This is a fanfic series still in the works, by myself and 47.  It is a sequel for both her 'Illogical' series and my 'Terra' series.  Hope ya like it!

-Battle for Terra-

The Elder War

By 47 & Macrossgrn

Foreword by Macrossgrn:

I really hadn’t expected the success that came with some of my fanfics. Return to Terra and Rescue on Terra were my first real breakthroughs when it came to writing fan fiction. I borrowed concepts from many people (most notable the writer known as CP), and I found success with it. I attribute this to my long-time standing as a Mega Man fan- I’ve been a fan since Mega Man 2. When I learned of anime, I was hooked (that was during my Battletech days… which, coincidentally, was about the same time I created my first descriptive short story). After learning of Robotech, I became a complete Anime fanatic… or would the word for that be Otaku? Anyway, I was forced to watch the Mega Man cartoons when I could (my favorites were always the episode where Mega Man X came to the past, and the episode that showed Mega Man’s beginnings). I knew that the X series could be so much better for an anime movie.

That was when I heard of a 3D Mega Man game. First code-named Dash, then Neo, then Nova, and then finally Legends (so sue me, I’ve probably forgotten one or two others), this series had me interested. I’d only thought about such a game before. Mega Man in a 3D world, able to interact with the scenery and other people. I was 18 at the time, and had just moved to Utah. This game had me hooked as soon as I got it. The scenery, the town (Free rides on the back of a moving truck! Yes!), and most of all, the characters… All these drew me to the game. Two years later, I’d bought MML2. I was only disappointed in one regard- Mega Man’s voice. Ever since MM8, I’d hated Mega Man’s voice. At least in Legends, he sounded like a young boy. Now, he sounds like Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon?! Sheesh! Of course, the Misadventures of Tron Bonne (MoTB) had come between the two MML games, and I was impressed. I’d tried niche games before… Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (how I wish I kept that game now… hindsight is 20:20, no?), Thousand Arms, and many others. However, Tron Bonne was the best niche game I’ve ever played. Period. Bar none.

Flash-forward to the end of the year 2000. Working in Taco Bell in Utah, they began to short me hours slowly. Around this time, I found CP’s Monster Rancher Fan Fiction Archive, and then Now, other than the Mega Man series, I am also a big Monster Rancher fan. I began writing fiction for Monster Rancher (A New Player was my very first series). Then, I switched over to Mega Man Legends series. I began with the tentatively titled ‘First Dig’ series to begin with (which I have since switched the name to The New Diggers (TND) series), and then I came up with the major breakthrough. Sure, I’d done a few mediocre fanfics… everyone does at some point, right? Well, I thought this one was just one of those mediocre ones. Boy, was I ever surprised. The begging, the pleading… the constant e-mails and threats on message boards… All for a sequel to this one story?

Back to Terra. This single fanfic seemed to put me on the map in the Mega Man community. At least, for those who know of Mega Man Legends. Taking place after the events of MML2, I tried to keep the atmosphere of the games without sacrificing anything. I could only have hoped to succeed, having never done anything of this caliber before. Absolutely no new fan-made characters, which I am fond of using, were used in that fic. Instead, I focused on the main characters of the games: Mega Man Trigger (whom I had re-named Rock Volnut, because it sounds better than to have people call him Mega Man so much), Tron Bonne (the girl with a crush on Rock… and yet, fights him with every turn), and Roll Caskett (the mechanical genius who helps/develops/creates weapons and items for Mega Man).

The response was simply amazing. I, who had never taken a reading class, and hated English classes big time, had created something that people actually enjoyed reading. Liz, the maintainer of DASH 2000, gave me a great review (that was before she became unable to access the Internet much… and Liz, if you read this, use Juno!). Others loved it as well. I don’t know why… *glances over his shoulder, and the whip cracks as he continues typing* Anyway. Heh…

I got so much support from the people who read the fic that it got me thinking. I originally hadn’t planned a sequel. I wanted to see other people write a sequel on their own. That never happened… instead, I had people begging and clawing at me (in message boards and in e-mails… o.O;) for a sequel. Finally, I gave in. I wrote up Rescue on Terra, based about 5 seconds after the events of the ending of Back to Terra. I knew I couldn’t capture the charm of the first completely once again… That was why I didn’t want to make a sequel. After I heard from others how good it was, I knew it would be impossible to create a sequel that would live up to the original. Just take a look at so many sequels to original movies- most never equal the originals, let alone surpasses them. There are a few exceptions, of course, but they are rare.

But, I digress (that means, I’m just muttering now). I left pretty much no tie-ins for a sequel with Rescue on Terra. However, there had been one, tiny, insignificant (or so I thought) tie-in that I had decided to neglect. The Servitors, Yuna and Sera’s companions/guardians who were destroyed in MML2 were the only tie-ins that I had left. Geetz and Gaatz, or whatever you’d like to call them (Jiji and Gaga, perhaps). Perhaps it was unavoidable, but the tie-in has been addressed. Guess what? You’re not going to believe this one! Get ready for round three!

Miss 47 has brought me back from my semi-retirement from the Mega Man Legends fanfics. She E-mailed me with an awesome idea… I couldn’t refuse it. It could be so great… as long as it is done correctly. 47 has written a series called Illogical, dealing almost exclusively with Sera and Jiji’s interaction during the very beginning, as well as the very end, of the Mega Man Legend’s history. From the days of the Master, to the days of Mega Man Trigger’s saving the entire world, her series completely encompasses the Mega Man Legends world. And then, right after that… was my series. The ‘Terra’ fanfic series. These two fanfics single-handedly (or would that be double-handedly?) got me an instant following of readers… or, that’s what I’d like to think, anyway.

Miss 47 E-mailed me with an amazing idea that I thought I’d never be asked to do. I’d thought about it before, but I dismissed it, doubting that it could easily be done… but as I said before, it’s time for round three. This time, however, there are 2 authors. 47 and I are collaborating on a brand new series, based on our two original ones. I hope you enjoy… and I must apologize for the length of my foreword. I simply wished to tell of the history behind my part of this fanfic. Please note that this is not written to try and make you people sorry for making me write Rescue on Terra… Instead, thank you for making me do that. I needed something to do anyway! :P

Foreword by 47

Hello, dear readers. I am the fanfic author of many names. To those on FF.NET and the MML message board on DASH!, I am known as 47 ("47" being the oft-recurring number on Star Trek: The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine/Voyager, some of my favorite TV shows). To those on most message boards and a few webmasters and fic writers I've e-mailed, I am known as "QuickCheetah". And to the rest of the people I've e-mailed, and everyone on AOL, I am Lioness470. (That's the trouble with all these handles. Basic intro takes an eternity.) I'm not going into as much detail as Macrossgrn did, but I will let you in on how I got to writing this fic.

In a nutshell, my lifelong love of video games began when I was six, and my babysitter's son was playing with this new-fangled thing called a "NES". I was intrigued, so I begged my dad for one of my own, and never regretted it. My fascination with MegaMan started when my dad borrowed MegaMan 2 from a friend's son. I played once, and never put it down (so to speak). Ever since then, I have endeavored to collect every single MegaMan game Capcom popped out. Then along came Electronic Gaming Monthly and its announcement of a 3-D MegaMan game called MegaMan Neo, then MegaMan Nova.

I was nearly doing backflips with excitement! At last, MegaMan would enter this brave new polygonal world, ensuring that he would stick around for years to come. I learned whatever I could about this new game, including that it would ultimately be called "MegaMan Legends", and managed to obtain it around the holidays. It quickly became my favorite series, and I went and bought "Misadventures of Tron Bonne" and "MegaMan Legends 2" as soon as they were released. I even celebrated the acquisition of the latter with chocolate-covered candies. I'm telling you, these games just overflow with humor, charm, and sheer fun! But the best aspects, by and large was the characters. Unlike other video game characters, the ones in the Legends series actually had depth, and multiple facets to their personalities, something the gaming magazines/websites tend to forget to mention.

It's the characters that make the Legends series so wonderful. As always, when I got into MegaMan Legends, I searched the web for MML fanfic. I was severely disappointed. There is very little Legends fanfic out there, and what's there is almost always about the same five or so characters (MegaMan, Roll, Tron, the Servbots, and [insert fan-creation name here]). And it was almost always the same plot (the MegaMan/Roll/Tron love triangle, or some part thereof.) Now, don't get me wrong, I love those characters, and a love triangle is an excellent topic for a fic. But I am not a romance person, and, thanks to Mary Sue, I have a thing against fan-made characters. What really bothers me about this is that there are dozens of characters in the Legends series with their own backgrounds, and truckloads of potential fanfic plots. But no one seemed interested in exploiting them...except me.

When I first heard about MegaMan Legends 2, I learned whatever I could about its characters and its plot. One of the characters that caught my attention was Sera's guardian, Jiji. I asked Liz of DASH!, about this new character, and she told me what she could about his personality, what he was like as a person, and that he could turn into a Reaverbot. I thought this last one was pretty cool, since I've always found shapeshifters to be awesome. When I played MML2 for myself, I grew to like the character even more, and was disappointed when he was killed off. It was Jiji's final words-"This unit...cannot allow Mistress Sera to be harmed!"-that inspired me to write a fanfic about Sera's guardian. I thought to myself, "What if it were more than blind devotion in that final statement?" I went over to the computer, and began writing. Thus is the origin of my fic, "Illogical".

During my forays into MML fanfic, I came across this one entitled, "Back to Terra". Intrigued, I went ahead and read it, and loved it! True, it had the Tron/MegaMan/Roll thing in it, but it was still, for the most part, an original idea. I was among those who begged Macrossgrn for a sequel, "Rescue on Terra", and again for a sequel to that. In the meantime, I submitted "Illogical" to Macrossgrn's site (and CP's). Macrossgrn responded saying that he wanted to combine the "Back to Terra" and "Illogical" universes. I was quite flattered, and agreed.

As mentioned above, Macrossgrn had left a tiny little hook in "Rescue on Terra": the Servitors' reconstruction. At this time, I was planning on a sequel of sorts for "Illogical", and I eventually came up with the idea for a fic that would both tie the two series together, and provide a sequel for both. After some consideration, I asked Macrossgrn about it, and he agreed to it. So now, without further ado, Macrossgrn and 47 bring to you our joint effort at fanfic writing, hopefully to be the greatest work of writing that the MegaMan Legends fandom has seen. This fic is dedicated to Keiji Inafune, the creator of MegaMan and the MegaMan Legends series. Doomo arigato kudosai, Inafune-sama! (Thank you very much, Mr. Inafune!)


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