When Two Worlds Collide: (General) A crossover with Sailor Moon/MR! ^.^


Another World: (General) A girl finds herself in the MR world!


I Told Her: (Drama) A sad shortie…








Thorn in My Side: (General) Pixie and Big Blue meet up with a girl enigma.


Mustardy's Favorite Trick: (General) Part 2 of the Thorn series!


Something More: (General) Part 3 of the Thorn series!


Crab Dragon's Sacrifice: (Drama/General) Part 4 of the Thorn series! Pixie and Big Blue are missing! Thorn and the MR crew have to find them!


Nemesis: (General) Part 5! Thorn finds out who she is.


Pasts: (Drama/General) Part 6! Thorn and Pixie are thrown into the memories of their past…


Before: (Drama) The tale of Pixie before she became part of the Big Bad 4


My Brother, My Foe: (Drama) A poem about the fight everyone has been waiting for…


Lilim’s Secret: (General) Part 7! We find out more about Lilim…


Another Forest: (General) Part 8! Thorn is getting tired of her surroundings…


Wyvlo's Room: (General) Part 9!


Forgiven: (Drama) Pixie confronts her past…


Swords, Wings and Rain: (General) Part 10! Pixie is faced with a major problem!


Annabee's Bunny: (Drama) A sad side story to the Thorn series. ;_;


Ivory: (General) Part 11! XD


Mnemosyne: (General) Part 12! XD/


To Be Continued: (General) Part 13!!


Continued: (General) Part 14!!


Undine's Tears: (Drama) A short fic about Undine’s awakening.


Aftermath: (General) Part 15!!! Memories of the past come back…


The Price of Vengeance: (General) Part 16!!! Evil Wrackies!!!


Unexpected Intervention: (General) Part 17!!!!


Power of Darkness: (General) Part 18!!! Is this title a foreshadowing?


Disillusions: (General) Part 19!!


Eternity: (General) Part 20!!! O.o There’s no such thing as eternity…


Malfunction: (General) Part 21!!


Insert Title Here: (General) Part 22!! And running out of title ideas! (Just kidding Lauren =)  )


Ancient's Folly: (General) Part 23! Could their folly possibly be…Thorn?


I Swear: (Drama) Big Blue looks upon his master during ‘Tears’


The Phoenix and Mews: (General) Part 24!! Getting close to the end…


The So-Called Final Battle: (General) The last part!!! *In best Pedro from Excel Saga imitation* NOOOOOOOO!!!



Light Wind



The Crazy Day in the Woods: (Comedy) A funny story which basically is…well…a crazy day in the woods! ^^;



Lord Jareth


Inner Flame: (General/Action/Adventure) A dark new series full of magic and adventure! ^_^


Inner Flame Special: “Beer, Potato Chips and TOO MUCH SODA!!” (Comedy) A hilarious side story to her series!


Inner Flame Special #2: Off Set: (Comedy) Behind the scenes of the ‘Inner Flame’ series


The Blue Devils: (General/Action/Adventure) A new series!! ^_^


Dancing With Shadows: (General) The sequel to ‘Inner Flame’


Walking the Trail of Blood: (General/Angst) A Thantos story


Antaeus: (Drama/Action) A story about a guardian of a forest and its loses…                  





Mage of Fire


Reunion: (Comedy) The scariest things about weddings are the guests…



Master Gray Wolf



Howl of GrayWolf: (General/Action/Adventure) Revenge of a Gray Wolf , Love of a Tiger, Wisdom of a Gali, Friendship of a Moochi, Power of a Tyrant, Fire of a Phoenix, Rage of a Basilisk, Courage of a Hopper, Can all together, beat . . . . The evil. . . .Of the dragon lord?


Tiger of Freedom: (General, Action/Adventure) The sequel to ‘Howl of Gray Wolf’


Monster Wonderland: Holly's Merry X-mas: (Comedy/General) A sweet story about Holly’s merry X-mas! ^_^






Open Eyes Through Night's End: (General) A lost man meets Pixie




Magna Mario



No Need for Crossovers: (Comedy) A Tenchi Muyo/MR crossover!


Untitled: (General) A boy enters the world of MR!






Monster Rancher vs Pokemon vs Digimon: (Comedy) ‘Nuff said… ^^;


A New Player: (General) A new series!


Return of the Clear Eyes: (General) Genki returns!


The Beginning: (General) A boy named Tyson joins the crew!


Search: (General) The newest series! ^_^





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