Monster Rancher: Uncut!

The origanal Japanese theme song is SO kawaii and beautiful! The animation is gorgerous and the opening with Mocchi playing with Holly is cute!


In case you're wondering, Mocchi says things like "Hai, chi!" in the japanese verison too. That proves that dubbers didn't do it just because they wanted to make a clone of Pikachu..

**********UNCUT EPISODES IN ORDER****************

"Guardian of the Disks": the missing scenes..

*"Ouch lady, that hurt!!"

Remember that really old lady that seemed to "disappear" in the English version? Well, they cut out a scene where she says something about a monster waiting in the forest (it wasn't subtitled, so I have no idea what the whole conversation is..) and Suezo LAUGHS! Teasing her with his tongue sticking out. The hag got annyoed, so she took a smoke of her pipe and put the burning tobacco ball on his tongue! He jumps around as the hag continues to talk, then walks away, leaving Suezo to fall to the ground, tongue burnt, eye tearing, breathing, "Hot.." That why when he says in the dubbed version "In my opinion, life is full of egnimas, and you are the biggest one of them allll..." his tongue is sticking out like that.


The part where Genki steps on a left over Jell, the Jell tells about how he was left behind. Suezo steps forward, bragging about his powerful attacks. Holly sweats and says "What are you talking about?". But, the always hot-headed Suezo leaps into the air towards the Jell with a Tail Attack. The Jell dodges it simply, then hits Suezo several times with Suezo's spit flying out of his mouth. Suezo falls to the ground, spiral in his eye. Jell says, "Not very smart, hm?" (I can't translate well, sorry.. ;_;)Genki and the others sweats so Genki says, "Mocchi..." Mocchi attacks! "CCHHHIII!!! MOCCHHII!!"

*"I think I felt something..."

The part where Golem tries to stop the Jells from grabbing the stones, they try to attack Golem! One whips him in the face, no effect. Others slap him in various body parts. Finally, the leader shots Golem down to the ground.


As Genki tries to attack the Jells, he's thrown back into a Lost Disk. The leader then whips Genki as he lays on the ground. Mocchi tries to attack, but only gets knocked down and whipped too. Holly screams Genki's name as he gets up slowly. Sad music starts to play as Genki tries weakly to punch the Captain, but he misses. The Captain laughs and slaps him into the air as Holly and Suezo watch in horror. Genki lands on his back and gets whipped again by various Jells. Mocchi also gets whipped plenty of times! Holly screams "STOOPP!!!!" But, they continue the torture as Golem struggles against the rope. As Golem watches, the Jells start to whip his flowers with genki and Mocchi. The flowers are ruined with each whip. Finally, Golem growls as everyone stops.. GOLEM IS ANGRY!! He breaks loose and starts to punch the Jells until they are Lost Disks.


"Eternal Worm": the missing scenes..

*"Baka yo!!"

Alan starts to get mad at his Worm for missing Genki so many times. As Genki sits on a rock, he watches as Alan calls his Worm "useless" and "stupid". Alan snaps his whip, then smacks the poor Worm over and over as Genki gets more and more upset.


Genki starts to yell at Alan as Worm slowly crawls away. The Worm says nothing, then turns and sprays Poision (or acid??) at genki. Genki's arm is instantly hit as he leaps away, leaving a large reddish-purplish spot. Ouch!


Alan, enjoying all sorts of food, suddenly comes across a bad tasting food. He spits it out all over the Worm. He stands up, "BAKA YO!" (You idiot) and throws the food at Worm, then whips him over and over again as the Worm looks upset. Suddenly, Genki leaps out and yells at Alan to stop it. Alan grins and whips Genki across the face!! Genki gets up with mocchi (who he knocked over) and gives the laughing Alan a long speech.

"Sister Act"

The Seed Sisters attack Worm and Worm lies on the ground. Alan steps forward, "Worm..." As he gets closer, the Seed Sisters whip him! But Alan continues on (I LOVE his Japanese voice! ^_^) "Worm..." WHIP! Alan finally gets to Worm. The Seed Sisters exclaimed, "AAAHH! Drat! (damn)!"

*"Oh Worm..."

The Seed Sisters are about to turn Worm into a Lost Disk. Alan crawls over to his dying Worm and starts to cry as the Worm shrinks. He tells the Worm he's sorry and all sorts of things as Worm's eyes waver, until he is dead. Genki is turned away, crying a little and screams "I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!" His friends look up in shock and Genki punches the sisters. The other monsters rush to his rescue! Golem punches a sister and then the others gang up on them. (Mocchi is biting one! ^.^;) Alan slowly picks up his whip and rushes over to the fight at full speed. "YYYAAAAAAAAA!!" Then the screen freezes, making you guess what happends..


Episode #7 (the dam episode..forgot the name..)

*Hare Is Mean!

While arguing which way to take, Hare pushes Genki away from Tiger and calls him "stupid" and starts yelling at Tiger. Genki gets up, trying to argue, but Hare pushes him down.

*Rolling, rolling, rolling.. Rolling down the Cliff!

As Genki and Mocchi fall off the cliff, they roll down it, followed by a huge crash.


The whole point of the episode was about Genki being useless to the others. Tiger zaps the Evil Hares with a torpedo, knocking two to the ground. He looks at their Moo symbol angrily.The others rush over and Captain Evil Hare explains his plan to destroy the dam. Then, the Evil Hares attack. A freeze fram fight begins: Tiger zapping some EH's, Suezo tongue slaps some, Mocchi slapping one and Golem sqeezing some more. Genki rushes forward to some EH's who are being chased by Tiger. They leap over him, ignoring him and Genki looks back at them, surprised and hurt. Tiger rushes up to him and says "Stop. You'll only get in our way." Genki growls as Tiger rushes away to help and Genki follows, but he finds himself surrounded by unconscious EH's.


For some odd reason, the dubbers cut out the girl crying and Genki's eyes wavering when they suggest Genki leads them at the end.


"After The Rain"

*Only Coca-Cola..Genki can trip on... ^.^;;

When Genki was dreaming about being back in his world, he runs to the door, but he trips on a soda can and crashes into the wall!

*Um...Genki....? 0.0;;;

Genki, after Tiger chases Hare behind the rock, with tea in his hands, stands up proudly. He makes a speech, "I like being with you guys in the Monster Farmer world! I want to stay here!" Suezo looks unimpressed, for one reason. He tells Genki something about his fly being down. Genki looks down at himself and turns away, zipping up his shorts and doing something else... 0.0;; Holly turns away, blushing, and takes a long sip of tea as Genki scoots away.


When Naga (his voice is robotic like! 0.0;;) attacks the village, the villagers, after some Jells beat up on three guys, talk to Naga. Finally, they attack with tools as weapons. We see a horrible scene of Naga's troops beating up on the humans and some humans beating up monsters.


After Holly's "grandfather" claps her hand, his arm shakes violently and he dies. Holly and Suezo's eyes turned small and Holly screams "GRANDFATHER!!!!" and buries her head into his dead body. Suezo screams "Grandfather" too.

*Saddest Moment..;_;

After her grandfather's death, we see Holly finishing his grave. She stands up and Holly looks over the hundreds of graves lying next to the Lost Disks. She turns her head, hair blowing in the breeze with some green leaves blowing infront of her. Holly's eyes are darker, unlike the light brown eyes we saw before. "Everyone... I promise I'll find the Phoenix and defeat Moo!" Suezo is crying infront of Pink Eye's Lost Disk and says "Pink Eye-san.. I promise I'll protect Holly!" Holly pulls out her Magic Stone and Suezo hops over. He asks, "Holly, are you Ok?" Holly replies "I'll be fine, but I don't know what to do.." She tries the Magic Stone and nothing happens. Suezo sighs, looking down sadly, "Nothing.." Holly looks into the sky and sees the faces of her grandma, grandpa, and Pink Eye. She blinks, smiles slightly and closes her eyes, concentrating. Suddenly, it glows a brihgt red! It works!


"Pixie's Defeat"

*"POW!!! Genki's Headbunt!"

Remember that scene where Genki attacks, flying in the air and he says "MOCCHI! BLIZZARD!" Well, before Mocchi attacked, Genki HEADBUNTS Pixie in the stomach. (I think they cut it out because his head was a little close to her..erm.."talents".. (DiC Joke!!! ;D)


"Run, Tiger, Run!": some missing clips..


As some people noticed, like me and my brother, when Holly pins Tiger down in the dubbed version, the dart didn't even scratch her! But, in the Japanese version, it scrapped her and you saw a little blood. That's why they cut it out.


The Captain of the black worms (forgot their name..) just poisoned Tiger. He mocks Tiger, then attacks, whipping Tiger all around. I flinched everytime he hit Tiger, sending him flying all over the place.

Did You Notice....?

"Pika! Pika???!!!"

On the episode "Secrets of the Ruins" when Genki tries to steer the Iron Bird away from the approaching rock, you see a pic of a Pikachu like thing on a sticker. Look closely, you probably have to put it on slow to really notice it...



I asked Pika-Evil if he noticed anything from Monster Rancher's just say us girls wouldn't notice this sort of thing, unlike SOME men...*coughpika-evilcough*! Here's what he said:

"Well, on the ep. "Suezo's Special Attack", Holly's animator was fond of making breast movements. (Unlike any other episodes..) Like when she sat down next to Suezo, there was breast movement and as she was paddling."

Of course, I personally, as a girl, did NOT want to hear that...


"Luke, I am your is true."

As lots of fans notice, the Holly and Moo scene was ripped off from Star Wars! I mean, in "Holly's Rescue", even the Iron Birds looked like those ships from Star Wars! And of course..

Moo: "Join me! And we will rule the world..father and daughter.."

Holly: "Can rule..the world.... ...... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

I am SO sick of Star Wars spoofs.. *shivers*


"Ouchies! That's gotta hurt!!"

In the episode, "The Eternal Worm", after the Seed Sisters try to grab the Mystery Disk from the sleeping Mocchi, Mocchi is sent twirling in the air and lands on Genki's face, then..erm..well, let's just say where the sun don't shine (in the front) for the little kiddies out there! *sweats* Now if Monster Rancher was dubbed by a company like DiC, that scene would be LONG gone...

Did You Know....?

"Gack! Can't breath...."

In the episode "Hare's Trick" in japanese, not only does Hare taunt Tiger, but FARTS on him! I mean, that really gassy fart like a Hare does in the Monster Rancher Games! Don't believe me? Check out the link before and cruise through the characters section until you get to Hare's profile. Watch the animation, and see what I mean!


"Mocchi is yummy!!"

Mocchi is a word for a Japanese sweetcake. That's why Genki thought of sweetcake when trying to name him.


"Don't be scared, Holly-chan!"

Holly is afraid of lightning because of all the situations she's been through when it rained.

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