All They Needed Me For

A/N: This is my poem from Genkiís point of view. Iím not saying this is how he feels this is just my idea. He realizes that he had no other purpose than to find the Phoenix. Please donít be offended and please enjoy!

All I want is to stay here with you

The thoughts of leaving bruise me black and blue

Why is fate so cruel and unfair

This knowledge is a burden Iím forced to wear

When all is said and done

Iíll once again be the only one

Thrown back to my world and reality My life has a cruel sense of stability

All my life I have played games

Because everyone else hated me and called me names

That is my reality, that is life

A torturous, ongoing strife

Then I was sucked into my occupation

And someone gave me an invitation

To be her friend and companion

Making me feel like a champion

She helped me to see that I was a not alone

My life I no longer had to bemoan

I could repay her kindness

Help her find the Phoenix and conquer any weakness

We found friends and foes

Everyone loved each other through highs and lows

But now to our friends we had to say so long

They were the phoenix and united in one harmonious throng

She and I were the only ones now

Others fate wouldnít allow

Bang, Moo is gone

This existence was a con

I was shoved back to my place Back to my lonely space

Now I cry

Wondering why

With thoughts my head is sore

Finding that bird was all they needed me for