A Very Stange Adventure

Happy Halloween people! This is another Halloween story! I know that The Nightmare before Chirtstmas isn't a Japanese anime but who cares! If you haven't seen the movie go rent it cause it rocks!


It was all hallows eve when the seven rebels got lost. "Mochi hungry!" Complained the pink member of the group. Genki sighed at the remark. " I'm getting hungry too." Everyone else agreed. "Well you guys were going to have to wait for a while. There hasn't been a sign of a village for a while and the plants around here aren't edible." Said Holly.

Soon they came to a stop infront of a graveyard. "Well looks like we have to pass through, I mean there should be a town near by if there is a graveyard? Right?" The eyeball glared at the male human friend. "There is no way I'm passing through there at night!" Holly reasured her companion. " Come on Suezo, it's not that bad. At least we should get past instead of sleeping here for the night." Suezo thought for a moment before deciding. "Okay if you say so." The boy then went behind the eyeball. "Unless you want the ignigma to get you." Suezo spun around and blasted Genki "WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THE IGNIGMA ALREADY!!" He put up his hands in defence before the eyeball. "Okay Suezo. I'm sorry it was just a joke."

The group then walked into the graveyard with Suezo grumbling under his breath. Then they heard voices and saw three shadows pass by. "Good going stupid you got us lost again!" Said the first who sounded like a boy. "Well if you hadn't messed up our sign then we wouldn't have gotten lost." Snapped the second who was a girl. "Why don't you shut up ya dumb girl!" Said the third who sound younger then the first one. The three figures bickered past the group.

"Hey! Excuse me! Can you tell us the closest way to a village? Hey wait!" When they saw Genki running towards them they took off. Genki ran after them. "Genki wait!" Cried Holly as she and the others ran after him. All seven followed the figures in to a tomb. When they entered no one was in there.

"Hello! Any one here? Listen we need to know where the nearest village is. Were sorry if we scared you we just need help. Silence greeted Genki along with his echo. All of a sudden the ground underneath them gave away as they fell down a large hole.

They fell as what had seemed like for ever. Finally a bright light engulfed them. When there vision came back into place they found themselves in a new place. Hare was the first to get to his feet. He walked around ears twitching. "Where are we?" His answer was answered when he turned around and smacked in to a sign post which was a creepy looking scarecrow holding up a sign. Rubbing his sore nose he looked at the sign. "Halloweentown? What kind of name is that to give a village?" By this time the others were in wonder as to why the name was that.

"Maybe we should go into town and ask where we are." The others agreed with Genki and walked into another graveyard that led in to the town. On passing the sign Holly looked at it and noticed that the post seemed to be looking at her as she walked by.

As they walked into town they noticed everyone seemed to be in monster costumes and were looking at them as if they were insane. Stopping by the fountain they tried to ask some of the locals where they were. A funny looking man who had a very tall hat and seemed to have another face in the back of his head looked very nervously at them before running off. "May I help you?" Came a voice behind them. " Yeah. Um can you please tell us where we ar-." Said Genki as he turned around to come face to face with a very tall and very thin skeleton in a pinstripe suit.

The others looked at the skeleton wide eyed in fear. The skeleton gave them what looked like a warm smile. "No need to be afraid. Were harmless really. Let me introduce myself. I am Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. May I ask who you are?" "I'm Genki." "Holly it's nice to meet you." " Mochi! chi!" "Suezo here!" "Hare's the name." "Tiger of the wind." "Golem." Jack smiled. Now that we've gotten to know each other. Can you please tell me how you got here."

Genki walked forward. "Well you see..we were walking and looking for a village when we had to pass through this graveyard. We spotted these three figures and tried to ask them where the closest village is. We followed them into a tomb where we fell and came here." The skeleton nodded. "May I ask who these three people were?" "They sounded like children. Two boys and a girl."

Soon a woman who looked somewhat like a ragdoll walked up to them. "Jack what's going on who are they?" Jack then kissed her on the cheek. "Sally this Genki,Holly, Mochi, Suezo, Hare, Tiger of the wind and Golem. My friends this is my wife Sally." She smiled at the others. "It's nice to meet you."

"What we are talking about now is how they got here and.." He stopped in midsentence and put a bony hand on his forehead and groaned. Sally immeadately put her hand on his shoulder. "Jack what's wrong? What is it?" "I should have known it was those three! I've told them a million times to come back before midnight!" He stopped when he saw the faces of the newcomers. "Excuse me." Sally looked at him worriedly. "Jack your'e not going to harm them are you?" "Of course not. I'm just going to ristrict them from trick or treating for a year that's all."

Jack then turned to the seven. "Why don't I give you a tour of the town. Then I can fix you up for a place to stay for the night." Holly then protested. "No that's okay you don't have to.." Jack cut her off. "Nonsense. It's all right. It's no problem."

With that he showed the seven rebels Halloweentown. They had met nearly everyone in town including the three children Lock, Shock and Barrel. Afterwards they ate dinner in the hotel Jack put them in. Amazingly they slept to tired to relize how weird the room looked.

The next morning they said good bye to their new friends. Jack led them into the grave yard. They stopped infront of a grave. The skeleton then opened the doors. " Take this route. Once you are in you will notice a road. Follow the road until you come to a door. Once you see the door it will lead you to where every you left off. I wish you good luck on your journey." The seven said their good byes before slipping in to the dark of the grave. They follwed Jacks instructions and low and behold they were back at the graveyard.

Passing through neather one of them spoke. "That was one weird night huh." Said Hare with his paws in the back of his head. "Yeah. Do you think we'll ever see them again?" Genki looked at Holly. "May be." When they walked out of the graveyard and into the village (a normal one) they didn't notice three figures watching them.

The End

Happy Halloween