By Space Cadet

When you awake

And rise to greet the dawn

Do you wonder what dangers

Await you on this day?

Or do you just laugh it off

And hope everything will be all right

Just like you say?

When you come to a crossroads

Which path do you take?

Do you know where to go?

Whether you’ll end up in forest or lake?

When your foes attack

And you strike them down

Do you cheer for victory?

What if, in battle

One of your comrades falls

Do you weep for their memory?

When the road becomes long

And your enemies tougher

Do you give up and turn ‘round?

Or do you stand strong

And retaliate with your bravery

Because you refuse to back down?

When all hope seems lost

And salvation seems too far

To you accept defeat?

Or will you keep fighting

To the absolute end

Until you die

Or your foe is at your feet?

You must persevere,

That you already know.

For you and your allies

Must overcome evil

No matter the blows.

Stay true to your heart,

Never back down,

And fulfill your promises,

Complete your quest.

Whatever the direction,

Whatever the challenge,

You will rise up to meet it

And be at your best.