Comrades in Arms

"Allís fair in love and War, and I donít believe in love." Gali

The gods are hypocrites. Those that did good have been punished. Those with no remorse, rewarded.

The monster who killed me is dead, and I am alive.

My comrade in arms, the only one of the four of us who did not loose an emotion when she joined Moo wishes she could. I lost love, Naga, decency (although I doubt the bastard had it in the first place), and Grey Wolf, affection. And I still canít believe in love. And I donít see the difference between killing with poison and in battle. Now that Iím a goodie, shouldnít I?

Can I believe that what Pixie had was good? That it was worth it? We envied her. She had someone loyal, and we speculated on the other things. We were comrades in arms. We negotiated, backstabbed, lied...but with the exception of Naga, we winced when Moo came down on one of the others. Even when it was of our own design, It hit close to home.

No-one's been foolish enough to unlock Naga yet.

Then she betrayed us and I never understood. I had her territory at last and was happy. But she had made an unpredicted movement and I wanted to know why. But I never got my chance to ask her. I wanted to but didnít. I could ask her now.

She cries. When she joined Moo, she lost that. Not sorrow, her melancholy stayed with her. Just tears. I pity her. She can no longer disbelieve in love. And I thank the gods that no-one ever made me feel that way. What Pixie and Big Blue had was the only thing I ever saw that could have been love. He loved her, for certain. Now he's gone.

I canít believe in it now.

All's fair...