A Stupidly Named Fic

(WereTiger's little brother is watching Yu-Gi-Oh) Little Brother: Go Yugi!!!!!!! WereTiger: HELP ME!!!!!!!! NEED... UNCUT...MR!!!!!!!!(explodes) Sorry, it's just my little bro' watches too much yu gi oh. If it was uncut MR I'd understand...*_* This is a stupidly named fic, that will have a part 2 if it's a hit. By the way if u likeit write 2 CP. Hopefully, she'll write me if it is.( gives CP puppy eyes) Disclaimer: MR is not owned by me nor are any of the charcters mentioned in this fic.(except me and my friend of course!^__^). Mario and co. are owned by Nintendo and Sonic & CO. by Sega.The rest i don't know who owns them, but i sure as heck don't 0__0

Narrator:Once upon a time the lived a beuitful princess...(gets hit by a semi) X_X

WereTiger: Anyhow Ash and the Pokemon crew were walking through the woods when... Ash: ( In a girly voice) Wow it's a wild Golem.

Golem: Golem think he hear whiney voice.

Genki: (drinking 72 Mountain Dews) TTThhhattt's nnott ppossible

Holly: Why are you shaking?

Genki: Sssugar Rrrrush

Hare:(doctor evil impression) righttt...

Ash: Poke my balls go!!!

Golem: Gol? (Poke ball hits golem and sucks him up )

Ash: I got a Golem!!!

Pikachu: Pika Pika!!!

( giant anvil just misses pikachu)

WereTiger: Shoot!!!!!!!!!

Pikachu: Pika?!! (Translated) DAM IT!

(Ash runs away with MR group following)

Tiger: I refuse to take part in this absurd fic.

WereTiger: Really? Well maybe a bit of blackmail will change your mind.

Tiger: #0__0# OK FINE!!!!

(Suddenly everyone mentoined so far appaears in a strange land)

All: Were the@!#$%^&*#@ are we?

(The land is on a little tropical island, were all the people look like human ballons with trees growing out of there heads.)


END OF PART 1!!!!!!! WereTiger: More Psyco like stuff later!!!!