"When I Temporarily and Momentarily Went Totally and Completely Cookoo Nuts" By:Paige (who has the screen name TKRatSlayr@aol.com for a reason)

(Note: To all my loyal fans...(crickets chirp and someone in the distance coughs.) Okay, to all my fans...(again, crickets chirp, and, like, two or three people cough.) Okay, to anyone who is reading this FanFic! (A few Wha?'s and Huh?'s are heard.) ::Paige rolls her eyes:: O-Kay...I went nuts... again... not unlike the time I rewrote that episode of Digimon...except this time I went crazy during a marathon of FanFic, video games, and do-it-yourself building shows (gag me!) This is fairly degrading to all the stuff in it.)

Disclaimer: Um...I don't own Digimon, or Monster Rancher, or Pokèmon, or the MiB cartoon, or Batman Beyond, or Catdog, or Beast Wars, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Worms are drinking their coffee when all of a sudden...

Charizard (distant and off screen): Argaghaghargh!

The Worms (and their kitchen) are flamed off screen, thus ending their cameo appearance.

Seconds pass with a black screen just standing there, doing nothing... a moment later Pikachu steps out with a lollipop in his mouth.

Pikachu: (real gruff and deep voice) Uh, yeah, due to some technical difficulties, there will not be a MiB for about a week. Instead, they will be showing a marathon of Batman Beyond.

Batman (Terry) is flying around when all of a sudden...

Charizard (distant and off screen): Argaghaghargh!

Batman (Terry) is blasted of screen (although we can hear old man Bruce goin' "Terry? Are you there?"), thus ending his cameo appearance. Old man Bruce's voice also fades.

This time, Ash walks out in boxers and a white tee. He looks like he hasn't shaved in a week.

Ash: (mumbling) Charizard, I swear... (He looks up and sees us) Oh, uh, er... heh... due to some um, accidents here a WBKids, there will be a marathon of Po-po-po... who's the wise guy!?! Is it you? I swear, I would quit if wasn't getting' so much friggin money! Anyway, before some dunghole messed with my prompter, there will be a Pokèmon marathon... dang it! That means I'll hafta shave. Ugh.

Ash walks off the screen and the opening song for Pokèmon plays.

Ash and Pikachu are fight Team Rocket, who, duh!, are trying to steal Pikachu. They're failing (Team Rocket, duh!) (What'd you expect!)

Suddenly, a lot of screaming is heard from above as the Monster Rancher crew makes a grand appearance from above, managing to squish Team Rocket in the process.

Ash: What the... I don't think I'm paid enough for this!

Genki: I'm Genki! My name means energy, and I'm full of it!

Ash: I know what your full of...

Genki: (gets all up in Ash's face) What you saying'?

Ash: I think you know what I'm saying, Monster Dweeb!

Genki: I think you better take that back Pocket Pee!

Suezo: See, I told you it'd work, yep, that's what I said. I knew my Teleport'd work and I was right. Yep.

Holly: You dumb eyeball!

Tiger: You took us to the friggin Pokèmon world!

Hare smashes Suezo over the... um, eyeball I guess.

Under Golem, Team Rocket can be heard.

Suezo: I can do it again! I can get us back to our world! Teleport (it does that weird echo thing.)

Ash: (turns to Genki) What's with the echo?

Genki shrugs.


It's a quiet day in the Digiworld. Tai and Sora are off on their lonesome (heh hee ha) as are Joe and Mimi (shame, shame, shame, I know your name!) and TK and Kari (they look so cute together... well, technically we've never seen 'em together but, hey, that's what we have imaginations for!)

We see Matt, leaned up against a tree, drooling in his sleep. Izzy is propped up against another tree, plunking away at his Pineapple laptop. The Digimon are all asleep.

Matt: (in his sleep) Sora...Sora...

Izzy rolls his eyes. Suddenly... screaming is heard above them. Izzy looks up, then looks at the camera and sweatdrops. Then, the Monster Rancher gang, Ash, Pikaspeew... er, Pikachu, and Team Rocket fall on top of Izzy and the Digimon.

Matt jumped up, hitting his head on the tree.

Matt: God dang it! I am not paid enough!

Izzy: Where's my Tylenol?

Suezo: See, it worked again! Yep!

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Ash: Say what?

Genki: Don't try to understand it.

Tai runs on screen. Sora runs up behind him. (Oh, they been naughty!)

Sora: I thought we said be quiet!

Tai: Where's Kari...(he catches site of Holly.) Hello, what a pleasure it is to make your acquaintance. (He gently picks up her hand and kisses it.) Do I get the pleasure of knowing your name?

Holly: (giggles and smiles while Genki fumes behind her.) Why, you are very charming. My name is Holly, and yours is?

Tai: (returns her smile) My names Taichi, but you can call me Tai.

Sora and Genki fume. Joe runs in and Mimi follows right after him.

Joe: What's going o... (Sees Holly) H-h-h-hi.

Mimi fumes for a while.

TK and Kari come out. Kari goes puppy (as in puppy love) on Ash, and grabs his hand.

Tai fumes.

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Sora: Who keeps doing that!?!

Gomamon: The writer, duh!

Paige: Yeah, me, duh!

Tiger: Where'd that come from?

Catdog runs by, chased by the Greasers.

Hare: Okay.

Biyomon: That was disturbing.

Mocchi: Definitely confusing, chi.

Paige: Um, the triangulation of the square root plus the lateral isosceles of the right angle minus the geometric addition of the number three subtracting from a number of the squished spherical geometry is seven.

The assembled group blinks.

Mimi: What did that have to do with anything?

Gabumon: I think the writer is supposed to be doing his homework.

Paige: His! You! (Gabumon disappears in a puff of smoke) Call me a him, will ya!

Matt: Hey!

Gabumon reappears.

Paige: It was all Gabumon's fault.

Palmon: Isn't the author supposed to stay out of the story.

Paige: Shaddap!

Hare is beating Suezo into the ground.

Hare: You transported us to the Digimon world you stupid Shawoshakabooshi!

Dictionarymon: Shawoshakabooshi - a word used in place of the curse word a******.

Patamon: Watch your language!

Paige: Yeah, watch your language! Or else.

Hare: Hey you're the writer!

Paige: So?

Suezo: I can fix it! I know I can! Teleport (does the echo thing)

Tentomon: (turns to Tiger) What's with the echo?

Tiger: Beats me.


The large group from above falls on Rattrap. A big fight erupts. Suezo does the teleport echo thing. The large group from above disappears.

Cheetor: (turns to Rhinox) What's with the echo?

Paige: I think I'm overusing that joke.

Little anime question marks appear over all the BW people's heads.


The large group falls on Buffy and a few vampires.

Izzy: Ugh...

Buffy and the vamps stand up and start fighting.

Sora: It looks like Myotismon made bad looking clones of himself.

The group snickers. Buffy dusts the vamps.

Buffy: Who the h*** are you?

TK: Watch you language.

Paige: Yeah watch your language.

Group looks around.

Buffy: What the...

Tai: I been meaning to ask how you did that.

Paige: What?

Tai: Make your voice come outta no where.

Paige: It's my story.

Suddenly the scene shifts.

The Scooby gang is assembled along with the large group of anime chars. They are (duh) trading insults.

Pikachu explodes, and comes back several times.

Ash: Paige! Stop exploding Pikachu.

Instead of Pikachu, Ash explodes and comes back several times.

Ash: I meant, go ahead, explode Pikachu as much as you want.

Pikachu explodes.

Suddenly, the story ends and the credits roll.


Writer - Paige

Support Staff - Rick and David.

Constant Source of Entertainment - Final Fantasy 7

Laughable Idea - lid j f; Leah dug ilk we sigh kJ c m; suave Hon elks d nag Oji ya Hz dl knave n Translation for Laughable Idea - Who knew you'd read something this crazy?

Song that kept me from falling asleep - That one sung on Hocus-Pocus, the little children one.

Come little children, I'll take thee away. Into a land of enchantment. People I thought about killing off in my story - Hold on...(Paige takes out a long list and starts droning off the names.)

The Best Number in the World - 7


For now... Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

"Thachary Binx, what took thee so long?"

"Sorry, I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle."