Chapter 6: Truth and Heartbreaks

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Continuing on their journey the rebels walked down the path leading to the closest village. "Mochi hungry!" Suezo glared at the pink monster. "Is that all you can say Mochi?" In the front Genki dragged his feet. "I agree with Mochi. I'm getting hungry too. Holly how much further until the next village?" Looking at the map she answered. "Another mile or so. It shouldn't be too long."

After what seemed like eternity for Mochi and Genki they finally came to a village. Holly and the others were literarally dragged to a restraut by Genki and Mochi. "Before we eat I think we better see how much money we have." Taking out her coin purse she emptied it on to her hand.

"Looks like we don't have enough money for a restraunt." Genki and Mochi's face faulted as tears came out of their eyes like water falls. "NOOOOOO!!"

"I propose we find away to earn money." Tiger glared at Hare. "And pray tell how we are going to do that? There aren't any battles going on." "Simple. We wait." Everyone looked at Hare as if he went insane. "That's your plan!"

Yelled Suezo. "Yep. Just wait. Our opportunity will becoming any minute now."


a hour later.


"Any minute now." Tiger snarled at the rabbit. "That's what you said a hour ago." A tall man in a expensive looking suit approched them in a friendly manner. "Hello travelers. The name is John. I couldn't help but over hear that you are in need of money?" All of them nodded. "Well your'e in luck. My sister's son is having a birthday party and the entertainment had to cancel. How would you like to fill in for them?" Genki then answered.

"Uh..could you give us a minute." The nine of them huddled up. "Well what do you guys think?" Holly looked unsure at Genki. "I don't know Genki. I mean it's kind of suspisious of someone just walking up to you and giving you a job." "Holly's right. Yet it we should take a chance. Maybe it won't be that bad." "I hope you're right rabbit." "Sure we'll take the job."

John then picked him up and hugged him with all his might. "OH THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!!!" Cringing Genki then patted the man's back.

"Um..your welcome...uh can you please let go. You're kind of hurting me." John instantly dropped Genki on the ground. "Oh I'm sorry. Now if you all follow me."

Passing though the village they entered a big looking house. "I hope you know what you are doing kid." Sweatdropping Genki looked at Tiger. "Yeah..hehheh. I mean preforming for a bunch of kids how bad could that be?"

Inside, the house was richly furnished with Victorian style furniture. The tables were carved elegently out of oak and rowan. Stopping at a large room all of them stared at the large doors. "Now if you'll go inside I'll tell my sister that you are here to preform."

The furnishing of the room was more beautiful then the enterance of the house. "Tiger..what is it?" Tiger sniffed the air confused. "Something doesn't smell right in this room." All of a sudden the furnshings of the room vanished leaving a dank cement room. Growling, Tiger looked at John "What the hell is this!!" John gave Tiger a evil look. "Welcome to my gas chamber rebels. I'm sure you'll find this very comfortable. Well I have to go. See you later...Oh and don't try to use any of your attacks this room is attack proof." Laughing insanely he closed the door just in time to miss Tiger's attack. As soon as the doors closed a sickly sweet smell filled the air.


Walking up and down the enterance of the slave pit watching them work Jarvis glared at them in disgust. *worthless creatures. I should have done away with them long ago.* "Sire." Turing around he saw a tall man in a very expensive suit. "Well. Have you completed your mission Darqui?" In a puff of smoke a crimson eyed man like monster stood infront of Jarvis. "It has been done your highness. The girl is here."



Caitlin tossed in her sleep. She dremt she was walking through a village. Fires burned everywhere. People young and old along with monsters ran for their lives or fought. She saw a woman who seemed familiar hurriying two children a boy and a baby in to a fox hole covered with vines. Taking a closer look she saw who they were. Looking at the baby she gasped. "That' And that's brother. Then that means she's my mom?"

Watching from where she stood the woman placed both children into the hole.

Looking at the boy the woman spoke. "David listen to me. I'm going to get help. If I don't come back you take care of your little sister okay. Promise me." David nodded sadly through tears. "Good boy. Do not come out of this hole until I come back. If I do not come back leave the hole when they have left. I love you both." Kissing them both she ran towards the woods.

In her path was a monster who looked half Tiger half falcon. The monster advanced on her as she screamed. Caitlin ran to help. As she was about to reach her mom to find herself in a cell. It was like any normal cell. It was cold, damp and chilly. *Where am I?* Getting herself up she rummaged through her bag and found a hair pin. Picking the lock she slipped out of the dungeon and into the castle's main room. "Holly, Mochi, Tiger..anyone?..Where are they?" The sound of marching was heard as she ducked in to the shadows. Passing the gaurds, she slipped in to the throne room. "I see you are up."

Turning around she saw a young man with piercing blue eyes. Taking a step forward she gasped at who she saw. "Jarvis? You're behind this?! How could you do such a thing! After what we have done for you!" He sneered at her coldly. "The village elder was a fool in to letting me in. He should have listened but no. He didn't and here I am. The people in your village were right not to trust me. And now I am going to finish what my father has started." Caitlin stared at him. "Your'e Blade?" He nodded. "I am, and I know who you are. You are the one who holds the spirit of the tiger. Your body is possesed by the soul of Cathrine. Don't try to deny it I scenced it as soon as I saw you for the first time."

He then disapeared and reapeared by Caitlin. "What do you want?" With a smirk he answered. "I want your soul.." Keeping her ground frowned at Blade. "I won't give you it. Kill me if you want but I won't let you have it!" He sneered at her. "I'm sure I can change your mind. I'll make you a little deal. If you sell me your soul and I won't hurt any of your friends. If not I'll make sure they die a slow and painful death."

"Don't you dare hurt them. If you do I'll kill you!"

"You have a warrior's spirit..just like your brother. He's just as stubborn as you are. Pity he died. He would have made an excilent soldier. Here. You can have this to remember him by." Throwing a dirty green bandana on to the floor and Caitlin picked it up. Her tear brimmed eyes grew hard as she looked at Blade unbelievingly " No I won't believe it. He's not dead! You're lying!!!! He's alive and he is somewhere in this place!!"

Shaking his head he laughed at her. "I can't fool you can I..well maybe this might change your mind. Snapping his fingers a tall young man entered the room. He had raggedy brown hair that fell a little over the eyes. He wore a green tunic and black pants. "Luke." Staring at the young man she stiffened. His eyes were nolonger the kind cheerful look he gave her years ago, it was replaced with a cold look.

"I see you are speechless."

"What did you do to him."

"Nothing..just that he has my trust.

Running up he looked at in a confused way. "Who are you?" "Luke don't you reconize me?" Snorting he gave her a look. " Why should I know you?" Eyes wavering she stared at Luke. "It's me...Caitlin..remember?" His expression hardened as he glared at her. "You're not Caitlin.. You're an imposter claiming to be her. Why don't you just go home!" Hurt and confused she grabbed Luke's shoulders and shook him. "Luke! What's wrong with you?! From the years we've known eachother don't you recognise me? I am not an imposter it's really me."

Slapping her hands away he glared at her coldly. "YOU DON'T GET IT DO YOU?!! SHE'S DEAD! THEIR ALL DEAD!!! AND THEY ARE NEVER COMING BACK!!!" His voice scared her as she stepped forward. " Luke..I know it must have been tough but please you have to believe me. If I were an imposter would I know how we first met, or the secrets you made me promise not to tell anyone. I'll tell you. I remeber I was only four. It was in mid spring, the cherry blossoms were at the time for them to bloom and you were brought in because you were one of the only survivor of the attack on your village. I remeber when Holly came over and you met her. You played a joke on her by putting a bug in her sleeping bag. The next day she dumped cold water on you when you were sleeping. Years past and it was spring again when you told me this...You said that you had a crush on me. You made me promise not to tell anyone..and I haven't. You handed me a flower and kissed me on the cheeck before David and the others came by. Now do you believe me. Luke?"

*SLAP* Caitlin was thrown to the floor by the blow. On all fours she stared at the ground clutching the bandana as tears fell to the stone floor. Surprised by his actions he looked at his hand. *What have I done...I've never hit any one before on purpose...What's wrong with me?* "You're dissmissed. Oh and burn this." turning to Blade he took the backpack, bowed and left the room.

A loud sound echoed through the room. "WHAT THE HELL?! Guards what's going on?!" The guard at the door answered. "It seems that one of the slaves have escaped sir." Slapping him over the head he yelled at the gaurd.

"Well DON'T JUST STAND THERE STOP THEM!!" Bowing the guard ran out the door only to be swept away by blue and white figure. The rebels crashed into the room. "Well I see you've managed to get out." Holly saw Caitlin on the floor and ran to her. "Caitlin!"


"Genki..she might be hurt."

"I know but something doesn't feel right. What did you do to her!?"

Sneering he looked at Genki. "Nothing..only that she's in the state of shock from being told the truth. Now you can either surrender yourselves peacefully or I'll have to hurt you." Genki looked at Blade. "You can try your best but it won't be easy. Lets go! YEAAAAHH!!!" The four monsters and one human charged Blade. Creating a energy a ball of engery he flung it at his attackers. "Golem! Get Holly and Caitlin out of here!" Picking up Holly he stooped down to pick up Caitlin who stared in to space unaware of the things going on.

"LIGHTING!!!" The attack from Tiger shook the room causing the ceiling to crumble. "Everyone run!! Get out of the room!" All five of them ran out of the building not looking back as the entire place came apart. "YEAH!!! WE DID IT!!!" Tiger looked at him. "What's there to celebrate?" Stopping in a midair jump Genki crashed to the floor. "Ow. What do you mean what's there to celebrate. We beat the guy." "You don't get it. If he is dead then there is no hope in where Caitlin's folks are." Ashamed Genki looked at the ground. They continued on their journey in silence.

Luke watched from the trees as they left. Caitlin's words echoed in his head. *This is impossible. How can she be alive...Jarvis said that...unless he..lied. Can it be possible he lied to me all these years? Can this girl really be Caitlin...Why didn't I stop them! I have so many questions...*sigh*...Yet I still wonder how she knew that?* Caitlin tailed behind with Golem. Glancing over her shoulder she saw Luke and quickly turned around. Walking to back to destroyed building a falcon attached to a basket held Blade as he glared angrily down the road. *I swear Cathrine next time I won't be so merciful!*

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Chapter 7: New Friends and the beginning of a ending

Rain poured down like heavy snow as time slammed down on the rebles as they ran under the trees for protection. "No Way!" Halting to a stop Genki squatted down and looked at the ground. "What's wrong Genki?"

"It's a road." A huge vein popped on Suezo's head as he glared at his male human friend. "NO DUH IT'S A ROAD GENKI!" "I mean it's a paved road. There aren't any here. So how could one be in the monster world?" Annoyed Suezo shouted at Genki. "WHO CARES LET'S JUST FOLLOW IT AND MAY BE IT WOULD LEAD US TO SOME SHELTER!" Covering his ears he grinned at Suezo. "Okay Suezo. Okay. We'll follow the road and see if we can find any shelter."

Running down the road a light came up. "Hey look there's a house maybe they we can ask if we can stay until the rain passes." Reaching the house Genki knocked on the door. A young male's voice was heard as the sliding door opened. "Um..can I help you?" "Hi we're sorry to bother you but we were wondering if we can come inside until the rain passes? If it's not too much trouble." Another man joined the younger one he was old with long grey hair. "Tenchi. What is this about?" "Grandpa..these people asked if they could come in until the rain stopped." Thinking the old man smiled at them. "Of course. Come in." Bowing Genki thanked the old man. "Thankyou, thankyou. We really appretiate it."

By this time the other people in the house came to see what was going on. There were four women and two girls. One had a creature that was a cross of a cat and a rabbit on her head finally a man who was older then the first man and younger then the second. "Hey Tenchi. Who are these people? GAH!" His eyes grew big as he saw Golem and Suezo. "I..Think I'd better make somemore food." The little girl then went to the kitchen.

"We are really sorry if this is unconvienient. We-" Holly was cut off by the third man who started to kiss her hand. "Oh don't worry. We enjoy the company. Besides a -" *WHACK!!* He was then smacked in the head by one of the girls. She had pink hair and light green eyes. "Stow it you pervert! Sorry about that..he can be a pervert sometimes. Oh by the way my name is Washu. You can call me Little Washu. What's your's?" "I'm Holly. This Genki, Hare, Suezo, Tiger, Mochi, Golem, Caitlin and Alida."

The old man smiled. "I'm Yosho. This is my Son in law Nobuyuki, and my grandson Tenchi. These women are Mihoshi, Kiyone, Ayeka, Ryoko, Sasami and that creature on her head is Ryooki and you all ready know who Washu is." "Mochi hungry." Said Mochi as he clutched his stomach.

"Hmm..interesting. Mochi can it okay if I run some tests on your monster friends?" The nine people in the room stiffened and gave eachother looks. "'s up to them. What do you think guys?" Hare answered for them all. " long as it doesn't involve needles and all that other stuff." Thriled Washu smiled at them. "Great! Meet me in my lab after dinner."

Tiger grumbled under his breath. "I hope you know what you've gotten us in to Hare." Hare wagged a paw reasuringly. "No worries Tiger. She looks harmless enough." Sitting at the table the nine especially Genki and Mochi chowed down while the nine other people stared at them. "Wow..and I thought Ryo-ohki and Ryoko could eat alot." Sasami stared wide-eyed.

After dinner the six monsters and three humans followed Sasami in to Washu's lab. "Woa...this is huge...what is this thing?" Popping out of nowhere Washu answered. "This is a highly generated transmogafier. It can take the atoms out of any object. Observe." Placing a apple in to the machine it imeadiately disappered. Confused Genki looked around. "Where did it go?" "It disappered into thin air because objects are made up of molecules that are really small that are made up of atoms. So when taking out the atoms the molecules are left but you can't see them because they are too small. Now if you'll follow me."

Leading them to a machine. Washu shooed the four humans away. "Now give me at least an hour and I'll call you back in to get them. Okay?" Closing the lab door the three humans exchanged glances with Sasami. "She's not going to hurt them...right Sasami?" Looking at Holly she laughed nervously. "Um..I don't think so." *I hope not*

1 hour later.

The six monsters had some bandaids on and were glaring at Hare. "You said you knew what was going to happen!" Glaring back at Tiger he snapped.

"Well how was I suppose to know the button was for the laser." Getting in Hare's face he the snarled. "WELL YOU SHOULD ASK BEFORE YOU TOUCH!" "SHE WAS BUSY AND I WAS CURIOUS SO SUE ME!!" With that Genki got between the two. "Tiger! Hare! Comon you guys we're guests here. Don't fight!" ignoring the two monsters argument Sasami looked at Caitlin. "Miss Caitlin?...Are you okay?" Putting a hand on her shoulder Holly explained. "Sasami..I think you should leave her alone for a day or so..she hasn't said a word to us either." "What's wrong with her?" Shaking her head she answered. "We don't know."

The next moring was the usual. Sasami made breakfast and everyone afterwards did their own thing. The morning was silent when a loud boom filled the air. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT???!!!!" Tenchi sweatdropped at the sound. "Not again! Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting agian. It happens every day." Suezo looked at him. "What are they fighting about?" "You don't want to know." In the mean time Ryo-oki and Alida were on the floor playing chase master around the living room. Giggling Caitlin smiled at them. "It looks like Alida found herself a friend."

"TENCHI!! Time for practice." Running to the door Tenchi excused himself from the guests. "How would you guys like to come?" The males of the group left leaving Holly and Caitlin. "Hi everyone!" Mihoshi walked in just as Ayeka and Ryoko sat on chairs away from eachother. "What do you guys want to do? ..I know let's go shopping!" "Mihoshi we don't have enough money! You spent it all on dinner remember?" "Oh comon Kiyone. We have guests. Let's show them around town." " Yeah let's go I've been needing to get my magazine so let's go!!" Jumping up Ayeka ran to her room. " Let me get my purse and tell Sasami."


Going to the back all eight girls went into the van. With Mihoshi in the drivers seat. "Are you sure you know how to drive?" Smiling at Kiyone she answered. "Of course Kiyone. Remeber I got my drivers licence when you were at the station." *Read volume two No need for Tenchi.* The car engine then went on...

20 minutes later.

"Okay..what which is the gas pedel again...oh it's that one..Okay everyone here we go." Shifting into gear the car drove away from the house and on to the road with Ryoko in the back holding a "Help us." sign. At least another twenty minutes later after nearly running over people on the sidewalk and nearly getting into a carcrash they finally made it to the mall. "We're heeeere!" Turning to the other girls. Everyone was wide eyed with their nails dugged into their seats."On the way back I'm driving!"

Inside they showed the guests around. Sasami dragged Caitlin ahead both laughing. "It's amazing...she hasn't said a word to us for a whle, and Sasami somehow managed to get her to talk." "Why wasn't she talking to you?" "We don't know. She doesn't want to tell us. So we're not going to force her if she doesn't want to."

Stopping at a clothes store Sasami and Caitlin went in. "Comeon we need to get you some clothes." "What's wrong with the ones I've got?" Going through a series of clothes both agreed on a light green long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. Holly bought a pair of blue jeans and a new shirt. Walking out the group seperated. "All right..why don't we meet here in a hour and a half and then go home." Ryoko glared at Ayeka. "And what makes you tell us what time to come back?" Ayeka gave Ryoko a look. "Because I know we should get back early before traffic gets bad." "WELL I SAY LET'S STAY HERE FOR TWO HOURS THEN GO BACK!" "WELL I SAY WE GO BACK A HOUR!" sighing the group spilt up with one group taking Ayeka and the other Ryoko who were still arguing with eachother.

After an hour of shopping the girls headed to the car this time with Kiyone driving. On the way home Kiyone got a speeding ticket and what ever that kind of thing if you don't have a drivers licence. *MY PRIDE!!! I'M A 1ST CLASS GALAXY POLICE! POLICE LIKE US DON'T GET TICKETS WE GIVE THEM!!!*

Night fall was already set in the sky as the younger people in the Misaki household and guests sat around all except for grandpa who was already back at the shrine and Nobuyuki who had a major project to finish. Drinking tea (not sake) they sat infront of the television watching a soap opera. "Oh this is so sad! Tenchi hold me!!" Ryoko put her arms around Tenchi as Ayeka fumed. "GET OFF OF LORD TENCHI YOU FILTHY DEMON!!!!" Ryoko gave Ayeka a look. "Why should I...what are you going to do yell at me to death?" "I SAID LET HIM GO!!!" "YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO DO BETTER THEN THAT!" "AZAKA! KAMADAKE!!!!! GET THIS MONSTER AWAY FROM LORD TENCHI!!!" "MONSTER??!!! WHY YOU- OOOOWWWWCH!!!!" "AAAAAAAHGGG!!!! STOP IT YOU TWO!!!" "YOU STAY OUT OF THIS TENCHI!" "YEA!" Both Ayeka and Ryoko went at eachother nearly tearing down the Misaki house for the umpteenth time.

"Are they always like this?" Sasami laughed nervously at Genki's remark. "Woa and I thought Tiger and I had a problem." "Well if you alway kept your mouth shut we wouldn't argure." "IF YOU KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT NOTHING WOULD GO WRONG!!!" "ARE YOU TRYING TO START SOMETHING RABBIT!!?" "YEA AND YOU'RE AND IDIOT!!!" "THAT'S IT!!!!!!" Everyone sweatdropped as both people from both groups fought. "Anyone want more tea?"

The light in the Misaki house went out as the noise fianally stopped. Sasami shifted in her sleep. The vision came to her in a dream. She was first in the Misaki house. Walking out the sun warmed her but was soon gone as she found herself falling to a hallway of a castle. In a room was the sound of fighting. Peering inside she was shocked at what she saw. *Miss Caitlin...but somethings different about her? Ohno!* Inside the room Caitlin and a man fought. The man had blue eyes that could have peirced through ice if they had the power to. Both fought expertly with swords. Both figures changed. The man's features were now more strong. His eyes were the same color yet his hair was black. Caitlin now was a older woman with different features. She had long black/brown hair and dark brown eyes. The senery changed to a beach. In a sudden movement the man stabbed at the woman catching her in chest. Sasami watched her fall to the ground limp with the man sneering down at her. The woman then changed back to Caitlin.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Bolting up her scream woke up Ayeka and Ryooki.

"Sasami are you okay?" Shaking she nodded. "Mmmhm. It was just a dream that's all." "Do you want to talk about it?" "No that's okay." "Alright...goodnight Sasami." "Night Ayeka..*That wasn't a was a vision...but what does it have to do with Miss Caitlin...Can the legends be true?..I don't think I should tell anyone about this..."

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Tenchi: Calm down Ayeka.

Sasami: coming up in our next chapters chapter 8: A mysterious letter arrives at the Misaki house hold along with a few threats and Caitlin is found unconsious in the woods. Could this all lead up to the vision? Don't miss our next chapter of No need for a mystery.

Ryoko:In chapter 9: Caitlin suddenly dissapears, the group learns more of her past and their threatner.Plus the showdown between Blade and Caitlin. And what is Sasami keeping from the gang. Also a surprise worth knowing about. in No need for goodbyes.

Washu: It's unquestionably shocking.

Chater 8: No need for a mystery

Late afternoon had fallen everyone was doing their own thing as usual. Sasami was in the kitchen making dinner, Tenchi was working at the feilds, Ryoko and Ayeka were yet again fighting, Washu was in her lab working on something and Mihoshi was watching her favorite show. Their guests sat around the house watching Mihoshi's favorite show Space police policeman, or just relaxing. Nobuyuki walked in with the mail. "I'm home. Let's see junk, junk, Best anime magazine, bills, bills, letter from mother.. and junk. Taking the improtant stuff he left the other mail on the kitchen counter. Tenchi walked in and saw the mail. Shuffling through it he caught the glimpes of a unusual letter. "What could this be?" Opening it the letters were written in a unreadable lettering. "Who the hell sent this anyway..I hope it wasn't our neighbor's son again." "Hey Tenchi what ya got there?" Said Ryoko as she leaned against him. "I'm not sure it looks as if someone sent us a fake letter...Yet I can't read it." "What is it Lord Tenchi?" "Someone sent us a unreadable letter." Thinking Ayeka answered. "Maybe Miss Washu could help." Three of them walked in to the lab. "Miss Washu are you in?" Popping out of a machine Washu gave Tenchi a look. "How many times must I tell you? Don't call me Miss!" "Ooops..Washu I found this in the mail. We can't read it so we were wondering if you could translate for us? Please." Taking the letter she put it in a machine. Typing on her floating computer the traslated letter printed out. With that Washu read it.

Dear Cathrine, Don't think I have given up that easily. Next time we meet and if you refuse my offer I swear someone will pay with their life!


Mihoshi went wide eyed. "OH THAT POOR GIRL!!! WHAT A AWFUL THING TO DO!!" Looking up from the letter Washu answered. "Awful nothing who ever this person is he or she is deserate and means it." "Yeah but Washu why would they send it here?" "That's a good question Tenchi. I'll analys this letter for finger prints and have a picture of who this person is." "Mihoshi and I wil keep track of the letters this person sends for safe measures." "But Kiyone..there's no one here named Cathrine...right?" "No It's probably some punk playing a joke on us." "Well as I said let me run some tests just incase." The group left Washu alone to work. Walking out Caitlin paled. "It can't could he have found us?" " you think it could be..?" Shaking her head she answered. " can't be. I could he have known..It could just be a quwincadence." "Dinner's ready!" During dinner Washu told Tenchi's dad and grandpa of the letter they got. "Hmm...odd. Usually this area of Okayama is peaceful..I don't think there's anyone here who would want to threaten anyone." "Do you think it was mailed here accidently?" "Possibly." Dinner continued in scilence until the phone rang. Picking up the phone Tenchi answered. "Hello Masaki residents...hello?" A reedy voice answered the phone.

"Yes is there a girl named Cathrine in your home? If so tell her that she won't escape me. I will find where she is and when I do she better be ready to die!" *click*


"Tenchi who was that?" "Some jerk asking for a girl named Cathrine." "Did you get this person's name?" "No." "Damn...If you did we could find out if the phone call is attached to that letter." Later that night the usual people sat around watching t.v when the phone rang agian for the 5th time that night.

"Who could that be now. Hello."

" there anyone named Cathrine in the household?"


"My what a temper."


"You can't see me but I can see you...Ryoko."

"How did you.."

"I have my listen up...I know you are hiding her. If Cathrine is there tell her if she doesn't give herself up I'll start killing her family starting with the old it?"


"Hey Ryoko who was that?"

"That no good jerk who has been threatening us for the past three hours." Mihoshi gave Ryoko a scared look. "OhNo!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO! WHAT HAPPENS IF HE MEANS IT!" Tenchi patted Mihoshi's shoulder reasuringly. "Don't worry Mihoshi who ever this guy is I'm sure he doesn't mean it." *SMASH* a brick with a letter attached crashed through the window hitting Suezo in the head. "Owww..."*colapeses*. "WHAT THE HELL!!!!" "Suezo are you okay?" "Yeah Holly I'm fine." Running outside Tenchi looked around but no one was there. Going back inside Washu read the letter. "My threats are real boy and you can count that next time I won't be so merciful." Inside the kitchen Sasami glanced nervously at the cutting board as she remebered her vision. Out of the corner of her eye Sasami saw a figure with red eyes. When she looked again it was gone. "Washu do you know if that's from our threatener?" "No doubt about it Genki...I think the analysis should be done by now." Walking to her lab the group came to a screen. Typing somethings the analyser booted up. A picture of a man showed up with blue eyes. Sasami's eyes widened in fear just before she fainted. " Ohno Sasami!" Blackness surrounded Sasami as she wandered aimlessly. A light ahead shone brightly. Walking towards it a figure stood in the middle. "Who are you?" The figure stepped forward revealing a dusty brown wolf. *Do not be afraid child come closer. I am Sceltric the wise. Now my time is short so hear what I have to say. Years of the past come forward to thou. When the clock chimes twelve doom will come. Beware the one with ice like eyes. He is the one who chooses who live who dies. Come forth the person who carries the dragon only he can defeat the evil that arrives.* Confused Sasami looked at the wolf. "What does it mean?" "That's what you'll have to figure out. My time is up and I must go." With that he disapeared in to thin air. "Wait!" A blinding light surrounded her as she opened her eyes to see everyone looking at her worried. "Sasami are you okay? You gave us quite a fright." Nodding she answered. "I'm fine Ayeka..I guess I'm just tired..that's all." "Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for bed. I'll run your bath for you. Maybe that's what you need." "Thanks Ayeka." Both exited the lab with the others following. * I wonder...why is this happening?..Could it do with our guests...or does it have more to it then it seems?" Walking out Washu joined the others in the living room.

2 Weeks later.

Yosho *I'm not sure what Holly's dad's name is but just to let you know this is Tenchi's granddad we're talking about and not Holly's dad.* and the others especially Nobuyuki allowed Genki's group to stay a bit longer. The sun was beginning to set when Sasami finished cooking dinner. "Ayeka I'm going go call grandpa for dinner." "Okay Sasami be careful." "Okay." Walking out of the house Sasami enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon sun as she continued her way to the shrine. About a few minutes later the sky grew dark. "Boy it's getting dark soon...must be getting closer to summer." Half way to the shrine something rustled in the bushes next to her. "Huh?...Is that you Ryooki? Come out I know you're there." Giggling she ran to where the rustling was only to smack in to a tall figure with red eyes.

"Tenchi.. have you seen Sasami?" "No I haven't Ayeka. Why?" "Well she said she was going to get Yosho to tell him dinner is ready. It's already been an hour since she left...It couldn't have taken that long to get to the shrine..right?" "It's just a 15 minute walk to and back from the shrine." "Do you think she got lost?" "No I don't think so Caitlin."

The phone then rang.

"Hello Masaki residents."

"Hello Caitlin." Her face paled at the sound of the voice.

"Y-you..what do you want?"

"You know what I want. I make you another deal. You sell me your soul and I wont kill this little girl."

"W-what little girl?"

"Let me put her on the line for you."


"Miss Caitlin?..Miss Caitlin please help me! Please! *sob* He's going to kill me please he-."


"So do we have a deal? If so meet me by the lake behind the house got it. You have 20 minutes. If you're not here with in that time this girl will be one less person to worry about." Slamming the phone down she ran out the door. "What's her problem?" "Ryoko follower her. Something tells me she'll lead us to where Sasami is. Comon!" Everyone bolted out of the house with Washu leading the way. Running hard she stopped by the lake to see Blade holding Sasami by the neck of her dress. "Sasami. Okay Blade I'm here. Now let Sasami go." "You still haven't given me your word." Forming a energy sword from his hand pressed it near Sasami's throat. "Deal! We have a deal! please just let her go." He gave her a sly look before pushing Sasami towards her. "Even though you have a warriors spirit your heart is weak." "My heart may be weak but that's better then having one of a cold blooded murderer!" Eyes snapping he grabbed Caitlin by the neck. "ARE DEAL WAS MADE. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!" A red light surrounded him as it spread to Caitlin. The red light turned a bright yellow as it surrounded her. She screamed in pain as the yellow light seperated from her and went to Blade. "Nooo!!!" Sasami lunged at the man but he pushed her down. The yellow light disappeared and in a quick movement the it appeared in a small vile attached to a leather cord which hung on his neck. He let go of Caitlin as she slumped to the ground. Weakly she looked up at Blade. "Wha-what have you done to me?.." "Don't worry it's normal you'll be better soon...On second thought you won't." Before she could react he kicked her in the stomach sending her to slam into a tree." *THOCK!!" A rock hit him in the head. Turning around he saw Sasami holding another rock ready to throw at him. Feeling the back of his head he looked at his had which was wet. "WHY YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!" Creating a energy ball he threw it at her. Frozen with fear she saw the ball of light coming towards her. Shutting her eyes she waited for the blow. 5 seconds past and nothing happened. Opening her eyes she saw Caitlin in front of her wincing in pain. "Miss saved me.." "SASAMI!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! SASAMI ANSWER US PLEASE!!" Growling Blade turned to the two. "Don't think this is over. I have your soul. You're useless without might as well as kill yourself." " I'm not going to die not until I make sure you never hurt anyone ever again. If you kill me my soul you have now will haunt you until you die. If you have any children who follow your ways then I will haunt them until your ways are gone from this planet!" "Nice words but they'll change soon." He then dissapeared into thin air. "Sasami...please don't tell anyone what happened. I don't want them to worry about me. Especially Holly. Promise me." "But.." "Please Sasami..For their own safety please." "O-okay..." "Thank you Sasami..." With that she blacked out. **************** Appearing back at a new castle Blade slumped down in his chair. Gripping the tiny vile he saw the yellow light dancing inside it. An evil smile spread across his face. "Guards! Bring the old man to me!!!" Jiro was dragged from the slave pit and into the throne room. He gave Blade a careless look. "I see that years of hard labor hasn't broken you yet. Has it?..What's this how dare you not bow to your owner!" " I rather bow to a pig then to someone who murders innocent women and children." *SLAP!!!* Blade glared at the old man shaking with rage. "I'll kill you! I'll make sure that you are put to hard labor until you can't walk nor carry anymore." "What does it matter to you..You were planning to kill me any way." "Fool!...never mind. I hear you are a healer and can tell the future through fire am I right?" "What gave you that idea." "Well then tell me who is the holder of the dragon? Tell me or you'll suffer the ultimate torture." "Why should I tell you?" "Do it or I'll kill your entire family!" "Fine. The one who holds the dragon will be the one bringing your life to hell's gates!" "GUARDS TAKE THIS USELESS THING BACK TO HIS CELL..don't give him his rations for this week until he's learned to show more respect for his betters." "Betters? Ha that's a laugh! Your'e no more a better then a fly on a horse!" Grabbing the old man by the collar of his shirt he took out the small vile. "Well before the gaurds take you. I should tell you something..Your granddaughter and I met just a hour ago. You see this vile. That light is the power of the Tiger and her soul..your granddaughter was the keeper and now she is near death.Once she is dead this light will become brighter. If not don't worry I'll make sure that she never see's you again! Take him away." With that the gaurds dragged a very PO'ed and struggling Jiro. "IF YOU DARE AS MUCH AS TOUCH HER I'LL MAKE SURE YOU DIE!!! I SWEAR IT!!!!" *************************************** "I think she's starting to wake up."


"MIHOSHI STOP SHAKING WASHU!!! She's going to be fine!"

Opening her eyes groggily she looked around. "What happened?" "You blacked out. Ryoko found you unconsious with Sasami trying to wake you up." "OHMYGOSH! Holly where's Sasami?" "She's fine. She told us what happened." "She...she did?" " Yeah she told us that you were attacked by a stalker. That explains the brusied bottom ribs and stomach. Don't worry it's nothing serious." Walking out of the lab she sat down on the couch. "Oh I see your'e up that's good." "Sasami are you okay?" "Mmmhm! Thanks for saving my life...I owe you." "No you don't, I should owe you all something." "What do you mean?" "It's because of me all of this is happening. If I wasn't here you wouldn't have been kidnapped and Tenchi's house wouldn't be threatend...may be Blades right. Maybe I'm better off dead." "No. Don't kill yourself please. You're important to me like I'm important to the this house. You've come this far why are you giving up?!" "Somethings can't be explained Sasami." ************************* A fire burned brightly as Luke sat beside it rumaging through a backpack he was told to burn. Inside was normal things any person would have. The one thing that interested him was a leather bound book. "Looks like a diary." Flipping through the pages he saw something that made his blood run cold. It was a dried flower. It's petals were in mint condition. Staring at it memories of his childhood came back. Putting the flower back in it's place he read the words written in the book.

March 12

Dear Diary, Today the Cherry blossoms are blooming for another year. Everything is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. Today was amazing. I did every thing as usual, I sat under one of the trees to relax when Luke came by. He sat down and told me he had a crush on me. He gave me a flower. It was very beautiful. Before I could thank him her gave me a kiss on the cheek. He then told me not to tell anyone. I can see why because David, Komiko and Jarvis would probably make a big deal about it. I still don't trust him..I'm not saying anything to David or anyone because I'm scared what Jarvis would do. Even though I won't forget what Luke said never. G'night.

Closing the book he put it back in the bag. *Oh dear God! What have I done!! She was telling the truth and I didn't believe her! I'M AN IDIOT!!!!" Pounding his fist on the table Darqui looked at him if he was insane. "What's bugging you?" "Nothing." " If it's about that girl you can forget about that one the boss says he'll kill her before the week is through. Ha good ridence I say." Shocked by his words Luke got up from the table taking the bag with him. "Hoi! Where are you going?..Little wretch...don't see why the boss would want him around."

Running down the hallway he tripped on a hole in the floor tumbling down the hall way he slammed into a revloving wall. The wall flipped pushing him to the other side. Unbelevingly he stared at the site before him. He had found the slave pit. *Th-this is impossible...He said there were no slaves.'s the people from my village...He said they were dead!...He lied!!* "HEY YOU WHAT ARE DOING HERE?!" Looking up he saw the Slave master running toward him. Running back the way he came he charged down the hallway not looking back. Luke stopped and hid behind a barrel as the Slave master ran by and in to Blade's room. "Sir he found out! He knows." "Well then we can't have him helping them to escape now can we?" "What do you think we should do sir?" "Tomorrow tell him that I'm sending him to search for something. Send two gaurds with him. Tell those gaurds that once their alone to kill him." "Yes sir!" Luke waited until the man left. Going back to his chambers Luke stared blankly at the window as mixed emotions ran through him. ****************************

The sun rose over head as it covered the Masaki House hold. As usual Sasami was the first one to be awake despite the events that happened the night before, and as usual everyone came downstairs to eat breakfast. "Man that was something else last night." "You said it Hare." Said Genki as he wolfed down his bowl of rice. "It's kind of werid I mean when we got back the threats stopped." " I don't know Holly maybe they found someone else to threaten." "WAAAAAH!!!!" Mihoshi ran past with Kiyone and Hare chasing her. "Come back here Mihoshi we didn't mean it!" "IT WAS A JOKE!" "Hey Washu where are you going?" Heading for the door she answered. " I have to sub for this health teacher at a highschool. I'll be back within two hours. You can come by if you want." all the people at the table sat there motionless. The only sound heard was the sound of Mihoshi's crying and the sound of the van starting. "I guess were stuck here, Washu took the van....TOOK THE VAN??!!! WASHU DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!! WASHUUU!!!!" Bolting out the door Tenchi ran outside only to find the van gone. "Oh man if the van gets wrecked dad and grandpa are going to kill me!" "Um..Tenchi what is health class?" Turning to Ryoko Tenchi explained." class is..."

3 minutes later

" DAMN YOU WASHU!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO KILL HER!!!!!!" Tenchi looked at her. "Calm down Ryoko what's the worst she could do?" A very pissed Ryoko answered. "SHE PROBABLY USED ME AS AN EXAMPLE!!!! COMON TENCHI WERE GOING TO STOP HER!!!" Grabbing his arm Ryoko marched inside and picked up a very scared and confused Ryooki. Throwing her into the air the tiny cabbit became a huge ship. By this time everyone came out. "And pray tell what are you going to do with Lord Tenchi you space demon?" "Aw be queit if you're comeing get a move on if not you can stay here!" Everyone boarded the ship and took off.

"THIS IS SO COOL!!!!" Genki and Mochi were practically jumping up and down on the ship. "WILL YOU TWO STOP THAT!!!!!!!!!!" Both looked wide eyed at a very P'oed Ryoko. "There's the school Ryooki." Landing they all entered the school. Inside one of the class rooms Washu was teaching a room full of teenagers. "Now. for health class. We are going to learn about how you grow here's a picture of my daughter Ryoko when she was a baby. Isn't she adorible! Any way when you become at least 5 to 6 you go through a growth spert. For you girls you'll be taller then the boys for a while until later. Then the boys will be taller then you. When you become a teen or 12 you will start to change which we will go over next week. Now here is another picture of my daughter what she looks like now." (It's the picture of ryoko who you'll know. And the picture is on a projection. While a very pissed Ryoko is attacking a scared looking Washu in a graduation cap holding a pointer.) "Now this is just an example." "Are you having fun?" "Sure am- WAAAAH!!! Ryoko. Uh..haha can't you take a joke...Comeon Ryoko let's talk about this..AAAHHGGH!!!!!" Washu ran around the room while Ryoko sent lasers at her. "UH CLASS DISMISSED!!!!" " long do you think they're going to be at it?" Tenchi sweatdropped. "Until Ryoko calms down or when Washu manages to stop her." "Anyone wants to go for some ramen?" "Sure." Everyone left leaving Ryoko, Washu and the nearly destroyed class room. At the restraunt Ryoko finally calmed down and is wolfing down a bowl of ramen. Ayeka gave Ryoko a look of disgust. "Hmph! No wonder she's such an awful person she has no ediquit manners what so ever!" Ryoko then glared at Ayeka "Well at least I don't eat like a slug! Man each time you chew and put food in your mouth it's already five minutes." "Shows how much you know Ryoko. At least I have manners concidering that you down your food like a barbarian. Let me rephrase that you are one." "Well by the time you finally finish you'll be an old hag Ayeka with no teeth!" "How dare you call me a hag demon monster!!" Ryoko then impersonated Ayeka. "Hmm..let me rephrase are a hag!" By this time Ayeka was shaking with rage as she glared at Ryoko. "That's it I've had enough of your antics Ryoko!! AZAKA! KAMADAKE teach this criminal a lesson!!!" Unmoved Ryoko answered. "Um..just to let you know that remeber my records were deleted. So you can't do anything negh!" Everyone sweatdropped as Hare and Suezo tsked at them. "Kids these days!" Tiger shook his head. "Both are acting like three year olds." "I agree." "Here we go again." Mihoshi and Kiyone grabbed both of them seperating them for killing eachother. "Check please!" The car ride home wasn't a quiet one. Tenchi sat in the back with huge lump on his head for letting Washu borrow the car. Ayeka and Ryoko were still arguing while everyone else except Genki and Mochi had ear plugs on. "Oooh!! 1,000 of bottles of beer on the wall 1,000 bottles of beer take one down pass it around 1,000 of bottles of beer on the wall. 999 bottles of beer on the wall 999 bottles of beer. Take one down pass around 999 bottles of beer on the wall. Everyone! 998 bottles of beer on the wall 998 bottles of beer. Take one down pass it around 998 bottles of beer on the wall!

1 hour later.

"5 bottles of beer on the wall 5 bottles of beer take one down pass it around 5 bottles of beer on the wall!

10 minutes later

"John Jacob jinglehinersmith that is my name too! When ever we go out the people always shout JOHN JACOB JINGLEHINGERSMITH! LALALALALA-OW!!!!" Genki looked around as the van jerked to a stop. As he looked around everyone in the van gave him and Mochi the death look. "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!" Once the van stopped at the house Washu untied and degagged Genki. The afternoon sun shone as Yosho and Tenchi practiced along with Genki while Suezo, Hare and Mochi watched. a brown figure caught his eye. Turning the figure was no longer there. *Thwak!* "OW! Hey Grandpa what was that for?!" "You're getting lazy Tenchi. Just because you defeated Kagato doesn't mean I'm not continuing your training. Now are we ready to begin?" "HAI!" Both men continued the training. Inside her lab Washu ran some tests on particle sample she found on Caitlin on the night Sasami was missing. Typing rapidly on her floating computer she looked at the analysis of the particle. "Hmm...very interesting." Typing a few things into the computer she ran up the anylasis of the threat letters. "It seems that these two analysis match up with each other... May be it's time I question our guests." During dinner it was silent. Nobody talked. The only sound in the room was the sound of eating. Sasami looked at her plate sadly as she remembered what happened earlier that day.


As usual Sasami cooked dinner. Genki and Holly talked to Tenchi and the others that they should leave. Holly had mentioned that they stayed too long for their welcome and it was time for them to continue on their journey. To the other group they tried to convince them to stay but they insisted they should leave.


Later that night a shadow passed silently through the house. It noislessly bounded up the stairs and into one of the guest rooms. Holly and Caitlin shared Ayeka and Sasami's room. The feeling of someone watching her made Caitlin wake up to see a dusty brown wolf looking down on her. "Jeeze! Celtric you scared me what are you doing here?" The old Tiger looked at her. "It's time." Confused she stared at him. "Time? Time for what?" "Blade is going to make his move. I over heard two of his gaurds saying that he's planning to get rid of the slaves tomorrow night. We must stop them before that happens." "But how. Where is he? I mean...were not even sure where his castle is. For all we know it can be miles away." "I know where it is. I've been doing a little searching of my own. Hurry we don't have much time."

Chapter 9: No need for goodbyes

Slipping quietly out of the house the two figures walked down the path away from the house. With a fighting stick in one hand and backpack on her back, she looked back at the house. The similarity of the same thing she did a few years ago when returning to her village. Shaking off the memory she continued without looking back again. Both figures continued until the house was gone from sight.

"AYEKA! EVERYONE WAKE UP!!!" The sleeping forms of the memebers of the Masaki house hold and their guests jumped out or fell out of bed at the shrill cry. Everyone jolted down the stairs to see Sasami in tears holding a piece of paper.

"Sasami what is it? What's wrong?" Sobbing out her answer she replyed. "Miss Caitlin...She ..She's gone!" Confused and surprised Tenchi took the piece of paper from Sasami and read it aloud.

Dear Everyone, Please don't be sad that I've left. I've gone to find my village and to save them. Please don't come looking for me and risk your life. Blade is a very dangerous person and I don't want any of you getting involved. Sasami if you are reading this letter don't be sad that I'm not here. I promise one day I'll return. If not...I'll watch over you.


"What is she talking about who is this Blade person?" Holly looked at her hands as she answered Ryoko's question. " There's something we have to tell you...Have you ever heard of the story of Domonic and the Majolings? "

Washu gave Holly a surprised look. "I have...but it's been a legend, a profecy that had been lost by most of the original Marjolings...Now that you mention it......where exactly did you guys come really haven't explain that to us....Mochi, Hare, Suezo, Golem and Tiger must have come from another world...But most improtantly how did you know about the original legend...the only person who's still alive who knows about it is me...."

The rebels exchanged looks as Holly continued. "You see...Caitlin is Catherine's reincarnation....she has the spirit of the tiger...though she hasn't awakened it yet....We think the reason she left is that she felt that if she stayed she would bring danger to us...demo......"

"But nothing really threatened us. Only those stupid phone calls and the shattered window....Demo there's something that still bothers did Caitlin get injured...I mean...she must have had encountered someone who could do that much damage." Said Ryoko seriously.

"Yes..I have to agree...if the person who hurt her wanted to kill her that person would have done it then and there, yet- Sasami?? What's wrong??...." All eyes turned to the little girl who was shaking like a leaf, with tears pouring down her face.

Seeing the princess in distress she kneeled to her level. "Sasami...what happened to Caitlin the night you were missing...What happened...." Sasami shook her head furiously and tried to talk as hiccups mingled with her mumbled speech. "*hic* I promised...I promised *hic* I promised I wouldn't tell...*sniff* I can't break my promise she me made me swear not to....Gomen ne......"

"Sasami...I know you promised but, if you tell us what happened we might be able to help her...Please Sasami...we're worried about her too..." Teary eyes looked up at Washu as Sasami nodded weakly.

"When I left to get grandfather....I saw a movement in the bushes and thought it was Ryo-ohki...but it was this guy with red eyes..I don't know who he is...After I was handed over to another man who Caitlin called Blade...He...He said something to her...Something about her having this power....S-She traded it for my life. Then he did something to her..I tried to help her but, that man just pushed me away....So I threw a rock at him and he got angry and attacked me, but Caitlin protected me. She made me promise not to tell...

Teary eyed Ayeka hugged Sasami, letting her younger sister cry on her shoulder. "So...It was him...that bastard did show up...I thought I felt a familiar presence......" Hare went wide eyed and looked at Tiger as his question sank into the rabbit like anchor.

" That's it! That's the reason why we were tricked! Blade was testing us! He knew that Caitlin was Catherine's reincarnation. He knew that if he sucked the power out of her before she awakened, he would gain more power from it....Then only question is.....why hasn't he gone after Johnathan's reincarnation..."

Genki immediately caught on to Hare's discovery and jumped up to his feet. "Unless he already knew! If Blade grew up in the same village...he would have made some friends....., but since he was only trained to follow his dad's quest he would have probably chosen the ones he knew were the closest to you remember who Blade was friends with..."

"Um....Her older brother wasn't too fond of him..., but Luke was friends with Blade, because he felt sorry for him...Also Luke always had a crush on don't think that...."

Washu gave the group a serious look. "No doubt about it....Luke is Johnathan's reincarnation.

*************************** Continuing on their way. Celtric and Caitlin walked down a old dirt path towards a clearing and stopped. "Here is where you are on your own."

Caitlin gave him a worried look."But aren't you going to go with me?"

"My power doesn't work here. To get to the Caslte follow this path it'll lead you to a fork in the road the the path on the left and it'll lead you to the castle. But I promise I'll meet you there. Good luck." With that he left her.

She continued down the path when a sound was heard "Great now what?"

The sound of fighting soon came into earshot as she looked down the path to see three men fighting. The two older men were trying to beat down the younger one. The young man punched one of the older men in the jaw sending him to smack into the other causing both to fall in a heap.

Turning he faced the the lone traveler. A look of shock came from both the man and woman. "What are doing here? I thought you were Blades best soilder?" Said Caitlin.

Luke gave her a look before answering. "Oh nothing much..found out Jarvis or should I say Blade lied to me by saying everyone was dead. Found out everyones alive. Got attacked by his gaurds. Read your diary..that type of thing. What about you?" All the while Caitlin looked at him as if he were insane. "You read my diary?!... I swear you guys can be so immature!"

Walking past him she continued down the path. "You still didn't answer my question. Why are you here?" Caitlin turned around and gave him a determined look. "I'm going to Blade's Castle to save my village."

"By yourself? Boy you must be very brave. You're going to need help. Someone who's brave and dashing. Not afraid of danger. Hey where you going?" Said Luke as he ran after her.

Rolling her eyes she turned around. "Are you coming or are you going to stay here?" Both of the guards stood up groaning and cussing up a storm as they gave Luke the death look. "My answer is... RUN!!!" With that he and Caitlin bolted down the path with the two gaurds chasing after them in hot pursuit waving around very nasty looking weapons.

"Some brave and dashing person you turned out to be!" Yelled Caitlin. Luke shot her a look. "HEY IT'S NOT MY FAULT THEY'RE ARMED AND I'M NOT!"

As they sprinted down the path Caitlin stopped. "LUKE STOP!!!" Before Luke could come to a halt the ground under him gave away and he fell into a pit. "HEY CAITLIN GIVE ME A HAND HERE!" Finding a vine she tied it to one of the trees and let the rest fall into the pit. Luke climbed out, grabbed Caitlin's hand and ran. Looking back he saw her looking at the pit. "What are you waiting for run!"

"Luke wait. I have an Idea that might stop them from following us. Comeon give me a hand." Both got grass and sticks as they covered the pit. Waiting on the other side of the pit the gaurds ran towards them. Before they were ten feet from the two. The ground gave way and both men found themselves in a deep pit. "HAHA!! LOOSER!! TRY AND GET OUT OF THAT!!" Taunted Luke as he laughed with glee, as one of the gaurds threw a spear that nearly clipped Luke's head. Wide eyed he ran to where Caitlin stood shaking her head. ************************************ Back at the Masaki house everyone was in the living room discussing what should be done. "Let us help, Genki. We're not sure just how powerful Blade is, heck he might be more powerful than Moo! If the seven of you get killed what's going to happen then?" Said Washu who looked at the rebels with a concerned and serious expression.

"Yes let us help, if we just sit around and do nothing all of us won't be able of live it down if she died...Especially Sasami...." Said Ayeka sadly as she indicated to the little girl who was asleep on the couch. Genki looked at the seven people before him, then to Sasami and finally to his friends as he started to tear up. "Guys....Okay."

"Alright! We're going to teach that idiot not to mess with us!!!" Said Ryoko as she pumped a fist into the air. Everyone agreed with Ryoko's statement, but Washu interrupted them. "I know you're anxious to help but this isn't a game...I'm sure all of you are aware of that...Blade is very dangerous...and is probably is more powerful then Tsunami....We're going to have to take precausions...Well since that's out of the way..LET'S GO KICK SOME BADGUY BUTT!!"

A whimpering noise broke through the cheers of the group. Everyone looked behind the couch to see Alida shuffle into the scene sniffing around for her long gone mistress. Fearfully the creature darted around digging under the couches and peering under the table in a futile search.

Holly the picked up Alida and hugged the whimpering creature to her chest soothing it with kind words and stroking it's soft furred head. "Shhh...It's okay Alida...We'll find your mommy soon....It's okay...." Washu smiled at the scene and summoned her floating labtop. "Okay mina! Let's get started shall we?" In a flash all of them were gone. ******************************************* Hours past and the two continued down the path till a huge stone building came into view. Caitin walked towards the building but Luke stopped her. "Caitlin wait. If you go in now we'll be captured. There's at least more then a hundred gaurds on duty. Wait till 11:00 tonight that's when they go to sleep. When it's 11 I know a way in to the castle and to the slave pit. But we have to be careful. Okay?" Nodding they sat down and waited. Scilence followed after that.

"Um...Caitlin...I owe you an appology....About.....That day....I didn't know it was you. I thought you were some imposter or something...." Caitlin's eyes softed as she saw her friend look away from her. "Don't be...You had every right to be angry...You didn't know what happened.... Jarvis decieved you..." Shocked by her words he looked up to see her smiling warmly at him.

A smile spread across his face as he shook his head and gave a short chuckle. "You really are too nice..You know that....What about my punishment? Huh? The Caitlin I knew would have done something horrible. Like a pail of cold water in the face at first thing in the morning or getting pudding dropped on my head when I'm not expecting it......And what are you smiling for?"

It was Caitlin's turn to laugh...With a glint in her eye she smiled at her friend and scooted a bit closer and whispered in his ear. "That's because I've grown out of such childish tricks....Although..." He looked at her he questionly as her sentence trailed off. "Although wha-ACK!!!!!"

To his surprise he was then splashed with a bucket full of cold stream water then plummeted with a clump of dry grass and leaves. Sputtering he removed a bunch of dried leaves that were covering his eyes and mock glared at Caitlin who was giggling madly at the scene before her. "HAHAHA!! You should have seen the look on you face!!!! HAHAHAHA! Luke....Luke why do you have that look in your eye...Hey it was just a joke comon....WAH!!" She let out a small yelp as she was tackled and tickled by Luke. "LUKE!!! Comon...ACK!! S-stopit st- Hahahaha..." The young man grinned rougishly as he continued to tickle her. "Say uncle and I might let you go..." Caitlin squirmed as she was tickled mecilessly by her friend. "OKAY! Okay. Uncle! You....." Caitlin blushed as she noticed that Luke's face was inches away from hers. Luke's dark brown eyes met her green ones as he blushed bright red. Immediately both snapped out of it and jolted away from each other quickly. Each looking away, faces bright red. Scilence then took over them. **************************** Inside Ryo-oh-ki spaceship, Washu read the coordinates to the castle as Ryoko stood nearby. "Holly are you okay?" Said Hare as he looked at Holly who was pacing back and forth. "I'm not okay. How am I going to explain to her family if she gets killed?! I'll never forgive myself!" In the mean time Sasami, Mihoshi and Mochi were crying there eyes out in the corner of the ship with Golem trying to calm them down and Alida looking just as sad.

"Holly calm down I'm sure we'll find her." Holly looked at Genki in disbelief "HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?! WHAT HAPPENS IF SHE'S DEAD BY NOW?" Genki winced at her raised voice and put a hand on her shoulder "Take it easy Holly. Don't say she's dead just think that she's still alive." Holly smiled at Genki as she calmed down. "Thanks Genki." Suezo, who happened to be nearby gave them an annoyed look.

"Washu are you getting anything?" Washu looked up from her computer and answed. " Give me a break Ayeka. If I did we would have found her a long time ago. It's not easy finding someone especially if there's about a thousand other living things down there."

"Tiger what's wrong with you? You're not even sad. DON'T EVEN CARE?!" Tiger then looked at Hare. "Just leave me alone and shut up." Hare gave the tiger a look before turning his back on him "Figures that a answer like that would be coming from a theif." "OKAY BUDDY THIS TIME YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!!" Both monsters went at eachother in a cloud of dust with everyone else sweatdropping.

"I CAN'T WORK WITH THAT KIND OF NOISE!!!!" Typing on the computer she turned Hare and Tiger into slugs. "There now they won't be able to get to eachother for a while." ***********************************

While they waited for 11 to roll along they began to plan a way to get in and out of the place without being seen. Laying out a map Luke explained. "Okay..after we release everyone there's a underground tunnel that leads outside. Once outside there's a cave not too far away. It's well hidden so they won't find us. If they do there's an abandoned fort a mile away. To get the gaurds off our trail we'll set some traps around the place so that it will slow them down." Caitlin nodded in agreement and scilence followed. "Caitlin maybe you should stay here..It's dangerous for you to go..." Said Luke as he gave her a worried look.

Smiling she shook her head. "Thanks..But I'm the one responsible for all of this, so I have to go...Besides I'm the one he wants... " Luke looked at her sadly. "That's what I'm worried about...I'm worried that I won't see you again." Blushing she smiled at him and gave him a hug. "Don't worry..I'll be fine I promise...Besides we're going in nothing will happen okay?" Boldly he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her back. "okay...I won't worry....Just be careful"

Caitlin blushed deeply and looked at him. "Hai..I will...Please be careful as well.." Luke looked into her eyes and tilted her chin up as he was about to kiss her. Immediately a force crashed into both of them as they tumbled to the ground. Dazed Caitlin looked up and paled as two men stood before her, one of them holding a whip.

Luke groaned and looked up in time to get a kick in the face by the man with the whip. "Well, well looks like you're in trouble...Where's your little friends huh??" Said ther other man mockingly has he unshethed a sabre. Caitlin struggled to her feet and back away from the man in fear.

"Leave me alone! I'm not going back do you hear me!!" She yelled as bravely as she could. The man chuckled and shook his head. "I see that three years of freedom has given you a mouth...but the master will be displeased if we returned you unrepairable...." Caitlin stood her ground as she gave the man a cold stare. "I told you I'm not going back! I was never owned by that bastard in the first place! I was kidnapped and forced into slavery!!!"

A sharp pain stung her cheek as she was slammed to the ground. Groggily she looked up to see her attacker looming over her. Before she could react she was pulled roughly by her hair and came face to face with the first man. "You BITCH I'M GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON YOU'LL NEVER FORGET!!!" Angrily he raised a fist to strike her but was stopped as he was hit in the back of the head.

Luke gave Caitlin's captor a angry look. "If you dare as so much as hurt her I will kill you..Now tell me who are you! How do you know her?!" Spitting out some blood he gave Luke a glare. "She's my master's servant..She ran away at least three years ago! What's it to you? Is she your little girlfriend or something? Well forget it she belongs to the master ack-" He was then cut off as Luke angrily put him in a headlock and pressed a dagger to his throat.

"Who is your master?! tell me!! Slavery is illegal and you know it!" The unfortunate man who I shall call Jeremy (since calling him the man gets annoying) bravely stood his ground under his captor's strong grip around his neck.

"I'm not telling you! I'll die first before I betray my lord!!" The other man who is named Blad slowly crouched down to attack, with the sabre gleaming evilly.

Luke saw Blad from the corner of his eye and tightened the grip on Jeremy's neck. "I wouldn't do that if I were you....Unless you want your friend here to die....So drop down your weapon and do as I tell you."

Blad dropped the weapon on the ground and stood stock still . "Caitlin if you could pick up the weapon to make sure he stays in line. Now listen you. I want you to walk to the tree, don't make any sudden movements now. And you. I'm going to let you go. You are to walk to where your friend is...But if you do anything stupid, you'll find yourself dead before you can take another it?

Jeremy nodded slowly and relaxed as the stong grip around his neck was loosened. He then walked over to where Blad was and stood next to him, while giving Luke a angered glare. Caitlin in the meantime, picked up the forgotten whip and wrapped it around the two men tying them securely to the tree.

"Well...Now that the two of you are going to be with us for a while....I want some answers...." Jeremy glared at Luke and spat at his feet. "Why the hell should we tell you....We know how delicate your position is right now....Unless you want the lord of the castle behind us to kill you, you'll let us go, and give us the girl...." Blad nodded in agreement at his friend's proposition.

"He's right....If you don't let us go right now we'll make a whole bunch of noise. The gaurds will hear it and fill you with arrows!" Luke gave the idiot of a man a look before shaking his head. " Okay...have it your way....Caitlin let's go...We have to start finding a way in...." Caitlin looked at Luke confused until he winked at her. Smiling she followed him as he started to walk down the path. "Okay...."

Luke looked back at the two and gave them a look of pity. "Before we go I have to tell you to be careful....There's man eating wolves in these woods....So if they do approach I suggest not to move around too much...Or else....." Blad looked very insecure as he nervously looked around. "Y-you're kidding right??? You've got to be! How can any kinda animal want to come here?!"


Blad was now literly shaking like a leaf and blubbering like a baby as his speech was stuttered. "O-Okay I-I-I-W-Will tell you!!!!!! Please please just untie me!!!!"

Luke smiled at Blad and nodded. "I'll untie you unless you tell me who your master is and where I can find him...." The frightened man nodded vigorously as he spilled the information. "Okay...First off our master's name is Tanekimi Hanoji! He's the most powerful man and lord in Hekoji!!!! I don't know why my master wants the girl back. He didn't give us a explaination...All we know that she's our master's servant!! That's all the information I know of! Please spare us!!!"

"YOU IDIOT!!!" Jeremy angrily side kicked Blad in the leg. "Now we're both going to be killed when we get back!!! I'd rather be eaten by wolves then face the master's wrath!!!!!"



Luke shook his head and had to yell above the two arguing men. "OKAY! As promised I will cut off your bonds and let you go...but if you dare as so much as follow us....I won't hesitate in killing it?"

Blad nodded furiously and lunged himself at Luke's legs as soon as his bonds were loosened. Hugging the legs he cried and refused to let go. "THANK YOU! Thank you kind sir!!!! You are a god, a savior, a saint...Thank you! Thank you!" With that Blad took of like a shot down the road with Jeremy following yelling death threats at his companion.

Caitlin who just stood there in awe looked at Luke and burst into a fit of giggles. "AHAHAHAHA! That was so amazing!! How did you do that?!!!"

"Sore wa himitsu desu!" Said Luke as he winked at her and sat down. "Now with that out of the way...We should think of ways to keep the other gaurds occupied when we free the slaves..." Cailtin nodded in agreement and giggled. "Yeah we about a six foot pit ?"

Breep! Breep! Breep!

"Aha! Found her....she's somewhere in an uncharted area.....Hm....Her signal isn't too strong....There must be a force field around the area...Eh? There's someone with her.....This person's energy level is pretty strong.....Interesting.....very intersting...." Ryoko turned around and looked over Washu's shoulder. "What's interestng Washu?"

" It seems that I have found Caitlin...but there is a pretty powerful forcefeild around her....It might take a little while to figure out how to......


The spacecraft immediately began to plummet towards land as everyone grabbed onto something. "What's going on?!!!" Ryoko grabbed onto the controls and tried to slow the spacecraft down. "Ryoohki! Set your emergency air breaks!!!"


"Wha? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY WON'T WORK?!!" Washu began to type on her labtop. "Whatever is pulling us in is too strong for Ryoohki to handle....The only thing we can do is pray that we all land safely." Sasami immediately grabbed onto washu's sleeve. "But what about Ryoohki??!!! She'll be hurt by the fall!"

Smiling Washu patted the girl on her head. "Don't worry Ryoohki won't be hurt, she's made up of far more stronger things...the only thing she might get is a scratch but that's all."

In the meantime Suezo and Hare were running back and forth like chickens without a head. "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!" Immediately both were shutted up by Ryoko and Tiger who electricuted them to a crispy black. ^_^ Genki and the others just sweat dropped.

The forested land now was all the group saw as it began to meet them at a extremely fast speed. Trees, immediately met their veiw and the entire ship gave a violent lurch as it came to a complete stand still. Genki gingerly rubbed his head and looked up to see everyone strewn across the floor. "Hey is everyone alright?" Suezo gave the young man a hard glare. "Does it look like we're alright baka?! Ow my aching head...That's definately gonna leave a bump..."

Ryoko floated to the main contorl as screens began to pop up, showing the vast forest. "Ryo-oh-ki..Are you okay?" A loud groggy meow was heard causing the ex-space pirate to grin. In the meantime, Washu began to type on her labtop to scan the area. All she met was forest and miles away a old castle.

"It looks like the castle is kind of far from here. No problem, I can teleport us there in a nanosecond...The only problem is that I've lost Caitlin's signal....." Tenchi gave Washu a worried look as he looked at the labtop. "So what do we do now? Since we lost her signal?" The pink haired genius thought for a bit before standing up. "It seems that a huge amount of power is coming from that castle over there..So I'm guessing that's where this "Blade" person is." Typing on her computer a popping noise was heard and the group found themsleves on the grassy ground a few feet from a huge old looking castle.

All of them stared at it in wonder at the size and looks of it. Ayeka on the other hand made a small disapproving sound as she glared at the building. "Is that all it is...I thought it be something more...Spetacular." Ryoko gave Ayeka a smug look. "Unlike some princesses we know...Considering the time and place, it seems like a pretty impressive building. Not all castles have such things as royal space trees. The princess glared angrily at the pirate.

"Minna......" The group whirled around to see Caitlin and a young man with raggedy brown hair and dark brown eyes. Sasami immediately ran to her and tackled the girl, tears pouring from her eyes. "Miss Caitlin!!!!" The little girl then began to sob uncontrolbly into Caitlin's tunic. The others shook out of their shock, but stood there not knowing what to say.

Holly recovering faster then the others, stalked over to her cousin and delted her a heafty slap across the face. "You idiot! Don't you ever scare us like that again!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!!"

Shocked; Caitlin felt another weight on her as Holly threw herself onto the girl and hugged her hard, also sobbing. A tear fell down her cheek as she returned the hug. "Gomen ne Holly-chan, Sasami-chan...Gomen minna...I didn't want to leave...demo...Demo...Celtric said it was time...Gomen ne for making you all worry!"

Tiger smirked at the scene and shook his head chuckling. " It's okay...As long as we know that you didn't go on some kind of suicide mission. should have let us help. We're your friends kiddo, you shouldn't be afraid on letting us help. Remember, we were the ones who defeted Moo."

Smiling Caitlin nodded and broke herself off from her cousin's grip. Stepping back she looked at Luke then back at her friends. "Minna, I would like you to meet Luke. Luke...These are my friends. Genki, Tiger, Suezo, Mochi, Hare, Golem, Tenchi, Sasami, Ayeka, Ryoko Washu, Ryo-oh-ki, Kiyone, Mihoshi and of course you remember"

Waving; he smiled at the warmly as he took a step forward. "Hi. I'm honored to meet you all. Hey Holly! Long time no see. Hey've you been..Do you still wet the bed?" Suezo, gave the grinning man a peeved look before sticking his tounge out. "Hi Luke, it's been a while. Suezo and I have been fine, and no; Suezo doesn't wet the bed anymore."


Suezo glared icily at Hare and Genki who was rolling around the floor with laughter. " YOU USED TO WET THE BED?!!! OMG!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Angrily the eye ball monster chased the two around with a huge mallet yelling at them. ^_^;;

"So Caitlin, is Luke your boyfriend or something?" Both Cailin and Luke blushed a bright red as they stared at Ryoko. The rest now hearing scooted closer with a eager expression on their faces.

"Ano...Luke and I are just friends....We've known each other since we were kids." "H-Hai! We knew eachother since we were three, right Holly?" *nodding* "Hai, they did meet when they were little"

Mihoshi looked a bit disappointed at the answer as she sat back down on the grass. Caitlin, saddened a little at what she just said. *If only....But it could be possible...*

"Caitlin...I think we better start on the traps, ne?" Jerking out of her thoughts she nodded in response, while the group looked at them confused. "Traps, what traps?" Said Golem had just sat down on the soft ground. Luke gave the group a smile and a wink. "Caitlin and I are going to set up booby traps around the area. We're going to free the slaves tonight, so we need to set some up. Just incase those idiots decide to follow us."

"Can we help?" Said Sasami, who looked at him happily. Smiling he patted her head. "Sure thing. The more the merrier. Well, what are we waiting for! Let's get too it!!"

Caitlin smiled to herself as the group followed Luke as the each traded comments on how to make the traps. For once in many years she felt like she belonged, and that she for once was truely happy. A small giggle escaped her as she ran after the group as they continued to plot and plan.


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