Army of Steel: Part 5 ~ The Tournament

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"Master Genocider, it’s working!” Selketo shouted as the Waters of Time started to glow bright blue. Genocider grinned.

“Perfect!” he hissed. A Janne [Pixie/ Durahan] suddenly ran in.

“Master, your brother’s back!” she gasped.

“What? Now? Tell him I’ll see him in a few moments.” Genocider snapped.

“But Master, Reaper’s not in perfect condition. In fact, he has a huge gash across his face.” Janne said. Genocider turned around to face her.

“WHAT?” he cursed. “Of all times…. Selketo!” Genocider turned back towards the Arrow Head.


“I’ll be back in a little while. Make sure the thing’s working and ready for me when I come back.”

“All right Master.” Genocider followed Janne back to his camp. When they arrived, Reaper came to greet them, his deep slash standing out against his pale face.

“Brother! What happened to you?!” Genocider came to a halt as did Reaper.

“The rebels…that man….” Reaper growled. “I was using my Spinning Death Scythe attack when he pushed me into its lethal blade. And look what it did to me!” Reaper pointed at his ruined face in disgust.

“Calm down brother,” Genocider said, though he found himself boiling with anger.

“I want revenge, Genocider!” Reaper snarled. “I want that human to pay!”

“I SAID CALM DOWN!” Genocider roared. Then he spoke in a softer tone. “You’ll get your revenge, Reaper. I’ll kill them all but the man, then I’ll leave him to you.”

“How are you going to do that?” Genocider smiled evilly.

“Selketo and his troop have gotten the Waters of Time working. I’ll be able to see the rebels’ weaknesses and strike when least expected! They’ll be helpless!” Reaper laughed.

“Brother, I love the way your mind works.”

“So do I….”


“Nice city.”


The rebels walked through the streets of a crowded, yet beautiful, city. Merchant stalls lined the sides of the road, stores sold a whole assortment of things-candy, gifts, clothes, swords, daggers, boots, and many other things-yet most of the crowd seemed to be headed towards the center of the city.

“Wonder what’s going on over there,” Genki said, pointing towards the center of town.

“Why don’t we go check it out?” Tiger suggested. Genki nodded in agreement. The group followed to crowd to a huge stadium.

“Wow, that’s big,” Hare commented, blinked.

“Hey guys, check it out,” Silver Face’s voice called over. His friends came up to him.

“What is it, chi?” Mocchi asked. Silver Face pointed his claw up at a big banner stretched across the entrance in front of them. The others looked up.

“ ‘The Ultimate Monster Battle Finals,’ “ Genki read aloud. “ ‘This week only. Grand Prize-50,000 Gold. All participants are to apply at the booth to the left of the main ticket counter.’ ” Hare’s eyes became gold coins.

“F-fifty t-thousand gold?!” He stuttered. “We HAVE TO enter!” Tiger snorted.

“Always about money, isn’t, bunny?” he growled. Hare narrowed his eyes at him.

“What was that?!”

“You heard me!”

Genki and Holly ignored the two monsters’ bickering and took the banner into consideration.

“50,000 gold, huh?” Holly said. “We could use that to get you a shirt, Genki.” Genki nodded.

“Yeah, and we could eat out more often!” He added. Suezo snorted.

“Your stomach comes first, eh Genki?” he grumbled.

“Why don’t we enter the competition?” Big Blue suggested.

“Hm. Not a bad idea,” Genki said, “But who’ll fight?”

“I will!” Tiger said immanently, forgetting about Hare. Genki shook his head.

“No, you fought in the last tournament we entered,” he said.

“But that was over ten years ago!” Tiger protested.

“I’ll fight,” Silver Face said. “I dragged you all into this journey, so it’s only fair.” Genki nodded.

“All right, SF. You’ll fight. C’mon, let’s go register.” The two of them walked towards the registration booth while Tiger grumbled.

“C’mon guys, let’s go get tickets,” Holly said, walking over to the ticket booth as the monsters followed, Tiger still sulking.


“So? A tournament, eh?” Genocider chuckled to himself. “FLARE DEATH!” A Joker/Dragon came over to Genocider.

“Yes, Master?” he asked, holding his scythe over his shoulder.

“Go gather your men together, Flare Death,” Genocider said. “And make sure you’re ready to battle. I have a little competition for you to participate in…”


“Our first match in today’s finals is Naga Saurion, fighting for Sin-itiro,” The announcer blared as the crowd cheered. A Naga Saurion [Zuum/Naga] and a middle-aged man waved to the crowd. “VS Silver Face, fighting for Genki!” The crowd erupted in cheers again as Genki and Silver Face sheepishly waved.

“The first one to knock out the other is the winner!” The announcer said. “Let the match begin!” A bell rang as Silver Face and Naga Saurion leapt at each other.

“NS!” The middle-aged man shouted, “Million Bites!” His Naga Saurion opened his mouth to reveal rows of small, needle-sharp teeth. Naga Saurion lunged at Silver Face.

“SF!” Genki shouted. “Roll Assault!”

“Gotcha!” Silver Face jumped off the ground and curled into a ball, Naga Saurion missing him by a few feet. Silver Face, still in a ball and spinning, slammed into the Zuum hybrid, slamming him into the ground. Naga Saurion groaned, swirls in his eyes as Silver Face landed gracefully back on his feet. The referee ran over to Naga Saurion and kneeled down.

“KNOCK OUT!” He declared.

“And the Genki-Silver Face team is the winner of round one!” The announcer exclaimed. Fans exploded in cheers. From near the arena in the stands, Holly stood up in her seat and yelled.

“All right Genki!” She cheered. Suezo sweated.

“Don’t you mean, ‘All right Silver Face’?” he asked. “He’s the one fighting after all.” Holly blushed and sat back down.

“Oh, right….”


Genocider frowned as he watched Genki and Silver Face knock out each of their opponents, one by one.

Soon, your winning streak will be over, human… He thought as he sneered.


“It’s time for the final round, folks! The undefeated and undisputed Genki-Silver Face team versus—what’s this? Looks like a monster’s fighting for himself without a trainer! Folks, introducing—Flare Death!” The crowd burst into applause as The Joker hybrid slowly stepped up to the platform, sneering. Genki and Silver Face blinked in confusion.

“A monster…?” Silver Face started.

“…fighting on its own…?” Genki continued.

“…is that even allowed in this tournament?” Holly finished from the bleachers.

“I guess so,” Hare answered. “Let’s see how it goes."

“Let the battle begin!”

“SF! Tail Swing!”

“Hai!” Silver Face slammed his tail into Flare Death, who went tumbling back.

“I’m not that easy to beat!” Flare Death snarled as he suddenly shot back up. “DEATH SCYTHE!” He sliced his blade at Silver Face, sending the Arrow Head into the wall.

“SF! You okay?!” Genki asked, alarmed. Silver Face slowly got up.

“I’m…okay…” He grumbled.

“FLAME!” Silver Face ducked just in time to evade the fire attack, the flames missing his head by inches. Genki wasn’t so lucky, however.

“Ouch.” He muttered, coughing a breath of smoke and blinking, black and crisp. Holly sweated with the monsters.

“Oh my…”

Genki shook off his burn. “SF! METEOR!” Silver Face nodded and closed his eyes, glowing white.

“Nani?” Flare Death asked. Rocks ripped out of the ground and hovered around Silver Face.

“METEOR!” he shouted. The rocks around him shot up and zipped at Flare Death, burning up from the dangerous speed they were going.

“Crap.” The meteors all slammed into Flare Death, knocking into the wall with such force that it crumbled.

“All…no more….mister…nice…guy…” Flare Death growled. He raised his arms. “BELHOLD THE MIGHT OF GENOCIDER’S ARMY, HUMANS, AND BE AFRAID!” he shouted. Genki’s eyes snapped.

“Genocider’s army?” he asked. Suddenly, Flare Deaths jumped out from all the entrances, deadly scythes ready for battle.

ALL RIGHT MEN! ATTACK!” Flare Death ordered. His men charged forward into the crowd, which scattered as scream broke out.

“GENKI!” Mocchi’s voice shouted. Genki jerked his head in the direction of his monster’s voice. Mocchi waved his arms around frantically as a couple of Flare Deaths came towards him.

“HEY! LEAVE MOCCHI ALONE!” Genki shouted, rollerblading forward. He jumped up and kicked both of the Jokers in the stomach. The main Flare Death chuckled as the rebels did their best to ward off the attacking monsters.


Genocider chuckled evilly.

“This is getting most interesting…”


A Flare Death slammed Holly into some seats, breaking them.

“HOLLY!” Genki exclaimed. He growled at the Flare Death and knocked him into the opposite side of the stadium. Holly groaned and struggled to get up. Genki helped her up when he saw a Flare Death shoot an energy beam at a boy, just missing the target.

“I’ve had it!” Genki snarled. “ENERGY!” He glew pink along with the monsters and Holly as the Flare Death sweated.

“What the—?” Genki yelled as the pink glow around himself and his friends became one giant beam that shot at the Flare Deaths.

“Oh holy sh—“ the beam slammed into the monsters, and the whole area exploded.


Genocider shot up out of his seat.

“WHAT?!” he roared. “WHY THAT LOUSY HUMAN…! IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET TO HIM?!” he panted, a bit tired out from his anger. “When I get my hands on him—“ he stopped and blinked as he looked back at the Waters of Time, still focused on the stadium, or, what was left of it. Genocider watched as Genki picked up the exhausted Holly in his arms. “Are you hurt, Holly?”

“I’m okay, Genki. Thanks.”

Genocider blinked as the wheels turned in his head.

“That’s it!” he hissed. “She’s his weakness! Why didn’t I think of it before?! Oh ho…now I’ve got an idea… wait ‘till Reaper hears it…I believe he will be most delighted…”


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Army of Steel: Part 6 ~ Goodbye Holly?

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"You know, it was really nice of them to let us have the prize money, even after we blew up half of their stadium,” Genki said as the group walked down a dirt road.

“Well, the outcome would’ve been a lot worse if those Flare Deaths hadn’t been beaten by us,” Silver Face pointed out.

“And we did give them over half the prize money back to help pay for the damages,” Tiger added.

"36,000 gold down the drain,” Hare sobbed, “why?”

“You’re still thinking of money?” Tiger asked, annoyed. “As if 14,000 gold isn’t enough?”

“It was plenty,” Genki said.

“More than enough to get you a shirt,” Holly agreed. Genki smiled.

“Yep.” He looked at his new gray shirt. “Now I’ve got all that I need to be comfortable. And warm. SF, where are we heading next?” he looked at the Arrow Head hybrid.

“We’re going towards Yorkstone,” SF replied. “It’ll be a good place to get a rest and plan out our next move against Genocider, as well as predict ours… “


“…Yorkstone has many well concealed hiding places. It’ll take Genocider forever to find us there.”

Genocider placed his chin on his fist and chuckled.

“That’s what you think, SF,” he chortled. “I can see you, no matter where you go…and soon, my brother and I will have our revenge…”


“*Groan* How long till we get there?” Hare complained. Tiger rolled his golden eyes.

“With all your complaining, I’m beginning to wish we had bought a zipper for your mouth,” he muttered.


“Guys, knock it off,” Holly said, not in the mood for their arguing.

“It’s too quiet again,” Genki said, “other then Hare and Tiger’s fighting, that is. I don’t like it.” He looked at his friends.

“It just seems to make the scenario better fit for a—“

“HI-YAH!” A loud voice roared over them.

“—ambush.” Genki finished. There was a loud crash as a huge Armor Dragon [Dragon/Durahan] landed in front of them.

“So, Master Genocider was exactly correct about your location.” he sneered. “Basilisks, attack!” There was a chorus of even cackles as Basilisks [Zuum/Joker] jumped down from the trees, surrounding the rebels.

“GET AWAY!” Pixie yelled as a Basilisk tried to knock her off of Big Blue’s shoulder. She blasted the Zuum hybrid away with her Lightning and flew down, charging up for another attack.

“BLIZZARD!” Tiger and Gray Wolf roared, blasting away a few Basilisks.

“BROW HIT!” Golem roared.






Armor Dragon chuckled. “FLUTTER!” he roared. Armor Dragon stretched out his mighty wings and flapped them hard, creating a strong wind. The rebels screamed as they flew back, the Basilisks clinging to the trees to avoided being swept away as well. The rebels crashed to the ground and groaned.

“Get the woman!” Armor Dragon snapped at the Basilisks. Four of the Zuums ran over to Holly and picked her up.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Holly yelled as she struggled.

“Holly!” Genki struggled to his feet when a Basilisk kicked him back into a tree. The four Basilisks gave a still-struggling Holly to Armor Dragon, who held her tightly in his huge claw. He flailed his metallic wings and began to take off as the Basilisks disappeared back into the trees.

“NO!” Genki shouted. He rollerbladed forward and leapt, grabbing onto Armor Dragon’s tail.

“GENKI, ARE YOU NUTS?!” Pixie shouted. She growled. “Hare, get offa me! I can’t get up otherwise!”

“I...can’t…move….” replied the spiraled-eyed rabbit. Pixie sweated along with Tiger and Gray Wolf.

“What the—? What are you doing?!” Armor Dragon snarled at Genki. He swung his tail back a forth, trying to shake him off. Genki growled and held on tighter.

“Blasted human!” Armor Dragon snapped. He twirled his tail around, Genki flying off and crashing into some trees. “Finally,” Armor Dragon mumbled.

“Genki!” Holly cried.

Master, could you bring me there to camp now? This human is slowing me down…. Armor Dragon thought.

I’m Teloporting you right now, Genocider’s voice rang in his head. Well done, Armor Dragon. Armor Dragon, Genki, and Holly all disappeared in a flash of light as the other rebels blinked. “What the—?“ SF gaped.


Armor Dragon landed in front of Genocider’s camp and wait patiently for his master as Holly squirmed in his fist.

“What do you want with me? Holly snapped.

“It’s not you Genocider cares about,” Armor Dragon snapped back. “It’s the man he wants.”

“Huh? But then, why did you take me?” Holly asked.

“You’ll soon see.”


The rebels muttered to themselves about the situation when a Petit Knight [Wracky/Durahan] suddenly walked over to them.

“You want the girl back, right?” he sneered. Genki growled and picked up the Wracky by his armor chestplate.

“Where’s Holly? Tell me!” He snarled.

“Sheesh. All worked up over nothing.” Petit Knight mumbled.

“NOTHING?! This is Holly you’re talking about!” Genki snapped.

“Oh? And what does that mean?” the monster asked snidely.

“Shut-up!” Genki said, voice cracking in anger and embarrassment.

“Whatever. Look, if you want ‘Holly’ back, here’s a map to Genocider’s camp.” He handed Genki a piece of paper. Genki looked at it and blinked.

“What’s the catch?” he asked suspiciously.

“The ‘catch’ is,” Petit Knight began to answer, “is that only you are allowed to go. If they,” he pointed at the monsters “come along, Master Genocider will kill her instantly. And trust me, he’ll know if you don’t come alone.”

“That son of—how long have I got?” Genki asked.

“One day to decide and find Genocider’s place,” Petit Knight answered. “That’s all. Well, good-bye!” He disappeared.

“Oh no, not another Teloporter,” Silver Face groaned.

“So, what’s the plan?” Suezo asked. Genki clenched his fist.

“The plan is I go alone,” he replied.

“WHAT?!” the monster exclaimed.

“I’m going alone.” Genki repeated. “How do you think Genocider’s minions ambushed us so easily? I think there is some truth to him be able to see where we are. How, I have no clue. But I’m not gonna take any chances. Please don’t follow me.” He quickly rollerbladed off, eyes covered in a dark shadow.

“But, Genki-“ Tiger started.”

I’ll meet you guys at Yorktown,” Genki called back. “’Bye.” He disappeared from view seconds later as the monster looked at each other sadly.


Genocider laughed as he watched Genki head towards his camp.

“Soon, human,” was all he said, “soon”


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Army of Steel: Part 7 ~ Genki's Weakness

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Genki rollerbladed through the woods, growling. I'm coming for ya Holly, He thought. Just like when Moo kidnapped you eleven years ago… Genki rollerbladed faster, eyes covered in a black shadow.

Holly….what if Genocider just kills her when I get there? What if I'm just running into Death's open doors? He pauses.

I don't care…as long as Holly lives…….


Genocider laughed as he watched tears fell down Genki's shadow-covered eyes from the Waters of Time.

"Yes….that's right…." He chuckled. "Come, human. Come straight towards your demise!" He started to laugh insanely.

"What's so funny?!" an angry woman's voice growled. Genocider laughed and turned to Holly, who was chained to a nearby pole.

"That human friend of yours," Genocider replied. "It's just so amusing to see him get all worked up over…" he glared at Holly, "you." Holly grimaced and looked away.

Please Genki, don't do anything reckless… Holly thought worriedly as she looked out a window sadly.


Genki growled and pulled out the map Petit Knight had given him.

"Stupid map…" he grumbled. Genki squinted at the small lettered words and blinked. "What? I'm already that close? Man, I thought it would take a lot longer than 4 or 5 hours to get there. Still, Genocider probably has something bad in store for me, so I should be prepared to fight…" Genki rolled up the map and sped on.


"Aw, c'mon! Why aren't we following Genki?" Suezo complained.

"WOULD YOU JUST SHUT-UP?!" Gray Wolf fumed, tired of the yellow eyeball's complaining.

"We have too many things on our hands at the moment," Pixie replied. "And Genki's probably right; if we follow him, Genocider may just kill holly. We can't allow that. We'll just have to stay here and pray he'll come back safely with Holly."

"Genki…Holly…both of you…I hope you're all right…" Tiger muttered as he looked into the sky.


"Master?" A Joker walked up to Genocider.

"What?!" Genocider responded a bit irritably. The Joker smirked.

"The man is here." He said.

"He is?!" Genocider exclaimed. Then he laughed. "Bring him inside and tell him I will see him in a moment." The Joker nodded.

"Yes sir!"


"Follow me, human." The Joker sneered to Genki.

"Where's Holly?!" Genki growled.

"Keeping focus on what's important, eh?" Joker chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll see your friend in a moment." He led Genki into a large building, guarded by Hound Knights [Durahan/Tiger].

"This human here has a 'meeting' with Master Genocider." Joker told them. The Hound Knights moved out of the way, allowing entrance to the inside.

"You first," Joker said, allowing Genki to walk past him. The man just glared at him and walked in, making sure to push Joker as he went by.

"A bit ticked, aren't we?" Joker laughed as he walked and closed the door behind him.

"Just take me to Genocider so we can get this settled!" Genki snapped.

"Tsk, tsk! Temper, temper!" Joker mocked. "We're almost to Master Genocider, just keep your patience!" Genki just grunted in reply. Suddenly, Joker stopped in his tracks.

"Eh? Why are we stopping? There's nothing here!" Genki exclaimed, looking around.

"Who are you to know?" Joker growled. "Look in ahead of you! If your pathetic human eyes can see well enough in the darkness, you'll find that there's a set of doors. They lead right into Genocider's chamber! He wants to see you alone for now, so you're on your own."

Genki glared at the Joker a bit suspiciously, as if suspecting a trap, but he walked on towards the doors. He felt around until he found the handles. Hands a bit shaky, Genki pulled the handles, and the door opened with a loud moan. Genki stepped inside, the door thundering closed behind him.

"Ah, so we meet yet again, human," a voice sneered. Genki growled as the room lit up and he saw Genocider seated at the end of the room.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable?" Genocider mocked.

"What have you done with Holly?!" Genki barked.

"There's no need to rush matters-"

"WHERE IS SHE?!" Genki practically yelled. Genocider snorted.

"Well, all right. If you insist…" he rolled his eyes. "Wood Knight!!" [Durahan/Mock] A Durahan hybrid ran up.

"Hai, sir?"

"Go get the prisoner," Genocider ordered. Wood Knight nodded and ran off into another room. A few minutes later, he returned with a chained-up and gagged Holly in his possession.

"Holly!" Genki shouted, starting to run over to her. Two Shoguns [Durahan/??] in front of him clanked their swords together, forming an X and blocking his path. "Hey!"

Genocider waved his index finger back and forth, "Uh-uh. Not so fast. I want to talk things over first."

Genki growled and clenched his fists, but when he saw Holly give him a pleading look, he stopped and sighed. "All right. What do you want, Genocider?"

Genocider chuckled, "Well, what I want is for you rebels to get off my back. But…I know that would never happen, so, I'm gonna try to even the odds just a little.

"EVEN THE ODDS?!" Genki raged. "What the hell are you talking about?!" Genocider raised his hand to silence him.

"Just listen. I have something you want. You have something I want. So, let's make a deal here." He said.

" What do we have that you want?!" Genki growled.

"Good fighters." Genocider answered. "And since they're all fighting against me, I can't allow that. One of you must give up the fight-permanently-if you want the woman back." Genki was silent for a moment.

"So…you want one of us to drop out of the fight if Holly is to be released?" he asked. "It depends on who drops out. If you have that yellow eyeball leave the fight, then you won't get the woman back." Genocider replied. "But, if someone like, say…oh.. Silver Face, was to go back home…then I'd let this human free. It's your choice on whom to drop." Genki was quiet again as he thought. I can't let SF out of the battle, he's the one guiding us to where we need to go! Tiger and Gray Wolf are too powerful to lose, and so is Hare…Golem and Big Blue provider good protection, Mocchi would never give up, and Pixie would kill me if I even suggest she go home. He looked up.

"I can't let anyone in our party go," he told Genocider, who frowned.

"No?" he asked. "Then I guess this woman will just have to die!" He looked at Holly and his monsters. "Shoguns! Take her outside to be executed! And make sure it's painful!" Two other Shoguns nodded and grabbed a struggling Holly out towards an exit.

"WAIT!" Genki cried. Genocider glared at him.

"It's too late now, human!" he hissed. Genocider turned back to Holly and the Shoguns. "Take her, now!" Genki pushed past the Shoguns blocking him and up to Genocider.

"STOP IT!" he exclaimed.

"Why should I?" Genocider snarled.

"Because…" Genki hesitated for a few moments then looked down. "I'll let you have me. I won't just drop out, you can put me in Holly's place."

"GRHPH!" Holly cried through her gag, eyes wide. Genocider blinked in surprise.

"Really?" He asked, interested now. "You do realize that with what you're saying, that you will end up being executed instead of her?"

Genki never raised his head up, "Yes."

"Well then, I guess it's done!" Genocider exclaimed happily, clapping his hands together. "Take him away!"

"WAIT!" Genki said as a group of Kelmadics [Durahan/Golem] chained his hands.

"What is it?!" Genocider snapped.

"I won't go anywhere until I know Holly is safe and far away from here." Genki replied stubbornly. Genocider blinked, then laughed.

"Right, right." He said, snapping his fingers. "Release her." A Shogun relieved Holly of her restraints. The second she was free, Holly ripped the gag off and ran over to Genki, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Genki, are you NUTS?!" she cried. "Why are you doing this?!" Genki looked away. Holly put a hand on his shoulder and shook him. "Answer me!" Genki looked back at her, a tear trickling down his cheek.

"This is why," he replied, leaning over to her face. Holly turned scarlet as Genki kissed her on the lips, yet didn't push him away or reject him in any way.

Genocider cringed at the site. "Take him away, NOW!" he barked at his troops. Two Shoguns ripped Genki away from Holly and dragged him away.

"NNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GENKI!!" Holly cried out, struggling against the Wood Knights.

"And bring that annoying women back to her friends! I don't want to here anymore from her!" Genocider snapped. The Wood Knights grabbed a struggling Holly and Teloported away. As they disappeared, Reaper stepped out of the shadows.

"Well done, oneesan," he gloated, "I never thought we'd get HIM as a prisoner on death row." Genocider grinned.

"I know. It just goes to prove that humans' emotions are their weaknesses." He said.

"May I have the honors?" Reaper asked, holding up his spear/scythe.

"Soon, brother, soon," Genocider replied, "you can do it tomorrow night. But for now, why don't we show our 'guest' some good old torturing?"

Both brothers laughed evilly, the round ringing throughout the camp and surrounding forest, sending chills up wild monsters' spines. In the distance, the sun set in a blood-red horizon, the darkness beginning to seep into the world…


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Army of Steel: Part 8 ~ Execution-or Not?

Pixie hissed a curse.

"Great! It's been over 9 hours and we STILL haven't seen any sign of Holly OR Genki!" She slammed her fist into a tree, pissed. The other monsters sweated when they saw a huge hole left in the bark where Pixie's fist had been.

"I just hope they're okay…" Suezo said sadly. Before anyone could reply, the group heard movement in the bushes ahead of them. The monsters tensed up, ready to fight, when Holly suddenly stumbled out of the undergrowth, tripping to the ground.

"HOLLY?!" The monsters' jaws dropped. Holly grumbled and looked over her shoulder.

"You didn't need to do that!" she grumbled.

"Aw, shadup," replied a Wood Knight as he stuck his head out.

"Hey! You're one of Genocider's goons, ain't ya?" Hare growled. "Where's Genki?"

"Perhaps the woman will tell you," replied the other Wood Knight, "that is, if she has the emotional strength to!" he laughed and Teloported away with his fellow Wood Knight. Pixie hissed another curse and let her middle finger do most of the talking as Big Blue sweated.

"………………………..What did he mean by that?" Gray Wolf turned to Holly as she slowly stood up and dusted herself off. "Holly?" Holly looked at the ground, her eyes covered in shadow.

"Holly, what's wrong?" Suezo asked, beginning to get very alarmed. "What happened to Genki?!" A few tears hit the ground as Holly broke out into small sobs. Mocchi went over to her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Is Holly okay, chi?" he asked worriedly. Holly quickly tried to wipe away more tears that threatened to fall with her sleeve.

"No, Mocchi, I'm not okay…" she finally managed to choke out. "Genki…he…" Holly started crying again. Pixie's expression softened and she flew over to the young woman.

"Holly, what happened?" she asked, unusually soft-toned. Holly wiped some more tears away and sniffled before answering.

"G-Genocider said he would only let me go if Genki had one of you guys drop out of the fight, permanently," she started. "Genki refused to let any of you guys go, so Genocider ordered to have me executed right away."

"WHAT?! That's ridiculous!!" Tiger snarled.

"Hey! Let her finish!" Hare snapped. Tiger scowled but kept silent.

"Genki got really upset when he.." Holly found her mouth go dry, "he said he'd let Genocider have him instead if it meant I'd live."

"WHAT?!" The monsters chorused in anger and surprise.

"That idiot!" Pixie fumed.

"Why would Genki throw away his life like that?!" Silver Face asked unbelievingly. Holly turned deep red and looked down.

"Well, I…you see…" her mouth went dry again.

"Well?" Suezo asked.

"N-nevermind," Holly said, turning red. Hare stared at her a moment before smiling.

"Oh! I get it!" He said. Holly gave him a slightly pleading look and he nodded in understanding. "Don't worry Holly, we'll get Genki outta there!"

"One problem: We have to get to Genocider's NOW, and we don't have a clue where his place is," Gray Wolf pointed out. Hare smiled as he got a sly twinkle in his eye.

"Heheheh. I think those Wood Knights 'dropped' something a few moments ago before they left," he snickered, pulling out a map from behind his back.

"Hare, you thief!" Tiger growled, although he wore a toothy smile. Hare grinned and opened up the map as the group gathered around him.

"Now, we know Genocider can see us all the time for whatever reason, but we'll have to risk it;" Hare started, "if we're lucky, he'll be too busy executing Genki or torturing him to pay much attention to us," Holly closed her eyes and flinched. Hare looked at Silver Face. "You can Teloport us all to Genocider's, right?" He asked. SF nodded.

"Just show me the map and I'll bring us there in no time!" he replied, winking.

Hare grinned and continued, "We'll need to make a stealth entrance-the less monsters that know we're there, the better. Now, what we'll do is…"


Genocider grinned as he heard loud yells of pain come from the floor below him.

"Only two more hours until sunset, brother," he told Reaper, who sneered.

"I know, and I can't wait," he replied, holding up his spear/scythe. The blade gleamed in the darkening sunlight.


"Remember, fast, silent, and unnoticed," Hare whispered to the group as they arrived at Genocider's camp. They hid behind a wall as a guard walked by.

"You guys now what each of you are doing?" Hare continued. He looked at his friends, who nodded.

"Big Blue, Golem, Suezo, and I will go to the right," Pixie said from the ice Golem's shoulder.

"Good." Hare said. He turned to the other rebels, "and you?"

"Tiger, you, and I will all go to the right," Gray Wolf recited as Hare nodded.

"Good, you've got it." He said, "SF?"

"Me, Mocchi, and Holly all sneak towards the middle of the camp," SF replied.

"Exactly. And if any group finds Genki, get him out as quickly as possible, and try to find the other two groups without much attention from Genocider's troops. We only have an hour before sunset." Hare warned. Holly looked into the camp and glared.

"Let's go," she said, face determined, "for Genki!"

"Hai!" the monsters whispered in agreement. The groups split up and went to each direction they had been assigned, all hoping they'd find Genki VERY soon.


"Nothing down there," Pixie said, flying back to the two Golems and Suezo. "I hope the others have better luck."

"Hai…" Golem agreed as Big Blue nodded.


"Nada. Nothing." Tiger grumbled. "I swear--"

"Hey! What are you doing here?" A Durahan ran towards them.

"Crap!" Hare exclaimed. "Let's run for it!" the group dashed away as they found themselves quickly being pursued.


"Look! There's the dungeon, chi!" Mocchi pointed.

"All right, let's go!" SF charged forward and slammed the locked door open with his huge pincer. Holly, Mocchi, and SF ran into the room and looked around.

"No one's here, chi…" Mocchi stated.

"If Genki's not here…." SF trailed off. Holly's eyes snapped.

"We have to find the execution room!" she exclaimed, "Now!" the other two nodded and followed her as she dashed out.


"Master Genocider!" a Centurion [Beaclon/Durahan] scuttled up to Genocider as Reaper was tying a beaten Genki to a wood platform.

"WHAT?!" Genocider snapped. "Can't you see I'm about to have an execution here?"

"I'm sorry sir, but the human's friends are here. Troops need your help." The Centurion saluted.

"Of all the-" Genocider sighed and turned to Reaper. "Just take care up it, okay brother? I'm sorry I'm gonna miss it."

"All right, Genocider," Reaper nodded as Genocider ran out of the room. He turned to Genki and grinned. "Only two more minutes until the sun is down, human."

Genki closed his eyes and said nothing. A single tear fell down his cheek.


"I'll ask one more time," SF pinned the Petit Knight against the wall, "where are prisoners executed?"

"Go upstairs to the left," the Wracky hybrid muttered "it'll lead you to the outside top where executions are held."

"Thanks," SF growled, tossing the Petit Knight into a pile of wood. He looked at Holly and Mocchi, "We go. Now."


"Time's up human," Reaper sneered, "say your last prayers, because you're about to have an appointment with the Big Guy," he raised his scythe high over his head, about to bring it down. Genki tensed up, waiting for the blow.


"WHAT?! WHAT NOW?!" Reaper threw down the weapon in anger. A Tricker [Wracky/Joker] came up to him, hopping up and down.

"Those rebels…Genocider REALLY needs your aide. He said you can just leave the human and-"

"I'm coming! Sheesh!" Reaper followed the Tricker out, steamed. Back on the wooden slab, Genki felt like he was about to wet his pants as he face became covered in sweat. Reaper's scythe had hit the wood, the blade not even a centimeter away from his throat. All someone had to do was push down on the handle part, and…it was decapitation time. Genki was very careful as he breathed, making sure the blade didn't touch his flesh..


"Ha! There it is!" SF ran up towards the doors. "I hope we're not too late."

Me too. Holly thought when two Ruby Knight jumped in their path. Mocchi looked annoyed, as did Silver Face.

"Holly, you go see if Genki's okay. We'll take care of these two," SF glared at the Durahans. The four monsters began to fight as Holly ran past them and for the doors. She felt her stomach tighten up as she pushed the doors.

Please let him be in one piece… The doors flew open as Holly stumbled in. The first thing that came to her eyes was Genki's still body tied up on the board, the scythe stuck into the wood…

"GENKI!!" Holly cried dashing over to him. Genki moved only his eyes, still afraid to expose his neck.

"Holly?" he wheezed. Holly knelt down and looked him in the face.

"Oh my God! Genki! You're alive!" Tears streamed down her face. She glanced at Genki's bruised and bleeding body. "What did they do to you?"

"Painful things," Genki practically whispered, "I'm glad to be breathing and all, but… I'd be more comfortable if that scythe was MUCH farther away from my gullet…" Holly looked at the blade, got up, and tugged it out of the board. She tossed it aside as she knelt down again, taking out her father's dagger. Holly sawed through Genki's rope bindings. Once he was free, Holly helped him stand up as Genki almost stumbled to the ground.

"C'mon Genki, let's get you back to the others," Holly said, holding Genki up as he slowly skated towards the exit with her.

"Ow…my knees…my arms…my head…me chest.." Genki mumbled. "My……………nevermind." Holly blushed and sweated. SF trotted over to them with Mocchi, two smoking Lost Disks behind them.

"Genki! Glad to see ya!"


"Hey," Genki croaked, "where are the others?"

"Lemme get us all outta here," SF offered as he Teloported them to the front of the camp. The group found the rest of their rebel friends fighting Genocider and his minions.

"HEY!" Genocider snapped his head in Genki's direction, "he's been released! Get them!"

"Um…..time to leave!" SF sweated as the army advanced on them. The rebels disappeared as they were Teloported away.

"NO!" Genocider slammed his fist into the wall. "Lilim! Go to the Waters of Time and find out where they are!"

"Yessir!" she returned fairly quickly.

"Master Genocider, the Waters of Time have been destroyed…"

"WHAT?!" he roared. "How-"

"It looked like a Lightning attack blew it up," his Lilim reported. Genocider clenched his fist and glared into the horizon. "That's it…LILIM!"


"Go get ALL the troops. Prepare them for battle," Genocider ordered.

"But sir-"

"Do as I say!" he roared.

"Right!" she flew off as Genocider growled.

"No more hind-and-go-seek rebels," he snarled, "now it's just plan flat-out deathmatch. And I won't lose."


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