. Crying is good for you.” Holly sniffled and nodded again weakly. “My name is Pink Eye…and I want to be your friend…” Holly sat up, “R_really?”

Pink Eye nodded and Holly shot up happily, “My name is Holly Mercris!”

Pink Eye smiled and they walked back to town together, “Wait until I show you to Blue Fur and Rover…”


“Remember now, Pink Eye-san?”

Pink Eye opened her eye with Blue Fur and Rover. They were in a black hole of blue light, softly blinking. “H_Holly-chan?”

Holly appeared in front of them, dark brown eyes sad and tearing, “Why must all the ones I love be taken away?”

“Oh Holly-chan…” Rover gasped.

Blue Fur blinked and looked at the three monsters. Their Darkness symbols were gone and he finally remembered who he really was. His eyes grew small as he softly recited a legend under his breath, “After the fire dies, the blue light will revive it in a holy flame… The great, blue bird will do what the fire had done, and more…” He looked up at Holly. “Holly…”

Holly closed her eyes, “I know. My body possesses the Blue Phoenix.”

Suddenly, a bunch of sharp gasps came from behind the three monsters. They turned to see the rest of the rebels.

“M_Miss Holly…” Coltia gasped. “How do you know?”

Holly smiled a sad smile; “I figured it out from the minute I touched the Main Page… I thought you all would’ve figured it by now…”

Genki looked at Puck, “Puck? Did you know this?”

Puck nodded seriously, “Yes.”

“DAMN IT PUCK!!” Pixie screamed. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?!”

“If I may, I would like to answer that,” Holly spoke up. “The Magic Stone has always lead us to the Phoenix, which was inside Genki. I think I just never realized another soul was always with me… Genki-san was always more courageous and stronger than me. That’s why the Phoenix could be revived, his courage. I had none. I’ve finally opened my eyes and saw who I am. I see why I’ve gotten physically hurt so much since the beginning of our journey. Getting slammed into a wall, getting sick, using my energy, breaking my leg…it was all because the Blue Phoenix’s soul has been striving to be free on my body.”

“I think I see,” Angel spoke up, eyes and face solemn. “Do you think you can call upon the Blue Phoenix now?”

Holly shook her head sadly, “No, I’m sorry. I still need more time. That’s why the Magic Stone has leaded us on a wild goose chase. To gain experience…to meet others who will help us. To help me.”

Suddenly, the light faded and they found themselves in the town square again.

“Holly-chan,” Blue Fur whispered. He smiled. “We won’t abandon you again!”

Holly’s eyes wavered, “Minna…”

Blue Fur nodded happily with the others. Holly smiled as tears ran off her face, then fell into Blue Fur’s, Rover’s and Pink Eye’s embrace.

Ami sniffled and wiped a tear away from her eye, “I’m glad she’s finally truly happy…”

“Holly’s smile…so pretty!” Golem said.

Tiger nodded, “Yes.”

Gray Wolf grinned at his brother, “Aw, you’re so sweet, brother!”

Tiger blushed and looked down as the others laughed. Suddenly, Tiger stopped laughing and snapped his head up just as a bunch of shadows zipped along the ground.


Puck scratched his chin, “They appear to be Dragons!”

“Dragons?” Suezo asked. He snapped his eye up towards the Dragons. “Wait…”

He saw a baby Kato hopping up and down, waving his arms wildly at them. Suezo blinked and trailed his eye to the Dragon’s face…

“It’s FALCON!” Suezo exclaimed happily. “…And that Baby Kato…with a whole army of Katos!”

“Baby Kato?” Pixie asked.

Achika sweated, “You really don’t have a good memory, don’t you sis?”

“SHUT UP!” Pixie fumed, a large vein on her head.

Puck beamed, “Weeeeelllllll! I suppose they’ve decided to keep their promise!”

“Maybe, if they land,” Pixie snorted.

Suddenly, the army of Dragons flew low over the town and landed in a meadow further away. The rebels ran after them happily as the Baby Kato ran to meet them in the middle.


Black Magic frowned, “So, the three Toriyama monsters have also betrayed me. That girl, Holly... She must’ve done it! How the hell can a mere woman destroy my curse on them! Unless…unless…SHIT!”

He slammed his fist into his golden throne and barked, “GENERAL MAOIGON!”

A large, brown Golem foot stepped out of the shadows, “Yes?”

A Lilim flew over on to his shoulder, wrapping her arms around the Maoigon’s neck snugly. “Finally, we get some work!”

“I want you and Lilim to get me the girl Holly and her Magic Stone. No mercy to the others,” Black Magic growled.

Maoigon bowed, “Yes, my lord.”

Lilim nodded, “Yes.”

In the shadows, a familiar Kasumi and Ruby Knight listened in.

“Do you hear that, Ruby Knight-san?” Kasumi whispered.

Ruby Knight nodded, “Yes, we must tell him.”

“INTRODERS!” an Icy Jell screamed, sliding up to Black Magic and Maoigon. “IN THE CASTLE! TWO OF THEM!”

“I know,” Black Magic hissed.

He held out his hand and blasted the wall where Ruby Knight and Kasumi hid, sending the two flying back with a scream.

“I’ll take care of them, Black Magic-sama!” the Icy Jell exclaimed.

Black Magic peered after the Icy Jell, “Baka yo.”

Kasumi and Ruby Knight ran away from the throne room with the Icy Jell on their heels. Ruby Knight turned and drew out his sword while running backwards, “THUNDER!”

The Icy Jell screamed in pain as its body was electrocuted. After a bit, the jell breed exploded, revealing a Lost Disk once the smog cleared. Ruby Knight’s eyes peered in amusement, then he turned back to running. Suddenly, an army of mixed monsters crashed out of some doors and rushed forward to attack the two.

“Damn!” Ruby Knight hissed.

Kasumi laughed and flapped up into the air, “My dear Ruby Knight, please don’t tell me you’re scared! GIGAFLAME!”

Some monsters screamed and fell to the ground, being trampled by the others still moving ahead.

Ruby Knight held out his sword, “Death Bringer.”

A large, red ball of energy slowly appeared and Ruby Knight flung it forward at the monsters. The attack enveloped the screaming monsters as Kasumi stopped, not wanting to get caught in the attack.

“The window is right there!” Ruby Knight exclaimed, looking past the shriveling monsters. “Come!”

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” Kasumi screamed, voice hinting extreme fear. “Wait until the attack explodes!”

Ruby Knight glanced back to see Maoigon calmly walking towards them, his blue eyes glowing in rage.

“NO TIME!” Ruby Knight exclaimed, wrapping one arm around Kasumi.

“LET GO!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Kasumi screamed, almost a sob.

Ruby Knight ignored her and ran through the bright, red light and the shriveling monsters, some already Lost Disks. Kasumi screamed as Ruby Knight smashed through the window just as the powerful attack exploded. They fell for a moment, Kasumi screaming with tears flying out of her eyes.

[Come on brother… Come ON!] Ruby Knight thought.

Suddenly, a huge iron-bird ship interrupted their falling. Kasumi slid out of Ruby Knight’s arm, totally white with spirals in her eyes. Ruby Knight sweated, then turned as a soft whirling noise came from behind him. A Durahan with a long, red cape stood on a platform which slowly creaked up onto the roof where Kasumi and Ruby Knight stood (or lied ^.^;). A Janne Pixie flew up to land by Durahan, her face solemn.

“Welcome back,” the Janne said with a small bow.

Durahan laughed, “Yes! Welcome back, brother!”

Ruby Knight’s eyes formed into slits happily, “I’m glad you changed, X- Moo General Durahan…”

Durahan nodded, “Yes. What did you---?“ He glanced down at Kasumi with a huge sweat. “---Do to her…?”

Kasumi moaned, causing the two others to sweat too.

“Nevermind, she’s just scared,” Ruby Knight chuckled. “Anyway, I have some grim information. Also, your old ‘friend’ Lilim is back for another round…”

Durahan’s eyes became angry slits, “Oh?”


“Everyone! Look everyone, I told you! I told you! They all are here! Plus more! Many more!” the hyper Baby Kato exclaimed to his family and friends.

Ami sweated with Pixie.

Big Blue chuckled, “He reminds me of someone who was once young.”

Pixie snorted, “Genki? Yeah. But this fur ball may be more hyper.”

Holly took a backwards glance at Pixie, “There’s a scary thought.”

Ami covered her mouth with her fist and giggled lightly. Pixie grinned and snorted in amusement, hands on her hips. “VERY.”

Falcon put back his head and laughed, “Hurr hurr hurr huuurrrr!! It looks like your sense of humor didn’t change!”

“Of course not!” Hare bragged. “Neither have our smarts! Well, at least mine…”

Tiger growled, “Yeah right.”

Hare shot up in his face, “WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Tiger pushed his face closer, “YOU HEARD!”

“No fighting, chi!” Mocchi begged, pushing them away from each other.

Falcon laughed with his troops. “Yes, you all will never change. Have you all found any clues to the Blue Phoenix?”

“A_actually, we found her,” Coltia said softly.

Falcon blinked. “Huh?”

“I hold the Blue Phoenix’s soul inside of me,” Holly said.

“HUH?!” Falcon gagged. He blinked, and then laughed. “Yes! I see it in your eyes! Can you release the Blue Phoenix’s powers like Genki can?”

“Well,” Holly replied, “Only my Energy Yo and when I get mad or upset…”

Falcon frowned, “Hm. Durahan was hoping for something more…”

“DURAHAN?!” Suezo screamed. “You mean---?”

“---General Durahan?” Falcon ended smoothly. “At least, X-general? Of course! The Darkness Five general was killed, wasn’t he?”

Achika grinned, “By us, of course.”

Falcon put back his head, “Huuur hurr hurr hurr! Of course!”

Baby Kato jumped up and down, waving his arms about, “Durahan-san is with the Wise Group, Miss Kasumi and Mr.Ruby Knight!”

“Really?!” Coltia chirped. Her eyes waterfalled with tears happily, “Oooh! The heroes of JUSTICE unite!”

“Yeah, okay Coltia,” sighed Yosho grumpily.

Puck smiled to himself, “When I am ready, I will tell you how and why you possess the Blue Phoenix’s soul. It’s a story that---“

“WAAAAAIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!” screamed a voice. “MY STORY!!”

“Oh yes, Sueki Suezo came with us,” Baby Kato said flatly.

Puck smiled as Sueki Suezo hopped over to his face madly, panting. “Oh my! How silly of me! Go ahead!”

Sueki Suezo panted some more, and then wheezed. Everyone blinked and sat down, waiting for his story. Suddenly, the Suezo dropped to the ground, holding his heart with his tail. Pixie snorted and then burst out into laughter with Big Blue and Achika. Soon, everyone was laughing, even Holly.

“Et…tu…. Holly…?” Sueki Suezo panted, then glowed. (Note: Caesar’s last words were “Et tu, Brutus?”)

“Huh?” Holly gasped.

Pixie sweated, “H_he’s really getting a heart attack…? What an old fart…”


Baby Kato leaped around, “A DOCTOR! A DOCTOR!!”

Everyone else sweated at the baby’s misunderstanding. Suddenly, Sueki Suezo became a Lost Disk.

“SUEKI SUEZO!!” Holly screamed.

Puck sweated as Coltia pulled out her Monster Book and read, “Sueki Suezo: the first man made monster. He is rare because he dies after a short amount of time…”

Achika sighed, “Well, nothing gold can stay…”

“…Nor nothing old,” Pixie said.

Holly face faulted, “You all are heartless…”


Ruby Knight and Kasumi sat in a driver seat in Durahan’s ship, which he had rebuilt after reviving from a Lost Disk. “They should meet us just north of here.”

Durahan rubbed his chin as Janne stood straight by him, “Master Durahan, they were so close to the Black Magic Castle without any help along the way…”

“I know, they are powerful together,” Durahan said. “Believe me.”

Janne looked at him, and then looked back ahead, “Of course I believe you.” She was silent. “What about that Lilim pest?”

“Pest?” Kasumi cooed. “Aren’t you her sister?”

Janne blushed, “I refuse to call that bitch my sister.”

Durahan slapped his knee and laughed loudly. Soon, Ruby Knight joined in with Kasumi, causing Janne to turn away to hide her completely red face. Meanwhile, in the once ‘Frozen Warrior’ room, the remaining Wise Group listened to them laugh grumpily, hugging themselves to keep warm.

“Sueki Suezo has died, again,” Monol announced.

“WHAT?!” Alan gagged, shooting up. “Are they under attack?!”

“No,” Monol replied simply.

Alan’s eyes wavered, “The why? Why?!”


Alan blinked, looking up at Monol, “Monol-san?”



Lilim laughed as she cuddled around Maoigon’s neck. They were being carted across the dessert with their Dino troops. “Do you really know that Durahan will be there?”

“Yes,” Maoigon replied. “Then we will sneak on his ship and finish our mission.”

Lilim laughed softly, “Wonderful! Master Maoigon!”


Falcon and his troops carried everyone to where Durahan was going to meet them in the dessert.

“So what are you all doing?” asked Gary Wolf.

Falcon laughed, “We’re all going to help you defeat Black Magic!”

“What?!” Pixie gasped. “Don’t you care that you can die?!”

Falcon’s tone became cold, “Don’t you all?”

The rebels were silent.

“Ha!” Achika laughed. “HA! I’m not gonna die yet!”

Coltia nodded, “You tell them, Achika-chan!”

Holly was silent, eyes deep in thought.

“Holly, I know Black Magic isn’t going to give up that easily. He’ll probably send more people after us,” Tiger said seriously from a nearby Dragon.

“I know. That’s what I’m worried about,” Holly sighed. “I don’t want to endanger our friends.”

Tiger smirked, “They won’t get hurt. Besides, with all of us, how can we lose?”

Holly didn’t smile, “I don’t know.”

“Hey! Durahan’s already here!” Falcon laughed.

Everyone looked down to see Durahan, Janne, Kasumi, the remaining Wise Group and Ruby Knight look up at them, smiling.

“Looks like this is the beginning of a fight,” Janne said to Durahan.

“No, my dear Janne, it’s only the beginning,” Durahan replied.


Maoigon and Lilim watched the rebels and their friends talk in front of Durahan’s ship.

“Shall we go in?” Lilim purred.

Maoigon was lost in his thoughts. [That girl… I feel that her spirit is the kind who understands monsters and shares our pain. But how…? Why…?]

Lilim opened up a hatch in the ship, “Let’s go. When they least expect it, we will attack.”

“Right,” Maoigon said coldly.

[Although I sense something in that girl, I will never forgive people for their ways of making monsters slaves. Black Magic’s world vision is better… Isn’t it?]

To Be Continued…

**Waaah! I know that was really, really short, but the ending episodes will make up for it! >__<**

"The Air Fight!”

CP’s Notes: Sorry for taking so long! ;__; *Dodges pointy objects @_@* This is a huge memory/action episode! You’ll find out about a lot of people’s pasts! ^_~ Well, enjoy! This should be interesting… And the next episode won’t take that long! ^.^;;; This one is HUGE!! SO grab some brownies… *Makes sure Holly isn’t around* …Cookies or soda! ^__^ Mmm…soda…. *Skips off to get some as the MR 200X crew sweat*


“OK! Let’s go!” Durahan ordered his piloting crew as Janne stood by him like a soldier.

Durahan’s crew consisted of a Mew, a Mock and a Hell Pierre [Mocchi/Joker]. They chimed together, “Yes Master Durahan!”

The Kato army was riding outside on the Dragons who swarmed around the ship like a shield. The Wise Group decided to stay inside with the others because of “unfinished” business.

“Can you really do it, Genki-san?” Holly asked as the others crowded in the once “Frozen Warriors” refrigeration room.

Genki sweated, rubbing his neck nervously, “Well, I have to! I left poor Sueki Suezo there dead!”

Pixie sat on Big Blue’s shoulder, watching Genki concentrate, trying to mask her curiosity. “Hmph. How can you forget about your revival powers?”

Angel gave her daughter a sly smirk, “How could you forget about your family…?”

“SHUT UP!” Pixie fumed, a vein on her head.

Ami sighed and decided to ignore the fighting taking place. “Please everyone! Let dear Genki concentrate!”

Pixie’s nose wrinkled up, “Fine.”

“Gomen nasai,” Angel squeaked, scratching her chin nervously.

Holly smiled approvingly at her friends and then watched Genki concentrate. After a moment of deep silence from everyone, he started to glow orange…


A lost disk sat alone in the desert sands. Suddenly, it glowed orange and then transformed into a confused looking Sueki Suezo. He looked around frantically, and then paused. Slowly, a huge, red vein exploded onto his head. “TELEPORT!!!!!”

Genki waited with the others patiently.

Alan turned to Monol, “So…do you think Sueki Suezo is smart enough to teleport here…?”

Monol sweated. “Well…I…won’t…say…” He tipped over and pretended to be asleep. “ZZzzz…”

Alan sweated, “You really don’t want to answer that, huh?”

Monol sweated.

Suddenly, Sueki Suezo appeared behind Genki who screamed with the others in surprise.

“H_hi Sueki!” laughed Genki nervously.

Sueki Suezo opened his mouth and screamed, “HOW DARE YOU?!!??! YOU INGRATE!!! THIS IS HOW I FELT!!!!!!”

He shot down and swallowed Genki’s upper body as his lower half flailed about frantically.

“Drop him!” Achika ordered.

Sueki Suezo growled like a dog. Achika sighed and ran a hand through her short, green hair. She stomped over to the old Suezo and slapped his back as hard as she could. Genki shot out of Sueki’s mouth like a bullet as Sueki toppled over, a rather large X replacing his eye.

“GENKI!” Holly gasped, running over to his spiral eyed form.

Suezo grinned, “Ah, the memories.”

Coltia blinked in confusion, looking back and forth at Suezo and Genki quickly.

*Cue Music*

Genki: X_______X;;;

Holly: “G_Genki…” ;___;

Sueki Suezo: “Mm… He tasted like chicken!”

Holly: “………………….”

Tiger: “…Riiiight…”

Ami: “A_anyways… Today on our little episode, Lilim and Maoigon attack with stealth and force!”

Coltia: “Oooh! Like a ninja dude?!”

Pixie: “Yeah, like a ninja dude Colt…” -__-;

Coltia: ^__________________^

Puck: “Oh my! This sounds dangerous!” ^_^


Puck: “Sore wa, hitmitsu desu!” ^___^

Pixie: “And what the hell is up with that?! What IS your secret Puck?”

Puck: “Ooh-hooo! That’s not until the NEXT episode, silly!” ^__^

Pixie: *Grumble*

Coltia: “’The Air Fight!’”

Holly: “G_Genki-san…?” ;__;’’’

Genki: X________________________X


Sueki Suezo continued his grumbling and cursing as he and the other members of the Wise Group walked to their rooms.

“Why are you so upset?” Pinocchio asked innocently, looking up at the elder with big, black eyes.

“WHY?!?!” boomed Sueki, growing huge over the wailing Pinocchio. “BECAUSE ALL OF YOU FORGOT ABOUT GENKI’S POWERS!!”

Meanwhile, Holly entered the control room with Ami, both looking around as the crew flew the ship.

Janne turned her head slightly to look at them, silent. Durahan looked at Janne and then turned around. “Yes ladies?”

Holly jumped slightly, “Um, it’s nothing. Puck seemed to disappear, and I was wondering if he was in here.”

Janne looked at Ami, “And you?”

Ami blinked and then looked down in embarrassment. “Oh! Well, I wanted to speak with Durahan-san…”

Durahan blinked his red eyes and then nodded. “Let us speak on the deck.”

Janne scowled and rolled her eyes over to Ami. Ami bowed her head with a weak smile and lead Durahan away.

“What’s the matter Mistress Janne?! Are you jealous?!” mocked the Mew happily.

Janne drew her sword in a flash and put the blade up to the Mew’s neck. The other crew members trembled as they sweated in fear.

“No,” she replied calmly.


The smooth current of the air played with her short, blue hair and her long, bushy tail. Durahan strode up next to her, both watching the Dragons fly a few feet away.

“What’s troubling you, my sweet?” Durahan asked in a gentleman-like tone.

Ami blushed and turned to Durahan abruptly with large eyes, “Ah! Now I know why you had so many Pixie girlfriends!” She giggled.

Durahan’s helmet turned red, “I_I only had two!!”

Ami turned back to watching the peaceful flight of the dragons, each with a group of Katos on its back. “And Janne is your second?” Durahan nodded. “You won’t betray her like you did with Lilim?”

Durahan looked at Ami, “How do you know so much about the first coming of the Phoenix?”

Ami smiled, “My mother was one of the Darkness Five… Black Magic has records of the battles. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about…” She looked at Falcon just ahead. “…He knows the Dragons are coming. Before Moo was defeated, he kidnapped his own daughter Holly and the Dragons came to the rescue. Black Magic knows that if they came for the original heroes the first time, they will do it again.”

“I see,” Durahan mumbled thoughtfully, putting his hands behind his back. “So you’re saying that we need to get rid of them somehow? Tell them what you said?” Ami nodded solemnly. “But why have you come to me? Why not tell your friends?”

Ami sweated and looked at Durahan, “They would never agree… Think about Genki…”

Durahan thought hard about it…


Ami and Durahan explained to the others about Ami’s idea. “So…?”

Genki shot up, “NO WAY!! It’s all for one and one for all, right?!?! WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER!!”

The others stood up in Genki clothes and chorused Genki’s words over and over until Durahan put his hands on his helmet and screamed.


Durahan flinched and shook his head, eyes wide in horror.

“Um…?” Ami asked, blinking.

Durahan crossed his arms and closed his eyes, “That…would be scary…”

Ami sweated and scratched her chin. “H_hai! So when we get there, we must talk to Falcon and the Kato group. This is our battle; we cannot risk anyone else’s lives!”

“But that is what war is about. Those who believe in it, fight! Although I don’t agree with this life-risking thing idea, since the Kato group are our soldiers…I think it is wise for this battle,” Durahan explained seriously.

Ami looked down, eyes wavering.

Soon, she walked alone down the dark corridors, eyes shining with tears.


She stopped and looked up, blue eyes bright and glazed over.

[He doesn’t know how it feels like.]


Angel dragged back Ami’s unconscious form with her Pixie troops. Vanity looked down at Ami’s pale face and smirked a toothy grin. “Hmph. So this is your daughter, Lady Angel?”

Angel also grinned slyly, “Yes... And little girls belong with their mothers.”

Vanity laughed, “Oh ho ho ho ho ho! I totally agree! What do you think Black Magic will do to her?”

Angel closed her eyes, still grinning, “I will turn her into a baddie, and he will something greater... To vanquish her kindness.”

Later, Ami woke up in a cell on an uncomfortable cot. She looked down automatically and saw something gold flash in the dim light. Ami gasped, eyes small as a Darkness symbol was now attached to her body.

“So the caged, little canary has awoken,” a deep voice hissed.

Ami wobbled up and hissed, “Who are you?!”

“Oh…but you should know who I am.”

Ami thought for a second and then gasped again, eyes turning smaller as she backed to the wall. “B_Black Magic?!”

Black Magic stepped out of the shadows in front of her cell. “Yes… You are mine now! But before you will go out into the world with your mother…”

“YOU did that to her?!” Ami screamed.

Black Magic chuckled, “Surprise, surprise… The only thing to do now is to make you hate the world! The world is evil…”

“Stop it…” Ami begged.

“The humans and monsters both enjoy the same thing…killing…shedding blood!”

Ami sobbed and slid to her knees, closing her eyes. Dimly, she heard the cage door open and the loud footsteps of Black Magic’s huge, golden boots stomp towards her. Suddenly, his monstrous claw covered her face. Ami screamed as his hand glowed black, causing her hair to stand up on end. He smirked with clenched teeth.

“The only way to make you hate everything is to feel the death of everyone dear to you! When your mother dies, you’ll feel it! When your friends die, you’ll feel it! When your comrades die…you’ll feel it…” Black Magic purred. “And when masters die, you’ll feel their loneliness of dying without you!”

Ami screamed until his hand stopped glowing. Her eyes widened, turning completely blue before she slipped to the floor.

[Death was given at birth, my dear canary…]


Ami continued to walk, tears rolling down her cheeks. [I don’t want my masters to die like that… When this is all over, I will return to them…]

“Ami?” a raspy voice called out.

Ami gasped and looked off, loose tears flying off of her face. Pixie was standing at the end of the corridor, the bright lights surrounding her as if she was greeting Ami at the gates of heaven.

“What’s wrong?” Pixie asked.

Ami gulped down a sob and ran to her sister. Pixie gasped in surprise as Ami cried into her. “Ami…”

“P…please don’t die… I don’t want this feeling again!!” Ami sobbed.

Pixie blinked and slowly hugged her sister. “…Ami…”



“Ssh, Mistress Lilim!”

“These damn crates are…AH!! MY NAIL!!!!! I’’LL KILL DURAHAN WITH THESE CRATES!!!”


Maoigon and Lilim were stuffed inside a storage room, hiding behind a large stack of crates. Lilim looked at her broken nail with great disgust as Maoigon sweated.

“Do you think the Tainted Cats and those Stone retards are on their way?” Lilim sulked.

Maoigon nodded, “They should be on their way.”

Lilim’s cheek puffed out in anger and stuck the finger with her broken nail inside her mouth.

Maoigon peeked under the crack under the door and then snuck to peek out the tiny porthole. “We’ll know when they arrive. Black Magic-sama’s orders were to shoot down this ship after grabbing that Magic Stone the girl possesses.”

Lilim scowled, “I understood why Moo needed years ago, but what the heck does he want with it?”

“Hmph, foolish woman,” snorted Maoigon. “Didn’t you know?”

Lilim’s eyes narrowed at Maoigon, “Is it another one of those secrets Lilim can’t hear?”

“No… Black Magic-sama knows where the Blue Phoenix is. It’s inside that girl, and with that stone, we can absorb that power from her body,” Maoigon explained.

Lilim blinked and crossed her arms, “And what is our reward for this?”

Maoigon was silent.


Holly wondered around the ship with Coltia and Achika. “Puck? Puck-chan?”

“Hmph! Useless man!” Achika snorted in disgust, crossing her arms and crinkling up her small nose. “He’s always popping up when we don’t want him around and then when we do, he’s gone!”

Coltia looked down sadly as they walked. She whimpered, “Mmm…”

Achika sweated and looked down at her master. “Coltia-chan…?”

Coltia looked up at Achika was sincerer, large brown eyes; “Puck-san seems worried about something since Sueki spat out Genki-san…”

“Have you seen him since then?” Holly asked, blinking.

Achika turned red in anger, “He didn’t---?!”

Coltia blinked, “Huh? Wha?”

Achika sighed, “No…forget it…”

Holly sweated and scratched her chin. “Uh…”

A question mark flashed over Coltia’s sweating head. “What are you talking about…?”


Durahan walked into another dark corridor, eyes narrowed in deep thought.

[The Mint looked up at him with large, glistening eyes, “This is our battle; we cannot risk anyone else’s lives!”]

He paused and placed his chin in her fingers. [That girl…]

[“You won’t betray her like you did with Lilim?”]

He shook his head and threw his fist in the air heroically, “Why are her words having so much effect on me?! I am Durahan!” He paused and slowly placed his arm back on his side. [She seems like a naïve, little girl…but she has a deeper understanding of the world than anyone I’ve met…]


Lilim cuddled around his neck seductively. “Master Durahan! You look troubled! Maybe if you look at this new color I polished my nails with, you’ll feel better!” She held out her hand, nails glistening with a deep, red color.

Durahan flinched, remembering the slaughtering of humans and monsters in his conquest over the East Continent. Red was the color of blood…but he lived for blood… Then why…?

“Ooh, Master Durahan doesn’t like it?” Lilim pouted as she sat up on his shoulder.

Durahan gently pushed her extended hand back, “It’s not that… Lilim? Do you ever wonder what Moo will do with us after he conquers the world?”

Lilim put out her lower lip, “Why are you thinking so seriously now? We have our little plans…remember?” She traced outlines of circles on his chest plate. “…We have to kill Moo so we can be the most powerful force in the world…”


[Lilim thought the world revolved around her, she could care less about war. And Janne…] He closed his eyes and crossed his arms. [No…I won’t do that again…]


Janne wondered up to the deck and peeked out the large, metal door. “Master Durahan?” No one was there, so she walked out onto the deck and looked out into the horizon. [Master Durahan…]

“Yo! You like skies too?”

Janne turned to the man’s voice to see Alan, looking out into the sky. “Skies?”

Alan nodded, “Yeah… No matter how far away they are…they’re always blue…”

Janne blinked, “Is that so…?” She looked up into the sky too. “…The sky has never been my friend.” She looked down. [Master Durahan…]


She was wounded and alone. Her left arm refused to work as she dragged her blood stained body and sword on the ground. Janne clenched her teeth and cursed at wars as droplets of rain began to fall. She was a soldier of the Eastern Continent, where Durahan and his troops were raiding. So many people…humans and monsters…died in front of her eyes… Now she was dying, simple as that. She would die forgotten and alone, along with her troop. Janne had no idea where she was going, she just wanted to see something…anything…before she died instead of a vast desert. Finally, she collapsed onto the sand, breathing in loud pants as blood trickled down her temple. Dimly, she heard a loud step of footsteps and the clanking of armor. She opened her eyes and looked up to see General Durahan look down at her.

[Good. Kill me…]

She slipped in unconsciousness.

Later, she awoke by a fire with Durahan sitting by her. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

Durahan turned to her, “Unless I have a good reason, I try not to kill women.”

“Then why do your troops slaughter mothers?”

Durahan was silent, but then he replied, “I don’t know. War does that, I suppose. You know how it is, obviously.”

Janne scowled and looked away. “Leave me alone. It wasn’t my choice…it was yours.”

“Excuse me?”

“If you hadn’t killed my master, I wouldn’t have fought in this damned war!”

Durahan was silent again. Taking advantage of this, Janne wobbled up and grabbed her sword.

“Do you wish to kill me?” Durahan asked plainly.

Janne’s hands trembled as she raised her sword to swipe his head off. After a long moment, she screamed a curse and threw down her sword. Durahan nodded and got up. “I suggest you move away from this continent…if you honor your life.”

With that, Janne watched the proud General walk away, disappearing into the night.


“Master Durahan spared my life that night, as I did his,” she whispered.

“Ei?” Alan asked, blinking.

Janne shook her head, “Um, nevermind!”

Alan thought about that and finally asked, “Did you find him after the Phoenix was revived?”

Janne turned away so Alan couldn’t see her blush. He laughed and looked back up into the sky. “At least we have two Phoenixes now…”

“I suppose…” Janne whispered. “…The sky will always be high and blue, right?”


“Hey! Calm down, Ami!” Pixie gasped as Ami continued to sob. “Who said I was going to die anyways?”

Ami looked up at her slowly, large eyes glazed with tears. “Pixie-chan…?”

Pixie rolled her eyes, “Oh come on Ami. Why are you always like that? I don’t know what the hell is always making you sad, but screw it! You wanna see your masters again, right?”

Ami looked down, eyes wavering. “…Yes…”

“Say it louder! With that attitude, Black Magic is gonna kill you for sure!”


Pixie glared down at Ami.

“I-I mean YES!!”

Pixie beamed. “You’re gonna be just like me in time!”

Ami sweated, “…Um…”


“Really… I wonder where that man is!” Holly murmured, half to herself as the three girls continued their quest.

Coltia whimpered as Achika sweated. “Ooohh…Puck-saaaan…”

Achika shook her head, “You’ll never change, will you?”

Coltia blinked, “What do you mean, Achika-chan?”

Achika smiled and closed her violet eyes. “I remember…”


A little Vixen made her way through the rain sadly, large violet eyes tearing. She looked up to see a small village and stopped when she heard giggling. The baby Vixen stepped back fearfully as two girls and a Suezo ran up the hill towards her. After seeing her village burn down from Moo’s troops, the baby monster wasn’t ready to meet another human. Yet, she stood there and watched them approach.

“It’s nice that you visited us again!” the young girl with pigtails giggled as the three stopped.

The other one wearing a ponytail nodded and then fell back into the wet grass, laughing. The other girl giggled and followed with the Suezo. The Vixen blinked and cautiously leaned over the pony-tailed girl, blinking her huge, violet eyes. The girl instantly shot up, scaring the Vixen to step back. They stared at each other for a long time as her two companions watched.

“Hey Coltia, watch out!” the Suezo warned.

Coltia’s eyes blinked…and then turned huge and puppy dog like as the three others sweated.

“KAWAIIIIIII!!” Coltia screeched and then embraced the Vixen in a death hug until her eyes were replaced with a huge ‘X’. “Oh no… WWWWWAAAAAAAHHHH I KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!”

Holly and Suezo sweated bigger and then walked over to the Vixen.

“What’s your name?” Holly asked the Vixen.

Coltia released the Vixen as she looked up at Holly. “My name is Achika…”

“Where’s your master?” asked Coltia.

Achika blinked, “Master? I only have faint memories of my family…and my village being burned…”

“OOHHH!!! HOW CRUEL!!” sulked Coltia dramatically. She clung to Achika again. “You’re my monster now, Achika-chan!”

Achika sweated and wondered what she had gotten herself in to…


Coltia beamed, “I remember that!! …But I still have no idea what you mean…”

Holly sighed and sweated with Achika. “Coltia-chan…”

Suddenly, the ship rocked violently and then an explosion was heard from above.

“The hell---?!” Achika gagged, snapping her head up.

“WWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” Coltia wailed, eyes shooting out with tears. “I’M SCAAARRREEEDDD!!!”

The younger girl was cut off as the ship rocked to the left violently, sending the three crashing into the wall.


Janne uncovered her head from the ground with Alan and looked up at the top of the ship to see a captain of Stone Dragons perched on the rim, allowing Tainted Cats to leap off his back.

“Damn!” Alan hissed, drawing his sword.

Janne got up too and drew her blade. “Go inside and find Miss Holly before the other baddies get to her!”

Alan looked taken back, “What about you?”

Janne didn’t answer at first, but then she replied, “Soldiers were trained to die. GO!”

Alan hesitated briefly, but then shook his head and rushed inside. The Tainted Cats marched up to Janne who blocked the door.

“Move woman!” barked the leader.

Janne set her sword forward, “Come sir, your passado.”

At once, the Tainted Cats rushed forward with their extended claws as the Stone Dragon took off to join the other Stone Dragons attacking the pirate dragons. Janne only stood and watched the claws come at her.


“HOLLY?! COLTIA?! AAACHIKA?!” Genki screamed as he and the others rushed down the rumbling ship.

“First Puck, now those three!” Pixie murmured sourly on Big Blue’s shoulder.

Angel turned to Pixie, “Don’t forget, Black Magic wants Holly and her stone!”

Gray Wolf growled as he and Tiger lead the way, “I wonder how they knew we were here?!”

“I don’t know,” Monol agreed. “But there must be someone on the ship that ordered them to come.”


They looked ahead just in time to see a monstrous tornado attack heading straight towards them.


Achika lifted up a spiraled eye Coltia and looked upwards again. Holly got up too, rubbing her head painfully. Suddenly, a burst of fire missed Achika’s head by centimeters, burning the tips of her hair on the side of her head.

“Well, if it isn’t little Holly! Oh my! Nevermind the ‘little’…you’ve grown up!” laughed a woman’s voice from the shadows. “And who are these people?”

Achika spun around angrily, “Who’s there?!”

Holly’s eyebrow flinched, “Lilim…”

Lilim leaped down from the shadows above, a single claw extended at Holly’s neck. Holly shrieked and snapped her head away, eyes closed. Lilim cut the thread of Holly’s Magic Stone and caught the stone in the palm of her hand and glided back up.

“You---!” growled Achika, placing Coltia back onto her feet.

Lilim sat snugly on a metal beam and looked at the Magic Stone. “It’s still as beautiful as ever.” She looked back down at the angry three. “…And soon, it will be used for even more beautiful purposes!”

“Hand it OVER!” Achika growled, flapping up at Lilim.

Lilim leaped back and spread her wings out to catch the air, “Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! In your dreams!” She chucked a fireball at Achika who dodged it quickly. “Sayonara!” She blew a kiss and flapped away.

Holly growled and rushed after Lilim with Achika taking the lead in the air. Coltia looked around wildly and then wailed, running after her friends.

In the shadows above, a single green eye opened, “This is not good…”

It disappeared along with its owner.


Genki hit the ground on his back with the others as the dust created a thick fog. He opened an eye and looked up to see Maoigon stomp towards them, first at a slow pace, and then a faster pace.

“Look out!” Sueki Suezo gagged.

“Time to DIE!!” Maoigon roared, raising a huge arm towards Genki.

Suddenly, as Genki closed his eyes, a sword smacked Maoigon’s arm back and then a Worm’s needle pierced it to the wall.

Maoigon looked at his stuck arm and then turned his head back. Alan and his Worms stood in front of the rebels, Genolly’s tail still up. “Hmph. So you rebels are accompanying the Wise Group.” He grunted and tore his arm away from the needle. “This may be interesting after all. Lilim probably has the Magic Stone and that girl already, so I won’t hold back!”

Alan flinched. [If these battle continue in this ship…]

Durahan drew his blade, “Are you nuts? This whole ship will crash!”

“…Again…” Angel murmured to herself.

Maoigon closed his eyes and looked down, “Warriors are fully prepared to die for their services…are you telling me you all are afraid to die?”

With the word ‘die’, his body twisted and separated into another tornado attack, zooming right towards them.

Pixie closed her eyes and shielded her face with her arm, “Damn!”


Inside the control room, Durahan’s crew was frantic.

“If the battle currently on the roof continues, it can destroy the top wing and the engine!”

“If Lilim is continued to be pursued, the main system core will be damaged!”


“The wiring in the walls are old and any direct damage could be fatal!”

“Shit…how can we get rid of these people and save the day?!”

“Not to mention land!”

“Hey! They have the two Phoenixes, they have to pull this off!”

“…Even though they are Phoenixes…to ‘err’ is to human…”

“And monsters too?”

“Hai. The only thing we can do is to go faster to actually get to the castle!”

“Yes Mock!”

“……If we die, at least I want to crash this piece of scrap into his castle……”



Lilim glided calmly through a corridor, looking at the Magic Stone. “Hmm! What a fine piece of jewelry! I hope Black Magic gives it to me when he’s done…”

“DON’T LET SHINY THINGS DISTRACT YOU!!” Achika’s voice came from above.

Lilim looked up with a gasp, just in time for Achika to shoulder her in the face and snatch the Magic Stone. Achika swooped back up as Lilim hit the floor, holding her face.

“Ow…what…a…cheap shot…” Lilim complained through her fingers.

Achika put her hand by her mouth and laughed, “Hauh ha ha ha ha ha… You should talk!”

Lilim uncovered her face, a red elbow mark in the middle of her face, “That’s it!! Give me back the stone, you simpleton!”

“Oh my! A simpleton, am I? And who was looking at the pwetty stone like she was in a daaaazze?” Achika asked in a singsong voice.

A vein popped onto Lilim’s head, “Why you---!”

“Achikkkaaaa-chhhaaaan!” Coltia’s voice wailed as her and Holly burst through the door at the far end of the corridor.

“…Two more…” Lilim hissed through clenched teeth. Suddenly, she smirked slyly and turned to Holly. “So, Miss Blue Phoenix, did you know Black Magic has a great interest in your pretty face?”

Holly clenched her teeth, “I will not go with you.”

Lilim laughed, “Oh ho ho ho ho! But did you also know about the various bloodshed going on in this ship?”

Holly’s eyes snapped and wavered. “Bloodshed?”

Coltia bawled a fist and turned to Holly heroically, “Ooh! Don’t listen to that baddie, Holly-san! She’s trying to fool you!”

Lilim smirked, “Master Maoigon is taking of your other friends, and the Stone Dragons with the Tainted Cats are taking care of those Dragons and Katos!”

“Nani?!” Achika gagged.

“…M_Mr. Falcon…” Coltia gasped, eyes wavering.

Achika looked down and closed her eyes, “Damn it…”


Another battle raged in the sky with the Katos, Pirate Dragons and Stone Dragons. Falcon roared and swung his tail around, the baby Kato and his family wailing. His tail smacked against a Stone Dragon’s face, sending it catapulting to the ground.

“Yay Mr. Falcon!” whooped baby Kato.

Suddenly, a burst of flame zoomed in between Falcon and another Dragon, smacking against the ship. Suddenly, as the fire cleared, a small stream of smoke came from the wing.

“At this rate, WE’LL end up killing those guys inside!” Falcon exclaimed.

“Then we must take this battle away, sir!” one Dragon barked.

The other Dragons and Katos agreed. Falcon smiled and exclaimed, “OK! FALL OUT!!”

His troops roared at once and then swooped away from the ship. Flacon stayed behind and watched the angry Stone Dragons flap after them. Falcon shifted his wings and hovered by the balcony of the ship where tons of Lost Disks lied. “Lady Janne!”

Janne looked up, clutching her bleeding shoulder, “S_sir?”

“You’re hurt!” Falcon gasped.

“Nevermind me, sir!” Janne exclaimed. “I’ll use a Recovery when my strength comes back! What do you need from my services?”

Falcon smirked and shook his head, “I’m glad you feel that way about your wound… We’re going to take this air battle somewhere else! Tell the others we’ll see them later…after they beat Black Magic!”

Janne was silent, eyes trailing down hopelessly. “…You think they’ll do it?”

Falcon threw back his head and bellowed, “HURR hurr hurrr! Of course they’ll do it! And…you and Durahan will help, ne?”

Janne smiled and saluted the old Dragon. “Yes… Yes sir!”

Falcon laughed again and then shifted his wings again, “Well, give them my regards! We’ll be around!” With that, he glided down under the clouds to battle.

Janne held the railing with her good hand and beamed, eyes wavering. [Hope…there’s something I haven’t experienced in years…]

Her hand glowed and her recovery began.


“Damage report!!”

“The right wing is filled with smoke!!!” “Shit… Can we still fly?”

“Yes sir! But we can’t take anymore damage near that wing!”

“Yosh… Then we still have a chance!”



“Damn!” Pixie hissed as she shielded her face with her arm. [This is how we’ll die?!]


Pixie gasped and looked up just in time to see Maoigon scream in pain and fall backwards by a grinning Puck.

“Oh my! Small world, ne Miss Pixie?” laughed the sorcerer, waving genially.

“YOU BASTARD!!” Pixie fumed, waving an arm. “WHY DIDN’T YOU SHOW UP BEFORE?!”

Ami sweated and pushed herself up, glancing at a spiral eyed Kasumi.

Puck rubbed his neck, eyes upturned with a smile on his face, “Oh! Weeelll you seeee… I was watching Lilim and I forgot about all of you!”

“Damn you, Puck!!” Pixie fumed, waving both her arms as Big Blue sweated.

Genki got up and watched Maoigon struggle up, “It’s not over yet!”

“Hai!” Ruby Knight agreed, drawing his sword.

The others got up and went into a fighting stance.

“…I see… I see…” Maoigon whispered hoarsely as he faded out.

The others blinked and gagged as a thin, black stream of energy floated over their heads.

“MASTER DURAHAN!” Janne’s voice exclaimed as she ran to them. “LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!”

“NANI?!” Durahan gagged, whirling around.


Holly shook her head, “No…I won’t let you get away with this again!”

Lilim smirked and cocked an eyebrow. “Oh? And what are you going to do?”

Achika grinned insanely, “You mean what ‘we’re’ gonna do!”

Coltia beamed, “It’s three against one, Lilim! Why don’t you give up?”

Lilim spat, “NEVER!” She gathered a small amount of red energy in her hand, gradually growing larger and larger. “SONIC BEAM!!”

The huge, red beam zoomed at a trembling Holly, eyes small in fear.

“HOLLY-CHAN!!” Achika screamed, violet eyes as tiny as Holly’s.


Durahan grunted as a huge fist dented his chest plate. He screamed and landed hard on his back by the others.

“How the heck did he do that?!” gagged Suezo as they turned to see Maoigon, eyes glowing blood red.

“He looks pissed…!” Gray Wolf warned.

Tiger nodded and then lowered his head. [How did he do that…?] He gasped as his eyes snapped, remembering how Lady Darkness teleported them to battle and even the Darkness Five’s Durahan. [Now I see… Black Magic must share his power with his minions!]

Janne knelt by Durahan who trembled in pain. “Master Durahan…” She closed her eyes and held out her hands to heal him, but he brushed her hands away, causing her to gasp. Her eyes turned small as a dark shade of blue appeared over her nose. “Master Durahan…?”

He got up, pushing down on his knee to support himself. “No…I will end this! Maoigon, listen to me!”

Maoigon growled and pulled back his arm to punch again, “NO!!”

Hare crossed his arms and scowled, “Oh dear… Looks like rage…”

Mocchi blinked, “Like what happened to Golem, chi?”

Golem was silent as he remembered how, years ago; he killed the Jells that attacked his home. Ami looked up at Golem and then looked back at Durahan. “Durahan-san? Will you fight him alone?”

Durahan nodded solemnly.

“NO WAY!” Genki exclaimed, just like when he was 10. He bawled his fists in front of his body. “All for one and one for all!!”

The others (except for a sweating Ami and Janne) agreed just as loudly. Durahan sweated and remembered his daydream. [Ho boy…]

He turned to the others, “Fine. Janne, Genki and Puck, will you help me?”

“Hey! What about us?” Pixie half whined.

Yosho grinned and looked at Pixie slyly, “Stop whining and listen.”

Janne nodded with Genki and Puck, “Hai!”

Durahan turned to the others, “The rest of you, find Miss Holly and the others!”

“Holly! I forgot---!” Genki gasped.

“Forget it, kid! We’ll go look for her!” Tiger proclaimed.

Gray Wolf grinned at Genki, “Take care of yourself. Holly will kill us if you died.”

Genki laughed and then nodded. The others rushed away, leaving the three to face Maoigon.

“My name is Maoigon,” Maoigon mumbled. “I use to be in your army, General Durahan…”


“…You were in charge of taking over the East Continent. So we followed you.”

Durahan lead his army through the desert on his horse, eyes glowing. Maoigon stood beside him, eyes cold and ready for battle.

“…It was a suicide mission, but none of us cared…until…”

The army screamed as a cannon ball blew up in the middle of the group, instantly turning anyone in range into Lost Disks. Durahan barked an order to retreat and kicked his horse’s side to get it going. Maoigon followed with some others, but a cannon ball exploded in front of him.

“…You don’t know how afraid we were!! You never experienced death like that!!”


Durahan closed his eyes and remembered his final moments. His iron bird was exploding and with his final breath, he killed a screaming Lilim with his sword. Then, everything flashed white and he felt himself die. “…Yes I do… I died in this very ship…it exploded…”

Maoigon shook his head, “It’s not the same!! You knew you were going to die!!” He roared and twisted himself in another tornado attack. “DIE!!!!”

Janne scowled as her hair whipped violently around her head from the vacuum-like attack. [I won’t let anything happen to Master Durahan, Genki or Puck…]


“HOLLY!!” Achika screamed. Holly screamed and shielded her face. Suddenly, the beam was absorbed inside a small, black, hat. Holly peeked open an eye with Coltia and gasped at the sight of Ghost.

“Hello girls!” Ghost laughed, eyes remaining upturned.

Lilim and Achika sweated as Holly and Coltia tripped to the floor.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” Lilim fumed. “YOU!?”

Ghost peeked open a black eye, “I think this belongs to you! Here!”

He tipped his black hat forward and the beam shot back out. Achika dodged it with a startled yelp as it consumed Lilim. Lilim screamed and then dropped to the ground.

Holly looked up at Ghost, “Mr.Ghost…? Then where’s Puck?!”

Ghost turned to Holly; eyes upturned again, “He’s taking care of some other business!”

Coltia blinked, finger on her chin. “Huh? What?”

Ghost sweated, “Nervermind. Ja…! What shall we do with Lilim here?”

“Kill me,” she grumbled crossly.

Achika leaned over her, “Why?”

Lilim looked up, “Because! I lost!!”

Holly walked over and shook her head, “You’re alive. Be thankful and start a new life! I know you can…you’re just misguided, like the other monsters.”

Lilim hissed a curse as the four walked away. “…Damn this sucks!!”

She was left in the darkness, silent. Her blood slowly crept across the floor, causing her to laugh at the irony of it all…


“FLARE!” Genki exclaimed, sending out a burst of flame.

Maoigon was thrown back, his attack, once again, canceled. He shook his head and roared, running towards them again, huge fist out. Durahan flinched visibly and touched his dented armor.

“DIE!!” Maoigon screamed.

Durahan held up his trembling sword, but just as Maoigon got close enough, his weak hand dropped the sword. Janne gasped and looked to Maoigon, getting closer.

“MASTER DURAHAN!!” she screamed on top of her lungs and rushed in front of him, arms wide apart.

“Janne! NO!” Durahan begged.


Janne grunted, eyes small as blood left her mouth. Maoigon’s fist was covered in blood as she flew back, knocking over Durahan in the process.

“JANNE!” Genki screamed.

Puck opened his small, green eyes, wavering in horror.

Durahan, after they stopped sliding by the wall, quickly scrambled up and held Janne in his arms. “Janne!!!”

She opened her eyes, wavering. A small smile played on her lips. “…Yes…sir…”

She let out a long, soft sigh and closed her eyes again, glowing. Durahan found himself crying, something he hadn’t done in years. “Janne! No! JANNE!!”

Soon, with a bright flash, he was left holding a Lost Disk, its root wrapped around his large arms, but loosely enough so he could slide them out.

Durahan trembled and sobbed, hanging his head. “Janne… Why did you save me…? Why… WHY?!”

The Lost Disk didn’t answer, but Durahan continued to ask it ‘why’. Maoigon laughed, head thrown back.

“Women are fools! Men were meant to rule the Earth, and they are our fools!” Maoigon laughed.

“No… You’re wrong…” Genki whispered with his eyes shaded in black. “…Women are what prevents us from being the blood-thirst hunters that God made us be at first. But that’s why he created women…to show us that blood is not the only solution! To brighten our miserable existence with their smiles! Although men tend to be jerks, they still fall in love. Would you fall in love with someone who thought love was only seen by the judgment of eyes? I wouldn’t! But women do, and they change our views about what love truly is! Love wasn’t meant to be judged by the eyes…but by the heart!”

Puck blinked, “Genki-san…”

Genki smiled, looking up. His clear eyes wavering, “Holly said those last words when we were young…”


A teenaged Holly sighed as she sat on a fountain edge in a town. She felt the white marble and smiled at the clear water flowing up endlessly. Suddenly, a beautiful woman walked by, a man following her with arms loaded with boxes.

“Pick up the pace if you love me!” the woman laughed as the man’s eyes waterfalled with tears.

Holly scowled with disapproval.

“Hey Holly!” Genki’s voice cheered beside her.

Holly blinked and turned her head to see Genki watching the woman with a smile. “Genki…”

Genki blinked and looked at the sad Holly, looking down at her hands. “What’s the matter Holly? Are you thinking about your dad again?”

Holly shook her head with a small smile. “No…” She sighed as Genki blinked in confusion. “…Genki… Would you fall in love with that woman over there?”

Genki blinked and then burst out in laughter.

Holly blushed a little angrily, “What’s so funny?!”

“I’m ten, Holly!” Genki laughed.

Holly scowled again and turned away from his grinning face, “I guess you wouldn’t understand…” Genki looked at the back of her head anxiously. Holly sucked in a breath and looked back at Genki sternly. “Genki. Always remember this. Love wasn’t meant to be judged by the eyes…” She closed her eyes. “…But by the heart…”


“Genki’s right!” Durahan growled as he stood up, sword drawn. “JANNE! THIS IS FOR YOU!” He glowed an unearthly red along with Maoigon. “…It’s funny, Maoigon… How we were destined to die over and over again…”

Maoigon was silent. “…Me and you use to be friends…”

“Hai. And we’ll still be friends,” Durahan chuckled.

Maoigon closed his eyes and stopped glowing, “Thank you. …Good-bye, General Durahan. Let us dine in hell as friends.”

Durahan nodded and raised his sword. “THUNDERBOLT!!”

Maoigon closed his eyes and accepted his death.


“Sir! The wing has been repaired! All battles have stopped!”

“…Who has won?”

“Master Durahan and the others!”

“Thank you God!”

“Hmph. Ha ha ha ha!”


Genki squatted by Janne’s lost disk, eyes closed. “Resurrection!”

The Lost Disk glowed and shifted into a shape. Soon, Janne lied in the spot she died, blinking.

“Janne…” Durahan breathed, holding his dented armor.

“Master Durahan?” Janne asked in confusion.

“GEEEENNNNKIIIIIIII!” Holly’s voice cried.

The others ran up to them, panting. They looked at Maoigon’s Lost Disk in silence.

“…Is everyone OK?!” Ami gasped, breaking the silence.

“Now!” Puck beamed, giving them a peace sign.

“PUCK-SAAANNN!!” Coltia cried. She leaped onto Puck and gave him her famous death grip hug. “I WAS SCARED!!!!”

Puck slowly turned three shades of blue and passed out. Coltia blinked as he slid to the floor, an ‘X’ replacing both his eyes as the others sweated. “WAAAAAHHHH!!! I KILLED PUCK-SAN AGAAAAIIIINNNNNN!!!!”

Achika blinked and then laughed. Soon, everyone but a sobbing Coltia was laughing.


Later that night, as everyone was sleeping his or her room, Lilim weakly dragged herself to Maoigon’s Lost Disk, blood trailing behind her. “M_master Maoigon…”

She wrapped her arms around it, smiling. “…I learned so much today… Last time, I learned nothing, and so, I died as nothing. But now…now that my eyes are finally opened…I know…I want…” She paused to sob lightly. “…Next time we are resurrected…let us be together on the side of good… So then…we can finally die…as something of good use.”

She smiled and glowed red. Soon, her Lost Disk was entwined with his.


Puck strolled down the hallway as a Mock mopped the floor of the blood. He paused and opened his eyes to peer at a pool of blood by two Lost Disks. With a soft sigh through his nose, he continued on.

“Puck,” Monol’s voice called out.

Puck paused and turned to Monol, “Yes?”

Monol’s body seemed to tip to look at the blood, “…Reminds you of the war, right?” Puck was silent. “Puck, you must tell her soon, or the Blue Phoenix may never be revived, like Mei wished it to.”

Puck nodded, “I understand.”


Alan, early the next morning, stood on the balcony, admiring the sky again with his two Worms.

“You’re up early,” Janne’s voice came from the door.

Alan turned to the Pixie breed that also admired the sky. He smiled and nodded, “Hai.”

She smiled and closed her eyes, “It’s funny…”

“What’s funny?” Alan asked in confusion as his Worms turned to her too.

Janne opened her eyes, “…When I died, my soul wondered upwards into the sky, and no matter how high up I was, it was always blue.”

Alan grinned, “Told ya.”

Janne nodded deeply.

Alan looked very solemn. “But, Black Magic wants to turn the sky black…I will never forgive him for that!”

"Puck’s Secret!”

**Notez: Heh heh…once again, sorry for the wait. Writer’s block… X__X This is short and sort-of fast-paced, but the last 2 episodes make up GREATLY for it. Thanks!


“What was it you wanted to show us?” Pink Eye asked as she, Rover, Blue Fur walked along side an older man with spiky, light blonde hair.

“I think you all might find this interesting. We spent a lot of time working on this project,” the man replied.

Blue Fur blinked, “Project? What are you talking about, Ed?”

Ed smiled slyly, “I am the new mayor of this town…the town where Dansiver and Mei lived…”

“And---“ Pink Eye began.

Suddenly, the three monsters stopped, eyes tiny in shock. “Oh my God…”

Ed ran up in front of them, spread his arms out wide and motioned his head to a town that was being reconstructed on.

“Welcome to the new Toriyama!”

*Cue Music*

Puck: “The spotlight shines on me today!” ^_^

Pixie: “And when you tell your story…will it explain why you’re so weird?”

Puck: “Maaaaaaybe!” ^_^


*Runs back and forth in front of Puck, laughing*

Puck: ^.^;;;

Big Blue: “…Maybe you need some rest, Master Pixie…” ^_^;;

Pixie: “KAY!!!”

*Drops to the floor*

Big Blue: O_O;;

Holly: “…Today’s episode!” ^_^;

Coltia: “’Puck’s Secret’! Ooh, Miss Holly! I can’t wait!!” ^____^

Puck: “Oh my! It’s almost the end! And many more secrets must be revealed!”

Pixie: *SNORE* -.-


Coltia looked out the porthole window of the ladies’ sleeping room sadly. The stars twinkled weakly on the black curtain of night. “Really…”

Achika looked up at her master curiously as she sat on the floor, blinking.

“…I wonder if Falcon and the others are OK,” Coltia continued, eyes wavering.

Holly smiled gently. “Don’t worry. Falcon and the others have proved before they can take care of themselves.”

Pixie nodded in agreement, “I mean, if they can survive through Moo’s reign, they can survive somehow through this reign of chaos.”

Coltia sniffled, but nodded weakly. She looked up to a slight clanking of armor and everyone else turned to see Janne stiffly on one knee, eyes closed with her head bowed. “I take full responsibility for letting Falcon go. I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking.”

“You’re not responsible for anything,” Holly said softly. “Like we said before, they’ll survive.”

Janne didn’t even flinch, until the door opened quietly. Ami stepped in, looking oddly serious. “Everyone…Puck wants to speak to us right away.”

Janne looked up with the others, all wearing an expression of surprise. Ami’s look continued to show like it was cast in stone.


“Damn, it’s freezing in here!” Durahan complained on the ground of the once Frozen Warrior room, arms wrapped around his armor. Everyone was sitting on the ground too; the only one not mumbling to themselves was Monol.

“That is how you wished it would remain,” Janne reminded him without turning to him.

Durahan growled softly and shot up, slamming the heater button on the wall with his fist. Coltia, who was sitting on the heater, suddenly shot up, holding her butt. “WWWWAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! MY BUNS ARE ON FIRE!!!”

Everyone sweated as she raced around, wailing. Finally, Sueki Suezo tripped her onto the ground and used his spit attacks on the flame.

Spiral eyed and covered head to toe in spit, Colt murmured, “…Thank you…waah…”

Achika sighed and tried to clean off the goop on her master as Puck sat in the middle of them, his usual genial expression on, despite how serious things were. “FAR before we met, my friends, about, oh, thousands of years ago, I was living in that tower with my grandmother we visited.”

“…And destroyed,” Pixie snorted softly.

Puck put a finger on his chin, “Oh my, yes we did. Anyways! It was boring, as you can all guess! Until one day, some very unusual visitors appeared!”


“…It was Dansiver, with his chosen fiancée, Mei. They had grown up with each other since Mei and her Vanity, Masami, were found by Dansiver’s parents as wee tikes! They had come because they were lost! Such irony for the future heroes, wouldn’t you agree?”

A Bowwow monster leaped around, looking at each ‘page’ in the tower. “Wow! Check this one out, Dansiver! And this one! And this one! And this one! And this one! And…”

“Oh just SHUT UP!” Masami screamed, throwing her fists down at her sides. “Why are you always so damned hyper?!”

“…Bowwow was Dansiver’s monster, who he named Flash. Flash had inherited some of Dansiver’s characteristics, much like Genki and Mocchi.”

Mei watched Flash leap around and repeat himself over and over just to annoy Masami. She looked around at the millions of pages in the ground and then turned to Dansiver. “Dansiver, who do you think lives in a place like this?”

Dansiver scratched his neck; trailing his hand up to brush the back of his short, brown hair. “I’m really not sure. Maybe no one does, I mean, look at this dump.”

Suddenly, he was knocked forward with a slap of a tiny, black cane. Mei gasped and looked up, causing Masami to look up sharply with Flash. Ghost floated comfortably over them, eyes upturned as usual, but he wore a more serious expression. Mei gulped and stepped back to Dansiver’s side as he held the bump on his head.

“Who are you?!” Masami demanded.

Ghost was silent, face growing more and more serious.

“…Damn it! He’s gonna attack…” whispered Masami, getting ready herself.

Ghost held up his cane slowly as Mei cowered into Dansiver’s side. Flash flinched and stood in stance with Masami.

Suddenly, the cane glowed and…

…Flowers popped out of the cane along with some confetti.

“Hello!!!” Ghost cheered, a goofy expression spreading across his face.

Masami blinked with the others and then, at once, they all tripped to the ground with a groan.


“Hmph! It figures you would do something as stupid as that!” Pixie snorted at Ghost.

“HOLD ON A MINUTE!” Coltia exclaimed, throwing out her arms.

Puck peeked an eye open at her as the others looked at her.

“This story is leading to something…WERE YOU DANSIVER’S PARTNER?!” Coltia shrieked.

Puck’s face fell in disappointment, “Oh…you ruined it, Miss Coltia…”

The others gagged loudly and flipped over on their backs.

“YOU?! YOU WERE ONE OF THE LEGENDARY HEROES?!” Pixie spat, pointing to Puck insanely.

Puck nodded, his usual expression returning. “Yes! Why do you look so surprised? Wasn’t it obvious?”

“DAMN YOU, PUCK!” Pixie fumed, stomping her foot.


“…Anyway, where was I? Oh yes!”

Dansiver, Mei, Masami and Flash were about to leave the city when Puck and Ghost stopped them.

“What’s up, Puck?” Dansiver asked, blinking.

“I’m bored! Let me join you!” Puck sang.

“WHAT?! NO WAY!” Mei shrieked, backing away from the sorcerer.

Puck face faltered, “What’s the matter, don’t you like me?”

“NO!!” Mei wailed as Puck teasingly came closer to her.

Dansiver sweated with Flash as Masami got into it along with Ghost. “…Well…this is gonna suck…”

Flash could only nod.


“…And that was the start of a beautiful relationship!” Puck sang.

Holly sweated with the others; “…Um…I wouldn’t call it beautiful from the sound of it…”

Puck laughed and continued. “Soon, we met an interesting young girl named Jean and her Striker Naga, Kumi.”

“Wow! Your own band of JUSTICE!” Coltia sang, eyes starry with her fists bawled under her chin.

Puck smiled, “You can say that!”

Pixie sweated and rubbed the space in between her eyes. “Oh boy…”

Puck looked suddenly serious again, “You, young Coltia, remind me of Jean.”

Coltia blinked and pointed to herself in confusion. “Me…?”

“Yes. Like all the others, they have died and their kindred have had kindred and so on and so on, as I watched,” Puck sighed. “But when Miss Holly, one of the descendants of Mei and Dansiver was born, I placed the Blue Phoenix’s soul inside her body like Mei asked me to do when Black Magic awoke.”

Coltia’s eyes wavered, “Puck-san…”

Puck looked up, with his usual expression on. “SOO-Hooo! Now you all know my story!”

Pixie grumbled, “That’s it? I was expecting something…weirder…”

Big Blue sweated at his master, “Uh…isn’t that weird enough Master Pixie…?”

Ami picked at an invisible pebble on the floor, wings dropping slightly. Holly looked at Ami and then looked at Puck with large, questioning eyes. “How did Mei have the power to create such a creature?”

Puck crossed his arms, eyebrows cocked upwards in deep thought. “…I don’t really know if I should really explain right now…”

Monol nodded his flat body, “When the time comes, Puck.”

Puck looked at Monol and then nodded quietly. Pixie shot up angrily, “Huh?!”

Coltia shot up in front of her, pointing at Puck dramatically. “Oooh! Why not?!”

Puck appeared to become very serious. “Well…”

Everyone leaned forward in interest, except for Tiger who pretended to be asleep and uninterested.

Puck beamed, “Sore wa hitmitsu desuuuuuuu!”

Pixie raged with the others as Holly and Ami face faulted with huge sweats. The sorcerer yelped as a pile of angry rebels leaped onto him and fought in a cloud of dust. Meanwhile, Monol and Sueki Suezo sat facing each other, each with a cup of warm, green tea.

“Serves him right,” Sueki Suezo grumbled.

Suddenly, the loud speaker filled with Durahan’s crew’s voices. “MASTER DURAHAN!! WE’RE APPROACHING BLACK MAGIC’S CASTLE!!”

The rebels froze, both in fear and anticipation. Tiger even opened his eyes and lifted his head up. Puck got loose of Pixie’s strangle and slid underneath Durahan.

“So…we’re finally here,” Monol murmured.

“This is it. This battle will decide who lives and who will die,” Janne agreed, eyes wavering slightly.

Genki brought Holly close to his side as she looked out the window with the others at the huge, stone castle standing in the horizon.

Pixie looked at Ami who looked paler than normal, eyes large in fear. “Hey, remember what we agreed on.”

Ami looked at Pixie’s smirk and felt some sort of unusual comfort in her body. She nodded, causing her blue hair to bob with her movements. Pixie smiled and flapped up to comfortably Land on Big Blue’s shoulder where he awaited her.

“Master Pixie…can we…really beat Black Magic?” Big Blue murmured.

Pixie smiled at him more warmly. “Of course we can.”

Big Blue smiled too and looked out the window again. “Hai…”

Holly hugged Genki’s side for comfort and his arm wrapped around her tighter in response. Suezo blinked and tentatively laid his head on Holly’s hip, greeted by a comforting pat on the head. Tiger and Gray Wolf exchanged proud looks.

“I won’t lose you again, brother,” Tiger promised.

“And I won’t abandon you,” Gray Wolf replied with a smile.

“Sooo-hooo Holly-sama, are you ready to face your destiny?” Puck asked with a single clap of his hands.

Holly looked down, “I’m not really sure… I don’t…”

“Holly,” Angel spoke up, green eyes warm and kind. “Whatever you decide, I’ll be there by your side.”

Suezo looked up at her proudly, “Me too!”

“Chiiiiii!” Mocchi agreed, leaping up into the air.

Holly’s eyes wavered, “Minna-san…”

Everyone looked at her warmly, faces filled with hope and promise. Holly let some tears falls loose out of her eyes and nodded happily.

Durahan drew out his blade dramatically into the air, “OK! LET’S GO DEFEAT BLACK MAGIC!”

Everyone agreed by screaming “YEAH!” and throwing their fists into the air.


Black Magic stood on a high balcony on his castle, watching the rebels run towards his domain. Lost Disks surrounded him, glowing in the pale moonlight.

“So, my personal goddess of death has come to judge me. But I swear to the evil in this world, I will NOT lose!” he growled.

As the rebels rushed in, Black Magic threw back his cape and grinned insanely.



"Dark Skies"

CP’s recommendation: Read this with some sad music, I recommend the beautiful song “Sobaniiruyo-Yasashiki” from Saber Marionette J… One more episode to go, waiii!


Black Magic watched the rebels literally crash their way through the castle doors and disappeared in the darkness. He grinned and threw back his cape.


*Cue Music*

Ami: “Since the day we open our eyes, we receive memories. We can touch, feel, smell and taste the world around us. So why can’t we remember the day when we took our first step? Why can’t we remember the feeling of security in our mother’s womb where we were safe? Why can’t we remember our mother’s face of delight when we opened our weak eyes to experience the world? Memories are the only things that can keep us stable. The only things we can turn to when we’re alone and scared. So why do memories die so easily? Good-bye, my memories… Whatever you were…”


Holly’s legs trembled before she lost her support, head hanging as her hands supported her on the copper stained stone floor.

“Damn…he killed them all…” Kasumi chocked.

Gray Wolf winced at the smell of death. Ruby Knight held Kasumi close to his metal hip, sword drawn. “Black Magic and all of his allies are surely egotistical.”

Coltia whimpered and clung to Achika, shivering slightly. Achika’s hand instantly clenched into a tight fist, eyes shadowed from a mix of frustration and anger.

“Black Magic once told us that he alone could kill us and judge the world…” Ami whispered, eyes shimmering in the darkness. “…But…ah…”

Angel gave her youngest daughter a brief sympathetic look before she turned back to look at the millions of Lost Disks. “Are we truly ready to face him?”

Genki gulped quietly as Mocchi clung to his leg.

“Genki…” Suezo whimpered slightly. “W-what do you think?”

Everyone looked hopefully at Genki. Genki was always the one who helped them forward, who helped them believe---

“I don’t think we’re ready,” Genki whispered shakily.

Pixie looked deeply taken aback, all the original Moo rebels looking equally shocked and hurt. Tiger’s head sulked low between his shoulders and Holly’s eyes wavered. Genki turned and looked at the others seriously. “We have to fall back!”

The others stared at him in shock. Only Sueki Suezo and Monol managed to look normal. Genki’s eyes wavered at his friends’ crushed spirits and he turned abruptly and began running.

“Why are you running, Genki?” Pixie whispered from Big Blue’s shoulder, head trembling between her shoulders, eyes covered in a deep shade of black.

Genki slowed his pace…the door looked so far away…

“GENKI! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU RUNNING?!” Pixie screamed through a sob, head shooting up.

Genki stopped, body trembling. “I’m sorry…I’m so scared…we have to…”

“GENKI!” Tiger roared.

Genki began to run again.

“GEEEEENKKKIIIIIII!” Holly cried desperately.

Pixie muttered something incomprehensible and shot off Big Blue’s shoulder into the air.

Big Blue reached futilely after her. “Master Pixie!”

Just as Genki felt her presence shooting at him, he turned his head and…


Genki fell onto his butt, just on the border of the entrance into the castle, holding his red cheek, eyes small. Pixie landed in front of him, breathing heavily as if she just ran around the world twice. “Damn you Genki! What the heck is up with that attitude!?! HUH?!”

Ami stepped forward sadly, fist clenched to her heart. “Why don’t you believe in us now?”

Hare’s ears dropped to the sides of his head. “…You always did…”

Pixie let her hand drop to her side, face suddenly turning soft. She touched the cheek Genki hit so long ago and looked up with the same expression she did that night on her castle balcony. Genki sobbed and crawled outside with everyone watching more peacefully now.

“Let him think it over. He’ll return,” Monol spoke up.

Janne’s expression didn’t flinch. “But if he doesn’t…”

“Well then…” Achika chuckled weakly. “If I die, I know who I’m gonna haunt for laughs.”

Coltia beamed and threw her fist into the air, her other hand cupped to the side slightly as an amplifier. “I KNOW YOU BELIEVE IN US, GENKI-SAN!”

Holly’s eyes wavered as she held her hands in a prayer like stance. “…Genki-san…”

Suddenly, Durahan whirled around and screamed. “LOOK OUT!”

The rebels almost turned their heads until something exploded a few feet away from them, sending them hurtling forward to the ground painfully.

“O…ow…” Pixie complained from under a spiral eyed Hare. “Who the hell was that?!”

Coltia’s high-pitched, terrified scream answered Pixie. Pixie pushed Hare aside and looked up in shock. A tall, floating figure covered in golden armor with red painted on the fancy lined decorations on various places. His dark blue cape hung limply all around him, his long, white hair peeking out from his helmet. Disgusting, red veins covered his completely black human-like body, his blood red eyes glowing calmly.

“Black Magic…” Ami whispered hoarsely, eyes tiny in terror.

Black Magic chuckled in his deep voice. “Welcome back, my little canary. It appears birds do eventually find their way back home and back into their cage…”

“So YOU’RE Black Magic!” Ruby Knight growled, quickly tearing the sword out of his sheath. “Fight us like a true warrior!”

Black Magic chuckled smugly, “I am not a warrior. I am a demon who will rule over this pitiful world.”

Puck chuckled, “Well, well, well. You certainly look…smaller Black Magic!”

Black Magic threw back his head in laughter. “You, of all people, should know, Puck, that this is merely a more appeasing form until I become serious. And with Moo’s mind, I will kill all of you!”

Achika smirked, “Hmph. ‘Appeasing’ you say? You’re ugly as hell, Mr. Black Magic!”

Black Magic roared with laughter and then hissed, “Would you prefer another form for your destruction?”

Suddenly, his form shifted and grew, back bursting upwards with muscles.

Ami trembled uncontrollably until Alan had to hold her by the shoulders and shake her sternly. “No! Don’t be afraid, we’ll protect you and everyone here.”

["I'm sorry for asking so much…”]

She nodded weakly, pushing away the memory back inside her head.

Black Magic opened his mouth and his jaws stretched out, forming rows of tiny, pointy teeth with two huge fangs. He became 5X bigger, back arching up as his spine stretched into a full back of white hair, the red veins stretching and bursting up in his skin disgustedly. His boots tore off, his feet stretching out into huge claws with long, pointy nails, much like his hands. His tail curled upwards as he grinned, showing off his new form proudly. Kasumi clung to Ruby Knight whose red eyes trembled in pure terror.

“Are you ready, my daughter?” Angel asked calmly, eyes closed as she stood besides Pixie who looked like she was going to throw up her stomach.

Pixie looked down, “Can we do it without him---“

“I DON’T WANNA HEAR GENKI’S NAME ANYMORE!” Tiger roared, eyes tightly closed and looking down angrily.

Pixie looked taken aback with the others.

“I use to believe in him… He was the first person I ever truly trusted…” Tiger whispered harshly, eyes squeezing together. “But now…if he doesn’t believe in us…what good is Genki’s trust to us anyway?!”

Coltia’s eyes wavered, “Tiger…”

“Genki…?” Black Magic purred. “The phoenix boy? Fuh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh what a sight this is! The eternal phoenix of courage has abandoned his own friends! How deliciously selfish!”

“SHUT UP!” snapped Hare, shooting up and bawling his fists. “No matter what Genki does…I know I’ll always believe that he cares for us!”

Coltia shot by Hare’s side, “That’s right! Even though Genki-san may act like he doesn’t believe in us anymore…I know he still does in his heart!”

“Although I myself will admit I never imagined the day Genki would give up, I also believe in his love,” Big Blue spoke up.

“Heh, me too Blue…” Pixie smirked, eyes closing coolly.

Puck beamed and spun his staff in one hand, “Soooo! Let’s go!”

Holly nodded, “Genki…I have to do this…with or without you…”

Black Magic opened his mouth wide, “COME!”

The rebels rushed forward, weapons drawn along with their battle cries.



[Genki! What are you doing?]

“I’m running…”

[Rise young one and accept your destiny.]

[For if you do not fight along side with your friends…the threads of fate will be shattered.]

[And many of your friends will die.]

[And you will lose someone who you love dearly.]

“Who are you two!?”

[Do you want that?]

[Do you desire the death of the world you love so?!]


[We’ve kept you here because you love this world.]


[I am the one who obtains the light of the sky.]

[I am the one who obtains your power and will.]

[Accept the path chosen for you.]

[All humans must. You are no exception.]

[Can you hear your friends screaming in pain?]

[Or are you truly deaf?]


[Is your back still turned away from us?]

[You will be sorry…]




Ruby Knight grunted as he landed hard onto his back with the others. Black Magic laughed crazily and then grinned pleasantly. “Even with all of you, you are no match for a demon from hell.”

“Damn you…!” Yosho hissed, using the back of his arm to wipe some blood that curled out from his bottom lip.

“Oh, I have someone very interesting for you, ex-Lady Angel,” Black Magic purred, eyes growing into slits of amusement. He sat back on his haunches, causing the ground to shake. “As you must have figured out, I share my essence with all my baddies to make them more powerful…and when they are in range…”

He motioned to all the Lost Disks on the floor. Angel’s eyebrow flinched.

“What do you mean ‘when they’re in range’?” Gray Wolf asked, voice shaky in realization.

Black Magic chuckled, “When I give them my essence, I can control their life and death if they wear my symbol. Unfortunately, neither you, Angel, nor Ami wear my symbols anymore. But when I cursed Ami with her share of death, my essence is permanent in her until I am defeated.”

“What?!” Golem gasped.

Ami’s eyes wavered, “I knew it…”

Black Magic chuckled and snapped his fingers. “Now, you will receive your surprise…”

Ami smiled sadly, realizing what was going to happen next.

[Golem shook his head and smiled. "No. I understand. I know how it feels to be alone."]

["Death…" Ami pondered quietly. "It's so peaceful to watch yourself die."]


Coltia’s sixth sense kicked in as Black Magic grinned at Ami’s expression. “AMI-CHAN!”

Ami closed her eyes. [I’m so sorry Pixie… I’ll never keep my promise…]


A girl about 10 with long black hair and violet eyes with her older sister who was about 17 with black hair, but shorter, stopping around her ears drifted into her memories. Venus was the older one and Cherry was the feisty-spirited younger one.

It was snowing and Cherry was making snow angels while Venus watched her warmly. Ami stood by Cherry, watching her roll around happily, her young cheeks and nose now bright red.

“Don’t roll around too long, you’ll catch the flu!” Ami gasped, finally noticing how red the younger girl was.

Cherry shot up energetically, “You worry too much Ami Ami Ami!!” She leaped forward and clung to Ami’s waist. “But I love you anyways!”

Venus smiled and took a sip of her green tea. “Let’s be happy together forever…”


Black Magic put two fingers up, “Your time has come.”

Suddenly, Genki ran in at full speed. “AAAAAAMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!”

Holly turned gleefully with some of the others, “GENKI!”

Suddenly, Ami gagged, eyes turning tiny as she covered her mouth quickly just a spray of blood shot out of her mouth. She trembled, but smiled, blood running through her delicate fingers as she fell forward slowly.

Pixie’s eyes turned tiny in horror and anger.

Achika was already a babbling mess as Coltia buried her face into the skin of her sides.

Angel’s eyes trembled, mouth open in a silent scream.

Ami fell on her face with a very unpleasant flopping sound, her tail limply draping over her left thigh, only flinching slightly with her limp wings. Genki sobbed and slid to his knees, scooping the dying pixie breed in his arms. “Ami… Ami!”

Her eyes opened, a far away look in them. “…I’m…glad…I…met…all…of you…………”

Images of Venus, Cherry and small memories filled her exhausted looking eyes. Genki’s eyes wavered hard as she began to glow and shrink slightly. “…Ami…AMI!”

Pixie threw him aside with a wild sob and clung to her sister. “Ami! You promised you wouldn’t die! Ami…”

Ami smiled. “Pixie…thank you… Please…don’t…die…” She sputtered out more blood. “…I’m…a…free…canary now… My wings…can finally…stretch…and…take off… My cage shattered…”

Pixie’s eyes wavered as Angel’s nails dug deep into her palm, drawing blood.

“…Life…it’s all…a…a…” Ami coughed out the remainder of blood and sighed. “…A never-ending dream…you know?”

Pixie shook her head in disbelief.

“…Mmm…” Ami’s eyes started to waver and loll close so peacefully, Pixie began to wish she could die with her.

Pixie’s eyes wavered into the peaceful looking eyes. “S…sister…”

Ami smiled more kindly, her beautiful green eyes suddenly opening brightly.

“Sister…that’s the greatest…thing…I’ve ever…heard…”

She closed her eyes slowly and a flash of light filled the area. Pixie opened her eyes again to find herself clinging to a lost disk. Everyone was silent, except for Coltia’s soft crying and sobbing. Pixie released the disk from her grasp, head hanging low, eyes shaded with a deep black. Suddenly, after a moment of sobbing quietly, her head flew up to the ceiling.


Genki instantly rushed to the lost disk, but the voices came back.

[No! Don’t!]

This time, everyone but Black Magic heard them.

“What the---?” Kasumi whispered.

[Do not waste your energy on reviving her yet. Soon, everyone will be revived.]


Black Magic laughed, “Who are you fools talking to?!”

Puck, Monol and Sueki Suezo looked unusually calm.

Genki growled and turned to rush towards Ami’s lost disk again.

“Listen to them, Genki-sama,” Puck warned seriously. “They speak the truth.”

Genki threw his hands down to his waist and screamed out in fury. Holly’s eyes wavered at him, and then they closed.

“Ami didn’t deserve to die… I do more than she ever did!!” Pixie screamed at Black Magic. “You coward!! Can’t you pick on someone who is willing and deserving to die?!”

Black Magic cackled, “It wouldn’t be any fun then!”

“BASTARD! YOU STUPID BASTARD!” Achika suddenly screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Black Magic sat up again, “Now you’re getting angry… That’s good… Let me consume your hatred!”

“NEVER!” Suezo challenged, suddenly glowing red. “GET YOUR OWN HATRED!”

Janne lifted her sword up to her face heroically. “You caused my sister’s death…and if I gave you more power…than she would be rolling in her grave… So I will not do that!” She glowed a reddish color too.

“Our hatred belongs to us!” Hare joined in, glowing too.

“But right now, our courage is far more powerful than hatred!” Kasumi chimed, hands on her hips, standing up straight as she glowed along with the others.

Genki closed his eyes tightly. “…I was a fool not to believe in you all…I’m…”

“Hey kid, don’t worry about it,” Tiger smirked as everyone began to glow brightly.

Puck was beaming with his usual expression. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s beat him!” He looked up, green eyes opening warmly. [Dansiver…Mei…Masami…Flash…. Jean…Kumi…everyone…please look after us…]

Holly glowed blue and Genki bright orange. She looked at Genki hopefully so he turned to her and smiled. “I BELIEVE IN ALL OF YOU!”

Black Magic looked momentarily disturbed, but then he grinned. “Let me test your power of this belief, boy!”

He opened his jaw wider and spurt out a laser of green energy.

Pixie flapped up with Achika and Angel. “FLAME WALL!”

The huge flame wall grew as they glowed bright, blocking the attack easily. Black Magic suddenly flinched. [This power…]

Holly looked at Genki, “Genki…”

Genki nodded, “Hai!” He turned to Puck. “Puck! Help Holly! I’ll distract him!”

Puck saluted him playfully, “Yes sir, Genki-sama!”

[Yes, accept your destiny…all of you…]

[Your tears will soon be brushed away…]

Genki rushed to Pixie’s side after she landed back on the ground gracefully. “Let’s do it!”

Pixie smirked almost playfully. “Well, I don’t know if you can, if you can’t believe in me.”

Achika leaped into the air and held up her arms over her head, “BIG BANG!” The attack grew enormously and she chucked it at Black Magic’s face.

He grunted as the attack pushed his head back and exploded. He shook his head painfully and swiped blindly at Achika who barely dodged his enormous claws.

[But new tears will come.]

[But those tears will be accepted.]

Ruby Knight held his sword forward slowly and whispered, “Death bringer.” Then, a huge red ball appeared over his head and with a swipe of his sword, the attack flew into Black Magic’s stomach, sending him rearing back. Coltia stood trembling further away, watching in fear. Black Magic opened his jaws wide and another laser-like attack streaked across the floor, sending everyone either dodging it or flying back.

“Coltia! Get away!!” Achika screamed.

Coltia sniffled, still in shock. “Ooh…Achika-chan…Ami is…”

Black Magic laughed insanely and extended a single claw and swiped it towards Coltia. Suddenly, Puck got in front of her and cast a shield spell. He used one arm to hold the shield up and another to hold Coltia close to him. “Miss Coltia…would Ami want you to cry?”

Coltia’s eyes wavered at him.


Coltia couldn’t sleep. She must’ve eaten too many sweets before she settled down into her bed in the inn. Hopping out of her bed, she rubbed one sleepy eye and wondered out of her room where Achika and Pixie slept. Her stomach growled; reminding her she hadn’t eaten for a while so she skipped off to the kitchen. Suddenly, she heard a light sniffling coming from the upstairs balcony. Ami was leaning on the edge, face buried in her hands, shoulders sometimes lightly jumping upwards when she sobbed.

“Ami-chan? What’s the matter?” Coltia asked.

She hated to see people cry, because no matter what, she would always end up crying with them.

Ami wiped a few tears away from her glazed green eyes. “Oh…I-it’s nothing. I just cry a lot.”

Coltia had now found a new duty. “I cry a lot too Ami!” Of course, Ami didn’t seem surprised at all, considering Coltia wailed everyday for about an hour all together. “But why don’t you talk to anyone about your sadness?”

“I don’t want to bother anyone,” Ami replied quietly, knowing the fault in that.

“Ami-chan!” Coltia wailed in disappointment. “We’re all here for each other! That’s what allies do!”

Ami smiled more warmly. “Yes…”


“Oops! Look out!” Puck sang as he leaped back just as his shield died.

Black Magic’s claw missed them by mere inches, causing Coltia to release a high-pitched scream as Puck wore his same goofy expression and sang. “Toooold yoooou!”

“Wait a minute! Weren’t you suppose to be helping Genki?!” Coltia wailed.

Puck smiled, “My help is no longer necessary. Let’s watch, shall we?”

Coltia blinked in confusion.

Puck sighed and explained. “I switch places with Genki to do that.” He pointed to Genki and Holly just as they put their palms outwards side by side. “Gather around me everyoneeee! Oh, Golem, can you pick up Miss Ami’s lost disk? Thank yooou!”

Pixie flapped over, “What are you so happy about?”

Angel looked at Ami’s lost disk before having to look away, eyes wavering hard and angrily.

Black Magic grinned at the couple, preparing to do a combined energy yo attack. “What fools… Do you think that little attack from Dansiver can really defeat me?”

Holly flinched mentally but yelled in unison with Genki. “ENERGY YO!”

Black Magic’s eyes turned tiny as the two attacks shaped into two phoenixes, a red and a blue one as they soared towards him at full speeds. “W-what? This…this is impossible!!”

Before he could complain further, the two attacks slammed into his body and ripped through his chest. With a loud scream of agony and defeat, the monster fell backwards in a lifeless heap.

“Finally!” Suezo whooped first.

“That heartless bastard deserves to be killed 10 times over!” Kasumi exclaimed, hands on her hips.

Holly beamed at Genki and sighed, “We did it.”

Genki nodded, “Now let’s revive all the lost disks.”

They hugged and began to glow together, eyes closed. “Phoenix resurrection.”

The sky filled with an awesome white light and soon, the lost disks glowed in sync with each other. Ami’s lost disk formed into her body and she let out a sigh as Golem held her in his hands anxiously. She opened her glazed green eyes and blinked.

“Ami!” Angel gasped happily as the others looked equally happy.

“What’s wrong with the light?”

Pixie blinked, “What’s that Ames?”

Ami pointed up vaguely, “Look…”

Alan’s head shot up first and he gasped. There was a black light slowly filling the air above them and outside, the sky.

“W-what’s causing that?” Achika stuttered.

“Mwah ha ha ha ha ha… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!”

Everyone turned to see a brain floating out of Black Magic’s head, glowing an eerie purple. “I’m back from hell…I am…MOO’S MIND!!!!”

Suddenly, the world turned black and with their screams echoing, the crew floated up and froze limply in the darkness as the organ continued to laugh crazily. Outside the castle, all over the monster world, the once rich soils were now hardened with craters in them. The lost disks now replaced with the bodies of the monsters that died, asleep just like the rest of the world.

The eternal blue sky…the blue sky was now black.

[My fire…]

[My sky…]

Moo’s mind cackled in the complete silence. “FINALLY! THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!!!”


"Your Wind is Blowing"

*Waaaii! The ending episode! Lemme see, it’s been a kick writing this! ^_^ Tear…tear as some kids in my class say. Heh, geez it took long enough, ne? Hm…I wanna thank all of you who gave me support and actually read this, lol!!! Holly-chan who’s writing the sequel, Brad for giving me some cool ideas, Sailor Mist for her input on insanity, Aunt Deb “the bulldog” who wrote Tripod a threatening lawyer email to get the MRFFA back alive! There is AN ENDING MOVIE arriving clearing up some more stuff, a sequel by Holly-chan and a prequel by me. Sugoi! Anyways, thanks you all! ^_~/

*At the end, the song (indicated in { }’s ) is called ‘I Promise You I Will’ by Depeche Mode.


[In the darkest of hours, nightmares tear the mind apart…]

Holly floated in the silent darkness with her other friends.

[Fear is the essence that makes humanity savage.]

Black Magic was a drooling, mindless body on the ground, his black blood spilling behind him. Moo’s mind floated in the darkness, glowing an eerie purple color.

[People fear being alone, so they hunt in groups. When these groups turn to evil, they are gangs who cause the innocent to spill their blood onto the rich soil that the heavens created.]

Outside the castle, all over the monster world, the once rich soils are now hardened with craters in them. The lost disks now replaced with the bodies of the monsters that have died, asleep just like the rest of the world.

Moo’s mind cackled in the complete silence. “FINALLY! THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!!!”

*Cue Music*

Holly: “Why is it unsafe to cry anymore? Why are boys taught that tears are wrong? Why do boys laugh at their wives when they cry instead of comforting them? Why do we hide our emotions? We cry when we’re scared…yet we’re scared to cry… It’s okay to cry. If you don’t cry, the heart becomes dried up and you can’t feel anymore. Minna… I loved you all because you made me feel safe about being myself and crying on those sad, lonely days. You all didn’t care how we are programmed. Everyone loved each other. Today, don’t be afraid to cry… I have to leave this world for all of you, that is my sworn duty.”

Janne: “Your duty…”

Holly: “Good-bye my friends. Maybe one day, we’ll meet again in another life. Or maybe we’ll meet again in this life. I have watched us all grown…our friendship now a love that evil can never comprehend. Pixie, your cold attitude has become more warm and you helped even Ami become strong. My other monster friends…thank you for protecting me. Alan, Monol, Pinocchio, Sueki Suezo, Genolly and Worm…thank you for your guidance. Coltia, you always knew how to make me smile… Father, thank you for staying with me… Puck and Ghost, I’ll never forget the confidence you two gave me to believe in my mysterious powers… And Genki… Genki………. Genki……………………..”


Janne’s red hair floated upwards as she drifted in the darkness.


Lilim watched as each future frozen warrior was frozen, some with agonizing screams that made her even flinch. She turned and looked at Janne who kept her soldier-like stance. “Janne…sister…”

Janne smiled at her, eyes kind and gentle. “It will be an honor serving you, Mistress Lilim.”

Suddenly, a cold air swept up around Janne whose eyes kept focus on Lilim. Lilim watched in horror as her ‘sister’ became frozen in a block of ice. She touched the cold surface, feeling tears threatening her eyes. “Sister… Sister…?”

Durahan watched, his helmet hiding his emotions. “She cannot speak to you nor hear you, my sweet.”

Lilim whispered to herself, “She’s so cold…cold like the rest of this filthy world!”


Janne’s eyes struggled open in the darkness. “…S…is…ter…”

“You’re awake?” Durahan’s voice asked.

She tried to turn her head, but her whole body was numb. “Master Durahan…I can’t…”

“I know,” he replied quickly. “No one can.”

“DAMN IT!” Pixie’s voice fumed.

Coltia’s voice wailed as she started her usual crying. Janne smiled to herself as she heard Achika sigh and Big Blue grunt in frustration.

[Why do humans enjoy killing? Why does anything enjoy killing? Is it truly the ‘rush’ that keeps us killing and killing?]

Angel’s eyes snapped at the echoing voices, “You two again?!”

[I am the voice of she who obtains the light of the sky.]

[I am the voice of he who obtains the light of the fire.]

Tiger’s temper finally snapped through. “STOP THE RIDDLING!!”

Moo’s mind floated down and purred, “Riddles? What are you fools talking to?”

Coltia wailed, trying to arch her back, “Oooh! You don’t hear the voices?!”

“Why are you talking to that flying organ?!” Pixie snapped at the younger girl. “Don’t tell that bastard anything!”

[No, tell him much. He cannot hear us because he is of evil.]

[In each world, there is a symbol of evil. In this world, Moo is the form of evil besides for the devil.]

Moo’s mind hovered closer to the conscious monsters. “Tell me what?”

Hare grinned, “Aw, you’re just jealous because the voices don’t talk to you!”

Moo’s mind cackled, “What fools! You’re all delusional! I don’t need some mindless rambling for my plans.”

“But…you…have everything…within…your grasp…” Ami whispered weakly. “What more do you want?”

“The goddess of this world!” Moo’s mind replied almost dreamily. “With her, I will become a GOD!”

Suezo snorted, obviously unthreatened by his statement, “Oh spare me. Not another ‘I want to be a God’ scheme!”

Puck suddenly started chuckling. Moo’s mind turned and faced him as he started to laugh louder and louder. Ghost’s hat was tipped forward, a smile on his transparent face.

“What do YOU find so amusing?” Moo’s mind growled.

Puck’s laughter died down into small chuckles, “You will not be able to find the goddess.”

Before Moo’s mind could ask, there was a burst of red and blue light from behind him.

“PHOENIX FLARE!!!!” Genki and Holly’s voices sounded.

Moo’s mind screamed as the darkness shattered into a brilliant burst of light. The disgusting, glowing organ flopped onto the ground which was still hard and dead, but everyone in the world was awake, even the lost disks.

“My…my…my…” Puck chuckled as he walked over to the pitiful sight. “Not so high and mighty now, are we?”

Moo’s mind chuckled and then disappeared in a small purple orb, shooting itself in the sky.

“What?!” Pixie gagged, looking up with the others.

Coltia looked at Holly and Genki, “Oooh!!! Holly-san! Genki-san! What happened?! Everyone is restored but the ground isn’t!”

Genki grinned weakly, “Well, we managed to use some of the phoenix restoration power…but…”

Hare finished for them, “It would take too much power to do the rest, and you need that power to kill Moo’s mind.”

“Speaking of which,” Angel said. “Where is he going?”

“And how do you know he can’t get the goddess?” Pixie asked Puck, her eyes narrowing at him dangerously.

Monol floated forward, “If I may answer that…”

Everyone looked at him anxiously.

“…The goddess is dead.”


Lilim grumbled as she woke up, holding her head. “Oww…geez…” She looked around frantically from under Maoigon’s leg. “Huh? I’m alive now?”

Maoigon sat up, lifting up his leg from her, “…Is this still the monster world?”

Lilim crinkled up her nose at the now moon-like ground, “How disgusting! Waking up to---wait a minute, if we’re alive…and the ground isn’t…”

Maoigon looked down at her, “Then something strange is going on here.”

“Actually, it’s easy to explain.”

Lilim and Maoigon leaped up in shock but then calmed at the site. “Oh, it’s you.”

Daina smirked, “Unfortunately for you two.”

Lilim placed a hand on her hip and cocked it, “So? What’s up with this disgusting ground?”

Daina’s smile turned into a deep, serious frown, “Moo is creating his own Utopia.”

“His own Utopia?” Maoigon asked.

Lilim frowned too, crossing her arms, “I once thought power was beautiful…but now it’s a mask that should be torn away from existence.”

“The two phoenixes restored us for a purpose. When the time comes, at least. Moo’s mind is trying to find a perfect body to take over,” Daina explained.

“But wasn’t Master Black Magic perfect enough? Geez, he was a demon for goodness sake,” Lilim pouted.

Daina sighed, “I think he now realizes that light power can defeat darkness…”

“So…what makes the perfect light?” Maoigon pondered.

Lilim’s eyes suddenly snapped.


In the dead trees, crows flapped away in frenzy, screeching and cawing.


“WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Coltia wailed with her eyes wide as she pointed at Monol and a nervous looking Puck with his hand behind his head.

“WHAT THE HECK?! HOW CAN A GODDESS DIE?!” Yosho roared at Puck’s usual upturned eyed expression.

Puck smiled nervously, “Well, you see…Mei was the last form of the goddess-as a human! That’s why she used some of her blood to create the Blue Phoenix before she died.”

Ruby Knight crossed his arms, “Why would she give up her immortality to become a human?”

“For love,” Puck replied quietly. “Love can make us all do crazy things, wouldn’t you agree?”

Ami blinked, “Wait a minute…you told us before Miss Holly was a descendant of Mei and Dansiver…”

Puck nodded happily.

“…And you put the spirit of the Blue Phoenix into Holly when she was young…” Gray Wolf ended.

Puck nodded more happily

“I see. Then Holly-chan…” Kasumi whispered.

“…Harbors some of the goddess’ remaining power…” Suezo whispered too.

Holly was looking down the whole time, completely silent.

“Holly-san…” Coltia murmured sadly. But then blinked in surprise as Holly remained silent, shoulders sinking deeper along with her head. “H-Holly-san?”

Holly started to chuckle, shoulder shaking slightly. Then she began to laugh insanely, head falling deeper, her body almost bent over.


Falcon’s long neck stretched with his wild head movements. His dragons looked around in awe too along with the Stone Dragons and the Kato group. “What the hell---?”

The sky was growing darker and darker than before, almost a deep black.


In Toriyama, Pink Eye watched the sky grow into a deep black in fear and sadness. [Holly…]


Genki stepped towards Holly in pure terror, reaching out to her. “H-Holly?”

Pixie grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, “Stop Genki! She’s possessed!”

“…By Moo…” Angel ended coldly.

Golem growled, eyes glowing white. Ami flapped up to him in one, graceful movement. “Wait Golem-san!”

Golem calmed down, still growling slightly.

Holly arched her back and a pair of brilliant, black and red wings tore out of her back, curling around her legs. She spread out her arms and floated up, eyes a deep red color. “If I can’t be a god…I rather be a goddess! And none of you have the power to stop me!!!!”

Tiger and Gray Wolf looked up at Genki, “Genki!”

Mocchi looked up at Genki too, “Genki, chi!”

Golem and Big Blue joined in too. “Master Genki!”

Coltia bawled her fists heroically, eyes sparkling at Genki. “Genki-san!”

A bead of sweat rolled down Pixie’s temple as she grinned. “Heh… Showdown time…”

Kasumi smiled too, “Well, at least we won’t die for nothing.”

“I won’t die for evil this time!” Durahan growled.

Janne drew her sword, “I’m sorry I won’t see you again, sister…”

Achika brushed away some of her green hair from her forehead, “How annoying, just when I thought we actually won…”

Genki’s eyes wavered hard as he stepped forward like a zombie. “H-Holly…”

Suddenly, a magnificent spirit of the Phoenix soared down from the heavens, slamming into Genki’s body. Instantly, a pair of red and orange wings sprang from his back, the force blowing all his friends back.

{If you need a friend

Don’t look to a stranger…}

Genki continued to step forward mindlessly, eyes focused intensely on Holly, “Holly…you’re the one who promised me that we would be together forever!”

Holly just peered down at him, “Foolish boy! You are not speaking to your…precious…Holly…you’re speaking to Moo the purifier of this world!!!”

{You know in the end

I’ll always be there…}

Genki’s eyes wavered as a memory haunted him from the past.


Holly watched the others bound through a field of flowers happily. It was a long time ago when they were just trying to find the Phoenix. Genki leaped up, doing a spilt in mid air, punching one fist up. “ALL-RIGHT!!!”

Mocchi copied his master, “ALL-RIGHT CHIIII!”

Tiger sweated and pretended not to be amused, grumbling. “Foolish child games…”

Genki bounded over to Holly who had an expression of sadness on her face. “Hey Holly! Why are ya so blue?”

Holly smiled down weakly at the young boy. “Oh…it’s nothing.”

Genki bounded away, returning a minute later with a beautiful, blue flower.

{And when you’re in doubt…and when in you’re in danger…

Take a look all around, and I’ll be there.}

Her eyes wavered as she took the flower numbly. He kept beaming with a full mouth of teeth.


“What’s so bad about this world?” Achika challenged as she got up from the ground.

Holly spat, “You filthy humans! All humans were created by good and raised by evil! What good can humans possibly be compared to us monsters?!”

Coltia grunted as she got up, one eye closed tightly. “You’re wrong!”

Pixie got up slowly, eyes closed, “I was raised in a hell made by humans for monsters, but when I met Holly and Genki, I finally realized there were good people out there. People are born good. Some of them turn evil and some of them remain the way they were born! People like you make me sick, thinking you have the right to end everything with your own ideals!”

{I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say.

I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.}

“Enough! Your words do not even scratch the surface of this body!” Holly roared, sneering in disgust.

{But if you wait around the world, begging for me

I promise, I promise you I will.}

Genki stepped forward again, just one foot away from Holly, still staring at her as if she was the only other person in the world. Holly lowered her head and smirked evilly. “What’s the matter, boy?! Miss someone? This is my body now!!”

Genki shook his head. “No…that’s…Holly’s body…”

Holly chuckled darkly. “BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE BLUE PHOENIX!”

She raised both arms in the air in one quick movement and a burst of light blinded everyone. Pixie shielded her eyes with the others, Coltia wailing with Mocchi ‘chi’ing loudly.

{When your day is through, and so is your timber

You know what to do, I’m gonna always be there.

Sometimes if I shout!

It’s not what’s intended…}

Genki opened his eyes in a large room with a gold, circular floor. In the middle, a large blue crystal floated with Holly’s body inside. Genki gasped her name and ran up to the crystal as the other rebels began to follow.


Tiger’s head shot up and then he barked, “LOOK OUT!”

The rebels just barely dodged a huge beam of blue energy, dragging itself across the floor for a little before disappearing.

{These words just come out.

With no crutch to bear…}

Genki ran his hands down the crystal as it glowed a faint blue color. “Holly-chan………”

{I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say

I know they don’t sound like the way I planned them to be}

He laid his head against the crystal, eyes shadowed as his shoulder shook, and his wings curled up behind him.

“What’s the matter boy?! You looking for someone?!” hissed a low voice from above.

Genki looked up in anger, two loose tears flying off his face. But that anger quickly turned to fear when he saw a huge, blue phoenix flapping over them comfortably.

“…Moo’s mind…” Hare gagged.

“…In the blue phoenix?!” Gray Wolf snarled.

{But if you wait around the world, begging for me

I promise, I promise you.}

The blue phoenix chuckled, “Unfortunately, this body was destroyed many, many years ago. But with woman’s essence of the blue phoenix, I am able to create a new one of my liking!”

“Keep Holly out of this!” Suezo screamed up at the gigantic bird.

Puck spun his staff in his hand calmly, appearing untainted by the phoenix’s threats. “Maybe you can be able to create a new, improved blue phoenix, but you’ll never beat the original!”

“Hmph, what does a sorcerer know anyway? With this body and power…I AM NOW MY OWN GOD!” the blue phoenix roared, flapping his wings for emphasis.

{I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say

I know they don’t sound the way I planned to be

And if I had to walk the world to make you fall for me, I promise you!

I promise you I will…}

Ami looked up at the blue phoenix. “Moo! You’ll never become a god! Because when you harbor such incredible power with your evil intentions, you’ll be the one who will be destroyed!”

“Stupid woman! FEEL A GOD’S WRATH!” blue phoenix roared, shooting out another blue laser.

“FLAME WALL!” Pixie exclaimed, holding out her hands.

The blue laser smacked into the fire shield, blowing everyone back when it exploded into it. Genki suddenly screamed at Alan, “ALAN! GIVE ME YOUR SWORD!!”

Alan sweated, “What’s that gonna do?!”

He screamed with the others as they barely dodged another attack.

Pixie grabbed the wide-eyed swordsman and shook him violently. “GIVE HIM YOUR DAMN SWORD!!”

Alan got loose from Pixie’s insane-like grip and chucked the sword at Genki, “Take it!”

Pinocchio blinked, “Whatz Mr. Genki gonna do with it?” He paused as he watched Genki raise the sword at Holly’s crystal. “Wait! Genki!!”

{I’ll tell ya… Need to tell ya, gotta tell ya, need to tell ya…

I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say.

I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.}

But if you wait around the world, begging for me

I promise, I promise you…}

Genki swiped the sword at the crystal futilely. The blue phoenix grinned as Genki closed his eyes again, this time to stab it as if he was going to stab the sword into someone’s stomach.

Pixie’s eyes went small, “He wouldn’t…”

The blue phoenix glowed with the crystal and suddenly, it become a soft goo substance just as Genki thrust the sword forward.

{I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say.

I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.

And if I had to walk the world and make you fall for me,

I promise you…I promise you I will…}

The blood-curdling sound of a sword piercing through soft flesh filled the air as a small spurt of blood landed on the ceiling.

Angel’s eyes were small with the others as Genki looked up, eyes wavering hard. Holly looked down at him weakly, a shade of black under her eyes and above her nose from pain. “G…enki…”

“HOLLY!” Genki gagged as she fell limp into his arms, her blue wings lifting up slightly and flinching.

The blue phoenix laughed and laughed and laughed until finally, Pixie’s head shot up, “YOU BASTARD!!!!”

{I will…

I will…

I will………}

The blue phoenix grinned down at the crew. “Oh? And what are you all going to do about it?”

Puck raised his hands as he glowed a pinkish color. “EVERYONE, GIVE ME YOUR COURAGE!”

Without second thought or questions, everyone gritted their teeth or prayed as they all glowed the same color of Puck. The blue phoenix lifted his head. “N-nani?”

“Genki…” Holly whispered in a mysterious and soft tone.

Genki looked down at Holly, tears running off his face as her blood began to soak into his T-shirt. She looked up with huge, appealing brown eyes, a hint of a blue flame burning deep within the pupil. “Let us renew this world’s power.”

Before Genki could say anything, she pulled him close and kissed him.

“ENERGY YO!” Puck exclaimed as everyone got besides him with the exception of Genki and Holly who appeared to be floating now.

The blue phoenix watched the laser burst forward at him and laughed crazily. He continued to laugh hard as the world was incinerated into the brilliant light.

Darkness once again.

Suddenly, the darkness filled with a blue and red light, blinking as it spread outwards. Holly released Genki’s quavering mouth and hugged him. “Phoenix, Resurrection…”

The light glowed brighter and Holly looked up at Genki, the sword floating out f her body, the wound and blood gone. “Genki, good-bye…”

Genki’s eyes snapped. “W-what?”

Holly smiled warmly. “I’ll never forget any of you…”

Genki’s eyes peered down in determination. “Holly, if you’re leaving me…this world…then I wanna go with you!”

Holly looked sad as she floated up out of his grasp into the air. Genki tried to go after her, but pale, white hands shot up from underneath him and grabbed him. She reached out to him sadly, tears falling down her cheeks.

Genki kicked futilely at the hands, struggling with his whole body. He looked up at Holly in fear, “HOLLY! HOLLY!”

Holly looked up and continued to float upwards, the last of her tears falling off of her chin.

“HOLLY! YOU PROMISED!” he screamed, his last word mixed in with a heavy sob.

Holly looked down at him, glowing a deeper blue. “We are merely pawns in a holy chess game. We promise things, hoping we will keep our full-hearted promises forever until we die old and feeble. But, we cannot control whether or not we will die. For you see, my Genki, humans are unable to keep their promises.”

Genki was now crying and sobbing. “I don’t care!! Holly…if you can’t keep your promise…I don’t care…I just…”

Holly turned away from him completely.

Genki’s eyes wavered as he looked down. “I just…”

His mind flooded with memories. Mocchi and him as young, hopeful companions trying to cheer everyone up, Pixie’s expression when she woke up to see Genki shielding her when they first met, Tiger smirking coolly at him. “You’re an idiot Genki. And I cannot help but to be jealous.” He remembered how young Holly giggled at this and then smiled warmly at his sulking face.

[Do what you have to do, Genki. We’ll be there for you…]

Genki’s eyes wavered harder and then he lifted his head as tears streamed down his face.

“HOLLY! I WANNA GO WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, Mocchi appeared floating next to him. “Genki, chi!” He closed his eyes and glowed white.

Suezo and Hare appeared by Mocchi. “Genki!” They closed their eyes and glowed too.

Coltia and Achika appeared too, both smiling reassuringly. “Genki-san!” They glowed along with the others.

Golem, Big Blue, Pixie, Angel, Ami and Yosho appeared behind him. “Genki!” They glowed too.

Tiger, Gray Wolf, Kasumi and Ruby Knight appeared along side of them. “Genki!” They glowed with the others.

The Wise Group, Janne and Durahan appeared. “Genki!” They glowed along too.

Puck and Ghost appeared right in front of Genki, both of their eyes open warmly. “Genki, it is not the time for your separation. We all have granted you the power…will you go for it?”

Instantly loud moaning sounds came from underneath him as the hands shriveled up into dry, dead ones.

Genki’s eyes wavered as everyone smiled at him through their transparent faces. Holly turned her head towards them and paused to watch in midair, face still carved from stone.

“Genki, thank you,” Gray Wolf spoke first.

“G-Gray Wolf…Tiger…” Genki whimpered.

Tiger grinned, “Whatever happened to that smile psychology, Genki? We don’t want to see you crying and frowning with our last sights.”

“We all love you and that’s why we sacrificed our very lives to see you smile,” Angel spoke, eyes kind and warm.

Holly’s face momentarily twisted in sadness.

“Like I said! Mara was never good for you, my Holly will always be the best just for you!” Suezo beamed.

“S-Suezo…” Holly whispered, eyes letting loose a stream of tears.

[Holly…I’m sorry…it is time for us to go now, young one…]

Suddenly, Holly screamed, clutching to her head as she glowed a bright blue, then her face softened into a cold expression and she floated upwards slowly once again.

“HOLLY!” Genki screamed.

“Genki, go after her!” Hare exclaimed, punching a fist in the air.

“You and Miss Holly are allies of justice, not some pawns for a couple of meanie birds!!” Coltia exclaimed.

Achika grinned, “Don’t let sadness stop you.”

“Everything will be okay. Life always gets better even if you lost someone,” Ami spoke.

Big Blue stepped forward, Pixie on his shoulder, “Right. Humans and monsters forget because they have to move on.”

“If they couldn’t, then that would be just a waste of life,” Janne said softly. “Our sacrifice would be a waste.”

Durahan nodded with Ruby Knight and Kasumi. “Hai!”

Monol and the Wise Group remained silent, Pinocchio waving good-bye happily with a smile.

“Minna-san… I need you all…” Genki whispered but stopped when he felt a tugging on his pants.

He looked down at Mocchi, beaming up at Genki. “We love you Genki.”

Puck nodded, “Well, maybe in another sense, but…! Oh my! Look how far Holly’s gotten! Ta-ta Genki! It was fun hanging out with another adventure-going man!”

“Don’t get in too much trouble, okay?” Yosho chuckled.

“Heh,” Pixie finally spoke up, jumping off of Big Blue’s shoulders, eyes closed smugly. “Genki, thanks kid. For all the times I’ve given up hope…you gave it back to me. Now, go get Holly, not just for the sake of her and you…but for us too.”

Suddenly, everyone but Pixie shifted into glowing orbs of light and danced around Genki’s body, his clear eyes shinning with sadness and hope. Then, they shot into the air, past Holly who only looked ahead.

[They…sacrificed…themselves… Fire Phoenix! Why did they do that…?]


[That’s stupid then!! My goddess died for that!]

[Love is the most dangerous disease in the world…but without it…we are nothing.]


“So, are you gonna go or what?” Pixie asked, opening her violet eyes smugly.

Genki nodded, tears flying off his face as he smiled broadly, eyes shining with welling tears. Pixie grinned and gave him a thumb up, then disappeared too. He watched the empty space for a while before whispering. “Thank you everyone…”

Genki instantly kicked the dead hands away and shot up, wings spreading out. “HOLLY! YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE TO GUIDE US!”

A younger Holly’s face turned to him and smiled, her musical giggle echoing in his head.


A younger Holly looked into the fire sadly.

“To see your smile…to feel your warmth…to hear your beautiful voice again…HOLLY I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!”

[Love………it’s so………warm………]

[Then drink its poison.]

Holly suddenly turned and opened her arms. “Genki-san!”

Genki’s eyes wavered as he finally held her in his arms again. This time, they looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Genki…the others gave their lives so they could be together…” Holly sniffled, tears forming in her eyes.

Genki smiled, “It’s okay, Holly. Our power will be restored…along with the world…”

Holly nodded, eyes wavering into his clear eyes. “I believe in you Genki.”

They kissed again as the world grew white.


Pixie first became aware of incredible warmth around her body. [Tch…go figure. I just saved the world and I’m in hell…] Her eyes relaxed again, but suddenly they snapped open. “Saved the world? I’m alive?”

“Unfortunately,” grumbled an older man’s voice.

Pixie shot up in reaction. “Yosho!” Yosho was sitting by her, his huge arms crossed across his chest. “…Heh, I’m surprised you didn’t drop dead from a heart attack before we died, you old fart…”

A small vein popped onto Yosho’s head, then he grumbled and turned away, “Geez, when will you give an old man a break?”

Pixie smirked at this, eyes closed, but then they snapped open in horror. “Where is everyone else?!”

Yosho sighed, “Ami’s been up for a few days…she seems troubled about something. Won’t you talk to her when you feel up to---?”

“What about Big Blue?!” Pixie interrupted a little coldly but frantically.

Yosho blinked in surprise, then smiled. “Him and most of the others are still unconscious. You’re lucky Lilim, Daina and Maoigon found you all in the rubble. In matter of fact, you all have been sleeping for a week straight.”

Pixie let out a quiet sigh of relief. “Damn…Lilim, huh?” She smirked again, looking down with closed eyes. “Janne will be happy. But she’s gonna have competition for Durahan…”

For the first time ever, the two laughed until it hurt.


Lilim sat on Maoigon’s shoulder, looking at the long stretch of graves that Holly did when she was young.

“This will always be a reminder that evil does exist in this world and it does have power,” Maoigon murmured, snapping Lilim out of her daze. “But right now, our mission is over.”

Lilim smirked, “Yeah…I suppose so.”

Daina walked over and sighed, “Ami is leaving after all.”

Lilim nodded, “Good. She needs to see some people. She’s been waiting for a long, long time…”

Maoigon turned his head to Lilim, “And what about us?”

Lilim stretched lazily and snapped her knuckles, “Well, we don’t know where we can go.”

“You can stay with us,” Daina suggested quickly. “With me…Kasumi and Ruby Knight.”

Lilim closed one eye smugly and pretended not to be too thrilled, “Okay, I guess…”

Daina smiled and her eyes turned upwards much like Puck’s. “A new beginning.”


Later that day, everyone was awake and Ami looked back at the new village sadly, Ed by her side.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else?” Ed asked as he handed her a pack.

“Yes, thank you. And please tell my friends---“ Ami began.


Ami turned just in time to see Coltia fly towards her and pin her down to the ground, wailing and crying. The others surrounded Ami and the kicking, wailing Coltia on top of her.

“Why are you leaving without saying good-byeeeeeewwwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Coltia wailed.

Ami chuckled and straightened the girl up with her shoulders. “Because I hate saying good-bye…”

“So do we, but, we’ve been through so much together!!” Coltia sniffled pathetically, wiping one large eye with a finger.

Pixie looked concern, “And are you sure you should be wondering off alone?”

Ami got up and smiled, making a ‘muscle’ with a thin, delicate arm. “Oh don’t worry, thanks to all of that adventuring, I’ve become stronger!”

Everyone sweated at the delicate looking arm but then resumed looking sad.

“You will visit us again…won’t you?” Holly whimpered.

Ami nodded with a huge smile, tears welling in her eyes. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Angel looked terribly sad. “I can’t go with you yet…”

Ami nodded sadly and hugged her crying mother. “It’s okay, mother. I’ll be back. And I’ll bring my masters back too!”

Angel nodded and Achika hugged Ami too. “Good luck, sis.”

Everyone looked expectantly at Pixie who was turned away, wings drooping in jealously. “I won’t say good-bye yet, because I have this feeling we’ll meet again…heh.” She quickly wiped off her tears before anyone could notice.

Ami nodded and smiled sadly at everyone else. They either looked near tears or crying softly.

But Genki kept smiling and took Ami’s shoulders, “Thanks Ami. Good luck!”

Ami smiled and nodded happily and quickly. “Hai!”

As she walked down the road once again, backpack on her shoulders, she called. “Ed…take care of them all. Pixie, be nice to mother!”

Pixie snorted, “Hmph!”

Everyone laughed except for Coltia who rushed forward, waving at Ami’s back. “AMI-CHAN! IF YOU COME ACROSS MY OLD VILLAGE, TELL MOMMY AND DADDY ACHIKA AND I HELPED SAVE THE WORLD!!!!”

Ami laughed and waved, “I’ll be sure to stop off there and inform them! Good-bye! We’ll meet again!”

With that, she spread her wings and took off, disappearing into the horizon. Everyone watched the empty, blue sky sadly before Ed clapped his hands together. “Oh yes! We got something for you all!”


The town was definitely restored, but the large graveyard that Holly made by her bloodstained hands was still there, minus the Lost Disks. Holly looked at it sadly for a few moments, before racing to catch up with the others, all looking back at her expectantly. The new citizens were helping with new houses and they all greeted the rebels openly with grateful smiles. Rover nuzzled his head into Holly’s thigh as she walked and she patted him gratefully. Gray Wolf looked a little jealous, but quickly turned from his glare at Rover when Tiger grinned knowingly at him.

Pixie flapped besides Big Blue, her face lost in thought until a huge mansion caught her eye on a hill with a barn snuggly placed in the backyard. “Hey! Whose house is that?”

“Oh…for very special people!” Ed chuckled.

Pixie’s lip curled in disgust. “Hmph! Probably rich snots with nothing else to spend their money on!”

Pink Eye laughed with Ed, “That house is for all of you!”

Pixie blushed slightly as everyone gawked at the huge mansion but then shook it away. “Oh…wow…”

“Thank you!” Holly sang, bowing deeply.

“YAY! We’re gonna look like nobles!!” Coltia sang, leaping up and down while clapping her hands.

Puck cocked his head happily, “Oh my! You’re right, dear Colt!”

Coltia leaped and clung to his body. “YAY! I’m so happy Puck-san!!”

“HOLD IT! Hold it. I’m not sleeping in a barn!” Achika huffed. “I may be a monster, but we monsters have better taste ---“

“Wow! A barn, chi!”

“I claim the corner!!”

“Golem will sleep anywhere as long as there’s hay!”

Achika tripped to the ground.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure that huge mansion can fit a whole army in there,” Durahan chuckled. “But Janne and I prefer the skies! Isn’t that right Janne?”

Janne stood up straight and saluted him, “Hai! I think Lilim and some of the others are hitching a ride with us back to their home.”

“Ooohhh…are you leaving now too?” Coltia whimpered.

Durahan turned and pointed over-dramatically to the sky. “We can’t keep the others waiting! OR the sky!!! BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”

Janne sweated and turned to the sweating others, “Master Durahan isn’t good with reasoning or good-byes…”

Genki laughed and rubbed his nose. “Come back again! Maybe we’ll have a reunion for us all!”

Janne smiled kindly. “That’ll be fantastic. Thank you all for everything.”

Alan nodded and turned to the Wise Group. “We better hit the road too.”

Monol nodded his flat body as the others stared at the people leaving with tearful eyes. “My story was my purpose. But thanks to you all, I have a new purpose now. To watch over this world like I have been doing for many, many centuries.”

Puck opened his green eyes slyly. “I guess it was our fate to meet again and again, Monol…Sueki Suezo…”

“SHUT UP! I’LL NEVER LIKE YOU!!” Sueki boomed into Puck’s face.

Puck shrugged, his usual expression coming back. “Oh my, my! Is that so? Well, bye then!”

Alan nodded and leaped onto Genolly and Worm. “Let’s go guys!”

Durahan crossed his arms and looked down at Janne. “Let’s go, Janne.”

Janne beamed, “Hai!”

Soon, the remaining rebels waved good-bye to the Wise Group and Durahan’s Iron Bird soaring into the blue sky once again. Ed smiled and walked away to a bronze statue and touched a foot on it. “Thank you too, guys.”

The bronze statue was carved as the original rebels with a phoenix curled around them.

Holly, Genki, Suezo, Hare, Tiger, Mocchi and Golem.


“So, what do you think they’ll do now?” Janne asked Durahan.

“Dunno. But one thing’s for sure, they’ll be looking out for our world now,” Durahan replied.

Lilim sat on Maoigon’s shoulder lazily and inspected her nails. “The kids beat me twice.”

Kasumi chuckled. “But you did learn something, didn’t you?”

Lilim smiled, closing her eyes. “Maybe.”

Ruby Knight looked at Lilim then at Kasumi who snugly wrapped her arms around his waist then out into the blue sky. “No matter how high one goes, the blue sky remains the same. The blue sky…it’s the only thing that stays constant in this world.”

“It’s the only thing that’s eternal. So no matter what, we must protect it,” Janne whispered. She smiled. “Believe in them.”


Falcon and the Kato group watched Toriyama begin to fill with a new life happily.

“Thanks for your help, Mr. Falcon!” sang baby Kato.

Falcon threw back his head with laughter, “HURHURHURHURHUR! It was just another romp for us dragons!” He raised his head back to the village. “This is my good-bye, old friends… I hope we meet again…”


Naru looked up from the reconstruction on her tower. “The sky is so blue today, Lima-chan.”

Lima, in her child form, nodded. “Yes! I’m glad they’re okay…”

Naru chuckled and turned to look at the men re-building her tower. “I wonder if Puck will ever return again…”

Lima closed her eyes. “I wouldn’t doubt it.”

Naru nodded and continued to look at the sky.


Laughter rose from the new Toriyama late at night as the villagers danced around the fire, hand in hand. Pixie watched them, arms crossed pretending to look disgusted as Big Blue sat besides her.

“Ah! There you are! There you are!” a drunken voice laughed.

Pixie sweated, violet eyes rolling up to Angel whose cheeks were bright red. “…The hell? Now I know where I got it from.”

Big Blue chuckled quietly as Holly tried to pry Angel away from Pixie.

“…You arez hard to find! *Hic!* Before, yoo diszuised yurselfh as a tree! Very clever! *Hic*” Angel slurred.

Pixie growled, a vein slowly appearing on her head. “Go…away…”

“Pithie! Dath with us!” Angel urged, swinging a bottle of sake over her head.

Holly dodged the bottle and pulled Angel away. “Ange-sa----“

She stopped in mid sentence as the bottle was stuck in her mouth, Angel pouring it into her mouth. “You need to relath!”

Once the bottle was poured down Holly’s throat, the girl hiccupped and her eyes glazed over.

Big Blue sweated with Pixie. “Um, Master Pixie! Let’s dance!”

“Y-yeah!” Pixie agreed quickly before they raced off to join the dance.

Meanwhile, Genki sat next to Mocchi and Tiger who ate happily.


All three boys looked up to see a rosy-cheeked Holly who almost fell once or twice, but ended up collapsing onto Genki’s lap, her glazed eyes looking up at Genki peacefully. “…I luv you…” Her head collapsed back and her eyes spiraled.

“Ack! HOLLY!!” Genki gagged. “Who did this to you?!”

“Holly all red, chi!”

Tiger chuckled and looked into the night sky. “Finally, I feel happy deep inside once again…”

“HOLLY-SAAAAAN!!! *Sob* *sob* Who did this?!?!”


“Oh my!” ^_^


Venus stared at a picture of Ami and her family sadly. They had given up hope and made her a grave outside the house by the garden she loved.

“I see you made me a grave,” a quiet voice came.

Venus froze. [No… No…it can’t be…] She gulped hard and turned to see Ami who smiled kindly and understandably at her horrified expression. “A…mi…? Ami?”

Ami nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’ve had a long journey…may a dead person rest herself here?”

Venus sobbed and flung herself into Ami’s arms. “Thank god…thank god… Ami!!”

Ami stroked her hair as the woman sobbed. “I’m finally home… I can finally sleep peacefully once more…”

Outside, a younger girl watered the flowers at her grave. “I hope you found happiness…”

Rei entered her home and found out she did.


Two feathers, one red and one blue dropped into a puddle of water, disturbing the stagnant liquid and causing small, circular waves. They both glowed dimly as the stars reflected into the water.

[Once upon a time, there was a boy who yearned for another world.]

[Once upon a time, there was a man who yearned for adventure.]

[He met a girl, at first, both too stubborn to get along.]

[His future fiancée and him were too stubborn to get along.]

[But then, it developed more and more until it became love.]

[It soon developed into love, but to what extent?]

[Friendship and love was the key to unlocking the phoenix within him.]

[Love and power was the key to unlocking the hero within him.]

[While the girl took more time to find the fire within her…]

[The woman he loved bore a terrible past and a frightening destiny…]

[But when it unlocked, disaster came from a demon that opened his glazed, golden eyes… But because of what she learned, she took hold of her own destiny and became one with her true self. The End.]

[A disaster came when she was unlocked, and the demon with the golden eyes possessed her like a marionette. She almost killed everything and everyone in this world, until the hero rose and gave her his love and courage. But was the sleeping demon truly contented once again in darkness? Or was he dreaming of the day he was released? The Beginning.]


[They think I will die that easily? I will never die. The mind of evil never dies…

You’ll see…

One day, you’ll lose everything you love…

Holly Mercris…]

~There’s no end to history, it continues on forever…on a bloodstained dance floor of fate~