Part 1

Authors note: Some of this stuff I made up. But I am 14. And I do LOVE Monster Rancher!!!

Another World

"Finally. That's everything." I said as I went over the list for the camp I was going to in couple of hours. 'Yep got that, got that, that's in there already, mom just needs to finish with those cookies."

"Kris are you done yet?" mom asked from in the kitchen.

"I just need the cookies" I answered her from in my room.

"Their almost done, honey" she acknowledged me.

"Why does she have to call me "honey" she knows I hate it" I asked myself as I put my guitar in its case. There was no way that I was about to spend 3 weeks without my guitar. To bad Genki, my little brother didn't have to go away from home for 3 weeks. Genki is 4 years younger then I am. I'm 14. I packed what a lot of teenagers would pack: my disk man, my CDs, and my Game Boy, and my Roller Blades. I also packed a camera with spare film.

"Since I'm all packed I should go say bye to Genki" I said to myself. Even though we are brother and sister we get a long as friends. I had all my stuff with me. I knocked on Genki's bedroom door. There was no answer. He should be home from school I said to myself. I opened his door. He wasn't there. I saw a Playstaion game on the floor. I picked it up and it said "Monster Rancher 200X" on the front.

"Cool! Genki got his game!" I exclaimed. "Since I don't have to go for a while maybe I should try it out." I turned on Genki's TV and put the game in the Playstaion. The game started out with an intro. I didn't pay much attention to it though. Then I saw a shrine. 2 humans, and 5 monsters ran across the screen. On person in particular caught my attention. The boy looked like Genki. Wait! That is Genki! The game asked me if I wanted to go into the Shrine. I said, "Yes". Then the screen said "Please insert disk now" I looked around for a disk. I saw one in front of me and put it in the Playstaion. It started to load and I saw my brother and a Moochi ran to the middle of 4 pillars, while a girl stood behind the controls and the monsters stood next to her. "Please insert Monster Rancher 200X CD," the game told me. I took out the disk and put the game in. Genki gave the girl a thumbs up and she said "Unlock" and the next thing I knew the room started to spin madly. I gave a small scream and I saw all kinds of colours. Then suddenly I landed on my butt.

"Ow" I said, as I got up my bum really sore.

"It can't be. It is! Kris!" I heard a familiar voice say.

I felt arms wrap around my neck and I hit the ground landing on my already sore butt.

"I can't believe it's you! It's really you!" I heard the voice say over and over again

I was finally able to open my eyes and I saw my brother Genki.

"Genki? What's going on?" I asked him

"Genki, who is that?" I heard a female voice ask him.

"Oh, I almost forgot! Holly, Tiger, Golem, Hare, Seuzo, Moochi this is my sister Kristian (pronounced the way Christian is)! Kris this is everyone!" Genki explained.

"Hi. Nice to meet you!" I said as Genki finally let me get up.

"So your Genki's sister! We've heard quite a bit about you" Holly told me.







Moochi came over to me. I rubbed his cheek. He loved it.

"Your so cute. What's his name?" I wondered

"His name is Moochi. I unlocked him." Genki said proudly.

"You did a good job raising him little bro." I said as I continued to rub Moochi's cheek.

Genki blushed a little.

I looked behind me. I saw all the stuff I packed for camp on the ground. I panicked for second when I saw my guitar case on the ground. I walked over to it and opened the case. I breathed a sigh of relive when I found that it was still in perfect condition. My mom had given it to me for Christmas a few years ago and my favourite singer, Jo Dee Messina, singed it. It meant a lot to me. I looked in my backpack to make sure I had everything. I did.

"So you're from Genki's world right?" Suezo asked me.

"Yep. Sure am." I answered him.

"Kris has raised a lot of monsters on the Monster Rancher game. She's one of the best!" Genki bragged

All I could do was blush. Sure I raised a lot of monsters but I didn't think I was that good. Maybe because he looked up to me, Genki thought I really was that good.

"How many have you raised?" Holly asked me.

"Ummmmm, ummmm" I couldn't remember how many I did, so I guessed. "Around 20 or more"

Every ones mouths dropped open. I got a sweat drop on my head. I was so embarrassed.

"I think we should get outta here before those Red eyes (Suezo/Monol) come back" Holly cautioned everyone.

"Oh, right!" Everyone agreed

"Red eyes?" I asked so totally confused.

"I'll explain later. Get your stuff." Genki ordered.

I ran over to the middle of the shrine, grabbed my backpack and my guitar case. I followed Genki and his friends out of the shrine. But as soon as we got out of the shrine, the Red Eyes were waiting for us.

"Did you miss us?" Their captain asked.

"Not the least" Genki told them.

"CHIIII!" Moochi agreed.

"ATTACK!!!!" The Red Eye captain yelled.

Genki and his friends ran towards them.

"TORPEDO" Tiger shouted as he zapped several Red Eyes turning them in to Lost Disks.

"DRAGON KICK!" Hare exclaimed as his foot went on fire and he kicked a Red Eye right in the face sending him flying.

"CHERRY BLOSSOM BLIZARD!" Moochi shouted as he spun around and around sending cherry blossoms everywhere.

Genki punched and kicked several baddies. I was really impressed but their skills at fighting. A Red Eye came towards me. I kicked it right on the side of the head. He shrieked in pain and went flying. He landed right in front of Genki. The Red Eye tried to get up and as soon as he did he was flung to the ground by one of Genki's punches.

"Red Eyes RETREAT!!!" The captain shouted.

The rest of the Red Eyes, who weren't already Lost Disks, ran into the forest.

"Glad that's over with" Suezo commented. The rest of us agreed.

A little while later eating lunch.

"So Kris what kind of stuff did you pack?" Genki asked of nowhere

"My disk man, some CDs, my Game boy, my mini stereo that can play CDs, my guitar of course. Oh and my roller blades. I also packed some other stuff that I can't think of," I told him

"What's a 'disk man'?" Holly wondered.

I took mine out of my backpack and showed it to her.

"What does it do?" Suzeo asked.

I was glad to demonstrate.

I took my CDs out of my bag. I opened my disk man and put in a CD. I turned the volume to full blast so everyone could hear. I hit play and a song started. Holly and all the monsters were pretty impressed. Genki and I just smiled trying not to laugh.

"Hey!" Genki shouted

I spoke for everyone when I said "What?"

"I just remembered, when I first came here I used one my CDs to unlock Moochi. So you could use one of your CDs to unlock your own monster Kris!" Genki said excitedly.

"Hey that's a good idea little bro! I see your using your head now." I said sarcastically.

Genki nodded his head until he realised what I had said.

"Hey! Krisssssss!" Genki started to whine.

"That's me!" I said to him.

"Let's get going." Holly said before there was a fight between the two of us. But Genki and I hardly ever fought and if we did it was play fighting.

I strapped on my Roller Blades. We didn't get to far from the shrine though; I didn't care too much though I wanted to Roller Blade. Genki walked with Moochi riding on his shoulders at the head of the group. We finally reached the shrine again. I took one of my CD's that I wouldn't mind not listening to until I bought a new one. I placed it in the middle of the four pillars. I walked up to the controls. The disk started to spin. I concentrated on a monster, any monster. The light got brighter, and brighter until.

Part 2

There, standing in the middle of the four pillars was a baby Mia (Pixie/???) I was so happy! Pixies are my favourite monsters!

"Alright! A Mia!" I said excitedly.

"A Pixie?" Moochi asked

"A type of Pixie, Moochi" Genki explained


I walked over to the Mia. "Hi" was all I could think of. I felt pretty dumb saying it. "My name is Kris and I'm going to be taking care of you." It was really all I could think of to say to her. Her eyes lit up and she nodded. I reached out to hug her. She did the same to me. I carried her in my arms like I did when Genki was born (mom showed me how, after I dropped him). She was small light and easy to carry. I walked up to the others.

"She's so cute" Holly commented. I had to agree. I remember reading in a book I had about the Monster Rancher game that Mia's "Draws many peoples support with its cute charm" There was no denying it.

Outside the shrine

"Holly, the Magic Stone. Where do we go?" Genki asked her

Holly reached down her shirt and pulled out a pendent. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The Magic Stone glowed red and hovered above her hands. What looked like a bird flapped its wings a few times and turned into an arrow. It pointed north.

"The mystery disk is to the north" She informed everyone.

"Look out Phoenix! 'Cause here we come!" Genki nearly shouted at the top of his lungs, and jumping into the air.

"CCCCHHHIII!" Mocchi shouted doing exactly what my brother did.

"Phoenix? Why are you guys looking for a Phoenix?" I asked puzzled.

"The Phoenix is a legendary monster that can turn all the baddies in to goodies, and revive all the lost disks. It's an old legend from my village." Holly clarified for me

"Oh. That's cool!" I was about to say that I had raised a Phoenix once myself, but I got the feeling I shouldn't tell them, just yet.

"And Moo turns good monsters into bad ones. He was created as a weapon during the Ancients War. But he didn't like the idea and well turned bad and started a war himself. Now after centuries of being asleep he has well his mind has awakened and he is trying to take over the world." Suezo said a little troubled by what he said.

"That's terrible" There was no way now I was going to tell them I raised a Moo once, even though he was good-natured. "So you guys are on a search for the Phoenix huh? Cool!"

"We've been on it for while now, and have travelled a long way," Hare explained for me. I was just about to ask how far they could have travelled from the time Genki got home to the time I opened his door. But I was to busy watching Mia and Mocchi playing. I looked down at my watch and to my amazement it was still working. "Well would ya look at that? It didn't them 5 minutes to become friends" Everyone nodded in agreement. Mia was flying and Mocchi was chasing after her laughing. "Reminds me of the two of us at that age Genki "

Genki smiled. "They do"

"We should continue to move forward, and find the Phoenix" Golem said simply. "Everyone nodded. I put my backpack on my back, and picked up my guitar case.


"Mia! Come on! We're going!" Genki and I shouted at the two baby monsters who were still playing Tag. Mia flew up to me and landed right by my side. Mocchi ran up to Genki.

Later on that night..

We finished eating diner and we decided to go to bed early. I took my sleeping bag out of my backpack and placed it beside Genki's. I took off my shoes and opened the sleeping back and crawled in. It's a big sleeping bag so I let Mia crawl in with me. She slept on her stomach facing toward me. It didn't take her long before she was sleeping soundly. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes.

Part 3

Authors Note: Thanx CP for letting me use one of your MR 200X ideas!! ^___^ And I'm sorry about it taking me this long to do this part.Lots of homework lately.X____X My broken wrist doesn't help either.

The next morning..

I woke up early. The sun was still rising slightly behind the mountains. I looked at my watch. It was 7:20. Since I was wide-awake I decided to get up. I quietly crawled out of my sleeping bag so I wouldn't wake up Mia. She was still sleeping soundly with her face towards me. I quietly walked along the heap of sleeping monsters. Genki was still there sleeping with Mocchi on his stomach. Where was Holly? I looked around and saw her sitting on a log looking out towards the mountains. I walked up behind her.

"Hey, mind if I join you?" She jumped slightly.

"Oh, Kris. Its just you. No not at all." She said. I sat down beside her on the log. "You're up early," She said.

"I'm always up early. I don't know why I just am," I said looking at the others who were still sleeping. "Why are you up?"

Holly continued to look out at the mountains as she said, "I don't know. I just get this feeling that we aren't going to find the Phoenix. We have been on this journey for quite some time, and I just get that feeling that we'll never find it"

"Of course you will!" I tried to cheer her up

Holly just looked at me. I guess she hoping I was right

"As long as we believe and work together of course we'll find it!" I nearly shouted. Then I remembered that everyone else was still sleeping. I blushed and played with my fingers. Holly laughed at me. "Yeah! We will find the Phoenix!" She agreed. I was happy that someone did. We sat in silence for a while. When I looked at my watch it was 8:34. I heard a sleeping bag rustle behind me. I turned around. Everyone was slowly getting up. Genki sat up and yawned really loudly.

"Hey! It's a beautiful day! Lest get going and find that Phoenix!" He shouted nearly at the top of his lungs.

"Genki. Mocchi still tired" Mocchi complained.

"AW Mocchi!"

"Genki it's really early. Maybe we should have something to eat first and let everyone finish waking up." I said as I packed my sleeping bag in my backpack.

"Sounds good to me!" Suezo exclaimed as he sat beside Holly who was already starting to make breakfast. Mia was still pretty tired. I don't blame her. She's just a baby.

"You can go back to sleep if you want Mia until we go" I told her. She nodded her head and lied back down. I smiled to myself. She is like me when I was young. Never passed up an opportunity to get some more sleep.

After breakfast we started walking where the Magic Stone told us. Genki pulled out a map and looked to see if we were going to come across a town.

"According to this map we should be heading for a town by the name of Caroft." Genki informed everyone.

"Caroft is where we head than," said Tiger

I had just remembered that I packed some bubble gum in my backpack. I took the bag off my shoulders and opened the bag. All I was able to bring was Bubblicious because I was going to buy some more once I got to camp. I tore of the wrapper. Genki stopped suddenly and sniffed the air.

"I must be going crazy. I smell Bubblicious."

"I'll agree that you're going crazy. Yes you should smell Juicy Fruit because I have some. Want a piece?" I teased.

"That's a stupid question" Genki replied with a grin on his face

"Just asking" I replied back as I gave him a piece.

"What's 'Bubbliciuos'?" Holly asked in curiosity.

"It's a type of Bubble Gum. You chew it and you can blow bubbles with it. Just make sure you don't swallow it." Genki clarified for everyone

"Do you want to try some?" I offered

"No thanks. Maybe later"


Later on. We walked for a few hours. Everyone's legs were sore by the time we got there. I looked at my watch. It was 12:25. Everyone was hungry.

"There's got to be a restaurant here somewhere" Tiger said as everyone looked around.

"Why not try the place that says 'restaurant'. There's one over there," I said sarcastically pointing to the place that had the huge sign saying 'Restaurant'.

"Kris don't be a show-off" Genki 'warned' me

"I'm not. I'm just stating the facts"

We walked into the restaurant. It wasn't very busy. As a matter of fact there was hardly anyone in the town. I guess I was just hallucinating. So I put that idea out of my head for a while. But I couldn't when everyone stared at us when we walked in. I was starting to get a little nervous. Again I pushed it out of my head. This time it worked. We sat down at a table and looked at the menus. I was in the mood for some Caesar salad, so that's what I ordered. It was pretty good. Mia and I shared it.

After we had our lunch we went to go try to find someplace to stay for the night. We found a decent looking Inn on the other side of the town. We got our room numbers and whom we were sharing with. Mia, Holly and I shared a room. Hare was with Golem (good thing Tiger wasn't), Suezo and Tiger were together, and Genki with Mocchi. When we were in our room I looked at what the map had to say about this town. "Alright they have a hot spring here! I'm going to find it! Holly, Mia you coming?" I asked eagerly as I folded up the map.

"Sure! It's been awhile since the last hot spring that we where at" Holly said as I tore through my bag trying to find both my towel and my bathing suit. Mia looked at us like we had holes in our heads.

Finally after about 10 minutes of tearing through my bag I found my bathing suit and my towel.

"Alright! Lets go!" I shouted. We went down the halls not expecting to find Genki and Mocchi along the way.

"And where do you three think you're going?" He asked

"We're going to find a hot spring! Want to come? You could use a good wash," I teased

"Hey! Your mean Kris!"

"So? What's your point little bro?"

"Genki do you or don't you want to come?" Holly asked before a fight broke out between the two of us

"Nah. You girls go to the hot spring"

"Oh so you would rather smell would you? That doesn't surprise me the least Genki" Holly pushed me along before Genki got the chance to me or me hurt him. We would never do that. Sure we would fake it but we would never really physically hurt each other.

I looked at the map one more time to make sure we where going the right way.

"It should be right around this corner"

No sooner did I say that, we found it.

"I'm good. Genki would say other wise, but right now it's just the three of us! So lets go!"

"I just realised something. I don't have a bathing suit!" Holly complained.

"It's ok. Good thing I brought a spare!" I said as I held up a spare bathing suit for her.

"Thanks Kris!"

"No problem!"

Holly and I went into the change rooms to put on our bathing suits. I brought my favourite blue one. I had decided earlier that I wouldn't need my backpack so I left it in our room. I knew Holly locked the door so I didn't bother to. I stepped out of the change room at the same time as Holly. The three of us climbed into the hot spring. Mia put her foot half way in and quickly pulled it back out.

"Mia, if its to hot for you, you can just sit on the side if you want"

She did but put her feet in the water a little. I sighed as I relaxed sinking a little lower in to the water.

Then I heard a snap come from somewhere to our left. I turned my head toward where the sound came from. Then there were a couple more frantic 'snaps'. I prayed that it wasn't the 'snap' I thought it was. Mia stood up and quietly walked over to where the sound had come from. The bushes stared moving really fast. Then something fell to the ground. Mia found it and brought it over to Holly and me. I was going crazy with anger when I found out what it was.

"How the hell did someone get this!?"

"What is it?" Holly asked me

"It's my camera"

"What's a 'camera'?"

"You take pictures with it. An easy way to explain it is it's almost like a painting but more how should I put it "accurate" and the pictures are developed and well as I said it turns out just like a painting only without the paint," Anger boiled within me as I said this.

"That's not a good thing in our case is it?" Holly asked, but it sounded like she already knew the answer.

"You better believe it isn't. I strongly suggest that we go get changed and head back to our room"

"Right. Holly did you lock the door when we left?"

"No I thought you did"

"Mia did you?"

She shook her head no.

We headed back to the change rooms. But there was a huge problem that me even madder than I already was. Someone had taken my clothes.

"Holly do you have your clothes in your stall?" I asked not bothering to hide the anger in my voice.

"No. Why, you don't either?"

"No I don't. Damnit!" My anger was at its peek. The person who took our cloths and took the picture was going to DIE. I tightly wrapped my towel around myself and steeped out of the change room. Holly did the same when she heard my stall door open. Mia carefully walked up to me, and beside me. We walked across town. Holly's towel and mine were wrapped around us tightly. We found our way back to the inn that we were staying at. Genki and all the other guys where there sitting in the lobby.

"That was some sick trick you played Genki Sakura!" Angry wasn't even close to what I was right at this moment in time. I was furious. No I was beyond furious. It didn't help when they all gave me a blank look.

"What are you talking about Kris?" Genki confused by the question that I had asked.

"Someone took a picture of us when we in the hot spring that's what! I'm just glad we weren't naked at the time! And then when we went to get changed all of our cloths were gone! You were the only person other than Mocchi that knew we where going to the hot spring!" Genki and Mocchi gave us confused looks again. My anger came back down. "You really don't know what I'm talking about do you?"

"No I don't. I never do"

"That's beside the point. If it wasn't you who was it then?"

"Your guess is as good as ours"

"It could have been baddies spying on you" Hare piped in. I hoped he was wrong. Just then some Black Dinos (Dino/Monol) came crashing through the door.

"Were you girls looking for these?" Their Captain asked as he held up Holly's clothes and mine. I ran up to him to try to get them back, but he pulled away. "Ah ah ah! Not so fast! Black Dinos attack!" I just barely had time to get out of the way before they attacked me. But as soon as I got out of the way a Dinos tail tripped me. I fell backwards. My first instinct was to put my hand back to stop myself. I did. I felt a pop in my arm, and I screamed out in pain. The Dino turned around to get ready to finish me off. He didn't get a chance. At the sound of my scream Genki rushed over to my side. He head butted the Dino right in its side. It was his turn to scream out in pain. Only this time he was turned into a lost disk. "Are you ok?" Genki asked as he helped me up

"Yeah I just-OWWW! I can't move my arm!"

Genki stayed to protect me while the others fought off the Dinos. Finally after several fallen members their Captain decided to retreat. He dropped Holly's clothes and mine on the ground as he ran. Mia picked them up and gave them to us. Everyone else gathered around me. I couldn't move or feel my arm.

"Golem, can you carry Kris to the nearest healer?" Genki asked. I didn't want to be carried, but I knew I wouldn't be able to argue with Genki. It was his final decision. I felt cold stone hands come under me as Golem lifted me up.

We walked for a while looking at the map, trying to find the healer.

"One thing I wanna know is how did the Dinos get into your room?" Suezo asked out of the blue. Us three girls blushed. Everyone else gave us curious looks.

"I didn't bother to lock the door because I thought Holly did"

"I didn't because I thought Kris locked the door"

"So the door was left wide open," Hare concluded

"What I wanna know is how did the Black Dinos find out how to use the camera?" Genki wondered out loud.

"I guess we will never know," I said as I carried by Golem. My arm hurt like hell. I looked at my arm. I wish I didn't. It was twisted and bent back. I could tell just looking at it something was broken.

We reached the hospital. We walked up to the front desk.

"Excuse me Miss, we were just attacked by some Black Dinos and my sister badly injured her arm" Genki was always able to sum things up quite nicely. The nurse quickly looked at my injured arm.

"I will get the doctor right away" She said as she dashed off

Not five minutes later she was back with a doctor. He did a quick look at my arm. He just very gently touched when I screamed out in pain.

"Yes. It is definitely broken. We need to get a cast on that arm right away. Come this way" He led us off to the cast room. "Have a seat. You will need to be comfortable." I sat down on one of the chairs. 'You will need to be comfortable' yeah whatever! These chairs were so hard!

Ten minutes later he was done with my cast.

"How long do I need this stupid thing on for?" I asked

"About ten days. That's how long it should take you to get to the next village. I will let my brother know that you are on you way"

"Gee thanks"

"I think that we should stay here to night and get some rest. Then we can head out in the morning," Hare suggested. Everyone agreed, and we headed back to the inn.

"Good night everyone! See ya in the morning!" My brother, of course.

"Good night!"

Holly, Mia and me crawled into our beds. My arm hurt like hell. But I figured that in morning it would feel a little better at least. I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.