Cleanup Crew
By: Brere Marer


    Well, it¹s been three years since the defeat of Moo. The Rebels have had
millions look at them as the ones who defeated Moo. Lead to the ultimate
monster¹s downfall. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard the whole story.
    Listen, my name’s Brere. I¹m a red worm and one 3rd of the team that
really whipped Moo¹s sorry rear end and the rebels took all the credit for
it. We were perfectly nice guys and they ruined our lives for no reason.
    The real story is one to tell. You see, me, Skylight, and Nightscream
(the other two 3rds of the team) swept the area before the rebels have
charted it and leaving just enough Baddies for them to look good and still
have an easy way going.
    All the great battles the Orebels’ won? What great battles? We fought
all the Big Bad 4 (We were gonna fight Moo but they wanted to do it. How
weird can you be?). Then we got back to the real world and realized the
rebels had stiffed us! Listen up, I can tell you the stories and you can
clear our names so we’ll be the heroes and we can leave the rebels losing
all our glory. Okay? Good.

    First you need to know who we are. Me, I’m the thinker of the trio. I do
the planning and they do all the hard stuff. Skylight’s a Basilisk. A rather
touchy one at that. He’s the athlete. And Nightscream, he a Cabalos. The
(surprise, surprise) warrior of our not-so-happy little trio.

    Ready for me to start telling the stories in, for some strange reason,
third person? Okay. Here goes.

Chapter 1
    “TORPEDO!!!” the renegade tiger yelled.
    “So this was your big plan, huh Thaddeus?!?!” Skylight yelled at Brere.
    “Don’t call me Othaddeus’!!” Brere replied. Nightscream turned
    “Blizzard!” he screamed freezing the renegade in place. “Run!” he said.
”I can take this guy!” The other two didn’t give it a second thought and ran
like the wind in the opposite direction as the renegade burst from his icy
prison immediately firing a cold bullet at Nightscream hitting him in the
    Nightscream winced in pain but summoned up enough strength to fire a
super torpedo and turn the renegade into a lost disk. Brere and Skylight
walked into the open again (they had been hiding behind a bush).
   “Well, Thaddeus (DON¹T CALL ME THADDEUS!!), this screwy plan of yours
only worked because of Nightscream, over there.”
    “He was a part of  the plan. It was supposed to work because of him.”
Brere replied. He pulled out the map the Rebels had given them. “It says
here we’re supposed to go due north.” he said pointing in that direction
with his tail dart.
    The trio walked that way until they came to a particularly large and
menacing looking cave. They halted at the entrance.
    “Well,” Brere commented. “Go ahead Nightscream, you first.”
    “I can’t. That tiger hit my leg pretty hard.” he said gesturing to his
injured leg. “I’m not as fast as I could be and have a more likely chance of
turning into a lost disk which most likely means that this team will fail.
We’ll stand guard while you go in, Brere.”
    “Well, why me?” Brere asked innocently. “Why not Skylight?” The Basilisk
suddenly clutched his arm as if feeling immense pain in his wrist.
    “Writers cramp.” he replied. “Oh, the pain!!”
    “You don’t even know how to spell, Skylight.” Brere pointed out.
    “Ummm.....oh! Yeah! But an......ummm....angry scribe attacked me
yesterday.” Brere and Nightscream looked at him. “With very sharp pens.”
Skylight added.

    Brere let out a low whistle.
    “Harrison Ford, eat your heart out.”
    He was in the cave with Skylight. It was dark inside with patches of
light on the wall. Skylight scanned the cave.
    “Nothing’s moving.” he commented, “That’s never a good sign.”
    “Since there¹s nothing in here, I’ll go outside with Nightscream.” Brere
commented and began to hover over to the entrance. Skylight grabbed his
tail. “Or not.” Brere said turning again.

To be Continued