"A party, a relationship and a memory" By: Chibichan

Three years passed since they had beaten Moo and released the Phienox. Genki looked out the window not hearing the teacher call him.

Mr. Yamamoto: Mr. Sakura! Did you hear what I said!

Genki snapped to attention to come face to face with his very pissed math teacher.

Genki: Sorry Sir.

When the teacherıs back was turned he turned back to his former position.

Genki: *Sigh* I wonder how everyoneıs doing? Holly, Mochi, Tiger, Hare, Golem and Suezo. I wonder how much has changed since I left? He thought for a while before relization hit him. Thatıs it! I know how to get back the same way I got in three years ago!


Before the Teacher could finish what he was saying Genki ran out of the room full speed. He slipped on his pair of rollerblades (not the ones he wore when he was in the t.v series. It;s the same color except itıs bigger.) and skated home.

Genki: Please let it work.

He finally reaches home and goes in to his room and closes the doors. Putting in the CDROM as he did before(If you seen the first episode youıll know). He saw Holly but this time she was older and was surrounded by the others. She put the mystery disk in and concentrated..

Genki/Holly: Unlock!

The t.v then starts to turn blue but he isnıt getting sucked in. A bright light hits him as he tumbles back. Immeadiately six figures come through the t.v. The six figures were you guessed it. Mochi,Suezo,Golem,Tiger, Holly and Hare come crashing in to Genkiıs room with a thud. Chapter 2 Everyone was getting over the shock of what just happened.

Suezo: Ow! What happed? Where are we. How the heck did we end up here? Oh hi Genki. Now someone explain why a mysterydisk ... YAAAAHHHA! GENKI?! IS THAT YOU!!

Imeadiately everyone ignored what had happened and stared at a fimilar boy who stood infront of them.

Mochi:Genki! Chi!

Mochi then ran into Genkiıs arms and hugged him. Everyone else came and said hi over joyed to see him again.

Tiger: Hey kid. Long time no see.

Genki: Hey Tiger. Are you and Hare still fighting?

Hare:Yep. Still are. Except now heıs not as mean. (whispers to Genki.) I think heıs starting to get soft.


Tiger and Hare go at each other arguing while everyone else sweatdrops.

Genki: Yep same old Tiger and Hare.

Holly: Hi Genki. How have you been?

Genki: Fine. How are you and your dad doing?

Holly: Were doing great. Weıve caught up on a lot of things.

Suezo: So.. Genki. Found that specal someone yet?

At this Holly immeadately starts to blush.

Genki: Uh.. no not yet. Why you ask?

Suezo: Oh no reason. (gives Genki and Holly a sly look and hops off.)

Golem:Hello Genki.

Genki: Hey Golem. How have you been?

Golem: Good.

Suddenly Genki relizes that the CD brought his friends here instead of him.

Chapter 3 Genki looks at the t.v and starts up the CDROM while the others look on in awe and amazement. The game starts except itıs a different game.

Genki: What?! How did that happen! I had the Monster Rancher CD in there. How did it switch?

Hare: Uh...Genki. What are you talking about?

Genki: I put in the CD I used three years ago when I met you guys..but somehow itıs not here.

He started to rumage around his room but didnıt find the CD.

Genki: Well. I guess you guys are stuck here until we figure out where the CD went.

His mom then knocks and opens the door.

Mom: Genki. I have a erran to do so I wonıt be home till much later. Oh and Jiro just called to tell you the Halloween party is tomorrow at six... Genki. When did you get those dolls?(She walks around the room looking at the others who are sweatdropping and trying to stay still.) They look so real. (Suddenly Mochi sneezes) What was that?)

Genki: Nothing that was me. Iım going to change so can you please leave.

Mom: Sure of course sweetie. I know now that my little boy isnıt little anymore and wants privacy.(pinches his cheeks.)

Genki: (Blushing as Hare and the others try to keep straight faces.) Okay. Bye mom. (closes door and locks it. Then turning around to see everyone trying hard not to laugh.) Itıs not funny guys!

Mochi: Genki. What is Halloween? Chi?

Genki: (Gives a evil sinister smile as he did when he mentioned the egnigma and turns off his room lights and has a flash light under his face making everyone yell.) Iıll tell you what Halloween is. Halloween is the one night of the year where the dead, ghost, goblins and skeletons wake and walk the streets at night. Waiting at every dark corner and every turn. Waiting just waiting to pounce and grab you! It will attack at any moment when you least expect it.Itıs ugly dripping fangs and ugly twisted form will creep closer and closer until.....(whips a scary mask infornt of his face.) IT POUNCES AND EATS YOU UP! MWAHAHAHAHAA!!

Everyone screams while Holly throws the nearest object at Genkiıs head.

Genki: (Has his eyes in spirals with a huge bump on his head.) Owch! Hey it was only a joke.

Mochi: (crying) Mochi donıt like Halloween!!

Genki: Sorry Mochi. I think I went a little too over board on this.

Suezo:(with a huge vain on his head) You think!?

Genki: Iıll tell what the original Halloween is. Itıs the time of year kids get to go to house to house collecting candy. They dress up in costumes and go to each door step and ring the door bell saying trick or treat. Then the person gives you candy and then you go to other houses and you do the same thing until you get tired. Some kids play tricks on other people by throwing eggs and toilet paper on peoples doors and cars which is really bad and that is your basic Halloween.

Everyone: Oh!

Genki: Any way Jiro is a friend from school who invited me to his Halloween party he said I can invite other people if I want. So what do you think guys want to give it a try?

Hare: HMM! Sounds like fun especially the trick part.

Tiger: Donıt get any Ideas fur ball. But anyways amazingly I agree with Hare. It does sound fun.

Mochi: Yeah! Fun. Chi!

Golem: Yeah fun.

Holly: I agree also. Iıll go.

Suezo: Where ever Holly decides Iım fine with that.

Genki: ALL RIGHT!! But we have to now find out how to get you guys to the mall. I mean a lot of people are going to notice monsters walking around.

Suezo:(Gives him a sly look) If you havenıt relized. Iıve recently improved teleport.

Everyone swetdrops

Suezo: I did! Here Iıll show you. ( He then consintrates.) Teleport! (Nothing happens.) Stop staring!

Holly:Well I guess were going to have to risk it tomorrow.

Tiger: No we donıt.

Genki: What do you mean?

Tiger: I have an idea.

Chapter 4

The next morning Genki, Holly, Golem, Tiger, and Mochi and a strange man walk into the subway car.

Hare: (Whispering from the trenchcoat.) Why do I have to carry Suezo?

Genki: Because you have two feet and can carry.


Everyone: SHHH!!

Hare: Sorry.

They finally make it to the mall and look at the costumes. After a while they get the costume they want. Genki is a rollerblading/ninja master. Hare is a cowboy/Hare with the hat and fake guns. Tiger has a pair of devils horns on him. Holly is a farie. Golem (sorry guys) a WWF wrestler. Suezo is a magician/Suezo and Mochi is a pumpkin.

After going back to Genkiıs house they get ready and go to Jiroıs house. The six of them are amazed at the size of the place. They walk in and it is just like any other house with at least 50 other people there.

Jiro: Hey Genkisan! Glad you could make it. (Slaps him high five)

Genki: Yeah Iım glad too. These are my friends. Holly, Hare, Tiger, Golem, Mochi, and Suezo.

Jiro: (Just looks at the others. In shock) Wow there good at costumes. Looks like the real thing. Uh Genki. My folks donıt allow dogs but on this occasion theyıll make a exception.

Tiger: Dog! Why I ought to!

Genki: Calm down Tiger. If Jiro found out you really were real monsters you would be in a research lab with in ten minutes.

Tiger:.... O.O

Later the party heats up as every one is having fun. Hare is playing a game of find the queen card game with some boys, Mochi is getting alot of attention from some of the girls, Another kidıs dog is chasing Tiger around the house with hearts in her eyes, Golem is talking to some other kids, Suezo is bragging to a few other kids who are swet dropping. While Genki and Holly are talking with some other people. Some of the boys start to flirt with Holly.

A slow dance music started to play as couples started to dance. Both Hare and Suezo gave eachother sly looks as they quietly go behind either Genki and Holly giving them a light shove towards each other. Both jerked forward as Holly tripped with Genki catching her. They looked into each otherıs eyes for a while but quickly turned away blushing.

Genki: Uh.. Holly would you like to dance?

Holly:(blushing) Okay.

Both Genki and Holly hold hands and then start to dance.

Hare and Suezo give each other sly winks and nuges as the watch their two human friends dance. When the dance was over Holly and Genki walk towards the patio door. Finally alone they sit down. The five monsters peek from behind door.

Genki:(blushing) That was fun.

Holly:Yeah..Halloween isnıt bad. I like it.

Genki: Holly? Whatıs wrong?

Holly: Nothing. Itıs just...why did the CD transport us here intead of you coming to us. It doesnıt make any sense. Do you think there are any baddies here thatıs why we were brought here?

Genki: I donıt think so? I havenıt seen anything suspicious lately.


Holly: Genki I.....

Genki: Yeah?

Both look into each otherıs eyes. Both move closer together and close their eyes. Finally their lips meet. Hare and Suezo do a little victory dance.

Hare: They did it! Yes! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!

The four monsters: SSHHH!

Both humans look up just in time to see the five monsters dodge quickly back into the house. Both of them blush as they walk back in to the house. Later that night the party comes to an end. Then..


Hare: Run Tiger I think sheıs catching up! AHAHAHAHAHA!!


Girl dog: Woof bark woof: Come back here my love! We were ment for each other!

Everyone sweatdrops while Hare is laughing histericly.

2 hours later after Tiger gets away from the girl dog and after he beats up Hare turning him to a crisp.

Genki: That was a cool party Jirosan!

Jiro: Thanks man! Maybe I can convince my parents to let me do this next year!

Chapter 5

On the way home. They pass a house and bridge where Kiyoshi and his gang are getting drunk and having a great time harrasing the kids trick or treating. Suddenly they spot the seven and block their path.

Kiyoshi: Well well well. If it isnıt Genki Sakura. Who are your friends huh?

Genki: Come on guys just ignore them. (They start to walk around the gang.)

Kiyoshi: ( He blocks their way) I ask you a question punk! Are ya going to answer or do I have to get rough?

Holly: I donıt like these guys Genki. Who are they?

Kiyoshi: Who are you? Say why donıt you come with us. Youıll have a better time with us then with that loser. (He grabs Hollyıs arm)

Suezo: (Getting between him and Holly) Hey! Were not looking for any trouble so back off!

Kiyoshi: (Starts to push him) Ha! What are you going to do about it freak? Going to beat me up huh?!

Genki: Hey! You leave him alone Kiyoshi! Were not asking for trouble.

Kiyoshi: Did you hear that guys? The Monster Rancher Champ wants us to stop! (Starts to push him towards the bridge.)

Everyone watches while Golem is trying to calm Tiger down as Genki is pushed closer to the bridge. Before Genki could duck to the side Kiyoshi picks him up the collar of his costume and lifts him over the edge.

Kiyoshi: So what are you going to do now? Huh? (He then drops him.)

Holly: GENKI!! (Runs towards the bridge but one of Kiyoshiıs men grabs her.)

Taro: Hey where do you think yourıe going? How about a kiss huh?

Amazingly she sluggs him in the stomach sending him head over heels.

She reaches the edge along with Golem to see Genki holding on the the wall.

The others are now trying to keep the punks away without using their attacks. Golem reaches down over the side of the bridge and lifts Genki over the side and back on to the street.

Tiger: Iıve had enough of this! TORPEDO!!

An explosion hits leaving Kiyoshi and his gang burnt to a crisp. While the 7 rebels run for Genkiıs house. Chapter 6

Finally they reach his house. Luckyly his mom is at a halloween party at her friends house. They walk up to Genkiıs room while they fix their minor wounds.

Tiger: Iıve seen alot of jerks in my life and I donıt think it compares to what those guys were.

Genki: (Looks down at the floor.) We were lucky enough even to get away.

All of them look at Genki in a weird way.

Holly: Genki.. Who were they?

Genki: Those guys are called the Death Gang. They are the most dangerous gang in the area. They know me cause my older brother Hiroshi was a member of their rival gang. I was only five when I saw them. We were walking back from the grocery store when they ganged up on us. Kiyoshi and his gang picked on him hard leaving him to upset to even talk. That night he left home late at night. The next morining we got a call saying that he was killed in a fight with the Death Gang.

No one spoke for a while. Holly puts a hand on Genkiıs shoulder.

Holly: Iım sorry..

Everyone else argreed on that and didnıt speak.

The next morning Genki looked in the the playstation to find low and behold the Monster Rancher CD. The others are still sleeping as Genki walks outside.

Holly: Genki..Whatıs wrong?

(Quickly turns around to see Holly.)

Genki: I found the CD..

Holly: Oh.


Holly: When do you think we should tell the others?

Genki: Tomorrow. I guess...

They eat breakfast and Genki shows them around town. The six of them are amazed at how big Genkiıs town is.

Hare: Wow! This is the biggest town Iıve been in.

Tiger: Donıt get any ideas Hare. As Genki said it will seem odd that a bunch of monsters walking around.

Suddenly two kids skate by

Kid 1: Hey buddy! Halloweenıs over! Kid 2: Yeah why donıt you take off those costumes? HAHA!

Suezo: (with vein on his head) If one more kid comes up and tells us that halloweenıs over Iım going to..!

Holly: Take it easy Suezo. Just ignore them.

Mochi: Mochi hungry!

Genki: Okay! Letıs get something to eat come on. Last one there is a rotten egg! ( He skates off.)

Suezo: Doesnıt he ever learn? *sigh*

Later itıs night when they go back to Genkiıs house as they catch up on what was going on for the past three years.

Hare: Wow and I thought Tiger had issues. (They were talking about Genkiıs cousin and how he got arrested for shoplifting.)


Hare: Sure. Just like the time you decided to get Holly a christmas present when the stall keeper wasnıt looking!


Hare: Uh Tiger... you were a dangerous criminal.

Tiger: THATıS IT! IıLL SHOW CRIMINAL!! (starts to beat up Hare like Pesto does to Squit in Animaniacs while the others sweat drop.)

Then Tiger chases Hare outside of the house while the others try to stop them. The neighbors in the areaıs lights all go on and everyone is yelling to at them to make them stop and be quiet. In the mean time Suezo and a neighbor get into a argument.

Neighbor 1: Hey kid! Quit that racket! Shut that dog of yours up before I call the police!

Suezo: Why donıt you mind your own business!

Neighbor comes down who happens to be a huge bulky guy who has a huge vein on his head.

Suezo:(sweatdropping) Uh... did I tell you to mind your own business? I ment sorry for the racket.. heh heh! (Tries to run away but neighbor hits him on the head with a mallet leaving Suezo with spiral eyes and a huge lump on his head.)

Finally Golem manages to grab Hare and Tiger keeping them apart while Hare sticks out his tounge and pulls his eye which only makes Tiger even madder. The 7 go back in to the house and keep Tiger away from Hare as they go to sleep both Hare and Tiger are still arguing Chapter 7

The next morning Holly and Genki are talking in private while the others are eating breakfast.

Genki: Well I guess today is the day. Huh.

Holly:(sadly)Yeah I guess so...

Genki then holds Hollyıs hand and they look into each others eyes for a while and kiss. All the while the five are again spying on them and then ran back into the house making sure they werenıt seen.

Genki says good bye to the everyone as he slips in the CDROM.

The game starts up and he looks at his friends.

Genki: Bye Hare. Try not to get Tiger too upset okay.

Hare: No prob Genki. AHHAHAHAHA!

Genki: Bye Tiger donıt let Hare get the best of you.

Tiger: (gives a sly grin) Good Bye kid and donıt worry I wonıt..heh heh.

Genki: Bye Golem. Take care and please make sure Tiger doesnıt go too far in getting Hare.

Golem: Okay. Bye Genki.

Genki: Bye Mochi! Take care of yourself. (Gives Mochi a hug as Mochi starts to cry.)

Mochi: Mochi going to miss Genki!

Genki: Bye Holly! Take care of the others. I promise Iıll come back some day!

Holly: Take care Genki. (queitly) Iım going to miss you...

Genki: So long Suezo! Take care of Holly for me!

Suezo: No problem Genki! Stay out of trouble.

With that He pushes the button and the t.v turns blue and sucks in the six rebels. Leaving Genki once again alone in his room.

Genki:Bye you guys! Iım going to miss you! Iıll try to come back one day!

So what ya guy think? Sorry for all you Tiger and Hare fans for making them the center humor but I think that itıs funny when they argue. Just like a married couple. Tiger: WHAT! Hare:Hey! Thatıs not funny! Tiger: Letıs get her! (Both start to chase her around the house.) Chibichan: Thanks for reading this Iıll be back (gulp) I hope...