Test Name Eifersucht-702: (General/Drama) A story about the fate of test subjects.






Monster Park: (Humor) Warrior told me it was a result of a major sugar-high. (Hm, that's funny...that's when I write my stories..) A South Park/Monster Rancher crossover. FUNNY!!


New Pangea: (Action/Adventure) Genki returns to his world to find himself far away from his home... Warrior's great series has all the adventure you desire!!






The Discovery: (Drama/General) Tiger feels like he’s missing something and goes out to find it.


Crystal Souls: (General) A mysterious stranger drops something that may cause trouble for the MR crew…


Untitled: (Drama) Gray Wolf thinks about his brother’s sacrifice…





Yaoi Huntress Earth



Top 10 Things That Happened During a MR/Pokemon Crossover: (Humor) A hilarious top ten list!






Zytrax D’Amour



The Watchmonsters: (General) A team of monsters and Zytrax are watching over the MR crew. Are they good or bad?


Battle of the crossbreeds: (General) A story that begins 11 years before the Courageous Seven fought Moo. But then most of it takes place 8 years after Moo was defeated…