A Day That Shall Never Be Forgotten
    By: Sailor Luna

    Dedicated to everyone who was in New York when the planes hit and to
anyone who knew people that were killed.

        There was no wind that morning. There was fog that swirled in the air
a covered the ground like a blanket. The grassy hill was far away from the
place where one of the worst events in American History occurred....when
thousands died. A lone figure, dressed in black, came to the sight. She had
long, icy blue hair that reached the center of her back and wore a large,
golden cross necklace. She stared down at the tombstone, marking the grave
for many people. This girl was Skye, and she had come here to pay respect.
Coming behind her, emerging from the mist was a white, fox lady warring a
long white dress of hope and carrying a bunch of red roses. Her facet was
that of a fox with tall ears, a long bushy tail, and glistening white fur.

Her name was Remina, and she was known will by that name by her friends she
trained with. With her was another creature named Renamon (Copyrighted
Digimon) who looked like a yellow fox creature with round and slender ears
and purple gloves over her paw like hands. Her bushy fox tail and long legs
back her strange looking, but she cared nonetheless. Another girl with long,
waist length, icy blue hair came behind the other's. She had strange ears
that were like elf ears, but they dropped low and weren't as rounded. The
inside was made of strange material, almost like the material a fish fine was
made of. She wore a blue shirt that had a hood resting on her back. The shirt
came down to her waist where blue shorts took place. She had a black nose and
a little snout with blue eyes and a bushy blue fox tail. All four stood,
facing the small tombstone that stood, planted in the grassy ground.

    The group did not speak to each other nor did they loot at each other,
but they didn't need to as the mist parted around them, but did not lift
away. Remina clutched the red roses in her one hand, ignoring the little
sting in her hand of the thorns. Skye walked forward a little more and tears
formed in her eyes. For the people....for the ones lost for nothing. She
undid the knot that held her necklace on her neck and slipped it off. She let
the black string that held it fall to the wet grass and looked at the fairly
large golden cross she held. She nodded to herself and walked forward,
kneeling on her knees in front of the tombstone. Skye carefully dug the cross
into the ground in front of the tombstone and made sure it was steady in
place before backing away a little, still on her knees. She then folded her
hands together and lowered her head, closing her eyes to pray for these
people. Remina also lowered her head, her silver bangs of her hair covering
her face a little, and she then walked forward to be in line with Skye.

    The white fox lady placed the bunch of roses on the cross, letting them
lean on it. She then got on her knees and followed Skye in prayer. Renamon
stepped forward and took her purple gloves off her strange hands and laid
them in line with the golden cross. She, too, got on her knees to pray. Yerf
joined last, taking a necklace made of jade beads and placing them around the
cross. She then kneeled and joined in prayer. They prayed their for an hour
before everyone left. Everyone but Skye, who still knelt to the tombstone
facing it. The sun was slowly beginning to rise, the mist starting to part
and lift. Skye then closed her eyes again, folded her hands and recited:

    "Free the Dream Within, Dear People.
    Free Your Souls and Spirits, Be At Rest Where You Belong.
    Give the People You Left Behind Hope...and Faith To Go On In Life.
    The Stars Are Crying......Mourning for Your Loss
    A Tear.....A Sigh
    Escapes From Heaven
    Perhaps You, Too, Mourn for Us, For This Loss, For America.

    "You Must Look Beyond the Obvious, the News, the Unthinkable.
    Forget Revenge, Even Though You May Be Angry.
    Free the Dream Within....Free Your Souls and Spirits, Be At Rest Where
You Belong
    The Voices Calling Out to You Are the People Here...Alive and Sad.
    Yet We Shall Carry on...in Memory of This Day.
    For as Long as We Live, We Will Never Forget You and Those Who Have Died.
    You All Were Like a Flame on the Wind
    But You Were the Light Shinning in the Darkness

    "Dream in Peace, Now and Forever.
    Be in Peace....Trust Love and Believe.
    We know You Miss Us like We Miss You.
    But We Must Go On With Our Lives.
    And Go On, With Remembrance.
    Free the Dream Within....Free Your Spirit and Your Souls.
    The Stars are Crying....Mourning Your Loss.
    A Tear....A Sigh.
    Escapes From Heaven.
    And You Rest Your Wings.
    Accept Your Destiny.
    And Dream."

    Skye then stood up and left as the sun filled the sky and the mist left
the world for now.