Chapter 1: The Invasion

 "This is KTOX News! We interrupt the broadcast of Cutman’s Cooking Hour to bring you news of an urgent development. We take you live to our broadcast ship flying near Calbania Island for more." The man on the television screen said, and suddenly his image was shifted into a small box to the lower left part of the screen. The main screen was filled with an amazing sight. Calbania Island had almost been completely decimated as something unbelievable large lifted off from it. With wings that stretched as far as 100meters in length, and a main fuselage or body of well over 220meters, it resembled a hawk. However, this hawk was lifting off due not to its own wings, but rather, due to dozens of large pods underneath it, which burned dozens of bright red trails beneath the body as it ascended into the air.

A gasp came from nearby, the blonde woman heard, and with a quick turn of her head, she looked to the green haired girl who sat beside her on the couch. "Our efforts have failed…" the green-haired girl, who looked to be 15 at the most, but was actually thousands of years old, said softly. It was a comment directed toward no one in particular… but, was heard by everyone. "Yuna… we must deal with this new threat. Obviously, the Purifiers in cyberspace have failed to prevent this. We must take them away from the computer and send them to engage the enemy."

The tall, blonde haired woman simply nodded in agreement, standing up from the couch in response. The room had been refurbished to be more comfortable in the past few months… Ever since returning to Terra, the two ex-Mother units had to wait and see if their purifiers could possibly curb the reactivation of the Elder system. The Elder system, known only to a few beings upon the face of Terra, was an ancient system… one which had preceded the Master’s system. Even Yuna and Sera had no idea of the potential lethality of the Elder system until now. "Agreed. We must prepare for this immediately. The lives of the humans are in jeopardy… and this time, even Mega Man Trigger may not be able to stop this alone." Yuna turned to Sera, and Sera nodded, a look of determination crossing her face as she stood up as well, then turned her head to look toward the door with a circular emblem, which had a spike rising above it, against the far wall, before looking back to me. Yuna simply nodded and grinned to her, to which she smiled, and we both ran toward the door. The television, however, was still on.

"A large amount of airships have arrived to attack this ominous, huge reaverbot. Although the famous Sulphur-Bottom has not arrived, as it is halfway around the world now, many large and small airships have gathered to provide some form attack to try and destroy this thing." The voice of the newscaster said. On the screen, several ships could be seen with engines firing in powerful burns, taking them ever closer to the rising reaverbot. Suddenly, powerful ranging blasts emerged from all over the large reaverbot, igniting the sunlit sky with small novas of reddish-orange intensity. The convoy of airships continued undauntedly forward, ready to brave the storm...


"Alright, listen up everyone! We need to get this thing up and running right now!" the loud, ever octave shifting voice went over the intercom. Only 6 beings- himself, his sister, and four of their helping robots manned the control room, which was identical to the original one of his previous airship, the Gesellchaft I, were in the room. While he sat on the command chair, the others sat ahead of him and to either side, evenly spaced out. The dark, purple-black haired girl in front of him turned her head and she grinned. "Soon we’ll be back where we belong Teasel… the air! We’ll be respectable pirates again!" They both laughed at that, and Teasel grinned. It wasn’t a good feeling… being a pirate, and yet not having a ship that they could use as a base, which would allow them to fly as they wished, to wherever they wished to go. Mega Man Volnut, however, had destroyed the Gesellchaft I, after the Bonnes had gone after him for defeating them so many times.

The new Gesellchaft, appropriately named the Gesellchaft II, slowly rose from its moorings at the Bonnes’ secret base. On the western side of the Kalinka Island, the base was forced to go through horrendous snowstorms and blizzards almost the whole year. The Bonnes had been forced to relocate after Mega Man, Roll, and Sera had found their last one (which had been near Calbania Island). Though the beginning weeks were rough, Tron had been able to whip the Kobuns into shape (sometimes literally, which was something that Teasel tried not to think about), and soon enough, they had the base up and running. The area around the base would make people numb almost instantly, and it was with the help of one of Tron’s inventions that they had managed to convert the cold energy of the ice around the base into a source of power for it. This also enabled them to re-energize the refractors that they had managed to salvage from their last battles against Reaverbots… as well as from against Mega Man.

"At least we’re not fighting Mega Man now." Tron spoke up, and the tall, green haired man had to crack a smile. "That’s right, sis. Our target sure isn’t that blue boy this time… We’ve got a much bigger fish to fry now." he said, and then he began to laugh a little. On the screen ahead of us was the television screen (on mute, of course) with the footage of the huge, flying reaverbot. "Can you imagine the size of the refractor that must be used to power that thing? We’ll make millions!" Teasel laughed even more now, and Tron sighed as she realized that she would have to take over for Teasel now. "Okay, everyone… let’s go!" she exclaimed, grinning slightly. The production of this craft had been halted after the relocation of the entire base after Mega Man had escaped last time. Fortunately though, this airship was larger, stronger, and much tougher than the last one… It would take more than Mega Man Trigger to destroy this one!

"Roger!" and with that, the entire Bonne clan was lifted into the air thanks to their largest airship ever- the Gesellchaft II. Four buster gun turrets lined each side, bomb release hatches lined the bottom ‘spine,’ and two large, green particle blasters rounded out the weaponry as the ship flew toward the target which they could even see from there, as the snowstorm began to subside. "I wonder if Mega Man will be there…" Tron whispered to herself, even as she held the steering sticks in her hand. With a twist of both sticks, the Gesellchaft II turned slowly, setting the craft on a course directly toward the target.


"Roll! Can’t we go any faster? We need to get there fast!" the young, dark haired kid exclaimed, even as he looked out the circular window of the equipment room. He already knew that Roll was making the engines go as fast as they could, but this kid was getting very impatient. Even as he pulled the blue Link Omega Armor on, he shivered at the cold metal feel, and then he sighed in relief. The armor had bonded to his skin now, which meant that whatever the armor took, he would also feel. This was exactly what bionic armor like this would do. Then, with a look around, he smiled, taking inventory of the weapons at his disposal. The Machine Buster, Vacuum arm, as well as the Missile launcher and his most powerful weapon, the Shining laser, were all in attendance. There were others, of course, but they were used only sparingly. Of the others, only the Ground Hunter was occasionally used.

Sera and Yuna, back on Elysium, had warned me about the Elder system. Thanks to their efforts and the systems available on that space station, they had been able to delay the Elder System from breaking past the surface and the ruins. However, without the sophisticated systems that had been available on the station, it had been only a matter of time before the Elder system revived from its long slumber. No one knew exactly what the system was capable of, but Mega Man certainly hadn’t expected anything like this. He’d never had to take on a Reaverbot the size of an entire island before! Ones as large as several buildings, no problem. He’s done that before. A reaverbot that was the size of a Skyscraper? Well, the Gesellchaft I was close enough to that size. But an island? How could he possibly have the firepower to deal with it?

"I don’t… I’m gonna need some help." The blue armored boy said to himself, even as he pulled on his boots. The shoes were equipped with his jet skates, which helped him to move much faster than he could walk or run. Dashing was the only way to get places, he thought, which made him smile a little. His boots were also equipped with the Jump springs he had gotten on Kattlelox Island. Roll had forgotten about them when selling off his equipment to raise enough money for the Flutter’s new engine, and he had been able to keep them. "Glad she forgot about ‘em," he muttered, and then he reached for the armor for his arms. First was his buster gun arm. Sliding it onto his left arm, he nodded as he felt the connecting sting on his whole arm, which indicated that the armor had bonded. With a start, he realized he hadn’t even felt the leg armor bond, to which he smiled. It was becoming much easier to deal with the stings, to ignore them, he found. Finally, he slipped the upper right arm armor up and onto his arm. As the sting died away, he reached for the final piece to add- the lower arm armor. Sliding it on as well, he didn’t notice the sting as he looked to his choices for weapons.

"Ground Crawler." He decided, reaching for the strangely designed weapon. It had been the first to be fully upgraded, as it had been cheap (compared to other weapons) to upgrade. It did pack quite a bit of firepower, as well. And it rolled along the ground. Although they were in the air, if he could at least get onto the reaverbot, he could stand in place and let the GC weapon do its job. If not… "and Homing Missiles" he said to himself, pulling the missile launcher out and onto his back, slinging it into place. It was simple enough to change from weapon to weapon, he knew from experience. He didn’t take the Shining laser because it was better that the enemy knew less about him, rather than learning of his most powerful abilities.

"Rock, calm down. We’ll be there in less than an hour. Relax!" she said over the intercom, and the armor-clad youngster sighed softly. Roll didn’t know anything about the Elder system. In fact the only people on Terra who did know anything about the Elder System was Mega Man Trigger himself, Yuna, and Data. Data, however, wasn’t about to tell anybody about that, while Yuna and Sera had been locked up within the Forbidden Island’s Reaverbot-factory facility for the past few months. Only Sera had known much of anything about the Elder System. After the Master’s system was in place, the Elder System had been relegated to a back-up purpose in the scheme of things. The Master’s system had been devised after experimentation had been done with the Elder system. In essence, the Elder system could be called a prototype compared to the recently deceased (finally) Master’s system.

This giant Elderbot… yes, that might be the best term for it. That thing must be destroyed. There may even be more than just that one. A flying battleship… and a dozen of such things could completely annihilate the carbons on this planet. It was something that Yuna had learned, as had Mega Man and even the Master himself had learned about life as well. The Betas on this planet, more commonly known as carbons, had been created by the Master’s original human race. Although the carbons could not be completely called humans, as the original ones lived high above the planet, they experienced life much more fully. They felt pain, sorrow, and despair. The humans above would live in harmony: no diseases, no pain, no suffering, not even death… and yet, they had lost something that had been proven vital to their existence early on. Their humanity itself had been lost. The carbons on Terra, however, had claimed that humanity as their own… and they alone were able to feel true happiness compared to their human ancestors living above them in space.

Mega Man shook his head, and looked above to the steel-gray ceiling of the Flutter. He couldn’t allow such a world to happen at the cost of his friends and family. Especially not at the cost of which would be required to bring back the original humans. There was an old word that best described such attacks on an entire race of beings, he rememberd. "Genocide."

Trigger nodded once, looking back in the direction of the control room. He wouldn’t allow that to happen. The fact that he wasn’t fully human didn’t affect him at all. He was human enough, raised as one, fought as one… Trigger had a family. Roll and Gramps, though not his real family (he had no clue if he ever really did have a family), had become his family, ever since Barrel Caskett had found him in the Nino Island’s ruins. "I will protect… everyone." He whispered to himself, and his mind raced as images of the many people he had met went through his mind. Roll, Barrel, Data, Teasel Bonne, Bomb Bonne, Tron Bonne were all there, along with the others whom he had saved in his travels. The entire island of Kattlelox had been saved due not to him, but by Data. Mega Man may have defeated Juno (who had also had the name Mega Man, strangely), but it had been Data, with his knowledge of the system, who had shut down the program that had been started.

Trigger shook his head before smiling a little, thinking upon better times. The time spent on the way back to the planet had been great, he thought. All of us working together… and then, his thoughts returned to the Servitors. Gaga had been destroyed by Jiji, who then attacked me in an attempt to get the keys for Mistress Sera. I defeated Jiji, but then he had charged at me. Mega Man’s eyes closed as I remembered the searing pain that had burned throughout my body for a brief time… and then, I had simply shut down. When I awoke again, I had memories of things I had no clue of before.

The memory of rebelling against the system of both Elysium and Terra. The memory of my first fight between the mother unit and myself designated as Sera, and the result. Then, of course, there had been the memory of the Master himself. He had given Mega Man the DNA coding of the original humans, the ones who had, at one time perhaps, had lived on the surface of Terra. The Master’s Genetic code was still within him, he remembered. The cost of not denying the system would have been much greater than if he had gone along with it, he realized… the toll on the Betas of Terra would have been astronomical. "It’ll never happen" he swore, and then he stepped to the door with the old fashioned steering wheel on it, and swung it open as he entered the control room of the Flutter.

"Mega Man! Good, you’re here now!" Roll said, looking back over her shoulder to look at her adopted brother. She had placed her entire faith on him as she had helped him decide in his debate of whether or not to destroy the system. Mega Man couldn’t stand the thought of losing his sister… the only person who had placed so much faith in him, ever. While Roll was his sister, he couldn’t help but to think of the other person who had been instrumental in his success. The past few years seemed like tests to prepare him for this, he thought to himself. First, it was the Main Gate on Kattlelox Island, not to mention the Bonnes themselves. Then, it had been the race for the keys only ¾ of a year ago. Fighting pirates and reaverbots had never been easy… but then again, what choice did he have at the time? Suddenly, Mega Man’s thoughts were interrupted as Roll spoke again.

"Mega Man… look at that! The airships… they’re being knocked out like flies!" she said quietly, gazing through the window ahead of her to see the same nova-like explosions… this time, they were accompanied by pieces of metal and parts of airships. Several were falling toward the sea, trails of flame and smoke following them. Parachutes filled the sky as the crews of fallen airships abandoned their aircraft. One airship, an old, worn down one, didn’t even have time to fall. It simply blew up and disintegrated in midair. Fortunately, the crew managed to get out, it looked like. Suddenly, a warning siren sounded throughout the Flutter, and Roll spun the wheel hard to the right, even as a huge green airship maneuvered its way right next to the Flutter. Both Mega Man and Roll turned to the side window to see the new ship… and they gasped in surprise at the emblem they saw there. "I…it’s the Bonnes!" Mega Man said, and he shook his head. Unknown to him, Roll had shaken her head at the same time, hardly believing this.

Shots flew from the front of the skull-like protrusion of the green craft. They were green particle blasts, the two kids saw. Mega Man shivered slightly, knowing what it was like to be the recipient of such firepower. His hand absently rubbed his armor-clad chest as he remembered taking a blast or two of that sort of attack from the hands of the Marlwolf, or even from the original Gesellchaft. They packed quite a wallop… but what could the Bonnes hope to do against a Reaverbot that was size, even with their powerful particle blasters?


"What do you think, Tron? Think we got their attention?" Teasel asked, grinning at how close they had come to the Flutter without Mega Man or Roll seeming to notice. It had been fun… watching the Flutter from afar on a direct course toward the huge reaverbot. All the while, the Gesellchaft II had steadily drawn closer, thanks to its larger and more powerful engines. As soon as they had gotten within range with the particle blasters, they moved up very close to the Flutter, all thanks to Tron’s flying. She had parked them just ahead of the Flutter and matched that airship’s speed, to provide cover support for the weaponless craft. Suddenly, Tron turned to Teasel.

"Teasel, we need to launch the Draches now! We’ll be in range of the Reaverbot’s shots soon, so we better launch now." She said, and then stood up. Teasel simply nodded to her, and then turned to the crew of four kobuns who were on the bridge. Tron grinned, and ran out of the room, heading back toward the launch bay, even as Teasel picked up the microphone calmly. However, his voice wasn’t quite so calm. "This is Teasel Bonne to all Draches! Launch the attack! Launch the attack now! All gunners to your stations! This is not a drill, so everyone look lively. We’re goin’ after that Reaverbot’s refractor, and we’re gonna go in fast and hit hard! Let’s do it!"

All the while as Teasel rallied the troops, Tron ran down the hallway and all the way into the back room. Originally designed as only the torture room, she thought to herself… and she shook her head, even as her mind tried to bring back memories of her plans to deal with Mega Man herself within that room. Originally designed as the torture room, it had been converted into mecha bay for the mecha she had created. The Gustaff III was her newest achievement, other than the Gesellchaft II. The first two, having been destroyed, had made way to the creation of the third in her line of mecha. The mecha had been enhanced in pretty much every way. However, the mecha bay also contained another creation. The BlumeJet, created a month or two ago, had been used when Tron had finally captured Mega Man as they had arrived back on Terra. This jet, however, was of the same design… yet, was also three times the size. Tron jumped onto the back of the craft and popped the cockpit hatch open, before disappearing within it.

The hatch closing behind her, and then sealed with a slight whine, Tron grinned as she flipped several switches. "Refractor power on, shields up… Raising the back hatch…" she said to herself, smiling as all the systems turned out to be okay. The entire back area of the mecha bay had just been locked into place, closing a blast barrier behind the BlumeJet. Then, with a gaping maw, the back end of the Gesellchaft II slowly opened to allow Tron to leave the ship. "This is Tron in the BlumeJet! Teasel, have the Draches launched yet?" she asked over the ship-to-ship communications frequency, which was shared only by the BlumeJet and the Gesellchaft II. "Tron, all the Draches have launched. You’re clear to launch as well. Good luck… and be careful out there, sis." Teasel said, his voice remaining somewhat calm as he spoke. Tron smiled warmly at Teasel’s directions. "You be careful too, big brother. I’m taking off now!" and with that, she punched the engines into full, and the Jet flew out of the Gesellchaft’s large mecha bay.

Flying over and then with a spin, Tron managed to bring her jet onto a course heading toward the Giant Reaverbot. The reaverbot slowly began to turn now, she saw… and then she could make out what seemed to be the thing’s head. It was massive! It was almost the entire size of the Gesellchaft itself! "Wow… I’m impressed," was all Tron managed to say, before noticing several more explosions before her. Pressing a button, Tron’s fighter began to pick up altitude as it made its way up and forward, even as her family’s forces flew straight toward the large reaverbot. "This is Tron Bonne to all surviving airships! I suggest you get outta there… We’re about to take this thing out. Tron out!" she exclaimed over the multi-ship frequency. Her thoughts were partly on the reaverbot ahead of her… yet, some of her thoughts lingered upon her family, as well as her two enemies in the ship beside the Gesellchaft II- Mega Man and Roll.

Tron’s features etched into one of concentration, and as she held the controls in her hands, she flicked the weapon ports of the fighter open. Six total Vulcan cannons extended somewhat from the crafts’ wings- three in each. Two more ports opened up beneath the fuselage, at which she smiled. "This is Tron to all Draches! Open the special weapon ports! Prepare to fire on my command!" she said to her family of kobuns below her as they all flew steadily onward. ‘This one’s for the Bonnes… and Mega Man!’ she thought to herself, her eyes glued onto the massive reaverbot which now faced them. In the back of Tron’s mind, she realized that for some reason, the Reaverbot hadn’t fired its buster weapons at them yet for some reason, but she didn’t register that fact. A few seconds ticked by before the targeting solution acquired itself, and then…. "Fire!"

Chapter 2: First Strike

 A large, purple-red blast was shot out just as Tron said that. The Draches fell out of formation, and Tron’s BlumeJet itself had been knocked off course. The energy blast had emanated from the reaverbot, and had lanced straight towards the Gesellchaft II. The energy beam caught a glancing blow on the Gesellchaft’s right stabilizer as Teasel managed to take it out of harms way. Of course, the wake itself from the energy blast had been enough to knock Roll and Mega Man back against the far wall in the Flutter, and both sat there for a second as they collected themselves. "Wow… I never knew something like that could be done!" Roll said, stumbling a little as she slowly started to stand up. Mega Man stood as well, helping Roll to her feet. His armor had absorbed most of the impact against the wall, and he was pretty much fine. Roll had lost her hat, and would have a few bruises… but would be otherwise fine as well.

"So it wants to play that way, does it? Well then, let’s fight back!" Roll exclaimed, moving to take her position at the controls once again. Mega Man walked over, and set an armored hand upon he shoulder gently. "Um… Roll? The Flutter isn’t armed, remember?" he said softly, and he shook his head sadly. When Roll said nothing, he looked back to her with a curious look on his face. "Roll? Are you okay?" Mega Man asked, which was then followed by Roll’s looking at him with a grin.

"Well, Mega Man… I forgot to tell you, but the Flutter isn’t defenseless anymore. When you went up to that space station… Elysium, right? Anyway, I installed your old Powered Buster on the Flutter. Not only do we have firepower… we have lots of it!" Roll said, and she laughed a little. Mega Man just stood there stunned… What was worse? Having thought that all his weapons had been sold by Roll… or the fact that she went and installed his most powerful weapon on this airship?

"Roll…are you sure it’ll work? I mean, it is about a year and a half old, you know." Rock asked, to which Roll shrugged. "Only one way to tell, right?" she said, to which Mega Man groaned and shook his head. "You mean… you mean, it’s untested? Roll… Don’t tell me we’re actually gonna…!" Mega Man got knocked back into the far wall again as Roll kicked the engines to a higher pitch, bringing her ship ahead of the Gesellchaft II and began flying faster toward the Reaverbot. "We’re going in, Mega Man… Hang on!"


Tron on the other hand, was a bit shaken up by that super-charged particle blast. Shaking her head and grinning, she noticed a sudden increase in speed from one of the airships behind her on her radar. She immediately recognized the signature. "What are they doing? That ship isn’t armed. Only Mega Man fights anyway… what is Roll thinking?" she said to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. Checking on the status of her Draches, she sighed in relief as she saw that none of them had been lost, but all of them had been damaged severely. "All Draches, return to the Gesellchaft II! I’ll go on ahead and attack this thing. Teasel, you get out of here! Try and get the Flutter out of here too, please." She said, and then turned off her communications as she looked back to the head of the flying reaverbot. It was huge, even at this distance.

Tron shook her head again, and then managed to regain that determined look in her eyes. She grinned as she saw the targeting system reacquire her target, and she punched in the engines to go even faster than before. She was only several thousand meters away now, and was closing a few meters every second. Within a moment or two, she would be almost right in it. "Bonne Torpedoes away!" she cried, and she slammed her thumbs down onto the triggers. Two missile-like projectiles dropped out of the weapon ports under her fuselage, and then they picked up speed as their thrusters punched in. A second later, another pair was fired, and then another a second after those. Soon, a total of one dozen torpedoes slammed forward as Tron banked up and at an angle as she found herself almost on top of the Reaverbot.

Unable to keep an eye on the torpedoes she’d fired now, she piloted the BlumeJet over the expansive landscape of the giant reaverbot. Amazingly, a bunch of Zakoben and turreted buster guns burst from dozens of ports on top of the reaverbot and started to attack the BlumeJet. Tron, managing to maneuver between buster gun attacks and the bombs that were launched by dozens of Zakoben, managed to press the index finger triggers as she wove her way through the storm of bombs and energy. The six Vulcan guns on her craft opened fire as she held down the triggers, and they slammed into the Zakoben, turrets, and the top hull of the craft. The BlumeJet shuddered wildly as a few buster gun shots hit, a few bombs exploded in midair near the jet, and from the explosions that took place ahead of her from her own firepower. Flying through a rather large explosion, she knew that she couldn’t go much higher or faster before the craft would come apart at the seams, and she knew that she needed to get the heck outta there.

Thinking fast, she slowed the craft down before starting to turn around. The BlumeJet rocked and shuddered as it took a lot of damage in the turn, mostly from the buster gun shots. With a swift kick to the front of the acceleration pedal, Tron made the adjustment from vulcan guns firing straight to making them point downwards. Climbing ever so slightly higher, she pushed down hard on the pedal, making her go as fast as possible, while still holding down the gun triggers. Raining destruction upon the top of the Reaverbot, Tron began to wonder when this thing would be behind her, instead of below her. "I hope I can make it out of this…"

Suddenly, the damage done to the craft was too much, and Tron was forced to scramble out of the cockpit, and she jumped even as the BlumeJet crash-landed onto the back of the giant reaverbot, blasting a large hole into the thing. Tron blacked out as she hit the rock-hard armor of the reaverbot, and then could neither hear nor see anything.


"Tron? Tron! Come in Tron! Come back!" Teasel yelled hysterically, as Tron was lost from sight as she went in on an attack run against the huge Reaverbot. He couldn’t believe what he’d just seen… his own little sister was actually flying on top of that thing! "Continue firing the particle blasters! Get the Turret guns online! We’re going in! Provide cover fire for the Flutter!" he screamed, and then sat back in the chair suddenly. "I’m gonna have nightmares about this day for weeks now!" he muttered, holding a hand to his forehead and then shaking his head slowly. Little did he know of the relief help that was going to be coming up soon… and not from a source anyone would expect.

The Gesellchaft II followed Tron in, firing the dual particle blasters straight at the Reaverbot. The torpedoes that Tron had launched had actually slammed straight into the large, red eye that had fired the purple-red particle beam. Unfortunately, they hadn’t even made a dent in the Reaverbot’s armor. And even now, as the Gesellchaft was much closer to the target, the particle blasts that it fired wasn’t doing any noticeable damage. "At this rate, we’ll run out of energy before we even scratch that things paint job!" Teasel muttered, and then quickly stood up as he noticed two more objects enter the radar screen. They were small, fast… and very strange. The signature registered as a human airship, but the energy readings were too strange to be one. "Just what are those things?" he asked himself, even as the two objects split from their formation, one converging with the Gesellchaft II… and the other with the Flutter.

"Would someone please tell me what the heck is goin’ on around here?" he screamed out in frustration. Though he enjoyed complex plans, he absolutely hated surprises… especially on days like these. "Can this day get any stranger?" he asked himself, and then he blinked as he noticed a red light flash on his command console. Pressing it, he listens for the expected high-pitched voice on the other end. Instead, he is surprised to hear another voice that he hadn’t heard for quite a while now…


A large, loud thud was heard as something landed on the top deck of the Flutter. Both Roll and Mega Man looked up to the ceiling rather quickly, very surprised at the sound. It hadn’t been an explosion or lethal impact- in fact, it almost sounded like… Three powerful taps were heard as they looked at the ceiling. "Um… I think someone wants in…" Roll said softly, to which Mega Man nodded in agreement. "Guess so. I’ll go see… Ack!" and as he said that, he turned to the ladder in the back of the room, only to look up as the hatch opened and a figure jumped on down. Mega Man hit the floor with a crash, glad that he had slipped his armor on earlier. At least he wouldn’t be hurting too much by this, he thought, even as he looked over his shoulder. He winced as the figure stepped off of his prone body, and then he yelped in pain as yet another, figure dropped down onto him, and this one was much heavier than the first one. The hatch above was automatically closed, and then locked, as Roll pressed a button off to the side.

"Jiji! Get off of Trigger. It is impolite to stand on top of your host." The green haired girl said, and almost immediately, the being that had been standing on Mega Man’s back got off of him. With the weight gone, Rock slowly stood up, and then stepped back, gasping in surprise at the person he saw before him. The green-haired girl couldn’t help but to giggle as she noticed the surprise in Mega Man’s face. What she hadn’t seen, however, was Jiji’s reaction to the sound of his mistress giggling. He had gasped as well, and held a hand to his head, a little confused by the situation. "Sera? What are you doing here?" Roll asked, her voice a little high pitched, even as she managed to avoid a reddish-orange blast from the giant reaverbot ahead of them. She looked back for a moment and gasped, seeing the older-looking man that was there as well before returning to steering the Flutter again. Mega Man shook his head, even while looking at the Servitor in its human mode. ‘Th… this… is impossible!’ he thought silently, almost dreading this fact. This being had nearly killed him… and now… now, he was back!

"Well, Yuna and I are here to help you carbons against the Elder System. That giant reaverbot isn’t going to be stopped easily, you know. You carbons will need some help." Sera said simply, and she raised a tanned hand to Jiji. "This is why we rebuilt our Servitors. The fact that they are our Servitors made it simple to re-integrate their memories with their previous ones… We Mother units have a tie with our Servitors, which enables us to create back-up copies of our Servitors memories…" she said softly, and then closed her eyes as she breathed in slowly, then exhaled just as slowly. "Jiji and Gaga have been reconstructed so that we might fight alongside Trigger. Between the Servitors and Trigger, there has been no force strong enough to deal with them besides these three."

Jiji simply nodded to this, keeping to himself mostly. Mega Man could only nod slightly, and smile, determining what it was that Jiji was thinking about. ‘Most likely, it was thinking about the change in behavior that its mistress had undergone since I destroyed him,’ Rock told himself, and he nodded slightly. "Sera, is there any others… any others like me?" Mega Man asked softly. To this, Jiji looked to him and answered for her. "Yes, there are, but they are in the process of being re-conditioned and updated at this time. It will take a minimum of 3 days, possibly more, before the Purifier units are brought online." Sera smiled, and nodded at that comment. "That’s right. There are very few 1st class Purifier units such as yourself, Trigger. So, we have had to re-condition older Purifier models… mostly the 3rd and 4th class units, and upgrade them with new abilities. Like you, they are part organic… Unlike you, however, they do not have your experiences on the surface of Terra. They have retained their original memories from several thousand years ago."

Rock took this in with a nod, and he smiled a little. It was almost like having a real family… but they were not familiar to him. They never would be. Shaking his head a little, he looked back to Jiji with a curious look in his eyes. Sera saw this and grinned a little at Trigger. "Yuna and I reconstructed both Jiji and Gaga at the Reaverbot factory on Forbidden Island. It took a while because the factory wasn’t suited for creating Servitor units. But, they were finally finished just last week." She explained, and Jiji nodded in agreement. "Trigger… I wish to apologize for my actions in my previous life," Jiji said. Even though the Servitor showed no remorse, either in his facial features, eyes, or voice, Mega Man knew that Jiji meant it. Trigger nodded in response, and grinned slightly. "I’m just glad we’re fighting on the same side now." Mega Man said, and he hefted the Ground Crawler weapon onto his right arm. It slid back, and with a click, he knew that it was now grafted onto the armor. Gripping the handle within the weapon with his right hand, he stretched it out a little, all while keeping the safety on.

Sera nodded to this, even as an explosion rocked the airship, which caused her to stagger toward the wall. Jiji, however, stepped behind his mistress, and caught her before she hit it. Mega Man smiled as those two shared a brief, warm glance at each other, and then looked back outside. "Mega Man, I’m bringing the Powered Buster online. If you’re gonna go, then you better go now!" Roll exclaimed, even as her right thumb pushed the end of the steering wheel up, exposing a trigger on it. "Got it!" Mega Man exclaimed, and he turned to the ladder, and went up a few rungs before looking back down to Jiji and Sera. "Sera, you’d better stay onboard. Roll may need some help, despite what she may say. It’ll be safer here, too." Rock said, to which Jiji nodded in agreement. "Trigger is correct, Mistress Sera. You would be safer here than with me. Please stay here until we deal with this Reaverbot."

Sera nodded, and sighed a little bit before looking back up to them. "You two be careful… and Jiji, I don’t want to lose you a second time. You had better be very careful, alright?" she said softly, smiling a little bit to both the Purifier and her Servitor unit. Mega Man nodded in agreement, and grinned. "Don’t worry… I’ll make sure Jiji comes back, Sera." Jiji also nodded, and smiled reassuringly to Sera. "Yes, mistress Sera." And with that, he and Mega Man ascended the ladder, soon finding themselves outside on the top deck of the Flutter.


"Teasel Bonne. This is Yuna. I am the one who helped Mega Man defeat the person who wanted to destroy everyone on this planet. I also have news regarding your sister. She has lost the aircraft she had been flying, and is now on the Reaverbot. I am taking the armor I have found in here. From what I have learned, she is good with machines, and can use this thing. Gaga and I will be attempting to destroy that Reaverbot. Do not try to stop us." The clear-voiced woman said. Despite her hair color, she was very intelligent, and had already come up with a plan to destroy the Reaverbot… unfortunately, with Tron on the Reaverbot in question, it complicated things immensely.

"Listen here, Yuna, I don’t take kindly to threats! But, since you say Tron’s on that thing… Take the Gustaff III. She can help you guys when in that." Teasel’s octave-changing voice said. In the control room, Teasel sighed softly. "That little… she must’ve come in through the mecha bay Tron used earlier…" he said to himself, and then he sighed. Suddenly, the airship was rocked violently, as the Gesellchaft was hit by several buster shots. "That’s it! Come on everybody! Tron got shot down by that thing, and we aren’t gonna let it get away with it! Full speed ahead! Dang the plasma blasts and that particle beam! Fire at will! The Bonnes don’t lose to anybody! CHARGE!!!"


Yuna stood astride Gaga as the servitor took the green and white colored powered armor in its claws carefully. "I apologize, Mistress Yuna. This unit will have problems flying quickly with such a heavy load." Gaga explained, with a regretful sound in its voice. "That is alright, Gaga. We’ll just go slowly then. We will need all the help we can get when we get to that reaverbot. Let us hope we can get to its center." Yuna replied, even as she felt the sudden lurch forward that the Gesellchaft II made. "It appears that this carbon’s ship is going to fight with the reaverbot head to head." Gaga commented, even as Yuna hopped onto his platform-like back. Gaga then lifted off, his claws straining to keep aloft with the load it carried.

"Yes, it does seem that way…" Yuna murmured, and then she looked towards the Flutter, which was not far away. She grinned as she noticed Jiji and Mega Man Trigger there, and with a shift of her weight to indicate where to go, she directed Gaga to fly over toward them. "This is Yuna to the Flutter… Roll, get out of here while you still can!" she exclaimed into the com-wrist band she wore on her arm. Yuna smiled as the Flutter visible maneuvered away, even as Mega Man jumped onto Jiji’s back. The Servitor was now in its battle form, she saw. It was a golden version of her own Gaga, and it flew with quiet speed and agility as it flew towards her position.

"Mistress Yuna, this unit gives you greetings on behalf of itself and Mistress Sera." The voice said as soon as they got close enough, and Mega Man grinned as he looked to Yuna, and then to Gaga. "Hello, Yuna." Mega Man said, even as he glanced toward the ominous reaverbot. "Mega Man Trigger… You’d better be careful with Jiji. I’d hate to see anything happen to either of you." Yuna said, winking to both of the units beside her Servitor. "Now, let’s ascend… we have to go save Tron, and then defeat that thing. To do that, we have to get inside of it." Sera explained, even as both Servitors began to ascend in altitude, dodging the slow buster gunshots easily. Then, Mega Man looked behind him and to the left a little, and gasped in surprise. "The Gesellchaft…" he whispered to himself, even as he watched the exchanging attacks between the green ship and the reaverbot.

The Gesellchaft loomed ever closer to the Reaverbot, firing everything it had at the target. The particle blasters, the turreted cannons, and even missiles and torpedoes were being fired, having very little, if any effect on the Reaverbot’s shell. Conversely, the Reaverbot’s own shots weren’t doing much damage to the Gesellchaft II. ‘Its armor was much stronger than the original Gesellchaft’s,’ Rock thought, as he watched the two crafts fire shots at each other. Slowly, the Reaverbot’s large red eye began to flare into a brighter, darker color, turning the eye to a purple color. A large amount of energy began pooling in front of it, and he could see the Gesellchaft begin to decline in altitude slowly, to try and escape the attack. The purple-red beam was then unleashed, arcing directly toward the Gesellchaft II. The beam slammed full-bore into the ship’s left engine, and a large amount of smoke and fire sprouted from the hit. The nose of the Gesellchaft point downward even more than before, as it began to fall from the sky. Mega Man sighed, and then held onto the spike on Jiji’s head as the storm of buster gunfire started up again, most aiming toward him and Yuna.

With a determined look, Mega Man looked back up toward the Reaverbot ahead of them. This was the first time he’d actually been scared of something like this… not since that dig before Kattelox Island, had he gazed at a Reaverbot with fear. The guardians of the ruins whom he’d destroyed before were nothing compared to this. They were child’s play. Even the large, 3 or 5 story tall reaverbot he’d fought in the Saul-Kada City ruins hadn’t scared him this much (it had, however, made him a little queasy when it restored its power by drinking lava). "Well now…" Mega Man said softly, gazing at the thing as he kept his hold on the spike on Jiji’s head. "Here we go!" And with that, both Servitor units banked upward sharply, one carrying a somewhat large suit of armor after it. Both the occupants hung on for dear life, both with a look of determination as the Servitors charged up their own blasters.