Part 1: The Cloak of a Soldier

DISCLAIMER : I do NOT own Tecmo, Monster Rancher, or any related characters. I also DON'T own whatever company made the game Haven. I also DO NOT OWN SpiderWeb Software. I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN THEM IN THIS FIC OR ANY OTHERS! WereTiger : ( out of breath) Finally on to the fic !

Rand shielded his eyes. He looked from the top of Ruby Hill, so named for the ruby's found on it, towards the plains surrounding it. He pulled cloak closer to him as a chill wind blew. His naked steel greatsword glisened in the setting sun. His silver-blue eyes flicked once more over the plains. He noticed a small pack of Dino's closeing in. Rand's body tensed, his eyes narrowed. He lept before they reached him, and layed about with his sword.

Not to far away Genki and the others moved towards Ruby Hill they saw Rand fighting. "Need any help!"Genki yelled. "No!" Rand yelled. Suddenly it was over and Rand was the victor. "Who are you?"Tiger growled angerly "Rand." He turned. "See ya round."

As he darted away a white crystal flew from a pouch at his side.

" Wait! You dropped somthing!" Hare called. But all the Searchers could see was his thin soldiers cloak.

I know it was short but the next part will be a lot longer. Note: This only part 1 of a long series. See Ya Round !