**takes place after "Who Is It, Genki-chan?"

They got off Horn's ship, and as usual, Horn had one more request.

"Arrr! How about a kiss, Miss Holly?" he laughed.

Holly sweated, a nervous smile on her face, lip flinching with her eye. "Uhh...heh..heh...heh.."

Pixie stepped infront of Horn angrily, "After what you stole that night?! You ecchi, just sail away before I decide to sink your ship or turn you into a Lost Disk!"

"Temper, Pixie," Angel said.

Horn laughed, "Oh, that little incident! 'Twas a harmless joke, right Miss Holly?"

He got dangerously close to Holly who stuttered nervously, his horn right infront of her face.

"LISTEN HORRNNN!!! JUST GOOOO!!!!" Suezo screamed, pushing him away from Holly.

*cue music*

Coltia: WOW!! Our first movie!! I need to get some popcorn!!

Puck: Here you go!

Coltia: WOW! Mr.Puck, you're amazing...." *gets starry eyed*

Achika: Ho-boy. *sweats* Well, in our movie, we start exploring the island!

Gray Wolf: And as usual, we get knee deep into trouble..

Coltia: OOHHH NOOOO!!! *wailing*

Pixie: God, I wish some humans had MUTE BUTTONS!!

Holly: Monster Rancher 200X, the movie: "Time's Strange Course"


Puck and Achika: -.-;;;

Horn's ship sailed off into the horizon as the rebels waved good-bye, except for Suezo and Pixie.

"Good riddance!" Pixie hissed, leaping onto Big Blue's shoulder.

Ami looked up weakly from Golem's arms. "What did Horn steal from you..that night..Miss Holly?"

Holly blushed with the other girls, except for Mara who laughed loudly.

"BWWWAAAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!" Mara laughed. "Oh! We'll tell you later!!"

Holly blushed more as the boys surrounded her with curious looks. Tiger got it first, and started to laugh and then Puck remembered and laughed too.

"It's not funnnyyyy!!" Pixie hissed at the two, head growing 3X it's normal size.

Tiger and Puck snapped their mouths closed.

"Mocchi don't get it," Mocchi moaned.

"Neither do I," Pinnochio said. He looked into the horizon sadly. "I don't belong here.."

Genki looked at his new friend, "Ei?" He looked where Pinncohio was looking on a cliff to see Monol, Sueki Suezo, Alan and his Worms looking at Pinnochio. "Huh?"

Puck smiled, "Pinnochio. I created you for someone too, not only for my amusement. For you see, Sueki Suezo and Monol use to be..my friends!"

Genki scratched his chin as he remembered them unlocking the Sueki Suezo who screamed at Puck, a vein exploding onto his head. "DDDDDAAAMMMNN YOUUUUU!!!" The, hopping out like the devil was after him.

"Friends?" Mocchi asked with a sweat. "He said a bad thing, chi."

Puck smiled, waving a finger in the air with a wink, "Haaaa. It's a secret!"

Everyone else moaned and face faulted. Suddenly, Alan leaped down, bouncing off trees and rocks to keep him going instead of falling. He landed on his feet by Pinnochio.

"Pinnochio, you better come with us," Alan said seriously, then smiled, reaching out his hand. "It's your destiny."

Holly looked at Alan, "Alan-chan...?"

Alan looked at Holly as Pinnochio took his hand slowly. "Don't worry, we'll meet again. We have some business to take care of."

With Pinnochio, he leaped back up to where Monol, Sueki Suezo and his Worms were waiting. Pinnochio started to talk to them as they disappeared in a strange purple light.

"The hell?!" Pixie gasped.

"How did they do that?!" Holly asked Puck.

Puck smiled, silent with his eyes turned upwards.


They came to the first town after hours of walking to be greeted by a huge sign.

"Welcome to Ruinville," Hare read.

Ami blinked, "Ruinville?" She turned her head to Angel, flapping besides Golem's arms. "Isn't that where they say the demon lives in the ruins?"

Angel nodded, "I believe so.."

Puck pulled out his small book, "Let's see.." He flipped through the pages. "Ah! Ruinville is an ancient town where humans and the last of the elves lived."

"Elves?" asked Gray Wolf. "Didn't elves die hundreds of years ago?"

"More than that, brother, " Puck replied. "They were killed by a demon who inhabitants the ruins north of the town. Some of the demon's monsters are in the town, manipulating humans, but no one knows who they are." He closed the book. "My! Doesn't this sound fun?!"

"What do you mean...?" Achika asked. "Are you--?!"

Puck gave her a grin and Genki grinned too.

"G_Genki-san...you're...not...?" Mara asked, wide eyed.


Genki laughed, "We have to pass through the town and buy supplies. Also, we have to take Ami to a real Monster Doctor."

Ami sweated, fearful too, "I feel much better.."

Angel eyed Ami playfully, "My daughter..scared?"

Ami blushed and looked down as Achika laughed warm heartily. Angel smiled and looked at the others.

"We can't be scared, for we may pass through with no trouble!" Angel assured.

"You're..not scared...Miss Angel...?" Coltia asked weakly.

Angel laughed in her throat, a bead of sweat rolling down and off her head, unknown to the others.


Golem, Angel, Coltia and Achika took Ami to the Monster Doctor as the others walked in the crowded streets to find an Inn.

"Ah!" Genki exclaimed happily, looking to see an Inn ahead.

A short man who looked like a smaller version of a pirate spotted Mara and ran forward. He pushed her in her side, knocking her into Genki as he ran off.

"Watch it!" he exclaimed.

Mara blinked as she watched a small string coming from her pocket stretch out. Ahead, the man opened her wallet, snickering. Mara blinked and took the string, tugging it hard. The man fell back, Mara's wallet, attached to the string, flying back into her hands.

"I should've known this journey had thieves like you!" she hissed, stepping on the man with her foot.

The man struggled, but she pressed harder. "BROOOTHERSSS!!"

Mara and the rebels looked up as a crowd formed around them. Two huge, muscular men with only wearing jeans and swords on their backs , stepped up very confidently.

"Stand back," Pixie warned coolly. "Or someone may get hurt."

The men looked at each other and laughed hard. Mara let the man scramble up to his brothers as she stepped back, smiling.

"They hurt me!!" the little brother wailed.

The second muscular man came face to face with Pixie on Big Blue's shoulder. He was taller than Big Blue and Pixie if they were standing ontop of each other! "Is that so, little Pixie girl? Heh! Don't make me laugh!"

He strode back to his brothers, all of them striking a pose together. "We're the strongest brothers on this island!!"

Pixie laughed and pointed her finger in the air. "Isn't it nice you all are together?" She traced a circle in the air around them. As she did, a circle of fire above and around them appeared. "Brothers do have to stay together..until the end! FIRRRE...BALLL!!!"

The fire exploded up on the brothers as they screamed. The fire died down, and they fell to the ground, totally black and brown, tearing and flinching. The crowd laughed at the brothers as they got up, wailing as they ran off.

"Heh," Pixie snorted in amusement. "Well, let's go to the Inn."

The crowd clapped and whooped as they walked into the Inn.


Puck clapped his hands together. "Well! Our rooms will be ready in a few hours! So I say we split up and enjoy then town!"

Pixie nodded and said, "Well, I want to check out this..uh..hypno..tist...monster."

"A hypnotist monster?" Yosho asked.

Pixie nodded, "Yes. You coming?"

Holly spoke up, "If you don't mind, I would like to go."

"I have to see this," Ghost said.

Suezo snorted. "Well, what about us?"

"I want to find out more about this demon!" Genki exclaimed. "Where's the library?"

"Who knows!" Hare laughed, "But the rest of us will come!"

Tiger grumbled, "I guess. But libraries suck.."

They went their ways, murmuring to themselves.


A drum roll filled the dark entertainment/diner theater followed by a spotlight ontop of some red carpeted stairs above the tables full of monsters and people eating. A Poison stood in the spotlight proudly and then she stepped down the stairs, wrapping herself in her long, purple cape.

"Welcome!" she exclaimed proudly, then pulled out her spiraled glasses and put them on. "To the greatest hypnotist you'll ever see!"

Pixie, Yosho, Puck, Holly, Ghost and Big Blue sat at a large table in the back row, watching.

Pixie snorted and murmured to herself, "Hmph, can't they tell she's just a two-bit Poison with amplified Pixie telekinesis powers?" She took a bite out of her fish with her fork and watched the Poison walk towards the tables.

The Poison continued her opening, "My name is Kyoko, the great!" She laughed and rubbed her claws together. "Oh-kay!" She walked up to the closest table where an old couple were sitting. "Might I ask, madam, where were you born?" She pulled down her glasses to the tip of her, blue eyes sparkling slyly.

The old woman laughed, "Ooh! I was born in the island Hemming!"

Kyoko laughed, pulling back up her glasses, "Ah, yes! Hemming island! I've heard of Hemming! It's the island that is famous for it's honey!"

The woman's eyes sparkled with the man's as they both got up to the stage with some other people.

"Yes! Go to Hemming! Taste the sweet honey that tickles even the most mature taste buds!" Kyoko exclaimed, pointing to the stage.

Pixie watched, some beads of sweat on her face. "She's making them see Hemming on the stage! Cheap tricks...only for those who have weak minds!"

Kyoko leaped onto the stage, whipping her cape back as the people looked like they were eating imaginary honey, sucking on their fingers as the crowd gasped in awe. "Yes! And here comes the annual honey festival!! Can you hear the sweet music..as sweet as the honey?"

Some people from the stage crew pushed props out of fake trees as some performers came out, dressed as bees and jars of honey, dancing with the people.

"ARRGH!" Pixie yelled, pounding her fist into the table, voice softened by Kyoko singing and clapping with the people on stage. "ARE THOSE PEOPLE'S MINDS ROTTEN!!??!!"

Ghost floated next to her as Pixie sweated, looking at him wave a piece of meat on his fork infront of his face. "Well, you know Miss Pixie, some things taste good just before they go rotten!" He ate the piece of meat as Pixie gave him a soft growl, telling him he missed the point.


Later, everyone but Angel and Ami, who were in the hospital, met back at the Inn. Mara was especially excited because it was night.

"AHHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAAAA!" She laughed as everyone sweated at her.

"What is with you and that laugh all of a sudden?" asked Gray Wolf, eye flinching in annoyance.

Mara paused from her laughter and smiled, "I feel so at home in this island! I don't know why, but I feel so much happier! WAAH-HAHAHAHAHAAA!"

"Oh great...," murmured Hare, face faulting.

Coltia leaped up and down infront of the girls, "OOooh! They're opening the famous hot springs in the back!!! Can we go, huh Miss Holly?! Achika-chan?!! Huh?! Canwecanwecanwe?!"

"Hai!!" Mara said. "I read in the library that these hot springs are the best in the Monster World!"

Achika grinned, "We'll see about that..."

The girls walked to the back where some other women were already gathered, waiting for the doors to open.


The moon sparkled overhead on a huge hot spring, divided by a fence for the girl section and the boy section. In the dark path to the hot spring, a hallway almost with a gold and black roof over it. Dimly, the silence broke with a laugh.

"BWWAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh-hahahahahahaaaa!" Mara ran out of the shadows in a bathing suit she bought inside. It was pink and her long hair was loose, flying out behind her. "I'M FIRST! I'M FIRST! Last one in is a rotten fishyyyy! Oooh-Hohohohohoooo!" With a quick movement, she super jumped into the air, diving into the hot spring. "Whhhhhheeee!!!"

She emerged after her splash, swimming around. A large group of women, including Mara's friends, walked out, sitting by the edge, waiting for their explanation of the famous hot spring.

Mara swam about, not caring about the stupid explanation. "Aaaahhh! Hot sprrrring! Hot sprrriiing! Oh-hohohoho.."

Achika stepped in carefully and swam around, feeling relaxed after a bit as Mara floated around behind her in the deeper part.

"Aaah... This isn't so bad!" Achika sighed. She sat up from her swimming, touching her arm. "Feel this texture...Huh?" She blinked and scooped some water into her hand, sniffing it. "Hm..."

Suddenly, a trio of girl voices exclaimed, "Hello everyone!"

Achika looked to see three young women run out. One had long, gold hair with a kinky bathing suit while the other two were twins, each with pink hair and blue bikinis on.

"I'm Soap!" the gold haired on said.

"I'm Waterlily!" one twin exclaimed in a girlie voice.

"I'm Ponda!" the other twin exclaimed in a low and sassy voice.

Together, they exclaimed, "We're the spring sisters!"

Soap winked, "This spring is famous all around the world for healing cuts and sores! People swarm to our hotel just to use this spring! And my sister, Waterlily, will tell us more!"

They said it like in a cheesy commercial, but still affective towards the women, except for Achika who dunked half of her head underwater angrily, waiting for a chance.. Mara swam about, ignoring everyone else and singing "hot sppprrriings!" happily.

"Well! This spring was naturally made by the Earth!" Waterlily exclaimed, waving her finger in the air, then clapping her legs together excitedly. "Aaaand like Soap said, nature gave it the power to heal!"

Coltia gasped in amazement as Achika burbled in annoyance underwater.

"And why is this spring soooo popular?!" Ponda asked.

"I'm glad you asked, Ponda!" Waterlily exclaimed. "It's because it is so natural...with no mixes of spices or--"

"GOT YA!" Achika exclaimed, standing up quickly, the greenish water dripping down her body.

The sisters blinked with the customers. Mara paused and sat in the spring, listening to Achika in confusion.

"You girls really know how to sell....FAKE HOT SPRINGS!" Achika exclaimed, pointing at them accusingly.

The sisters gasped, "UH-OH!" As they tripped, standing on one foot.

Achika scooped some water into her hand and smelled it loudly for everyone to listen to her smell it. "You say this hot spring is natural...I'll give you that one... BUT..! The natural spring obviously sucked so bad, you had to put in a ton of extra ingredients!"

The sisters tripped once in a different pose, then another time in another different pose. "UH-OH! UH-OOH!!!"

Achika continued, "First, I smell Mint Leaves in this water...these leaves are used to make someone relax..especially used for monsters for stress!"

The sisters bit their nails as everyone stared on.

"..And I also smell a tangy scent..yes..it's..Nut Oil...used for fatigue and sometimes, healing! So that's how this spring heals simple cuts and bruises!" Achika continued. "And as for that sweet scent that fills the air.." Achika sucked on her fingers dripping with the hot spring waters and then concluded her speech. "Mangoes!" She gave the sisters a sly grin. "Am I wrong?"

In reply, all three sisters fell to the floor, moaning in defeat.

Coltia blinked, "Achika-chan..." She grinned happily, eyes sparkling. "YOU'RE GOOOD!!"

"Ah...ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa! But of course!" Achika laughed proudly, hands on her hips. "No fake spring can trick.." She slapped her arm, showing off her smooth skin. "Achika-chan's skin!"

The customers whooped and clapped as Achika waved them off proudly.

Ponda looked at her sisters, "There goes our summer job..."

"MWAH-HAHAHAHAAAA!" an evil voice laughed underwater.

Mara blinked as the water burbled underneath her. Suddenly, a huge wave from underneath her sent her flying up into the sky with a scream. When the water cleared, a Lorica monster stood up as Mara splashed down into the water behind him, spirals in her eyes.

Lorica (sounds feminine... XP) laughed in a loud and manly voice, "It's good to see someone who knows their hot springs!"

He walked up to Achika who stared at him calmly. The customers and sisters scattered to the sides, leaving the rebel girls alone.

"And who might you be?" Achika asked with a smile.

"I am the keeper of this spring!" Lorica cried proudly. "And those who are not satisfied with it, will face my blade! Especially you rebels!" His Black Magic symbol glowed.

Achika smiled, "Well, if we're gonna be friends, at least tell us your name."

"The name's H-Two-Oh," the Lorica introduced himself.

"'Name's Achika! Now, wanna fight?" she asked.

H-Two-Oh laughed, "Well duh!"

Achika laughed too and stuck her hands in the water, "LIGHTNING!!"

The water electrocuted as H-Two-Oh blocked it with a shield, blowing back a few feet. "Oh! Mwahahahahaha!" Achika growled softly as he laughed, putting his hands in the air. "Is it my turrrnnn?!"

Suddenly, the water formed into a monstrous sword as the rebel women screamed. The sword crashed to where Holly and Pixie were standing and they screamed, running away as it cracked the spot in two. It went after Coltia who dodged it, screaming with tears shooting out of her eyes. The sword went after Mara, backed up into the fence as she screamed and ran out of the way. The sword tore down the fence, revealing some men in their bathing suits who rushed away the moment they saw the fight.

"WWWAAAHHH!" Coltia yelped, the sword missing her again by inches.

"CRAP!" Pixie hissed, ducking from the huge blade.

Meanwhile, on the side lines, all the customers drank and watch the fight like it was some sort of sporting event. A chubby man took a glug of his beer and offered it to a man next to him. "Hey! This is a pretty good show! Want some?"

The man nodded, "Arigatou!"

The girls' screams and curses were heard followed by cracks and explosions.

Waterlily and her sisters walked around with trays of drinks and food.

"Here you go sir!" Soap said, giving a man a piece of chicken and a drink on a plate. "Hey Ponda!! A customer is waiting for you!!"

"WWWWWAAAAHH!!" Coltia screamed, being thrown forward by the force of the sword's swipe.

"DAMN IIITTT!!! OOOoooh!" Pixie wailed. A huge vein exploded onto her head. "Damn you! Are you one of Black Magic's monster chiefs?!"

H-Two-Oh laughed, "No..I am one of our master's finer demons! I wear the Black magic symbol to protect myself from him! My demon master is...the fourth strongest on this island!"

"OH YEAH?!" Pixie exclaimed. "Who's the first three!?!"

H-Two-Oh laughed, "Unless you start trouble with them, you don't have to worry!"

Pixie and Achika looked at each other, then nodded. They formed huge lightning balls in their hands. "We know! DOUBLE LIGHTNIIINNNGGGSSS!!"

H-Two-Oh screamed and held out his hands. "Sword Shiiieldd!"

The giant sword tried to protect him, but the lightning ball exploded it and then engulfed H-Two-Oh who screamed, his shield blowing up. The watching crowd grinned and awed as the ladies proudly stepped out of the smog.

"Hey folks, do you want us to finish the job?!" Coltia exclaimed happily, eyes turned upwards like Puck's.

"YYEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhhh!!!!" the crowd exclaimed.

Pixie grinned devilishly and turned to the burnt H-Two-Oh who cowered in fear. "Heh heh..." She raised her finger in the air. "Fire........." A ring of fire circled H-Two-Oh's feet as he sweated in fear. "BALLL!!!"

The fire exploded the ground under his feet as he screamed, flying up into the sky in somersaults, disappearing as a speck in the sky. The crowd laughed and cheered, whooping and chanting.

Holly waved weakly to them in her red bathing suit next to the happy Coltia who waved both of her hands to the crowd, laughing proudly in her pink bikini. Mara nodded behind them, arms crossed with a proud grin.

"These people love us, Miss Holly! Miss Mara!" Coltia exclaimed happily.

"AH-HAHAHAHAAaaaaaa!" Mara laughed. "But of course!"


That night...

The grasses and flowers filled her nostril as she pushed past some brush. A firefly flew past her awed face gently as she blinked.

Holly peeked out and clenched her teeth, "What is this...?"

She spotted a gold haired boy with blue armor and a sword strapped over his back. He tried to catch a firefly for an elf girl with long, green hair and large pink eyes. The boy finally tripped over a root and fell to the damp, night floor, yelping. The elf girl giggled, then burst out in laughter as the boy sweated in embarrassment, watching the firefly fly right into the elf's hand.

"You have to listen to it. The firefly hates to be chased, it wants someone to wait for it to land," she spoke softly.

Holly blinked and rubbed her neck, walking up behind the two. "Uuuh.. Excuse me?"

The boy rubbed his neck, getting up, "I should've known!" The elf girl giggled as Pixie sweated. "Hey! Is tomorrow the Elf Summer Festival?"

Holly's sweat disappeared as she puffed out one of her cheeks in annoyance. "What a rude pair of children!"

The elf girl nodded, "Yes! Are you coming?"

Holly leaned forward, between the two, head looking back and forth at them, "I hate to be rude, but.. HEY! Am I invisible?!"

The boy nodded excitedly, "Mmm-hm!"

The elf girl giggled excitedly, letting the firefly fly away.

Holly blinked, "Why are you two acting in such a foolish way?! You have no respect!"

She tried to grab the boy, but her hand went right through him. Holly gagged, her eyes wide and her teeth clenched together in a huge frown. The environment around her turned completely black, nothing but darkness as an old voice cackled in amusement.

"I'm sorry I pissed you off as a boyyyy!" the voice laughed.

Holly looked around, "Who are you?!"

The voice laughed, "You'll find out! But for now..know this! You and your friends are the only people who can change this miscoursed destiny....!"


Holly woke up in a cold sweat and looked around, rubbing her sweaty forehead. The girls slept on the Inn room beds and on the floor, all fast asleep quietly. (Except for Coltia and Mara who snored)

[What the......?]


Holly stared ahead in a daze, bags under her as she trudged behind. They were taking H-Two-Oh, burnt and in a tank-like "cell" to the king and queen where he could be locked up or whatever. The tank was dragged by Golem and Big Blue by two ropes and a wheeled piece of wood where it sat.

"Are you Ok, Miss Holly?" Big Blue asked.

Holly only grumbled in reply.

Puck paused, smiling to himself, "I have this odd feeling.."

Ghost smiled and opened one of his up turned eyes, "That something will happen?"

Suddenly, twelve robed men ran infront of them, forming two lines of six. Jessie strode down the middle of the lines, chuckling as her Black Magic symbol gleamed as her cape blew in back of her.

"We've been waiting," she said simply.

Achika snorted, "Do you work with him?" She nodded her head to H-Two-Oh who was turned away stubbornly.

"Yes! And out master wants you all to come join him!" Jessie laughed.

Puck sweated, "Oh please.."

Yosho frowned, "Who is this master, anyways?"

Jessie laughed, "Oh! You'll find out, soon enough!"

Pixie sweated, "Look, step aside before I hurt you..."

Jessie pulled down her spiraled glasses to the tip of her nose, "Oh? Hurt me? Before you do...where were you born?"

Pixie snorted, "Angel said in the town of Rosary.....GAK!" she turned to Jessie, realizing her dumb mistake.

Jessie laughed, "OH-HOOO! Rosary?! I know Rosary!!" She motioned Pixie to come and Pixie's body jumped off of Big Blue as she tried to fight her body and Jessie's power. "It's the town famous for....it's wine and grapes!!"

Pixie's eyes wavered as she stared ahead, her eyes seeing the fields of grapes. "I...can see them...."

Her vision turned into the fields of grape trees and small huts. Suddenly, a baby Pixie popped up, a huge toothy grin on her small face. "He-heee! GRRRAPE TIME!!"

"Yess!" Jessie's voice filled her thoughts as Pixie's vision turned into one where some young human girls and monsters picking grapes off the tree. "And after you picked the grapes..the humans made wine by crushing them with their feet in huge barrels! That's how you made wine!"

Jessie's cloaked servants threw off their robes, dressed in old fashion skirts that they used for grape smashing and stomped their feet like they were crushing grapes. One hooked Pixie's arm in his and stomped, dancing around, dragging Pixie with his movements.

"MASTER PIXIE!" Big Blue exclaimed, a vein on his head. "TORNA--!"

"No!" Puck said, putting his staff infront of him. "Just hold onto Mr.H-Two-Oh, I'll show them a new trick of mine!" Jessie and her crew looked at Puck who walked over calmly, a smile on his face. Pixie was on her knees, breathing hard in relief. Puck held his staff in the air. "STONE CURSE!"

Suddenly, the ground shook violently as a stone head of a Golem appeared out of the ground, 10X bigger than Golem's head. It's eyes glowed as it paused, only the head looking at Jessie and the others.

"The hell?!" one of Jessie's henchman cried. "Should we run?!"

Jessie snapped at him, "Calm down, you fool! I am the greatest hypnotist in this land!" She climbed up onto the nose of it and rubbed her hands together. "I can seduce anything into my trance!" She pushed down her glasses to the tip of her nose. "Where were YOU born?"

The head roared, sending Jessie screaming off the cliff, tears flying out of her eyes. Her henchmen called after her and ran off the cliff quickly as the head pushed out of the land higher.

"WOW!! That is sooo cool, Puck-chan!!!" Coltia exclaimed. "Haaaaiii!!!"

The Golem head roared as it's body pushed out too. Pixie sweated and face faulted at it's tiny body, waving it's arms to keep the huge head on balance. Coltia sweated with the others except for Puck who calmly crossed his arms and tripped to the ground with a moan.

"Rrrraaaarr!" the fake Golem roared in a tiny voice, stumbling backwards to the edge of the cliff, waving it's hands frantically. With another "RRaaarr!!", it fell of the cliff, roaring on the way followed by huge crashing noises and dust.

Holly got up, "Uuuh, I think it needs work, Puck-chan...."

Puck only laughed softly, walking to the edge of the cliff with everyone else. Golem and Big Blue dragged the caged H-Two-Oh with them. They looked down to see the fake Golem on it's stomach. Slowly, it got up, but once again, it's arms waved frantically and it crashed headlong into the town where it was greeted by screaming and running townspeople. It smashed into a huge square and lied there, spirals in it's eyes before it disappeared, leaving smashed houses behind.

"Oooh boy, we're in deep crap," Pixie murmured. "And we have to go to the king..."

Coltia looked at Puck with a huge sweat on her head, "Uh...did you ever use that before...?"

The oddly calm Puck laughed softly in his throat, but unknown to the others, a bead of sweat rolled down his face and dropped onto the ground.


Inside the town's palace, the king tapped his fingers violently on his throne as the rebels stood nervously before him. He was a short king with saggy, tired eyes like he never had a wink of sleep in his life.

"Well, thank YOU...for bringing...that...VILLAIN...to our..palace," the king said, trying to hold back his extreme anger. A vein once in awhile appearing on his head each time he said a word louder than the other. "I..must..SAY..I'm..IMPRESSED...with your...work so far...defeating 4..of the..DARKNESS..Five...very..impressive.."

"AAAHHH-HAHAHAHAAAHAAA!" Mara laughed, throwing her head back proudly. "You should be! Who told you that, anyway?"

The King shrugged as his Queen quickly hid behind a pink fan like they weren't suppose to tell. "Uh...rumors...I suppose.. Now, may I ask you your names?"

"I'm Mara Michuru!" Mara boasted proudly.

"Tiger of the Wind."

"Gray Wolf."



"Coltia Sunrei!!!" (made up that last name)



"Genki Sakura!"

"Mocchi! Mocchi!!"


"Big Blue!"


"Hare's the name!"


The King, still pissed, turned his head slowly to Holly, like he was about to explode. "And you..?"

"Holly Mercris," Holly said softly, bowing. (made up that last name)

The King shot up, "HOLLY MERCRIS??!!" He ran up to her, circling the frightened Holly. "Do you have the Magic Stone?! Do you know how to use the Energy Yo attack?!"

"Uh..yes..your majesty...," Holly replied.

"OOOOHHH!" the king screeched happily. "Come, come, sit!!" The king dragged her over to his throne and leaned on the side. "Oh you and your friends must stay! It was a long journey here and you look tired!"

The Queen walked up next to the scared Holly, "Oh YES! Do stay!!"

The king grinned, "Free food!" He ran to a guard by his throne. "Tell the cook to kill a cow! No--two cows!"

"BWWWAAAHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Mara laughed as everyone turned to her. "The more the better! AHHAHHAHAHAHAAA!"

Everyone else tripped to the floor.


That night..

The darkness with filled with a sudden light as two hands brushed aside a brush. Holly peeked her head out of the brush, looking around to see the boy, alone in a burning village, his face bleeding and bodies of elves all around him.

"Oh my God!" Holly gasped.

"Yes.... It was the most horrible site...," the voice sighed. "I ran out of tears that day.."

Holly looked up into the sky, "I know how you feel..."

The voice replied, "I know. I am sorry about what happened to Toriyama. But see this carnage, Miss Holly? This was never suppose to happen.."

Holly looked back at the boy to see him place a flower on the body of the elf girl. A couple of tears hit her stomach and suddenly, millions of blue sparkles filled the area.

"The spirits of the elves told me that day to change their cruel destiny... But I could not.. I have waited hundreds of years, for the elves controlled time in this island with their need for revenge...," the voice said sadly.

Holly looked back to the sky, "Who did this?"

"Watch," the voice replied.

Holly watched as a portal ripped open infront of the boy, a hand reaching out. A long, green, skinny hand with red claws on its fingers. The rest of the hand came..to reveal a hideous demon with a long red tongue, flicking like a snake's and red eyes. His jaw was twisted with his fangs neatly set in three rows. It had long, dark orange hair and a long, green tail. It smacked the boy away, but the boy pulled out a bladeless sword.

"Hey!! Were you crazy?!" Holly exclaimed to the voice.

The boy rushed forward, "SPIRIT BLLLAAADDDDEEEEE!!!!!"

A blue beam burst out of the sword handle like a magical blade, but the demon merely laughed and smacked him way into a hut, unconscious. The demon laughed hideously and disappeared back into the portal. Suddenly, lightning struck and Holly found herself infront of a massive, stone temple where an old man with long, white hair and a bushy beard waited ontop of the stairs, a sword in his hands--the Spirit Blade.

"Hear me now, Miss Holly! This blade was suppose to be used by the ancient hero--but as I grew old, the power died out and the hero had to use another sword--that's why he died!" the old swordsman exclaimed in his long, brown and gold robe. "If he had used this blade...he would've lived with his wife!"

"But then the Blue Phoenix would've never been created!" Holly exclaimed, confused.

"Wrong! Mei, his wife, created the Phoenix just in case the Ancient Monster escaped it's prison! She never knew he had died until his partner told her!" the old man exclaimed as lightning struck behind him.

"I see," Holly whispered. She began to go into deep thought, blocking out his voice as he talked about 'ruins' and 'demons'. [Mei...why did you visit me? Because of this? No..it can't be.. And his partner...? Who....]

Suddenly, the temple disappeared and Holly found herself facing the old man's huge face. "ARE YOU LISTENING???!!!" Holly screamed and then the face disappeared, leaving her in the darkness with his voice echoing. "Go to the ruins north of here and fight the demon Chaos! You and your friends are my only hope in putting the elves' misery out once and for all! My misery.... GO HOLLY!!!"

Suddenly, two more voices pierced her head as she screamed, holding her ears. "GGGGOOOOOO TOOO THHEE NNORRTHH RRRUUUIIINS!! GGOOO IIIIN THE MOORNING...!!!"


Holly shot up, knocking the King and Queen over who were screaming in her ear. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SCREAMING INTO MY EAR LATE AT NIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTT??????!!!" Holly screamed, her closed eyes tearing.

The Queen got up, fan infront of her mouth, "But if someone screams something into your ear at night, legends say that the person will do that in the morning! Ooh, you have to go to the North Ruins!"


The King sat on the floor, "Let me explain. For the past week, me and my wife have been visited in our dreams by an old swordsman asking us to seek the rebels. He explained your accomplishments and you too, Miss Holly. We need to get rid of Chaos, for he has been terriozing town after town for a long time!"

The Queen nodded, "Yes..and who knows when he'll attack us..."

Holly sighed, "Ok. But all we want is some money..we're running low.."

"Oh, of course!" the King chimed happily.

"Thank you, Miss Holly!" the Queen said.

"Sure. Uh...can I go to sleep now?" Holly asked.


The Next day, the rebels found themselves walking to the North Ruins as Holly explained the whole story on the way.

"Oh yes, Chaos!" Puck exclaimed.

"You know him or something?" Pixie asked.

Puck laughed, "Nooo! I read about him in my book! He killed off all the elves many years ago, probably hundreds or thousands, I suppose."

"Hundreds?" Holly murmured, looking up. "It had to be more then that. The old swordsman told me the ancient hero would've used his sword and lived, but the demon Chaos changed all that."

Puck smiled, "You are sooo right, Holly-sama! I would've never thought of that.."

Ghost gave him an odd sympathetic look as Puck nodded to him sadly. Holly blinked with the others in confusion, but Puck and Ghost resumed their happy states which seemed permanent.

"Ssssooo! How long until we get there, Coltia-chan?!" Puck laughed.

Coltia rubbed her head, looking at an old-looking map. "Uuuh, a few more miles, Puck-chan.."

Yosho made a noise of irritation in his throat. "Hmph. And does anyone know how we'll kill this demon? How powerful is this demon to change the course of time?!"

Pixie snorted, "Don't get a heart attack, you old fart! Geez, if you don't want to come, then go back to town!"

Gray Wolf turned to Yosho, "I agree."

Yosho cursed under his breath as a big, black vein stuck on his head. "I'll come.."

As they walked on, Coltia look on the sides of the path to see small glob like creatures with big eyes and pink cheeks. She blinked as they danced around them for awhile, causing Coltia to giggle. Suddenly, they stopped like they saw a huge monster infront of them, turned their bodies and hopped away at full speed. Coltia's eyes were huge and wavering in sadness as they looked ahead and she looked after the little glob creatures.

"Oooohhh....they were so kawaii toooooo-oooohhh....," Coltia wailed.

Achika looked ahead with the others at a ruin's entrance. "They were afraid of the ruin.."

Coltia looked at the ruin and clenched her fists to her chin, "Oooh, I don't blame them..it's scary.."

Holly looked at the ruin hard. [Are they afraid of the ruin itself...or what's inside?]


"Ugh!" Achika hissed as the rebels crawled under a fallen column to a great hallway. She got out and stood up, brushing herself off. "Why do monsters and demons always have to live in such dark, damp places?"

"No rent?" Mara snorted.

Everyone but Genki gave her a confused look.

"Nevermind," Genki laughed at their confusion. "It's just a thing we have to pay in my world.."

"AAARGH!!!" Pixie screamed, going super deformed and waving about. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS RENT JUST WHERE THE HELL IS THIS DEMON?!" She returned to her normal state as the hallway lit up with torches. She smiled slyly. "An invitation."

"Hai," Puck laughed. "But we have a long way to go.. Downwards.."

Coltia gulped as Holly tapped the stone floor. It was uneven and definitely unbalanced.

"I have an idea," Holly said. She put her hands on the ground and concentrated hard. "Ancient Gods.You who watch over the Earth. Lend me some of your strength, just this one time." Her hand glowed blue as everyone else ran away quickly, yelping in fear. "Energy yo!"

Her blue wave of energy burst through the ground, making a hole. Looking down, Holly and the others watched as the Energy Yo burst through five floors before crashing into a thick, stone ground.

"Of course!" Puck laughed, punching his fist into his open hand. "Why not take the easiest route!"

They jumped in, Coltia clinging to the gagging Achika's neck as she wailed.

"Whhhhhheeeeeeeee!!!" Mara laughed.

They landed on their feet on the ground. Then, when Golem and Big Blue landed, they were thrown forward by their hard landing with a scream.

"Sorr-rrryyy," Golem sighed, looking down sadly as the rebels lied on the floor, spirals in their eyes.

Holly murmured, "Hm...didn't think about Golem or Big Blueeee...."

The spiraled eyed Suezo replied, "Neither did we..."


Soon, they were walking down the damp underground cave-like place lighted by torches. Coltia hid behind Achika who looked uneasily ahead, gulping. Pixie stopped infront of two large, gold doors and opened one.

"GGAHH!!" she yelped as a strange frog-like creature shot infront of her face, his snake like tongue licking his lips.

"Bwah ha ha...," it laughed. "HAAAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!"

Pixie growled as it hopped away into the center where a huge statue of a demon stood, fangs bared and a large jaw twisted. Holly's eyes widened at the familiarity of it.

"Chaos!" she gasped.

The creature laughed and nodded, hopping around insanely. When it stopped, putting it's hands on it's waist, Mara peered down at it, disgusted and disappointed.

"This is Chaos?!" she snorted. The creature laughed and nodded. Mara looked away, eyes narrowed at nothing but the mere thought of Chaos being a little frog. "Well, I suppose I'll get over my disappointment later.."

Chaos laughed and hopped past the statue and opened a large, stone door, revealing piles and piles of gold. Hare blinked, then gasped as his eyes turned into gold coins.

"W_w_wowwwww.... LOOK AT THAT GOLD!! HAHAHAAA!" he laughed, starting to rush to the gold, but Achika grabbed his scarf.

"BAKA YO! It's probably a trap!!" Achika yelled at the greedy, struggling Hare. "Don't you think?!"

Chaos laughed and hopped madly off the walls, laughing hard. A vein appeared on Tiger's head as he released a low growl, turning to the mad frog-like Chaos.

Holly was too deep in thought to notice the angry Tiger or the greedy Hare. [If Chaos is a big demon..then that frog...that's it! It must be his first form for disguise!!]


Holly gasped and turned quickly to the Tiger. "TIGER, NO!"

Too late, his attack stopped the frog dead in his tracks, just missing him by centimeters. He stopped laughing and glared at Tiger angrily. Achika gasped, releasing Hare slowly who also stared at the cold glare of Chaos.

"You are pretty fast," the small Chaos laughed. He floated into the air and chuckled. "You almost got me."

Pixie grinned, "So, I'm guessing you use that shrimpy form to trick your meals!"

Chaos laughed, "You're very smart, Miss Pixie!"

"I'M FAST TOO!" Pixie exclaimed, chucking a lightning at the Chaos who disappeared into a blue portal next to him.

The lightning crashed into the wall, leaving behind a large hole. Pixie gasped, her eyes darting wildly.

"Damn..," she hissed. "Where'd he go?"

The rebels looked around slowly for a few moments before Holly got a feeling..

"PIXIE-CHAN! LOOK OUT!" she cried, pushing her to the floor just as a green hand shooting out of a blue portal missed her head.

Pixie and Holly rolled to the left as the full formed Chaos swiped at them. He stopped and stood up, laughing as his snake tongue flicked out of his grinning mouth.

"For a human, you do have a good intuition!" Chaos laughed at Holly.

Holly stood up and grinned, "And for a demon, you're very clever!"

Chaos threw back his head and laughed, "Why thank you...Holly Mercris!" He held up his hand and shot the ceiling over his head with a huge blue, energy ball. The roof cracked from the first floor and soon, the whole ruin began to tumble and crack. Chaos laughed as the rebels screamed as he stepped back into his blue portal. "I'M SURE WE'LL MEET AGAIN...VERY SOON...MISS HOLLY...AND BLACK MAGIC'S...REBELS!!"

Achika cursed and scooped up Coltia who wailed, tears shooting out of her eyes. "DAMN! WE HAVE TO LEAVE..NOW!!"

Hare's eyes turned huge and watery, "What?! And leave all this GOOOLD??!"

Puck exclaimed, serious for once, "No time! LEVITATIIIOOONNN!"

A huge bubble encased the rebels and they flew upwards, out of the collapsing ruins with a crying Hare. Coltia sweated and patted him on the back as he cried.

"Puck-chan, what will we do now?" Holly asked as they floated out of the ruins just as it collapsed.

Puck resumed his normal upwards eyes and mischievous smile. "Well...how about some water or food?"

Holly sweated, "And WHERE are we going to get those...?"

Puck pointed his staff forwards, and sure enough, a small village came into sight. Hare weakly looked up as the others stepped forward inside of the bubble.

"Hey Puck!" Gray Wolf barked. "The people will be scared to death if we come like this!"

Puck sweated, "Oh, once again, Mr.Gray Wolf, you are correct!" Puck snapped his fingers without thinking twice and the bubble popped, sending everyone screaming and flying forwards. "Ooooohhh myyyy, I did a bad thiiiiiiiinggg!!!"

The skidded to a hurtful halt in back of an old woman pulling up a bucket from a well. Mara spit out some dirt, her face red from sliding on her face.

"DAMN YOU, PUCK!!!" she fumed.

Puck sweated, "G-gomen...?"

Mara sighed angrily, a cloud of breath floating out of her mouth. She looked at the old woman who turned to them, giving them a friendly smile as Coltia and the others coughed up dirt.

"Oh my! You poor things!" she gasped, turning back to the well. "Let me get you all some water! You all look like you need it!"

"Arigatou," Achika coughed, getting up with the others, except for Hare who lied on the ground, still crying over the gold. "You are very kind."

The woman nodded and pulled out a bucket slowly, struggling. Holly stepped forward, face stained with dirt slightly.

"Here, let me help you," Holly said kindly.

The woman smiled, "Thank you, miss.....uh..."

"Holly... Holly Mercris!" Holly introduced herself with a slight bow. She took the bucket, nodding to the others. "They are--"

"Uuuoohhh," the woman interrupted, her green eyes narrowing at Holly. "Holly..."

Suddenly, they were surrounded by zombie-like villagers. "Holly... Holly...."

Coltia screamed, clinging to Puck's long cape. "PUCK-CHAAAANNN!!!"

Puck opened his green eyes, looking at the villagers. "They've been drained of their life force.."

Big Blue's eyes became 2x wider, "Then that means---!"

Pixie finished for him, "...They're zombies!"

Coltia screamed ontop of her lungs, then pushed past some zombie people past her, running into the nearby woods. The others ran after her, calling after her. Coltia stopped infront of a large oak tree, eyes wavering in fear as she looked up. The others caught up and looked where she was looking and gasped.

"Chaos, CHIII!" Mocchi exclaimed, sweating in fear with his eyes 2x wider.

Chaos, sitting ontop of a branch, laughed and clapped his hands maniacally, "HAHAHAAHAAAA!!! Oh, you humans' and monsters' emotions taste soooo good when I sink my teeth into your skin!! HAHAHAAAHHAAAA!"

"You monster!! I know what you did to those people, you ate their life force!!" Genki exclaimed.

Chaos laughed and clapped his hands, "Very smart, boy! Or should I call you, Genki, the boy who possesses the Fire Phoenix!?!"

Genki growled, "How do you know our names?!"

Chaos laughed before replying, "THAT, is a secret!"

Puck sweated, "Heeyyy....that's my line..."

Chaos snickered, "Seriously speaking, everyone on this island knows you...especially Black Magic and Lady Darkness! Rumors and stories spread of your...courageous deeds. Hmph! HA-HAA! Let's just say...Black Magic isn't very pleased!!"

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS!" Pixie fumed, a vein on her head.

Coltia shot up, striking a series of justice poses, "OOoohh! I, Coltia, one of the heroes of JUSTICE, won't allow you to do such horrible deeds anymore! In the name of truth, justice and the monster world way, YOU'LL PAY!"

Chaos snickered, "Come, my servants..."

The zombie-like towns people walked up behind the rebels. The rebels backed up closely to each other, ready to defend themselves.

Chaos pointed up, "Go off this Earth!!"

Suddenly, the people moaned as their skin melted off their bodies, oozing to the ground. The rebels watched in horror and disgust as the oozing skin left behind a thick, gray dead-like skin. Suddenly, with shrilled screams, their bodies disappeared, leaving behind their clothes as their ghosts took off into the sky, moaning in pain, no where to go but up.

Chaos laughed maniacally, slapping his knees in amusement. "What a delightful thing to see...humans in pain!!"

Holly leaned over, teeth clenched tightly as a shadow covered her eyes. She looked up, tears in her eyes in anger and in pain from seeing such a horrible sight. "YOU BASTARD!!!!"

The others turned to her in surprise. Holly...curse?!

Chaos cocked a skin eyebrow, "Oh? Am I?" He grinned. "Ah, yes... I can feel your extreme anger.. AH-HAHAHA!! I can see you will taste VERY good once I suck out your life force! It will be fun playing with you!"

Pixie growled softly, walking forward, "You are an evil bastard.. Even humans don't deserve such things.. I--" A hand blocking her way stopped her short.

It was Holly's hand. Pixie looked at the human's face to see pure anger and determination carved in her youthful face. "Pixie-chan. Stand back."

Pixie stepped back as the others copied.

Puck said, "Miss Holly, you know that Energy Yo attack...?"

"I know," Holly interrupted. "It's only half of the spell."

The others gasped and looked at the sweating Puck, rubbing the back of his neck. "Hai..correct.. The full attack is VERY strong, I warn you..."

"I don't care," Holly half whispered.

Puck took another few steps back as the others slowly followed. Holly raised her arms in the air as Chaos put his chin in his hand.

"Oh? Are you going to scrape me with a little spell?" he laughed sarcastically.

Holly was silent as she concentrated, her Magic Stone glowing wildly under her shirt. She looked up, eyes closed and her teeth clenched slightly in concentration. "Ancient Gods, watching over the chaotic world.. Only you shed light to the seemingly hopeless race you tried to create for peace and harmony.. This race has both good and evil, like the race of Gods and demons.. Torn by an eternal light, I pledge myself to your light, swear by your light and breath by your light! Please spare my some of your energy, just this one time! ENERGY....YO!"

A monstrous burst of blue energy burst out of her hands, taking shape into a huge, blue bird as the others gasped in awe. The blue energy bird flew at Chaos who sweated in fear, sticking his hand into a portal as it hit him, sending the tree and himself backwards in a blue flare along with some more trees. He screamed as he disappeared into the blue light along with the trees. After the light cleared after a few seconds, Holly breathed hard, her knees weak and her hair falling over her shoulders. They looked to see a huge crater deep into the Earth, dust rising around it slowly. Holly fell to the floor, eyes closed as Coltia, Achika, Pixie, Suezo and Yosho surrounding her.

"Holly-chan!" Yosho gasped, shaking his daughter's shoulder slightly.

"Miss Holly!" Coltia cried.

Mara was uninterested, but looked into the crater with Genki. A bead of sweat rolled down Genki's face as Mara's hair blew slightly in the breeze. Holly pushed herself up, almost collapsing back onto the ground with a yelp, but they caught her in the nick of time. Finally, she stumbled up weakly, leaning on Yosho's muscular body.

Puck applauded her, "Well done, Holly-sama! I think you got him!"

Suddenly, Chaos appeared quickly behind the rebels out of his blue portal. "Guess again!! WIND CREATE!"

A burst of wind blew the screaming rebels into the crater. Chaos leaned over the edge and stuck out his hand at the falling Holly. His left side was covered in blood. "DIIIEEEEE!!"

Out of his hand, a skinny, red ray, almost like a long bullet, flew out at Holly, nicking her arm as she yelped in pain, blood squirting out of her wound. She landed hard on the ground, not getting up. Chaos appeared infront of her, leaning over her limp body.

"Ya know, Miss Holly, that little spell of yours HURT!" he yelled. He grinned. "Now you'll pay for that.." He heard a footstep and turned, sticking out his hand to Genki, who tried to run to Holly's aid. "HOLD IT! One step and I WILL kill her...painfully.."

He laughed, turning back to Holly who weakly pushed her head and shoulders up to face him, a gash across her forehead from the landing. "You are a very powerful young woman." He snickered. "Too bad I have to kill you.." He opened his huge jaw, filled with three rows of ugly, yellowish fangs. A large, red energy ball filled his mouth. "DDDIIIIEEE!!!"

Holly looked down, shaking in fear as he leaned closer.

"LIGHT LANCE!" an old voice exclaimed.

Suddenly, a white, magic lance chucked at Chaos' face, sending him flying backwards.

"Boost wind!" Puck exclaimed, flying forward and scooping Holly into his arms and flying to safety.

Suddenly, the old swordsman appeared from behind a rock, grinning. "Sorry I'm so late, Miss Holly!"

Holly blinked, "It's you!"

Chaos stood up, "Damn you, you old fool!" His forehead was cut and bleeding. "To think, you, Zelieth, the boy I should've killed a long time ago would still be alive and kicking! Ha!" He backed up into his blue portal which appeared behind him. "If you want to have your revenge, meet me at your old temple at 12!"

He disappeared as the others slowly crowded around Zelieth. Zelieth smiled in amusement at their confused faces.

"Hello!" he laughed.

Holly and Puck sweated.


Inside Zelieth's temple, he finished telling the others what he told Holly in her dreams.

"So lemme get this straight," Pixie said, taking a sip of tea as Holly touched her bandaged arm painfully. Pixie slammed down her tea cup, shaking the table they were sitting at violently. "You want us to change what cannot be changed..the past?! Are your brain cells dead from age?!"

"No, like I said, the hero was suppose to live, but Chaos changed that. For you see, Chaos is from the distant future, but he's now hanging out in the past," Zelieth explained.

"Dansiver was suppose to live?" Puck asked.

"Was Dansiver the name of the ancient hero, Puck-chan?" Coltia asked.

Puck looked down, eyes covered in a black shadow. "Hai.."

Achika closed her eyes, resting her chin on her knuckles, "I see.. Only a cruel monster would do such a thing."

Yosho pounded his fist into the table, "Damn it! That inconsiderate---!"

"Hold it, old man!" Mara interrupted. "Are we going to get a reward for this?"

Zelieth ignored her. "Miss Coltia, Holly, Pixie and Achika." They walked up around him as he whispered. "For you girls, there is a spring at a small town which will guarantee a certain kind of everlasting luck!" He grinned through his beard. "This spring is located far south of here.."

"Everlasting luck?" Holly whispered excitedly. "That means--"

"We can easily find the Blue Phoenix and defeat all the evil!!" Coltia laughed, throwing her fist in the air.

"YYYYYYYOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHOOOOO!! YOU GOT A DEAAAALLLL!" Pixie exclaimed. Zelieth and the others backed away, a little scared of Pixie. "HAAAAAaaa! Thanks a lot, old man!"

Zelieth nodded in fright. "Yes...yes..!"

Suddenly, the old grandfather clock struck 12 times as the rebels stared at it seriously.

"Midnight," Gray Wolf murmured.

"Hurry! We must destroy Chaos and somehow change the past!" Zelieth's voice echoed in Holly's head as they stood infront of the temple with Zelieth on the stairs. "He'll probably bring horrible demons..."

"Here they come!" Ghost exclaimed, opening his eyes seriously.

A large group of huge, dog-like demons ran towards the rebels, spitting out fire. Pixie dodged the fire easily with incredible speed and twirled around.

"FIRE...BALL!!" she exclaimed, chucking a huge fireball at the demons.

They roared and exploded in the flames. Then, two more came charging at Puck who dodged a fireball from one's mouth easily with his usual happy expression.

"BOOST BOOOMB!!" he exclaimed, pointing to the ground.

The ground under the demons exploded, sending them flying into the air, then they exploded in a thick, black mist. Another one came at Coltia who gagged in fear. Tears shot out of her eyes as she wailed.

"I'M SCCCCCCAAAAAARRRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!!! WWWAAAHH!!!" she screamed, whirling around and kicking the tearing demon hard in the jaw.

It flew backwards into the temple and roared, exploding in a thick mist. Hare and Achika sweated as they looked to see Coltia shivering under the sweating Puck's cape.

"We should scare Coltia in a battle more often...," Hare murmured, rubbing his neck.

"H_hai..," Achika replied, amazed at her young master.

Mocchi leaped into the air, "BLOSSOM..TORNADO!!"

Two demons roared as they were encased in a thick tornado cherry blossoms. Soon, a thick, black mist pierced the blossoms which disappeared.

"ZELIETH-KUN!!" Holly suddenly screamed.

A green hand shot down with a shrilled battle cry. Zelieth gagged as the green arm ripped right through his stomach from his back. It was Chaos, laughing as Zelieth's blood rolled down his arm.

"ZELIETH!!" Achika exclaimed with Tiger.

Zelieth, with a shaky hand, grabbed Chaos' arm. "HA! My plan worked! Do you know how long I've waited for this?!"

Chaos cocked his skin eyebrow in confusion. "Waiting?!"

The rebels gasped as white ghost-like vapors floated past them to Zelieth who held up his staff. "COME TO ME, SPIRITS OF THE ELLLVVESSSS!!!"

Holly gasped with Mara as Coltia walked out of Puck's cape, holding out her hand quietly. A spirit wrapped around her hand, the untwirled itself, floating to Zelieth as Coltia's eyes wavered. Zelieth glowed a ghostly white with Chaos who screamed in pain.

"Chaos! I've been waiting!!! With my magic and your power to open time portals, I can finally change the past! No...they can finally change the past!!" Zelieth exclaimed.

Suddenly, a large portal opened behind the two as Chaos screamed louder, starting to get sucked into the portal.

"ZELIETH-KUN!!" Holly screamed, super jumping onto the top of the stairs.

"MISS HOLLY!!" Coltia called after her through the sucking noise and tearing noise of the temple.

They followed Holly's lead as Chaos and Zelieth were sucked into the portal. Zelieth put out his staff which stretched magically into Holly's tight grip.

"MINNA!! SAVE THE FUTURE!" Zelieth cried.

"ZELIIIIEETTTHHH-KUUUUUNNN!" Holly screamed desperately as she was starting to get dragged into the portal.

Genki grabbed her red, one piece dress-like clothes which was a larger version of what she wore as a teenager under her vest. ((Note that Holly doesn't wear the vest anymore)) "HOLLY-CHAN!"

The others grabbed onto Genki and Golem with Big Blue just leaped into the portal. Left behind, Mara sweated and rushed to grab onto Puck.

"HEY! DON'T FORGET MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!" she yelled as they were sucked into the portal, and disappeared.


In the past, a young Zelieth drew out his sword and it's magical light handle burst onto it. One of Chaos' demon readied a flame in it's mouth and it spat out towards the boy.

"FLAAARREEE!" a voice exclaimed as a large flare canceled the demon's fireball.

The young Zelieth blinked and looked into a large bush to see Genki caught upside down in it with the others, Coltia and Hare spiraled eyed. Mara was no where in sight, though. Genki struggled out, causing the others to drop to the floor with a moan as the young Zelieth sweated, putting back his sword in his strap.

"Thank you," he said. "Who are you all?"

Holly got up, smiling, "Mmm-mm!" She kneeled down to the boy. "We'll tell you later! Right now, you have a village to save!" She turned to Puck. "Puck-chan.."

Puck smiled, scooping up the spiraled eyed Hare and Coltia. "Wwwwaaaay ahead of you, Miss Holly!" He raised his staff in the air. "LEVITATIOOON!"

They zoomed off towards a pillar of smoke ahead in Puck's levitation bubble.


The elves screamed, running from the attacking demons and Chaos. Chaos scooped up Zelieth's elf girlfriend in his hand as she screamed in pain with his grip tightening.


With a swipe, Chaos' hand was cut off by a light blade. Chaos reared back, screaming in pain as blood rolled out of his empty socket. The elf girl fell to the floor with the hand and looked up weakly to see Zelieth trying to pry off the dead fingers from around her waist.

"Zel-chan...," she gasped weakly in pain and happiness.

"Miracle...," Zelieth said with a soft smile. "Hold on..*grrruunntt*!!"

Zelieth struggled to get the fingers off as Chaos continued to scream as the demons stopped their attacking. Golem finally rushed over and ripped the hand apart, allowing Zel to catch Miracle. Chaos finally stopped screaming, a vein on his head as he pointed to Zelieth, Miracle and Golem with his good hand.


All ten demons rushed forward as Zelieth drew out his sword quickly and Golem shielded Miracle.

"FIREBALLLLL!!!" Pixie's voice exclaimed.

A fireball took out five of the ten.

"SONIC....BBBEEEAAAMMM!" Achika's voice exclaimed.

Her sonic beam took out the other five, all rearing back in pain before exploding. Chaos sweated in fear as he hissed a curse. Pixie and the others stepped out from behind some trees, all grinning slyly.

"So we meet again for the first time," Pixie said with a hint of amusement in her voice.

Chaos laughed and mocked her, "What the hell is a Pixie like you talking about? Why don't you go frolic in the fields and pick some flowers, little Pixie!"

Pixie growled, clenching her teeth, "Yeah... I'll pick flowers...FOR YOUR GRAVESTONE!!!"

She sent out a huge Sonic Beam from her hands, but it merely bounced off Chaos' thick skin.

"HAHAHAHAAA!" Chaos laughed. "TRY THIS!!"

He opened his mouth, revealing a ball of black energy in his mouth, powering up larger and larger.

"MAGIC CARDS!" Ghost exclaimed as he threw out some magic cards at the ball of energy.

The energy ball exploded in his mouth as Chaos screamed in pain, blood flowing down from his jaws. "Damn yooouu!"

Zelieth nodded to Miracle who gasped. He rushed off to the back of Chaos. "ZEL-CHAN!"

Golem picked her up gently, "He'll be..OK...don't...worry."

Miracle's eyes wavered as she watched him rush past some elf villagers who scattered away with the others towards the far end of the burnt village. Zelieth leaped into the air, sword ready to slice Chaos down the middle with a battle cry. Chaos turned quickly and smacked the young boy away, but Zelieth landed on his feet bravely.

"Hey--" Chaos said, stepping towards Zelieth. "Isn't that the Spirit Blade..?" Zelieth backed away as Chaos tried to grab it. "Give it to me!"

"Ancient Gods, watching over the chaotic world..," Holly started to chant as the others stood in back of her, keeping a close eye on Zelieth.

Zelieth was backed into a tree as Chaos licked his lips with his long tongue, chuckling.

"Only you shed light to the seemingly hopeless race you tried to create for peace and harmony..," Holly continued.

Miracle blinked and looked up at Golem, "Isn't that the Energy Yo attack?" Golem nodded solemnly. Miracle's eyes snapped as she turned to her fellow villager elves. "Minna-san!"

The villagers looked at her in confusion as Chaos looked with Zelieth. Miracle glowed as her hands clutched together in a prayer like position.

"This race has both good and evil, like the race of Gods and demons..," Holly continued, eyes closed, glowing bluer as her hair started to float in the air.

Miracle looked at everyone, including the confused rebels. "Help her!" She glowed blue as she continued. "Help her by sparing some of your energy!"

Zelieth nodded and closed his eyes, glowing blue. Chaos looked around in fear as Holly glowed bluer as she paused her chant, screaming as her concentration and her power grew.

[Holly-chan..] Genki, Suezo, Puck, Coltia and Achika thought.

They closed their eyes as they glowed blue.

[Dumb girl...but brave..] Pixie thought with a smirk, eyes closed as she glowed blue. [Holly-chan..]

[Holly-chan...] Tiger and Gray Wolf thought. [We'll help you..always..] They too glowed blue.

Puck smiled and said with Ghost as they glowed blue. "Holly-sama.."

[Holy-chan..] Big Blue, Golem and Hare thought, glowing blue.

"Holly..chi..," Mocchi murmured, glowing blue.

Yosho smiled to himself. [Good girl, my Holly...] He glowed blue.

Chaos turned to Zelieth, "STOP THAT!!"

"Torn by an eternal light, I pledge myself to your light..," Holly said, voice growing in volume.

Miracle opened her eyes, "ZEL-CHAN!!"

Zelieth gasped as Chaos swung at him, but Zelieth leaped high into the air, glowing a bright blue as his sword grew larger. His eyes wavered, looking at his sword in amazement.

"Swear by your light...!" Holly exclaimed, eyes opening as she gathered a huge amount of blue energy in her hands. With a small scream, she threw her hands in the air, gathering more energy from the concentrating villagers and friends.

Zelieth's sword glowed in sync with Holly's Energy Yo as he came down, screaming a battle cry of fury.

"And breath by your light! Please spare my some of your energy, just this one time!" Holly exclaimed, chucking the energy ball at Chaos who gasped, holding out his hand to block it, but the attack formed into the blue energy bird and flapped upwards, absorbing into the Spirit Blade. "ENERGY YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

As she screamed "Energy Yo", the Spirit Blade glowed a miraculous blue as he dropped closer to Chaos with a scream, just as loud as Holly's. With a flash of light, he sliced right through Chaos' body. Everyone was silent, hoping it worked as they watched. Chaos grinned, like he wasn't affected, but his body ripped apart, and with a shrilled scream, he burst into thick, black mist.

"WEEEE DID IIITTT!" Genki broke the silence, leaping into the air.

Everyone hugged each other and laughed, cheering too. Zelieth looked just in time to see Holly drop to the ground. Miracle and himself ran to her with the others.


Later, they stood by the river as Holly woke up in Golem's arms. She looked to see Zelieth, Miracle and the others talking.

"Miss Holly," Miracle said gently.

Everyone turned as Golem allowed Holly to get down, stumbling a bit, but otherwise fine.

"We did it," she whispered. "Dansiver's future is saved..along with yours, Zelieth, Miracle.."

Miracle and Zelieth blushed, but snapped out of it, confused. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Coltia giggled, "You know too much already!" She started to fade away with the others. "We'll leave you with this information.."

Imitating Puck, Tiger winked and said, "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

Puck sweated as they disappeared, "Why is everyone stealing my line...?"

Miracle looked at Zelieth who smiled at her lovenly. She blushed and smiled back as they hugged, looking out into the water in the moonlight.


They found themselves back floating in the portal, greeted by..

"AAAAHHH HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!!!" Mara's voice laughed.

Pixie looked around as they floated downwards. "Hey Mara!! Where the hell have you been?!"

"Huh?!" Mara's voice replied. "I dunno! In here! I lost grip and have been floating around in here since! AH HAHAHAHA! It's fun!! Whhhheeeeeeeee!!!!"

Pixie sweated, "Oh, whatever! Just hold on this time..otherwise you'll be in here forever!!"

Mara grabbed onto her hand, a huge grin on her face, laughing. "AH HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! OK!! But it's only because you asked soo nicely!! AH HAHA-HAHAHAHA!!!"


They landed in a forest on their feet, except for Coltia who landed on her face. She got up, tears in her eyes and her face red.

"Ow..no fair..," she murmured. She blinked and looked around to see Zelieth's temple ahead. "It's Mr.Zelieth's temple!!"

Pixie blinked, "Zelieth...?"

The girls, but Mara, looked at each other, "Spring!" They turned back to the confused others and laughed.

"Uuuh.. Why don't you check on Ami and Angel?" Pixie said, picking up Holly on her back. "We have something to do now! Uh..bye!"

She took off with Holly on her back, the Achika copied, Coltia on her back.

"No need for that," Angel said, walking up behind them with a healed Ami by her side. "Besides, I think I know where they are going.."


Pixie and Achika twirled in the air happily and landed in a small town with a spring. A small man was digging in the fields when they landed by him.

"Excuse me, sir!" Coltia exclaimed, so excited,she was jumping up and down. "Do you know if a Spring of Luck is here?!"

The man pointed over his shoulder, "Hai, it's back there."

"Oooh!" Pixie half squealed, running away with the others to the spring. "Thanks a lot, old man!"

The man blinked and looked after them. Behind a rock, Holly and Coltia threw off their clothes to reveal their bathing suits.

"At three, we all jump in!" Coltia cheered. "One...twooo..."


All four spiraled eyed girls fell to the floor with large bumps on their heads. The man breathed heavily as he held a shovel in his hand.

"Hey!! Ooooowwww!" Achika wailed, sitting up and rubbing her bump with the others. "What the heck was that for?"

The man, a vein on his head, pointed to the spring. "Who said this was the spring of GOOD luck?!"

"EEIII???!!!" he four girls wailed, looking into the spring.

A frog hopped in, then when it came out, a tree branch fell ontop of it, squishing the frog. The four girls sweated as the man shook his head.

"There goes another one... Why doesn't anyone think before they leap anymore?"he sighed, walking back to his work.

The four girls looked at each other in shock.

"Damn that Zelieth!!" Pixie hissed, pounding her fist into the rock behind them.

"You called?" Zelieth's old voice asked.

The four girls looked to see the ghost of Zelieth and Miracle by his side.

"Zelieth-kuuuuunn," Holly wailed, pointing to the spring. "Whyyyyy??"

Zelieth laughed, rubbing his neck, "I didn't think you would want to do it!"

"WHY YOU---!" Pixie exclaimed.

Zelieth laughed as Miracle smiled.

"Miss Holly, minna," Miracle said. "We thank you."

Zelieth nodded, his warm, green eyes looking at them, "You all have done great good. Great good indeed!" He disappeared with Miracle. "Good-bye! Thank yooouuu!"

Holly smiled with the others. Pixie smiled, calming down and rubbing her neck.

"Yeah... I guess we did," Pixie whispered softly.


The four girls gagged and blushed, turning to see the rest of the rebels staring at them.

Mara laughed, "I guess the old guy knew I was too smart to figure it out! AH HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Genki blinked at looked at he blushing four, "Why did you want to go in this spring?"

"Uh..ur...ehh....," Coltia murmured, backing away with the other three.

Mara eyes them slyly, "Tell us!"

"OOOOHHH!" Achika exclaimed, sweating, looking at the sun. "Look at the sun! It's almost setting!! Well, we gotta go!" She backed away with the other three. "We gotta find the Blue Phoenix, remember?"

"Hai!" Coltia agreed.

"Oh-HOOO!" Puck laughed. "Holly-sama, YOU can tell us, right?"

Holly scooped up her clothes, covering her front with them, "Well...I..agree..with Achika! Uh...JA!"

With that, the three screamed and rushed away.

"AAAAAHHHH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA!" Mara laughed loudly. "You can't get away that easiiiilllyyyyyyyy AH-HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAaaaaaa!!!" She rushed after them with the others.

"WE SERIOUSLY JUST WANTED TO FRESHEN UUUUUPPPPPP!!!" Achika wailed as the four ran down the dirt path by the sea. "RRREEEAAALLLLYYY!!!!"



Far behind them, Ami and Angel were left in their dust, sweating.

"Do you think they'll ever get along?" Ami asked.

Angel smiled, "Hmm..." She turned to her daughter and laughed. "I think it's funny! True friends can act themselves around each other. I think that's how it is with them."

Ami laughed and nodded. "Hai!" She crouched. "Now that I'm healed, I feel like running."

"Hai! I was cooped up in that damn hospital and missed all the fun!" Angel agreed. "Shall we?"

Ami nodded and they took off, running after their friends.

"AH-HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" Mara's laugh echoed the island.

"IS IT SO WRONG TO TAKE A BATH???!!!!" Achika wailed.

Ending Theme

You Left Me In The Breeze
ending song ((midi from Slayers Try, breeze))

You Came In Like The Breeze


To love you is like..

a moral sin on my soul

You betrayed my heart,

And left me in the rain

Yet I still do the same..

Cry into my pillow when you're gone..

'Leave an empty space on my..

My seemingly empty couch!

I yearn for your gentle touch..

Everynight and every single day!

Without you, I feel helpless

Even when I know I have everyone else!

Chorous 1: You came in like the breeze!

Blowing genltly through my hair,

Yet stinging my face..

Like your harsh words the day before you left!

(repeat chorous 1)


A gentle touch..

Yet a harsh gush of wind..

That represents your love..

That so called love that I hate!

You broke my heart and stepped on..

On all of the pieces that I had!

That's my feeling..

My feeling of your betrayal!

That's my feeling

of my grief!

Chorous 2: You came in like the breeze!

I hate the way you stared at me..

Yet why do I still cry for you at night?

Maybe I'm so naive, my heart still aches for your false love..

(repeat chorous 2)


A poor naive girl like me..

Suffered the fate of your false love..

I shiver,

Outside in this rain,

I shiver at your face..

Chorous 3: You came in like the breeze.

Holding me closely,

whispering words of love in my ear

I still yearn badly for that feeling

(repeat chorous 3)