Pokemon vs MR: (Comedy) For all those who hate Pokemon! ^^;


ECCHIIIII: (Comedy) Suezo with a camera is a bad thing.



Paige Jones



Jerry, Jerry!: (Comedy) MR crew resolves their problems on Jerry!!


When I Temporarily and Completely Went Cookoo Nuts: (Comedy) A hilarious crossover story!





None yet







Forgotten Life: (General/Drama) Hare meets his sister…who’s working for Moo!


Grant Me This One Wish: (Drama) Ryan has done it again. A short but VERY sweet story about Holly's P.O.V watching the others slowly die under Moo's evil. ;_;


Things the People from Monster Rancher Would Never Say: (Humor) Let’s hope not… ^.^;;;;


A Warped and Pointless Story: (Humor) A hilarious…well…warped and pointless story! ^^;


A Warped and Pointless Story II: Chronicles of Retardedness: (Humor) The equally hilarious sequel!


Yet Another Warped and Pointless Story: The Finale: (Humor) The ending to the Warped and Pointless story chronicles. Ryan, come back to us!!! XD/





Sailor Mist



Hare's April Fools Day Trick: (Humor) Hare gets in the spirit of the holiday and the others suffer for it.


DRAGON SLAVE!!!: (Humor) The Slayers crew meets the MR crew with the expected results from Lina…



Sailor Anime



Moonlit Night: (Romance) Genki asks Holly an important question and she answers…


I Can: (General/Romance) Mocchi gets jealous that Holly and Genki are together, but…


Have Your Cake: (General/Romance) A hilarious short about a certain couple's wedding day gone wrong! Her sister, Sailor Manga in writing this, helps Sailor Anime!



Sailor Tiger



Brother My Brother: (General/Drama) Another touching Tiger vs Gray Wolf story with a short appearance by the Digimon characters


Is That Your Final Answer???: (Humor) A short and funny story for those of you who are getting sick of a certain game show...



Sailor Luna



Why They Stopped Making MR in America: (Humor) The title says it all…


The Quest Worthwhile: (General) Genki finds the Phoenix to help, but does the Phoenix WANT to help...?


Dont Ask, Just Don't Ask: (Humor) Holly begins her long quest for revenge against Sailor Luna and CP.


Stop Holly!!!: (Humor) The equally funny sequel to "Don't Ask...", the two authors and the crew find themselves in the most horrid place...HOLLY LAND!!


This Is Strange: (Humor) More brownie goodness from the person who started the Holly and brownies joke! ^__^


The evil Person Who Started It All: (Humor) Who made insane Holly...?


Florida Recounts: (Humor) The age-old battle between Bush and Gore…who will win?


The Cookie Trio: (Humor) There's something scarier than insane Holly...and that's the Cookie Trio!!!


Brownies vs Cookies: (Humor) Who will win?!


MR: The New Journey: (General) A new journey with new people! (Featuring the Final Fantasy 9 characters)


TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!!!: (Humor) *CP reads the story* "......" *an hour later* ".......Hey!" MR crew: -_-;;


A Day that Shall Never be Forgotten: (Drama) A beautiful dedication story for 9-11


Questions of the Mentally Challenged: (Humor) An “interview” with the MR characters and the FFIX characters!


Two The Moon!: (Humor) An email gets out of control… o.O


Genki Muyo!: (Humor) More insane Holly! XD/


12 Days of X-mas...Uh...We Think: (Humor) Holiday cheer with the MR crew, FFIX & FFVIII crew


The MST of "The Quest Worth While": (Humor) Sailor Luna MSTs her own fic ^_^;








44th Squadron: (General) A nicely done story about two Pixie friends working for Moo


Full Circle Series: (General) A great new series!


Grief: (Drama) A sad tale of Big Blue and Pixie’s last battle… ;_;


Good Morning: (Romance) A Genki/Pixie story


When You Only Know How to Say Good-Bye In Your Heart: (Drama/General) After Moo’s defeat…


Lost: (Romance/Drama) More Pixie/Big Blue!!! ^_^ v


Sleepless Night: (Romance) Holly ponders her feelings towards…


Absolutely (The Story of a Girl): (Romance/General) My favorite songfic on the site. ^_^


Darkening Skies: (General) Another great series centering on Pixie! (Woo!)


Comrades in Arms: (Drama) Gali’s view on Pixie and Big Blue


Give You Back: (Drama/Romance) A songfic about Granity and her lose…


Let's Give It a Shot: (Romance) StolenSpark is a very brave author. =D <Yuri>






Why Do I Love Him?: (Romance) Hare asks to himself…



Sabriel Angelfire



If Only Tears Could Bring You Back: (Drama/Romance) A really sad shortie… Genki desperately tries to save Holly, but the cruelty of humans and money makes it impossible.



Shadowed Face



When Destiny Calls: (General) A boy begins a journey in the MR world…


Daylight: (Romance) Holly gets a poem from Genki. =)


Year of the Snake: (General) A new year brings thoughts into Genki’s head.










So I Cry: (Drama) A poem from Genki’s POV about the battle with Moo






Monster Farm C: (General) The Death Dragon saga begins!