Ending Theme

Cherish: (The lyrics are after the movie)


A soft glow filled a town as a violin started to play. A girl about Holly's age opened her eyes in her sleep, her green eyes just a dark green. She got up out of bed slowly and walked out her door, past her sleeping parents. Teenagers about her age walked out of their homes like zombies, eyes completely one color.


"ZZZzzzzzzzz!!!" Genki snored in a inn, a snot bubble forming out of his nose. "...Mmm...shut...that..music...uuuuppp....zzzzzzzzzz.."

Holly's brow flinched as her own eyes opened, completely brown. Suddenly, her Magic Stone glowed and she closed her eyes again as the teens around the town walked to the center, greeted by a dark figure in a long, black cape.

"I will not rest..until I find the Daughter of darkness.." his voice growled.

Monster Rancher the movie: The Daughter of the Darkness

The townspeople gathered in the square the next morning, talking and crying over their lost children. Suddenly, the door of the hotel opened.

"ALLLLL RIGHT!!" everyone in the town square sweated as Genki emerged, doing a flip in the air. "My heart is a poundin', poundin', poundin'!!"

Tiger and Hare stepped out next, glaring at each other angrily.

"Hey, I never thought you wanted your meat!" Hare exclaimed, eyeing Tiger.

"WHO TOLD YOU I DIDN'T??!!" Tiger roared, getting up right to his face.

"Now calm down you two!"

The townspeople gasped and started to whisper as Holly stepped in between the fighting monsters.

Hare sighed, "Sorry.."

The elder of the town, a short man with a long, white beard and squinty eyes walked around Holly slowly, inspecting her. The others walked out of the hotel, looking at the elder oddly.

"Are you about 14?" the elder asked.

Holly blinked, "Yes sir."

The elder looked at the others and then concluded, "She's a witch!!"

Holly and her friends tripped to the ground in shock. She got up, some of her hair sticking out in confusion and shock. "Excuse me..?"

The elder nodded as the people of the town started to whisper louder.

"Hey! Why do you accuse her of being a witch?!" Genki yelled, a vein on his head.

A woman stepped forward, "Strange things are happening lately."

"Can you please tell us?" Holly asked.

The woman nodded, "Children about your age have been disappearing all over the country, young lady. The only people who seem to be vulnerable are you and Yamchi, the black sorcerer."

"Yamchi?" Tiger repeated. "You mean that kid who's part monster?"

Genki looked at Tiger, "You know him?"

Tiger looked angry, "Know him?" Tiger looked away. "When I was still running the Tiger Pack, we found a kid sitting under a tree. he was no ordinary kid, he was about Holly's age with a long, black cape and magical talismans all over his clothes. Then, he looked at us and smiled."

"So?" Golem asked.

"So, Golem, then he snapped his fingers and the tree he was under died!" Tiger exclaimed. "We ran away as fast as we could after that, but he appeared infront of us and winked. Suddenly, every Tiger around me started to dance and howl." Tiger growled, blushing. "He found it so amusing when he snapped his fingers, taking off all my fur. Then, he disappeared, everything back to normal."

"Hm, sounds like Yamchi," the woman sighed. "Anyway, last night, all the kids about your age disappeared without a trace! So you must have some sort of special powers."

Genki grinned, "She has the Magic Stone power!"

Golem nodded, "Hai."

Everyone gathered around in a circle by Holly as she held out her hands, closing her eyes. The Magic Stone floated out from under her shirt and swirled into an arrow, pointing north. The crowd gasped as the seven nodded.

"So that tells you where Mystery Disks are?" a man asked.

Holly shook her head, "With some...um..help. We figured out how to show us to the Phoenix's ancient body."

"Bravo!" a voice exclaimed, followed by a single applause.

Everyone looked up to an old tree by the Square and gasped. Holly looked up in odd as a boy about her age in a long, black cape with two ruby talismans on his shoulders. He did a flip off the tree and landed right infront of Holly with a smile. His eyes were a deep blue with matching black hair tied back in a long rat tail.

"I see you figured out the TRUE power of the Magic Stone," he said.

"It's YOU!" Tiger boomed.

"Yaammmccchhhiiiiiii!!" the townspeople wailed, then ran away.

Yamchi laughed heartedly and peered down at Holly. "I see you are from Toriyama!"

Holly gasped. [The name of my village!]

Yamchi grinned as Genki stood in an attack position. "Aw, no need to worry. I'm here to give you all some interesting news! I also want to find out why Pilaf is kidnapping all those kids for research."

"Research?" Holly asked. "Do you know what he wants with those kids?"

Yamchi nodded, "Yes. You see, rumor has it that Pilaf is working for Moo."

Holly gasped, her eyes turning small. "I...I..think...I..know..why..."

"Huh?" Genki asked, blinking.

Holly turned to her friends, "Genki...everyone..I need to talk to Yamchi in private for a few seconds."

Tiger blinked, "Okay." He growled at Yamchi. "Don't try anything, you hear."

Yamchi snapped his finger, turning Tiger's blue and white fur into rainbow colors. "Okay."

He disappeared with Holly as Hare laughed at Tiger. Tiger's fur returned to normal as Tiger roared, chasing Hare around the Square as everyone else sweated.

Genki looked up. [Holly..what are you keeping from us?]


Yamchi rubbed his chin as he and Holly sat on a cliff. "I see.. So, why don't you tell your friends, Miss Holly?"

Holly sighed, laying back. "If I tell them, then it won't be worth fighting for. Genki and the others are always hyped about kicking Moo's butt, but if they knew, they would probably stop trying so hard, trying not to hurt my feelings about Moo being my father, the man I have to destroy."

Yamchi smiled and laid back with her as Holly blushed, looking away. "Miss Holly, I see. This will be between you and me."

"Thank you," Holly said. "So what was your interesting news about?"

Yamchi looked grim, putting his hands under his head, "Rumors have it that Toriyama Village has returned from the dead."

Holly sat up, "WHAT?!"


"WHAT?!" the six others exclaimed after Yamchi and Holly told them about Toriyama.

"How can that be?! No one even goes NEAR there anymore!!" Suezo screamed.

Yamchi nodded, "That's why I wanted to tell Miss Holly about this. You see, for the past year, I've been searching for the keeper of the Magic Stone. That's who Pilaf is after."

"I see," Hare agreed, rubbing his chin. "Before I met Genki and the others, rumors were spreading about a teenager who holds the Magic Stone. That's why Pilaf is kidnapping all the teenagers around the country!"

"We have to..protect Holly," Golem said. "Holly..is dear to us."

Holly's eyes wavered, "Golem.."

Yamchi smiled, "I wouldn't doubt it!"

Holly blushed as Genki's eyes snapped towards Yamchi. Yamchi's eyes only looked at Holly for a few seconds, then he shook his head.

"I know a Dragon Trainer near here," Yamchi said. "He'll take us to your village, Miss Holly, then, if we're lucky, we can find Pilaf and stop him dead in his tracks!"

"Yeah, but how will we get back here?" Genki asked coldly. "We traveled for a LONG time to get to here."

"Don't worry!" Yamchi laughed.


Pilaf, a tall man in black armor and a black clothes looked over his huge, green crystal, filled with monsters, adults and especially teenagers.

"Damn," he hissed. "None of these mortals have the Magic Stone!" He thought for a second, then grinned. "Moo told me, her name was Holly.."

His laughter filled his crystal palace as the town of Toriyama sat below, filled with people. A woman who looked like an older version of Holly looked out her window from her rocking chair, humming sadly. She sat in an empty house, alone and sad.


The eight heroes walked past the town, towards a large group of stables. No one was there, except for different kinds of Dragons in the stables.

"Hey! Tachi!" Yamchi exclaimed, looking around.

A boy about Genki's age stepped out, his spiky brown hair ties upwards in a red bandanna. His eyes were ice blue and dressed like a bandit. A smile crept across his face as he rushed to Yamchi.

"Yamchi! Long time no see, bud!" Tachi exclaimed, punching Yamchi's arm.

Yamchi grinned, "Yes, I agree. Listen, we need some quick transportation to Toriyama."

Tachi scratched his head, "Toriyama? Why go to that creepy place? You heard the rumors, didn't you?"

Holly stepped forward, "Please, Mr. Tachi, I need to see why my old village is suddenly back."

Tachi smiled and laughed, "Can anyone say no to your girlfriend, Yamchi?"

"GIRLFRIEND?!" Genki and the monsters exclaimed.

"Nope," Yamchi said simply.

Holly blushed as the others took uneasy glances at her and Yamchi.

"I_I'm...oh, forget it," Holly said, shaking away her blush. "Can you get us all there?"

Tachi nodded, "Easy as one, two, three!" He walked to the biggest stable and opened it, revealing a huge, black dragon. "Come here, Goliath!"

The mighty Black Dragon squealed and stepped out as everyone else sweated at it's height.

"Holy--!" Tiger gagged.

"It's HUGE!" Genki exclaimed.

Golem blinked, "It..can take..everyone..including me.."

Tachi laughed, rubbing his nose, "See? Old Goliath was my monster from the very start! He's used to take large groups to the farthest distances!"

Goliath roared, then nodded. "Yup. How about a ride?"

"Kewl!" Genki exclaimed, hopping on.

Mocchi agreed, "Kewl, Chi!" He laughed and hopped behind Genki.

Tiger leaped on followed by Hare, Golem, Yamchi, Holly, who held onto Suezo, and Tachi.

"All right! Let's go, Goliath!" Tachi exclaimed happily. "To Toriyama!"

"Hai!" Goliath rumbled, the took up, wings causing a fierce wind around them.


1 hour later...

On the way to Toriyama, Yamchi tapped Holly on the shoulder.

"Miss Holly, may I ask you something?" Yamchi asked.

Holly and Suezo turned their heads.

"Yes, what is it?" Holly asked.

Yamchi asked, "Do you know about the creation of the Magic Stone?"

Holly nodded, "Of course. It was said that a Goddess who saw the battle between the Phoenix and Moo created the Magic Stone in order to find Mystery Disks so the humans could live in peace. She also created the family which could only use it, which was mine."

Suezo finished, "But, she also made it so it could find the Phoenix and Moo to see if humans were worthy of more monsters to be created on Earth. So, why do you ask?!"

Yamchi sweated, "Just wondering about the legend. Maybe it has something to do with what Pilaf wants with it. I mean, Moo already knows where his ancient body is, like you said Holly, so why he want it?"

"You're right," Tiger agreed. "Moo said he knew where it was, so he won't be needing it. This Pilaf guy must have a reason to use it."

Golem nodded, "Yes. He wants power..just like Moo."

Holly looked down sadly, "Moo said his power comes from hate..."

Yamchi frowned, "Figures."

"Yeah," Suezo agreed.

Goliath interrupted, "Hey, we're almost there!"

"Already?!" Genki gasped. "Wow, cool! You're fast!"

Goliath laughed, "Yeah, well years of experience pays off, kid!"

Mocchi laughed, "Chiii!"


Soon, they landed by the village and got off. Holly slowly slid off and walked slowly towards the cliff where everyone else gawked. She looked and gasped, the village was running just like she remembered it.

"How....can this...?" Suezo gagged.

Holly's eyes wavered as she turned to a tree. She rushed up to it and touched some small lines in it. "Oh my god.." She put her head against it, fighting back the tears.

"Holly-chan...?" Genki asked as everyone watched her.

Holly looked at them, eyes wavering more. "This tree..it was destroyed in the fight...burnt to the ground." She looked at her sad Suezo. "Suezo..do you remember these markings?" A small smile appeared on her lips, eyes pleading and sad.

Suezo nodded and hopped over. There were two rows of markings on the tree, one taller than the other.


"Suezo, hold still!" a younger Holly laughed as she stood baby Suezo against the same tree, her father's dagger in her hand.

Suezo sighed and held still, his eyeball looking at the other row of markings next to his large head. Holly stuck out her tongue against her upper lip and marked how tall Suezo was quickly. They stepped back as Suezo grinned. Holly sat down as Suezo hopped into her lap.

"My father use to measure how tall I got each month," she sighed and looked up dreamily. "I use to be so happy when I grew up an inch, because he and my mother would bake some cookies or cakes."

Suezo sighed and laid in her lap. "Will you and grandmother make me a treat if I grow up?"

Holly laughed and nodded, "Yes.. Yes we will."


"Holly," Golem sighed.

Suezo looked at the village, "I don't understand this.."

"You will," a familiar voice said.

Suezo and Holly gasped and turned to see Pink Eye, looking sad.

"Pink Eye?!" Holly gasped. "How..?"

Pink Eye smiled, "Come on, kid. You're--" She paused when Suezo hopped around her, inspecting her a little too closely. "AAAAHHH! LISTEN YYYOOOOUUUU!!! GET ANY CLOSER AND I'LL CHEW YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!!!!"

Suezo sweated, "She's for real.."

Suddenly, Blue Fur and Rover walked up next to Holly. "Holly-chan!"

Holly gasped, "This---how---wha--??"

Blue Fur looked grim, "Everyone is waiting for you and your friends."

"Everyone?" Holly asked, gulping.


Holly slowly stepped up to her house, passing some familiar faces looking at her sadly. She very slowly entered followed by the others. Her heart jumped into her throat as her mother stood infront of her.

"My Holly," she said as tears streamed down her face.

"Mother!" Holly exclaimed, hugging her with all her might, before sliding to her knees, tears hitting the ground.

Grandfather and Grandmother stepped beside her mother as they looked down at Holly sadly.

"Holly-chan," her mother said, squatting down to her. "We've been watching over you for a long, long time." Tears came to her eyes again. "And I..we..are very proud of how you've grown up."

Grandmother nodded as Genki sat by Holly with the others, comforting her. "She's right. But, now we cannot because of Pilaf."

Suezo looked up with Holly. Yamchi frowned and stood up.

"Pilaf is using this town as bait to get the Magic Stone keeper over here, right?" Yamchi asked.

Holly's mother took Holly's hand and put it by her heart. Holly gasped as she looked up into her mother's tearing eyes.

"No..no..heart..beat," Holly gagged. "That..means.."

"We are mere puppets," Blue Fur sighed as Hare's ears drooped. "Pilaf is like a devil. He can control death with his crystals. He brought us back here from our peaceful resting place to lead you and the Magic Stone here."

Tiger growled, "What?! How can anyone be that strong?!"

Grandfather looked down sadly, "Who knows. I'm sorry, but we cannot tell you anymore then that. He created us only for that purpose."

Holly looked at Genki and the others, "I won't let him get away with this! NEVER!"

"I wish we could help, Holly-chan," Rover sighed. "But we cannot do that."

"Us too," Tachi said, motioning to Goliath outside. "But we'll come back in two days to check up on you guys."

"Okay," Yamchi said. He turned to the others. "It's up to us."

"Hai! No one will get away with torturing the dead!" Golem exclaimed.

Holly stood up, "This time, it's personal!"

Holly's mother smiled, standing up to face her daughter. "You all look tired, wait until tomorrow."

Genki exclaimed, shooting up, "Are you kidding?! We're just getting started!"

Grandmother smiled, "Yes, you are certainly fit for the name Genki, like I have seen."

Genki blinked, "You..watch over us?"

Rover nodded, "All the time."

Holly smiled as two tears dropped from her eyes.


The next day, the group got up, putting on their clothes readily. Genki slid into his shoes hyperally and stood up, putting on his hat with a laugh, flipping it backwards. Holly slid into her vest as her mother brushed her hair quietly. They were in a separate room with Pink Eye.

"Mother, why did you marry father?" Holly asked quietly.

Her mother sighed, "We were just kids when we met, like you and Genki." Holly blushed at that comment. "I was singing by the fountain.."


Holly's mother sat by a fountain, about Holly's age, and sang gently. Suddenly, a younger looking Yosho (Holly's father) stepped out of the brush, peeking at the young woman sing. Suddenly, a wild Tiger appeared and leaped at the singing woman. She screamed as Yosho gasped. He leaped out and pinned her down, just as the Tiger rushed away, growling. She opened one eye to see the man breath heavily on top of her. Her eyes wavered at his good looks as he helped her up.

"I..erm..thank you for saving me," she said through a blush. "I'm..Faia.."

Yosho grinned, blushing too, "Yosho.."


Faia sighed and tied Holly's hair back in her red bow. "Who would've thought..he would turn against the village..as Moo.."

Pink Eye looked down sadly too. "We do everything we can to help you find Mystery Disks. Remember that time Genki, Suezo and Mocchi were digging, but couldn't find a Mystery Disk which was in that tree? We shot it down with lightning so you could find it."

Holly grinned, "Thank you." She got up and kissed her mother. "I will get this Pilaf..and restore your peace." She smiled as Pink Eye smiled too with Faia. "Where is he?"

Pink Eye motioned towards the Crystal Palace. "That Crystal Palace, but, no one can get in.."

Holly smiled, "We'll find a way, we always do."


The heroes marched to the Crystal Palace where they came face to face with a tall, Crystal Tower. Yamchi disappeared, reappearing on top of the tower, looking around for an entrance. He looked down at the others and sighed, disappearing back down infront of them.

"I don't see any entrances," he sighed.

Everyone looked at Suezo who sweated, "Okay! But you better catch me, Golem!"

Golem looked hurt, "Suezo, I would never miss you on purpose!"

Suezo sighed as Golem picked him up, chucking him into the air.

"Aaaahh!! Damn!" a familiar woman's voice screeched.

Golem blinked as Suezo and Pixie fell from the sky. He sweated and caught them both in his hands.

"Master Pixie!" Big Blue exclaimed, rushing up to Golem. "Put her down."

"Oookay," Golem said, putting Pixie down who gave Suezo a snarl.

Genki smiled and rubbed his nose, "Pixie! Big Blue! What are you two doing here?!"

Big Blue replied coldly, "We have come to see if the rumors were true about Toriyama."

Pixie nodded, "And see why this crazy man is after so many children." She eyed Holly and Yamchi. "And why are you two still around?"

"I am a sorcerer!" Yamchi said proudly. "And Miss Holly has the power of the Magic Stone."

Holly nodded, "This..crazy man..is Pilaf. He wants the Magic Stone for himself." Pixie glanced at Big Blue. "He's very, very dangerous. I don't think it's wise to face him alone."

Tiger agreed, "He can control death. That's why Toriyama is back from the dead."

Big Blue took a deep breath as Pixie sweated in fear. "I was wondering why Toriyama suddenly reappeared."

Genki rubbed his nose, "Ha! I'm not scared of him!" Pixie looked at him. "If he wants the Magic Stone, he'll have to get through me first!"

Pixie smiled for a second, then looked at Holly, "And I'm sure you'll fight him for revenge, hm?"

Holly looked down for a second, then shut her eyes, "He only wants me and the Magic Stone. You guys don't have to fight him... I'm concerned for all of you.." She looked up, eyes peering in determination. "I want to go alone."

Everyone gasped as Holly stood tall, fist clenched tightly. Genki noticed how her face looked like it was carved in stone, bold and determind. Golem couldn't believe she, of all people, would say such a impulsive suggestion.

Genki frowned, "You know if you do, he could kill you and do whatever he wants with the Magic Stone!" He turned to Pixie. "Did Falcon bring you two here?"

Pixie nodded, "Yeah. After a little trouble, he agreed and then took off." She sighed. "That coward left us here.."

Genki's face dropped, "I was hoping he could help us."

Yamchi gathered some energy into his hands, forming it into a black ball of energy. "Darrrkkk...BAALLL!!"

He chucked it into the tower, but nothing happend.

"It must be surrounded in magic, damn," Yamchi hissed.

Suddenly, a black hole stretched on the tower wall, making a large opening. Genki laughed and rushed towards it with the others.

"Genkiii! Wait!" Holly exclaimed. To her surprise, he came running out, skidding to a halt. "Uuuh.. Genki?"

Genki sweated and looked around frantically. "Wait a minute!!" He ran in again at full speed, only to reappear where he started from, skidding to a halt again. "THIS IS NUTSSSS!!"

Pixie and the others sweated. "YOU'RE nuts."

Genki pointed angrily at the entrance. "I keep going in, but I come back here!"

Holly blinked and put her hand into the hole. Suddenly, he hand came back out as Holly gasped. She walked in, only to walk out. Everyone but Genki blinked as Holly sweated, looking around to see herself where she entered.

"Weird, chi!" Mocchi gasped.

Yamchi looked at a stone plate which read "ENTER WITH ONLY THE POWER I DESIRE."

"That's an odd riddle," Yamchi said.

Holly thought, then looked up with an idea. Suddenly, Pixie turned to see a mob of angry looking villagers glaring at them. Holly frowned, then yawned, stretching.

"Oh boy! Am I'm tired. Not much sleep last night, let's come back tomorrow!" Holly yawned.

Pixie sweated, "What are you, a weakling?!"

Holly gave Pixie a weird look, "I said...TO-MOR-ROW. Get it?"

Pixie blinked, then smiled, "Yeah, I'm with her, let's go, Big Blue."

Big Blue sweated and said weakly with the other confused friends, "Ooookay.."


That night, the band of rebels peeked out of Holly's old home.

"Do you see anyone?" Suezo asked Hare.

Hare shook his head, "Nah, let's go."

They snuck out of the house and then gathered around Holly.

"Okay. I think we should split up. That way, if any of us do get caught, the others can get to Pilaf and try their best until the captured get away," Holly explained. "Also, that way, we can try to find an entrance easier from different angles."

"Great idea!" Suezo exclaimed with a grin.

Tiger nodded, "I'm with it. Let's go!"

"Right!" everyone exclaimed, then separated.

Holly ran off alone. [Minna, gomen...]

Pixie, Genki, Yamchi and Big Blue looked after her suspiciously, then rushed after her.


Hare and Tiger rushed through the small alleys of Toriyama towards north where the Crystal Palace stood. Suddenly, a large amount of zombie-like citizens and monsters stepped infront of them, armed.

"Rrrraaaahhhhh!!" an old, toothless man exclaimed, face twisted and pleading.

His farmer's fork just missed the wide-eyed Hare. Hare's eyebrow flinched as the old man stared at him, looking like he didn't want to do it, but had to.

"This is stupid," Tiger snarled. "Pilaf can't face us alone?! So he has to torture the dead MORE?!"

Hare gagged as a woman barely missed him with a frying pan. Tiger grabbed Hare on his back and leaped high into the air, over the groaning townspeople with their monsters. He rushed away, only to be greeted by more zombie-like people and monsters.

"Kuto!" Tiger hissed, then leaped onto the roof as Hare screamed.

He rushed from roof top to roof top, heading north.


Holly ran on, pushing desperately past the people from her old town, some of them calling her name.

"Hoollyyy... Hoolllyyyy... Holllyyyy...., " a chorus of voices echoed.

Holly's pace slowed as the desperate and pleading voices rang from all over. She slid to her knees, covering her ears.

"Please....don't....no..more...," she begged, eyes tearing. "Don't..call..out my name..."

The people stopped and surrounded Holly, ready to attack. Suddenly, Genki, Yamchi, Big Blue and Pixie pushed them all away.

"HOLLY!" Genki called out as they rushed up to her.

Holly got up, holding her father's dagger to her heart. "I'm okay..just---" She paused as she felt a presence with a knife leap at her. With a quick movement, she released her father's knife and struck. Her eyes turned small as a small children fell to the floor, bleeding. "Oh...Oh my--!" She dropped the dagger, her hands shaking towards her head. "I---!!"

Pixie hugged her shoulders as Holly breathed hard and shook in guilt. "It's okay! He was already dead! You put him out of his misery."

Holly calmed down and slowly picked up her dagger and looked at the blood on it, which suddenly disappeared. She sighed and looked at the boy who disappeared too.

"Miss Holly, you were going alone, weren't you?" Big Blue asked.

"Yeah! I beat you were planning that the whole time!" Genki exclaimed.

Holly sighed, looking towards the Crystal Palace, "He only wants the Magic Stone. That's what the clue meant." She looked at them with pleading and wavering eyes. "I don't want anyone else to get hurt."

Genki smiled, then laughed, rubbing his nose, "Nah! We won't get hurt! We're the heroes who defeated two of the Big Bad Four!"

Pixie and Big Blue growled, "Geeeennnkkkiiiii..................."

"And they were tuff!" Genki added quickly with a sweat, noticing Pixie charging a lightning attack with a rather large vein on her head and Big Blue's eyes flaring. "Ha, ha, ha..."

Holly smiled for a second, then looked away, "But they don't control death."

"Holly has a point there," Pixie sighed. "No matter what....somebody is going to die."


"Owie! Ouch!" Suezo and Mocchi gasped as a bunch of old ladies beat them with their brooms.

Suezo slapped them all away with his tongue, a vein on his head. "This is pointless! We can easily defeat them, but, I don't have the heart since I knew these people!"

Mocchi sweated as he looked at the zombie-like faces of the people and monsters, sad and pleading for help. "Pilaf is doing this, Chi!"

Suezo nodded. "Oh-kay! Time for......TELEPORRRTTT!!"

Suezo and Mocchi glowed a gold color, then disappeared. The people blinked, sweating in confusion.


Suezo laughed happily, looking ahead from where he and Mocchi teleported to. "I did it! I did it!"

Mocchi sweated, looking behind him, "Um..Suezo...?"

Suezo laughed, hopping around happily, "Look! We got awaaaaayyy-hey! We got awwaaayyy-hey!"

"SUUUEEZZZOOOO!!!" Mocchi exclaimed.

"WWWHHHAAAATTTTT???!!!! You are ruining my moment in the spotlight!" Suezo exclaimed.

Mocchi rushed away, "WWWWAAAHHHHH!!"

Suezo sweated, "What is his---?"


An old woman hit Suezo with her frying pan. Suezo's eye teared, a waterfall of tears, and paused as a huge bump grew on his head.

"Ouch," he said simply, before falling to the ground.

Mocchi rushed back and grabbed Suezo by his leg while running away from the moaning mob. Suezo eye whirled with a huge spiral as he moaned.

[I can't give up, Chi! I have to make it!] Mocchi thought, eyes peering ahead in determination. [For Holly! Chi! For Suezo! For everyone!]


Golem sweated as he hid behind a tree from a mob of men with guns. One spotted his large shoulder and shot at him, the bullet just missing his shoulder.

"Golem...hate being..alone," he murmured. "Also..hates..violence..."

"RRRRAAAAAARRRRR!" a familiar roar exclaimed.

A burst of flames toasted the men who fell to the ground, moaning.

"This is not like you guys at all!" a low voice laughed.

Golem stepped out from behind the tree, seeing a red dragon. "Falcon?"

Falcon laughed, "Up to your necks in trouble, I see! Why aren't you guys fighting?!"

Golem frowned, "Long story." He looked up at the Crystal Palace. "Falcon. We must reach that palace. I'll explain on the way."

Falcon nodded, "Okay. I'm ready for a fight anyways!"

Golem looked down. [I'm not. Fighting is bad.] He looked at the palace, remembering how sad Holly was when they first saw Toriyama strangely okay. Her voice echoed in his head, "I won't let him get away with this! NEVER!" Another one of her words entered his head. "He only wants me and the Magic Stone. You guys don't have to fight him... I'm concerned for all of you.." Golem looked up in determination. "But I will do it..for Holly!"

He rushed towards the Crystal Palace with Falcon flying besides him.


Holly, Yamchi, Pixie, Genki and Big Blue came closer to the Crystal Palace, dodging the attacking townspeople who blocked their way. For a moment, Holly remembered her mother, remembering what she had said. Her mother was proud of her, as well as her grandparents and her monster friends. Holly smiled boldly, some tears falling carelessly from her eyes.

[I won't let you down, everyone!] Holly thought.

They halted infront of the tower from before, catching their breath for a moment. Holly walked over to the tower, and concentrated on her stone. [Please, Magic Stone....]

The Magic Stone glowed brighter than before as a entrance appeared on the tower. Yamchi smiled with Genki who rubbed his nose one last time.

"Hey, just in case something happens, WHICH I highly doubt," Genki said to the four with a playful wink. "No one here should give up hope! Got that?! When things look down, laugh it off!"

Pixie smiled and nodded, "I'll keep that in mind."

Big Blue agreed, "Yes. Hope is something that all of us should keep in our hearts."

Yamchi smiled and added, "If someone dies or cannot fight anymore, we should keep going on and not let that fact get in the way."

Holly looked down, clutching her stone in deep thought. [Hope is something I'm starting to loose.]

Genki stuck out his pinky, "Oh-kay! We all agree then!"

Holly and Big Blue blinked in awe as Pixie smiled gently.

"We're going in with hope in out hearts and strong minds! We all have to pinky swear that no one will loose that hope!" Genki exclaimed.

Pixie stuck out her pinky and wrapped it around Genki's. Big Blue touched his with Pixie's since his pinky would crush both of their's. Yamchi wrapped his around both of their's and looked at Holly. She turned away, fist clenched.

"You all have to promise that you won't die on me too," she said. "B_" She paused, holding back her sob. As she said the rest, her voice broke. "B_ut..i_if you..do..yo..you can't blame me! I tried to go alone." She turned around to them with a small and weak smile. "Okay..?"

Genki smiled gently, "Okay."

Holly stuck out her pinky and wrapped it around their's. They shook their hands and broke apart. Genki rushed forward, a brave grin on his face.

"Our hearts will always be together!" he exclaimed. "Let's go!!"

Holly watched them go as a tear hit the ground.

"Come on you slow poke!!" Genki's hyper voice rang infront of her.

Holly smiled, "Genki-chan..." She rushed after them. "I'm coming!"

They rushed into a dark hallway, running like they never ran before.


Meanwhile, the others were grim as they stood on the side os the Palace. Tiger looked angry and upset.

"I think they're already inside," Hare said after a few moments. "I thought I heard Genki, then Holly." He grinned, looking sad, eyes starting to tear. "I bet you a thousand golds ol' Holly was planning to go alone the whole time! But, Genki, Yamchi, Big Blue and Pixie probably convinced her to take them too."

Falcon frowned, looking at the Crystal Palace, "She must really care for you all."

Mocchi looked down, clutching Golem's leg sadly, "Holly... Genki..."

Everyone was silent as a crackle of distant thunder rang, followed by a flash of lightning. Golem started to hit the Crystal Palace angrily.

"I won't let them go alone!" he yelled, lightning flashing violently.

Falcon started to punch with him until half of the crystal wall shattered.

"I have a horrible feeling about this," Tiger sighed. "My senses smell grief in the air."

Hare eyes Tiger, "How can you sense that?"

"Are YOU questioning ME?!" Tiger boomed.

"YEAH!" Hare snapped.

Golem had about enough. "You two..STOP FIGHTING! We have to save Holly's town, and the others inside!"

Hare and Tiger looked down.

"Sorry," Hare sighed.

"Uh, yeah," Tiger agreed quietly.

They rushed inside, to be greeted by a large herd of rotting zombies. They moaned as they limped towards the monsters.

"Yuck, Chi!" Mocchi said with his tongue sticking out.

Tiger growled, "Leave it to Pilaf to not fight his own battles!" He charged up his horns. "TORPEDO!!"



Meanwhile, the others ran down long corridors of crystal and stone. Genki lead the way with a look of determination smeared across his face. Holly ran by his side followed by Pixie in the air and Yamchi with Big Blue taking up the behind.

"HAHAHAHAAAA!" a voice laughed. "So, you fools finally figured out what I want!"

Holly and the others stopped with Yamchi clenching his teeth.

"Damn you, Pilaf!" Yamchi cursed.

Pilaf appeared infront of them, floating in the air. His dark green hair was neck length with his black, shiny metal glowing in the pale light. The cape he wore was long and black like a raven, flowing out from behind him.

"You're almost there," he chuckled before disappearing.

Genki growled, then turned to the others. "Come on!"

They ran another couple of feet before reaching a large hole in the floor, surrounded by metal railing. The five peered down, seeing a huge, green crystal with bodies inside them. Holly gasped, her face turning a little blue as she recognized some of the faces, including her mother's.

Yamchi frowned, saying quietly. "He has encased their souls in this crystal, and half possessed their Earth bodies."

Holly looked at Yamchi, "That's horrible!"

"Pilaf is horrible," he said, eyes shaded by a black shadow.

Genki stepped forward and jumped onto the crystal. "Looks like this is the only way down! ALLI-OOP!!" He slid down the crystal at full speed.

Holly and the others followed him, sliding down the crystal. They landed next to Genki who faced a throne on an crystal cliff. Pilaf sat there, laughing to himself.

"You fools, Miss Holly was right, I only want her, and the Magic Stone," Pilaf grinned. He shrugged. "But..if you think you can beat me..." He laughed and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the others with Falcon appeared next to the five. "I'll bring you all here...TO DIE!"

Holly gasped, "Suezo! Everyone!"

Suezo and the others looked at them in confusion as everyone blinked.

"Uuuh...? Weren't we just being attacked by rotting zombies..?" Hare asked.

Tiger turned his head, seeing Pilaf grinning down at them. "HE did it. YOU must be Pilaf, the Death Bringer!"

Falcon stepped forward, "Death Bringer?! Why did you do this?! You devil!"

Pilaf laughed, "No..monster!"

Yamchi growled, then rushed forward, forming a mystical sword in his hands. "Sword of Darkness!!"

Pilaf grinned and floated in the air. "Fine.." He held out his hand. "Mimic." A sword of Darkness appeared in his hands. "Time to DIE!"

Their swords clashed together, then Yamchi swung at Pilaf's head. Pilaf dodged it simply, the swiped at Yamchi's arm at incredible speed. With a clean slice, Yamchi's arm fell off. Holly gasped, Genki made a face, Pixie shut her eyes. Yamchi stood their for a moment as a black mist floated out of his socket, instead of blood. His eyes peered at Pilaf who grinned evilly.

"Nice try," Yamchi said, then swiped at Pilaf who blocked it with his sword.

They had a long sword battle until finally, Pilaf swung at Yamchi's other arm, slicing it off along with half of his lower waist. Yamchi fell to his knees, face a dark shade of blue in pain.

Yamchi looked at Pilaf, grinning, "Almost..gottya.." He disappeared as Pilaf laughed.

"So you run away, Dark Sorcerer!" Pilaf laughed after Yamchi.

"Grr...NOO!" Genki growled in frustration. "We pinky sweared!"

Pilaf laughed and looked at the others, "Shoo your friends out of here, Miss Holly, before I have to kill someone."

Falcon roared and sprout out a large amount of fire at Pilaf who merely grinned. The fire surrounded Pilaf, turning into a tornado of flames. Falcon grinned as Suezo laughed hopefully. Holly peered through the flames, then gasped as they finally cleared. Pilaf stood there, his hair a little messy and his cape torn, otherwise, there wasn't a scratch on him.

"Oh my, you managed to mess my hair," Pilaf said with a grin.

Falcon gagged, "Impossible!"

Pilaf laughed, "Is it my turn?" He clenched his fist, then opened, spreading his fingers apart, revealing nine crystals. "I'm giving you another chance, leave me with Miss Holly, or suffer the worst fate of them all."

Genki stepped forward, "We're not giving up! As long as we have hope in our hearts, we can beat anyone and do anything!"

Pilaf yawned, "Touching, really. Now, who shall go first?"

Falcon roared and leaped into the air, "Slam attack!!"

Pilaf grinned and held a red crystal in his hand, waiting until Falcon got a little closer. With a quick movement, he shattered the crystal in his fingers. Falcon gasped and fell to the floor, trying to breath.

"Falcon?!" Holly gasped as Genki rushed over with Tiger.

Falcon's eyes turned completely white, not moving. Genki rushed over with Tiger, desperately trying to wake him up.

"He's not turning into a Lost Disk..," Genki said, shutting his eyes. Everyone else gasped. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIIIMM???!!!"

Pilaf laughed, "I killed him."

Tiger roared as Holly gasped.

"Tiger!!! NO!" she screamed desperately.

Tiger leaped toward Pilaf who held out a blue crystal. "TORPEDO!!"

Pilaf cracked the crystal as he smacked away the torpedo attack. Tiger fell to the floor, gasping for breath. Genki ran over to him, holding his weak head.

"Tiger..," he sobbed.

Tiger gave him a weak smile, "You..can..do it..kid. You..always told me..that..we..as a team..could do anything.. I'll always..remember that.. Thanks..Gen..kiii...." His eyes closed forever as Genki stood up, eyes tearing.

Hare stood up with Suezo. "Ready Suezo?"

Suezo nodded, "Ready!"

"Please, no!" Holly begged. "Suezo..please don't die too.."

Suezo looked at her sadly, "Holly, you've grown up and now you don't need my help anymore. If we go, I believe you can do it! I know you can! See ya."

The two monsters ran past Holly who slid to her knees.

"Dragon kick!!" Hare exclaimed, leaping at Pilaf.

Suezo leaped behind Pilaf. "Tail attack!!"

Pilaf held out a brown stone and a yellow stone, waiting until they got a little closer.

"NOOOOO!!!" Holly screamed as he shattered the two crystals at once.

Suezo and Hare dropped to the ground.

"Suezo-kun!!!" Holly screamed, running to Suezo who laid by Hare who was already dead.

Suezo smiled at her, "Thank..you..Holly.. Thank..yoouuu...." He closed his eye and turned deadly pale.

Holly sobbed, tears hitting her Suezo quickly. She laid on him for a little while, sobbing before looking up at Pilaf, tears falling off her cheek.

"No more..," Holly whispered. "I can't take it."

Big Blue looked at Golem, "Although I know we'll most likely die, we have to protect the others."

Golem nodded, "I'm not afraid of dying, as long as Holly is okay."

Their body parts separated, joining together in a huge tornado attack. At full speed, they rammed Pilaf into his crystal as he gasped in pain, disappearing into the crystal.

Pixie laughed, "You did it!"

Big Blue walked over to Pixie as Golem walked over to Holly who was being comforted by Genki. Big Blue shed a tear as two cracks were heard, then fell by Pixie. Golem smiled at Genki before falling to the ground. Pilaf's evil laugh echoed as he came out of the crystal, bleeding out of the head.

"GOLEM!" Genki and Holly screamed.

"Genki..protect..Holly," he said with his last breath. He closed his eyes as Genki and Holly sobbed.

Pixie's eyes wavered as Big Blue spoke to her, "We will always be together, in heart, in soul on Earth. Nothing will ever change that.." He closed his eyes as Pixie racked a sob, remembering..


A younger Pixie sat under a tree, alone. She sighed as her Moo emblem glowed in the sun light. Even though she joined "Moo's Family", she was still alone.

"Master Pixie," a low voice said.

She looked up to see an Ice Rock Golem look down at her. "Yeah."

He bowed, "I am Big Blue. Moo has assigned me as your new servant."

Pixie got up, "I don't need one, but I suppose you can stick around."

Suddenly, her foot got caught in a upheaveled root and she fell down, gasping in pain. Big Blue gasped and looked at her foot.

"Here," he said. "You twisted it, let me help." He picked her up and placed her on his large shoulder. "You can ride here."

He turned and walked to her castle as Pixie blushed a little. "Thanks. Looks like...I'll let you stick by me after all."

Big Blue smiled, but then rearranged his face in a frown, "Yes."


Pixie looked at Pilaf who grinned at her tears.

"The famous Pixie of the Big Bad Four crying over her servant! HAHAHAHAAA!" he laughed.

"You devil! He wasn't a servant... HE WAS MY FRIEND!" Pixie screamed.

"MOOO-CCHHHIIII!!" Mocchi's voice exclaimed, as his Mocchi Cannon blasted Pilaf into a wall.

He groaned and slowly got up, coughing up some blood. "Damn you!"

Mocchi gasped in pain as Pilaf cracked a pink crystal.

"MOOOCCCCHHIIIII!!" Genki exclaimed, running over to his best friend.

Mocchi opened his eyes, "Genki...chi.. Never..give..up..chiii... Mocchi...wants..you..to...wiiiinn.." Mocchi closed his eyes and breathed a last breath.


"BASTARD!!" Pixie screamed, tears flying off her face.

She shot a sonic beam at Pilaf who dodged it, but was sent flying forward by the force. He hit the ground, pretending to be knocked out. Pixie breathed heavily, then gagged as a crack echoed the Palace. She fell next to Big Blue, reaching to put her hand in his.

"I'll see you..soon..my..friend..," she breathed, then closed her eyes into a peaceful darkness.

Genki looked around, everyone, everyone he loved, was dead. He looked at Holly who pounded her fist into the ground on her knees.

"BAKA!! I told them to stop!! I told them to stop!!" she screamed through sobs.

Genki placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a smile, "Looks like you need to do what you have to do. After I go!"

"Genki!! No!" she begged. "You...they...promised me they wouldn't die.. Are YOU going to break that promise too?!"

Genki smiled, "And you promised me you wouldn't give up hope. Remember, Holly." A tear dropped from his eye. "Like Big Blue said. We will always be together, heart and soul. Although we may not be here, we will always live in your heart." He stood up and faced Pilaf, looking back at Holly. "Laugh it off! Remember, our hearts will always be together!"

"Genki-chan...," Holly said before he picked up Yamchi's sword and faced Pilaf again.

Pilaf laughed and held out a golden crystal. "Please, you know it's useless. Why don't you go home to mommy, little boy?"

Genki grinned as he glowed a pale yellow. "I will never give up! I'm gonna grant Golem's last request!" A sweat bead rolled down his head. "RIP IT UP!!"

Pilaf gasped, "Could it be...?"

"YYAAAAA!!" Genki exclaimed, glowing a brighter yellow.

"He has to be---!" Pilaf gasped. "He has to be dead, right now!" He cracked the crystal and Genki dropped below next to Holly.

"GEN-KIIIIIII!" Holly screamed, picking his head up.

He smiled, "Ha..ha.. He's not so tuff. We're all depending on you, Holly." He held out his pinky. "Remember..." His hand went totally limp as he died.

Holly sobbed and cried in her hands as Pilaf grinned, watching her. Suddenly, her friend's bodies were sucked into the crystal as she gasped.

"Your friends' bodies are dead, not their souls. BUT," Pilaf laughed. "If I decide to crack this crystal and shatter it, they'll be dead--forever!"

Holly gasped, then eyed him, "But if I win, you have to free them!"

Pilaf nodded, "IF you win. Now how about using that Magic Stone of yours? I want the Goddess to show herself. I want more power...more than Moo's!!"

Holly looked down, tears hitting the stone ground. Suddenly, her sobs became laughs as her Magic Stone floated out and glowed bright gold. She slowly got up, stumbling a little as she laughed harder. Pilaf raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Laugh it off, that's what I've learned!" she exclaimed as her stone glowed. "And as long as I have hope...I won't let my friends down!" She looked down, concentrating on her stone. [I don't care what happens to me, as long as Genki..and everyone..is safe! I'll die for them if I have to, but Goddess of the stone, please help me!]

Pilaf grinned as Holly glowed gold as her hair floated up with her other loose clothing. Her red bow fell loose to the floor as Pilaf laughed to himself.

"You who's power is torn between good and evil, spare me your soul, your strength, your power. Let the fools who turn to evil be destroyed by the power they want so badly," Holly said as her body glowed brighter, eyes snapping into a reddish color.

"Yes..let the Goddess' power let loose..so I can destroy it!" Pilaf laughed, then blasted a huge black wave at Holly.

It hit Holly who gasped in pain, loosing her concentration of the power. Her eyes turned completely dark as the power exploded around her in a thick, black mist and smoke. Pilaf laughed hard as the roof of his Palace exploded from the energy.


Pink Eye looked out Faia's window with Faia in her rocking chair. "Holly-chan..."

Faia only remained silent, humming to herself sadly as a tear hit her apron. Grandfather's squinty eyes peered out the window, rain pouring down.

"Holly-chan. Don't do this..," he sighed.

Blue Fur and Rover stared ahead.

"We have to have faith in dear Holly," Faia spoke softly. "Otherwise, she will surely perish."

"Hai! You're right!" Pink Eye agreed.

They all stepped out of the house where the other townspeople and monsters stared at the Palace.

"Holly...," Pink Eye sobbed as she closed her eye. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face. "YOU CAN DO IT!!"

"HAIIII!!" everyone else cheered.


Pilaf laughed crazily, but then gasped as the smog cleared, revealing a glowing Holly, hair and body floating in the air as her eyes narrowed at Pilaf.

"Who_who..," gasped Pilaf.

Holly's voice was rich, echoing mysteriously, "You may call me the Goddess of monsters.."

Pilaf gasped as he backed up, eyes small in fear.

"You may also call upon my power to search for Mystery Disks," she continued.

"NO!" Pilaf screamed.

"My power is torn between good and evil. Good for searching for the fire bird, the Phoenix," she said, voice gradually growing louder. "Or the power of evil which is forced to search for Moo, the Lord of Darkness!"

Pilaf screamed, "NO! NOO!"

"I am...the Goddess of the Magic Stone!" she said, eyes snapping at Pilaf.

Pilaf screamed as he tried to back up into the crystal.

"That won't work," her voice called out as an black ray grabbed his leg, dragging him over to her.

Pilaf started to laugh as the possessed Holly stared down at him coldly. "Yes! I know now! You, the all mighty goddess, need my monster form in order to use your full power!" He slowly transformed into a hideous beast. His voice became lower. "Yes! Possess me and together, we can rule the world!" He laughed as Holly stared on, eyes peering at him coldly.

"You who want to rule over this world I helped created," she said. "Although my powers are used for both good and evil... I rather do good, then your evil biddings!"

She held out he hand and blasted Pilaf into the ice cliff as he screamed in pain. Pilaf started to laugh again as Holly powered up silently, the Palace's floor starting to upheaval and crack.

"I see now! Monsters were made to get destroyed! We were made to serve, the die! Hahaha! I want to die too! I want to die by the power I wanted so much!" Pilaf laughed.

Holly was silent as she opened her eyes again, "You who want to die by my power, will have it."

She used the energy she powered up and blasted Pilaf to his death as he screamed, "This isn't what I wwwaaaannnnntttteeeeeeeddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Outside, the tortured souls of the townspeople watched as a huge explosion cracked the whole top of the Palace. Holly's mother stood outside with the other friends of Holly's and smiled.

"Thank you, Holly. One day, we'll meet again," she whispered as everyone disappeared in a white light.


Inside the Palace, the crystal disappeared, leaving the nine friends of Holly to drop to he ground, alive and well.

"Woah! Look at that!" Hare gasped.

Genki watched as Pilaf disappeared in a burst of black mist. The possessed Holly floated onto a green crystal, glowing as her loose hair fell over her shoulders.

"Holly?!" Genki gasped with the others.

The possessed Holly looked at them all coldly, silent. Genki stepped forward, looking at Holly.

"Holly?! You aren't Holly! What have you done to her?!" Genki screamed.

"You are right, the one called Genki. I am not Holly, I am the Goddess of the Magic Stone," she said in a cold an echoing voice.

Everyone else gasped as Yamchi appeared, good as new. The Goddess turned to Yamchi as he bowed. She frowned and turned to Genki who looked upset.

"It's not fair!! WHAT HAPPEND TO HER?!" Genki screamed.

Holly's eyes peered at the upset boy, "You have the clear eyes. Your friend Holly asked me for some of my power and she said she didn't care what happend to her. She was especially fond of you, boy. Now I must go back to my realm."

With a burst of energy, blowing everyone else but Genki back a few feet, she lifted off into the sky, surrounded by a glowing yellow light.

"HOLLY!" Suezo screamed, getting up.

"HOLLY! You promised!!!" Genki screamed as chunks of stone floated up with her from the floor. He leaped onto one rock to another.

"GENKIII! YOU STUPID KID!" Pixie exclaimed as Suezo and Tiger followed him.

Big Blue watched him go with Golem.

"Genki will get Holly back," Golem said. "I know it." Pixie blinked with Big Blue and looked at Golem. "He is..a special kid. I don't know what kind of power is in him, but right now, it's love."

"Hai, Golem," Yamchi agreed, looking up after Genki, Tiger and Suezo. [Good luck, Genki.]

The possessed Holly was lifted up higher as a black portal opened up in the sky.

"Holly!!" Genki screamed, getting closer and closer, rock by rock.

Holly only looked down at him once, then looked ahead.

"Holly!" Tiger exclaimed with Suezo.

Getting sick of their voices, Holly held out her hand as a large wave of wind blew Suezo and Tiger from off the rocks. Genki amazingly blocked the burst of wind as Holly's cold looking eyes glared at him, lips turned in a frown.


"ggggggggggGGGGOOOLLLLLEEEEMMMMMM!!!" Suezo's voice increased from above as Golem looked up dully.

Suezo landed head first into the ground as Pixie, Golem and Big Blue blinked, looking at the sweating Suezo. Tiger landed on his feet, a gust of wind surrounding his hard landing.

"Nice catch," Suezo murmured. "Really..."

"Sor-ry...," sighed Golem, looking down.

Pixie blinked and looked down, seeing Holly's red ribbon on the ground. She slowly leaned down and picked it up, looking at it with wavering eyes.

"Holly," she sighed, clutching the ribbon. "Why did ya do it? Are we really worth your life?"

One tear hit the upheavaled ground as Big Blue looked down at Pixie, face covered in a black shadow.

Big Blue looked sad for Pixie, "Master Pixie..." His eyes squinted as rain poured down from the large hole.

Everyone could only looked up against the rain, praying for Genki and Holly's return.


"You foolish boy," Holly's echoing and cold voice called to Genki as he continued his jumps onto floating rocks, almost slipping from the rain on the rocks. "If you fall, you die. Leave me and Holly to return to the Goddess Dimension, where she and I can rest in peace."

Genki smiled, "I guess you can't read Holly's mind! Ha-ha!" Holly looked at Genki, face planted like it was carved in stone. "'Cause, Holly knows, whatever she says to try to stop me, she can't do it!" He laughed as he leaped onto the rock next to the floating Holly, hovering towards the portal. "Please, give us back Holly." He reached for her hand as she looked at him in awe. "She's..really special to all of us, especially since we can't live without her guidance."

A tear hit the rock as Holly looked down at it in awe.

"Aw shucks, Holly, now look at what you've done," Genki said, voice crackling. "You know I hate to cry..." He fell to his knees, soaking wet as the rock and Holly came closer to the black portal. "Please....please..." He started to sob. "Give me back Holly! I don't want her to go!"

The Goddess looked at the boy crying, then looked up to the portal. Suddenly, a pinky blocked her vision, wiggling around to get her attention back. She looked at Genki who looked into her eyes hopefully, with a small smile.

"We will always be together, heart and soul. It's destiny, I know these things. Don't you remember our promise?" Genki pleaded. He took her hand and wrapped her pinky around his. "Our hearts will always be together."

Holly's eyes wavered and started to tear as Genki's teared too. Suddenly, the portal emitted a flash of brilliant white light, and Genki blacked out.


"GENKI! GENKI!" Pixie screamed desperately as she shook Genki who laid before them moments later.

Mocchi shook his leg. "Genki, wake up, Chiii!!"

Genki dully opened his eyes, seeing all the monsters surrounding him. "Holly..?"

Their faces suddenly dropped as the rain thudded against the already wet floor. Tiger turned and walked away slowly. Genki's heart raced as he shot up, feeling a sharp pain in his leg. He didn't see Yamchi anywhere.

"Hey, calm down, kid," Hare said through tears and wet, drooping fur. "She's not coming back if you start walking around on that bad leg..."

Suezo was on a crystal cliff, shaking with sobs, "She's gone forever! WHY DID SHE DO IT?!"

Big Blue looked away, eyes closed tightly, "Since we all died helping to save each other, she had no other choice."

Tiger's eyes teared as Hare walked over. "Look at that! I thought it would be the day when pigs fly when I saw YOU cry, Tiger!"

Tiger didn't have the strength to fight. "I never saw you cry like that before, either."

Hare frowned, then smiled a little, "I'm sorry. I think I was trying to lighten the mood a little, but who can be happy when we lost someone like Holly?"

Everyone was deadly silent as the rain thudded down on them all.

Soon, the monsters and Genki walked away from the village which was back in it's destroyed form with Lost Disks everywhere.

"I..can't go on!" Genki suddenly sobbed, falling to his knees in the mud. "Where are we going?! Without the Magic Stone and Holly, we're just walking in the dark!"

Tiger looked down, "He's right.." He looked up and around. "Neither Tachi or Goliath is here yet and Falcon can't take us all home."

They sat down under a large tree which had amazingly survived the village's wreckage. Genki sobbed as his eyes teared, Mocchi hugging his waist. Suddenly, a beam of yellow light shone infront of them.

"Huh?" Suezo looked up from crying.

Tiger and Hare looked up too. "What the--?"

Suddenly, Yamchi, with a limp Holly in his arms appeared, smiling gently. The monsters and Genki shot up, all smiling and tearing in happiness. Yamchi smiled and landed on the ground, giving Holly to Golem who gratefully excepted her with tearing eyes.

"Look who I found!" Yamchi laughed. "I guess the Goddess of the Magic Stone does have a heart after all!" He frowned, pointing to the spot on her belly where he limp arm covered. Golem lifted her arm to see a large blood stain staining her dress. "She has a really awful bruise on her belly from Pilaf's energy beam thing. I suggest you go quickly to see a doctor for that."

Genki laughed, "Oh thank you, Yamchi!"

Big Blue nodded, "Yes."

Yamchi smiled, "Anything for Holly-chan. Tachi and Goliath are waiting for you just ahead!"

"Thank you, Yamchi," Tiger said. "I guess you aren't so bad after all."

Yamchi grinned and snapped his fingers, turning Tiger's blue and white fur into a mixture of dark colors. Hare laughed, pointing at the blushing Tiger. Yamchi undid his spell and watched with a sly smile as Tiger started to chase Hare around the tree.

Yamchi laughed, "I'm sure we'll meet again, someday! Ta-ta!"

"Thanks again!" Suezo laughed.

"Bye-Bye Yamchi, Chiii! Chiii!" Mocchi exclaimed.

Genki waved good-bye too. "Good luck on whatever your journey will take you!"

He disappeared in a beam of black light as everyone surrounded Holly happily. Genki lifted her limp arm and put out his pinky and wrapped her's around his.

"I guess we really did keep each other's promise, huh Holly?" Genki laughed.


The heroes with Falcon, Pixie and Big Blue waved good-bye as Goliath and Tachi dropped them off at the town they were staying at just a few day ago.

"Bye-bye! Chii!" Mocchi waved as Goliath and Tachi took off into the sky.

"Thank you!" Genki called, waving two arms happily in the air.

Golem turned to the others. "Quickly, Holly is starting to feel cold. Let's go to the doctor's."

Golem and the other four monsters rushed off, leaving Genki, Big Blue, Pixie and Falcon behind facing each other.

"Well kid! That was another good old romp for this dragon!" Falcon laughed.

Genki nodded, "Thanks again, Falcon."

"Yeah, thank you," Pixie agreed.

Falcon laughed, "Hey! You're welcome, any time! Maybe.." He turned to Genki. "One day, we'll face Moo together!"

Genki nodded with a smile, "Yeah!"

Falcon took off as the three remaining waved good-bye. Big Blue placed Pixie on his shoulder and gave her a smile. She smiled back and they faced Genki.

"Genki, you helped us learn that together, we can do anything," Pixie said with a small smile. "Although, we still can't join you against Moo yet, until I find the answers I'm looking for."

Big Blue nodded, "Maybe one day, Mr.Genki, but not today."

Genki smiled, "I understand, thanks you guys!"

Big Blue walked away with Pixie giving Genki a peace sign over her head. Genki laughed and rubbed his nose, running to the doctor's place.


Holly's brow flinched lightly as she woke up on a bed, head wrapped in a bandage. She looked up dizzily to see Genki and the others standing over her happily.

"Minna," she said in a hoarse voice. "You're..alive.."

Everyone nodded as Suezo nuzzled his head against her face and laughed with everyone else.

"Holly!" Mocchi exclaimed. "Chi! Chi!"

Holly smiled and flinched at the pain in her stomach. Genki held out her ribbon in his hands to her face. She looked up to him, then at the ribbon, taking it from him.

"Thank you," she said.

"We should be thanking you," Genki said softly.

"Genki-chan..," she said with a smile.

Genki smiled down at her, "Get some sleep, Holly."

Holly's eyes wavered as she fell asleep.

"Genkiiiii...," Hare teased. "You're blushing!"

"Genki in love, chi?!" Mocchi gasped.

Genki blushed, "Wha_wha_huh?!"

Suezo laughed, "It's okay! You don't have to hide it!"

Genki, still blushing, acted dumb, "Hide what?!"

Everyone else laughed, including Tiger.

Genki's voice was cracking in embarrassment. "WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!! I SWEAR! STOP LOOKING AT ME, MOCCHI!! YOU TOO HARE!! ARGH!"

The monsters walked out as Hare teased, "Let's leave 'em alone.."

Genki blushed and looked at the sleeping Holly with a smile. "We will always be together, in heart, in soul on Earth. Nothing will ever change that.." He sighed, stroking her loose hair. "Nothing.."


Moo was displeased. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN PILAF IS DEAD?!"

A Dento shivered infront of Moo, "That's..what our reporter says! The whole village is back to it's normal dead self!"

"GET OUT!" Moo boomed.

Dento yipped and rushed away as Moo sat back down on his throne. Suddenly, a ghostly woman appeared infront of him. It was the ghost of Faia, looking disappointed.

"Yosho. Until you realize that power isn't everything, I will do anything in my power to help Holly-chan and the others to help defeat the monster in you!" she spoke to him.

Moo roared and threw a vase at her, going right through her ghostly body. A tear from Faia's eyes hit the floor as she disappeared. Moo stood there, looking at the tear stain on his floor, then crushed the block of stone with a smash of his foot. He sighed and walked up to his window, watching his slaves dig for his ancient body in the cold, arctic snow. [Faia. Even with your powers, I will defeat them, even if it takes killing my own daughter...]


Big Blue and Pixie sat under a tree, watching the sunset.

"Big Blue, did you really mean all that you said before you died?" Pixie asked, blushing a little.

Big Blue blushed too. "Y_y_yes.. Was that wrong of me, Master Pixie?"

Pixie shook her head with a smile. "Nah, you worry too much, Blue." They paused as the sun finally set, leaving a pinkish color which soon turned to black. "And..." Big Blue looked at her. "Don't act so respectable to me, anymore. I'm not your boss anymore."

Big Blue blinked, "Then that means--"

Pixie smiled, "Friends?"

Big Blue smiled. "Friends."

They touched pinkies and watched the stars glow above.



So this is it? Is this the end?

I'll hold you close

until the danger has passed us by

Like the wind through my hair

The wind controls

The love in this breeze

My heart is yours

I'll hold you like there's no forever

Hold you like there's a tomorrow

My love CAN'T we stay so close?

CAN'T we kiss one more time?

Time is not eternal...though I wish it was

OUR LOVE is a eternal thing to share

Holding you close like there's no forever

We know there's a tomorrow

Time is cruel

Aging our bodies until there is NO MORE

Oh my love, can't we kiss just one more time?

There is no such thing as forever..


Time is short

Yet it is long

As you grow up

You realize there's no forever

Though you wish there was a forever.

Our love is strong

Our time is short

Holding you close

We'll treasure this time of pleasure

Until the very day we're gone

My love, CAN'T we kiss one more time?

Stay close to my heart..

My heart can't beat without yours...


Is the strongest thing of all time

Together, we have the ultimate power!


Can't hold out like time will always will!

So let's cherish this moment just one more time

Stay in my open arms



Is not a thing that will be eternal..

Maybe in our warm hearts

But it's time that is so short


Will always live in our HEARTS

But it's dreaded time that isn't forever

There's no such thing as forever

Nobody is eternal

But our hearts are connected