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Would you make a sacrifice if you knew that it was right, well, the answer's there if you look inside, will you run and hide or will you fight the fight coz there's a power inside you and there's a battle to be won and every victory has a beginning, the way it always has begun

One day you'll realize it, that one hope is all you need, one dream that we can all share, one dream that we all believe and we'll make that sacrifice just because we know it's right and we'll face the answers that's there inside, we won't run and hide, we're going to fight the fight

* * * * *

Myst ran across the plain, behind her, Moo burst from the mountain, finally reunited with his old body, then she saw Hare, Tiger, Moochi and Suezo all standing in front of her, beckoning her, somehow Myst didn't feel complete without the other four

As she reached them and they all stood together, a fiery light burst from the five monsters, formed a bird-like shape and flew towards Moo

* * * * *

The young Mint's eyes flew open and she sat up under her blanket with a gasp, sweating, then saw Genki was awake

"Wake up, everyone" the boy yelled, running round the clearing

"What?" Suezo moaned

"Tigress's gone into labor"

"Push" Holly said

Tigress gritted her teeth and strained, while Tiger paced up and down the clearing, clearly agitated

"I see one" Genki leant over the girl's shoulder

The tiny furless form started whimpering, Holly gently pushed it up to a teat on its mother's belly and it started suckling

"There are three more, I feel them" Tigress gasped

"Right" Holly nodded solemnly, positioning herself again

"Aahhh" Tigress's scream rang through the clearing

Three hours later, Holly busily scrubbed her face and arms in a nearby river, while Tiger looked at the cubs, who were feeding like there was no tomorrow, then he and Tigress smiled at each other

"What now?" Suezo asked

"Yeah, can we travel with four babies?" Genki piped up

"No" Holly sighed, walking up, drying her hands

"Don't worry, I know the place where I wish to raise them, Holly, will you please bring them?" Tigress replied

Holly nodded, wrapped the four newborn cubs in a blanket and followed the lilac wolf, the others trailing after them


The place Tigress had selected was a small wooded hill with a river down at the bottom, she walked up the hill and pulled a curtain of moss, revealing a cave

"I found this place yesterday" the lilac she-wolf said

Holly gently lay the blanket on the ground, then Tigress carried the cubs into the cave, when the last was safely in, she looked at Tiger "The cubs can't travel, but I won't force you to stay" Tigress said

Tiger stepped back in shock, he had made a promise, but he had a family now, closing his eyes for a minute, when he opened them again, tears were misting in them

"Tiger, aren't you coming?" Genki asked

The blue wolf turned to look at the boy before replying "I, I can't, I have other responsibilities now"

Genki spun round and stormed down the hillside, Holly sighed, as the others surrounded Tiger and Tigress, all saying their good-byes, but Tiger's eyes were fixed on the retreating boy as one by one, the rebels turned to leave, Hare was the last to go

"Um, uh, take care" he mumbled nervously

"Just go" Tiger snorted

The rabbit nodded, turned and raced after the others

"Hey, wait up"

Genki gritted his teeth and forced back his tears as he heard the others running after him

"He has a family now" Holly said

"You're right, it's just that"

Something made Genki stop short and turn round, behind them, standing on a hill and outlined by the setting sun was a familiar looking wolf, it threw its head up and howled a farewell before disappearing behind the hill again

"Goodbye, Tiger" Genki whispered

* * * * *

The next morning, Genki sat with Moochi, both eating breakfast, while Myst sat, meditating, Coal and Suezo were arguing, the Evil Hare had even drawn his sword and was waving it at the eyeball, who looked a little nervous

"Break it up, you two" Holly stepped behind them

Blue was playing his lute, Minette at his feet, listening, then a pair of angry voices could heard from the direction of the river near the camp

"Looks like you're all wet"

"That wasn't funny"

Hare and Nancy walked into the campsite, Hare was wringing out his ears

"Life isn't all fun and games, you need to get more serious" the male rabbit actually sounded really angry


"Because, because you're an uncontrollable waste of time"

A wet towel hit Hare in the face, then Nancy stormed off

"Women" the male rabbit snorted

"Oh, Hare" Holly was looking at him, sadly


"Stupid male, telling me to get more serious" Nancy muttered, crashing through the forest, hitting the undergrowth with the stick she had picked up

She didn't notice the dinosaur-shaped shadows creeping after her

* * * * *

"Something's coming" Coal stood at the edge of the camp

A large black oblong shape emerged from the forest

"Hey, it's Monol" Genki smiled

"What do you want?" Suezo demanded

"I have been searching for you, I've something to tell you"

"So tell us" Holly said

They waited, but there was no reply as a bubble emerged

"WAKE UP!" Suezo screamed

"Sorry, where is the Golem?"

"He's gone" Holly said, sadly

"And the Tiger"

"He left, he's got a family now" Genki replied

"So what's so important?" Holly asked

"In order to defeat Moo, you must know this, the little pink one, the Suezo, the purebred male Hare and the Tiger all hold the Phoenix's soul inside them" Monol said

"You mean we" Hare and Suezo chorused together, both sounding shocked as Moochi drew closer to Genki

Monol looked round the camp, then he floated over to Myst, who was deep in meditation

"You are the new fifth one" he said

Ice blue eyes flickered open and burned into Monol as Myst nodded solemnly

"I must leave you now" with that, the black oblong monster turned and floated back into the forest

"Nancy's been gone a long time, it normally takes her one minute to calm down" Blue piped up

"We should look for her, then" Holly replied

"Yeah, I guess" Hare said

* * * * *

"NANCY" Genki yelled

"Nancy-chi" Moochi echoed

Then Myst and Minette both flew down from their aerial search

"There's no sign of her" the Mint reported

"Ok, now I'm really worried" Blue muttered

Looking over at Hare, Suezo opened his mouth, but Holly was instantly besides the eyeball

"Don't you dare" she gently warned

"Shush" Coal fell to his knees

Suezo was about to say something rude when Genki and Holly covered his mouth, the Evil Hare lay on the ground, one ear pressed against the earth

"Voices, coming from. that way" Coal pointed to a large plain beyond the forest's boundaries

Genki and the others slowly moved towards the edge of the trees, a group of green speckled dinosaurs were standing right outside the forest, familiar collars and emblems round their necks

"Moo's Zuum troops" Holly whispered

The captain of the evil monsters was addressing all his troops "No doubt about it, soldiers, Moo will reward us for this, the capture of one of the infamous rebels, bring the prisoner"

The hidden rebels all gasped as two of the Zuums brought Nancy forward, her paws bound in front of her and a dirty-looking gag in her mouth

"No" Hare breathed

Genki gritted his teeth "Charge" he yelled

Suezo remained with Holly and Minette under the trees while the other rebels burst from the forest

"They're coming out the woodwork" one Zuum said

Nancy started to run towards them, but Captain Zuum grabbed her arm

"No, you don't" he hissed, falling back behind the other Zuums

"Take that, pest" sent flying by a Zuum's tail, Moochi hit a rock and collapsed

Genki looked round as he hit one in the jaw, Blue was down, a Zuum standing over him while Coal stood, his back to a rock, his sword moving to and fro, as Hare desperately tried to break through the dinosaurs to reach their captain.

Then Myst, in flight, was grabbed by an ankle and pulled down into the waiting clutches of the Zuums

"Genki, look out" Holly cried

A green streak sped towards him, then Genki felt something hit his head and he blacked out, as he did, a blue and white streak flew past him and into the Zuums

"Not him, retreat" Captain Zuum yelled

Then the darkness claimed the boy

* * * * *

The boy opened his eyes, his head felt like it was on fire and a familiar blue shape was bending over him

"Tiger, what are you doing back?"

"Something inside told me to find you"

"What about Tigress and the cubs"

"She, she understands"

"Is everyone ok?" Genki said, looking round

"Genki, they took Myst" Holly emerged from the forest with Minette and Suezo following her

"I'm going after them, you with me" the boy said, his jaw set

"Yeah" everyone else chorused

As the rebels marched after the Zuums, Hare trailed after them, dragging his feet, Holly fell back to join him

"This is all my fault, if I hadn't argued with Nancy, she and Myst wouldn't be" Hare trailed off

The girl rested her hand on the male rabbit's shoulder, trying to think of something comforting to say

* * * * *

"Keep moving, prisoners" Captain Zuum ordered, giving Myst a push with his tail, she dropped to her knees, then

"Yahh" Myst suddenly spread her wings and flew low and fast along the plain, but a Zuum tail lashed out and caught her on the side of the head, the Mint just collapsed, blood trickling from the area where she had been stuck

"Humph, damn, oh well, let's keep moving"

"What about the Mint, Captain?"

"She's dead, leave her" the leader of the Zuums gently rolled Myst over with his tail, she wasn't breathing

As soon as the Zuums had gone, Myst's eyes flicked open and she gasped for air, then started tearing at her bonds with her teeth

* * * * *

"Let's go" Genki cried, starting to race across the plain

"Look" Holly pointed

A figure was flying towards them


The Mint swooped down, landing in front of the others

"You escaped" Genki cried

"Where's?" Hare started

"They left me behind because they thought I was dead, I'm sorry" Myst turned to him

Hare bit his knuckle and slumped to the ground

"Hey, we can't rescue her if you just sit there, Hare" Genki said

"Right" he looked at the boy and got back up

"Oh, wait, the Zuums, they mentioned Moo reunited with some thing"

The rebels stopped at Myst's words, the awful truth beginning to dawn

"We're gotta stop him" Genki cried

"They were heading for those mountains"

They raced across the plain, when they reached the mountains, the rebels ducked behind a small hill

"Whoa" Genki breathed

An army of monsters loyal to Moo surrounded the central mountain "Now what?" Holly whispered

"It's risky, but I think if we keep our heads low and rush through them, we may stand a fighting chance of getting past those guys" Hare replied

"Right" Genki skated down the slope, Moochi on his back, while Holly riding on Tiger was right besides the boy, Myst and Minette flew overhead, carrying Suezo, while the three Hares ran after them, the rebels barreled through the army of evil monsters and reached the mountain, although the evil monsters stared at the Searchers, not one moved towards the group

"I guess Moo told them to stay put" Hare whispered to Holly

"So we meet again" Captain Zuum stepped out from behind this natural pillar of ice, the rebels all saw the familiar brown figure behind him

"You want to deal with me" Tiger smiled and stepped forward

"No, no, arggh" Captain Zuum bolted down the ramp, disappearing into the mass of monsters

"The knots are too tight" Hare was trying to untie Nancy's bonds

"Here" Holly drew her dagger, slid the blade under the rope and sliced it apart

"Why are you bothering with me, I thought I was a waste of time" Nancy said, pulling the gag off,

"Ouch" Suezo muttered

"I'm sorry" Hare whispered

Holly smiled as the two rabbits embraced each other, while Genki peered through the ice, it wasn't too clear, but he could see this giant in golden armor advancing on a huge creature

"We have to get in there" he cried

"Allow me" Minette stepped forward

Placing her hands on the ice, she called out "Flame Wall" Nearly the others followed her as the young pixie moved forward, her fire attack cutting a tunnel into the chamber, Hare and Nancy watched them, then the male rabbit slowly stood up

"Well, I guess this is goodbye"

"What, what are you talking about?"

"Me, Tiger, Moochi, Suezo and Myst, we hold the Phoenix's soul, I have to do this, Nancy"


"Please don't forget what we had" Hare whispered, slowly untying his bandanna, then gently placing it in Nancy's hand and leant for ward for a last lingering kiss.

Then he turned and raced into the mountain, leaving her behind and she sunk to her knees, clutching Hare's bandanna against her chest as hot tears filled Nancy's eyes

"Never" she whispered

* * * * *

"The rebels" Moo hissed, looking up as a small orange light burned through the ice

The Searchers emerged from the ice wall

"Get ready" Myst called

The monsters stood in a circle, Moochi stretched his hand out and then Suezo gently placed his tongue on top of the pink monster's hand, Tiger stood on his hind legs and put his paw on the tongue, then Hare and Myst gently rested their hands on top of everyone else's

"No" Moo raised his hand, pointing it at the circle of monsters Genki skated forward, he had to distract the golden-armored giant

"Hey, Moo, try and catch me" he yelled

Hare glanced at Tiger "Any regrets?"

"I just wish I could have seen my family one last time, you"

"Just one" Hare smiled sadly as he pictured Nancy's face, a cheeky light burning in her eyes

The five monsters started to slowly spin round, then faster and faster

"Wha.?" Holly stared as the magic stone pulled at her neck, suddenly the cord snapped and the stone flew over to Hare, Moochi, Suezo, Tiger and Myst stood, it hovered above their joined hands, then an orange glow shot from the stone and engulfed the monsters, Holly watched as within the light, the bodies of her friends seemed to disintegrate, then a bird shape made entirely of flames sprung forth

"Take this, boy" a black beam of light shot from Moo's hand, heading straight for Genki

The Phoenix cried once, then a rainbow beam shot from its mouth, racing ahead of Moo's black beam, it hit the boy full on and he disappeared as rainbow sparks slowly fell to the ground where Genki had been standing

"Genki" Holly screamed

Then the firebird turned its attention to Moo Blue grabbed Holly by the shoulders "We've got to get out of here" he cried

The girl nodded dumbly and allowed herself to be led from the mountain

Outside, all the monsters were looking at each other, muttering in confusion, then they slowly drifted off, then with a roar, the mountain collapsed in on itself

"Suezo, Genki, gone, I'm alone" Holly slowly sunk to her knees, burying her face in her hands

"You're not" Blue knelt besides her

Holly smiled at the Blue Hare, Coal stood behind them, Minette landed in front of the trio, then she saw Nancy walking towards them, she had been thinking of who she'd lost, she had forgotten she still had some good friends

"Come on, let's go" she smiled through her tears

* * * * *

"Huh" Genki looked around, he was in a familiar-looking city street "I'm, I'm home" he sunk to his knees

"Hey, kid, you ok" a man was standing nearby, staring at Genki

"I never got to say good-bye" tears were streaming down the boy's face

"Kids" the man snorted and walked off

Genki looked around, across the street, a little girl, a red bandanna round her neck and her brown hair up in a ponytail walked along, a blue wolf teddy under her arm, as pink blossoms fell round the boy, he closed his eyes, he could almost hear Blue playing his lute, then Genki opened them again

"No matter how long it takes, I will find a way back" and new determination filled the boy's face

* * * * *


One month later

A lone lilac wolf sat on a wooded hillside watching the strange silver male wolf heading towards her though the night

"You are Tigress of the Wind" he said on reaching her

"Yes, and you are"

"My name is Gray Wolf"

Tigress nodded, then called "Tiger, Lilac, Indigo, Silver, come meet your uncle"

The cubs crept from the den, a tear trickled down Grey Wolf's cheek, the males looked like his lost brother and himself, while the two females, one looked like Tigress and the other had indigo fur, suddenly the cub called Tiger walked forward, sniffed at the gray male and his tail started wagging, no-one saw the ghostly blue wolf watching them from the shadows, it smiled and faded into the darkness

Far away in Lake City, a female Hare with a red bandanna round her neck stood on a balcony, just watching the stars and swaying gently to the music of a lute coming from the room behind her, not seeing the ghostly male rabbit standing right behind her, his arms wrapped tenderly round her body, gently holding her arms as he slowly swayed to the music with her

While in another world, a brown-haired youth skated down a street, then he stopped and stared up at the stars, which were shining as brightly as the tears that slid down his face

"Holly" he whispered