Hare's Secret: (General) Hare has a dark secret that may destroy the group.


Hare, We Have A Problem...: (Comedy) A funny story that comes after ‘Hare’s Secret’


Shades of Gray Wolf: (General) Sequel to ‘Hare’s Secret’


Nightscapes: (General) Sequel to ‘Shades of Gray Wolf’


Master Vanity: (General) Sequel to ‘Nightscapes’. A personal favorite. ^_^


Sacrifices: (General/Drama) Sequel to ‘Master Vanity’. Gotta love the ending…


Loneliness: (General) Sequel to ‘Sacrifices’


Snake Eyes: (General) Sequel to ‘Loneliness’


Decisions: (Action/Adventure/Drama) Side story of her series that takes place after ‘Snake Eyes’


Reminiscence: (Drama/General) Sequel to ‘Snake Eyes’. Another part of this on-going ‘Phoenix Tear Saga’


Endgame: (General) The final part of the ‘Phoenix Tear Saga’


Melodies of Life: (General) A short and sweet songfic taking place after the PT saga. ^_^


Phoenix's Tear The Second Saga: (General/Action/Adventure/Drama) The awaited sequel to the ‘Phoenix Tear Saga’







Burning Magma: (General) Holly discovers she may have more power than she thinks… **Contains some-what disturbing torture…nothing descriptive but for sensitive people…just a warning** ^^;;;


The Search for Answers: (General) Sequel to ‘Burning Magma’


Power Unleashed: (General) Sequel to ‘The Search for Answers’


Naga's Defeat: (Action/Adventure/General) Sequel to ‘Power Unleashed’


Quest Completed: (General) Sequel to ‘Naga’s Defeat’


Battle For Victory: (Action/General) The final battle…or is it? Sequel to ‘Quest Completed’


Forces of Creation: Rebirth: (Action/Adventure/General) The sequel to the previous series of stories. ^_^







None yet









Answer My Prayer: (Drama) Holly’s view of the last battle…and a prayer


If Only Tears Could Bring You Back: (Drama) Holly misses Genki in this songfic


Why Are You Reading This?: (Comedy) Er… *Runs*


Final Moments: (Drama) Genki’s view of ‘Answer My Prayer’


No Need For Genocide: (General) The rebels face their worst fear…


I Won't Say It: (Romance) An exclusive here at the MRFFA! Holly’s been watching too much ‘Hercules’… =D


Brother's Blood: (Drama) Tiger vs. Gray Wolf. Who will win?


Silver Scorpion: (Action/Adventure) A sequel for ‘No Need for Genocide’


Magma Hearts: (General) Sequel to ‘Silver Scorpion’


Wings of Fire: (General) The final battle draws near…


Pinky and The Brain Meets Monster Rancher: (Comedy) What we do every night Pinky…try to take over the world!


Army of Steel: (General/Action/Adventure) A new series that takes place in the future…


The Final Battle: (General/Action) The title says it all…


Crimson as Blood That Flows: (Comedy) A taste of the insanity in our MR boards…lol!


Where You Are: (Drama) A sweet/sad song fic…


Tears: (Romance/Drama) A Genki/Holly story! XD/





Monster Rancher Next: (General/Action/Adventure) A series taking place after the MR series!







None yet




None yet