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"Around The Water Cooler: Behind The Set Of The Slayers" By:CP

WARNING: This is a totally silly fic.

(The Slayers cast are taking a break around the studio's water cooler)

Lina: "Damn.. I've had enough of these 20 hour shootings."

Amelia: "Me too."

Zel: "We're not really getting paid enough for this either. *sigh* And our characters are nothing like us."

Lina: "Where's that hentai Xellos?"

Martina: "He's in his trailer with Gourry."

Everyone: "WITH GOURRY?!"

*sweat drops all around*

Martina: "I doubt that those two are doing anything bad since they're both pervs. For example, today, when I had to hug Xellos, his hands slipped, accidentally, he says."

Lina: "Ecchi."


Lina: "Watch it, Captain America."

Amelia: "Sorry Miss Lina."

Lina (takes off her huge shoulder pads and rubs her shoulders): "What is up with these shoulder pads? In every magical anime cartoon, there's a sorcerer or sorceress with HUGE shoulder pads!"

Martina: "Like in The Ruin Explorers?"

(Lina nods): "And Lodoss Wars."

Amelia: "I'm lucky I don't need those shoulder pads!"

(A monster walks over): "Yo."

Lina: "Hey, sorry I had to do that Dragon Slave thing on ya."

Monster: "No prob. Hey, Zel, there's a ton of fan mail for ya in the mailbox."

Zel: "The fans love me!"

*everyone else sweats*

Martina: "I think Amelia should get the most fan mail, she's sooo kawaii!!"

*Amelia sweats*: "Huh??"

Martina: "Come over here, baby..."

Amelia: "WWWAAHHH!! Um...uh..urrr...HARUNA!!"

*Martina pauses*: "Haruna?" *she sobs and walks away*

Lina: "You said the 'H' word."

Amelia: "Well, I had to get away from her.."

Zel: "They just broke up, right?"

Amelia: "Yeah, for some other Sailor Scout.."

Lina: "Those damn scouts are everywhere!"

*everyone else nods*

Amelia: "And Pokemon too."

*Zel shivers*: "Everytime I go into an Anime store to find Slayers stuff, there shelves FULL of Pokemon stuff, and no Slayers stuff!! And the KIDS that walk in are worse! Pika, Pika, Pikachu! Mommy, I want Pikachu! Bulb! Bulbasaur! PikaCHU! Do you have any Pokemon cards?!!!! JEEZ!!!"

*Amelia slaps Zel*

Zel: "*siigh* Thanks Amelia."

Amelia: "No problem, poopsie!"

Zel: "Teddy bear..."

*both giggle*

*Lina sweats*: "I don't even want to know..."

(Martina walks back over): "Sorry, I had something in my eyes."

Lina: "Another thing. Martina falls in love with EVERY guy in the series, yet, she's in love with people who are the same sex!"

*Martina giggles*: "Speaking of that..." *looks at Amelia*

Amelia: "Haruna!!"

*Martina cries and runs away*

Zel: "Good thinking, lolly pop.."

*Amelia giggles*

Lina *sweats*: "That's it, I'm gone!"

*Lina runs away*

(Xellos appears next to Amelia): "You two are so happy together. What *did* you guys do on Friday when you two rushed away so suddenly?"

Zel: "Now that, is a secret! Heh."

The End