Genki and the others have gotten lost times.

"A Hot Time In Mount Roe" By:CP

**(Corkasus [Dragon/Beaclon])

Author's Note: Takes place after "Monol's Story".

Rating: PG for some violence


"Wow cool!" Genki exclaimed as he and the others finally came to a stop by a long path that lead to Mt. Roe. "Mt.Roe!"

Holly nodded, "Home of the Mt.Roe volcano."

"Not to mention home of the hot springs!" Hare added with a grin.

Tiger frowned. "We have no time for any hot springs."

Hare frowned at Tiger, then looked at Holly who concentrated on her stone. A small image of the Phoenix came into view, then it swirled into an arrow which pointed towards Mt.Roe.

"Looks like we have no choice, Tiger," Holly sighed, clutching her green stone close to her heart.

Tiger sighed with a frustrated frown. "Okay, but I am NOT going in the hot springs."

Golem nodded. "Water soak into stone. Very unpleasant."

Genki laughed and slid into his roller blades. "Then you guys can just hang out on the side, 'cause I need to soak in a nice, hot bath!"

"But what about the Mystery Disk?" Holly asked. "It has to be somewhere in there."

Suezo laughed and closed his large eye. "I'm sure we can all use a bath! You too, Holly!"

Holly sighed, "I guess...but only a quick one." She looked down with a slight frown. "Then we'll search for the Mystery Disk."

Genki nodded, "Great! Let's go!!"

With that, he sped away at full speed, leaving the others behind. Tiger looked up at Holly with Mocchi.

"You spoil him too much," Tiger sighed.

"Chi," Mocchi agreed.

Holly sweated with Suezo as Hare nodded in agreement.


The town of Mount Roe, moments later..

Genki stared in awe as merchants, monsters and villagers flooded the streets.

"Get your Mount Roe volcano toys!!"

"Real rocks from Mount Roe!! Only 12 gold pieces each!!"

Genki turned to the others who rushed up next to him.

"Holly! This place is a tourist trap!" Genki exclaimed. "I thought you said it was a small, peaceful town!"

Holly bit her lip. "Well...I hadn't heard much about this town for a while...since it IS on the other side of Heaven's Cannon...."

Genki moaned as he spotted a huge line for the hot springs. "Oooohhh!!"

Hare face faulted. "I don't want to wait on line! We'll be here for hours!"

Suezo sighed, "Years..."

"Centuries...," Golem sighed too.

Everyone sighed at once, their faces twisted in annoyance and disappointment.

Tiger said, "Then let's just find that Mystery Disk and get out of here."

Holly nodded, "Yeah, you're right." She turned and sweat dropped with a gasp. "Oh no!"

The others turned to see where she was looking, and face faulted. There was a man selling Mystery Disks at a Market.

"Get your Suezo, Tiger and Dino Mystery Disks! Great for all beginners!" he shouted happily.

"NNnnnnnnnooooooooo," Holly moaned, tears flowing down her eyes like waterfalls as her pocket book slid off her shoulder.

Genki sweated and looked down with Tiger who growled, "What a waste of time. Let's go."

"You kids look tired," a man's voice said behind them.

The seven looked behind them to see a tall, handsome man who smiled at them gently. Holly stared at the man with large, wavering eyes which seemed to daze at the sight of him.

"Yeah, sort-of," Genki admitted. "Why?"

The man held out a business card. "I own a small hotel on an island just a couple of feet away from Mt.Roe's shore where the volcano is. It includes a free buffet and hot springs."

"Hot springs?!" Suezo asked, his eye snapping in interest. "Holly! Can we go?!"

Holly sighed, rubbing her chin, "We really---"

"WE'LL GO!" Genki exclaimed, jumping into the air.

Tiger growled, "Whatever happend to the oldest being in charge?"

"Ancient history...," Holly sighed.


Soon on Rei Island...

The man lead them into his hotel which was small, but cozy-looking. He sighed, rubbing his neck as they stepped into the empty hotel. A large, old-looking sign hung over their heads which read in big, red letters "Lava Hotel".

"Nobody comes here because they say it's too hot," the man sighed. "I don't think it's too hot. It's actually very cozy."

Hare nodded in agreement. "Or maybe..they're scared of the volcano near by!" He quickly swiped a fruit from the bowl behind him, hiding it behind his back.

The man sighed, "Yeah, I guess so." He bowed. "I'm David."

"I'm Genki!" Genki exclaimed proudly.

"My name is Holly," Holly introduced herself.

"Hare's the name!"


"Tiger of the Wind."



"Mocchi hungry......"

The six face faulted and looked down at Mocchi who clutched his stomach.

David laughed, "Of course! Make yourselves at home! Since your my first customers in 2 years, you can all stay for free!"

The others laughed and cheered, thanking David.


The three humans, Hare, Golem, Suezo, Mocchi sat at a large table infront of their empty plates which were once covered in food. Tiger slept on the floor silently by a large bone. Genki sighed, rubbing his large stomach.

"Aaah! That was good!" Genki sighed.

Holly nodded. "Yes, thank you David."

David laughed and nodded, "No problem! The hot springs are open all day and night. I have to run off to do some...errands. You guys can stay here over night if you want. See ya."

He walked out the hotel door quickly, leaving the six others to blink. Tiger opened one eye, looking after David.



Lava Hotel Hot Springs, 20 minutes later.

Suezo grinned with a blue towel on his head, sitting back in the boys' section of the hot tub. Golem sat on the side, ducking his head so he wouldn't be able to peek over on the girls' section, separated by a large, wooden fence.

"Come on in, you guys!" Hare called to a blushing Genki wrapped in a blue towel and the others who only gave him a frown. "Ha,ha! The water's fine!"

Genki nodded, his face bright red as he Mocchi and Tiger finally stepped in and sat next to Suezo and Hare.

"So Holly," Tiger called. "Do you think the Magic Stone was sensing the Market's Mystery Disks?"

On the other side, Holly, wrapped in a pink towel, frowned, glancing at her Mystery Disk still hung around her neck. "I doubt it, but, ....I don't know."

Genki glanced at a waterspout shaped as a creepy-looking dragon, pouring out hot water out of it's mouth of stone. He leaned against it with a soothing sigh.

"The Magic Stone," Holly continued, "never lead me to a Market before, right Suezo?"

Suezo nodded, "Right! But maybe it's confused. I mean, we never found the Phoenix yet."

Tiger frowned, "Suezo, how can a stone get confused?! The Phoenix is not going to be easy to find."

Holly nodded, leaning back with a sigh on a waterspout of another dragon, identical to what Genki was leaning on. Suddenly, on the boys' side, the fence began to shake violently as a loud creaking noise echoed underneath them.

"What the---?!" Tiger exclaimed as the fence started to tumble down towards Holly.

Holly looked up just in time to see the fence come toward her. With a scream, she dove out of the way, holding the towel tightly around her.

"Look!" Hare exclaimed, pointing to the waterspout which had opened to reveal a long path leading into a deep cavern.

"Holly---uh....," Genki gasped, turning to Holly who's face was bright red.

The boys stared at Holly as she stared back, all blushing. Holly quickly snapped out of it and....


The boys quickly looked away as they all screamed and shouted in unison, faces burning.


"What is this place?" Suezo asked the now dressed humans.

Holly peeked into the cavern and looked around in the darkness. "I...don't know."

Suddenly, the Magic Stone started to glow. With a gasp, Holly pulled it out, pointing it into the cavern where the Phoenix's image was pointing.

"There's a Mystery Disk inside!" Holly gasped.

Mocchi clung to Genki's leg, "Mocchi scared!"

Genki bawled a fist and slid on his roller blades. "What are you guys waiting for?! Let's go!"

He sped past Holly who gasped and called after him. "Genki, NO! Wait---!"

Too late.

"WWWAAAHHH! Oh! Ow! Ow! Oh! Ow! Ow! Oh! Oo! Ow! Ow.....," Genki yelped as he fell down the stairs.

"....There's stairs...," Holly continued weakly, putting her hand over her face in annoyance.

Tiger looked away with an annoyed frown, "Like I've said...being first isn't always best."

"Kids these days," Hare sighed.

The six others walked down the dark spiral of stairs, greeted by a tangled-looking Genki at the bottom.

"Genki?" Holly asked.

He looked up at them dizzily, "Thanks...for...the...war...ning...."


The seven traveled on and on, twisting through paths as boiling lava below burbled and popped. Holly wiped some sweat off her brow with her arm, sighing.

"It's so hot," she murmured.

Tiger frowned, "Do you think a Mystery Disk could really be down here?"

Holly looked at her Magic Stone, still pointing straight ahead. She nodded at Tiger who sighed.

"Aw, come on people! It's not so hot down here!!" Genki exclaimed, marching ahead proudly.

"Um, Genki?" Suezo said as the others stopped and stared at his head. "It's not so hot, right?"

"RIGHT! That's the spirit Suezo!! It's cold! Cold, cold, col---" Genki exclaimed.

"GENKI! YOUR HAT IS ON FIRE!!!" Hare screamed.

Genki blinked and looked up at his hat--which was, in fact, on fire. "Hm, that explains why my head was so hot." He paused. "WWWAAHHHH!! STOP! DROP! ROLL!!"

He rolled on the ground, back and forth, around the others who watched him with sweat drops on their heads. Finally, Genki got up with a half burnt hat on his head.

"How did that happen?!" Genki whined, inspecting his hat.

Holly blinked as a drop of lava fell from the ceiling. She looked up and saw a crack in the ceiling with hot lava dripping out.

"That's how," Holly replied, pointing up to the crack.

Tiger growled, "Oh great. Be careful guys, on wrong move and this whole volcano could erupt."

"WE'RE INSIDE MT. ROE'S VOLCANO??!" Suezo screamed.

Holly clamped his mouth shut as Suezo's voice echoed off the walls. "Shh! You want to kill us all? Yes. We somehow got into this volcano."

Tiger looked around as Suezo's echo started to fade. Nothing happend.

"Good. We're safe for now," Tiger said. "Let's keep going."

"RRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!!" a voice screamed.

The floor beneath the seven's feet began to rumble violently as Genki flapped his arms with Mocchi, trying to keep their balance. Holly yelped with Hare as their bodies moved in with the floor.

"WHO DID THAT??!!" Suezo boomed, a large vein appearing on his head.

Tiger closed one eye as the floor suddenly stopped as Genki and Mocchi fell onto their butts.

"Intruders!" a bass voice yelled.

Holly turned with Golem to see a Dragon-like monster, clutching a mystery disk closely to him.

"What's that?!" Genki gasped, getting up.

Suezo gave him a look, "I thought you were a 'monster expert'."

Holly's eyes started to waver in fear, "It's a Corkasus! They're never seen on the outside because they stay in very hot and secret places.."

Genki ohed and looked at the Corkasus. "Hey! A Mystery Disk!"

The Corkasus gave Genki a death look. "It's mine."

Tiger growled, "What can *you* do with it?!"

Hare stepped forward, "Yeah! What?!"

The Corkasus closed his eyes, looking away, "You wouldn't...understand.."

Genki clenched his fist, "Mocchi!"

"Chi!" Mocchi agreed instantly, understanding. He and Genki leaped into the air. "Cherry Blossom Blizzard, CHI!!"

The Corkasus spat out a stream of fire from his mouth, fending off the razor-like petals. Mocchi gasped, a sweat drop appearing by his forehead.

"MY TURN!" Genki exclaimed, running towards the Corkasus.

"GENKI!" Holly pleaded. "NO!"

Too late, Genki ran towards the Corkasus and leaped into the air. He stuck out a leg to kick the monster's face, but the Corkasus hit him away with his mighty claw. Genki screamed as he flew back, skidding to a halt at the edge of a cliff. He looked down as the steam from the lava below made him sweat.

"Foolish boy," the Corkasus murmured. "Why do you need this disk?"

"Phoenix," Golem replied.

Holly explained, "We're on a journey to find the Phoenix..and defeat Moo. Then, all the bad monsters will be turned into good monsters!"

The Corkasus frowned, "I see. But this disk has no Phoenix."

The monster turned to walk away, but Tiger hunched down, ready to pounce.

"I think he's holding back on us!" Tiger growled. "I'm going to get that Mystery Disk. Are you with me, Genki?"

Genki nodded, rubbing his nose with his pointer finger. "Yeah! Come on Mocchi!"

"Chi!" Mocchi agreed.

Hare nodded as he stepped forward too with Suezo. Holly stood back, fist against her heart as she stared at Corkasus.

[Corkasus is really attached to that disk. Maybe it is the Phoenix...but...] Holly thought. Then, she remembered Monol's story. [But if the Phoenix's mind was separated from it's could be almost anywhere...]

"RRAARRR!!!" Tiger roared, leaping into the air towards Corkasus.

"Fighting. Is bad!" Golem gasped.

"GENKI! TIGER!" Holly pleaded.

Tiger shot out a bolt of lightning out of his horns towards Corkasus. Suddenly, the floor began to shake again. Holly and Golem gasped as the five tried to attack Corkasus, but the dragon monster swiped them and their attacks away like flies. The floor rumbled violently as the battle raged on. Holly yelped as a burst of flame from below sprout up inches away from her face, burning her arm. She fell to her knees, clutching her burnt arm painfully. Golem quickly lifted her up into his hand.

"Holly!!" a familiar voice cried.

Holly looked up with Golem to see David running towards them. "The volcano is going to erupt!!"

The battle paused as everyone gasped. Holly looked to the side to see the lava squirt through a large hole in the wall.

"We have to stop that river of flood!" she cried.

Golem nodded. "Yes." He placed Holly onto the ground infront of David. "Take care of her. Golem stop river."

With that, Golem picked up a large amount of rocks into his arms and threw them into the hole. The hot magna still kept coming.

"Let's help him!" Genki exclaimed.

"No. The heat from the lava will burn us," hare explained. He smiled slyly and looked at Tiger. "But...Tiger can keep us cool by blowing up a little blizzard! Hahahaha!"

Tiger growled, "This sounds like another one of your scams."

"Please...Tiger..," Holly pleaded, clutching her bad arm with her eyes flinching in pain. "You have to help!"

Tiger gasped, "Holly! Your arm!" He paused. "Okay. I will help. Let's GO!"

Tiger and the others ran to help Golem, including Corkasus. Corkasus paused as Tiger started to blow cool air onto Golem as he threw in more rocks.

"Holly. Please, watch my Mystery Disk, it's my life," Corkasus pleaded.

Holly looked deep into his eyes, and nodded. She lifted her arms, but flinched when her bad arm started to bleed through the blackness of her burns. Corkasus flinched and gently placed her arms down, placing the disk onto her lap. She smiled and nodded.

"Corkasus!!" Genki pleaded, throwing another large rock into the hole.

Soon, rock after rock after rock, the hole was clogged and the lava was stopped. The floor stooped shaking and the monsters celebrated happily.

"Holly? Are you okay?" Genki asked.

Holly nodded weakly, "I_I just need some bandages, Genki."

"It must hurt..," Corkasus gasped.


Genki leaped up, "That's right! Since we saved your home, we want that disk."

"No!" Corkasus exclaimed, grabbing the disk from Holly's lap.

Tiger roared and leaped to Corkasus, zapping him with two powerful bolts. Corkasus screamed and fell to the floor, burnt and dazed. Holly watched, mouth hung open in concern.

"TIGER STOP!" she cried, getting up.

Hare spun his fist like a windmill and ran towards Corkasus who watched in horror. Everything seemed to pass in slow motion as Holly leaped infront of Corkasus, getting hit hard in the stomach by Hare. She gasped in pain as Hare slowly pulled his fist away, leaving her to drop to the floor.

"HOLLY!!" Suezo and Hare screamed.

Holly gagged as she clenched her stomach. She slowly gathered her wits and looked at Corkasus, giving him a weak smile with blood dripping out of her mouth before blacking out.

"HOLLYY!!" Genki screamed with Mocchi.

Corkasus stared at her limp form in shock. "She...saved me.."

David and the others ran up to her, rolling her over slowly to inspect her crushed stomach.

Hare's eyes wavered. "What have I done?"

Tiger frowned, "She's too nice. That's why Suezo and Mocchi are spoilt."

Suezo screamed, "WHO'S SPOILT?!"

"Nevermind!!" Hare exclaimed. "Let's just get her back to the hotel!!"

Suezo and Tiger turned away from each other, looking down sadly.

"Corkasus. We can revive the monster inside by going to the Shrine," Genki told him softly. "That way, you won't be so alone."


"Unlock!" Genki exclaimed in the shrine with Corkasus by his side.

Out of the disk, a brilliant light emerged, revealing a baby Corkasus. Genki blinked and looked at Corkasus.

"A long time ago," Corkasus explained, eyes tearing happily, "I had a baby with my mate.."

Genki blinked again, then laughed, rubbing his nose with his finger.


Suezo sat by Holly who laid in a hotel bed, still out from Hare's punch. Suddenly, her brow flinched and her large, brown eyes opened.

"Hey Holly...," Suezo whispered.

Holly gave him a small smile. "Corkasus..?"

Suezo hopped aside to reveal Genki and Corkasus. Corkasus smiled and held his baby, causing Holly's smile to broaden. Genki nodded as Corkasus handed her his baby.

"I'm going to name her...Holly," Corkasus said with a soft smile. "Holly-chan."

The End