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Ben Jonas presents:




Note: The events in this story occur during the Imperfect Cell Saga and in-between the events of Shin Tenchi Muyo! (Tenchi In Tokyo) episode 16: Carnival!.




Cell had just finished absorbing the citizens of Nickytown, and was about to claim the life of one of its survivors: a lowly banker.


Cell: Today’s your lucky day, pal. You get to become a part of something extraordinary: ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Banker: No! Please! I DON’T WANNA DIE A VIRGIN!!!


At that very moment, Cell sensed a surge of power miles away.


Cell *thinking to himself*: Hrrm? What was that? I haven’t felt any power like this since arriving in this timeline. It can’t be the Androids, their power levels are undetectable. It’s not Piccolo, or any of the others I encountered along with him. I’d better go check it out. Besides, it could prove beneficiary against the Androids once I absorb it.


Cell: Well, my friend, it looks like I’ll spare you. Good luck getting a date, if you can find one! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


With that, Cell took flight in search of the unknown power.


Meanwhile, over at Tenchi’s high school in Tokyo, Tenchi had just finished berating the girls over the damage they did to his school’s carnival.


Tenchi: All of you, just go home!


Sasami: But Tenchi, we came here to see you.


Tenchi: All of you have been nothing but trouble.


Ayeka: Sorry, Lord Tenchi.


With that, the girls all began leaving, saddened and dismayed by the fact that they made Tenchi angry.


Suddenly, at that very moment, a lone figure raced out of the school and toward Tenchi at a frenzied pace. 


Tenchi: Amanosuke! What’s wrong? What happened this time?


Amanosuke: *out of breath from running* Tenchi! Remember hearing the news about the monster that absorbed all of the residents of Gingertown and Nickytown?


Tenchi: Yeah? What about it?


Amanosuke: He’s here.


Everyone (including the girls): WHAT!?!?!?!?!?


All of the girls ran back toward Tenchi and Amanosuke.


Tenchi: Oh man! This day has just gone from bad, to worse, to catastrophic! Amanosuke, What happened when the monster arrived? Is everybody OK?


Amanosuke: I’m afraid not, Tenchi. I was one of the only surviving witnesses.


Amanosuke began giving his eyewitness account of the disaster.


*begin flashback*


Amanosuke: It all started at the concert. I was with Amagasaki and a few of my other classmates. We were “rocking out” (writer’s note: Please forgive the use of dated language. Please bear with me, as this story will contain more dated language than Dennis Miller’s football commentary.) to the music of SPLEEN, having a good ol’ time. About 20 minutes into the concert, a green-and-yellow, bug-like creature appeared on stage. Everyone thought that he was supposed to be SPLEEN’s mascot. Boy, were they wrong. At that moment, the creature stuck his tail into the back of the lead singer/guitarist, and “literally” sucked him up like a milkshake. A few seconds later, he did the same thing to the rest of the band. It was horrible watching that demon consume the band alive! The audience was in complete shock. Moments after that, he spoke into the microphone, saying something about an “unknown power” and how he would either kill or absorb everyone if the person with the hidden power didn’t step forward. Then the horror began.

            I fled for my life (as did just about everyone else), but most of the crowd didn’t get very far. A few moments after everyone ran for safety, the monster took to the skies and fired a whole barrage of energy blasts. As I ran to the head of the crowd, I could hear lots of explosions, people screaming, dying, panicking, and the monster’s maniacal laughter. From then on out, everything became a blur as I dashed into the school for cover. Upon entering the school, I hid myself in a locker, hoping the monster would pass over me. Outside the locker, I heard more screams, combined with explosions, murderous laughter, then silence.

*pause flashback*


Tenchi: What happened to Amagasaki?


Amanosuke: Sadly, he was one of the first to fall. He tried to stand his ground against the demon, saying that his absorption “was a hoax”. He was quickly beaten and consumed. All that was left of him were his clothes.


Tenchi: Dear lord…..


Sakuya: What about Hitomi, Misa, and Akari? (writer’s note: Much like the name of the band in episode 16, these names are also made up. These were the names I came up with for the three girls that constantly followed Tenchi and Sakuya around throughout the series).


Amanosuke: They’re gone, too. They were too frightened to move, and were caught in the monster’s rampage.


Sakuya: No… *sob* Misa… Akari… Hitomi…


Tenchi: I’m almost afraid to ask, but what about our teacher, Mr. Fujisawa? (writer’s note: If it looks, sounds, and acts like Mr. Fujisawa, it IS Mr. Fujisawa. ‘Nuff said!)


Amanosuke: That was when things got weird. As I hid in the locker, I overheard Mr. Fujisawa a couple doors down, talking to himself.


*resume flashback*


Mr. Fujisawa: Ahh! Sweet sake, take me away!


Amanosuke (as narrator): At that moment, I heard a crash through the wall, followed by a loud buzzing noise.


Cell: Hey, drunkard! This is a no-drinking zone!


Amanosuke: At that moment, I heard what sounded like a glass bottle shattering.


Mr. Fujisawa: Hey! That was my only bottle of sake! YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT! FUJISAWA PUNCH!!!


Amanosuke: I overheard the sounds of battle outside my locker. It sounded like Mr. Fujisawa was giving that creature the beating of his life. A few loud crashes later, I heard Mr. Fujisawa say something along the lines of “heading off to the nearest 7-11 for sake and smokes”. As I emerged from the locker, I saw him take a giant leap from the hole the creature made, out into the open, and disappear into the horizon. But the threat was far from over, as I heard the monster speak.


Cell *stunned*: What was that?!? No matter, that wasn’t the unknown power I sensed earlier. I’ll find it, even if I have to tear this whole building apart!


Amanosuke: With that, the creature crashed through the second floor, and I heard the screams again. Taking advantage of a horrible situation, I fled for the front exit, dodging debris and rubble along the way. And that pretty much sums up everything that’s happened up ‘til now.


*end flashback*


Kiyone: Excuse me, Amanosuke, but if the monster did attack the school, wouldn’t we have heard some screams and/or explosions?


Amanosuke: Probably not. The demon was incredibly fast, and probably used his speed (as well as his tail) to cover up most of the screams. As for the explosions, I think the monster didn’t use any energy attacks (or didn’t need to) in order to slaughter most of the building’s denizens.


Ayeka: All of those poor, innocent people…. dead. It’s atrocious.


Sasami: I think I’m going to be sick….


Washu: Whoa! Hang in there, Sasami. Here, take this pill. It’ll calm your stomach.


Sasami: Thanks, Miss Washu.


Kiyone: Mihoshi, what do you think you’re doing by that payphone?


Mihoshi: Contacting the Galaxy Police. They’ll handle this matter.


Kiyone: Mihoshi, we ARE the Galaxy Police! Besides, I don’t think a payphone can contact anyone in the deep reaches of space.


Mihoshi: I’m scared, Kiyone!


Kiyone: I know, Mihoshi. So am I. Just the mere thought of hearing how hundreds of people were killed in a matter of minutes by a single creature puts a chill down my spine, too.


Sakuya: Tenchi, I’m afraid of what this creature might do to us. What if he…


Tenchi: Don’t worry, Sakuya. I’ll protect you to the very end.


Ayeka: And we will protect you too, Lord Tenchi. Right, everyone?


Everybody: RIGHT!


Ryo-Ohki: MIYA!


Ayeka: You better get out of here, Mr. Amanosuke. That monster could still be after you.


Amanosuke: Consider me gone!


As everyone was reeling from the horror of Amanosuke’s description of the events that had transpired minutes ago, a renewed confidence was instilled in each person, insured in the fact that they would stand tall against the monster. Suddenly, an explosion occurred inside of Tenchi’s high school. The blast was so powerful, that it reduced all of the upper floors of the building to rubble.


Sakuya: WHAT WAS THAT?!?


From the explosion emerged Cell, a bio-android of incredible strength, speed, and agility. He descended from the sky and set himself down upon the walkway leading to the now-ravaged school.


Cell: Well, well. It seems that I’ve finally found the unknown power, or should I say, Tenchi Masaki!!




Meanwhile, in Yugi’s dimension, Yugi watched as Cell was about to attack Tenchi and crew.


Yugi: This is bad. If that monster kills Tenchi and Sakuya, all my plans will have been for not. Hotsuma! Matori! Tsugaru!


Hotsuma, Matori, and Tsugaru: Yes, Master?


Yugi: Cease that foul creature’s reign of terror at once. Oh, and Tsugaru?


Tsugaru: Yes, Master?


Yugi: Stop eyeing Hotsuma like that! It’s disturbing.


Matori: Ooo! Tsugaru has the hots for Hotsuma!


Tsugaru: I do not! Right, Hotsuma? *wink*


Hotsuma: *shudder* Don’t come anywhere near me!


With that, the three henchpeople headed off to confront Cell.


Meanwhile, at Kami’s sky palace, Goku was silently meditating, when his concentration was suddenly interrupted by a feeling of dread.


Gohan: What is it, father? Has Piccolo confronted the androids yet?


Goku: No. It’s Cell. He’s currently facing off against a bunch of warriors whose power levels I’ve never sensed before.


Gohan: Oh. That’s a good thing, right?


Goku: I wish it were, but unfortunately, their power levels are much lower than that of Cell’s. With the dragonballs no longer in existence due to Piccolo’s fusion with Kami, the last things we need are more people slaughtered by Cell. Since neither Piccolo nor I are strong enough to stop Cell, the only thing we can hope for now is that these unknown fighters can hold off Cell long enough for Trunks and Vegeta to arrive there once their training is completed.


Gohan: Hey, Mr. Popo. How much longer until Trunks and Vegeta are done training in the Room of Spirit and Time? (writer’s note: I refuse to call it the Hyperbolic Time Chamber due to ethnical reasons.)


Mr. Popo: They’ll be done in a few more hours.


Gohan: *sigh* Oh man. I hope these mystery fighters can keep Cell at bay until then.


Goku: So do I, Gohan.


 Back at the remains of Tenchi’s high school….


Tenchi: H—how do you know my name?!?


Cell: It’s simple. Whenever I absorb someone, like your friend, Amagasaki, not only do I get their power, I also get part of their knowledge. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cell, a bio-android that was created by Dr. Gero seventeen years in the future. Not only do I have the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts, and absorb life forms, my cellular structure is composed of the cells of the greatest fighters in the world.


Tenchi: Why are you here? Why have you attacked my school?!?


Cell: In the future timeline, I found out that Dr. Gero designed me to absorb and incorporate the androids into my being, and thus, become more powerful, and eventually achieve perfection. After finding out that the androids in my time were already destroyed, I decided to make my way into the past by stealing a time machine and awakening seventeen years in the past. Normally at this time, I would be searching for the androids, but since I have all the time in the world, combined with the fact that I sensed your power level, I decided to make a little side trip on over to your school.


Kiyone: So this massacre, combined with the mass-murdering of the residents of Ginger Town and Nicky Town have all been for fun, just so that you could find the androids and achieve perfection?!? You really ARE a demon.


Cell: True. So, which one of you wants to die first?


As Cell eyed his opposition, Ayeka, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Washu, and Sasami all stood ready to confront the android, with Ryo-Ohki hissing at him the whole time.


A few minutes ago, over in Shibuya, Ryoko was hovering outside of Tenchi’s apartment.


Ryoko: I bet Tenchi’ll be surprised when he sees me! Hey, he left the door to his apartment open.


As Ryoko entered the apartment, she noticed that Tenchi wasn’t there. However, she noticed a flyer on Tenchi’s table.


Ryoko: A school carnival!? So that’s where he went. And I bet he’s with that Sakuya tramp right now. GGRRRR!!!!


With that, Ryoko teleported on over to Tenchi’s high school. A few minutes later, she showed up a few feet behind Tenchi and crew.


Ryoko: Tenchi! Hey all! Why the tense mood?


Washu: See that hideous creature over there?


Ryoko: Yeah, what about him?


Washu: He was the one responsible for all the mass killings in Ginger Town and Nicky Town. And look what he did to Tenchi’s high school!


Ryoko: I see. Wow! Looks like something I would’ve done on a bad day.


Sasami: That creature’s name is Cell, and he wants to consume Tenchi!


Ryoko: He wants to do WHAT?!?


Angered by that statement, Ryoko leapt up to the front of the group.


Ryoko: YOU MONSTER!! Nobody threatens my Tenchi and gets away with it!


Ayeka: *ahem* Miss Ryoko, I think you’re greatly mistaken. Tenchi belongs to be and me alone.


Ryoko: What was that, Princess!? You want me to make you eat those words? I’d be glad to do so!


Tenchi: Hey, you two! Knock it off, or else we won’t stand a chance against Cell!


Ryoko & Ayeka: Sorry, Tenchi!


With that, everybody’s focus shifted back to Cell.


Cell: My, this is getting interesting. Looks like I’ll have some fun after all.


At that moment, Yugi’s hench-trio appeared behind Cell.


Cell: And you are…?


Hotsuma: We are relatives of the victims of Ginger Town, here to get revenge for their deaths.


Ryoko: Hey! I thought you guys were former space pirates!


Tsugaru: We are. We just wanted an excuse to kick Cell’s ass.


Cell: It looks like the appetizers are over. Time for the main course!


At this point in time, Cell stands outnumbered, twelve to one. But what chance, if any, does a rag-tag group of humans, alien women, a cabbit, and three hench-people stand against an android with the fighting abilities of the greatest fighters in the world? Find out in the next exciting chapter of CELL-OUT!




And that's the end of round 2 of this free-for-all! Next time, the real fight begins, as Tenchi and friends must form an uneasy alliance with Yugi's hench-people, in order to take on Cell. I'd like to thank Bryan Weber, for being the first and ONLY person to respond to my first fan-fic (which was entitled The Expendables, and is currently located under "J" in the Misc. section of the Tenchi Muyo Fan-Fiction Archive, hence the reason why Cell-Out is my first official fan-fic), Chris "GumGirl" Fields, for being the first person to respond to the first chapter of this fan-fic, and, of course, YOU, the reader at home. Before I go, I'll let you in on a little secret: there's a surprise in store in the last chapter of this story for everyone (everyone being the reader and anyone else who reads this fan-fic, not the characters in this story). Please send feedback to insaneben@yahoo.com. See ya next chapter!