"Final Moments" By: Holly-chan

~ Genki’s point of view ~

Holly and I watched as the Phoenix clawed at Moo. Holly was holding her unconscious father. I had stayed back, holding my ground, letting the Phoenix beat the crap out of Moo. Then, my best monster friend, Mocchi, was hit hard by Moo. I could tell by the looking at Mocchi that he was close to becoming a Lost Disk. I felt anger and hatred surge through me. I rollerbladed forward with a yell.

“You can’t beat him yourself!” I heard Holly shout. “Let the Phoenix take care of Moo!” But I pushed her words into the back of my head and ignored her.

“You jerk!” I screamed. I leapt forward, fists first. I was fast, but Moo was faster. He saw me and with one free hand, slashed me and sent me flying into the air. I came crashing to the ground, feeling like I had broken every bone in my body.

“GENKI!” Holly yelled. She rushed over to me. I was coughing up blood and spit as I felt blood leak out from under me. My breathing had become slow and forced as Holly knelt by my side. Now as she holds my broken and bleeding body in her arms, I look up, and I see she’s crying. I try to tell her it’s all right, but the pain is too great. Holly closes her eyes and looks as though she’s praying. I can understand why. She has a lot to pray for. I move my eyes towards Moo, and see that the Phoenix is almost done with him. Good. I’m glad. Moo deserves everything he’s getting. He’s torn people’s lives apart.

Like Holly’s.

Only a few days ago, our small group of rebels found out who Moo really was: Holly’s father. I imagined the suffering she must have gone through, and it makes my blood boil. Holly is the kindest one in our group. The most supportive and caring. She’s the last person on Earth that’d deserve to be linked to Moo. Holly doesn’t need anymore pain. She’s had too much tragedy in her life, and me dying in her arms isn’t helping. So many patches have ripped in Holly’s quilt of life, and now I think another one had torn. I can tell by the look on Holly’s tear-stained face that my last moments are not helping her emotionally at all. It’s not helping me, either.

I’ll never get a chance to tell her how I really feel. I know I’ll die, because I can feel my heart beating slower and slower, as does my breathing. Moo hits the ground with a thud, dead. My other friends cheer as I look at Holly weakly.

“We’ve won, Holly,” I whisper to her, “this is our greatest victory.” She tries to smile, but I can tell by the sad look in her eyes that she is not thinking of victory. I feel my lungs getting heavy, and it’s getting painful for me to breath. Breathing isn’t involuntary for me anymore; It’s forced.

Oh God, give me these final moments of my life to hold on to. Let me see Holly’s beautiful face just one more time, before I die. Give me the time to give her on last console. Grant Holly the time to say good-bye.

Lord, grant me these final moments.

Gosh, I really need to stop writing these sad, serious fics. They make me cry! ;_;. I’m a funny person by nature, dunno what’s gotten into me lately. Maybe it has to do with being up past 1:00 a.m. and having full access to a computer. Hmmm…. Oh well. E-mail me with comments! Briana.Higgins@att.net Got it? Good. Now mail me! Please? *Makes a puppy-dog face*

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