Crimson as the Blood That Flows…: Part 1

ANFA: This is a n interactive story my friends Kris, Soul, Zy, Lord Jareth, Lauren, and a few others and myself wrote in CP's messageboard. It's written in dialogue form, because that's how it was originally. I have copied and put it down ALMOST exactly the same as the original, only the OOC's, MB signature, pics, and other stuff not associated w/ the story have been edited out, along with typos and spelling errors. That, and some parts where the posting order got mixed up (I rearranged those) We will continue to work on this, so expect more! Also, the characters are really all the authors who helped write it, except we're in the MR world, and we're not exactly normal humans. ^^;;; I rated this PG for violence and mild language. And, there are MANY other interactive stories @ CP's MB, and sometimes someone might refer to it; don't worry to much about that when it happens Enjoy!

-Holly-chan, co-author and editor.



Holly-chan, Kris, Soul, Zy, Lord Jareth, Magna Mario, and Lauren.

Cast: (Main)

Above authors

Takashi: Holly-chan's old grown-up friend (Male)

Shadow: Takashi's Terror Dog (Female)

Mars: Takashi's Datonare (Male)

Blue Thunder (BT): Holly-chan's Tiger (Male)

Sabaka: Holly-chan's Terror Dog (Male)

Little D (LD): Holly-chan's puppy Datonare (Male)

Cutthroat (CT): Kris' Calabos (Male)

Daytona: Kris' Datonare (Male)

Midnight Stalker: Kris' Terror Dog (Male)

Petra: Soul's Pixie (Female)

Joker: Zy's Joker

Osiris: Zy's Death Dragon

~ There are too many to list, so read on to meet the others! ^^ ~

Kay, the setting is…outdoors. Keep in mind Kris and I are friends and we just finished talking about a topic we didn't like. Magna Mario went to do something, and the others haven't met up w/ us yet.

Let's talk about something else

Daytona: When do we get a part in this?

Kris: Now. Holly-chan this is Daytona, Midnight Stalker and way other there is Cutthroat.

Holly-chan: *Waves stupidly* Uh, hi.

Midnight Stalker: So this is the Holly-chan you've been telling us about

Kris: Yup

Cutthroat: Yuhafgd ahgdtd Poutaes

Kris: CUTTHROAT!! Be nice!!

Cutthroat: Nyare

Kris: *Sigh*

H-c: ?????????????????

Daytona: You don't wanna know what he said

Midnight Stalker: Nope

Kris: Trust us

Holly-chan: YES, I do.

Kris: Well ok. He said: That freak that uses Energy whatevers on people?

H-c: O_OXXX *Puts on a fake, cheesy smile* Kris, can I see CT for a moment...?

Kris: Can I trust both of you?

Cutthroat: Nyarea hgsvavc {Of course}

Kris: I don't believe that.

Cutthroat: Kpoajd jahyf maybs ma {You never believe me}

Kris: I have a reason not too.

Cutthroat: Kiarea dgatvekf lajhf {Just let me go with her}

Kris: Ok. But I will do this first. *Puts a muzzle on Cutthroat*

H-c: *Waits patiently.*

Kris: *Finishes putting the muzzle on Cutthroat* Now watch your mouth. If I hear any of that again you will wish I didn't!

Cutthroat: Ytare {Whatever}

C'mon here, CT.

*The two walk behind some think bushes.



*Both come back out, CT beat-up and Holly-chan with another cheesy smile*

Holly-chan: ^__^

CT: Grhpfht.

Kris: Didn't I warn you before?

Cutthroat: Nuateb {Shut up}

H-c: Never mess with the insane. ^__^

*Cutthroat starts growling at Holly-chan*

*Kris grabs him at hi 'mane'*

Kris: Be good.

Blue Thunder: *Growls at CT* -__.__-XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Holly-chan: Uh-oh....

Kris: Hey Day, Midnight can I get some help here?

*Daytona and Midnight Stalker help Kris hold Cutthroat back*

Cutthroat: Rpayshgb {Traitors}


*Cutthroat tires to do the same but remembers Kris put a muzzle on him. He tires to bit Kris*

Kris: Ha! You can't this time!!

Cutthroat: Ma gatres nyargf psughfb oatgfd {I'll get you for this}

Kris: I bet you will. But until then you can't.

*BT lowers himself and crouches, still snarling*

Holly-chan: Um, BT....?

BT: *Shows all of his teeth in a snarl, ready to jump*

Holly-chan: BT, WAIT!

Kris: BT stop!! Please!!

Holly-chan: # Thinking: I knew I shouldn't have trained him so hard on defending me # BT, DON'T!!!!

BT: *Growls and lunges*

Holly-chan: STOP! *Jumps in front of him*


Everyone: O__O

BT: What the--?

*Holly-chan stares at herself in shock as she lies on the ground, blood pouring out of a gash in her side*

Holly-chan: *Eyes wavering* B-BT....

BT: O_._O

Kris: Oh my god!!

*Magna Mario goes back to where Holly-chan and everyone is to see Holly-chan on the floor with blood coming out of her side*


BT: W-what have I done? M-my own t-trainer.....

*Magna Mario walks over to Holly-Chan kneels down and lifts her head up*

Magna Mario *eyes wavering*: Holly-chan speak to me Holly-chan...

H-c: *Coughs up blood* I-I'm o-okay......

*Eyes close*

Magna Mario: Holly-chan? HOLLY-CHAN?! Please God don't it end like this! HOLLY-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!

Sabaka: *Growling at BT with tears in his eyes* BAKA! JERK! How could you?


Sabaka: OH REALLY?!


LD: *Whimpers and walks over to Magna Mario and Holly-chan* ;__.__;

BT: *Looks away* I AM a baka....Holly-chan....

*Magna Mario feels for a pulse but finds it difficult*

Magna Mario*Holding back tears*: I can barely feel her pulse...and it's getting weaker by the moment. *He puts his ear to her chest.*

Magna Mario*Still holing back tears*: and...her heartbeat is slowing...Holly-chan you gotta hang in there!

*LD whimpers and nuzzles against MM's knee*

LD: Woof? * Looks at MM with sad, puppy-dog eyes*

*Magna Mario looks down at the small tiger pup*

Magna Mario: Little D this doesn't look good… S-she's dying and there's nothing I can do about it…

*A few tears fall from his eyes and lad on Holly-chan's cheek*

Kris: Oh my God. In a way I'm responsible for this. I knew I should have left Cutthroat at home.

Daytona: That's why you named him that.

Kris: I know Day. I know. Doesn't make this any easier. *BT turns to CT and growls*

BT: You son of a B*****! If you hadn't threated Holly-chan in the first place, this wouldn't have happened!

CT: Gephs? {ME?!}


CT: *Growls as best he can with a muzzle on*

Kris: *With tears coming down her face*: BT! Cutthroat!! STOP IT NOW!! Standing around arguing won't help Holly-chan any!

MS: What can we do?

Kris *wiping a few tears*: I don't know.

*BT slowly walks over to Holly-chan, head down and solemn*

BT: Holly-chan? Can you hear me?

Holly-chan: *Eyes twitch*

BT: *looks up* H-Holly-chan?

Holly-chan: *Eyes flutter open* BT? W-what happened? I-- ah!

*Clenches teeth as pain shoots up her side.*

Holly-chan: Good God BT, how sharp are those claws of yours?

*Closes eyes again, but is still talking to BT*

Holly-chan: Remind me to kill you when I recover from this.

CT: Frsgpht... { If you recover...}


CT: Grpgs

BT: *Smiles weakly* Still have that sense of humor, eh, Holly-chan?

Holly-chan: *Smiles faintly as well* It never leaves me.

*Kris wipes all the tears off of her face so Holly-chan won't see*

Kris: We need to think of some way to close that wound. *turning to Daytona and Midnight Stalker* Any ideas guys?

Daytona: Nope.

Midnight: Can't think of any.

Cutthroat: Poafe hagte kagcr nvbcdf jahte?

Midnight: BROTHER!!!

Daytona: Honestly Cutthroat!

Kris: Like hell I would do that!!

BT: *Blinks* What did he just say?

Kris: You DON'T want to know. And I'm not telling you.

BT: *Sighs* Why don't you have that nut locked away or something?

Kris: *whispers to BT* I plan on it. Or I could just turn him into a Lost Disk.

BT: *Whispers back* That's a good idea.

Kris: *whispers* But I can't kill him. He plays a big part in a future story. [H-c's note: Kris is referring to her fanfics]

BT: *Whispers* Oh well. That's too bad. Say, if you ever can kill him, can I do it?

Kris: *Whispers* Nope. *Tears come down her face* I don't know what went wrong. He used to be so loveable when he was a pup. Never bit anyone, never caused trouble. By the time he was 2 he was like this. *More tears come down* What did I do wrong!?

LD: *Walks over to Kris* Woof? *Nuzzles her.*

Holly-chan: *weakly* Kris, I bet you didn't do anything wrong. You're a great person, and I think the only fault is Cut...Cutthroat's.

CT: Gwpfsh.

LD: *Jumps into Kris' arms and licks her cheek* ;__.__;

*Kris wipes her tears away. She pets LD*

Kris: "The monster is a reflection of the trainer" I never thought it was true. Serves me right for raising a Cablos. No wonder not too many people keep them. *Glares at Cutthroat*

Cutthroat: Garwe iahve paghvbf phvdbav!

Kris: [] you. I should have known better. Think I could raise a Cablos to be like other Tigers. Serves me right.

LD: *Whimpers* Bark! Woof woof! Yip yip!

Sabaka: He says he doesn't think you deserve anything bad, Kris.

BT: Personally, I think likes you almost or as much as Holly-chan, which is a great compliment to you. He's not easily trusting of others.

Kris: Thanx LD. *Remembers she has the snacks she makes for Daytona and Midnight in her pocket. Pulls out one and gives it to LD* Ya like it?

LD: Bark! ^__.__^ *Gobbles up treat then curls up in Kris' arms, looking at Holly-chan sadly.* ;____.____; *Whimpers again*

*Kris stokes his back* She'll be ok. Don't worry. ~I'm the one who shouldn't worry~

*Daytona and Midnight sense what she is thinking and nuzzle up against her legs*

*Cutthroat simply lays down*

*Kris keeps a close eye on him*

BT: Sabaka, let's guard CT for Kris. She's got enough on her plate right now.

Sabaka: Hai.

*Both stand on each side of CT, watching closely*

Kris: Thanx guys. Your a big help

CT: Tyarcw afdw kagtweha

Kris: No they aren't. You are. They would never do that sort of thing.

CT: Opyare jagve

Kris: He was protecting her from you

CT: Aerwgc yafve ahgbfs

Kris: That attitude of your's need to change right here right now

CT: Urtatve ioagvd!!


*Daytona and Midnight stand infront of her so she won't attack him*

BT: *Looks back at Holly-chan, whose eye have closed again as she breathes softly* Some great guardian I turned out to be.

Kris: BT your a great guardian. You were doing what she taught you to do. CT was going to attack her, so you defended her. Any loyal monster would *looks back at CT* Your more loyal then some monsters are.

BT: *Sniffle* Thanks Kris.

"If a man is in the middle of the woods, with no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Kris: Your welcome BT *gives BT a snack she gave LD*

Sabaka: *Sighs* Hang in there, Holly-chan. *Looks back at CT, trying to hide the hate on his face.*

Kris: ~What can I do with him? How can I heal Holly-chan? Arg! I feel so useless!! Stop with the self pity. You can do this. Now THINK God damn it!!~

Holly-chan: *Eyes open halfway* K-Kris? Can you do me a favor?

"If a man is in the middle of the woods, with no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Kris: *kneels beside Holly-chan* Sure. What is it?

Holly-chan: I-if I don't live through this, I... *Coughs up blood and quickly wipes it away* I want you to take care of Little D.

*Looks at Sabaka and Blue Thunder*

Holly-chan: Sabaka, Blue Thunder?

Both: Yes?

Holly-chan: And I want you two to help Daytona and Midnight protect Kris, g-got that?

Sabaka: *Softly* Yes.

BT: *Looks down* Y-yes Holly-chan.

LD: Woof?

Kris: *Grabs Holly-chan's hand and squeezes it gently* What are you talking about? Of course your gonna make it through this!! We just have to find a way.

Holly-chan: *Smiles weakly* We don't know a way. And only God knows how long we'll live.

BT: Holly-chan! Don't go dying on us!

Kris: BT is right. Stop talking like this. We WILL find a way. *Thinks* Hey do any of you know how far the nearest town is??

BT: I wish I knew where one was.

Sabaka: Hey! Isn't the town where we were born nearby, Blue Thunder?

BT: *Thinks* Hey! It might be! Hey! Takashi should still be living there! Maybe he'll let us in and help us!

LD: Woof!

Kris: *Smiles. But it quickly fades* How are we gonna get Holly-chan there?? And without hurting her??

Sabaka: Um......I don't know.

*In her frustration Kris picks up a stone and throws it far away. It hits a couple of bushes causing leaves to fall off*

Kris: *Thinks for a second* I GOT IT!! I KNOW HOW WE CAN DO IT!!


Kris: We can make something like a stretcher out of the leaves and you guys could pull it. We are gonna need a lot of leaves to do this...

BT: @___.___@

*Like a blur of blue, he zips around the bushes and picks them clean, putting the leaves in a neat pile*

BT: This good enough?

Kris: I'm dizzy from watching you. That should be enough. Let's get working on this.

Sabaka: ^_._^ My turn, brother.

*Within two seconds of seeing a black blur, a perfectly made stretcher lays on the ground*

BT: I would clap if I could, oniisan.

Sabaka: Why, thank you. ^__.__^

"If a man is in the middle of the woods, with no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Kris: I'm still dizzy from watching you two. You two are good

Daytona: And we aren't?

Kris: I never said that!

Midnight: Ssssuuuurrreeee

Kris: Compared to some you two are angels *indicating CT*

CT: Kaugwcajf jafhjdfvs oag dfja ajvd!!!

Kris: I'd like to see you try!!

*CT lunges at Kris. Since he can't bite her he claws at her*

MS and Daytona: TORPEDO!!!

*CT falls to the ground unconscious*

Kris: Thanx guys. *Puts pressure on the wounds*

Holly-chan: *Worried* You okay Kris?

Kris: I'll live. Now lets get going. We need to get there as fast as we can. But try not to hit any bumps.

BT: Let's go! *Lifts up the front of the stretcher with Midnight as Sabaka and Daytona lift up the back.* Hey, Kris, or MM, one of you will have to lift up Holly-chan. We Tigers can't do that very well.

Kris: Ok. Just let me know if I hurt you Holly-chan. *Picks her up VERY gently*

Holly-chan: You can't hurt me anymore than I already am Kris, don't worry. God, I feel so helpless.

Kris: Ok. Please don't Holly-chan. I'm the one that fells helpless. Your not. *Bangs her arms* OW GOD DAMN!! *Gently puts Holly-chan on the stretcher*

*Lauren walks...wherever everyone is, and blinks*

Lauren: Um...hi. Did I come at a bad time?

BT: Lauren? What are you doing here?

*Kris rips the bottom of her shirt so she can put pressure on the wounds*

Kris: No you came at a good time. We need to get my friend here to the nearest town right a way.

BT: Can we try to hurry (as carefully as we can)? Holly-chan's a bit heavy, especially on a stretcher.

Kris: Just be careful. Don't her falling off and hurting herself anymore then already is. *puts more pressure on her wounds to stop the bleeding. But it keeps coming*

Jareth (Or Lord Jareth, or LJ): *falls into step behind everyone else* *Muttering* This looks damn awful.

Holly-chan: God, I never knew people could contain so much blood in their bodies. O.O;

Lauren: Umm...I'm just sort of, here. I was running from Lepus and Vixen, and I got a little lost...*looks at Holly-chan* Man, she looks bad...*walks up the stretcher and quickly changes to Pixie form* I don't have too much energy after being chased all the way here, but this oughtta hold her until we can get her to a hospital. *uses Refreshment, although it is a bit weaker than it normally is due to her lack of energy*

LJ: I can carry Holly-chan if you guys get tired. I can move pretty fast.

Kris: I still don't know what I will do with Cutthroat.

Cutthroat: Kiajgfw gadhf kivjfsd

Kris: [] you Cutthroat. You woke up pretty quickly.

CT: Jahrhvcr oagbft oafv hwggfw

Kris: Whatever

BT: You need to shut-up, CT.

LJ: Or I can watch CT.

CT: Hayfe iagnf ghadye iugskagd!!!!

*Gets ready to attack BT. Kris grabs him around his neck and holds him back*

*CT claws at Kris' already clawed arms causing them to bleed even more*


*Grabs CT by the jaws and pulls him away form Kris.

Jareth: You're a regular, devil, you know that?

Kris: I'm glad I put that muzzle on him. He would have chewed me right up

BT: *Snarls at CT* TORPEDO!

*Attack hits CT, knocking him out again*

LJ: *Kicks CT* Why does he even stick around? It's not like anybody here likes him.

BT: I don't know why he does, LJ, but I think I know who my new rival is. Grrrr...........

Kris: I still don't know what went wrong when I raised him *looks at her arms* I'm glad I still have them.

LJ: If we ever have to kill someone (especially him) can I do the honors? I'm good at killing... sort of...

Kris: I don't know Jareth. BT asked me that already. But still after all of this I can't let anyone kill him. At least not yet.

BT: Well, when you can, allow me! Hey, Maybe LJ and I can do it together!

Holly-chan: *Groggily* Would you guys stop talking about killing Cutthroat?

Kris: As if I don't have enough to worry about as it is!!

Jareth: Okay Holly-chan. Whatever you say...

Holly-chan: Yeah. God...I feel so tired.......

Kris: You should get some rest then Holly-chan. It might take us a while to get there

BT: Well, it should actually only be a few more miles now. It's been awhile since we've last been there, eh Sabaka?

Sabaka: Hai, ototo.

LD: Woof? ?__.__?

BT: Poor Little D doesn't remember. He was too young when Holly-chan got him from Takashi to remember....

Sabaka: Yeah....

LD: Bark?

Kris: Still. She should get as much rest as she can until we get there

Jareth: About how much ground do we have left to cover? And how much longer is this going to take? All that's happened is that BT and I want to kill CT together and Holly-chan's getting worse! We should try to get some more ground covered at least.

BT: LJ's right.

Jareth: This is getting ridiculous. If worst comes to worst, I'll take Holly-chan and try to get some more ground covered. We can't just let her lie there bleeding.

*Kris look's down at her arms which still haven't stopped bleeding*

Kris: I'll go with you Jareth

Jareth: Let's do that. *puts a little bit of energy into Kris' arms* That should help it heal a little faster. Want to go, Holly-chan?

Kris: Thanx Jareth

Sabaka: I think she's asleep, Jareth. At least, I hope that's what she's doing.

Jareth: *picks up the stretcher with Holly-chan* Let's go.

*Kris and Jareth walk ahead of everyone else with Holly-chan*

BT: Wait for me! I'm staying with ya!

Sabaka: Me too!

LD: Bark! *Jumps onto Kris' head.*

Kris: I would hold ya in my arms LD but their covered in blood

LD: ;__.__; Yip! bark bark! [Mean old CT!]

Sabaka: I think that's why he jumped on your head, Kris.

Kris: smart pup

BT: He is, Kris, he really is. That's probably one reason why when he used to steal underwear he hardly got caught at first. Thank God he doesn't do that anymore though.

LD: ^_._^; Woof.

Kris: He just better be glad he doesn't do that anymore.

LD: ^__.__^;; Yip yip! Woof!

BT: He says he's sorry about that, Kris. I think Holly-chan said it was a stage all 3 of us brothers went through. She said it must've had something to do with our mother or father. ^_._^;;

Jareth: Okay, guys... you can come too. By the way, think you could keep up with a Pixie flying pretty fast?

LJ: Do you guys think you could keep up with me if I were flying?

Kris: Alrighty then. I might be able to Jareth

Sabaka: BT and I can. I dunno about Little D though.

BT: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

Jareth: *Smiles slightly* Let's see if you can keep up with me. *takes off heavy cloak, revealing wings* Anybody want this cloak? I can't fly when I'm wearing it.

Kris: I can carry it for you if you want.

Sabaka: Why don't we put it on Holly-chan? She might be cold, even if she's asleep.

Kris: That's a better idea

Jareth: Yeah, let's do that. *puts the cloak over Holly-chan* Let's get moving. Be warned, I'm not going to wait if you lag behind. *rises up into the air and flies off in the direction of the town*

BT: All right, let's go!

Sabaka: Hai!

BT: Holly-chan trained us to be very fast and agile, LJ!

*Both catch up to Jareth in seconds*

BT: Nice speed Jareth! Just keep it at that! Sabaka and I might need to give you directions to the town.

*Kris is just able to keep up with them*

Jareth: *Smile widens to a grin* Right. Let's just keep going. Yell or blast me with lightning or something if I go the wrong way.

BT: Um, how about we just politely say, "It's this way, LJ?

Jareth: Okay. If you insist... or even if you don't...

Sabaka: Turn left, Jareth.

Jareth: Okay. *turns left*

BT: Okay, now keep going straight until we come to a fork in the road, k?

*Magna Mario [Yes, he's still here.] finishes binding Cutthroat's legs together picks him up and whistles*

Magna Mario: ZOSHI!!!!!

*A silver Yoshi runs up to Magna Mario*

Zoshi: what is it MM?

Magna Mario*pointing at CT*: can you carry him on your back?

Zoshi: sure I could carry you too if you want.

Magna Mario: great! *climbs on with CT* let's go Zoshi!

*They soon catch up with everyone else*

*Soul walks through the woods, and she's Holly-chan. He walks toward her...*

Soul: Hey, H-C! How are... What happened?!

*Noticing that Holly-chan is unconscious, Soul's hands start to glow, and he touches Holly-chan's wound, healing it slightly. She regains consciousness.*

Soul: Are you okay, Holly-chan?

Holly-chan: Ugh.

Soul: *To H-c* You sure don't look good, Holly-chan. I wish I could heal you more, but I'm not in the best of health either.

*Soul has bruises and cuts all over his body.*

Soul: I think one of my wings are broken too. I can't move it without feeling pain.

Jareth: Broken wing? That sucks. Want me to see if I can do anything for ya? I know a little bit of healing magic.

Soul: If you can heal my wing, then go ahead. Please...

Jareth: Come here, Soul. I'll see what I can do for that wing. *looks at the wing* Let's see what I can do here... *puts some energy into the wing and it heals enough to be usable* There. Don't put it under too much strain or it'll break, but you'll be able to move it without it hurting.

*Soul moves his wing slightly.*

Soul: I feel much better. Thank you, LJ! Wont be flying for a while, but at least it's better.

*Soul continues to follow everybody else.*

Jareth: *As they approach the fork* So which way from here?

BT: Um.......Sabaka, which way was it again?

Sabaka: ^__^;;;; It was right, brother.

BT: Oh yeah. We go right, LJ.

Jareth: Thanks. *goes to the right on the fork*

Magna Mario: you know what Zoshi could you do me a favor?

Zoshi: What?

Magna Mario: could you turn CT into an egg?

Zoshi: sure

*MM throws CT down in front of Zoshi how swallows him and spits him out as an egg.*

Magna Mario: well seeing as that egg is as tough as an Ostrich's egg he should have a tough time getting out right Zoshi?

Zoshi: Right!

MM: *Leaving the egg behind Zoshi and MM follow the others*

Magna Mario: I hope the town isn't to much farther.

BT: Now we should com to a three-road crossing, LJ.

Sabaka: Follow the sign that says, "Chientown"


BT: It should only be a few more miles now, guys.

H-c: *Opens eyes* Uhh….

Jareth: Hey Holly-chan, How ya feeling? Want to see if I can do something for you as well?

Holly-chan: No thanks.

Jareth: You sure?

Holly-chan: Yes.

*Rips off the sleeves of her shirt to stop the bleeding of her arms*

Kris: Juatve ahjev loagbr ohjave hatve lafvl.

BT: Kris, what the hell was with all that gibberish?

Kris: Sorry. I was speaking Nopt. What I said was: 'Damn that Cutthroat has sharp claws' I speak Nopt when I'm mad or nervous without knowing it

Jareth: Kris, your arms are still bleeding?

Kris: They have been the whole time

Jareth: The whole time... sorry. Want some help on them? I can manage.

Kris: You save your energy. Don't waste it on me

BT: The town should be a half mile ahead, guys.

Jareth: Half mile? That's good. Flying gets tough if you fly for too long... Be damned if I know how these Pixie wings can keep me in the air...

MM: Kris, Lauren and I are gonna head to another town, k? We'll meet up with you guys again later, k?

Kris: All right..

*MM and Lauren leave*

Soul: I can see the town from here. It's not much further.

Kris: Hey LD enjoying the ride?

LD: Bark! ^____________.____________^

Kris: If you ever need to use the bathroom just let me know ahead of time...

BT and Sabaka: *Laughs*

Kris: Laugh again. I DARE you

BT and Sabaka: *Laughs again*

Holly-chan: Kris, please don't start. *Coughs*

Kris: Don't worry Holly-chan. I was just kidding. I kinda thought it was funny too.

LD: Woof? *Looks puzzled*

Kris: Nothing LD

Sabaka, BT, and Holly-chan: *Laughs*

Kris: ???????????????

Holly-chan: Nothing, Kris. *Coughs* I need to shut-up.

Kris: You need rest is what you need

BT: Hey! Look, there! It's the town!

Kris: It's not a good thing if your arms that have been clawed to death start itching really bad is it??

Soul: Well, maybe not... How bad are they itching?

Kris: Very bad. I can't scratch them because they are still bleeding and sore.

Soul: I probably shouldn't do this...

*Soul grabs Kris' arms. Soul concentrates, and a bright purple light envelopes her arms. Kris' arms heal, and the blood disappears..... Soul falls to his knees.*

Soul: I, probably... should not... have done, that...

Kris: No you shouldn't have. You need that energy too keep going. Soul if you need to you can use me to support yourself

BT: Wouldn't that cause you to fall over, Kris? Isn't Soul kinda big?

"Insanity is the spice of life" -Myself

Kris: he can just lean on me. But not too much or yes I will fall over.

Soul: Thanks, Kris... I-I'll be careful...

*Soul gets helped up by Kris, and he puts some of his weight on her. They walk toward the town.*

Kris: I hope the others know how to find us...

BT: Let's see.... Takashi's house....Takashi's house.... where is it...?

Kris: Do you remember what it looks like?

Sabaka: I do. It's a fair-sized house next to a REALLY big ranch.

Kris: I see a REALLY big ranch over there

Sabaka: That's it! Let's go!

Kris: I'm good. ^___^

LD: BARK! ^__.__^


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