"Daylight" by Shadowed Face

(I know, everyone gets that urge to take pity on Holly every once in a while. This is my poem, written on the way home, on a school bus, that was meant for Holly, by Genki)


Suezo looked over to the ranch’s porch. Spotting Holly there, he hopped over, Holly not noticing him.


Holly jumped, startled, then turned to smile at Suezo.

"Holly, Blue-fur and Pink-eye are waiting for you. It’s dinner-time."

Holly smiled a bit more gently, then turned to stare at the sky some more.

"I know Suezo. I’ll be there, …I just need to… Think…"

Suezo sighed, realizing she had gone into her thinking trance again. -=Might as well leave her be…=- thought Suezo, returning to the house to give Pink-eye the message.

Holly: -=Genki…=-

A streak of air crossed the sky, reminding Holly of Genki’s note, and she unfolded it again.

*After the Phoenix had finished returning all monsters to life and baddies to goodies, it had circled in the sky, creating a portal to Genki’s world. Genki had finished saying good-bye to everyone, but paused for moment before giving a farewell to Holly. Much to everyone’s surprise, Genki quickly kissed her cheek, …and disappeared.*

Holly felt her cheek, exactly where Genki had kissed her.

*Everyone stood, open-mouthed with surprise. No one mocked, no one laughed. Each was too close in friendship for that.

Then Holly noticed the note. A folded piece of paper on the ground. Addressed to her. …From …Genki…*

Holly opened the note now, rereading the note, and feeling tears, the same small tears, the same forbidden tears, slide down her cheek.

//Shooting Star, at Daylight…

waiting for, your dreams to be…

I’ve waited for, Day and Night…

To bring together, you and me.

First Star, in the Afternoon,

Making your, wishes come true…

To tell the truth, by the high Moon,

I think that,

I, Love You…

Holly wiped her tears. -=Genki…=-

Then she smiled, hiding her feelings and said aloud: "Who knew that Genki could be such a good poet?"

Holly walked inside, to join her friends for dinner.

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