Brotherly Love

(Note: This takes place in the Tenchi Muyo universe)

Way out in space, a lone, strangely shaped ship sped towards the Earth. Inside the cockpit, the lone pilot steered his ship, via a telepathic link with the computer, towards Earth’s Eastern hemisphere.

He wore red boots and a matching sash on his waist. Strapped to his blue jeans was a curved sword of Egyptian make. He had black gloves and a gray shirt. He pulled the ensemble together with a long, purple, hooded cloak that hid his entire face, except for a pair of glowing eyes!

“At last Sass-Ohki,” He said to his ship, “Our journey is at an end. Soon sister, you will be avenged!” Nimbly, Sass-Ohki entered the atmosphere and headed for the tiny island of Japan.

Washu awoke with a start! She had felt a strange presence through her psychic link. Hurriedly, she pulled out her holo-lap top and typed in the command to scan for any unusual signals. As always, her computer found the desired data and relayed it to her.

Washu was shocked! “No, it can’t be.”

A tear trickled down her cheek. “But it is. He’s finally come home!”

Upon landing the strange pilot exited Sass-Ohki and pulled down his hood, revealing his face. He had a decent tan, long, black hair, and two baby blue eyes. The only mar on his face was the long scar that crossed his right eye, rendering it useless.

He stretched his large muscles and took a deep whiff of the air. That’s when he caught the scent. He sniffed again, just to make sure.

“He’s close. I’d recognize that Jurian STINK anywhere. Sass-Ohki, come!” At that command, the huge ship changed into a tiny green-and-purple cabbit and followed his master into the forest. They hadn’t gone too far when they came across an old man in a deep, meditative state.

“You there! Old man!” The hooded figure yelled, “I seek the one called Yosho of planet Jurai. Can you tell me where he is?”

The old man replied calmly, “I am the one you seek. But I’d prefer that you call me Katsuhito Misaki.”

The figure smirked, revealing sharp fangs! “I have found you at last.” He silently thought,*this is too easy* and he drew his sword to strike. With a loud war cry, he pounced at his target!

Out of nowhere a wooden brokken sword caught his blade and tossed him away. When the stranger looked up, the old man was gone, replaced by a young man who looked no more than twenty.

“Your quick change act won’t save you Yosho,” The stranger growled. “I am the warrior who all people across the galaxy fear. For 700 years I have hunted you to avenge my sister’s death, and I won’t leave until I have completed the job. I am Ramses Hakubi! Prepare to DIE!”

Yosho yawned boredly, “And just what do you plan to attack with?” At his feet lay Ramses’ sword!

Ramses was caught off guard, but he wasn’t shaken. “Do not think that because you have taken my blade means I am helpless.” Suddenly, he formed an emerald green energy sword in his left hand and continued his attack!

Meanwhile, not too far away, Mr. and Mrs. Tenchi Misaki were outside their house, playing with their new baby girl. Just then, their ears caught the sounds of explosions! They saw dark clouds of smoke rise from the forest.

Ryoko sat up straight. “Tenchi, dear, didn’t that smoke come from where your grandfather usually goes to meditate?”

“Yes it did! Ryoko, get Tenko in the house! We have to help grandpa!”

Yosho fought fiercely, but it soon became obvious that Ramses was the better warrior.

“Look,” Yosho yelled as he dodged energy projectiles that Ramses hurled at him like snowballs, “I didn’t kill your sister! I’ve probably never met her!”

A look of pure fury crossed Ramses’ face. “Don’t try to fool me! I sensed your presence clearly when my link to her was severed! That means you either killed her or imprisoned her, and no one could imprison my sister, Ryoko, The Devil Caller!”

“Wait,” Yosho panted, “Ryoko isn’t dead! I just...”

“Enough,” Ramses yelled, pinning Yosho to the ground, “Now I destroy you!”

Ramses raised his energy sword above his head, aiming for Yosho’s heart! Suddenly, an energy shot flew from nowhere, severing Ramses’ hand completely off his arm! Ramses quickly looked around, “All right, who did that? Grrrrrr. I’ll be back for you!” With that, he regenerated his hand and bounded into the forest.

No sooner had he left then Tenchi and Washu emerged from the bushes and helped Yosho to his feet.

“You okay grandpa?”

“Yes, I’m okay, but who just did that?”

“Ryoko. Don’t worry, she’ll take care of that thug.”

Washu gasped, “What? No! She can’t hurt Ramses!”

Yosho adjusted his glasses. “Washu, you know that monster?”

Washu took a deep breath. “He’ son.”

Sass-Ohki followed the scent gingerly. His nose told him that the person who had injured his master was very close. He decided to tell Ramses.

“Mreeeaowwr!” (She’s around here somewhere, Master!)

“Good. Scent her out, and when I’m finished with her YOU can have the leftovers!”

Suddenly, Sass-Ohki stopped and pointed at a bush. Ramses pulled his sword from his belt and pounced!

“WHAT?” Tenchi was exasperated. “You mean that.....THING is the uncle of my child?!?!”

Yosho was slightly calmer. “I believe what Tenchi means is that we thought Ryoko was your only child.”

Washu looked amused. “You actually thought Ryoko was the only experimental child I created? HA! Ramses was my prototype. My rough draft, if you will. I was able to launch him and Sass-Ohki into space before Kagato caught us. But God only knows what he’s gone through.”

Ramses was pleased. He had flushed his prey out of hiding and now he had her cornered! “Turn around. I want to see your pretty face before I kill you.” When she complied, neither one could believe what they saw.



They edged closer to each other. There was no doubt of it.

“Ryoko,” Ramses yelled, grabbing his sister in a bone-crushing hug. “I thought you were dead!” Then he noticed his sister had turned an attractive shade of blue, so he put her down.

“Well.....I wasn’t. I was......trapped in a cave for 700 years.” With that, Ryoko began to explain what had happened to her in the millennia since their separation.

Tenchi was exhausted. “Washu, are you SURE that gizmo of your’s will find Ryoko? We’ve been walking for an HOUR!”

Washu looked up from the radar-like device she was carrying. “Yes I’m sure. Ryoko and Ramses both emit a unique energy signal. By setting this ingenious invention of mine to scan for that signal, we’ll find them easy!” Tenchi sighed and followed his mother-in-law deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, in the clearing, there was a happy family reunion going on. At least, until there was a rustling in the bushes! Ramses lept forward, determined to protect his sister! Quickly, he grabbed his sword and prepared to fight.

“Stay back Ryoko! I’ll handle this vicious monster!”

“Now Ramses, is that anyway to talk about your mommy?” Washu, in her adult form, came out of the bushes, followed by an exhausted, panting Tenchi.

“Mama,” shouted Ramses, rushing to embrace his mother.

Ryoko floated over to Tenchi. “Oh, what’s the matter honey? You aren’t tired already are you Tenchi?”

Ramses’ eyes, even the dead one, snapped open. “You mean THIS is your husband? You had me picturing a magnificent warrior, not some Earthling BOY!”

Much later, After Ramses had been introduced to everyone at the Misaki house, (He was especially fond of his young niece.) The whole group had sat down to one of Sasami’s delicious dinners.

“I must admit princess,” Ramses growled through a mouthful of Ramen noodles, “This is the best food I’ve had in 200 years.”

*WHAP* The still adult Washu smacked her son on the head with a rolled up magazine.

“OW! Ma’ what ya’ do that for?”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full! We might have been seperated for over a millenia, but you should know that much basic etiquette!”

Meanwhile, on the floor, Ryo-Ohki was having an argument with her brother. (I’ve dubbed this into English for those of you who don’t speak Cabbit.)

“Come on Sass-Ohki, at least TRY a carrot.”

“No. I told you I never touch those disgusting orange things.”

“Well, if you don’t eat carrots, what do you eat?”

“Meat. I’m a carnivore. I hunt, catch and KILL my food.”

“But that’s disgusting and cruel!”

“I should have known. Mom’s bred the animal out of you. She’s reduced you to a sissy house-pet.”

“Why you,” Rio-Ohki bared her fangs and arched her fur, “Take that back!”

“Make me,” Roared Sass-ohki, using similar body gestures.

Luckily, before the two siblings were able to rip each other to pieces, their Sasami stepped between them. As she laid down a dish with some sushi on it in front of Sass-Ohki, the little princess said, “Now come on you two, stop fighting. You haven’t seen each other for over 2000 years. You should be friends! Now say you’re sorry.

Sass-Ohki grumbled, “I will if you do sis.”