Part 1:

This Story is a mix of FF7 And Pokemon And I would like some letters if you like my story or not I want Peoples opinion on my story and the Boss for the day is going to be someone you probably expect. Imagine the People from FF7 Don't know what pokemon is! They are going to have to explain it but the explaining is not going to be long I will cut through all the explaining I really hope you like it it is going to be funny I hope you think so to and now for a Disclaimer....................

Disclaimer: I don't Own it but I wish I did cuess I am broke I mean it three Dollars And I am Trying to get a Red pac and my own Game boy!

Team Rocket Boss For A Day

Part one

At the Team rocket hide out.....

"Musashi! Kojirou!" Yelled Giovanni (Team Rocket Boss). "Yes Boss." Said Musashi. "Hold on let me get Cass, And Butch." Said Giovanni. "CASSIDY! BUTCH! Moudo!" "Yes Sir." Said Cassidy. "I am Going on Vacation and I want Musashi and Kojirou To Be in Charge Of-" Musashi and Kojirou Had A Smile on there faces. "Finding the Perfect Person For the Job." Then There smiles Turned to frowns. "How long do they have Sir." Said Cassidy. "They Have Three Days." Said Giovanni. "Well We Better get started." Said Musashi. Then The screen changes to Ash Misty and Brock and then Brock Bumps into Cid From FF7. "Oh Sorry Kid." Said Cid. "I'm no kid." Said Brock "Then Have a Cigar" Said Cid. "Well I have never had a Cigar Before but I guess I-" Brock Started as Cid Put A Cigar in his mouth he just stud there for a minute then Spit it out and then Started Coughing. Then Misty Ran Into Tifa. "Hey Watch Where you are going you punk." Said Misty as she was rubbing her head. "Sorry kid. Hey are you lost or something?" Said Tifa. "No." Said Misty. "Well I am and if you can tell me where I am going I will be so happy." Said Tifa. "Well If you are on your way to being a Pokemon Master you are Going the Wrong way." Said Misty."What is a Pokemon." Said Tifa. "Oh no." Said Brock. "YA Whats A Pokemon." Said Cid. Then Cloud was Running to catch up with Cid and Tifa that he Ran Right into Ash. "Hey." Said Ash. "Oh Sorry. I was Wondering on our way here we meet A guy named Gary and He and his fans were talking about Pokemon I was Wondering what is Pokemon." Said Cloud.

"YA" Said Tifa. "Do I have to Explain." Said Ash. "I am Afraid So." Said Cloud Later You go to Musashi and Kojirou And They are in Pallet town Looking for an Evil Person to be Boss For a Day. They Finally Run into a store with People Running out of it as if something was Happening and then they see a Guy in there stealing from the Sales man and he was Stealing money and then he Disappeared "Wow he would be a Great Boss For a day." Said Kojirou. "Ya And he was real Cute." Said Musashi. Back At Ash, Misty, And Brock they had just Finished Explaining What Pokemon are. "Well now that we know what Pokemon are who are you." "My Name is Ash." "My name is Brock." "And My name is Misty." "Well I am Cloud." "I am Cid." "And I am Tifa." "And you are Real Pretty." Said Ash. "Ya Real Pretty can I have your number." Said Broock. "Sorry but I am to old for you." Said Tifa. Back At Pallet Town there was a huge crowd by a Another Store and Musashi and Kojirou ask What happened. "There was a big robbery here." Said a Guy. "What do you now about any Robbery." Said Officer Jenny. "Nothing." Said Musashi. "Hey you are from Team Rocket! You must have been the Robber from the Store last night." Said Jenny."No!" Said Kojirou. "Get them!" Yelled Jenny Then they start Running and then Musashi and Kojirou Jump on to a roof. "Did we lose them." Said Jenny. "I think So." Said another Police man. "Ok." Said Jenny. Then Musashi and Kojirou are looking down at the Police men looking for them and then they heir a voice. "Are you looking for me." A Voice then they look behind them and they see Sepiroth the Person how robed the Store that they were told stole from but Didn't and he Robed the Store before that!

The End Of Part One