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"Dark Fire" By: CP

Extreme Ghostbusters


Death is a worldly manner. Almost every hour of the day, someone or something dies. We are merely pawns in life, and our player is our fate and God himself. The spiritual world, better known as heaven, is a peaceful place, as the Bible says, where there is no more death or sorrow. But for those who have unfinished business or purposes in Earth is doomed to roam the Earth until it is done. Many fear these roamers, giving the name ghost to these lost souls, but others believe we should help them. Those are the people who some roamers with evil intentions use. Beware, you mustn't judge a book by it's cover---or a man by his features..


"The Dark Fire is getting restless," a young, blonde man with a long, flowing purple cape said to a cloaked figure with a crystal ball in it's hands. "It needs two woman victims to be sacrificed in order for it to survive."

The cloaked figure was silent. Suddenly, two red, beady eyes appeared from under to hood of the cloak. He rubbed his crystal ball with his bony hands.

"The Ghostbusters have been capturing too many ghosts lately--the Dark Fire's ghosts. The Dark Fire is growing weak because of them. Remember, Prince Flame..," the cloaked figure stated.

"I know, I know. If it burns out, I'll die and you'll be returned to hell, along with my minions," Prince replied dully.

"Yes, and when you die, they'll be a good chance you'll be joining me," the cloaked figure laughed as he disappeared.

Prince Flame clenched his fist tightly, remembering how he killed his father for the throne of the Dark World.

"I knew I should've stayed in Dark World," he mumbled as he turned quickly, causing his cape to follow his sharp turn with a swoosh.

He walked down the hall of his castle attached to a huge, spaceship. Prince Flame stopped by a window. Looking out, he saw the Earth he oh so wanted to conquer. A sly smirk appeared on his lips.

"The Dark Fire needs two woman victims, hm?" Prince Flame mumbled to himself. He turned just as a hologram of a young woman covered in darkness appeared. She was in a praying pose, on her knees with her head looking down on the ground. "Ah, the future queen of this Earth. You'll be mine on day. I didn't come to the past just to take the world....but you too!" His evil laughter filled the castle, echoing of the walls.

Meanwhile, the cloaked figure floated in an empty room filled with green mist. He rubbed his glowing crystal ball as the same hologram which Prince Flame was staring at appeared infront of him. He gasped as an image of a young woman appeared in his crystal. Black hair, black eyeshadow, black lipstick...the Ghostbusters?

"It's.....her!" the cloaked figure laughed. "IT'S HER! Yes, I regonize her now! Kylie Rivera! And the other Ghostbusters..!" He laughed evilly. "Or should I say, Kylie Griffin NOW! I've seen the future, princess, and soon, you won't be in it!" He laughed harder as the crystal ball spurt out a huge light at the hologram, causing it to disappear slowly.


"So, Kylie. Truth.... or dare?" Eduardo asked as the four Ghostbusters sat in a circle.

"Truth," Kylie replied.

"Oh man! You're no fun!" Eduardo whined. "Okay, what would you do if you ruled the world?"

Garrett, who was drinking a can of coke, spit some out of his mouth and yelled,"That's the question?! That's it?!"

Eduardo scratched his head and replied,"I donno, it just popped up in my head."

"*Ahem*, back to my question? Anyway, I would make world peace, and if anyone tried to break that peace, they would have to face..the consequences!"

"Oooooh," Eduardo teased. "The weird chick is thinking of death again.."

"At least I'm not scared of death," Kylie snapped.

"Be nice..," Roland interrupted. "I'm sure Janine or Egon wouldn't appreciate blood all over the floor."

Eduardo and Kylie settled back down. Garrett looked around.

"Where is Janine and Egon anyway?" Garrett asked.

Kylie looked at Eduardo. Eduardo shrugged and looked at Roland who shrugged too. Garrett started to snicker. Eduardo got what Garrett was thinking and started to laugh too.

"What is so funny?" Egon asked from behind them.

The four turned around to see Egon with a jar of chemicals in his hands with Slimer floating beside him.

"Janine went to the store and I was up in my lab," Egon continued. "Nothing dirty happened."

Garrett and Eduardo blushed guiltily and turned back around.

"Who's next?" Roland asked.


"Ah! Ms.Melnitz! Shopping for Egon again?" a chubby, old man behind a small shop's register laughed."I know you wouldn't buy two pounds of mushrooms for yourself!"

Janine grinned as she carried over Egon's mushrooms. "Unless I was going on one of those crazy diets."

The clerk laughed and looked at the mushrooms,"What does he do with two pounds of mushrooms?"

Janine shrugged and replied,"Who knows. Something scientific probably."

She paid for the mushrooms and left with some people glancing at her in awe.


"Perfect. Mrs. Spengler...or should I say..Ms.Melnitz now. The future advisor of Queen Rivera. The Dark Fire will be pleased to gobble you up in its burning flames!" Prince Flame laughed as a hologram of Janine walking with the bag of mushrooms stood infront of him. He grinned and pulled out a black card. "Dark Flame, send forth Firefly, the fire warrior!"

He threw the card into the air. With a brilliant flash of light, a fire warrior surrounded in black flames and armor appeared, leaving the black card under his foot.

"Firefly at your service, master!" Firefly exclaimed.

"Firefly. See that woman? It's the future advisor of the queen. I want you to bring her here--dead or alive," Prince Flame ordered.

"Your wish will be my doing," Firefly said with a bow, then disappeared.

Prince Flame grinned evilly and laughed. "Looks like I won't be going anywhere."


Janine walked back to the firehouse slowly. She suddenly shuddered and stopped.

Looking around, Janine thought. [Why do I feel like something is wrong? ...Like something is following me?]

"RRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" screamed a monstrous voice.

Janine turned around just in time to be kicked in the stomache by a monster. She dropped to the floor with the bag of mushrooms spilling everywhere.

"What the hell?!" Janine cursed as she looked up at the fiery demon.

"I am Firefly, your death bringer! Your future as an advisor will be no more! HAhahahahaha!" the demon laughed as he formed a fire ball in his hands.

Janine yelped as she rolled away from the ball of fire coming towards her.

"You wanna start something, buster?! Come on! I dare you!" Janine screamed as she got up, remembering that karate class she took, but, would that be enough?

Firefly laughed as he peered at her through his black visor. He pushed a button and little numbers appeared at the side of his screen. He laughed as they stopped.

"Your energy level is high, but mine is more higher!" Firefly laughed as Janine backed up in alley so no one would see them.

[I must be crazy, but this guy might go after the others if I run to the firehouse. If I die, then at least I'll die with a fight!] Janine thought frantically.


Prince Flame watched in pleasure as Janine dodged a couple of fireballs.

"Well, well, well, Ms. Melnitz. The rumors were true about you being a tomboy and an impulsive woman." Prince Flame paused as a smile appeared on his lips. "Too bad you won't live to hear those rumors."

The cloaked figure appeared in back of Prince Flame and shouted,"You fool! This is how firefly died! Janine takes a garbage lid and hurls it at his helmet which malfunctions and blows up with him!"

Prince Darkness smiled evilly and said,"This isn't the same alleyway. This one is empty."

The cloaked figure laughed and said,"Ah.., you're not as dumb as you look, my prince. But I once read that you can't change the future."

Prince Flame let out a laugh and shouted,"B.S.! Firefly is already winning!"


Janine fell to the ground, burnt and bruised. She smiled, remembering the few good kicks and punches she gave him.

Firefly breathed heavily in exhaustion and said,"You're good--but not good enough."

Firefly smiled and said,"I might as well lay down, you won't be going anywhere with that huge burn on your leg."

Janine got up slowly as Firefly layed down. He watched her groan and try to keep her balance with her legs trembling in pain. She gave him a sloppy smile and started to rush off. Firefly gasped and got up.

"Impossible!" he yelled.

He rushed after her, but she was too far gone. Firefly screamed, but then paused.

"I'll get her next time, I'll just keep running just in case she stopped," Firefly laughed as he darted off.


"NO!" Prince Flame screamed. "That stupid idiot!"

The cloaked figure shook his head under the hood of his cloak and said,"B.S., huh?"

"SHUT UP! You heard Firefly! He'll go after her! Besides, where there's Janine, there's the Ghostbusters," Prince Flame replied.


Janine stumbled into the firehouse, closing the door behind her. She tried to walk further, but she fell to the ground, unconscious. Egon and the others ran over after hearing a thump and gasped at Janine. Egon gently lifted her up as she groaned.

"Janine?!" "What happend?!" "You look--burned." "Did you have a run in with Sailor Mars or something?" The EGB asked.

"Janine? Please, wake up," Egon whispered.

Janine moaned as she opened her eyes, looking up at Egon.

"E_Egon? ......A He..said...he..was.....from..........the future," Janine managed to choke.

"Hold on, Janine! You'll be okay!" Egon told her.

"Should we go after it?" Kylie asked.

"No. Kids, remember that report on an alien ship floating in space?" Egon asked.

"Um, yeah. But they said it disappeared," Garrett replied.

Egon shook his head as Janine watched him weakly. "I have a feeling they camaflouged in space. If they're from the future, I bet they want to change it for some purpose."

Suddenly, something clicked in Janine's head,"He said my future as an advisor will be no more."

"An advisor?" Roland asked. "Of who?"

Janine shrugged and clenched her teeth as another shot of pain rolled up her spine. "I...don't know."

Egon held her closely and said,"This is bad, very bad. We have to figure out a way to stop them, before they hurt anyone else. Janine, I have to treat those burns before they get infected."

He helped her up and slung her arm of his shoulder while holding her waist to help support her.

"What can we do?" Kylie asked.

Egon thought for a moment,"I_I don't know. But, keep an eye out for anyone who looks suspicious." He went upstairs with Janine.

Kylie sighed and turned to the others. "The future.. Imagine if...if we could visit it!"

Garrett laughed and said,"Our future must be important if some cooks are going after us now!"

"...It is important..," a ghostly voice said from behind them.

The EGB turned to see a green hologram of an older looking Kylie in a white dress and a small, golden crown on her head.

"....Kylie?" Eduardo asked.

"Yeah?" the two Kylies asked at once.

"Oh man! This ain't happening man... This ain't happening!" Eduardo cried.

The hologram of Kylie giggled,"Ah, Eduardo. You never did change, my love. I must speak to all of you--including Egon and Janine."

Kylie gulped and replied,"Janine was beat up by a monster."

The holo Kylie nodded slowly,"I know. That happend in our past too, except Janine won with a garbage can lid."

"A....what?" Garrett asked.

The holo Kylie giggled and replied,"Long story. But since Firefly appeared by an empty alley, Janine had nothing to use. Now our time is a bad way."

"What sort of a bad way?" Roland asked.

"Firefly just took over another castle over here. My castle was already taken," the holo Kylie sighed.

"Castles? Isn't that a little...primitive?" Kylie asked sheepishly.

"Ever since the Y2K thing, half of the world's electricity went off. So when the Dark World heard about our temporary black-out, they decided to take over. They raided the world and took over parts of Europe and Asia. The USA defeated them side by side with Canada and Mexico. But we were the only free countries from the aliens. We got the power back on, but we needed a new leader. I ran and won. Since nobody else dared to be in Congress or the Supreme Court because if the aliens took over, they would be killed. So now I'm the Queen of the World--or what's left of it," the holo Kylie explained. "Lucky me."

"Are the castles stone?" asked Roland.

The holo Kylie shook her head,"No. They're made out of unbreakable glass and crystal."

"Cool," Garrett replied.

The holo Kylie suddenly floated off upstairs.

"Hey! Wait up!" Kylie exclaimed as the others dashed off after it.


"Fascinating..," Egon said after the story of how the Earth was taken over by the Dark World.

"Is there anything we can do?" Janine asked as she layed on Peter's old bed, bandaged up. "I don't have a garbage lid available right now.."

The holo Kylie laughed and replied,"There is one thing you guys can do. Fight the Dark World masters! If they die in the past, they won't be in the future!"

The EGB exchanged glances.

"How can we do that?" asked Roland.

The holo Kylie pulled out a long wand from her pocket and pointed to Garrett. Suddenly, a blue mist covered him, then disappeared. She did the same to the others and then smiled.

"Garrett, you have the power of Earth," the holo Kylie explained.

"Cool!" Garrett exclaimed.

"Eduardo, the power of Lightning. Roland, the power of metal. Kylie, the power of water. Egon, the power of wind. And Janine, the power of Fire," the holo Kylie explained. "I will transport you all to the ship."

"Um, I don't think I'll be of any help with bandages around me," Janine said.

The holo Kylie waved her wand at Janine and suddenly, the bandages disappeared to reveal no burns or wounds.

"Double Cool! Now let's go kick some Dark World butt!" Garrett exclaimed.

The holo Kylie replied,"These powers are only temporary. When you've defeated them--or not, they will go away until the future, where only the chosen ones have the powers."

With a brilliant flash of light, the EGB was transported into a dark ship.

"This must be the place," Janine said as she looked around.

Suddenly, Firefly appeared infront of them, laughing.

"You fools think you can defeat me?! Ha! Fine then, you will all die NOW!!!" Firefly screamed as he sent out a flame of fire from his hands.

"SUPREME WATER DROP BLAST!!" Kylie exclaimed as a huge sprout of water blasted out of her hands.

Firefly gasped as his fire burned out.

"FLASHING LIGHTNING GOOOO!" Eduardo exclaimed as he threw a ball of lightning at Firefly's visor.

"AGGGHHH!" Firefly screamed as his visor malfunctioned and blew up--along with him.

A black card dropped to the ground with smoke drifting out of it.

"Ha!" Eduardo exclaimed.

"Heeeyyy... I was suppose to do that," Janine teased.

The EGB walked on the long, dark hallway. Finally, an echoing laughter filled the area. Prince Flame appeared, floating in the air with an evil smirk on his face. Eduardo started to power up, but Prince Flame shook his head.

"I'm not your challenge, Ghostbusters. But, maybe some other time, yes?" Prince Flame said as he disappeared.

Eduardo looked around and shrieked when he saw the cloaked figure floating behind them silently.

"You Ghostbusters ruined my plans for domination in the future. You are not going to ruin them now! Too bad you all won't live to see the Dark World take over the world!" the cloaked figure laughed. "Your futures are now NO MORE!!!"

With that, the cloaked figure shot out a huge black ray at the EGB. They dodged it just in time.

"I'm getting sick of this..," Janine moaned as she stood up.

Meanwhile, Prince Flame watched at the end of the hallway. Things raced through his mind.

[Is this right...? Of course it is! I want to rule this planet! Rule the galaxy!] He thought.

Then, he remembered what the cloaked figure said: "Yes, and when you die, they'll be a good chance you'll be joining me."

Prince Flame grimaced. The cloaked figure told him to kill his father, to take his throne.

"Fire Stoooorrrmmm......IGNITE!" Janine yelled as she shot a huge wave of fire out of her hands and towards the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure laughed as he held out his hand. The fire wave disappeared instantly.

"He's too powerful!" Egon concluded.

Prince Flame looked down. Queen Kylie would be gone in the future if she was killed in the present. He clenched his teeth as his eyes turned a dark shade of red. He wanted her more then anything. He wanted to be near her..., even if she was married to that Eduardo guy.

"Metal Machine..wrap!" Roland exclaimed as a huge piece of metal wrapped the cloaked figure.

The cloaked figure laughed and floated right through it.

"He's a ghost!" Kylie exclaimed.

"What a great time to have no proton packs!" Garrett exclaimed.

The cloaked figure laughed and shot out another ray of power, throwing back the EGB with a scream.

"NO! DARKNESS, I WILL KILL YOU!!" Prince Flame screamed as he shot out a white ray at Darkness' (the cloaked figure's name) red eye.

The ray hit his eye as Darkness let out a scream, covering his right eye. When he removed his hand, the eye was replaced with a black socket. Darkness threw off his hood to reveal a skeleton skull with one eye glowing red and the other burnt and black.

"You fool! You think you can defeat me?!" Darkness screamed.

"Kylie! Go to the room down the hall! In there--there's our power must burn it out," Prince Flame said.

"W_what about you?!" Kylie asked, her eyes sparkling with tears for her rescuer.

"I_I don't deserve to live this life of hate and murder. Go! Before it's too late!" Prince Flame ordered. "Me and your friends will hold him back."

Kylie nodded and rushed off. A ray just missed her and she ran faster.

"Quick! Follow my lead!" Prince Flame told the others. "I call upon the power of darkness!"

Kylie sobbed as she entered the room with nothing but a large pot with a black flame in it, burning weakly. She listened to the others.

"I call upon the power of....Earth...?" asked Garrett. "Is...that right?"

Prince Flame nodded as Darkness merely chuckled and watched with enjoyment.

"I call upon the power of metal!" Roland cried bravely.

"I call upon the power of fire!" Janine yelled.

"I call upon the power of lightning!" Eduardo exclaimed.

"I call upon the power of wind!" Egon cried.

Kylie looked up in determination. "I call upon the power of water!"

Suddenly, a multicolored ray appeared from each team member. Darkness watched silently, like he knew it wasn't going to work. The beams joined together and flew towards Darkness. Once again, he stuck out his hands and blocked the ray.

"NO!" Prince Flame gasped. "KYLIE! DO IT NOW! IT'S THE FUTURE'S ONLY HELP!"

Kylie looked at the flame. [You will be noticed as a hero in the future, Prince Flame.] "Power of water, bring forth a spurt of water from my hand...and let Prince Flame rest in peace."

A sprout of water came out of Kylie's hand, burning out the fire. A huge scream from Darkness and Prince Flame echoed the halls. Kylie fell to her knees, crying. Suddenly, the holo Kylie appeared, smiling at her.

"Don't cry, Kylie. You've done a good thing for Prince Flame. For his soul is finally worthy of going to a better place. Unlike Darkness, who will return to hell along with his minions, for all eternity," she explained.

"What about our future? Will I still be queen of the Earth?" Kylie asked.

The holo Kylie nodded,"Yes."

Kylie was dumbfounded,"H_how?"

The holo Kylie laughed,"You'll see, Kylie. You'll see."

With that, a huge flash of light returned them to the firehouse.


8 years later....

"....And in honor of Prince Flame, the town has dedicated his memory with a statue," Queen Kylie announced in Central Park on a wooden stage. "World War III has brought many tears to the world, but I will make America's future--a happy one."

Roland pulled off a white covering from a large statue. The statue looked like Prince Flame, standing by a pot of fire.

Queen Kylie smiled and said,"Rest in peace, our friend. I'm so happy for you."

The wind rustled in some trees silently as the crowd clapped and cheered. Janine Spengler, Egon Spengler and their daughter Lindsay watched on.

They could almost hear Prince Flame's words in their head: "I_I don't deserve to live this life of hate and murder."

Janine remembered those words and whispered,"You deserved a better life--and you got it."

Egon turned to his wife,"What was that, Janine?"

Janine smiled and replied,"Just remembering the Dark Fire...and it's master."


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