**Notes: This takes place after "A Warrior's Death?!"

Metal Glory [Durahan / Metalner]

A lonely wind blew through the deserted cave where a dying light weakly shone on a small area of ground. Lonely footsteps echoed through the cave, and a young, red haired girl with a tattered brown dress held a large bucket of water with a wooden spoon in it. She dropped the large bucket and breathed a sigh of relief, wiping her forehead with her arm. The girl scooped some water into the spoon and looked ahead. Rows and rows of violet flowers with black spots on them stretched out, some dried and dead from the lack of light. These flowers were the "Flowers of Tears" that Coltia's father had told her about. The girl spread the mucky water onto the flowers, three at a time.

"I'm sorry," she sighed, talking to the flowers. "I couldn't find enough water for all of you. But please hang on."

The flowers gloomily wavered slightly in the cold breeze. But with a sad smile, the girl continued to spread the water on all the flowers she could. In back of her, three hand dug graves lied in the far corner, some flowers resting on the dirt mounds.

Monster Rancher 200X the movie 2: "Energy Yo!"

"HE-LLLOOOOO?!" Suezo exclaimed in a barren town.

A lonely wind blew over the streets. Hare sighed, ears flopping down miserably.

"We'll never get to sell all this stuff...," he sighed.

Tiger shot a dirty look at him, "It's always money, money and more money, IS IT?!"

Hare shot up nose to nose with the Tiger, "Oh yeah! Why don't you find some old lady to STEAL money from, huh?!"

"THIN ICE PAL!!" Tiger roared.

"BACK AT YA!" Hare boomed back.

Ami pushed them apart, her teacup still in her hand, "Please, no fighting!" She straightened up as Tiger and Hare turned away from each other stubbornly. "Miss Holly, what do you think happened here?"

"I-I really have no idea...," Holly gasped.

Puck scratched his chin and walked over to a bell with a rope attached to it. "Hm... The Bell of Good Luck...?" He shrugged. "I guess it's all for fun.."

He pulled down on the rope gently. Suddenly, the golden bell crashed down onto him. Puck's hand peeked out of the bell, flinching in pain. "Ow..."

Holly sweated with Pixie and Big Blue, seeing this. Pixie turned away, nose crinkled up in disgust. "Hmph."

Suddenly, the large, gloomy-looking tower in the middle of the town rang its bell. Everyone got into a position to fight, except for Puck.

"Who's there?!" Genki called up to the tower.

"Chiiiii!" Mocchi agreed.

"How funny!" an old woman's voice exclaimed from behind them.

The rebels yelped and jumped, spinning around to see a short, squinty-eyed old woman carrying a wooden walking stick, dressed in a blue robe. Her messy, gray hair stood up slightly on her head.

"Hello!" she chirped, grinning.

The rebels blinked in confusion as Puck peeked wearily from under the bell, lifting it up with his hand.

"Who are you?" Angel asked.

The old woman grinned wider, "I am the Guardian of The Book of Time!"

Suddenly, Puck dropped the bell and remained inside of it. The old woman just happened to catch a look at his face, then grinned. "Is that you, grandson?!?!"

"GRANDSON?!?!?!?!" the others screamed, except for Ghost.


Puck's grandma smacked the bell off of Puck, and allowed it to land on Coltia. Achika sweated as Coltia wailed inside the bell. Puck's eyes became 2x bigger as he tried to sneak away, but his grandma grabbed him by the collar of his cape.

"What have you been up to?! Where's your mother?! Is your dad STILL missing?!" his grandma nagged as the others sweated huge sweats.

"Puck's....?" Big Blue started.

"......Grandma?" Pixie ended, eyebrow flinching.

Puck scratched his chin nervously, laughing nervously.

"So that's why you weren't so enthusiastic to come here…" Gray Wolf chuckled.

Puck sweated as his grandma glared at him, fire in her eyes. "Um…No! No! I didn't want to go in that Tower again! It's so BOOORING in there!"

"Um, excuse me," Ami spoke up nervously. "What is this 'Book of Time'?"

Puck's grandma just stared at Holly, "I feel an enormous power coming from you. Puck.." She pulled him close, whispering, "Is SHE the one..?"

Puck nodded, "Hai." He shot up, resuming his permanently happy state. "And she knows the Energy Yo! The real thing!"

"The real thing..?" Holly asked.

"I'm SURE you figured it by now! MY Energy Yo is weaker than yours, that's because I don't have your power. My Energy Yo is just a copy of yours!" Puck laughed, shaking his head like it was so obvious.

Hare blinked, "I see...." He paced back and forth, and then concluded. "So in some ways, Holly is stronger than you, am I right?"

Puck was silent.

"Puck-san...?" Coltia asked, peeking out from under the bell.

Puck pointed up, with a huge grin. "Sore wa, hitmitsu desu!!"

The rebels tripped to the ground with a moan. Puck and his grandma laughed loudly.

" I see....they are....grandson and grandmother...," Angel moaned, flinching on the ground with waterfalls of tears rolling down her face.

Genki got up, " what do you want from us?"

Ami added, "And what is the Book of Time?"

Puck's grandma bowed, "I'm sorry. My name is Naru! And the Book of Time, is right in my Tower!"

Puck sweated as his eyebrow flinched, "Uhh... Oh MY! Look at the sun! Time to go! Taaa!"

He disappeared, but Naru’s held up her finger. Puck reappeared and fell to the ground, spirals in his eyes.

"Wow! How did you do that to Mr. Puck?!" Ami gasped.

Naru tapped her grandson with her foot, and then grinned, "THAT is ANOTHER secret!"

The rebels moaned and toppled to the ground again.

"WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT?!" Achika fumed.


A Metal Glory [Durahan / Metalner] paced back and forth in front of Warrior's castle.

"So..they have defeated ALL of the Darkness Five...," he hissed. "Damn..."

A Vanity flew up to him, "Master Metal Glory! There are two Lost Disks on the top floor! One is bigger than the other!"

"Hm," Metal Glory sighed, rubbing his helmet. "I know one is Warrior...maybe the other is a rebel...?"

"Hmph. I hope so!" the Vanity growled, looking into her mirror.


"SONIC BEAM!!!" Angel exclaimed.

A Vanity watched in horror from the air as Angel and Ami blasted Master Vanity away easily. She floated upwards to retreat, but a cold bullet flew up at her, hitting her side, sending her toppling into the ocean.

She woke up on the beach, a pool of her own blood washing out with the waves. Her vision, although blurry, saw a Metal Glory standing over her. "Do you want revenge for your master?" He asked straight forward.

"Yes...," the Vanity hissed.

Metal Glory's eyes narrowed in acknowledgement. "Good."

The Vanity passed out again.


Metal Glory's eyes narrowed at Vanity, "They can't be too far then, Cinder."

Cinder agreed with a quick nod.


Naru lead the rebels inside her Tower happily, Puck dragging his feet far behind with Ghost.

“So, is the Book of Time in here?” Tiger asked. “Where do you keep it?”

“Everywhere!” Naru laughed.

Everyone was silent, huge sweats on their heads.

“…Oh! I see!” Achika laughed, pounding her fist into her open palm. “You switch its hiding places so no thieves can get it!”

Puck shook his head, “No, this tower is protected with a magical barrier that only grandma can open…”

“So…,” Big Blue murmured, “What does she mean by everywhere…?”

Pixie snorted and muttered, “Hmph. She must be a confused, old lady.”

Naru opened a huge, stone door colored gold and a bright light blinded the rebels. Angel flinched and took her arm away from shielding her eyes, then gagged. “NO WAY!”

“Waaaahh?!” Coltia wailed as they all looked inside in shock.

Inside, there were miles and miles of dessert, with huge, stone tablets lined up in rows.

“What IS this place…?” Suezo gasped.

Naru smiled, peeking an eye open at them, “It’s the Book of Time.”

“THIS?!” Suezo gagged, eye trailing across the stone tablets.

“Come, come!” Naru said calmly, walking ahead. “I will tell you the history BEFORE history.”

They reluctantly followed the old woman into the dessert of stone tablets.

“Before the ancients, this world was full of magical aurora. That’s why God could create monsters,” Naru explained.

“But I thought monsters were created in labs,” Hare said.

“No, only in the Ancient Times. God created the monsters, but then when the battle with Magic, the monster Dansiver fought, ended, God sealed up the monsters forever. He granted the knowledge of how to make monsters to the humans when he felt they could handle it,” Naru explained.

“So…Puck-san…is…is…THAT OLD?!?!” Coltia wailed.

Puck tripped to the ground gloomily.

“Yup! Me too, I’m afraid! We’ve been in this tower forever. That is, until Puck-chan joined with Dansiver,” Naru explained.

Pixie’s head snapped to Puck, “YOU?! With DANSIVER?!”

Puck sweated, scratching his chin, “Oh my… I never told you all…?”

“Damn you, Puck!” Pixie snapped from Big Blue’s shoulder.

“Calm down, Pixie! I’m sure Puck-chan has his reasons not to tell us,” Holly giggled.

Pixie snorted and turned her head away stubbornly from the sorcerer, “Hmph. It better be a good excuse! Wait… Now I can call Puck an old fart!”

Puck’s eyes waterfalled with tears as Pixie and the others laughed.


After another mile of walk, they finally set up camp. Holly sat by the fire, thinking with a cup of tea. She listened to the small snoring of her friends inside the tents Naru made for them.

“Hello!” Puck chimed, appearing next to Holly.

Holly gasped, and then looked at Puck crossly, holding her heart, “Puck-chan! Please don’t do that…”

Puck shrugged indolently, then looked into the fire with Holly. “It feels odd to be back home, indeed.” He looked up, eyes still upturned, eyebrows hinting a look of wonder. “…I wonder…”

“Wonder what?” Holly asked after a moment of listening to Puck pause.

Puck shook his head, “It’s nothing.”

Holly blinked a few times, and then turned back to the fire, “Oh.”

Puck got up after another 5 minutes, and headed back to his tent. Holly shivered at the loss of company. Suddenly, Genki sat next to her quickly.

“Hey,” Genki said.

Holly smiled, “Hi Genki-san. What are you doing up?”

Genki looked slightly embarrassed, “I was looking in your tent for you.”

Holly blinked, “Why? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, n-no, nothing,” he said shakily.

Holly frowned and tugged on his muscular arm firmly. He blinked and looked into her dark brown eyes, frozen in a deep concern and seriousness. “Genki.”

He smiled and laughed; stroking her cheek gently, causing Holly to blush, “Don’t worry about it.”

Holly let go of his arm, “Okay… Are you---?”

Genki laughed, “Don’t worry!”

Holly, after a minute of inspecting him, sighed and sat back, “OK.”

Genki smiled and picked up a stick, poking it into the fire. Holly looked into the flames again, thinking. [Genki seems happy here… But what if he gets transported back into his world automatically like what Tiger told me?]

“Genki…?” Holly found her mouth going.

Genki looked at her, “Hm?”

Holly took in a breath, then decided not to ask, “No… It’s nothing…”

Genki looked at Holly’s torn expression, “Holly-chan…”

Suddenly, Naru appeared in between them, causing both Holly and Genki to gasp and yelp. “What’s going on?”

Holly and Genki turned around, blushing.

Naru shrugged, then looked at Genki, “Genki-kun, is it? I have to speak to Holly-sama alone.”

Genki blinked, but yelped as an invisible force picked him up and chucked him into a misc. tent.

“OW!!” Pixie’s voice fumed from inside the tent.

“WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” wailed Coltia, Achika and Ami’s voices.

Angel’s voice laughed and Genki zoomed out of the tent into his own. Holly sweated as Naru grinned, both listening to Pixie fume and Coltia wail for a few moments before a lightning attack sounded inside the tent, making them turn away quickly for their own safety.

“What do you want to tell me, Miss Naru?” Holly asked politely.

“I want to tell you the tale of the first Energy Yo,” Naru said solemnly.

Holly blinked rapidly. “The first?”

“Yes!” Naru agreed. “When the Blue Phoenix was created, it battled Magic with Dansiver, Puck and a few other heroes.”

“Let me guess, Sueki Suezo and Monol?” Holly asked sort-of dully. “And Ghost, right?”

“Yes!” Naru exclaimed, clapping. “I’m assuming you ran into Monol and Sueki Suezo? If you see them again, please tell them I’m glad they’re alive!”

Holly sweated.

“Anywayz!” Naru chimed. “It was a great battle…”


Dansiver, a handsome brown haired man in a red and white, pointy helmet watched the huge, blue bird fight the equally giant Magic, a huge, muscular, black monster with red veins all over it. “Blue Phoenix! Defeat him!”

The Blue Phoenix screeched and shot out a blue flame at Magic, sending the monster to fly backwards towards a red haired woman watching.

“OH NO!” Sueki Suezo screamed.

“MEI!!” Dansiver screamed, rushing forward.

“COME BACK HERE YOU IDIOT!!” an Allure screamed by Monol.

Dansiver got in front of Mei and started to glow with his sword. The Blue Phoenix screeched and started to glow in sync. “ENERGY YO!!” Dansiver screamed, swiping out a huge, blue wave from his sword.

Magic roared in pain, then fell to the ground, a huge hole through his stomach. The Blue Phoenix let out a weak screech and flopped to the ground, exhausted from the battle.


“Mei...?” Holly repeated. “The woman in my head!”

Naru opened an eye slyly, “I see… But there’s another thing you need to know. What an Energy Yo out of control can do!”

Holly blinked and gasped as Naru placed her cold hand on her forehead. Holly’s eyes turned completely brown as a horrific image filled her head…


A battle raged in a deserted area, rock formations all around. Black Magic, in his final form of a huge, black monster with red veins all over his sandpaper skin, roared. Holly looked to see herself powering up an Energy Yo, a rather large one. Suddenly, Black Magic stretched out his hand and clasped the power in his hand. Holly screamed as the power became out of control, surrounding everyone, including herself and Black Magic. Black magic reared back in pain, his hand lying next to his foot, purple blood spilling in an ocean-like way. He held his handless arm with his other hand, and then roared as the energy blew him up into a black, mist-like substance. Holly felt pain replacing every feeling she had in her body, and then managed to look at her friends. They were screaming in pain, one at a time, the monsters exploding into Lost Disks.

“MISS HOLLY!!” Coltia screamed, reaching out to her.

Suddenly, her arm fell limp, her eyes turning completely brown. The younger companion fell dead to the floor. Genki screamed, then fell to the ground too, followed by Puck to go last. Holly was too shocked to say anything, the power still filling the air. Finally, the young woman fell to a dead heap onto the ground.


Holly gasped as she snapped her head away from Naru’s hand. She became very silent with the old woman. Holly’s eyes wavered hard, and then welled with tears. Naru frowned in sympathy. “I’m sorry, Holly-sama, but I had to show you…”

“I-I understand,” Holly stuttered, wiping the tears away with the back of her arm. “T-thank you... I-I had no idea…”

Naru frowned deeper, “You’re welcomed. Just be careful with it in the future, OK?”

“H-hai,” Holly stuttered.

Naru turned, got up and walked away silently into her own, private tent. Holly sat there for a long time, and then sobbed, slapping her hands over her eyes. She cried hard until she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Holly-san?” Ami asked.

Holly sniffled and looked up, eyesight blurry from tears as she looked into the Mint’s deeply worried face.

“Are you OK?” another voice asked.

Holly wiped her tears away in a hurry as Pixie, Coltia, Achika, Angel and Genki walked over.

“Holly-chan…” Genki sighed sympathetically, gathering up the slender woman into his arms.

She began to cry again, but lighter this time. Pixie’s eyes wavered slightly as Coltia sniffled, hands bawled under her chin. “Mmm…. Miss Holly…”

“Damn it!” Pixie finally cursed, kicking a log. “What did that old fart say to you?! I’ll---!”

“It was HER?!” Achika boomed. “Wait ‘till I ring her scrawny little---!!”

“No,” Holly sniffled.

Achika and Pixie paused in their fuming to look at Holly curiously. Holly’s eyes were large, filled with tears, more welling up inside. Pixie and Achika’s faces relaxed into a sad and surprised look.

“She did nothing,” Holly sniffed, cuddling into Genki more, feeling his arms wrap tighter around her. She paused and looked at the mess of tears stained on Genki’s shirt. “She showed me something an Energy Yo could do…”

“Something it could do?” Angel asked, voice hinting interest. “Do you want to tell us?”

Holly whimpered slightly as Genki placed her face firmly into his chest. “Let her sleep. She’s been up all night.”

Reluctantly, the girls started slowly back into their tents, except for a solemn-looking Pixie. Genki looked at Pixie’s hard face, eyebrows crunched together like she was going to say something. “Genki. We need to let Holly know that we will always forgive her and love her, even if something happened to us… She takes it all onto herself.”

Genki’s eyes wavered, then he nodded, rubbing his head slightly against Holly’s. He looked at her face, deeply asleep with old tears staining her cheeks and some new ones welling between her eyelashes. “Thanks, Pixie.”

Pixie felt her eyes well with tears from the thought of Holly’s misery. Afraid to use her voice, she nodded quickly, then walked into the tent to see everyone still awake, huddled in their sleeping bags. Pixie walked to the back where her sleeping bag was and quickly wiped away her tears away before anyone could notice.

“I’m concerned about Miss Holly,” Ami said in her naturally quiet voice, but it sounded more of a whimper.

“Me too,” Coltia sighed. “Poor Miss Holly… She takes it all on herself because no one has ever really given her compliments about how smart or how kind, or how pretty or---“

“In other words, her self esteem is pretty low?” Angel asked.

Pixie snorted, “I’ve seen Genki and his crew when they were younger and they never really appreciated how Holly was always there for them.”

“I don’t find that true,” Ami said solemnly.

Pixie lied into her sleeping bag, silent. “Well…maybe in their hearts, yes, but they never said ‘Wow Holly, you’re so great!’ Hell. They hardly said ‘Thank You’…”

“THAT’S MEAN!” Coltia boomed.

“SSSHHHH!!!” the other girls hissed.

Coltia covered her mouth with a blush.

Meanwhile, Genki listened to their conversation secretly by the fire, finding it all true. He glanced down at Holly who was still cuddled into his chest, face twisted in sadness in her sleep. Genki felt a tear trickle down his face, and then he kissed Holly on the forehead. Soon, he slipped off into a deep sleep.


Puck appeared out of the boys’ tent, stretching and yawning loudly. He slouched down and touched his toes and did some other stretching. He peeked an eye open at Genki and Holly, cuddled on the ground by the burnt out fire. Puck assumed Genki fell backwards in his sleep, but somehow managed to hold onto Holly tightly.

“GOOD MORNINIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!” he sang as loud as he could.

Genki and Holly screamed as they shot up at Puck’s morning call. Inside the girls’ tent, the girls screamed too, followed everyone in the boys’ tents. Puck sweated a huge sweat as everyone zipped out of their tents to glare at him evilly.

“KILL PUCK!!” Pixie screamed, voice cracking in wake.

The boys ran after Puck with the girls (except for Genki and Holly) around the camping area, attacks and Coltia’s mallet flying all over the place.

“Genki?” Holly said, looking into Genki’s face.

Genki looked down at her and blinked.

Holly blushed and smiled, “Thank you.”

Genki smiled warmly, “No…thank you.”

Holly blinked in puzzlement, but relaxed as they kissed deeply, attacks still flying all over.

“CHILDREN!” Naru boomed.

Everyone quickly stopped in place, Genki and Holly quickly turning away from each other, blushing. Naru nodded and walked over to the dead campfire to start a new one. “I’m hungry! Who wants breakfast?”

Everyone else tripped to the ground with a loud moan.


Cinder and Metal Glory inspected the outsides of Naru’s tower with a huge troop of Knight Mocchies.

“It looks like it’s surrounded by a magical barrier, chi,” the leader of the Knight Mocchies said.

“It appears that way,” Cinder said, looking into her mirror.

Metal Glory nodded, “Then I guess we’ll need some help.”


As everyone ate breakfast, Naru had already finished her second helping of Holly’s stew and some fish Naru brought along. Pixie glared at her, trying to hate her for what she had told Holly. Then again, she had no idea what she had told Holly.

“Master Pixie,” Big Blue whispered to Pixie.

“Yeah?” Pixie whispered back.

“I don’t like Naru. She’s too much like Puck,” he whispered solemnly.

Pixie’s violet rolled to Naru, “Yeah, I know. Plus she made Holly cry last night…”

“WHAT?!” Big Blue roared.

Pixie shushed him frantically as everyone stared at him in shock. “Quiet…Holly doesn’t want us to talk about it…”

Big Blue sighed, a large red vein on his head. “Fine, Master Pixie.”

Pixie smiled, eyes narrowing playfully, “I know it’s hard not to have an urge to kill her, but we have to hold back until everyone else wants to kill her.”

Ami took a sip of tea out of her jeweled teacup. When she was done, she wagged her tail happily. “This is really good tea, Miss Naru.”

Pixie and Big Blue looked at each other with huge sweats, “OK. New plan. When we can’t stand her anymore…”

“Hai,” Big Blue agreed, scratching his chin.


The flower girl sat by the two graves, reading a beat-up looking book. “And the heroes saved everyone and restored the town… The end.”

She sighed and held the book close to her stomach. “I wish that could happen to us…”


The little girl blinked, then hid behind a stone pillar. She peeked out to see Metal Glory enter with Cinder and the Knight Mocchies.

“Could those people be…?” the girl gasped. She laughed and ran over to the group. “My name is Lima! Are you all the heroes I’ve been waiting for?”

Cinder raised an eyebrow, peering at the girl over her mirror. “Heroes?”

Metal Glory silenced Cinder with a quick motion with his hand. “Yes, you can trust us, Lima. But we need your help!” He squatted down to the wide-eyed girl. “The bad guys are in the Tower and we need your powers to open it…”


The rebels continued to walk through the desert for a long time before a crack, followed by a massive earthquake shattered the air.

“The HELL---?!” Yosho gagged, looking around.

Naru’s eyes wavered in fear, “The shield is being broken…”

“WHAT?!” Pixie fumed.

“Oooh, but Miss Naru!! You said it COULDN’T be broken unless YOU or Puck-san did it!” Coltia wailed.

“Yes, grandmother did say that, but someone ELSE can break the shield!” Puck explained calmly.

Suddenly, a loud, choric “CHIII” rung through the dry air.

“What’s that?!” Holly gasped.

“The Knight Mocchies!” Naru explained. “With Metal Glory and that Vanity!”

Ami gasped, “A Vanity?”

“No way, it couldn’t be--!” Genki growled.

“Um, does she have an annoying laugh?” Suezo asked Naru.

Naru sweated, “All Vanities have an annoying laugh! That arrogant, HAAAUH HA HA laugh!”

Angel smirked, “It’s not our Vanity, because she had a different arrogant laugh than that. Then it must be one of her Vanities from her troop…”

“How do you know that?” Achika asked.

“MOCCHI CANNON!! CHHHHHHIIIII!!” the squeaky voices rung from a far distance.


Naru cursed, “Damn. They’re destroying the tablets! Quick, we have to find the main page!”

Before anyone could ask, she started to rush away with Puck and Ghost. The others quickly followed their lead as blasts rung out from the far distance.


Metal Glory raised his sword in the air, “Destroy all these secondary tablets and find me the main one! With the rebels’ heads!!”

“CHHHIII!!” the Knight Mocchies cheered, then continued blasting any stone tablet close by.

Cinder looked at Metal Glory, floating up into the air, “I will find the rebels for you, Master Metal Glory!”

Metal Glory nodded, “OK. Be careful.”

Cinder nodded, then soared off a top speed. Metal Glory laughed evilly and strolled up to a stone tablet. “Let’s just see what sort of nonsense this reads!”

He ran his finger down the ancient language, and then growled angrily, “I CAN’T READ THIS!!” He slashed it in two with his sword, eye flaring angrily. “Damn it, if the Main tablet is written in this…” He paused, and then laughed again. “The I will use that Naru to make her read it!”


Lima listened to the Knight Mocchies blast the insides with large, fearful eyes, “They’re not the heroes…. Then those bad guys they were talking about must be… *GASP* NARU-SAN!”

She teleported away in a flash.


The rebels ran for what seemed like hours before they finally reached a huge, blue tablet at the top of a sandy hill. They caught their breaths as Pixie leaped off Big Blue’s shoulder to get a closer look at the tablet.

“Hey grandma!” Pixie called to Naru. “What’s this?”

“That’s the main page!” Naru gasped between breaths. “Don’t----!”



Naru sweated with the others as Pixie painfully rubbed her hand. “…..Touch it…”


“Only two people can use it,” Naru replied solemnly.

“Lemme guess. You and Puck?” Yosho asked.

Tiger growled, “Or someone with enormous powers?”

Naru shook her head, “No. Me and Miss Holly.”

“Holly?!” the others exclaimed.

Holly blinked, “But…I’ve never seen it before. How could I use it?”

Naru smiled, “Just touch it.”

Holly glanced at Genki who smiled and nodded. Gray Wolf pushed her forward with a playful push of his head. Holly nodded and slowly touched it. Suddenly; an enormous energy flowed through her. She whimpered and closed her eyes shut, the blue light surrounding her completely.

“HOLLY!” Genki screamed.


“What is it you desire, young one?”

Holly opened her eyes in another place completely. She blinked and looked around. Holly was in a totally blue area with a flame in front of her.

“What is it you desire?” the voice repeated.

“Desire?” Holly asked. “I_I don’t know…”

The voice continued, “I know what you desire. You have the soul of the enlightened one, the one with no desires but to do good for everyone else. I know what you want, and I’ll give it to you.”

“But what is it I desire?” Holly asked.

The voice laughed, “The power to help your friends!”

“Are they in trouble?!” Holly gasped.

The voice laughed again, “You can come to me because of the soul you posses. So listen to me well, child, and look into my flame.”

Holly did so, and the words flowed through her head like butter. [The light between heaven and hell, the beings between Gods and Demons! I am the human who cannot control anything but my own will. You who live inside of me, come to me now! The world needs to see the light that you and I posses! ENERGY YO!]

Holly opened her eyes, “But that’s not the spell I know…”

The voice replied, “I know. But that’s the Energy Yo spell that is stronger than yours. The final stage to the Energy Yo is now yours! Chose to use it or not. You know what can happen, child…”

The flame disappeared as Holly gasped. “Wait!”

Suddenly, the blue crashed into pieces like glass and Holly found herself falling…

And falling…


“MISS HOLLY!! PLEASE WAKE UP! MISS HOLLY!” Coltia sobbed, shaking the unconscious Holly.

Genki scooped Holly into his arms and gave Naru a hateful glare, “You---!”

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!” Big Blue roared.

Pixie nodded, “Me too. You better tell us why Holly is unconscious or I’ll---“


The rebels gasped and looked above them to see Cinder watching them. “You fools! All this screaming makes you easy to find!” She put a hand on her cheek. “Hauh ha ha ha ha…. Now Metal Glory and the Knight Mocchies will find you all in no time!”

“I don’t care! Bring them on!” Achika exclaimed with an evil grin.

Cinder’s nose scrunched up in disgust, “Hmph. I remember YOU. And all of you! LADY ANGEL.”

Angel smiled slyly, “I see. You were one of Vanity’s Vanities. Pity she had to die.”

Cinder growled, then held out her hands, “BIG…BANG!!!” Her attack started to power up weakly. [Hurry up, damn you!]

Pixie grinned devilishly, “Your attacks are TOO SLOW!” She held up her pointer finger. “LIGHTNING!!”

The attack zapped Cinder’s attack. Cinder gasped as her attack blew up in her face, sending her flying backwards to the ground.

“TORPEDO ATTACK!” Gray Wolf roared, charging up his horns.


Gray Wolf stopped his attack as everyone’s heads whirled to Holly in Genki’s arms. “HOLLY?!”

Holly blinked wearily, face a little pale, “…?”

Genki shushed her and held her closer, “Quiet. Go to sleep if you want.”

Holly was already fast asleep by the time he glanced down at her face.

“NOW I’m MAD!” Suezo exclaimed. “I think I’ll take it out on YOU!”

Cinder stumbled up and wiped the blood off of her face. “Try it!”

Suezo leaped forward, “SLOBBERING KISS!!”

The rebels sweated as Cinder dodged the flying Suezo with no problem or rush. Suezo crashed into a stone tablet, then slowly slid down with a faint moan.

“I wonder why he chose that stupid attack?” Ami wondered.

“’Cause Suezo’s a pervert,” Achika snorted.

“AM NOT!!” Suezo exclaimed from the ground behind Cinder.

Cinder leaped into the air, “NOW…SONIC BEAM!”

The rebels leaped away as the sonic beam exploded into the ground, sand flying everywhere.

“BOOST FLARE!” Naru and Puck exclaimed, holding out their hands to emit a huge, flare attack.

Cinder raised her arms up, “Wall of fire!!”

The wall reflected the attack into another Stone Tablet that exploded in a tower of flames.

Cinder laughed insanely, “Don’t you fools see?! The more you attack, the closer Master Metal Glory gets!”

Suddenly, she gagged and fell to the ground. The rebels watched in amazement as blood ran from her stomach, a small flare lance stuck through her. Lima stood in back of her, eyes cold. “You aren’t a hero.”

Cinder looked up, fangs baring angrily, “YOU killed me?! A mere girl?! AGGGHH!!”

She flopped to the ground, slowly shriveling into a Lost Disk.

“Lima?” Naru asked in shock.

Lima nodded, “Yes, the goddess of the city is here!”

“GODDESS?!” Hare exclaimed.

“But she’s just a little girl!” gasped Yosho.

Lima gave them a dirty look, “Goddesses can be many things. Right now, I am powerless without the city’s people to pray to me.”

Puck nodded, “I see. Well, once we get rid of these pests, we’ll help you!”

Lima beamed, “Then you all are the heroes! Oh thank you!”

“Nevermind that, we have to get ready for those Knight Mocchies and Metal Glory,” Pixie reminded.

Genki placed Holly on a flat rock and put her into a comfortable position. For a moment, he lingered over her, listening to her soft, choppy breaths. Suddenly, a close-by blast interrupted their silence.


“They’re here!” Ami gasped.

Golem went into a fighting position, “Protect...Holly…Ami…Naru…Coltia…Yosho…”

“But Golem-kun!” Ami pleaded.

“Just do it!” Big Blue snapped, eyes watching the Knight Mocchies head up the hill with Metal Glory.

They watched them storm up the hill for a few moments before Naru said, “Make this a glorious battle.”

She, Yosho, Coltia and Ami backed up to protect Holly.

“No, RUN!” Pixie exclaimed to the four.

“Run?” Ami asked.

“YES!” the others exclaimed.

“WWWaaah! OK, OK!” Coltia wailed.

Yosho picked up Holly and the four ran away blindly.

“Good luck, you guys,” Tiger whispered to the fighters.

Ghost smiled, tipping his hat forward, “Thank you, but we won’t need it. This isn’t Black Magic you know.”

“Right,” Angel agreed. “This is some egotistic monster.”

Genki looked back at the running four. [Holly-chan…]

Metal Glory raised his sword in the air, “Cannons, everybody!”

“CHHIIII!!” the Knight Mocchies agreed, and then they started to shoot out thin lines of pink energy.

“HA! MOCCHI, CANNON!!” Genki exclaimed while Puck shielded them.

Mocchi nodded and concentrated hard, “Moooccchhhiiii cccaaannnooonnn….” He opened his mouth wide. “CCCCCCCCHHHHHHIIIII!!”

The cannon took out the first two lines of Mocchies, but they kept marching on.

“Energy shot!” Ghost exclaimed, taking out another one.

Even Lost Disks came shortly after each attack, Metal Glory and the Knight Mocchies kept coming.

“It’s no use,” Angel hissed. “We need to kill Metal Glory, otherwise all these lives will be wasted!”

Pixie disagreed, “Yeah, true, but these Knight Mocchies will get in our way!”

“I agree,” Puck said. “We don’t have to worry about giving it our all since the others are farther away!”

The Knight Mocchies let out another yell, followed by beams of their Mocchi Cannons. Big Blue shielded himself with his arms as Pixie flapped in back of him. “We have to hurry! Metal Glory will surely attack soon, Master Pixie!”

“Hmph. Leave him to me!” Pixie laughed, flapping upwards.

She powered up a Big Bang in her hands and watched Metal Glory until he came just below her, “BIG BANG!!”

Metal Glory calmly looked up and held his shield for a protection, “Shield!”

The Big Bang reflected off violently and Pixie yelped, flapping away. Her attack missed her by mere inches and flew up into the sky.



Ami looked up with the others to see the large attack explode in midair, “The battle has really begun, hasn’t it?”

Yosho glanced at his daughter, and then looked at Ami, “When Holly wakes up, we’ll ask if she wants to do an Energy Yo.”

“OK,” Coltia agreed.

“Hai,” Naru said, nodding.

They stayed in their place and watched the flashes of light from the attacks.


“Goddess Strike!” Lima exclaimed, glowing weakly.

A weak wave of energy took out three Mocchies easily, and then Lima fell to the ground.

“Lima!” Suezo exclaimed.

Lima looked up, “It’s no use…I power…”

“Golem will protect you!” Golem exclaimed, rushing in front of her.

Achika blasted a few more Mocchies with a sonic beam and finally, Genki did a Flare attack to finish off the last few. Metal Glory stood in his place, eyes narrowing slightly at the Main Page.

“Ha! Now you got no more Mocchies!” Mocchi laughed.

He stuck out his tongue and pulled down his lower eyelid with the others. “Naaahhh!”

Metal Glory laughed and peered at the rebels, “You really have some egos, don’t you all?”

Suezo beamed, “The best!”

Metal Glory laughed again, crossing his arms, “I see… This will be a glorious battle indeed!”


Holly woke up slowly on Yosho’s back. “Mmm…?”

Ami and Coltia smiled at her, “Miss Holly!”

Holly looked around tiredly, “Where…is...everyone…?”

“Fighting,” Yosho said coldly. “Are you OK now?”

Holly nodded weakly and slid off her father’s back with Ami’s help. “Fighting? Who?”

“Metal Glory, the person who destroyed this town!” Naru hissed.

Coltia asked, “Why does he want the Main Page so badly?”

“He wants more power,” Naru said solemnly. “Miss Holly? I know you learned something from the Guardian.”

“Guardian? That’s who I was talking to?” Holly asked.

Naru nodded, “The Guardian of the Book of Time. He knows everything.”

Holly blinked, then looked to the battle, faintly hearing Achika yell out another attack. “I have to help them.”

She stumbled forward, but fell to her knees.

“Miss Holly!” Ami gasped, running to her side with the others.

Holly breathed hard, trying to get up again, “I’m…Ok…I’m…”

“Not Okay,” Naru said sternly. “You must’ve absorbed too much energy at a time.”

Holly’s eyes grew cold, “But I have to try!”

She got up and stumbled, then ran weakly away in a jog.

“MISS HOLLY!” Ami exclaimed after her.

They ran after her, but suddenly, a large Big Bang attack strayed from the battle blew them back. “WAAAHHHH!!”

They landed hard onto their backs in the hot sand. Yosho hissed a few curses, just catching his only daughter run to the battle in a stumble.


“Damn IT!” Pixie hissed, watching her Big Bang explode further away. “The others’ screamed! It…must…have…”

Metal Glory laughed as the rebels stared at the smoke it emitted in horror. Pixie’s eyes wavered, and then she snapped her head at Metal Glory, “You BASTARD!”

Metal Glory stopped laughing, “Oh-ho. A little touchy, aren’t we?”

“I’ll show YOU touchy!!” Gray Wolf boomed, leaping at Metal Glory. “CLAW COMBO!”

Metal Glory gasped as Gray Wolf slashed across his face. Metal Glory dropped to his knees, covering his face as Gray Wolf landed besides him, eyes focused coldly ahead. Slowly, Metal Glory uncovered his face to reveal a huge dent replacing the right side of his helmet. A small stream of blood rolled through it, right eye gone.

“Damn you!” Metal Glory hissed. He raised his sword. “DEATH BRINGER!!”

The rebels gasped as the sky turned a bloody red. A strong gust of vacuum-like wind dragged the rebels towards the huge, red ball of energy Metal Glory powered up.

“GRAB ONTO SOMETHING!!” screamed Genki over noise.

“THERE’S NOTHING TO GRAB ON TO, CHI!!” Mocchi wailed, clinging to Big Blue.

Pixie gripped her nails into the ground, but it still dragged her easily. Soon, everyone was dragging and sliding to the red ball.

“YES!! WE WILL ALL DIE TOGETHER!!!” Metal Glory gasped through a fit of insane laughter.

“The light between heaven and hell, the beings between Gods and Demons!”

Metal Glory’s eyes snapped. “WHAT!?”

“I am the human who cannot control anything but my own will!”

Genki looked up, “No..”

“You who live inside of me, come to me now! The world needs to see the light that you and I posses!”

Achika gagged, “HOLLY!!”

“ENERGY YO!” Holly screamed, clinging to a piece of a destroyed tablet, one hand aiming at Metal Glory from the middle of the hill.

Suddenly, a burst of blue light shined in the air, erasing the red. Then, three beams of blue energy spurt out through the air. The beams formed together and spiraled down into Holly’s hand. She let out a desperate scream and stuck out her hand further. Metal Glory watched as the huge, blue energy came spiraling towards him, and he started to laugh. He laughed until he was consumed into the blue light.

His Death Bringer exploded just as Ami and the other three came up the hill. It exploded and flung them all into a world of chaos.


“I am the light.”

Genki opened his eyes in a world of blue light.

“I am the darkness.”

He blinked slowly, and then snapped into his wits.

“Where am I?!” he screamed at no one.

“I am a Goddess.”

“WHERE?!” Genki screamed.

Suddenly, he gasped as his friends’ bodies drifted around him, all of them glowing a pale white light a ghost. He gagged as he looked at each of them. Ami had her hands in a prayer stance, Angel looked like she was screaming in pain and Holly looked like she was in a deep sleep. He looked at Tiger and Gray Wolf whose paws were outstretched, looking like they were trying to run… Mocchi and Suezo had their eyes closed, mouths open in a silent scream. Puck had his usual, calm smile, but his eyes were open, completely green. Ghost was floating by him; hand still on his hat that looked like it was about to fly off. Golem and Big Blue had their protective stances, but their eyes were completely black. Pixie floated above Big Blue, her wings hung limp, and body stretched out she had been thrown backwards. Achika was holding Coltia close so she would take the pain for her. Hare looked like he was sleeping, bandana torn, the pieces flying beside him. Yosho had his arms in front of his head, mouth open and Naru looked like she was sleeping peacefully.

“I am a reviver,” the voice came again.

Genki screamed and fell to his knees. “ARE THEY DEAD?! TELL ME!!”

“Not yet,” the voice said.

Suddenly, Lima appeared in front of him. She smiled warmly at him as two angel wings spread out from her back. Her body became taller and developed and finally, she turned into an adult.

“L_Lima? You are the Goddess of this town!” Genki gasped.

“Yes,” she replied with a slow nod. “Your friends are at the state before death, as well as you are.”

“I’m almost dead?” Genki asked in confusion.

Lima giggled, “It sounds so silly when a human says it.” She held out her hand and a Flower of Tears appeared in it. “This is the death flower. Young Coltia saw them; ask her about the story behind it, for my time on this world is little. If you want to live with your friends, take this flower and hold it carefully. I trust you to make the choice, for I know your friends would have not thought about this.”

“But no one wants to die here! Especially since we have to defeat Black Magic!” Genki protested. “We’ve come all this way, Lima…”

Lima smiled, “Good. I did this so I could test your courage. You still have it, young Genki. Your courage will save this world.”

Suddenly, the world around him turned white and Lima disappeared.


“Hey! Wake up!” a familiar voice pleaded desperately into Genki’s ear.

He grumbled as the voice started to shake him. “Pixie?”

He opened his eyes to see Pixie look into his eyes in concern. “Damn kid! I thought you were dead.” She grinned after saying that, but her eyes were still teary. “We’re lucky to be alive.”

Genki shot up and looked around. The tower was now rubble, and they were lying in front of the huge rubble pile. Pixie got up, wiping some blood away from her cheek with a soft smile. He looked around at the others who were still unconscious.

“Holly…” he gasped, seeing the young woman lay face first on the ground, body a little pale.

“She’ll be OK. I checked her out, she’s just totally drained,” Pixie sighed.

Genki smiled at Pixie, “Thank you, Pixie.”

Pixie smiled slightly, then nodded quickly. “Mm!”

“Uuoohhh,” Yosho grumbled as he and Ami woke slowly. “Are we dead yet?”

“Hmph. Not yet, but if stuff like this continues to go on, you’ll have a heart attack,” Pixie said with a satisfied smile.

Yosho growled as a vein appeared on his head, “Why you---!” His back cracked and he yelled. “ARGH!! My back…”

Genki, Ami and Pixie couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Oh my…” Ami chuckled once she caught her breath. She got up and brushed herself off. “I hope our stuff didn’t break.”

“Amazingly, it didn’t!” Pixie laughed, motioning to a spiral eyed Golem, the heavy bag still tied to his back. “See?”

“OH GOLEM-KUN!” Ami wailed, rushing to him.

“Gggggooooollll,” Golem mumbled as his spirals slowed down a little.

Genki laughed with Yosho as Pixie merely smiled.

“Uh… Ow…” Angel mumbled, sitting up as a piece of rubble slid off her back. After she sat up, Achika and Coltia sat up too. “I thought I was going to die!”

“Me too,” Coltia wailed. “Thank you, Achika-chan!”

Achika rubbed her head and gave a weak peace sign. Soon, everyone but Holly slowly got up so Genki lifted Holly into his arms. They turned to the rubble pile, which caused Naru to sigh.

“I guess my duty is done,” the old woman sighed.

“Then why don’t you join us?” Ghost asked, giving a scared-looking Puck a cocky grin.

Naru shook her head, “No, I have to stay here. It’s my duty to help the Goddess.”

“Speaking of the devil,” Hare said, looking around. “Where is Lima?”

The older-looking Lima appeared and touched down on the ground, glowing a faint blue, “Right here.”

“Woah!” Suezo and Hare gagged at the same time.

“Miss Lima?” Coltia asked, blinking.

Lima smiled and giggled, “Yes. Unfortunately, we could not bring back the water to this town…” She sighed and looked down. Slowly, she changed back into her child form, and then continued. “I’m sorry, my dear dead parents…”

“It’ll be OK!” Achika exclaimed. “We’ll find some water!”

“Yeah, we’ll just pull it out of our---“ Pixie started to mumble sourly, but Big Blue covered her mouth quickly.

“Uh heh… Not around children, Master Pixie!” he laughed with a huge sweat.

The others laughed. Suddenly, the rubble pile started to rumble.

“Nani?!” Tiger gasped as they turned to the pile.

“Could it be Metal Glory?” Ami gasped, tail nervously wagging side to side.

Naru peeked an eye open, “No…it’s…”

Suddenly, a spurt of water flew out, followed by a huge fountain of water flying into the air. Soon, the sky started to rain with water as they looked up in awe.

“Water!” Lima exclaimed happily, jumping up and down.

“Water, CHI!!” Mocchi exclaimed happily.

They cheered as they danced around with each other, except for Pixie and Genki who looked into the sky.

“Heh. Stupid luck,” Pixie mumbled, shaking her head with a grin before walking to the celebration.

Genki laughed at Pixie’s comment, knowing it was true.

“Genki…?” Holly’s weak voice asked.

Genki smiled down at her, using his head to shield her tired eyes from the downpour of water. “Hey.”

Holly blinked, “Is it raining?”

Genki laughed, “Not really. The tower exploded and somehow dug up water!”

Holly smiled, “That’s nice…”

Genki nodded and held her closer in a more comfortable position. “Holly?”

Holly blinked and looked into his eyes, “Hm?”

Genki beamed, “I will always protect you!”

Holly smiled, eyes wavering, “Genki-san…”

She touched his cheek and then, slowly, fell asleep. Genki smiled and looked up into the sky at the downpour of water.

[Everyone will always protect each other…because it is togetherness that will defeat the darkness… No matter how strong it is…]