End of a Child's World

Disclaimer: I don't legally own Monster Rancher, any of its episodes or any songs by the Supremes

Author's Note: I decided to write this after watching the opening scenes of Run, Tiger, Run

The young male Scaled Hare looked around, confused and scared, what had his village done to merit this attack, then he was tackled from behind by one of the purple wolves. The young hare collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness as the sounds of people yelling and screaming rang out in the background.

The young Scaled Hare slowly opened his eyes and looked round.

He saw nothing, but all the burning houses and he walked through the yard of the farm where he had lived, hugging himself in a daze.

He suddenly stopped and stared upwards, his home was now a mass of blackened beams and a single tear rolled down his cheek.

Night had fallen and the young Scaled Hare sat alone in the charred remains of what had been his home. He slowly looked round the blackened house as a barrage of happy memories came flooding back. The young hare hybrid buried his face in his arms and wept freely, everything and everybody he'd known and loved was gone forever.