Flying Without Wings

Disclaimer: I don't own Monster Rancher or Flying Without
Wings by Westlife

<Everyone's looking for that something>
<One thing that makes them all complete>
<You'll find it in the strangest places>
<Places you never knew it could be>

Holly sighed happily to herself as she watched Hare and Nancy.
The male rabbit had scooped Nancy up in his arms and he was
swinging her round, they were both laughing.
"Look at them, they look so happy, they were made for each
other" she whispered.
"Yeah, hard to believe they're total opposites" Genki whispered
"Does it matter, it's like he's found his other half" Holly said gently, watching them quietly.

<Some find it in the face of their children>
<Some find it in their lover's eyes>
<Who can deny the joy it brings>
<When you've found that special thing>

Unaware they were being watched, all Hare knew was the feelings
he got just staring into her eyes.
Smiling, Nancy gently raised her mouth to his, closing his eyes as
they gently kissed, Hare realized that he had never been so happy.
"Is this what it's like to be in love" he thought.

<You're flying without wings>
<Some find it sharing every morning>
<Some in the solitary night>
<You'll find it in the words of others>

A lighter-than-air feeling ran through Hare as they headed off into
the trees, holding hands.
Ever since they had confessed how they had felt to each other,
Hare couldn't imagine waking up without finding Nancy by his side anymore.
They walked into the dark forest a little way, enjoying each other's company, then the two rabbits sat down on a log and stared up at
the twinkling stars.
"Aren't they beautiful?" Nancy whispered.
"Not beautiful as you" he whispered back.
She laughed and that was the most beautiful sound to him at this moment.
"I know" he gently stroked her cheek lovingly.

<A simple line can make you laugh or cry>
<You'll find it in the deepest friendship>
<The kind you cherish all your life>
<And when you know how much that means>

As she rested her head on his shoulder, Hare thought back to the
times he had watched her flirt with Blue and had wondered why he hated watching her doing that.
"Shall we go back?" he suddenly asked.
"If you want"
Getting up, they headed back the way they had come.
"I love you, you know that" Nancy whispered.
"Yes" Hare, his arm round her shoulders, smiled at her words.
True, he thought, they had started off as just friends, but were so much more now.
Hare smiled to himself, certain that Nancy was the one he wanted
to spend his rest of his life with.
Then they re-entered the clearing where the Searchers had set up camp for the night.

<You've found that special thing>
<You're flying without wings>
<So impossible cos they may seem>
<You've got to fight for every dream>

Sitting by the fire, Hare thought back to when he'd first met her,
he had never seen anyone so beautiful before, but he had been confused, for someone who thought with their head over their
heart, those feelings had been totally alien, but yet he'd known
what he was feeling.
But he had been too scared to say anything back then, what if
she hadn't felt the same way and he was just going to embarrass himself by saying how he felt, but he, no, they had found true happiness in each other's arms.
"Coming to bed" Nancy suddenly took his hands and shook the
male rabbit from his thoughts.
She gently led him away from the fire and Hare didn't protest in
spite of the knowing smiles from the others.
Later as they lay next to each other, he suddenly put one arm
around her, then pulled her close and she snuggled up against

<Cos who's to know which one you let go>
<Will it make you complete>
<Well, for me, it's waking up beside you>
<To watch the sunrise on your face>

Hare slowly opened his eyes, yawned and turned to stare at the sleeping form lying next to him.
The sunrise was slowly turning Nancy's face pale orange and he watched her gentle breathing for a minute before reaching over
to brush the spiky tuft of fur away from her eyes a bit.
This slow, careful movement woke her up.
"Morning, handsome" she smiled up at him.
"I love you" Hare whispered.

<To know that I can say I love you>
<In any given time or place>
<It's little things that only I know>
<Those are the things that make you mine>

Every touch, every kiss, every caress, it was the little things like
them which mattered to him, the little things which told him she
loved him.
Hare closed his eyes, he couldn't imagine life without her now.
The joy, the love, the feeling of walking on air, he needed Nancy,
she was his other half, his ultimate treasure, his heart and soul.
She was his life now, all that truly mattered to him, he would give anything up for her.
He smiled to himself, then opened his eyes again.
"I never want to lose you" Hare whispered.
The feelings he got right then, just staring at Nancy, he felt like
he could fly just knowing that they had each other.

<And it's like flying without wings>
<Cos you're my special thing>
<I'm flying without wings>
<And you're the place my life begins>

"What's on your mind?" Nancy suddenly asked.
"Oh, nothing" he replied.
"Well, if you're not going to tell me, I'm going to get myself some breakfast" she leant over to gently kiss him on the forehead, then
she threw her blanket back and walked over to the campfire where Holly was cooking breakfast.
Hare just sat under his blanket, watching her talking and laughing
with the others.
She always seemed so happy, so full of life, his complete opposite,
but she was the one he treasured most, gold came second now he
had Nancy.
"With you at my side, I almost feel like flying" he whispered quietly
to himself, watching her.

<And you'll be where it ends>
<I'm flying without wings>
<And that's the joy you bring>
<I'm flying without wings>

"Alright, gang, let's move out" Genki cried.
As the others packed up their belongings, Hare drew Nancy against
his side and they watched the others follow the youth.
When they both were alone in the clearing, they both moved closer
to each other to share a gentle, passionate kiss.
"Hey, you two, come on" Genki had turned and was waving at them.
"Race ya" Nancy called and then she was off, sprinting after the others.
Hare smiled to himself and watched her for a minute, thinking of the happiness she brought him before he ran after her.