4th of July and Fireworks!

Chibichan's house.

Ryoko: Why are we here again?


Hare: Say..why did you change your name to Gothkitty?

Gothkitty: Because Chibichan sounded too kiddish.

Hare: Well ya know you are short..

Gothkitty: Say one more word Hare about me being short and  I'll break you

Hare: Oooh..someone's crabby today.

*They enter the house*

Grandma: Happy NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *My grandma isn't like this..she's
not crazy.*

All: 0.o

Gothkitty: Um..grandma..it's 4th of july.

Grandma: Of course it is! The mochi soup will be ready in a few minutes. So
sit down.

Mochi: Mochi...*sniff*..

Genki: Oh no..

Grandma: Okay it's ready here's the Mochi soup..careful it's still hot.
*passes the bowls around*

Mochi: 0.o *Stares down at the big white lump in the bowl*

Grandma: What's wrong? Don't you like mochi?

Mochi: Mo..chi?...

Grandma: Yeah mochi. *Get's her bowl and takes a bite* See.

Mochi: 0.0 Mo..chi...wah..*sniff* WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAA!!! *Runs out of the

Genki: MOCHI WAIT!!!

Grandma: Hmm..that's the first time I saw anyone take that kind of reaction
to mochi..

Ayeka: RYOKO!! Stop that! It's bad manners!!

Ryoko: *Has the whole mochi in her mouth* WHATH?!

Ayeka: Stop eating like a barbarian!

Ryoko: When do you care Miss Priss?

Ayeka: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!!

Ryoko: Oh I'm sorry..priss!

Tenchi: Will the two of you cut it out!!

Ryoko: Oh but Tenchi..she was saying I eat like a barbarian...

Sasami: This is delish Grandma..is it okay if I can have the recipie?

Grandma: Sure!

*The door bell rings*

Dib and Gaz enter *From invader zim*

Gothkitty: Hi!!

Dib: Is Zim going to be here?

Gothkitty: Why..?

Dib: Oh no reason..

Gaz: My brother is a phycopath..so just ignore him..

Dib: Very funny Gaz!

*Door bell rings*

Zim: Hello earth human I've decided to join in this 'Fourth of July'

Gir: I'm a mongoose!

Gothkitty: Okay..um come in..

Dib: THERE YOU ARE ZIM!! Look everyone it's Zim THE ALIEN!!!!

Gaz: ..Do I know you? Oh now I remember you're my idiotic brother who's
obsessed with the paranormal.

Dib: You're just jealous that I know that Zim's an alien and you don't.

Gaz: *sarcasticly* Oh clap hands I think I'll go call the press
Mihoshi: So what's so special about that I'm a alien too. I mean I'm not
even from earth and -

Ryoko: Shh!!! Do you want to end up on a disection table?!

Mihoshi: No.

Ryoko: Then don't say any thing about being an alien!

Gir: Ooooh!! Bunny!! *Runs toward Ryoohki*

Ryoohki: Mya?

Gir: Nice bunny.. *Pets Ryoohki*

Dib: So Zim when does green dogs talk hmm?... The only way that could happen

Zim: Stupid earth monkey...

Tiger: Who invited them?

Gothkitty: Grandma did.

Tiger: I'm not even going to ask how she met them.

Holly: Hey Tiger where's Genki and Mochi? They've been gone for a while.

Hare: Last time I heard they're helping Washu with something.

In the background we hear various pounding noises and other things.

Washu: Hold still will ya?! This isn't going to hurt!

Genki: How do you know I have at least two packs of rockets attached to my

Washu: I'm a genious, remeber?

Mochi: Mochi hungry.

Washu: Go inside then Mochi I'll call you when I need you.

Genki: Okay just hurry up, my legs are starting to cramp from the weight.

Washu: Okay..GO!!

Genki: *Goes down the skate ramp* WAAAAAH!! *Does all kinds of tricks and
stuff as the rockets go off*

Back inside the house the others just look at them weirdly.

Hare: Ryoko is your mother suffering from a mental break down?

Ryoko: Shut up Hare!


Ryoko: Um..sorry room's full ya have to go..BYE!! *Pushes censor out*

Washu: *Bursts into the room* Okay! The fireworks display has been set up!
Instead of regular fireworks I've decided to enhance them a little.

Tenchi: Um Little Washu what do you mean by enhance?

Washu: I'll show you.


Washu: *Holds up a firecracker in the shap of a crab* You see this
firecracker. I light it and let it go like and..hey get back here!!

The fire cracker then crawls out of the yard and into the street ten seconds
later there's a huge explosion and water starts to shoot out of a broken
fire hydrant.

The group and Neighbors: 0.0

Washu: Ooops...*floating computer shows up* Oh well let's see put fire in
another demention. Rebuild the house just like it used to be and ...refix
the fire hydrant..all better.

Tenchi: Um..Washu why don't we just use the regular fire works okay?

Washu: Sure thing Tenchi!

It's 9 at night and they are playing fireworks.

Zim: *Holding a sparkler* Hmm...What is making it sparkle like
that?...*takes out scanner thingy and looks at if for a while*

Dib: What's wrong Zim? Don't you know what a firecracker is? Everyone who's
from earth knows what a firecrackers is ZIM!

Zim: I know what a fiire cracker is Dib! Now leave me alone so I can enjoy
my fiiiire craaacker! *Looks at it again and get's his face really close to
it. One of the sparks goes into his eyes* AAAAAHHH!!! IT HURTS!!!!!!!!
*Starts to run around*

Dib: *Laughing at Zim's pain*

After Zim's eye got better he saw Sasami and Gir playng with some pops.

Zim: Gir! What is...that! *Pointing to the pops*

Gir: It's a pop, see. *throws one at Zim's feet and it explodes in a burst
of fire and a loud banging sound*

Zim: AAAH!! *Then get's a sly look on his face.* Gir can I have a few boxes
of those please?

Gir: Okeedokie! *gives Zim about five boxes.*

Zim: Hehe...look out Dib!! AHAHAHAHA!!!! *Walks away laughing manically*

Sasami & Ryoohki: 0.o

Zim: *Walks behind Dib* Oh Diiib!

Dib: What do you want Zim?

Zim: *Throws one of the pops at Dib's feet*

Dib:*jumps then looks at Zim evily* Oh that's how you want it well...*get's
out a box of pops and throws a whole bunch at Zim*

Zim: AAAHH!!!!

Within a few minutes they began to throw pops at eachother not realizing the
other people around them.

Washu: STOP THAT ALREADY!!! *Turns into her adult form* Both of you are band
from any fireworks for the rest of the night! Or until the both of you will
learn to be friends.

Dib and Zim are stitting away from eachother while the others play with the

Tenchi: Um Ryoko I think you've had enough sake..

Ryoko: There's no such thing as too much sake!

Washu: Don't worry Tenchi I bought the non alcoholic type..she won't get
drunk no matter how many she drinks.

Ayeka: That's a relief.

Genki: Wait a sec..that was sake?

Washu: Yeah..why?

Genki: I thought it was a new type of soda! No wonder it tasted
horrible..um..excuse me!! *Runs inside*


Hare: Um..whoops..hehe. Hey it said non alcoholic I thought it was the apple
cider thing!

Washu: Baka idiot...

Golem: Excuse me...*runs into house as well*

The fireworks show across town starts and the clock strikes 10.

Grandma: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! For desert my friend made a
mochi mold here have some. *opens up box and the mochi is in the shape of a
Mochi from MR.

All: *Looks at Mochi*

Mochi: O.O WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Runs into the house*

Genki: WAIT MOCHI!!!

Grandma: I don't get it! What's up with him doesn't he like mochi?

Tiger: Great now we're going to have to get him psycyotrist and mental
help...he's probably too traumatized.

Gir: ...I'm going to sing the doom song now. Doom doom doom doom doom
dooooom doom doom doom!


Zim: Gir let's go home.

Gir: YES MY MASTER!! *His legs become rockets and they zoom off*

The end