"A Brother's Blood" By: Holly-chan

ANFA (Annoying Note From Author): This is not part of my um, "series" (The one with "No Need For Genocide" and "I Won't Say It") It's just a fic I wrote this week when I was feeling pissed/upset at the world in general. (And no, I'm NOT depressed, so don't worry anyone! Especially you CP! You don't need anymore crap to worry about in your life! ^.^;) For the parts of "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely," I used, all I have to say is, you know and I know I don't own them or BSB. So don't slap me with a lawsuit, 'cause you won't get much at all out of it, just a waste of time. For all you rabid Tiger fans, don't kill/flame me about this fic. I love Tiger myself, in fact he's my favorite monster in the games and show. (The only two characters I like more than him are Holly and Genki) I just felt like doing a fanfic that was…different. Well, enjoy! Even if it is depressing! ^.^;;;

Gray Wolf laughed evilly as the rebels glared at him angrily.

"ATTACK!" He yelled to his small army of Cabaloses (Spelling?). The Tiger/Nagas charged forward at Genki and his crew. Genki and Mocchi met with the first four with hard punches. Hare knocked a few others down with his Dragon Kick while Golem turned about a dozen into Lost Disks with his Twister attack. Suezo tried his Tongue Punch on one only to find it didn't affect the Cabalos, and ran away screaming. Holly managed to stay out of the way, but she punched any badies that came too close. Surprisingly, she was a pretty good puncher.

Tiger growled and leapt over the badies. He flew over their heads and landed in front of Gray Wolf.

"We end this now, brother." Tiger growled.

"My pleasure." Gray Wolf snarled back. The two Tiger charged up their horns ands shot blue bolts of lightning at each other. Meanwhile, a little more than a dozen Cabalos were left. One leapt at Genki and slashed at him. Genki jumped back, but the Cabalos' claws grazed his stomach, leaving six shallow gashes. Genki kicked the Cabalos, turning it into a Lost Disk as Holly came over to see if he was okay.

"I'm fine," Genki said, wiping some of the blood off his shirt. Golem finished the rest of the Cabaloses off and the rebels turned their attention to Gray Wolf.

"Stay out of this!" Tiger bellowed at them. "This is my fight!"

"But Tiger--" Genki started.


The rebels backed away and watched the two brothers fight.

Tiger crouched low and sprung forward at Gray Wolf, claws extended. He lashed out at him, but only managed to slice off some of his fur. Gray Wolf knocked Tiger down with a swipe of his paw. Tiger stumbled to the ground and twitched in pain. Then Gray Wolf opened his mouth and went for the throat.


Tiger weakly opened his eyelids when Gray Wolf's teeth made contact with his neck.

"MMMMMRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Tiger roared in pain. Gray Wolf only tightened his grip. Tiger lashed out and hit Gray Wolf in the face, who backed away, face bleeding. Tiger feebly got to his feet and backed up a bit, his gullet bleeding badly.

"W-why'd i-i-it have to end this way, b-brother?" Tiger asked weakly before collapsing.

"TIGER!" Genki shouted as the monster shriveled into a Lost Disk. Gray Wolf's eyes widened in shock. He slowly walked over to his brother's Lost Disk.

"Brother…" He said to himself weakly, tears mixing with the blood. His Moo symbol disappeared as the others came over.

"Gary Wolf…" Holly said sympathetically as Genki's and the others expressions softened. Genki gently put his hand on Gray Wolf shoulder.

"W-what have I done?" Gray Wolf asked the boy shakily, tears hitting the ground.

"You wanna come with us?" Genki asked softly. Gray Wolf looked bewildered.

"After what I did?" He asked unbelievingly. Genki smiled sadly and shook his head.

"Gray Wolf--It's not you're fault." Genki said. Gray Wolf closed his eyes in anger, which stung with tears.

"You're right. This is all Moo's fault!" He hissed. "I'll kill him!"

"Why don't you help us find the Phoenix and defeat Moo?" Holly suggested. "Then we can get Tiger back." Gray Wolf's eyes watered up again, only this time they were tears of joy.

"Y-you mean it?" Gray Wolf asked.

"Sure! You're not a badie anymore!" Genki said, smiling. Then he frowned. "But Tiger…" The group looked sadly at his Lost Disk.

"Let's go." Golem voiced, turning around and walking away. Genki and Holly followed right after him, Mocchi, Suezo, and Hare behind them, with Gray Wolf bringing up the rear.

As the group reached the top of a hill, Gray Wolf stopped and turned his head back to look at Tiger's Lost Disk.

Show me the meaning of being lonely

Is this the feeling I need to walk with?

Tell me why I can't be there where you are

There's something missing in my heart…..

"Gray Wolf!" Genki called, "C'mon!" Gray Wolf turned his head back to the front.

"Yeah, okay." He replied dully as he slowly walked toward the group.

….You are missing in my heart

Gary Wolf stopped again and looked at the blue sky. His gray fur rustled in the breeze.

Tell me why I can't be there where you are.


Well, what do you think? Please tell me! And please don't kill/flame me for slaying Tiger. x_x; It's just that I had the urge to write a fic, but nothing came to mind. Then I thought of whenever people write about Tiger Vs Gray Wolf, it's always either Gray Wolf joins the group, or Tiger kills Gray Wolf. I just wanted to try it in a different way. And I'm sorry if I pissed you off or made you depressed. Gomen! Gomen*! (*Sorry! Sorry!) ^.^;

~ Holly-chan ~