Caitlin's Story: Part 1 Chapter 1: Introduction & past

I don't own Monster Rancher and I know it' s suppose to be a MR fic but it mostly my made up person's story. It's going to be a bit crappy because I suck at making stories that actually work out.


The moon shone brightly over head as a fire blazed infront seven people. Those people were the seven rebles who beat Moo. Genki had returned and the group decided to go camping for old times sake.

"It's great to be back!" Smiled Genki. The eyeball member of the gang nodded. "Yeah were happy too, especially Holly. She was really sad when you left." Holly who was blushing at the remark quickly put a hand on his mouth. "*Suezo!*"

The eyeball jerked out of her grasp. "What?!It's true!"

To embarrassed to say anything she put her hand on the eyes and groaned.

Everyone tried hard not to laugh. "QUIET!" Everyone stopped and looked at Tiger. His eyes were closed in concentration. Finally they snapped open. "Douse the fire and head for cover!"

Hare started to protest. "Why do we need-"

Tiger then snapped at Hare. " Just do it!"

With that they hid behind the bushes. "Tiger, what's going on who's coming?" He didn't look at Genki but answered. " I sense a evil presence coming this way...It's definatly not Moo's that would be impossible. It's something but I can't make out the other person."

Just after he spoke two figures ran across the campsite. Holly caught a glimps of the taller figure. It was a girl possibly a little shorter then she. The other figure looked like a Tiger cub, yet it looked more like a wolf pup with wings.

Then something that looked like a whip grabbed her by the neck making her fall backwards. She then got off long thin object around her neck. Out of the shadows walked out two male humans, except they didn't look like humans they looked like monsters/humans. Coolly a man walked up to her with a whip.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a taller man walk toward the pup with a net. "Alida run! Get out of here!" Before she could even move the man with the whip hit her in the head making her black out. The rebels watched from there hiding spot and were shocked at what they saw.

Tiger on the other hand was boiling with anger. *Those cold hearted bastards!*

The wolf pup jumped infront of the girl and bared it's teeth. The other man kicked the pup hard sending it flying in to a tree with a yelp. That was all Tiger could take. He lept from his hiding place and slammed into the first man sending him crashing into the other man. The other rebels came out to help Tiger. Golem along with Holly took the two newcomers to safety. Both men then ran away knowing they were out numbered.

Another fire was made and the seven looked at their newcomers. The girls at least sixteen possibly a bit younger. She had red hair that came the her shoulders. She wore a one piece dress with a piece of cloth as a belt. The pup that whoes name was Alida looked like an ordinary wolf puppy with wings. The pup then stirred and whimpered loudly. Tiger walked over and picked up the pup by the scruff of it's neck and placed it by the girl.

Hare gave Tiger a smuggish look. "I see that Mr. Toughguy is getting soft."

Turning face to face with the rabbit he growled. "SHUT UP HARE!"

He then put up his paws up in mock defence. "Whoa take it easy, Just saying that you *are* getting soft. HA! HA!"

Tiger then started to chase Hare threatening him that he would turn him in to a lost disk. "I'LL SHOW YOU SOFT! COME'RE YA DUMB RABBIT!"

Hare dodged Tiger and ran. He then tripped over a backpack belonging to the girl. The contents of the bag then fell out. Hare then tumbled head first into a tree with a leather bound book falling on his head. Genki looked at Hare " Hey Hare what is that ?"

CHAPTER 2: Family and Past

"Hey Hare what is that?" The rabbit got the book off his face and sat up. Curious he looked inside the book. "It's a diary. Says it belongs to Caitlin." Surprised Holly looked up from taking care of the girl's wounds.

"Hare..Did you say it belonged to Caitlin?"

The rabbit nodded. "Yep that's what it says." Both Holly and Suezo exchanged glances.

Later that night they sat around the campfire while Holly, Alida and Suezo watched over the new commer. "Suezo do you think it could be her?"

The eyeball shook his head. "I'm not sure Holly.. but who ever she is she looks a whole lot like her."

Tiger came over snapping the two out of their discussion. "I'll take over for a while. Why don't you two get something to eat. Both accepted and joined the others.

The sun shined brightly over head as the rebles woke up from a night's sleep. A rustle came from behind the bushes as Hare walked by. Looking to his left as two white looking figures jumped at him. "YAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Hare ran fast as he could with both creatures at his heels. The shorter creature tripped and was flung in mid-air falling next to the young girl with a loud *CHI*. *Wait a minute..only one creature says that and that's Mochi!* Eyes glisening he calmly ducked out of the way tripping the taller creature who stumbled to the ground. "Hey Genki." Said Hare as he walked bye.

"Hey Hare..WHA!" Genki was totally taken off gaurd as Hare looked at him evilly. "Uh..Hare..Hehheh! Happy April Fools day.. come on it was only a joke...WHAA!" Hare chased Genki around the campsite while everyone sweatdrops.

The young girl's eyes flinced as she groggily woke up. *What happened..last thing I remember is..* She looked up and saw a creature staring back at her. "WAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" Everyone stopped in their tracks as the new comer jumped to her feet taking out a sling as Mochi ran for Genki.

"Who are you! What do you wan-" She stopped in midsentence and looked at Holly in a strange way. "YAAAAA! IT'S YOU! HOLLY! IT'S YOU I KNEW I'D FIND YOU I KNEW IT!!" The girl jumped into a dumbfounded Holly's arms. The other's except Suezo looked at Holly in a confused manner.

Snapping out of the shock Holly looked at the younger girl. "Caitlin? Is that you?" Caitlin nodded vigirously smiling from ear to ear.

"Where have you been! Didn't you get my letter?"

Caitlin looked at her confused. "Letter what letter?"

"I wrote you a letter a few years back and you never responded." The young girl look at her feet. "Caitlin..what's wrong?"

The girl looked back at Holly with sad eyes. "Holly....I have to tell you something."

The seven rebels all listened as she told them her story. "At least eight years ago that's when it all started...I was eight then. Some of the villagers found a boy on the side of the ditch, badly beaten and near death. They brought him to the village and allowed him to live there. His name was Jarvis. The village elders and many people trusted him yet many didn't. They said it reminded them of Dominic a great tyrant who has tried to take over our village before. My friends trusted him..yet to me there was something about him I really didn't like. I don't know it was just..his presence that scared me. Then one day the nine of us went on a camping trip. Three of us looked for wood whlie the other six set up camp. I don't know what happened then I was looking for wood when someone shoved me from behind. I fell and I hit my head and blacked out...but before that I could have sworn I saw Jarvis looking down at me from the spot I was standing in."

Holly nodded her head. "Caitlin..I have something to tell you as well." Holly then told Caitlin what happened.

No one spoke nor moved as they looked at Caitlin. " did you get here?"

"I'm on a mission to find my folks. Recently I returned to my village to find everyone missing. I know who took them but for the reason I don't know.."

"But why were those guys chasing you? She didn't look at the rabbit but answered.

" I..I can't tell you."

"But why-"

Tiger gave Hare a look. " I think you better drop the subject rabbit."

" do you know Holly?" Caitlin looked up. "Holly's mom and my mom were sisters. So basicly we're cousins."

"Well if you are looking for you folks we are glad to help!"

Tiger nodded. "Genki is right. If you are on a journey you can count me in."

Hare also nodded "I'm in as well."

"Me too." Suezo looked at Holly. "If Holly is going then so am I."

"I'm going."


Caitlin looked at the seven rebels unsure. "You guys don't have too...I mean." Genki stepped forward.

"That's okay! If we managed to defeat Moo then we are willing to go against Domonic!" The others nodded in agreement.

Everyone backed their things and headed where ever the magic stone pointed to. Caitlin tagged behind with Golem with Alida sleeping in her arms. Looking back towards her shoulder swearing she saw a dark figure watching from behind the trees.

Chapter 3: The beginning of a journey and Chapter 4: A connection

Happy Thanksgiving people! Gomen for the delay..I've been busy with school and tests. BAKA TESTS!! Had a major Spanish test. Yes! me Spanish. I wanted to take Japanese again but no! My Prinicpal said: Oh Chibichan (I'm not giving out my real name!) If you take Japanese 2 you will have a hard time etc. So i'm stuck in espanol. Yet hanging in there. Plus had a thesis statement on ice skating and had to look up info...being in Highschool is tough! Gomen..I'm going off the subject. Anywayz here is chap three and four of the story!

Chapter 3: The beginning of a journey

A dark figure loomed over the dark castle which was over grown with dead vines and leaves. Making a turn the figure landed by the back door. The figure then knocked on the door. It's crimson eyes darted back and forth for any spies. The spyhold opened revealing a set of sinister green eyes. "Password!" Barked the figure behind the green eyes. The dark figure came forward. "Death to all Majolings!" The huge iron door opened as the owner of the green eyes appeared. He was a huge bulky man. He wore a black tunic along with black pants. His piercing eyes followed the tall evil looking man as he passed by. his dark cloak swirled after him.

Passing through the front room he entered a large chamber. A young man sat in the middle of the chamber on a grand throne with dark silk surrounding him. He was a tall man with hansome features. His eyes were piercing blue as they stared into the man before him.

The dark cloaked visitor then bowed down as the young man got up. "Tell me Darqui what brings you here?" Darqui figgeted at the tone of his master's voice which was dangerously gentel. " I was in the woods sire..when I saw it! There were two men chasing a young woman along with a wolf pup. One of the men knocked her out. Then a pure breed tiger attacked them. Following the tiger a mochi, hare, suezo and a golem also came out where the tiger was. Then a young man came out along with a young woman! A few hours later I heard their conversation the first woman said her name happened to be Caitlin. The young man was named Genki and the other young woman was Holly! Sire do you know what this means!"

"OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!" Yelled the young man. "This means they are the legendary seven rebels who defeated Moo!...about the young said her name was Caitlin right?" Darqui nodded too afraid of his masters mood to even speak. "Hmm...It seems my work hasn't been completed after all. Darqui. Find the girl and bring her to me! I have a little offer she won't refuse."

The eight travelers continued down the trail as they headed into Holly's village.(the new one) Passing by houses as they were greeted by a few people and monsters they stopped by a house that looked like all the others. Inside was a plain room with a fire place and stairs leading up. "Father? Father where are you?" Holly walked around the house as the others helped her look. A voice was heard along with a crash was heard. Everyone bolted out the back door and in to the barn where Holly's father was completely covered in hay. Astonished Holly looked at her father. "What happened!" The grey bearded man got up. "I was trying to fix this post when it collapesed. Holly who is that girl? A friend of yours?"

Caitlin steped forward as Holly introduced her. "Dad this is Caitlin. She's my cousin remember?" Yosho stared at the girl for a while shocked. "Caitlin..It can't be. Everyone said you were dead!" "who told them that?" She looked at the old man puzzled. "Well if I'm not mistaken it was Jarvis who told your parents what had happened." Desperately she looked at Yosho. "Did any information come in involving the village's dissapearance?" Thinking back he answered. "No nothing except that someone recalled seeing a young man with piercing blue eyes as the ring leader. Why?" She then sat down looking straight ahead of her not moving. The others explained to Yosho of what was going on. "So you see we are helping her finding her folks." Hare nodded. "Yes and also we are going to make sure she does." "Well I see your point. All of you have my blessings and good luck on this journey."

Noon had risen as the eight travelers waved good bye to the villagers. "Genki! Take care of Holly for me!" " I will sir. Good-bye." "Good luck! Take care!" Walking down the path once more the sound of farewells still could be heard in the distance. "Boy this brings back old memories right guys." Genki had his hands in the back of his head. "YEAH!" Everyone agreed. Tiger laged behind with Caitlin. *Why am I here? Why me? Why was I spared? *sigh* "Hey. You okay?" Caitlin looked down to see Tiger looking at her. "Yeah I'm fine..why wouldn't I?" *I'm NOT fine! I have so many many doubt about this! Why do I even think searching will help. I'll never find them.*

Chapter 4: A connection

Deep underneath the vine covered castle. Slaves young and old slept on the cold rock floors. A old man sat in the middle of one of the slave chambers consentrating as a small fire that burned infront of him. Throwing some insence on the fire he began to chant. The fire turned to a crimson orange as it grew and rose higher. The people in the chambers and those around him watched awed and amazed. The fire then rose to the ceiling and died. His eyes snapped open to what he saw. A woman of his age came up shaking him out of his trance. "Jiro. What did you see?" Looking at his wife he smiled. "She lives." Weeping with joy she hugged her husband. Another woman who was sitting near by along with husband and son embrased the elderly couple all of them crying tears of joy.

The eight travelers slept soundly in their sleeping bags.The moon reflected over a figure lurking near the camp. Darqui blended in with the shadows as he crept his way to Caitlin's sleeping form. *This is too easy! They'll never know what hit them.* Crouching over her he took out his dagger. Caitlin woke up to see a man with evil crimson eyes sneering down at her. She was about to scream when he covered her mouth and pressed the dagger to her throat. "Scream and I'll make sure it will be your last." Tiger then began to stir. "Damn!" Slipping the dagger away from her throat he headed towards the trail. Turning to the girl he sneered at her. "Next time you won't be lucky." With that he dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

Ten seconds after he left she screamed loudly making everyone jump. Holly rushed to her side. "What happend! What's wrong!" Shaking violently she held on to Holly's arm. "Th- th- there was a man. He- he had red eyes. He held a dagger to my throat and said if I screamed he will kill me!...I don't know who he is...or why.." Holly coaxed the girl. "It was just a's okay." She shook her head. "No it was not a dream! It he was real!" Tiger sniffed the place near Caitlin. "She's right. Someone was here. His presence is evil he probably also left in a hurry too." "Well who ever he is he'll try again I can bet that!" Suezo nodded. "What kind of sick person would do such a thing." Hare thought for a momnet "Someone who probably wanted to get away with a clean kill." Genki then steped forward. "Let's take turns on watch. I'll take the first shift, Then Tiger, Then Hare."

Night rolled on until the sun rose above the clouds awaking the travelers. Eating a light breakfast they continued their journey. Darqui watched from behind the trees. Scowling at Tiger. "You will pay monster. Along with your friends. You'll all suffer!"

Chapter 5: Learning of the past and present

Night came and went as the dawn a rose above the mountains. The three humans and six monsters slept peacefully until the sun rose over head. Continuing on their journey they searched for mystery disks. Mochi, Genki, Hare, Tiger, Golem, Suezo, Caitlin and Alida searched for the mystery disk while Holly concentrated on the magic stone. "HEY! I found one!" Genki smiled at the rabbit happily. "Good work Hare comon let's see if we can find a shrine! Last one there is a lost disk!!" With that he and Mochi skated off leaving the others running to catch up. "*SIGH* Doesn't he ever learn?*

Holly shook her head smiling. "Somethings never change Suezo."

No sooner they started to run they come to a shrine. Walking inside was cool and dusty. Genki placed the disk on the alter as it levitated in the air. Holly then concentrated as everyone watched. "UNLOCK!!" The disk disinigrated and became a ball of light. A monster then appeared in front of the nine. It was a pure breed Tiger. His fur was a dusty brown. He stepped off the platform stiffly from old age. He had a wise appearance about him which made seem older. Walking towards them he gave a warm smile. "Thank you my friends for unlocking me. It has been a while since I have seen anyone. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sceltric the wise. May I ask who you all are." Introductions were made a long with a few stories.

"Ah! I see that you are all on a journey to find out where her family is." Sceltric looked at Caitlin in a odd way before speaking. "Child, tell me..has anyone been following you and your friends for the past few days?" Everyone exchanged glances. "Yes..someone has been following us...why?" Shaking his old head he looked at the others but was talking to Caitlin. "Have you ever heard the story of Domonic and the Majolings..I mean the whole story?" "No..not really..Why?" "Sit down and I will tell you." Closing his eyes he began his tale.

"Many years ago possibly before some of you were born. There was a tyrannt by the name of Domonic. He was a cruel man as he was cold. Ruling his army with an iron fist he dreamed of owning more land and more riches. One day while trudging along the outskirts of this land he came upon a village. It was small and plain. His army settled in after tricking the village elder in letting them stay.

One night the village elder told the young ones a story of the a warrior. Legend has it that this warrior by the name of Johnathan possesed the power of the dragon. He had recently come back from a quest and he found his home distroyed. His fiance Cathrine was murdered along with everyone he held dear. The only survivor was me. I told him who had done this. It was a man by the name of Jareth who was the greatest pirate who ever lived. Over taken with anger and grief he setted out to find the murderer and to bring him to justice. That was the last time I had seen him. Many years passed and he never returned. Much later I was told he had destroyed Jareth and his crew. But he also was also killed in the fight against Jareth. His story became a legend and is still told. Yet his soul even in death hasn't rested because of the murder of his fiance. It says that millions of years after a Marjoling will be born who will poses his power.

Afraid of this he and his men destroyed the Marjolings. Sometime later on a raid of a village he was murdered. His son Blade who was merely a little boy took over in his father's foot steps and that is the story."

No one spoke nor moved. "Question. How do you know about Domonic and his son? It's impossible for you to be alive that long." Sceltric smiled at the rabbit. "That is a good question. You see..A while back I was turned into a mystery disk by a wizard for loosing my temper at him." "What about the Marjolins. What's special about them."

"They are what baddies in the old days called the human race. "But what about the Marjoling who was suppose to be born?" "He hasn't been found yet. But it's also said his fiance had been given the chance of finding him. Both were to be born unknown of their gift and not knowing one another." "Whoa. What do you mean about their gift?" "Oh gomen. It's been such a long time I'm starting to forget the story. Cathrine was also a warrior who has the spirit of the tiger."

"Was she ever found?"

"Just now."

Genki looked at the old tiger oddly. "Um.. What do you mean?" Sceltric then gestured towards Caitlin. "She has the gift." "What!" Caitlin then put up a defencive hand. "That can't be true I won't believe it." Chuckling he smiled at her. "You have a warrior's spirit. I could sense it when I first clapped eyes on you." "So..this means Caitlin is Cathrine?" nodding Sceltric looked at Hare "That's right." Caitlin then looked at the old tiger. "Is that why that man is following us?"


Tiger then looked at Caitlin. "Hey. Don't worry. We'll make sure that man won't harm you." "Thanks Tiger."

Noon had risen and the nine said their farewells to Sceltric.

"Bye Seltric."

"Goodbye my friends. Until we meet again."

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