Moo Reborn: (Action/Adventure/General) Genki, in his world, is in grave danger, and it's up to his friends to go into his world and save him.


Midnight Thoughts:  (General) Genki reflects on his friends and himself


In The Night:  (Drama) Genki thinks about Holly in the night when she was kidnapped by Moo…


Bird of a Feather:  (Action/Adventure) A new series by Anime-Girl where Genki meets up with two family members in the MR world!


You've Been Playing/Watching Too Much MR When...: (Humor) If you do most of these things on the list...be prepared to be called 'The Ultimate MR Freak'! ^_^


Monster ½:  (Comedy) While trying to find water, the MR crew stumbles (literally) into some cursed springs! Ranma 1/2 /MR crossover


Together Forever: (Drama/Romance) After losing Holly, Genki finds a way to bring her back. **Contains suicide**


Project Energy: (Action/Adventure) A Parasite Eve/MR crossover


Genolt: (Romance) A different sort of pairing


Fault: (Drama/Dark) A darker kind of story



Anna of Star Wildfire (Mint)



The Virus War: (General) A new series mixing MR with Ronin Warriors






Brere Marer


Return to Chaos: (General) A new series about Genki’s return


MR Awards: (Comedy) And the winner is… We’ll be right back.


MR Tryouts: (Comedy) Different people try out for the MR characters’ parts


If Golem Had His Way: (Comedy) Just like the title says


In a Perfect World: (Comedy) Each of the characters’ Utopia.









Daughter of the Darkness: (General) A Slayers Next/Monster Rancher crossover. Sort of a MR movie…


Life's Revenge: (Drama) A sad poem/story


Poem Collection: (General) Some poems based off some situations in MR


A Hot Time in Mt.Roe: (Eh, crap/adventure) The rebels come across a volcano path to find a Mystery Disk.


*Monster Rancher 200X: (General/Action/Adventure) 13 years after Moo’s defeat, Holly and her little band of new and old faces meet up with Genki and his girlfriend, Mara, to defeat the new threat-Black Magic! –An on-going series


Secrets and Tears: (Crap/Drama) A what if like story. What if Holly told them about her secret earlier?


The Final Battle! A Reason for Life!: (Drama/Action/Adventure) A crappy version of a last episode.


We Need Money! Holly's Wedding Day? (By: CP and Sailor Mist): (Comedy) A spoof of a hilarious Slayers episode


A Reason: (Surprise/General) We all have our own reasons to live


The Disk: (General) A story of how Holly got Genki’s disk


The Symbol of Shame: (General) A Pixie story about Moo’s symbol


Reason: Holly's POV: (Drama/Philosophy) Holly reflects what battles mean to her


One Last Breath To Say Good-Bye: (Angst) As Holly dies, she begs just one thing…


Kimito: (General) Holly and Suezo begin their tedious journey


Hare's Cooking: (Crap/Comedy) Chibis, Hare’s divine cooking and a Phoenix for sale?


Trust: (Drama/Romance) Come. Lay into my feathers. Behold your destiny. Trust me.


Someone to Trust: (Romance/General) Just some Holly/Genki stuff…eh…


Kitaku Suru: (Drama/General) Major Holly torture here… *Hides under her bed* O_o; What if Holly met another man?






One Weird Day: (Comedy) A hilarious short about every author’s dream…


My Daddy Stories: (General) Someone’s a daddy…


Trigger Stories: (General) The hard facts about raising a baby Tiger.


The Power of an Author: (Comedy) The title says it all…


Smile You're on Candid Recordings : (Comedy) A tape recorder and 4 victims…


The Power of an Author 2: Mike's Revenge: (Comedy) The sequel and 2x more insane!


The Beginning (with CP) : (General/Adventure) Cybernator1 and CP in the MR world…beware…


Halloween: (Comedy) It’s Halloween, and Cybernator’s got plans for our heroes…


New Side To Tiger Version 2: (General) A newer version of Trigger’s story


Afterlife: (General) A new series with a surprising twist…


How They Met: (Comedy/General) How Tiger and his wife met and departed…


Friendship: (Angst) Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone…


One Last Moment: (General) Trigger is hurt!! What will Tiger do?


Psycho House: (Comedy) A hilarious new story about---well…the title speaks for itself. ^^;;;;






Sibling Rivalry: (General) Tiger faces off with Gray Wolf


Reunion: (General) A reunion with our stars


Tears of a Phoenix



Cally Kari Shokka


Lasarius Chronicles: (General/Adventure) A multi-universe crossover! @_@





(Goth Kitty)


What If...: (Comedy) What if the MR crew read a Pokemon script


Caitlin's Story: (General) A new face joins the MR crew.


Do You Know How Much I Miss You: (Romance) A Genki/Holly story


A Party a Relationship and a Memory: (General/Romance) The MR crew comes into Genki’s world


A Very Strange Adventure: (General) A Halloween story… =:) The rebels encounter…ghosts?


A MR/Tenchi Christmas Carol: (Comedy) A funny Christmas story with the MR crew and the Tenchi crew.


The Sky is Falling: (Comedy) A hilarious twist of a familiar tale. A crossover!


Girls' Day: (Comedy) A Japanese holiday with a Tenchi Muyo/MR twist. =:) Worship us…bwah ha ha ha ha…


MR Meets Cowboy Bebop: (Comedy) The MR meets the Cowboy Bebop crew!!! ^_^


Cartoons, Parties, and What?!?: (Comedy) A crossover of hilarious proportions!


Invader Zim and Anime Halloween: (Comedy) The Nickelodeon show and our favorite team celebrate the coolest holiday of the year!


 Movie Night: (Comedy) The Tenchi crew and MR crew want to see different movies! So they split up…


NANI?! What the *Beep* Is Going On?!: (General/Comedy) The real world is invaded with anime characters!


4th of July and Fireworks: (Comedy) Celebrate with the Tenchi and MR crew




Dark Orchid



Guardian of Monsters: (General) READ IT. Genki faces a new evil when an obsessive villain kidnaps Holly.


Difference Between Black and White: (General) A new series with the author as a monster rancher.










Osama Bin Laden vs MR: (Comedy) Kill that bastard!!!!!!!!!



Evil Hare Girl

(Summaries by her too)


Tigress of the Wind: (Drama) Tiger meets a Tigress and…


The Other Rebels: (General) Another group of rebels appear with a secret.


Armageddon: (General) The rebels find an unusual mystery disc, but unlocking it is a big mistake


Destiny: (General) It is time for the final confrontation, but Golem gone, who is the fifth part of the Phoenix


Moo's Castle: Weird Side: (Comedy) Enter at your own risk


Lord of Shadows: (General) Genki returns to the Monster world to help his friends against a new evil


End Of A Child's World: (Drama) Set around the opening events of Run, Tiger, Run, this is a short songfic about one of the episode's lesser characters


RSPCEH: (Comedy) The Searchers face their biggest threat yet, a representative from the R.S.P.C.E.H (Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Evil Hares)


Bright Eyes: (Drama) Genki's dying...of old age, is it too late for him and Holly


Old Faces, New Realities: (General/Action/Adventure) A series Pulsar and me have been writing together for a while, basically our characters swap places


Until You're Here Resting With Me: (Romance) My first Genki/Holly songfic, short & sweet


Rising from the Ashes: (General) They say a Phoenix rises again after sacrificing itself...


Flying Without Wings: (Romance) One of my first romantic songfics, but it's not about who you think


Wind beneath my Wings: (Drama) Granity's thoughts after the events of  'Tears'


Walking Man's Road: (Drama) Tiger's p.o.v, set to 'Walking Man's Road' from the Last Unicorn


Virus: (General) Genki learns the hard way not to meddle with strange objects


Choices: (Drama) Hare gets a chance at fatherhood, but will one of the Searchers give up everything to protect the newborn?


Mambo No. 5: (Comedy) A songfic