Cherry kicked her legs under the table, just missing Gray Wolf’s head as he tried to drink his tea under the table. He let out a quiet growl and backed away, holding his teacup in his teeth.


“Ami! I have a question!” Cherry suddenly sang, holding up her hand as if she was in school.


Venus gave her a scolding glare, but Ami quickly asked, “Yes, what is it?”


Cherry pointed to Achika and Pixie then at Angel. “You said Angel was your mother and these two were your sisters… How is that possible?”


“Angel was a pros—“ Suezo began before Achika calmly hit his face in with a frying pan.


Angel sweated with a small vein on her head. “Ahem… I was alone for a long time after my masters died…”




“…Then one day, I found three mystery disks left on the ground, side-by-side.”


A younger Angel stopped and looked down at three mystery disks in awe. “…A message…from God!”


Soon, she ran happily towards a shrine, the disks clasped tightly to her chest by her arms.


“…Once inside, I was ecstatic. There could be no other reason why three disks were left alone…unless it was fate for us to meet.”


“UNLOCK!” Angel cried, pressing down the button, the bright glow reflecting in piercing, green eyes.


The disk took form and Angel beamed, stepping forward.


“…The first monster was Pixie.”


A baby Pixie sat on the floor moodily, arms crossed with a cute scowl on her infant face. Angel’s eyes turned into puppy-dog eyes and she picked up the Pixie in her arms. “Hello…my child.”


The Pixie monster clamped its jaws down on her hand.


Angel’s eyes went wide, teeth clenched in pain as small tears formed out of the corners of her eyes. “…Ow…!”


“…The second monster was a Vixen, or as we know her today, Achika.”


The Vixen opened her eyes and looked around happily. Angel, hand bandaged with Pixie biting down on her head, leaned down, tears still formed in her eyes. “Hello…my second child…”


The Vixen giggled as Angel picked her up, “Mommy! Mommy!” She blinked her large, violet eyes at the glaring Pixie. “Sister! Sister!”


Pixie turned her head stubbornly. “Hmph!”


“…And the third was a Mint, or as we know her today, Ami…”


Angel, head and hand bandaged with Pixie and Achika on her back, leaned over to the scared-looking Mint. “Aww… Don’t be afraid, I’m your mother now…”


The Mint’s tail tucked in-between her legs, body shivering as Angel picked her up. Achika waved to her happily and the Mint hid her face by pressing it into Angel’s body. Angel smiled and sighed in satisfactory.


“…We lived happily together for five years…”


Ami played with her blocks happily as Achika found amusement in stalking an ant crawling across the cabin floor. Pixie’s tail swished grumpily and leaped down from the couch. Ami cowered as Pixie passed by her and Pixie stopped, looking down at the blocks. Her violet eyes trailed to Ami, the Mint’s tail tucked in-between her legs frightfully. Achika stopped and watched Pixie as she flicked the ant away.


Angel watched from the kitchen too, heart in her throat at Pixie’s glare on the shy daughter. “…Do you think she will do it, Chihiro?”


The priestess looked up from cooking with Seimei. “Who knows.”


“If she does, you can only blame it on fate,” Seimei sighed, shaking his scaly head.


“Thank you for letting us rest here,” Chihiro said politely.


Angel shook her head. “I should thank you two for helping me with my children.”


Pixie finally turned around and the Mint relaxed slightly, wings flinching. “…Can I play with you…?”


Ami blinked in surprise with Achika. “What?”


“You heard me!” Pixie growled, face turning red. “Don’t make me repeat myself!”




Angel chuckled, “Children are so cruel, yet so innocent…”


“I suppose,” Chihiro grinned. She flinched and looked out the window. “What?!”


A burst of flame sailed through the window.


“…It was an attack by the North Town slave masters. They kidnapped Pixie and separated the whole town from each other. I was brought in by Lady Darkness to become a member of the future Darkness Five. I learned from Achika she wondered alone until she met Coltia and Ami said she was barely alive, until you two brought her in with your family.”