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"Ash and Ranma Interactive!" By:Ranma

Narrator: We find our heroís once again lost,

Misty: good job Ash, now were lost!

Ash: Donít blame it on me! It isnít my fault you wanted to see that Seel!

Misty: Well it was cute, unlike you!"

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Ash: What did you say Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Ash: what?

Pikachu: Pika piii! *Pikachu scrambles away from Ash as a red haired girl falls on him. *

Ash: Pikachu, what didnít you warn me?

Ashís voice: Ash Ĺ!

"Ash, are you alright?" Misty asked. "Uh, yah I think so!" Ash said slowly rubbing his head. "Will you marry me?" Ash and Misty turned to see Brock proposing to the girl. Sweat drops formed on their heads as the girl gazed at him in annoyance. "Bug off!" She shouted punching him in the face. The girl turned to Ash and Misty. "Who are you?" She asked. Misty stood up. "My name is Misty." Misty stared at Ash in the corner of her eyes. Ash who was unaware of this sat there. Misty sighed and stepped on his foot. Ash sprung up. "What did you do that for?" He yelled. Misty answered by lowering her eyelid, mocking him. Ash scowled. "My name is Ash Ketchem from Pallet." Ash said holding out a hand. The girl just stared at it. "What is that?" She asked pointing to Pikachu. "Huh? Oh this is Pikachu, and thatís Togapi. Uh by the way whatís youíre name?" Ash asked. "Ranko Soatome." Ranko paused and looked around. "Where did that un-cute feancee of mine kick me to this time?" Ranko muttered. "Un-cute?" Ash let his voice trail. "Feancee?" Brock asked disappointed. Misty recognizing the little hint Ash gave off as disappointment she scowled and cleared her throat. "Iím sorry but we donít know where we are, you see Ashy boy here, got us lost!" Misty said pointing to Ash. Ash narrowed his eyes at the word Ashy. "Can I at least have your phone number?" Brock asked. Misty, Pikachu, and Ash fell over with a huge sweat drop hanging from their heads. "I told you, bug off!" Ranko shouted, punching Brock into orbit. "I suppose if I never seen those creatures she kicked me into another state!" Ranko muttered. "Well, I better be going!" Ranko said suddenly. Misty and Ash stood up quickly. "Wait, you canít go!" Misty shouted. "Why not?" Ranko asked. "Because uh, because uhÖ I donít know." Ash admitted. "You canít go because, we uh come from the same place you do!" Brock shouted. "What?" Ranko asked surprised. Ash and Misty just fell over again. "You again?" Ranko yelled. "Misty and Ash pulled themselves up. "Then I guess weíd better get going. Back to Nerima." Ranko said quietly. "But we donít Mpphh!" Misty was cut short by Brock. "Donít blow this for me, Misty!" Brock whispered harshly.

"Where are we?" Ash asked looking around. "Pika-Cha!" "Huh what is it Pikachu?" Ash asked. "Pika!" Pikachu pointed to a pool with a bamboo stick poking out of it. "Great, Iím thirsty!" "No wait donít drink that!" Ranko yelled. Ash fell into the water surprised. "Ash!" Misty shouted running over to the pool. Ranko stepped beside her, her hands on her hips, "Drinking the water would be better you know." She muttered. Misty ignored her and began to reach to the water when Ranko pushed her away from the pool. "Iíll do it!" She said smiling. Rankoís tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth as she reached in for Ash. While Ranko was doing this Misty wondered over to another pool. "Misty, I got Ash out butÖ" Misty turned around from the pool to face Ranko. She fell into the pool when Ranko showed her another Pikachu, With eyes like Ashís. Ranko sighed and pulled Misty out with her free hand to reveal a Vulpix. With Mistyís eyes! Ranko sighed and place them on the floor together. "Now look what you did to each other!" Ranko scolded. "Woa, Is that really Ash and Misty?" Brock asked. "Yeah." Ranko answered. They watched, as Ashís own Pikachu walked up to him. "Pika pika chu?" Ash in Pikachu form, (Lets just say heís Ash 2 ok?) fell over then quickly stood up. "Pikachu cha pi pika cha chu!" Ash 2 said surprised. "Vul Vul Vulpix!" Misty/Vulpix said. (Letís say Misty 2 ok?) Ash 2 turned around to face Misty 2. "Pika chu Pika cha?!" He exclaimed. "Vul." Misty 2 confirmed. "What do you think theyíre saying?" Ranko asked. "How about, Ash you ideit?" Brock said pointing to Ash 2 who was burnt to a crisp. "Well, theyíll need this when they change back. Ranko said gathering Ash and Mistyís clothes. "Come on guys, time to go!" Ranko sighed motioning to the forest. *** "Jessie, what are we doing here? Iím hot!" James complained. "Stop complaining James!" Jessie said pushing away some bushes to reveal some pools. "Water!" James shouted pushing past Jessie he dove into the closest pool. "James!" Jessie scolded. Sweat poured down her face. "Well I guess I need a dip myself!" Jessie said diving into a pool. Jessie popped up and turned to Jamesís pool, instead of seeing James she saw a beautiful blonde lady. To her surprise the girl walked out of the pool and turned to her, in a Team Rocket suit. "Jessie where are you?" The girl asked. Jessie lifted an eyebrow. "James, is that you?" Jessie asked stepping out of the pool. "Jessie is that you?!" James 2 exclaimed. "Yeah, hey whatís wrong with my clothes? Iím gaining weight!" Jessie shouted. "Uh Jessie, youíre not a girl anymore, I think youíre a boy." James 2 said pointing to her, Or him. "What?" Jessie exclaimed taking out a pocket mirror. She stared at it for a while. Then finally looked up at James. "I look handsome!" She or he exclaimed. James squealed in delight and grabbed the pocket mirror from Jessie. "Oh I look so beautiful!" James cried out. Jessie closed her eyes and hit James in the head. "Stop kidding around James, we have to get to a town soon or Iíll die! I need new clothes!"

"Well, here we are!" Ranko said smiling. "Bye!" Brock blinked and took a step back. "Wait a sec, you canít leave!" "Why not I thought you-" Ranko gasped and spun around, landing in a ready position. "Woa, who are they?" Brock asked as a wave of people ran to them. "The welcoming party." Ranko muttered. Misty 2, Ash 2 and Pikachu ran infront of Ranko. "Voll!" Misty 2 shouted. "Pika chu!" Ash 2 and Pikachu shouted. The wave of people stopped dead and fell over. "Pika pika!" Ash 2 shouted. "Right!" Ranko shouted running for the nearest alley. Brock stumbled after her. "Geeze that was close!" Brock wheezed. "Itís not done yet!" Ranko shouted. "Vol?" Misty 2 asked Ash 2 when he began to slow down. "Pikaaaaaa!" Ash 2 complained. Misty 2 sighed and ran behind Ash 2 and began to nudge him. Suddenly the noise grew. Ranko gasped and picked up Ash 2 and Pikachu, While Brock picked up Misty 2. "Come on, I know where we can rest!" Ranko shouted. Brock sighed and followed her.

"Ok Ash, This might sting a little!" Ranko said placing Ash 2 on the floor. "Brock place Misty beside him, Itíll save water, Oh and grab their clothes." Brock did as told and sat down beside Ranko. "Ok, this might hurt!" Ranko warned pouring the hot water on them. "Ahh!" Misty and Ash shouted. Misty and Ash turned to each other and blushed. Ranko also blushed and threw their clothes to them. Brock was staring at Misty like she was a saint. "Huh? Oh Perverts!" Misty shouted standing up and running to the next room. Ash just sat there stunned. "I canít believe you!" Misty said entering the room, fully dressed this time. She ran over to Ash and kicked him, Then to Brock. Brock and Ash ended up in a pile of arms and legs. Ranko and Pikachu had Huge sweat drops. Misty turned to them and sighed. "Ranko, when do you think weíll be able to go?" She asked in a surprisingly calm voice. "Donít know a couple of-" "Ranma!" Rankoís eyes widened and she ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Misty watched this with a huge sweat drop hanging from her head. "Ranma!" the door was knocked over to reveal a girl with short blue hair. "Excuse me but who is Ranma?" Misty asked. "Oh no one just my Perverted feancee!" The girl screamed. Brock raced over to the raging girl. "Excuse me miss but your downright pretty, would you like to go out sometime?" Brock asked. His answer was a punch to the face. "Misty who is she?" Ash asked appearing behind Misty. "I donít know. But she keeps insisting to see a Ranma." Misty said quietly. "I know Ranma is here!" The girl shouted. "I can smell him!" "Hey look are you some kind of mutant? I didnít think you could smell people." Ash said laughing. Mistyís eyes narrowed and she stepped on his foot. "Oww!" Ash cried out. "Ranma I know youíre here." The girl repeated. The girlís head suddenly snapped up and she ran to the bathroom. "Ranma!" She shouted at Ranko. Ranko was curled in a corner shivering. Ash and Misty fell over. Misty got up in time to watch the girl pick up Ranko by the collar. "Baka, what are you doing here? Better yet who are they?" The girl asked inquiring Ash and Misty. "A-Akane, please calm down I- uh met them when I landed." Ranko franticly explained. "Yeah right, you trying to collect more girls, Pervert?" Akane asked. Misty and Ash stared at the two confused. The girl known as Akane turned to them. "So Ranma here told you his name was Ranko?" Misty and Ash nodded slowly. "Baka!" Akane shouted to Ranko, throwing her on the ground. "Ranma isnít a girl, Heís a boy!" Akane screamed pouring hot water on Ranko. Ranko screamed in pain and stood up in her now boyish figure. Misty and Ash fell down. Ash was the first to recover. "You mean youíre a boy too?" Misty loomed over Ash with her hammer in her hand. "Then that means youíre a Pervert too!" She shouted hitting Ranma over the head. Akane followed the suit. "Huh? On hey Misty quit it!" Ash shouted pushing Misty back. Misty stopped struggling and Ash accidentally knocked her over. Landing on her. "Get off of me!" Misty shouted. Ash rolled over and Misty stood up. "Wait a sec, You mean you fell in the springs too?" Misty asked. Akane paused her angry poundings and turned to Misty. "He sure did!" She said dumping some cold water on Ranma. "Ranko sat under the waterfall looking very irritated. Ash gasped and Brock gazed at Ranma in fury. "You mean all this time Iíve been proposing to a BOY?!" Brock exclaimed. "Huh, looks like you almost had her." Misty muttered. "Shut up!" Brock shouted hitting her on the head with his fist. Misty fell over twitching. Ash bent over and helped her up. "Why didnít you tell us you were cursed too?" Ash asked Ranma. Akane blinked and stared at Ash. "Youíre cursed too?" Akaneís face hardened and she turned to Ranma who was now rapidly backing away. "You cursed them too?!" She shouted. Akane spun back around and dumped the rest of the cold water onto Ash and Misty. Turning them into a Pikachu and Volpix. Ash 2 and Misty 2 looked irritated. Akane turned and began yelling at Ranma. While this happened Ash 2 and Misty 2 were socializing. "Vol Vol Volpix!" "Pika? Pikachu?" "Vol Vol Vol pix Volpix Vol!" "Pika?!" Ash 2 exclaimed. "pika Chu?" Pikachu asked. "Volpix!" Misty 2 confirmed. Brock fell down and stared at Ash 2 and Misty 2 talking and turned to Akane and Ranma who where now arguing. His eyes trailed to the door just in time to see a brown haired girl carrying a giant spactula walk past. Brock, as girl attracted as he is, followed her. "Pikachu pika!" Vol Vol Vol Volpix!" "Pikapi pikachu pika?"