Chapter Four

"I'd hate to meet this monster that was more heinous than Moo," said Big Blue.

"Pray that you don't otherwise you may not survive the encounter," replied Yosho.

"Is that why you have been training Holly so hard these last few months?" asked Tiger.

"Yes," Yosho said while his eyes were on the ground.

"But how did you know that they would attack?" inquired Pixie.

"The rumors we have been getting about the monster attacks had one thing in common," answered Yosho.

"And what was that?" prodded Hare.

"They eyes had glowed an eerie red," responded Yosho.

"Then those monsters that attacked us today must work for that evil monster," stated Grey Wolf.

"Father, who is this evil monster and why would he want me?" asked Holly.

"Like I said it is a long story that I only know a little about," started Yosho.

"Well, it's not like we are going anywhere," said Suezo.

"Alright, the story starts with a brother and sister." began Yosho. "Within a beautiful city long forgotten there lived a sister and brother who had lost their parents. The sister was older and stronger so she provided for her younger brother. One day the brother was injured and near death. His sister found him and used a special power to heal him. Somehow during the process, the brother gained some of the sister's power. The information on how he was healed or how he got the powers is vague. The Ancient Wars had begun and the brother wished only to gain power. Realizing his mortally, he merged with a monster to become near immortal. He then used his power to change monsters into his minions. He appointed three generals and gave them some of his vast power. The brother grew to power and his armies killed many people."

"Couldn't the sister take the power back chi?" asked Moochi.

"Let Yosho finish Moochi and then ask question," said Suezo.

"Okay," whispered Moochi.

"The sister heard what her brother was doing and decided to confront him. No longer being ignored, the brother lashed out at his sister with his generals. He wanted all of her power to make him stronger. The sister fought the three generals to reach her brother. She imprisoned all but one. One of the monsters had a pure heart but because of her brother's evil was changed. The sister used her abilities to remove the curse that her brother placed on the monster to return him to good. After the generals were defeated she tried to reason with her brother. When she saw how evil he became she had no choice but to fight him. The sister could not defeat her brother so instead she used her powers to imprison him inside a mystery disk. Completely drained and weaken, the sister collapsed to the ground. Because of her deeds so knew she would die so she gave her powers over to a young girl who had tried to help her after the battle. She made the child promise to keep the mystery disk hidden so that her brother would never again harm anyone," continued Yosho.

"Did the girl hide the mystery disk?" asked Moochi.

"Stop interrupting Moochi," yelled Suezo.

"She did hide the disk and she promised to use the power that the sister gave her for good," answered Yosho.

"Then the girl must have been one who possessed the same powers as Holly," concluded Hare.

"Yes, that is why I wanted to prepare Holly incase this evil returned," replied Yosho.

"Why would he want me?" asked Holly.

"Revenge maybe, or he wants your powers," said Pixie.

"Then we must find somewhere safe for you to hide," said Tiger.

"I'm not going to run from him. He has started to kill innocents and must be stopped," replied Holly.

"Then you will need help in fighting him," added Yosho.

"We'll help chi," yelled Moochi.

"I know you will but we need a stronger fighter to battle this evil," said Yosho.

"You have someone in mind?" asked Pixie.

"Genki," answered Yosho.

"Genki left and has not returned," said Grey Wolf. "How do you plan on getting him to help?"

"One of us will have to go to his world and bring him back," said Yosho.

"How? You plan on getting on a dragon and flying to him?" said Pixie sarcastically.

"No, there is a way but Holly is the only one who can do it," answered Yosho.

"What do you mean father?" asked Holly.

"If you use your powers of teleportation at the exact place he arrived to our world then you can go to his," stated Yosho.

"When did you find this out," inquired Hare.

"Moo was trying to get to Genki's world while he continued his domination of ours," responded Yosho.

"And did he succeed," asked Golem in his quite manner.

"No. Only someone with Holly's power could do it," answered Yosho.

"Then we leave in the morning. Any longer and there might be nothing to fight for," said Holly already lying down to sleep.

"Are you sure you want to risk it Holly?" asked Suezo.

"If it is the only way to stop this evil then yes," stated Holly with conviction.

"Then let us get some sleep but someone will have to keep watch," said Yosho fearful that the monster would return for his daughter.

"I will," said Tiger.

"And I will relieve you brother," added Grey Wolf.

"Good, now that this settled, let's get some sleep," said Yosho.

Morning soon came and the rebels began to gatter what little supplies they had. After a fast breakfast the group started for the shrine that Genki first appeared in the Monster World. It would be a three day walk to the village and another day's jouney to reach the shrine. The actual distance would only take two days but the group had to stay off of main routes to avoid the evil monsters if they were to reach the shrine unscaved. The group began the journey to the shrine only stopping to eat lunch and the occassional monster. By sun set on the third day everyone was ready to stop for the night to rest especially to stop Suezo's whinning.

"Can we please stop. My leg is killing me and the sun has already set," whinned Suezo for the third time.

"Alright, we'll stop for the night," declared Yosho. "But we start early tommorrow."

"Okay, were do you want us to set up camp?" asked Hare.

"That spot under the tree looks good," whispered Golem.

"Then that's were we will stay the night," angreed Yosho.

"That was the best stew yet Holly," said Tiger.

"You really out did yourself tonight," added Pixie.

"Thanks but I did have help from Moochi," replied Holly.

"Chi," said the pink monster proudly. Despite his age, Moochi still liked saying chi to express himself. Perhaps because it reminded him of his adventures with Genki.

"I'm turning in, Goodnight everyone," said Holly.

"Night Holly," said Grey Wolf.

Twillight approached and everyone but Tiger was asleep. Suddenly, Tiger heard the sounds of hoofs. Quietly getting up he decided to see what was coming toward them. Much to his charign, it was a group of evil centars. Their eyes continued to glow red even in such darkness.

"Everyone wake up and stay quiet!" ordered Tiger as loud as he could without having the enemy monsters hear him.

"What is it brother?" asked Grey Wolf.

"Centaurs, at least twenty of them heading in this direction," answered Tiger when everyone was awake.

"Quickly gather everything and be prepared to leave," ordered Yosho.

Within minutes the group was ready to leave. However, the enemy monsters spotted them and were charging toward the group.

"Looks like we won't aviod a fight this time," said Big Blue.

"Fine by me," answered Tiger preparing for battle.

"Energy Shots!" yelled the evil centaurs.

"Lightning!" countered the two tigers.

"Fist Missile!" called the Golems in unison.

The attack was underway and no matter how many evil centaurs were destroyed, three took their place. The first casualty was the closest to Holly.

"Suezo!" screamed Holly as the eye ball monster was stabbed by an enemy centaur. Holly ran to her friend despite the raging battle that consumed the others.

"Holly." choked Suezo. "Go. get Genki. stop this monster..."

"Suezo please don't die," pleaded Holly while holding Suezo's limp body in her arms.

"Don't worry. I'll be watching. over you," whispered Suezo before changing into a lost disk.

"Suezo." cried Holly as Suezo disappeared. "Goodbye old friend."

"Holly look out!" screamed Pixie, as an enemy centaur was about to stab her.

"Lightning!" Pixie's blast disintegrated the attacking centaur before Holly could be harmed.

"Holly get to the shrine now!" ordered Yosho. "Go find Genki and bring him back."

"Right," said Holly as she ran toward the shrine never stopping to look back. The memory of Suezo's death played over and over again in her mind. [I will stop this monster with or without Genki. He will pay for what he has done to Suezo,] thought Holly. While increasing her speed, Holly could still not escape the sounds of battle. The urge to look back was too hard to ignore. What Holly saw when she looked back was a sight that she would never forget.

Golem could be seen using his tornado attack to defend the fallen Moochi. An evil centaur used his Death Thrust. Holly watched as the pieces of Golem stopped their attack and fell to the ground. Slowly a lost disk was formed where Golem had once stood.

"No." cried Holly at the sight of another friend being killed. Holly finally reached the shrine and quickly entered. She then stood on the platform and began to concentrate on Genki. A yellow aura surrounded her and within seconds her body disappeared in a flash of light.

PART 2: The search begins

Chapter 1

Holly awoke only to discover that she was still in the shrine. Upon further inspection, Holly noticed that the shrine was not the same as when she left. In fact, the only thing that distinguished it as the same shrine was the platform that she left. Everything else was in ruins and the sky was black instead of beginning the middle of the day. [What happened where am I. This is not where I am supposed to be and if I am home then where are the others,] thought Holly as she left the ruined shrine.

As soon as she left, she was knocked into the ground by a large yellow ball.

"Hey watch where you're going," it yelled after getting up.

"I'm sorry. Could you please tell me where I am," asked Holly as she dusted herself off.

"It doesn't matter where you are, Moo rules everything," it replied.

"But Moo is dead," said Holly puzzled before she finally looked at what hit her. "Suezo, you're alive!" Holly gave the eyeball a powerful hug until Suezo forced her off.

"Yeah I'm alive but you might not be for long," said Suezo. "Now who are you and how do you know my name?"

"Suezo, it's me Holly. Don't you remember me?" Holly asked.

"Holly? No you're not, the real Holly died in Moo's first attacks," yelled Suezo.

"But I survived his attack on the village then you and I went in search of the Phoenix," said Holly stunned.

"The Phoenix does not exist even if it did the real Holly never got a chance to look for it," said Suezo. "Now who are you really and if you lie again you will regret it."

"Please believe me Suezo. I am Holly; I found your disk with the help of Pink Eye and Rover. You were my first monster and my best friend. Please remember," pleaded Holly.

"Only Holly and the other monsters would know that. The other monsters are dead and I believed you were too. But how, I saw you die and watched Yosho bury you?" questioned Suezo.

[Wait if Yosho buried me then he could not have attacked the village as Moo. But if that is true then this really is not my world. And this is not my Suezo, which means the real Suezo is still dead at home.] thought Holly.

"Suezo, as hard as this is going to be to believe, I am from a different world. On in which I lived through the attack and together we defeated Moo. But I guess we I died in this world, Moo was never stopped and came to take over. You said that father buried me, is he still alive?" asked Holly.

"Yeah, he is the leader of the resistance. Has been fighting Moo since you died. Come on, I'll take you to him and maybe we can sort this out," said Suezo as he walked away muttering "Parallel dimensions, Holly's survived, Moo defeated, what is this world coming to. You would think we were in a game or something."

After much time passed Holly and Suezo came to an inn in a small village.

"Revive the Phoenix," said Suezo after knocking three times.

The door opened and the pair walked into a dimly lit room.

"Wait here," the owner said.

A hidden door opened and Suezo led them into a hallway after the door closed behind them. At the end of the hallway, Suezo entered a large room with a circular table, fireplace, and some chairs that were occupied by various monsters and humans. The human at the table was the first that Holly noticed.

"Who is this Suezo and why did you risk bringing her here?" asked the man at the table.

"You might want the others to leave first and then I will explain," said Suezo while Holly sat at the table.

"Alright everyone leave. Now who are you and why do I care?" he asked.

"Father?" Holly whispered to herself while looking at the dagger at his side. The same dagger that her father carries with him in her world.

"What did you say!" he yelled.

"Yosho, it might be hard to believe but this is Holly. Not our Holly but Holly non the less," said Suezo.

"Impossible, Holly is dead and you should know better than to say her name in front of me," yelled Yosho.

"But I am Holly. I came from another world," started Holly as she retold what you said to Suezo in the beginning.

"Prove to me that you are Holly or leave," growled Yosho.

"That dagger at your hip. You used in the past to make me dolls. And on my birthday you gave me a bag that was too big but that did not matter," said Holly.

"Then you are Holly," said Yosho getting up and hugging her. "We could use your help against Moo if you have already defeated her."

"Of course but I have a mission that I must complete before I can help. Wait did you say that Moo is a she?"

"Yes, wasn't Moo female in your world?" asked Suezo.

"No, Moo was a male," replied Holly shocked. [If Moo is a female here then who did Moo possess?] thought Holly.

"We will discuss this later. What is the mission that you most complete?" asked Yosho.

"I must go back to the shrine and go to another world to get help for mine. After we defeat the evil monsters then I promise I will return and help fight Moo," vowed Holly.

"That's a nice promise but how do you know you can come back and how long will this fight take?" asked Suezo.

"I don't know but I will come back as soon as possible no matter how long it takes to get back here," said Holly.

"We can not ask you to stay but please come back quickly. Our forces are too weak to stop Moo but only distract her. Soon may be too late," countered Yosho. [My how she reminds me of my Holly. I wish she could stay and maybe pretend that she was my daughter. No that would be selfish and her world needs help.] thought Yosho. "But if you must go."

"Thank you and I will be back," said Holly as she turned to leave.

"Suezo go with her and make sure non of Moo's forces attack her," said Yosho.

"You can count on me," answered Suezo already out of the room.

It was dawn by the time Holly reached the shrine but she was hopeful that she would find Genki and save her world and this one.

"Good-bye Suezo," said Holly. "I will see you again."

Holly began to glow yellow surprising Suezo.

"Good-bye Holly. Good luck," said Suezo to the already disappearing form.

In a matter of seconds, Holly was gone and Suezo was left to wonder if she would keep her promise.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Holly awoke to a splitting headache and no idea of where she was. The room was spinning and that did not help matters not to mention she was in a bed and weird noises could be heard and wires were connected to her body.

"Welcome to the land of the living," a voice said.

"Where am I," Holly asked weakly.

"You are in St. Thomas Hospital. Do you remember how you got here?" the voice asked.

"No, could you please tell me?" asked Holly

"Most still have a concussion. You appeared out of nowhere and were hit by a car. Luckily the driver stopped and called an ambulance. You have been unconscious for a week now. Do you know your name and what you were doing in the middle of the street?" asked the voice now recognized as female.

"Holly, my name is Holly and I just remember bright lights and then waking up here. Who are you?" said Holly.

"My name is nurse Betty and it's nice to finally have a name to go with the face. You had no forms of identification on you when you where brought in and your clothes were so different that we thought you might have come from another country," replied the nurse. "Now let me get the doctor to check you and make sure you are okay and then we will see about finding out where you came from."

After a few minutes the doctor entered.

"Hello my name is Doctor Grover and I just need you to follow my finger with your eyes," said the doctor. Holly could barely see let alone follow his finger. "Still has a mild concussion. Now let me take a look at your chest and see how those ribs are healing." Holly gasped as his hands touched her ribs sending pain throughout her body. "Still bruised I see, well a few more days of rest and then you should be able to leave."

"Thank you," said Holly before falling into a deep sleep.

"Poor girl, I hope she has a family she can go to," said the nurse as she left.

Three days passed and Holly was finally allowed to leave only after the driver had paid for the bills. She also had to convince them that she had somewhere to stay and that she did indeed come from another country, which was the truth, since she did come from another country just not one from this world. Holly exited the hospital and started her long search to find Genki. Her only guide was the magic stone that lead her to his disk in the first place.

"Please let me find him soon. This place is so big and there are so many things I don't know about here," said Holly to herself as she followed the direction the stone pointed. [Too bad I don't know where he is or I could just teleport there. Wait that would take too much energy and I already lost too much time in the hospital.] thought Holly. [Genki where are you?]

It was almost midnight when Holly stopped in front of an apartment that the Phoenix glowed red at. [Please let Genki be here.] wished Holly. She looked at the intercom and saw the name Sakura listed. [That must be Genki but how do I get in, the door is locked. Maybe if I hit the button next to his name.]

Holly hit the button and tried the door again but it was still locked. After a few more attempts a voice yelled in to the receiver.

"What do you want Matt, it's midnight and I have to work tomorrow!" yelled the voice.

"Genki is that you?" Holly asked.

"Holly?" asked the voice. "Wait right there I'll be right down."

Ten minutes later the door opened and an older Genki was shocked to see Holly.

"Genki!" Holly cried as she hugged him.

"Holly, what, how did you get here?" Genki asked hugging her back.

"Genki you have to come, we need your help. Evil monsters have taken Moo's place and they are too strong to fight without you," said Holly quickly.

"Holly, come in side and tell me what is going on," order Genki.

After a half an hour, Holly had told Genki all that had happened since he left.

"No worries, I'll come and those monsters won't stand a chance!" said Genki with the enthusiasm of his youth.

"Thank you Genki. You have no idea how much we missed you," said Holly.

"I missed you guys too and I'm sorry I could not stay. Since I was brought back, I have been trying to return but until you came, I had given up hope, said Genki. "Now why don't you sleep here tonight and tomorrow we will go back. I don't want you passing out on me."

"Alright but we leave first thing," agreed Holly.

Holly was given Genki's room while Genki himself slept on the sofa. [These must be strong monsters for the others to risk sending Holly here. I hope the Phoenix's powers will return when I get to the monster world or I won't be the help they're looking for. Poor Suezo and Golem, I pray that the others did not end up the same way. There must be a way to revive them when we get back; I'll try anything to make Holly happy again. She seems so lost, like there is something she didn't tell me. Maybe it was about that other world she mentioned. Oh well, time to sleep, I can't wait to go back even if it is because of an evil monster.] thought Genki before finally sleeping.

Meanwhile in Genki's room, Holly was having deep thoughts as well. [I finally found Genki but I still feel lost. He meant so much to me and then he was gone so suddenly. All this time and I still love him but my world must come first. And if we do defeat these monsters, no when we defeat these monsters, he might leave again like last time and I will be forced to let go. These childish feelings are getting me no where; I must stop thinking about Genki and move on with my life. Perhaps I should have told him more about the other world. The fact that I died and Moo was a female or even my promise to return. No! That is my fight and I need to know more before I drag him into another fight that is not his own. Even though he is back, I will be strong; stronger than I was when we fought Moo. For Suezo and Golem sake I will stop these monsters and only then will I tell Genki how I feel.] thought Holly as she went to sleep.

Morning came and Genki and Holly were on their way after Genki grabbed his supplies that included his roller blades. They headed to the street Holly arrived at. It took a few hours until Holly finally found the street where she was hit and the exact spot that she had arrived.

"Genki take my hand and close your eyes. Think hard about the shrine that you first came to the monster world at," while Holly said this she did the same. Slowly her yellow aura surrounded both of them and began to glow brightly. The more they pictured the shrine the greater the light became until they disappeared completely.