Episode 1: "Darkness Eats The Kindess of Hearts"--Preview

Genki and the Phoenix traveled down the dirt path, once in awhile, passing a group of Lost Disks. The Phoenix lead Genki to a quiet cave as he frowned deeply, glancing back at Genki who paused.

"Genki," he said in a deeply grieved voice. "This is my home.."

Suddenly, a click of a gun was heard as the Phoenix flapped backwards and Genki took a step forwards.

"W_who's there?" a shaky woman's voice asked, quiet with a large hint of fear in her voice. "I'll shoot!"

Genki listened as he heard the gun rattle violently, the person was either very scared or very weak.

"Don't worry," the Phoenix replied.

The gun was dropped onto the floor, making a clank. A woman suddenly limped out, arm slung in a bandage wrapped over her shoulder and around her broken arm. A large bandage wrapped around her head and her tired brown eyes were weak and fearful. That's when Genki gasped.