"Don't Ask, Just Don't Ask" By: Sailor Luna

(Genki and the group are walking on a path. Genki suddenly stops with group.)

Genki: You know, I feel like doing something different today. You know, instead of finding the Phoenix.

Mocchi: Me too!

Tiger: Not a bad idea!

Holly: I know what we can do!

Hare: What?


Group: ^.^;

Genki: Uh, yeah. Sure Holly.

Holly: (Grabs dagger) Where is she!? I'll destroy her!!!

Tiger: (Light bulb appears over his head) I have a better idea!

(Group looks at him.)

Golem: Like what?

Tiger: Well, we still haven't gotten back at Sailor Luna for writing those embarrassing stories about us.

Genki: Yeah! Let's get her!

(MR cast pulls Sailor Luna (me) into their world.)

Sailor Luna: (Looks around) What in the world just happened? (Sees MR cast) Heh, heh. Hi.

Hare: Wonder how we should kill her?

Sailor Luna: I said I was sorry. What more do you want?

Holly: (Raise's dagger) To DESTROY YOU!!!!

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Uh, are you okay Holly?

Holly: (Lowers dagger) WHO ASKED YOU!!!!!?????

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Never mind.

Holly: (Raise's dagger again) Hold still! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sailor Luna: Wait! I didn't do it! It was.....it was.....CP!! She posted the story! I just wrote it for fun!

(CP appears out of no where and everyone looks at her.)

CP: Huh? What am I doing here? (Sees MR crew) Uh-oh.

Holly: (Runs at her with dagger) DDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


(Sailor Luna grabs CP and they run from the anger mob and the crazy Holly. Suddenly, Pikachu appears.)

Pikachu: Pika?

(MR cast stops and stare's at Pikachu)

Pikachu: (Sweats) Pi-chu. *Uh-Oh*

(MR mob jumps on Pikachu and there is a huge dust ball of fighting. CP and Sailor Luna begins to sneak away. Suddenly, Moo appears along with Phoenix.)

Moo: Huh? What happened?

Phoenix: Good question.

(Fight stops and Pikachu falls from Holly's death grip.)

Pikachu: x_x

Genki: It's the Phoenix!!!!

Phoenix: (Turns to Moo) Look, about this taking over the world thing. How about we start a dinner in New York instead. What do ya say?

Moo: Good idea!

Moo and Phoenix: (Skipping and singing with arms around each other's shoulders) If your happy and ya know it, skip away! If your happy and ya know it, skip away! If your happy and ya know it and your face really show's! If your happy and ya know it, skip away!

All: ^.^;

Genki: (Sweats) We came all this way to find......that?

(CP and Sailor Luna begin to sneak away. Holly sees them.)

Holly: Not so fast you two! We're not done!

CP: Yes we are. It's lunch time. Wanna go to Friday's?

MR cast: SURE!!!

(Show CP, Sailor Luna and MR crew all sitting around a table eating and laughing happily. Moo comes up with a hat on and a note pad.)

Moo: May I take your order?

Hare: Moo?

Golem: What are you doing here?

Moo: Phoenix and I are raising money to help take over the world. We gave up on the diner.

Ganki: (Pulls out fifty cents) Here, I'll donate this.

CP: (Pulls out a dollar) Here ya go! Good luck!

Sailor Luna: (Pulls out fifty bucks) I never knew what to do with this. Here ya go!

Moo: (Takes money) Bless you all! Now, what will you have?

(After lunch, MR crew, CP, Sailor Luna go back to the woods.)

Holly: Where were we? Oh yeah! (Pulls out dagger) I was just about to kill you two.

Tiger: Us too!

CP: It was nice to have met you.

Sailor Luna: (Sniff) You too. I'll never forget how funny you were!

(Holly and mob chase's CP and Sailor Luna to the edge of a cliff.)

CP: Wait! (Turns to Sailor Luna) End this Fanfic! You can!

Sailor Luna: I can't. One, because I'm not at my computer and two....well I just can't.

CP: ^.^;

(Holly raises dagger and mob comes running forward. CP and Sailor Luna get ready to fall when suddenly, a man appears with a box.)

Man: Free Virtual Pet's! Get them while they're hot!

Holly: What?

Man: (Hands her a little virtual pet.) Here, take one!

(Man disappears and virtual pet in Holly's hand beeps.)

Virtual Pet: I'm hungry you idiot, feed me!


(Holly smashes and stab's the virtual pet with her dagger.)

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Uh, I think Holly's had one too many brownies.

CP: (Sweats as well) Yeah. Maybe we should just, uh, leave.

Genki: (Sweats) Yeah.

(MR crew, CP and Sailor Luna begin to walk away. Holly stops them with her dagger raised.)



Holly: TAKE THIS!!!!


(Screen goes black. Show CP and Sailor Luna slowly crawl from the side and into the center. The both stand up.)

CP: Uh, looks like Holly destroyed everything.

Sailor Luna: Not to mention the set.

CP: Now what?

(Holly falls in. Burnt, with her dagger in her hand, and X's for eyes.)

Holly: x_x

CP: ^.^;

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) I think it's time to end this Fanfic.

(Holly jumps up with dagger ready.)

Holly: NO!!! Not until I kill you all! YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!

CP and Sailor Luna: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

CP: Holly! Stop! I'm sorry!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! BACK AWAY!!!!

(CP crack's a whip at Holly who is slashing with the dagger and has fangs.)

CP: Back! Back! Down, Holly! Down!

Sailor Luna: ^.^;

(Holly grabs whip from CP's hand and bites it in half. CP and Sailor Luna look at each other.)

CP and Sailor Luna: ^.^;

Holly: (Raise's dagger) DDDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Sailor Luna: End this Fanfic! END IT!!!!!! END IT!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly: NO!!!! Don't!!!!!!

Sailor Luna: Yes! Do! Please!

CP: We beg of you!

Holly: Not until your destroyed!