Army of Steel: Part 1 ~ An Old "Face"

ANFA: Hey y'all! Holly-chan here! This is what you all have been waiting for! The sequel to my other series! (Silver Scorpion, Naga's Wrath, Magma Hearts, Wings of Fire, and The Final Battle) If you didn't read al of those, then don't read this until you do. I discovered that some of you got confused because I didn't give my last series a name. So, this series isn't gonna be nameless like its predecessor. The series is called...*Drum roll*..Army of Steel. What do ya think? Sucks, don't it? Well, I really stink at series titles, so don't flame me.. N E Wayz, this takes place about. *Counts fingers* 10 years after "The Final Battle" So that means Genki's 21, Holly's 25, and the others are.too old. ^.^; I bet you're dying to read the story (*Snorts* Yeah right.), so I'll shut-up now and leave you be.


A scorpion-like figure dashed quickly through the trees. Gotta get there! Dang.where izzit, anyway? After a few more tiring miles of running, the creature came to a cliff side. The moonlight shown on its face, reveling it to be a Silver Face (Bum bum baaaaa! O.o;;; Sorry, couldn't help it! ^.^;;). He looked down to see a small village, still under construction in some areas. Out of breath, the Silver Face wheezed before jumping down the cliff side.

I'm.getting.too old.for this.. He thought as he landed on the ground. He immediately starting running again once he had caught his breath. Running through the town, he soon came to a fair-sized house a bit more far-off than the others.

That must be it! he though eagerly. Silver Face rushed up to the door and caught his breath. Then he raised his claw to knock on the door when..

"What are you doing here?!" a vicious voice snarled from behind him. Silver Face jumped and turned around to see a scared Tiger scowl at him.

"I-I'm l-looking for M-m-m-miss H-h-h-Holly." Silver Face stuttered.

"Why?" the Tiger growled. He sniffed the air. "Wait a minute.I recognize that scent anywhere! You're Silver Face, that scant that Naga sent to destroy us ten years ago! You almost killed Genki!"

"Y-you remember that?" Silver Face asked.

"How could I forget?"

"G-good point. Well, I'm not here for trouble, so if you could just let me."

"Why should I trust you?" Tiger interrupted rudely.

"Because I'm not a badie anymore?" Silver Face suggested.

"Not enough." Tiger pinned Silver Face down. The Arrow Head hybrid began to panic.

"BecauseIhavesomeimportantnewstotellyouthatmayaffectyourfutureandthefutureofthiswholeworld!" He said really fast.


"I said--"

"I know what you said!" Tiger snapped. "What's this about something affecting my and the world's future?"

"A really need to talk to Miss Holly about that." Silver Face panted.

"Why? Am I not good enough for you?"

"No! Not at all! It's just she's the most important one to talk to.." silver Face noticed Tiger's cold look. "And besides, I'd like to have all the others monsters to hear it too! Ha ha!" Silver Face laughed nervously as Tiger eyed him. Finally, the wolf-like monster released him.

"All right," he said, "I'll trust you.for now.." Silver Face breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you.." He said gratefully.

"Don't just stand there! Knock on the door!"


"C'mon, you're the one with the huge pincers, not me!"

"Oh, right!"

"Idiot." Tiger grumbled.


"Don't think I'm quite following this." Hare said, scratching his chin.

"What's there not to get, bunny?" Tiger snapped, "Genocider has gotten more power, an army, and is sweeping terror across the world! I don't see why you're confused!"

"Shut-up Tiger, I wasn't asking you!" Hare retorted. "What I don't get is, I thought the Phoenix turned all the badies into goodies. And look at Silver Face here. He's nothing like the monster we once knew."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Silver Face replied. "But, to answer your question: you think all badies were once goodies?" He snorted. "That's not true at all. in fact, Genocider practically begged Moo and Naga to join them. once you guys defeated him and the others, he wasn't too happy. He thrives on taking revenge on you guys and the world."

"That doesn't sound too good," Holly said. Silver Face nodded.

"I know," he replied.

"Say, why don't you just take care of Genocider?" Suezo asked. "I mean, you were stronger than him when you were working for Naga." Silver Face sighed.

"I regret to tell you," he said, "that those days are over. The new Genocider makes me look like nothing! He takes away whole villages without even a blink of an eye!" Pixie let out a low whistle.

"Man.and you expect us to do what?"

"You guys defeated Moo!" Silver Face exclaimed. "If you can do that, you guys can surely defeat Genocider!"

"But that was when the Phoenix was with us," Gray Wolf said.

"And Genki.." Holly added softly, looking out the window sadly. Silver Face sighed.

"Well, are you with me or not?" He asked. "Because I can't just stand here and let Genocider slaughter innocent lives!" Tiger looked at Gray Wolf and they both nodded.

"We'll go," he said.

"I'm in," Hare spoke up.

"Golem go."


"I'm willing to fight again; it's better than lofting around here all day."

"If Master Pixie's going, I'm going."

"I'll go, that is, if Holly comes along." The monsters all looked at her.

"I'll come. After all, what have I got to lose?" she rose out of her chair and went to pack her things.

"Right. We leave at dawn. Got it?" Silver Face asked. The other monsters nodded.

"Come on, chi. You can stay in the stable with us," Mocchi offered to Silver Face. The Arrow Head looked at Holly.

"Is that all right?" he asked.

"Mm? Yeah. That's perfectly fine," Holly replied, not taking her eyes off the night sky. Silver Face stared at her for a moment, then followed the other monsters into the stable.

Genki. Holly thought sadly. If only you were here to help us. She shook her head. That was so long ago. You need to forget it, Holly. She half-scolded herself. Holly slowly walked into her room and crawled into bed where she soon fell asleep.


Meanwhile, another young adult was sleeping soundly, only this one was male and in a different world. He lay sprawled out on his bed, his sheets covering only his right leg as he tossed and turned. All around his room lay posters of monsters, especially those of Pixies, Golems, Hares, Tigers, Suezos, and of course, Mocchis. On his desk, under all the Nintendo Power and PC Gaming Extreme magazines lay a framed college degree, which seemed to be forgotten.

The man's eyes suddenly twitched in his sleep as he groaned.

A familiar voice asked.

The Phoenix. the man's thoughts replied. I was wondering when I'd hear from you again.I was beginning to believe the whole thing had been a dream.a wonderful dream.

the Phoenix's thoughts broke him out of his fantasying.

You're kidding me.


You have to ask? Genki questioned unbelievingly. You know my answer!

The Phoenix replied with a hint of amusement.

I'm ready.

The Phoenix spread its wings and Genki readied himself for a journey back to the monster world.

Wait! What about my blades and stuff?

The Phoenix assured him.

And so the Phoenix brought one of the original Courageous Seven back to the monster world.

Perhaps his true world.

Army of Steel: Part 2 ~ Reunited

ANFA: Okay, here's the next part in my series. I would've gotten this part in sooner, but this week hasn't been a good week for me. First, on Sunday, my dog, Sabaka, was bouncing up and down to go to the bathroom, so of course I had to take her out. Unfortunatly, as I was closing the front door, she tugged on the leash and I fell, face-forward, down three brick steps and landed on the cement driveway. My palms were rough for a few hours, but I scraped my left knee bloody and now it's bruised. (BTW, my left knee is the same knee I hit on blacktop in fourth grade--HARD. So when the wound healed, I still had a small piece of gravel INSIDE my knee. In fact, some of it's still there…gross, I know.) Next, I kept getting muscle cramps in my arm and leg, along with a splitting headache every other hour. Then I discovered some bleeding scratches on my right leg that I have no idea where they came from. Monday, I was swamped, and on Tuesday, I totally bombed my algebra test. I mean bomb as in…*sweats, blushes, plays with fingers and says in a small voice,* 10 out of 100 possible points..… I had to get up early on Wednesday for &*%$ tutoring (Algebra is evil…) I had a science test on Wednesday, MAJOR Language Arts/Algebra homework, and a BIG test on vocabulary words on Friday. Oh, and on top of all that this week just happens to be when I have my…wait, nevermind. I won't go there…I don't think y'all want to know about that. All I'll say is that it's not helping my mood at all. Can you tell I'm pissed? So, now that you've heard about how screwed up my life has been in the past 166 hours, you can go on and read! Aren't you happy? *Walks away cursing as knee bothers her again along with…other things…..)


The monsters and Holly ran away from an attacking troop of Durahans.

"Man, they don't care who we are; they just attack!" Hare panted as he ran.

"I don't get it," Holly said, "if they don't have crests, how can they tell who's on their side? Come to think of it, how can we?!"

"Genocider only accepts Joker and Durahan breeds/sub-breeds in his army." Silver Face spoke up. "Any monster that is at least half Joker, OR half Durahan, Genocider takes."

"So you mean, if a Hell Heart wanted in Genocider's army, he'd let them?" Mocchi asked.

"Yes." Silver Face replied.

"A Petit Knight?" Mocchi asked.


"End Bringer, chi?"


"How about a Battle Rocks?"



"Calm down Suezo," Holly said as she looked back to see the Durahans gain on them. "We gotta move it!" Suezo sweated as a Lightning attack barely missed the side of his head.

"No kidding!"


Genki cursed to himself.

" 'Everything you'll need will automatically be brought along' " He mimicked coldly.

The Phoenix's voice rang in his head. Genki jumped, unaware the Phoenix was still present.

"Uh…yeah, there is!' He exclaimed, clenching his fist.

"Don't be stupid!" Genki growled. "You know very well what's wrong!"

The Phoenix asked mock-innocently. A vein appeared on Genki's head.

"YES!!! Why do I only have my rollerblades and the boxers I'm wearing?" He asked angrily. "Oh, and my backpack, which, I may point out, is…EMPTY!!!"

The Phoenix asked. Genki's vein grew larger.

"You find this very amusing, don't you?" he asked irritably.

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" Genki screamed.

The Phoenix retorted.



"THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!" The man's voice echoed through the trees as the rebels sweated.

"What the Heck was that?" Suezo asked, looking around.

"I dunno," Holly replied, sweating more.

"MISS HOLLY! IN FRONT OF YOU!" Silver Faced yelled.

"Huh?" Holly blinked as a man suddenly shot in front of her. "YAAAHHH!!!!" The man looked at her and blinked.

"AAAHHHHH!" He screamed, hair messed up and pupils small in surprise. Before Holly could stop herself, she slammed into the man and they both tumbled downhill, stopping only at the bottom. Holly rubbed her sore head as her friends ran over.

"You okay Holly?" Hare asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Holly grumbled. "A little sore, but fine."

"Oowww…" the man mumbled from the ground next to her, his eyes spiraling.

"Are you okay?" Holly asked him. She sweated as the man's eyes swirled faster. Then she took a closer look at him. "GENKI?!"

"GENKI?!" The monsters exclaimed.

"Genki?" Silver Face asked, confused. Genki blinked at the mention of his name.

"Huh? Wha happened?" He asked, dazed.

"Is that you, Genki?" Holly asked, hardly believing it. Genki blinked again.

"Huh? Holly?" he asked.

"Genki! Chi!" Mocchi exclaimed, rushing up to Genki and hugging him.

"Mocchi!" Genki cried happily, hugging his monster back. The other monsters (Excluding Silver Face) came up to him, crying and laughing.

"Genki, it's been forever!" Hare exclaimed.

"Too long," Tiger added. "I mean, look at you! You're not a scrawny kid anymore!"

"Thanks," Genki replied, smiling.

"He's the opposite of scrawny now, brother," Gray Wolf spoke up. "Look at that brawn!" Tiger nodded in agreement. Mocchi squeezed Genki's right forearm to feel the rippling muscle.

"How'd Genki do that, chi?" he asked. Genki laughed.

"Exercise and a good diet," he replied.

"I'd hate to break up the warm and fuzzies," Suezo interrupted, "but those Durahans are coming!"

"Durahans?" Genki asked as the monsters started to run.

"No time to explain," Holly replied, pulling him up. "Right now we've gotta run!" The two humans took off after their monster friends as the Durahans ran down the hillside, shooting energy beams at them. Genki had caught up easily to the pack on his rollerblades, but Holly wasn't nearly as fast. She screamed as an Energy Shot attack missed her by mere inches. Genki looked back.

"HOLLY!" He exclaimed, slowing down and rollerblading back to her. Another attack just missed Holly as Genki scooped her up and quickly caught up to the others.

"Thanks Genki," Holly said gratefully, blushing a little. Genki smiled.

"No problem," He replied. "Actually, I'm surprised I can still carry you!"

"I'm not," Holly retorted, "like Gray Wolf said, look at that brawn!" Genki blushed.

"Aw shucks!" He passed Hare and Suezo and got closer to the two Golems.



"May I asked you a question?"

"Technically, you already have, but yes," Genki replied. "Shoot."

"Where are your clothes?" Holly instantly blushed at her question as did Genki.

"Back home," he answered, beet red. "Baka Phoenix said all I'll need he'd bring along. And all I have are my empty backpack, rollerblades, and boxers!"

"The Phoenix brought you back?" Holly asked.

"Yeah. He brought me back home ten years ago, and now he brought me back because he said you guys needed me," Genki answered.

"But why would he bring you here in your boxers?" Holly questioned. Genki turned redder as he bladed past Pixie.

"Well, I dunno. I guess he thought it was funny or something," he replied. "Now, what's the deal with the Durahans and that Silver Face?" Holly quickly explained the situation as the group ducked into the forest.

"So that's it, huh?" Genki said when Holly was done. The Durahans, being not the brightest of Genocider's troops, lost track of them. The captain cursed and ordered his troops to change direction. The armor monsters marched away as Silver Face watched from the bushes.

"It's safe," he confirmed, coming back to a cave where the other rebels waited.

"I guess we camp out here tonight," Hare said. Genki shivered as Pixie tried to make a fire.

"It's pretty cold," he stuttered, rubbing his shoulders to try to warm up.

"Well, that's no surprise, coming from you," Hare replied, "you're in your underwear!" Genki turned red from both embarrassment and anger.

"Hey! It's not my fault!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, then whose is it?" Hare asked.

"I already told you! The Phoenix brought me here like this!" Genki exclaimed.

"Sure," Hare mumbled. Then, in a lower voice, he added, "You probably just wanted to show off to Holly." Unfortunatly for Hare, everyone else heard him. Holly turned scarlet as Genki hovered over the sweating monster.

"What…was…that…?" Genki growled, abashed and furious. Hare sweated more.

"Aha ha haa…." He laughed weakly. Genki clenched his teeth and fists.

"Hare…." He snarled. Hare yelped and hopped away quickly as the angry human chased him.

"Aren't you gonna get Hare for what he said?" Pixie asked Holly. Holly blushed more as she replied.

"No, I think I'll leave that to Genki," she said, sweating as Genki's growl and Hare's yelp of pain were heard somewhere nearby.

"Well, I'm glad Genki's back," Tiger said, changing the subject. "Now we've got some more firepower!"

"Hai," Pixie agreed, nodding. Genki walked back over, holding Hare up by the ears. Genki stopped in front of Holly and held Hare up.

"What have you got to say?" Genki growled. The tips of Hare's ears drooped.

"I'm sorry for my remark," he apologized to Holly quietly.

"And?" Genki growled.

"It won't happen again," Hare finished.

"Good enough," Genki grumbled, dropping Hare. He walked back over to the rock he had been sitting on. Genki sat down on the large piece of granite and shivered again. Holly watched him for a moment before sighing.

"Here Genki," she said, tossing him a spare blanket. Genki caught it and wrapped it tightly around himself.

"Thanks Holly," he said gratefully.

"You're welcome," Holly replied. She turned to Silver Face. "Say, Silver Face," she asked, "where is the nearest town?" The Arrow Head hybrid pondered this for a moment.

"Let's see…about a day or two's journey away from here, if I remember correctly," he answered after a moment. Holly looked back at Genki.

"Genki, when we get there, we're gonna get you some clothes," she told him. Genki nodded.

"Right. Thanks you guys." He said.

"Hey, we're just glad to have you back," Pixie said. Genki laughed as he went father back to sleep. Holly smiled and looked at the night sky.

Yes, it is good to have him back. She thought. I think I know why I've been feeling lonely all these years, 'cause suddenly I don't feel so lonely anymore….


That's all for this part! Oh, and to answer Ly the werewolf's question, no, Genocider is not an enemy monster. (But he should be if you ask me) He's a Durahan/Joker. If you recall back to "No Need For Genocide," you'll remember that. Silver Face, however, IS an enemy monster, but he's good in this. Why? 'Cause I want him to! Anywayz, send me your comments! , that's my address. Don't put it to waste! ^_^ I hope I get the next part in soon…but for now…I'm gonna tend my sore knee and my other numerous minor injuries… X___X

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Part 3

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Army of Steel: Part 3 ~ The Waters of Time

"There it is," Silver Face said, pointing his claw to the town ahead. "Ashburnville."

"Well, let's go," Genki said, "I'm hungry!"

"What about your clothes?" Holly asked. Genki sweated and blushed.

"Oh yeah…that too." He said sheepishly.

"Show-off," Hare muttered. He glanced up to see Genki giving him a death look, so Hare yelped and hid behind Golem. Genki sighed.

"C'mon, let's move." He rollerbladed downhill, the others right behind him.


"Which first, chi?" Mocchi asked as the group looked around. "Clothes or food?"

"*GRRROOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLL*" Everyone sweated and looked at Genki.

"Uh, heh heh. Maybe we should eat first," he said. A man walked, stared at Genki, then burst out laughing.

"Why don't you get some pants, pal?" he asked. Genki clenched his fist.

"Why don't you stop looking at other men's boxers, you Homo?"

"Genki!" Holly exclaimed, astonished at his rude remark. Then man growled and pushed his face against Genki's.

"What's that?" he growled.

"You heard me, Homo!" Genki snarled, ignoring Holly, who sweated. She grabbed Genki by the arms and held him back along with Mocchi, Hare, and Suezo.

"Genki…now's...not…the time…to...get into...a fight…" Holly stuttered as Genki struggled to free himself. The man snorted.

"Yeah, better listen to your girlfriend, ya jerk," he said. Holly and Genki turned red.

"WHAT?!" Genki snarled. The man laughed again and spat in Genki's face, hitting him in the eye. "HEY!"

"See ya later, ya jerk," the man said, walking away.

"COME BACK HERE, YOU HOMO!" Genki yelled, wiping the spit away and struggling more against Holly, Mocchi, Hare, and Suezo.

"Gen-ki, stop…struggling…" Holly muttered as Genki's elbow missed her nose by inches. Genki ignored her and continued to struggle, finally breaking free. His balance wasn't ready for it, however, and he ending up falling down hard on the ground, face first. The monsters and Holly sweated as he let out an unusually high-pitched scream.

"A-are you okay, Genki?" Holly asked, disturbed. Genki shot up, hands over his groin.

"Owowowowowowowowowowowow!!!" He cried, running around in circles, eyes tearing. His friends face faulted and sweated. Hare knelt down, examining the dirt.

"Hmm…. It would appear Genki hit…'pride' on this jagged rock," he said, pointing to a fairly large rock sticking out of the ground around the place Genki had fallen. Holly turned pink and face faulted again, glancing at her human male companion.

"Ouch. That had to hurt," she mumbled. Hare nodded.


"Mocchi thinks we should get pants for Genki first. More 'protection.' "

Holly turned redder and sweated, looking at Genki again. "Yeah…."

"How. We make. Him stop?" Golem asked.

"Get Holly to kiss him."

"NOT FUNNY HARE!" Genki yelled, stopping right behind the rabbit-like monster. Hare sweated, yelped, and ran behind Golem.

"Well, at least that worked." The others sweated and sighed.


"How about these?" Holly asked, holding up a pair of brown pants.

"Nah. Too… leathery," Genki replied, feeling the rough material of the pants. Holly sighed.

"Well, you'd better find something you like soon," she said. "We're running out of choices!" Genki scratched his chin.

"Hmm…how about those?" he asked, pointing to a pair of blue pants. Holly checked the price tag and bit her lip.

"It's awfully expensive," she muttered.

"Then I'll just get something else,"

"No, no, it's all right. We can afford it…sorta…" Holly picked up the pants. "Now what about shoes and a shirt?"

"Mocchi found shoes, chi!" Mocchi exclaimed, holding up a pair of leather boots. Genki laughed.

"Perfect!" he said happily. Tiger walked over with a red cloth "belt" on his muzzle.

"How about this for a belt, Genki?" he asked. Genki smiled.

"That'll do."

"I found a shirt!" Hare said, holding a light blue one up.

"Hold it! Hold it!" Holly exclaimed, looking at the price of the shirt. "We can't pay for all of this! We have to put something back. The pants and boots are staying: It's either the belt or shirt." The monsters looked at Genki.

"Well? What's it gonna be?" Gray Wolf asked. Genki bit his lip.

"I might need the belt to keep the pants up, and I can live without a shirt…I guess we put the shirt back," he answered, somewhat reluctantly.

"All right then," Holly put the shirt back and went to pay for the clothes. As they left the merchant stall, the rebels looked around for a place for Genki to change.

"He's already in his boxers, so why would it matter, chi?" Mocchi asked as the group looked around.

"It just feels weird if I don't have some privacy," Genki replied. Mocchi stared at him oddly. "I know, I know, seems strange, but it's true." They finally found a parked wagon he could change behind. Genki took his new clothes and went to change. A moment later, he emerged with his new pants, belt, and boots.

"Well, it's mostly an improvement," Holly said, rubbing her neck, "but we need to get more money to get you a shirt."

"No need to rush, I'll survive," Genki said. "Now, why don't we get something to eat? I'm starving!"


"Did you get a good look at these monsters?" Genocider asked a Durahan. The purebred armor monster nodded.

"Hai. It was a group of nine monsters and an adult human female," he said. Genocider scratched his chin.

"Hmm… what kind of monsters were they?" he questioned. His Durahan paused a moment as he searched his brain for the answer.

"Let's see… there was…a Tiger, Gray Wolf, Golem, Big Blue, Suezo, Hare, Mocchi, a Pixie, and what I believe was a Silver Face." Genocider's red eyes snapped.

"Really? What did the woman look like?"

"Well…she was wearing brown pants, a white shirt with a red tunic over it…and her light brown hair was tied up in a red ribbon." Durahan replied after a few moments.

"Interesting….are your sure there was only one human?"

"Positive. Wait…. I think I recall a few of my men claiming they saw another human after a while. An adult male."

"Mmm. How did they describe him?"

"Uh…dark brown hair, fairly muscular, only wearing his boxers and instead of boots, he had strange orange shoes with wheels. At least, I think that's what they said."

"So the rebels have returned to fight me," Genocider muttered to himself.

"Did you say something, sir?" Durahan asked.

"Huh? No, nothing. You may go back to your troop, Captain Durahan. I need to see if the Waters of Time still work." Captain Durahan tilted his head to the side.

"What's the thing with this 'Waters of Time' anyway?" He asked. Genocider sighed.

"The Waters of Time is a lake located not far from here. There is an ancient legend that if it is asked properly, it will show the interrogator whatever and whoever he or she wishes to see--at any point in time. If there is truth to this, I plan to use it to see where my enemies are at all times. It will give me a great advantage. I will be able to see their strengths, weaknesses, everything." Durahan's red eyes became small slits.

"Hmm. Now that I think about it, I believe I heard about that somewhere. But, isn't the incantation you're supposed to read to activate it in a strange foreign language? One only Arrow Head species can read?"

"I have not heard about that," Genocider admitted. "Go get Captain Selketo when you leave."

"Yes sir!" Durahan saluted Genocider and marched out. A few minutes later, a Selketo [Arrow Head/Joker] scuttled in.

"You wanted me, sir?" he asked.

"Come with me," Genocider beckoned the Arrow Head hybrid to follow him. After a half hour, they reached the Waters of Time. Genocider walked over to a stone wall with strange markings on it. "Tell me if you can, Captain," Genocider said, "what kind of writing this is." Captain Selketo squinted at the writing.

"It's Aruchian." He said after a moment. "Ancient writing system of Arrow Heads taught by their human masters."

"Can you tell me what it says?"

Selketo shook his head. "I can't translate it, I don't know much about our alphabet. But one of my troop members is very fluent in Aruchian. He could probably interpret it for you."

"Then go get him, now." Genocider ordered.

"Yes sir! Going now!" Selketo scuttled away as Genocider looked into the sky and laughed in his throat.

This is perfect, he thought. If the incantation works, then I'll be able to watch the rebels' every move! There will be no stopping me! Genocider's evil laughter echoed through the dark and gloomy night.


Sorry, that's all for now! I've been getting Writer's Block for only this particular series for some reason… oh well. Although, the more reviews/e-mails I get, the more likely I'll get another part out sooner. One more thing: Not to bother you, Ly, but I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago and you never replied…did you even get it? Just wanted to know…….

Army of Steel: Part 4 ~ Don't Fear the Reaper

ANFA: HI PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!! ^____^ Um…. ^.^;; Sorry…. That was pointless….


"So, what does it say?" Genocider asked impatiently as a young Selketo observed the writing.

"You're right sir, these are instructions on how to activate the Waters of Time," the Arrow Head/Joker hybrid said after a moment.

"Well, tell me what it says so I can activate it!" Genocider snapped.

The Selketo shook his head.

"I wouldn't bother. Not now at least. To begin with, the first time the Waters of Time is used, it has to be activated by an Arrow Head breed or sub-breed. Then anyone can activate it. Second, when you first activate it, it has to be on the 3rd day of the 5th month during the year of a 'blue moon.' "

"WHAT?" Genocider yelled. He uttered a few words that Fox Family and YTV would've censored without a second thought. Selketo meekly held up his claw.

"However, there's some good news," he said feebly.

"Oh? And what is that?" Genocider growled. Selketo gulped.

"W-well, I don't know if you paid attention, Master, but there was a 'blue moon' last week. And today's the 2nd of May." Genocider blinked.

"Holy crap, you're right!" he exclaimed. "Selketo, I want you to activate the Waters of Time as soon as you can tomorrow. That's an order. Understood?"

"Yes sir!" Selketo replied, saluting Genocider. Genocider headed back to his camp where he was greeted by a Knight Niton [Niton/Durahan].

"Sir, those rebels you were talking about…" he trailed off.

"What is it?"

"Well, our scouts just reported seeing them head towards Uzaki ruins. Any orders, sir?" Genocider thought it over for a moment.

"Give me a minute to decided, Captain," he muttered. Then he smiled, his razor-sharp teeth revealed. He glared at the Niton hybrid with his green eyes (Yeah, his eyes are green, not red. I made a mistake in the last installment. Gomen! X__X;;).

"Captain, get me Reaper." The Knight Niton shivered.

"R-reaper?" he stuttered. "A-are you sure, Master?"

"Positive!" Genocider snarled. "Now go!"

"Yes sir!" the Knight Niton zipped back into the camp. Genocider waited, unusually patient. Finally, a Reaper [Centaur/Joker] galloped out to meet him.

"What is it you want, brother?" he asked Genocider, who smiled his sharp, toothy smile.

"Younger brother, I have some rebels for you to take care of…."


"Mocchi hungry."

"Big surprise there."



The rebels trudged through the dense forest, all tired and grouchy.

"Holly, how far is the next town?" Genki asked. Holly checked her map.

"Well, my map says it's about ten miles away from here," she replied, "but there seems to be some ruins only two miles ahead of us. Maybe we should spend the night there. It is getting dark, after all."

"That sounds like a good idea," Pixie said, yawning loudly. Silver Face's purple eyes suddenly snapped and he jerked his head up, looking around. Genki blinked and looked down at the Arrow Head.

"What's up, SF?" he asked.

"I sense something. Something that's not quite right," he replied, extra cautious. Tiger took a sniff of the air.

"He's right. I smell something," he said seriously, taking another whiff. "Funny, it sorta reminds me of Genocider's scent, but it's not quite the same. It's a bit like Joker's and Centaur's, but I can't put my paw on it…." There was a sudden movement in the bushes.

Genki's eyes snapped.

"What's that?" he asked. A shadowy figure leapt out of the bushes.

"Hello, rebels," it hissed, "I am Reaper," he stepped out of the shadows and twirled his scythe/spear. He suddenly stopped twirling it and grabbed it with both hands, holding it like he was cocking a rifle. "And welcome to my hell." Tiger and Gray Wolf growled.

"You're walking on thin ice, buddy!" Tiger snarled.

"Yeah!" Gray Wolf agreed. Reaper laughed.

"It wouldn't matter if the ice had already cracked, wolfie," he chuckled, "because I'd still defeat you without effort! No one can defeat Reaper except for his elder brother, Genocider himself!"

"Genocider's got a brother?" Suezo asked.

"Uh-oh." Hare sweated. "That's not a good thing, is it?"

"Nope," Silver Face replied as Reaper charged at them, blade first.

"LOOK OUT!" Genki shouted. The rebels scattered just as Reaper's scythe-like blade slammed into the ground.

"Blast you!" Reaper snarled. He galloped after them.

"Split up!" Holly cried. "It's our only chance!" the rebels split off in different directions, Gray Wolf, Mocchi, Tiger, and Hare went west; Golem, Pixie, Suezo, and Big Blue went north; and Silver Face, Holly, and Genki ran to the east. Reaper stopped at the parting of ways. He soon decided the way he wanted to go and galloped off.


"Did you know Genocider had a brother?" Genki asked Silver Face a bit irritably as they ran through the forest.

"No idea until now." Silver Face replied. "Although if he's anything like Genocider, we should be very, very, very worried."

"I'll trust your word on that," Genki said as they ran into a clearing. The three of them stopped, gasping for breath.

"Did we lose him?" Holly asked.

"HOLLY! DUCK!" Genki shouted.

"Huh?" Genki tackled her down just as Reaper's spear flew over them, pinning itself against a nearby tree.

"BLAST!" Reaper's voice growled.

"That was close," Holly gasped.

"Right," Genki agreed. "Holly, hurry and go get the others."


"GO! NOW!"

"Right." She dashed into the trees just as Reaper jumped into the clearing.

"Peek-a-boo, I see you," he growled, not sounding playful in the least. He pulled his spear out of the tree. "This time I won't miss."

He took careful aim at Genki's heart.


"What?" Reaper looked up just in time to see Silver Face's two left legs slam into his face, knocking him over.

"Way to go, SF!" Genki cheered. Silver Face laughed, eyes upright. (^^)

"Why, thank you."

"SF! He's getting up!' Genki warned.

"Oh, don't worry," Silver Face said casually as he turned around and struck Reaper with his Sting.

"Arrrgggggghhhhhhh!" Reaper yelled in pain. He flashed his eyes at Silver Face. "Mind Flare!" Silver Face's eyes snapped and he gripped his head.

"AAHHHHHHH! MY HEAD!" he screamed as Reaper laughed.

"Not so tough now, are we?" he asked.

"HI-YAH!" Genki's voice shouted. His fist made contact with Reaper's jaw, jerking the monster's head up. Reaper rubbed his sore mandible. "Why you-" He smacked Genki in the stomach. "I outta-" was cut off as a Lightning attack missed him by inches. "WHAT?!" The other monsters and Holly ran into the field.

"Oh, and I thought you said your aim was perfect," Hare stated to Tiger sarcastically. The blue wolf-like monster blushed and growled.

"Shut-up, you dumb bunny!" he snapped.

"Um, guys, could we concentrate our anger at Reaper, not each other?" Gray Wolf asked.

"He started it."



"Sorry." Holly went over to a winded Genki as the others attacked Reaper.

"You okay?" Holly asked Genki, concerned. Genki grumbled, slowly getting up and gripping his stomach.

"Yeah, he just knocked the wind outta me," he replied, looking up. Reaper warded off the mobsters by spinning his spear around, sparks flying everywhere.

Hmm……. Genki thought. He leapt up and dived at Reaper.

"HEY! REAPER!" he shouted.

"Huh?" Genki kicked him in the shoulder, knocking Reaper's upper body forward.

Right into his spear's deadly spin.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Reaper screamed as his scythe blade ripped into his skin. He gripped at his face, blood running through his fingers. When he looked up, the rebels saw a long, deep gash going horizontally down his face. Reaper looked at his blood-stained scythe-spear and growled. It was his blood that had been shed on his own weapon, not the rebels. He looked at them in fury.

"This isn't over rebel scum," he snarled, hurdling away. Pixie growled and powered up a Big Bang attack.

"No, don't. Let him go," Genki said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Pixie stopped her attack and glared at him.

"Why not?" she asked, a bit angry.

"He's not gonna bother us for a while. That little move I did on him will have him think twice before he attacks us again. We're safe. For now." He said. Pixie sighed and gave in.

"Fine," she said reluctantly. Mocchi walked over and tugged on Genki's pants.

"Yes?" Genki asked, looking down at his monster. Mocchi held his stomach.

"Mocchi hungry," he whined. Everyone sweated, groaned, and fell over. "Was it something I said, chi?"


"We're ready to begin, Master," Selketo told Genocider as the moon started to gleam through the clouds.

"You have all your men gathered in a circle like it says?" Genocider asked.


"Have everything cleared out of the circle, rocks, twigs, everything?"


"You have the incantation ready to read?"

"Yes sir, we've got everything." Selketo said.

"Well, then, go start the ceremony and tell me when it's working!" Genocider ordered.

"Yes sir!" Selketo scuttled back to his group as Genocider made some distance from them, making sure he didn't interrupt the ceremony. He chuckled to himself as the Selketo began to chant in a strange language he didn't recognize.

Just you wait rebels, Genocider thought. I'll have you yet….


Gomen nasai, minna, but that's all for now. Sorry if it stank, I sorta finished it in a rush. Anyway, tell me what you think! Say whatever you want, just please don't call me bakana.

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