By: Ice2


          (Walks up on stage) Wud up people? I'm a new fanfic writer person! Isn't that great? (Hears a cricket) Oh, shut up George! You don't have to rub it in! (Cricket stops) That's better! I deserve some respect! (In the back) No you don't! -.-;; (Pushes a big red button, launches the guy into space) Okay! This is my very first series MR fanfic ever! So if you hate it, too bad! And thanks to anyone who puts my fic up. If they do. Now I don't own the MR characters, even though I wish I did. Okay get on with it. (Nothing happens) On with it! (Still nothing) Don't tempt me George!



          The searchers were walking in another forest lost, for the past three days. Mochi: "Mochi hungry chi."

Suezo: "Don't start that again."

Genki: "Don't worry Mochi, we'll be out of here soon."

Hare: "Genki, you've been saying that ever since we got lost."

Holly: "Oh, come on Hare, we'll get out of here. Eventually."

Tiger: "So stop you're whining. It's not helping any."

Hare: "I'm not whining! I just think we'll be stuck here for a while."

Genki: "Come on you guys."

********** 5 hours later…

(They see the end of the forest)

Everyone: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Running to the exit)

Genki: "That must be Tarrio City!"

Hare: "Yup. That's it!" (Rolling up the map) Let's go!

(They all run off)

********** In Genki's world…

"I'm home!" shouted a eleven year old girl, as she came into her house. "And no one seems to care!" shouted another girl's voice. "Oh, shut up Ne-Ne!" said the first girl. "You gave me the opportunity Sakura, so I used it." Said Ne-Ne.

The eleven year old was now standing in front of Ne-Ne who was watching TV. "What did you say Computer glitch?" shouted Sakura.

Ne-Ne: "What did you just call me?!"

Sakura: "I know you heard me, you stupid computer glitch!"

Ne-Ne: "At least I'm not a green haired monster like you!"

Sakura: "You're the monster! Besides, I dyed my hair aqua green!"

(Goes up to her room)

Ne-Ne: "That girl…" (Takes out a picture of a little boy and two girls)

"I miss you Genki, where are you?"

***********In Sakura's room

Sakura: "Stupid Ne-Ne. Well I don't have soccer practice, and like I'm actaully going to do my homework. Maybe I'll play Genki's game! But first to change." When she was done changing, she was wearing a white tank top and blue pants with a black belt, and black cuffs on her wrist. Her hair was in pigtails that went down to her waist that was tied with bows. She took Genki's game out of his room and put it in her PS2. Then she started it.

********* The MR world

(Tarrio City)

Genki: "Since we got some more supplies and got rested, let's go!"

(Goes out of the city)

Genki: "Where to Holly?"

Holly: "North, and there's a mystery disk near by too."

Genki: "Let's go!"

Mochi: "Go chi!"

The others: "Great."

An hour later the find it. (Sorry too lazy to write how they found it)

Genki: "Let's go to the nearest shrine."

**********Genki's world

Sakura: "I wonder if this is better then the last game. Genki got this the same day he disappeared." (Thinking) "Genki." Then the screen started glowing blue. "What?" said Sakura, as she started backing away, but then she was sucked up into the screen along with all the stuff around her.

********** The shrine

Genki: "Ready Holly?"

Holly: "Yeah."


Holly: "Unlock!"

The disk disappears as a girl, along with other stuff falls to the ground.

Genki: "Sakura?!"

Others: (looks at Genki) "Sakura?"

Sakura looks up. "OW! Genki, is it really you?"

Genki: "Yeah."

Sakura: "Where are we? Who are they? Is this where you've been the whole time?"

Genki: "Yeah."

Sakura: (Runs till they're face to face) You have A LOT of explaining to do!

Genki: (Has a nervous face and sweat dropping) "Well, uh, you see…he-he."

Sakura: "Now Genki!" (Has a mad face. Starts choking him, moving him around violently)

"Tell me what's going on!"

"I can't you're hurting me!"


"Ouch! Sakura calm down! Ow!"

"Start talking now!"

Suezo: "Who is this girl?"

Holly: "No idea."

Holly and the others are watching Sakura choking Genki and yelling at him, while they sweat drop.


          So how'd ya folks like it? If you hate it, I'm sorry I'll try to make it better, and longer. My brother kicked me off the computer… if you have any suggestions, or want to say hi, e-mail me at I'll have my next fanfic done soon! For one thing, I have lots of time. See-ya! ^_^