Pika-Evil here. My name means Pikachu is Evil. There you go. I hate to give out my email because I hate Pokemon freaks emailing me with whiny stuff. Enjoy this story..and remember...CP is always ready and willing to post stories..and if she posts mine..she'll post anything!

As they say, enjoy.

"ECHIIIII!!" By: Pika-Evil

Suezo and Mocchi ducked behind a brush, snickering. Genki had given them something called a camara.

"This is fun, Chii!" Mocchi laughed.

"Sssshhh!!" Suezo hushed.

They crept closer as the steam started to float into their noses.

"NOW!" Suezo exclaimed.



"RUUUUNNN MOOOOCCHHHIIII!!!!!" Suezo screamed, both runninng away, dropping a piece of paper on the ground.

Holly grabbed a towel and wrapped around her slender form. "SUEZO! MOCCHIII!!" She blinked and looked on the ground. There was a picture of her sitting in the hot spring, bathing. Her whole face turned red. "H_h_h_how....?" She looked up, a vein on her head. "EEEEECCCHHHIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!"

Suezo laughed with Mocchi. "Come on! This will get us fish for a year!!"

Mocchi laughed, "Chiii! Chiii!"